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GREENHOUSE EFFECT INTRODUCTION State of the temperature on earth today are getting hot we feel.

Temperature was not stable. Erratic weather makes life on earth is threatened. Construction of large buildings and tall and illegal deforestation is one of the causes of increasing heat of the earth's temperature - because of the imbalance of carbon dioxide from the air pollution caused by msin-industrial machinery, motor vehicle fumes, and others. B. Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse Effect is formed from the interaction between the atmosphere has increased by solar radiation. Although the sun consists of a variety of wavelengths, most of the radiation that reaches Earth's surface lies in the range of visible light. This is due to ozone normally found in the upper atmosphere, filters out most ultraviolet rays. Atmospheric water vapor and methane gas from decaying - mengabsorpsikan most of the infrared which can be felt on our skin as heat. Approximately one third of the light that reaches the earth's surface will be reflected back into the atmosphere. Most of the rest will diabsorpsikan by other objects. Diabsorpsikan rays will be radiated back in the form of infrared radiation with wavelengths or if the earth's heat to cool. Light with a wavelength higher will be diabsorpsikan by atmospheric carbon dioxide and release heat so that the temperature of the atmosphere will increase. Carbon dioxide acts as a filter in one direction, but block the light with a wavelength more to get through from the opposite direction. Filter activity of carbon dioxide and Earth's atmosphere cause the temperature to rise. This condition is called the greenhouse effect. Influence of carbon dioxide produced from gaseous air pollution, one of which is from the greenhouse. Carbon dioxide has a light absorbing properties (heat) infrared rays of the sun that is - so the air temperature becomes higher because of it. If these levels are more evenly across the surface of the earth, the average air temperature throughout the Earth's surface will be slightly increased, and this can result in melting ice and snow at the poles and the tops of mountains, making sea levels rise. C. Impact of Greenhouse Increasing the temperature of the earth's surface will result in a very extreme climate changes on earth. This can lead to disruption of forests and other ecosystems, thereby reducing its ability to absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Global warming resulting in melting of icebergs in the polar regions that could lead to rising sea levels. The greenhouse effect would also lead to rising sea temperatures that sea water expands and sea level rise occurred that resulted in island countries will get a huge influence. According to estimates, the greenhouse effect the Earth's temperature has increased an average of 1-5 C. If the trend of increasing greenhouse gases will remain as it is now global warming causes an increase between 1.5 to 4.5 C around 2030. With increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, the more heat waves reflected from the surface of the earth's atmosphere is absorbed. This will result in the earth's surface temperature to rise. The greenhouse effect is caused by rising concentrations of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and other gases in the atmosphere. The increase in CO2 concentration is due to the increase in fuel oil combustion (fuel), coal and other organic fuels which exceed the ability of plants and sea to mengabsorpsinya. Energy into the earth experience: 25% reflected by clouds or other particles in the atmosphere 25% absorbed by clouds 45% of the earth's surface is absorbed 5% is reflected back by the earth's surface. The energy absorbed is reflected back in the form of infrared radiation by clouds and the earth's surface. But most of the infrared emitted by the clouds and the earth retained CO2 and other gases, to be returned to the earth's surface. Under normal circumstances, the greenhouse effect is necessary, with the greenhouse effect the temperature difference between day and night on earth is not too much different. In addition to CO2 gas, which can cause the greenhouse effect are sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and some organic compounds such as methane (CH4) and khloro fluoro carbon (CFC). These gases play an important role in enhancing the greenhouse effect.

D. Enterprises Reduce Greenhouse Effect Many things that we can easily do to reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming. The trick, we can turn off lights and appliances when not in use. In addition to saving energy and money to pay for electricity, it also reduces pollution because of the use of fuel. Diligent service call in the AC. Carpooling or traveling with friends or family to the school, tutoring, or the mall. In addition to reducing congestion, we also save energy. When the print job, try to use the two sides of the paper. Plastics are materials that are difficult to untangle. When burned, plastics would be toxic or polluting substances. The use of plastic bags when shopping should be reduced. The whole plastic is just a waste. Try deh disposable cartons or bags canvas bags.