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Dont patronize me = condescend = bana patronluk taslama, mn al yrtm! Call off = cancel Back off! = stop Tender my resignation. Back up = provide support Off the record = qeyri resmi over the phone over the internet.

Im calling to check my order I placed last week Shoot an email = send an email deleterious = harmful and damaging straightforward = simple and easy to understand

That makes one of us = en azindan ikimizden birimiz (bilir, yeyir, oynayir etc) That makes two of us = men de hemcinin, ikimiz de (bilirik, isteyirik). Ex: Id like to work in Hawaii. That makes two of us. Pervert = sapik overlook = gozden kacirmak

He dumped me = Meni basindan atdi ( sevgili edir) Ace = to do well. Ex: to ace your paperwork and exams Pay off = bring success. Ex: Their hard work pays off After all = sonunda Im (not) saying that. How did the conference go? Prisoner = inmate Guttersnipe = sokak cocugu Dont get me wrong = Meni yalnis anlama. Off the topic = movzudan kenar Lousy (spoken) = very bad a piece of cake = very easy My bad

I hope you will be better soon = Gecmis olsun What more can I do? = Bundan artiq ne ede bilerem. Ticket to London People fail to understand Where you at?

Smoking is not allowed on the premises (in this building). Catch on = to begin to understand or realize something = Ex: Now, you catch on = a indi basa dusursen, anlayirsan! Catch up = to reach the same standard as other people in your class, group, etc. Ex: I missed a lot of class, and it was really hard to catch up. Ignore him. Hes a total jerk (kl herif) Pre-emptive strike/attack = qabaqlayici zerbe / hucum Israeli-American rupture = End relationship walk me through your resume

The nuts and bolts of something = details of job or subject. Ex: He knows the nuts and bolts of banking system. Perform a duty Get dressed = geyin! pick up = drop off Cutie = attractive and nice

On tenterhooks = nervous and excited Going head-to-head with.

Tentative date = not certain, changeable date

Affable = friendly and easy to talk to. Ex: Hes an affable person. Insatiable person = doyma bilmeyen. = always want more and more of something (business and etc, not food) Im rooting for him = Ona balet edirem (desdekleyirem) Get down on/off your knees You name it Nadir =/ zenith Boob = silly = stupid

Dork = sapik (wear weird clothes, behaves strangely) Couch potato= lazy person Dude = ahbab Glitch = defect Cram = study hard Fox = very attractive Grungy = dirty

Nick = arrest. Ex: Police nicked the shoplifter as he was leaving the store Homicide = murder Psycho = mentally ill Solidarity = birlik ve beraberlik, dayanisma

Tune up = motor, sensor ve chiplerine yapilan komple bakim Slammer = jail Dont look a gift horse in the mouth Hit the nail on the head Sleep over Johns house Have an ax to grind = conflict Hit the sack to go to bed or go to sleep

Kick the bucket (gobud)= die = pass away (rehmete getmek) Know the ropes = know in details Skid Row, Mumbo Jumbo Big bucks It wont take more than 5 minutes Ivy League = Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Brown (1954 8 unversities) Where in Turkey are you from? As you wish = Nasil istersiniz. Sorry to trouble you Let me drive you home Thats all for today can I make a phone call? Keep an eye on him Bark is worse than their bite it wont happen again

How have you been since I last saw you? How long did you know each other? I wasnt that bad = O qeder de pis deyildim. How soon/late will it be completed? I stand by what I said = dediyimin arxasinda dururam Pay back = geri odetmek

Last but not least

Attach = yapisdirmaq

obtain his approval for building site

Pull off = succeed. Ex: Hey guys, you pulled it off. Whatever you plan, count me out = to not include someone in an activity = ne planlayirsinizsa meni saymayin (cunki gelmek istemirem). My daughter is already counting the days until Christmas. (gunleri saymaq, - dozebilmirsen artiq). Be/get caught up in something = to be or become involved in something, especially something bad. EX: I just got so caught up in it (kendimi onun icinde buldum). Revenge (seek revenge) = get even with Where the hell are we? It took me one hour to find a parking spot? Vindicate = temize cikarmak. Ex: Hes been vindicated by the verdict (hokum, karar, yargi). Ex: The jury reached verdict after 4 days of deliberation Cool it = to stop being angry, violent and etc: Ex: Cool it, guys. Just play the games Hook up = to have sexual relationship with someone Pass = (spoken) not accept = to not accept on invitation or offer? Are you making fun of me? Flunky = lapdog = yaltaq

Im gonna talk to the professor see if he can change my status

Im seeing her = Ondan hoslaniyorum Take a good look at this picture. The good old days = the good times in the past. Ex: We talked for hours about the good old days Im just browsing = Sadece baxiram (to look at the goods in the store without wanting to buy a particular thing) Crap = pislik, bok mix up = confused pop up = appear = come up

