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Ultimate Leaders Training

Vietnam | Three Day Programme "If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, the general is to blame. But if his orders are clear, and the soldiers nevertheless disobey, then it is the fault of their officers." - Sun Tzu 3 Days of Self Leadership, Leadership for Managers & Presenting Persuasively This dynamic leadership development program goes beyond Performance Management, builds on the principles of Leadership for Managers and challenges Senior Managers to review and revisit how they manage and lead High Performing Teams in today's turbulent environment. Using stimulating discussion, facilitation, role play and case studies, this advanced program is an opportunity for senior managers to step back from the way they currently doing things and consider the critical skills, mindsets and actions that are required to successfully lead and manage a diverse workforce in a global marketplace. The trainer will help the senior managers to connect management theory with practical strategies to get outstanding results.

Ultimate Leadership Workshop

Critical Skills for Senior Managers Content This program is customised to the learning and development needs of the particular group of senior managers. What follows is the typical content for a 3-day program: Transformational Leadership in the 21st Century Organisation Key distinctions in leadership, management and coaching The domains of self-leadership, people-leadership, team-leadership and strategic-leadership Leadership and management styles Self Leadership and Personal Mastery What is self leadership? The ladder of inference how beliefs drive behaviour Getting intentional, how to elicit and apply core values Personal and Leadership values in action People Leadership The choices training, performance management, coaching or mentoring What to when, why, where and with whom Understanding how personality factors impact performance Getting the best from people

Coaching and Mentoring for Talent Management Advanced communication to provide structured and developmental feedback Effective strategies to reinforce positive behaviour and change derailing actions Coaching and mentoring as a leadership methodology Mentoring and coaching skill sets The Leaders as Culture Creator The theory and practice of culture Identifying the key characteristics of a vision and mission Operationalizing organisational values Creating performance benchmarks Establishing and execution culture Creating, Developing and Achieving High Performance Teams Understanding team dynamics Critical factors in high performing teams Team roles and working styles

Leadership as Influence Permission to influence the identity of a leader Influence styles from carrot and stick to group identity Persuasive presentations Dealing with Conflict A Positive Approach Recognising and embracing conflict Needs first solution later a win/win approach Developing assertive communication Effectively Managing Organisational Politics Understanding the political climate of your company Effectively managing strategic relationships How to manage upwards Being Strategic From tactical to strategic leader Keys to formulating an effective strategy Systems thinking and strategy models How to use strategy as a framework for change initiatives Strategy for competitive advantage

Benefit of Critical Skills

This leadership development program leverages the talent of senior managers and re-focuses them on the critical 'soft skill' activities that deliver solid results in terms of competitive advantage. "Our work is the presentation of our capabilities."Edward Gibbon The single most important skill required by anyone in business is to be able to present yourself and your ideas in a professional and persuasive way. Despite the importance of presentation skills many people fear or lack confidence when required to present. The good news is that everyone can learn to overcome their anxiety and present persuasively. Objectives For participants to: Feel confident when speaking to small or medium sized groups Be able to plan and deliver a persuasive message Effectively handle questions Presentation Skills The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives. - Anthony Robbins Communication skills are essential for self leadership and to influence others. Poor communication causes pain, conflict, loss of relationships, productivity and profit. Communication means to create 'shared meaning and understanding' an yet most people define communication as 'getting your point across'. Communication should be easy, but even when we all speak the same language and are from the same culture - misunderstanding and confusion occurs. In today's global world with

people from different cultures with different first languages all working together the problem has been amplified. It is therefore essential that every company has an effective communication skills training program because communicating effectively takes real skill. Communication Skills Training Communication Excellence is a communication skills training that equips participants with the mindset and techniques to create shared meaning and understanding in the workplace as well as teaching how to 'get your point across.' Communication Excellence is an effective foundational program for all employees and especially supervisors, sales people, customer service and those who work in teams. Effective communication skills can overcome 'silo mentality' or 'them and us' thinking. Participants learn the NLP communication model that starts with the premise that people respond not to reality but to their internal mental map of reality. With this realisation we learn to listen more effectively, prepare and deliver our communication more precisely and ask effective questions to check for understanding. Communication Excellence Content Includes: Understanding communication dynamics Awareness of communication blindspots The effect of emotion on communication How to read body language How to communicate on their wavelength Building trust and rapport Asking precise questions that get to the heart of understanding. The ability to see situations from multiple perspectives. Being a confident communicator Presentation Skills and Personal Brand The single most important skill you have to have in business is to be able to present yourself and your ideas in a professional and persuasive way. A lack of effective presentation skills (public speaking) will seriously your personal brand and business brand. Whether the presenter is new to the company or is the CEO, they will be judged by their ability to present themselves and their ideas in ways that engages and persuades the audience.

Everyone can Learn to Present Persuasively The good news is that the ability to overcome presentation anxiety and be an effective public speaker who can give persuasive presentations is within everyones grasp. The New Leader offers 1-1 coaching and customized training for Persuasive Presentation skills. We have coached and trained the most boring of CEOs and the most timid of junior staff to speak and present with confidence and impact. Our programs reap immediate reward because most people are unaware of the power and opportunity theyre given every time they speak to an audience or even sit around a table with a captive group. Overcome Fear and Have the Right Mindset When asked to give a formal or spontaneous presentation most people are fearful or nervous and yet it is precisely this energy that can be harnessed to make dynamic, lively, memorable and persuasive presentations. Many presentation skill training's just teach the mechanics of how to present but before you can learn the skills you must learn to manage your mindset to present effectively. Managing your mindset which includes your getting in touch with the intention of your message and managing your mind-body-emotional state is the the key factors to presenting powerfully. In addition we coach and train participants to structure their presentation and language to get the point across with influence, thus presenting persuasively. Participants or this presentation skills training will learn to: Harness nervous energy for effective presentation and communication Manage mind-body-emotional states for confidence and impact Recognize and make best use of existing strengths Gain a clear intention (Why) and focus for each presentation Implement techniques for varying vocal tones and body language. Org anise information in a clear and concise manner. Create an attention grabbing introduction. Stimulate easy interaction with an audience Easily generate stimulating and entertaining ways to get your ideas across Effectively handle questions Use Power Point correctly to enhance rather than destroy the presentation Develop an unique individual presentation style 6