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> SHL Ability Test Trials - Feedback Report


manola rodriguez
Date: 13 April 2012

Name: manola rodriguez Thank you for your recent participation in the SHL Ability Test Trials. This feedback report details your performance on the tests completed. Please be assured that all test data will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used by SHL for research purposes only. Test description The tests that you completed provide a fair and objective measurement of your reasoning skills, which are relevant to a wide range of occupations. The tests are designed for recruitment and selection individuals for job roles, and are used by many organisations. Test performance Your performance is presented in two ways. Firstly you are presented with a raw score, which is the number of questions you answered correctly, and secondly this raw score is expressed as a percentage. An individual's performance on an ability test is usually provided as a "normed score". This is where the test taker's score is compared with the scores obtained by a similar group of people who have taken the same tests. The individual's score is then adjusted to give an idea of how well they performed in comparison to that group so that individuals applying for the same role can be compared meaningfully. However, since the tests that you completed are currently in development, we do not yet have enough comparison data, and are therefore not able to provide you with a normed score. Assessment Name: Verbal Reasoning Test Performance The verbal test is designed to find out how well you are able to evaluate the logic of various kinds of arguments. The test assessed analytical skills such as summarising, drawing inferences and logical reasoning. The total number of questions in the test was: 34 The number of questions that you answered correctly was: 11 The percentage of questions that you answered correctly was: 32% Improving Performance A number of resources are available to those who wish to improve their test performance. Many books written about ability testing (or 'psychometric testing') give an idea of the sorts of questions that you might be faced with as well as providing tips on how to improve performance. In order to develop your verbal reasoning skills, you are advised to read 'good quality' newspapers, reports and business journals. Verbal problem solving exercises, such as crosswords and word puzzles, can also be useful practice.

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