Did I call on you? = sene soz verildimi (yani ozunu ne ortaya soxursan)? Sorry to cut you off = Sozunu kesdiyim ucun bagisla Shut the fuck up hand out = distribute. Ex; Ill hand out the exams

Twist my word = sozunu yozmaq She snuck (sneak) out of the house = evden siyrilmak (sessiz, sedasiz). Stay out of my way = yolumdan cekil Keep your mouth shut (about it). Keep your opinions to yourself stay away from her = ondan uzaq ol Fall apart = break into peices eat out = eat in a restaurant stick around

Know where all the bodies are buried = herseyi bilmek Leave it to me = bana birak

get together = meet socially

Lets call it a day = gelin sonraya buraxaq (sonra davam eliyerik) Lull before the storm = firtina oncesi sessizlik Make it two = iki tane yap. My lips are sealed Once and for all = birdefelik look into = investigate, research

End up with = get as a result of something drop by = stop by = pay a brief visit Im doing the best I can

Skip it = never mind = forget (about) it Ive got work to do keep in mind

hang in there = not give up hang out = spend time socially Ive heard so much about you. Take my word for it

She slapped him in his face = sifetine sille vurdu I was stuck in the traffic

Im behind in all my work. There arent enough hours in a day Things will work out for the best mess up = spoil or ruin (party etc)

Rip-off = expensive (spoken). Ex: The restaurant was such a rip-off. Where you born in a barn? = alti ayliqsanmi Keep me out of trouble Wed never get to the airport on time Where can I wash up? You took the words right out of my mouth Drop me a line when you get there

Im for crying out loud = Artiq hovselem catmir (hereketlerine ve s) Mind your own business = get your nose out of my business = its none of your business = isinle mesgul ol To go into detail = derine getmek Good to have you here/ to hear your voice Have I made myself clear? Wish you were here Dont rush me = telesdirme How many times do I have to tell you? Hush your mouth = kapa ceneni Fill in the blanks = gerisini sen tahmin et How time flies. Keep me posted Give it time = zamana birak = be patient Go climb a tree = get agaca tullan e Have a heart, officer. I wasnt going all that fast. Havent seen you a long time

Let me be clear on that.

Dont be in such a rush = hold your horses = be patient

I cant say for sure = kesin soyleyemem I dont want to upset you/ alarm you, but I see somebody prowling (gizli-gizli dolasmaq) around your car. I owe you one Never heard such a thing I wonder if Ill pass algebra

I never thought Id see you again If there is anything you need, dont hesitate/feel free to ask. Ill get back to you Ill catch u later Im afraid not Im speechless

Im not finished with u (seninle isim bitmedi). Its out of the question = impossible

Its all I need.

Slam on the brakes = tekeri cuyuldetmek (reski saxlayanda teker cuyuldeyir) I got pulled over for speeding = hiza gore polis beni cevirdi Hes a consummate (skillful) singer. Predicament = difficult situation

Screw up = mess up = make a bad mistake or so something stupid. Ex. I screwed up on the last question. Ex. If you screw up again, you are fired Keep walking I have received a bunch of stuff from professor

It was never as tedious (boring, dull) as my friends had warned me it would be. Do you expect me to believe that? Does it work for you? It works for me Dont ask = sorma Do you mind I join you? Dont make me tell you again. Dont quit trying

Doesnt bother me at all

Dont get your bowels in an uproar = Dont get so excited Dig up = Listen! Free giveaways Dinner is served. Come over Better than nothing.

Dark forces = karanlik gucler

Believe it or not

We had a flat tire on the way back. Im sure its around here somewhere. As far as Im concerned = bana gore. Catch me later Can I buy you a drink?

We couldnt get help for a long time. As far as I know = to my knowledge Better late than never

Obtain his approval for building site Do you need a ride?

Can I give you a lift/ride? = seni (masinla) apara bileremmi? Couldnt be better = bundan daha yaxsi ola bilmezdi. Cut out = eliminate. Ex: cut out fraud. Kick off = start (ceremony, game, meeting and etc). Ex: The conference kicked off with the speech of president. Kick the bucket (humorous) = die= pass away (polite way) Treat = ikram. Ex: you have to give a treat to the children Lets go out for dinner my treat. (men verecem pulunu menasinda) Place an order = order = ismarlamak. Ex. Call this number to place your order. A Pig in a poke = something you bought without seeing it first and that is not as good and valuable as you expected. Step down = resign. Ex. He stepped down as a chairman / step down from the committee. No-frills = basic = without any additional features that arent completely necessary. Im just about finished = almost finished = Im about to finish I was just about to say the same thing. Just a minute. Let me see if hes here. A devout muslim = dindar muslman

Youre a lab partner with Kate. You talk to her. Whats your deal? (nasil biri)

Im walking to the library = Kitabxanaya gedirem (yeriyerek) What are you guys up to? = What are you doing, or planning? Haste makes waste = used to say that if you do something too quickly, you make mistakes and it does not turn out well. Lighten up! = spoken used to tell someone not to be so serious about something: Ex: Lighten up, man! We don't need to argue. At the traffic lights, take the first left and go straight on. It's on the left. Play nice, boys Go over homework = goz gezdirmek I guessed on six = altisini atdim (imtahanda) The food sucks = very bad She really sucks at tennis My chances are slim = Shanslarim cox azdir To school = to train or teach someone. Ex: Ron Paul schools Bill Oreilly. Shes not into high school boys (to be into) = not interested in I felt so bloated after dinner = feeling bad because you have eaten too much Can I give you a ride home? Can you kill the lights? = turn them off Hes got you under his spell = seni tesiri altina salmis Fall for him = feel romantic to sb. Do you have any money on you? Ill be up a creek for sure = to be in a very difficult situation Im broke = having no money Swallow your/my pride = qururunu ayaqlar altina almaq Turn your back on sb = birine sirtini cevirmek I could eat a horse = cox ac olanda deyilir Vitamin (vaytimin), mineral(miniril), material(mitirial) Mom got home early, which spoiled (ruined) everything. get back to me soon

He couldnt make it (to come) = O gele bilmedi, yapa bilmedi (ede bilmemek) For crying out loud = spoken, used when you feel annoyed or impatienat with someone. Ex: Why are you hiring illegal aliens, for crying out loud? = Niye sen illegal xaricileri ise alirsan, meni de nervilendirisen ve ya hovseleden cixardirsan? I ran across an important book = to find something by chance Look into = try to find more information about something Be all ears = to be very interested in listening to someone. Ex: Bob: I have good news for you. Chloe: Go on. Im all ears Stay tuned = dont change channels to different station (TV, Radio). Get to know each other better = Bir birinizi daha iyi taniyin It has nothing to do with my house = menim evimle hec elaqesi yoxdur Im calling to check my order I placed last week Ill be here for another 10 minutes. All cell phones off Im gonna jump on the count of 3 = 3 dediyimde (3-e qeder saydigimda) atlayacagim. Dont lump me with her (disapproving) = onunla meni bir keseye (qrupa) qoyma. Where you at? (spoken)= Where are you? Ill go ahead and start the coffee Start from scratch/zero = sifirdan baslamaq Off and on = not regularly = occasionally One way or another (somehow), well get the money = nasilsa parayi alacagiz You have come a long way since we met = you have made a lot of progress Come to power = hakimiyyete gelmek come on in = haydi iceri She is said to be one of the richest women in the world Be taken aback = to be very surprised or shocked by something What time do you close/open the office today/on Saturday? Be looking for trouble = bela axtarmaq Can I help you with that? Thats Ok. I can manage (spoken) How did you manage to break the window? = Cami kirmayi nasil basardin? (afferim falan diyorlar sonra) Break his silence sessizliyini bozmak Sorry to break into your lunch hour (yemeyinizi bolduyume gore uzr isteyirem) Bu its an emergency.

I broke with her = Onunla ayrildim His comment about football broke everybody up = Onun futbol haqqindaki yorumu hamini gulmekden qirdi kecirdi. Lets take a break = Gelin fasile goturek Give me a break = (spoken) said when you dont believe something, someone has just said or think that it was stupid. Who do you think is better? What the heck is going on here? Can you give me a hand = can you help me? Flip through channels = kanallari tez-tez cevirmek (maraqli bir sey tapana kimi) Dont freak out or anything? = to suddenly become upset Ask (someone) out = to invite out on a date Grand = (informal) a thousand dollars. Ex: 5 Grand To beat the crap out of someone = (idiom) to beat very badly. Ex: Youd better get those guys out of my garden or Im gonna beat the crap out of them = Bagimdaki adamlari cixartsan yaxsi olar yoxsa onlari cox pis vuracam (bir seyle, sopa ve s) To ground = (informal) to punish a child by making them stay home and not allowing them to see their friends for a particular period of time. Ex: Youll be grounded for a week if I catch you smoking again. Catch = (informal) a hidden problem or difficulty. EX: Theres a catch you only get the bonus if sales go up To feel like (doing) something = to want to have something or to do something. Ex: you feel like looking over some finance problems after class. Ex: He feels like Mexican food. Ex: I dont feel like going to movie. Feel free = used to tell someone that they can do something if they want to. Run off with someone = biriyle qacmaq (arvadini veya erini terkedib basqa biriyle qacmaq). Ex; He ran off with his secretary. Flunk = (informal) to fail a test or class. Ex: I flunked my chemistry exam. Ex: Finance professor flunked me (beni birakdi) because I didnt do any work. Do whatever you need to do. I didnt attend in my sisters wedding Turn someone down = reject = decline Make it quick = make it fast There is something fishy going on/about it = burda nese bir bit yenigi var

Repent from sins = gunahlarindan tovbe etmek The call ended unexpectedly (dropped) There were cut offs (qiriq-qiriq sesler) and fade outs (A gradual disappearance of an image or sound) in speech. I didnt hear the other side. I heard noise in the call Hang on = Hold on. Ex: Hang on a second The speech wasnt natural or had distortions (unclear). I didnt know what happened. We just got cut off. (to suddenly lose the telephone connection to someone that you were speaking to) They have fallen the way behind in an education = Tehsilde cox geri qaliblar Badass = an aggressive or difficult person Off you go = Its time for you to start/move = Baslaya bilersen We must never ever take things for granted = To give little attention to or to underestimate the value of, to fail to appreciate = to expect something to be available all the time and forget that you are lucky to have it I will never waste my food no matter how bad it can taste and how full I may be. Stink = to have a very strong and bad smell. Ex: I was passing by a woman yesterday and she stank very badly. Ex: your shoes stink Stick around (informal) = to be available or ready for a certain function or service = buralarda ol (her an bir sey deyebilerem veya bir sey tapsira bilerem) TELEPHONE LANGUAGE Connecting someone

Just a sec. I'll get him. (informal) Hang on one second. (informal) Please hold and I'll put you through to his office. One moment please. All of our operators are busy at this time. Please hold for the next available person.

Making requests


Could you please repeat that? Would you mind spelling that for me? Could you speak up a little please?

Can you speak a little slower please? My English isn't very strong. Can you call me back? I think we have a bad connection. Can you please hold for a minute? I have another call. Sammy's not in. Who's this? (informal) I'm sorry, Lisa's not here at the moment. Can I ask who's calling? I'm afraid he's stepped out. Would you like to leave a message? He's on lunch right now. Who's calling please? He's busy right now. Can you call again later? I'll let him know you called. I'll make sure she gets the message. Yes, can you tell him his wife called, please. No, that's okay, I'll call back later. Yes, it's James from CompInc. here. When do you expect her back in the office? Thanks; could you ask him to call Brian when he gets in? Do you have a pen handy? I don't think he has my number. Thanks. My number is 222-3456, extension 12. Okay, I've got it all down. Let me repeat that just to make sure. Did you say 555 Charles St.? You said your name was John, right? I'll make sure he gets the message. Hello. You've reached 222-6789. Please leave a detailed message after the beep. Thank you. Hi, this is Babek. I'm sorry I'm not available to take your call at this time. Leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for calling Dr. Mindin's office. Our hours are 9am5pm, Monday-Friday. Hey Mikako. It's Yuka. Call me! (informal) Hello, this is Ricardo calling for Luke. Could you please return my call as soon as possible? My number is 334-5689. Thank you. Hello Maxwell. This is Marina from the doctor's office calling. I

Taking a message for someone

Leaving a message with someone

Confirming information

Listening to an answering machine

Leaving a message on an answering machine

just wanted to let you know that you're due for a check-up this month. Please give us a ring/buzz whenever it's convenient. Finishing conversation a

Well, I guess I better get going. Talk to you soon. Thanks for calling. Bye for now. I have to let you go now. I have another call coming through. I better run. I'm afraid that's my other line. I'll talk to you again soon. Bye.

Wing it (informal) = to do something without planning and preparation Ex: Dont wing it. Long face = unhappy or worried. Ex: Why does she have a long face? The gut = courage = cesaret. EX: I dont have the guts to ask her out There's nothing to lose, is there? Crush on = a feeling of a romantic love = I have a crush on Aysel I just cant get it off my mind = aglimdan cixara bilmirem onu. Hi, Mike. Havent seen you for a while? How is Nancy? Traveling Can you do me a favor? Can you keep an eye on my bag? Sure. Will you be long? Can you save my place, please? (u say in the theatre, cinema, airplane and etc) Is this seat taken? Im low on gas Keep it up or keep up the good work = continue doing something Can you give me a hand, please? (Informal) = Can you help me? Give me some time? She will make a right decision Spare time = vakit ayirmak Step down = to leave your job or official position = resign. Ex: Nixon stepped down as a president. Ex; John stepped down from the committee. Hit the road - informal to leave a place, especially to start on a trip : We have to hit the road again in the morning.

A hoot - be a hoot spoken to be very funny or amusing: I thought the movie was a hoot. Practice a religion/sport Crack up = laugh a lot at something Give somebody the creeps - if a person or place gives you the creeps, they make you feel nervous and a little frightened, especially because they are strange : Tony gives me the creeps. Spank (informal) = to defeat somebody badly Domestic violence = meiset zorakiligi Man of virtue = iyilik meleyi (iyi karakterli olana deyilir) Vocational school = pese mektebi Dont u raise ur voice at me = sesini mene yukseltme I couldnt recognize ur voice right away They are shouting at the top of their voice= avazi ciktigin qeder bagirmaq Lowe ur voice You can make your voice heard at the meeting Im sorry to have kept u waiting One way or another, we will get the money Im on my way

A hired assassin = kiralik katil. (assassin = someone who murders an important person) Air strike = have zerbesi Be conducive to something - formal to provide conditions that make it easier to do something : We want to create an environment that is conducive to learning. Sneak - to go somewhere secretly and quietly in order to avoid being seen or heard She snuck out of the house once her parents were asleep. Buckle up = to fasten your seat belt in a car, plane etc Ex: Dont forget to buckle up?

I will call him over (into office) here = onu bura cagiracam I will stop by wallmart/store. Discreet = agzi siki, sir saklayan. Ex; Hes discreet. Be falling apart = to be in a very bad condition, become disorganized or unable to work effectively. Ex: Russia is falling apart. Sleep on it = if you sleep on a decision or a problem, you wait to deal with it until the next day = karara varmayi dusunmek icin bir gece ertelemek, karari ertesi gune birakmak. Blackmail = antaj yapmak = the practice of getting money from someone or making them do what you want by threatening to tell secrets about them If you can arrange sth, Ill be very grateful. = Bir sey ayarlasan iyi olur. Ex: Ill come to see you tomorrow, please arrange sth. (soccer, volleyball) Get Babek to work on it. Take it or leave it = ya qebul et ya da cix get Look over your shoulder = to be nervous or worried that something bas is gonna be happen to you. = Since half of the staff was laid off, we are all looking over our shoulders. Muslim women must veil themselves = Islam qadinlari ozlerini qapatmalidirlar(yni, burunmelidirler, aq-saiq eylr geyinmmlidirlr) Sermon = vaaz. Ex: give/deliver sermon. Preacher = vaiz Our system (computer) is down right now. = not working, theres a sth wrong Correct me if Im wrong I dont mean to be rude I hate to bring this up May I ask who's calling? - Okay. I'll tell him you called. Hi. Is this Naomi? No this is her sister. - You sure sound like Naomi Go straight down this street for two blocks. Turn left when you get to Maple Street Beef up (informal) = to improve, especially to make it stronger or more interesting. Ex: to beef up border/airport security. Stymie (informal) = thwart (formal) = to prevent someone from doing what they have planned or want to do. Ex: John stymied me from getting a permanent position at the IMF Crunch the numbers (informal) = to calculate a lot of numbers together. Ex; well have to sit down and crunch the numbers. We just went up to there Dont make me come up there?

The young guy snatched (to take something away from someone with a quick violent movement) = (grab) a pamphlet out of my hand. Talk should be like a mini skirt -- short enough to arise interest and long enough to cover the subject. ---- "We want to see the president," the man said softly. -----"He'll be busy all day," the secretary snapped (to say sth quickly in an angry or annoyed way) ------"We'll wait," the lady replied. So far so good = Indiye kimi her sey yaxsidir. We are in our jammies informal (pajamas) = Penjamadayiq He has a smirk in his face Bill Clinton Babek got a ticket for driving through a red light I wanna place an order for 200 copies Laid-back = relaxed and seeming not to be worried about anything. Ex: a laid-back parent Feeder = a small road that takes traffic onto a main road Dusk=twilight=/= dawn Over and over again = repeatedly I need a ride to the airport. He appeared upset with the disruption

Be falling apart = to be in very bad condition. Ex: Your car is falling apart Was like (is like) = (informal) said. Ex; I asked him if he could give me some money, but he was like, its out of the question (impossible) Just the way it is = eynen oldugu (gorunduyu) kimi. We have two weeks to go = we have two more weeks Its on me = mennikdi (yemek ve s restoranda ve s). Dinner is $20 heres my $20. No, keep your money, its on me

Blow = (informal) to miss a good opportunity or ruin something, by making a mistake or being careless. Ex: We have blown our chance of getting that contract. Underway = already happening of being done. = ilerlemekte, devam etmekte = Ex: Discussion is underway to expand our operations I managed to get out of meeting early = erken cikmayi basardim So, whats the deal? Those issues are beside the point or thats beside the point = it has nothing to do with our issues Come to the point = metlebe gel I dont wanna (want to) take up too much of your time = Vaxtinizi cox almaq istemirem How late do you stay open = what time are you open till = what time do you close today? Through thick and thin = through good times and bad times Cheap = stingy = mean. Ex; Hes too cheap to take a cab. Id like to order a pizza to go; please I can speak for myself come over here

Id like to order a pizza for carryout (takeout) = to go =/ delivery Atta boy/girl = (spoken) Afferin sana dispute over payment

Finding a drug in a village is not as easy as it sounds Will Babek be able to make his 4pm appointment? Does that time (or 8 oclock) suit you? That suits me fine. Picky = is not easy to please/difficult to please = fussy Dang it! (Spoken) = used to show frustration or anger. Go through something = read carefully. Ex; go through your work and check spelling Go for it! = said (spoken) when you want to encourage someone to so something Go over something = tekrar gozden kecirmek = to read, say or think about something again in order to learn it, understand it or explain it. Ex; Im just going over the notes/book

Go through something = to talk about all the details of something to someone, in order to make sure that they understand it: Ex: Do you want me to go through the main points again? Feel like a fish out of water Put our heads together Pardon my French Cut the crap (stop saying something thats not true)! Talk straight or buzz off! (Spoken; used to tell someone rudely to go away) Burn the midnight oil Be walking on air = to be feeling extremely happy. Ex; Bob was walking on air on his graduation day. Be in the same boat Feel like a million dollars = to feel or look very healthy, happy and beautiful Sleep on it = think it carefully = if you sleep on a decision or problem, you wait to deal with it until the next day. Ex; Let me sleep on it. Like the back of my hand = very familiar. Ex; I know Houston. Its like the back of my hand. Lets get the ball rolling = to make the process or activity start Overlook = miss = to not notice or do something because you havent been careful enough. Ex; They found some important evidence that police had overlooked Livelihood = gecim, rizk. Ex; Farmers depend on the weather for their livelihood. I got mixed up, lets start over = Qarisdirdim gel yeniden baslayaq I managed to get away from the attacker I want everything to get back to normal (or the way it was) = Herseyin normal donmesini isteyirem passing through passport control and customs Do you know Russian? Just enough to get by = idare edebilecek kadar I dont want you to get into trouble = senin basinin belaya girmesini istemirem What time do you get off work? Isden ne vaxt cixirsan (yani ne vaxt bitir)? Hes just gotten too big (popular) and he hasnt really done anything good. Slip of the tongue = dil surcmesi. Fraud = sahtekar Infiltrate = sizmak (kurulus, orgut, kurum ve s) Scam = (informal) a dishonest way of getting money by tricking people, especially one that is carefully planned = dolandiricilik. Ex; an insurance scam

Sketchy = (informal) not completely safe or able to be trusted. Ex; The neighborhood is a little sketchy at night. Passes his house Pat = pet = stroke = sigallamaq (it, pisik, yasdiq) Make love with somebody = to have sex with somebody Stumble upon = to discover something or meet somebody when you dont expect to. Ex; I stumbled upon the University of Dreams from online internship searching. With flying colors = I passed my test with flying colors (got very high grades) Im not from around here As soon as speeches are over, Im out of here (informal) = leave a place because you dont like whats happening. Hi. This is Babek (Bayramov) speaking/calling = Salam danisan/zeng eliyen, Babekdir. I wont be able to make it to the meeting tomorrow = Sabah gele bilmeyecem. Im glad you could make it, Nancy = Sadam ki, sen gelebileceksen, Nancy. I can make 8:30, on Tuesday. Hand out = distribute. Ex: Ill hand out your exam papers Look over = to examine something quickly, without paying much attention to detail. Ex; Can you look this letter over before I send it? Thats not gonna fly = Thats not gonna work = not a good idea. I delegate my duties to him = oz vezifelerimi ona hevale edirem. I dont think of myself as (Creative) cant do without his consent Im trying to get customer service department = Musteri xidmetleri sobesine ulasmagi calisiram. My tire blew out yesterday. I need to replace it = dunen tekerim partdadi, deyismem lazim. Half way through dinner I told him that he was fired = yolun yarisinda ona dedim ki, qovuldun. What goes around comes around = This saying means that of people do bad things to other people, bad things will happen to them = eden, bulur Feel free to give me a call/contact me anytime. Be stickler for rules/punctuality/detail = cox onem vermek, titiz olmaq. Ex; Hes stickler for the rules = Qaydalara cox riayet edir. Qaydalarin ustunde cox ciddi durur. He squandered (to carelessly waste money) his money/wealth on drinking and gambling = spends money like water Absolute disgrace = mutleq biabirciliq encounter = Rastlasmaq (adama, mektuba ve s) Classes are filling up fast/quickly = Sinifler tez dolur (yani, tez sign up ele)

Self-interest = kar

Runner-up = the competitor who finishes second

I dont wanna sound rude, but you have had too much to drink He wants you in his office right away I wanna thank you all for coming Im in no mood to discuss the accident Im not asking for the moon (Cox sey/cetin bir sey istemirem) I dont feel like talking business right now = Indi biznes danismaq istemirem You need to get more exercise. Look who is talking? I just looks like new, doesnt it? Work tirelessly/as hard as I can Do you know how to work this machine? = Bilirsiz bu makine nece calisir? Things didnt work out as wed planned I usually finish work around 5pm. Ill meet you after work Shes still at work/leave work around 6pm You didnt eat much? I love this place. I do too

Im off (leaving for) to the camp tomorrow = Sabah kampa gedirem We left without informing you = sene bildirmeden terk etdik Caught you = yakaladim seni He is chef when the head chef is not around How many times have I told you to..? I have trouble finding the apartment Blackmail = santaj (etmek) Im just browsing for now = Simdilik goz gezdirirem Babek is in charge of the office when Im on leave = time that you are allowed to spend away from your work, especially in the military or for a particular reason. Are you here on visit? - Yes. Im here a few days. Got some people to see for my company Theres no way of escape = Qacis yolu yoxdur. Make a splash = (informal) to do something that gets a lot of public attention. Ex: His performance made quite a splash on Broadway. or so = used when you cannot be exact about a number, amount or period of time. Ex: We are leaving in five minutes or so. Ex: There are 75 books or so. Collapse = to suddenly fall down or become unconscious because youre sick or injured. Ex: He collapsed during his speech because he got dehydrated. What a coincidence! = raslantiya bax! The meeting is still going on So, I should have let her go here alone? = Onu bura tek gondermeliydim? I can do anything I put my mind to = aglima qoydugum her seyi ederem

So long! = (informal) a friendly way of saying goodbye. Infallible = qusursuz. Ex. Hes an infallible person Sales is up = Satis yukselib I met him on my way to post office Its harder than it looks. What do you want your tea with? Stroll = to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way.

I really have to dash (go or run somewhere very quickly) or I will be late for work. Fib = a small unimportant lie or to tell a small unimportant lie = Ag (kucuk) yalan. Ex: He fibbed about his age. He sometimes tells fibs. Give me a shout = (spoken) to go and find someone and tell them something. Ex. Give me a shout when you are ready to go. If you need anything, give me a shout Try something out of normal = Normaldan uzaq bir sey denemek Tit-for-tat = (informal) something bad that you do to someone because they have done something bad to you. Ex. Tit-for-tat insults. Ill wait for price drop = Qiymetin dusmesini gozleyecem I feel sorry for him = Ona cok uzuluyorum Why dont you take my calls = Zenglerimi niye goturmursen Thank you for taking my call = Telefonumu goturduyun ucun sagol US has nothing to lose by imposing sanctions as it has no ties with Iran, unlike Russian and China. = ABS Iranla elaqesi olmadigi ucun sanksiyalar tetbiq etmekle hec bir sey uduzmur Rusya ve Cine bele deyil ama. Russias prosperity depends on how things are going well on the European continent. The book is a must read = Kitab mutleq ounmalidir Is there a room for expansion? = Boyumesi ucun furset varmi? Whats the rush/hurry? = Acelen nedir? They gave me hard time = Bana zorluk cikardilar Plastic bag No worries Have a good one = (idiom) goodbye. Do you happen to have a pen? = Belke qelemin olar? Walter snapped at me for no reason = Walter sebebsiz yere biz hirsli cavab verdi. Dont honk = Signallama! (masini) Sleep like a log = to sleep very well, deeply without waking up for a long time Sleep in = to deliberately sleep later than usual in the morning I didnt get much sleep last night The restroom is all the way in the corner. He puts me in a situation where I have to deal with tough people

We are cultivating gelistirmek, kazanmaga calismak (to make an effort to develop a friendly relationship with someone, especially someone who can help you) relationships with our economic partners in Asia. Ex. Cultivate friends. Stick together = (informal) if people stick together, they continue to support one another, even when they have problems. Ex. Were a family and we stick together no matter what. Blurt out = Agzindan kacirmak, pat diye soylemek = to say something suddenly and without thinking, usually because you are nervous or excited. Ex: She blurted out that she was pregnant Hang around = to wait or stay somewhere with no real purpose = oyalanmak. Ex. Im going to hang around until the concert starts Settle down = to stop talking or behave in an excited way or to make someone do this= yatismak. Ex. Let the thing settle down. Ex. Would you kids just settle down for a minute. Fall out (with somebody) =to have an argument with someone, so that you dont agree with them anymore or are not friendly anymore. Ex. Walker has just recently fallen out with publisher. Meddle with = kurcalamak or disorganized way. Why do you always give my mother the cold shoulder when she comes to visit us? Kick your ass = defeat content = glad workout = antreman Pull yourself together = kendini topla = to force yourself to stop behaving in a nervous, frightened

I just cant get you off my mind = Seni yaddan cixarda bilmirem What time do you get off work = Isden ne zaman cixirsan? I am taking Monday off = 1-ci gunu ise getmeyecem. To make a big deal out of nothing = Hec bir seyden boyuk problem yaratmaq. What would you like to have happen in your career/future life We will see where it goes from here. = Gorek burdan hara gedecek. Crabby = (informal) someone who is crabby easily becomes annoyed about unimportant things. Ex: They become crabby in the mornings. Slam = (informal) to criticize someone or something strongly. Mere mortal = (humorous) ordinary people as compared with people who are more important or more powerful. Ex: In Hollywood you can stay younger, unlike us mere mortal.

On no account = used when saying that someone must not, for whatever reason, do something. Ex; Ali: I want to travel countries by car. Babek: On no account. (Etmemelisen, meselen xestedir zad masinla seyahet etmek olmaz zad) Out of the blue = (informal) suddenly and without warning. Ex: Did you guys expect this or it was out of the blue. Suck up = (informal) disapproving to say or do a lot of nice things in order to make someone like you or to get what they want. Ex: He is always sucking up to the teacher/president Get off my back = (spoken) said when you want someone to stop telling you to do something and you are annoyed about it. = stop bothering me, = stop nagging me. Ex: Ill do in a minute. Just get off my back! To certain extent = partly. Ex: He is right to certain extent = Belli yere kadar adam hakli. Are you sober (not drunk) enough to drive? = Masin surmek ucun kifatey qeder oyaqsanmi? He will do what it takes to win = O kazanmak icin ne gerekiyosa yapicaq. Up front = pein = money that is paid up front before work is done or before goods are supplied. Ex. We need $200 up front. Ex: The money for the property is paid up front. Leave out = to not include someone or something. Ex: Please forward the email if I left someone out. Ex: Tell me everything. Dont leave anything out. Bring up = to mention a subject or start to talk about it = raise. Ex: I will bring the question up when I meet him. Ex: Several question were brought up in the last meeting. Piss sb off = kizdirmak. Ex: He pissed me off I dont wanna do things half way = Isleri yarim yamalak (yarimcik) elemek istemirem. I cant believe thats happening = Inana bilmirem bunun bas verdiyine. Give it a shot = an attempt to do something or achieve something. Ex: I have never tried before, but Ill give it a shot. Why is your phone off = Telefonun niye baglidir? Chore = ev isleri. Ex: What are some chores I can do aroun the house? Ex: I did some chores yersterday. How certain are you that crisis in fact is over? Fair enough = anlasildi, kifayetdir

Cool off = to become calm after being angry. Ex: I took a walk to cool off. Ex: Hey man, cool off. I trust you. Dont let me down = Sene guvenirem meni uzuqara cixartma. Lets not fool ourselves = Gel ozumuzu aldatmayaq.

We are going swimming. Are you up for that? = Gelirsenmi (yani sen de varsanmi)? Can I help you with anything? No, Im all set, thanks = Im good Its more or less done = almost done Shes just fooling around = Avaralanir.

Check out = (spoken) to look at someone or something because ther are interesting and attractive. Ex: Check out his new car over there. You dont look your age = Yasindan cavan gorunursen. Im of two minds whether to buy now or wait for 6 month = Ikisi arasinda qalmisam, bilmirem indi mi alim yoxsa 6 ay gozleyimmi. Whatever you plan, just count me out (in) = Ne palanlayirsinizsa meni cixarin/daxil edin. Hit it off = (informal) if two people hit it off, they like each other as soon as they meet. Ex: Im glad our parents hit it off. Rip somebody off = (informal) to charge someone too much money for something. Ex: You have been ripped off, man. Exchange pleasantries = hobe etmek. Ex: We exchanged pleasantries. It just slipped out my mouth = Agzimdan cixdi (bilmeden) I have lost my appetite = Istahim qacib. Dont believe anything anyone says = Hec kimin dediyine inanma! Does it come in red or any larger = Qirmizi ve ya biraz genis formada gelirmi? (paltar ve s) Got a second? = Bir saniye olarmi? May I have your attention, please = Diqqetiniz mende olsun (bir qrup insana vacib bir sey soylemek isteyende deyilir) Take as much time as you need = Istediyin qeder zamanin var. Im just familiarizing myself with books = Ozumu kitablarla yaxindan tanis edirem. (yani onlar haqqinda daha cox melumatim olsun) Dinner is on me = Yemek menlikdi. (yani pulunu men odeyecem) = Its my treat Im between jobs = Im currenty unemployed = Isizm Whats mine is yours = Menim neyim varsa seninkidir. Busted! = caught doing something wrong = Yakaladim seni Im stuck on one question = Bir soruya takildim.