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Jesus Saves!

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Save the planet? I doubt it!

Save your soul? Only Jesus can do that!

Save money? You Bet!

Gday & welcome. Here at BonzaBuy! we sell high quality items that will help you save - at the very best prices. You can save electricity, time and money with our items...and even nd answers for your soul! We know the value of living sensibly with energy so have put a small range together to help. We only sell high quality items that actually work and help...Need something that's not listed? Just Ask!

Aussie Maps / Home Education / Posters

Cook in the Sun!

W.A. Roads & Tracks Touring Map Book


Minute detail of the whole of W.A. including distances between roads & tracks, camping spots, charts & more - Spiral Bound for long life.

Large Laminated Posters (various designs see below) $14 Placemats (various designs from the list below) Jigsaws (various designs from the list below) $6 $10

(Reptiles, Fish, Orchids, Trees, Wildowers, Mammals, Birds, Insects, Spiders, Sharks, Butteries, Exercise, Alphabet, TimesTable, Sea Shores, Whales & Dolphins, Perth Wildowers, SA / NT Wildlife, Human Anatomy, Animals Worldwide, Dangerous Wildlife) Full Range of Maps (Australia, World & Road), Tide Times Fishing, Stationary (Address book, Magnetic Message Board, Vehicle Log, Travel Diary), Wildower books, Souvenirs & more just ask!

We're crazy about Solar Cooking! Curries, Cakes, Breads, Roasts, Fruit Leathers, Sun-dried tomotoes - it's all easy & free in the Sun Oven! For this reason we have become the sole Australian Importer of the U.S.A. made Global Sun Oven. This is the world's best and widely used solar cooker - and it actually works! It is perfect for suburban or rural use as well as travel. Large capacity (can bake 2 loaves of bread at a time) Cooks in nearly the same time as a gas / elec oven FREE - uses only the sun! No carbon output Food is more succulent and better for you Food doesn't burn easily or dry out as fast Built in fold down reectors (fast & easy to setup) Built in Thermometer (check temp without opening oven) Compact and Light (great for travel / camping etc) Insulated chamber (keeps food hot for hrs after sun down) Durable (designed to last decades of use made in USA) We use it daily @ home or the beach, park, picnic etc This will be your best investment ever! $599

Fly away this Season!

If there's one thing that can ruin a great bbq or party - it's sticky ies! It's ok though - we have found a great solution. We stock two different y traps that both reduce the amount of ies in a given area - but also break the breeding cycle. This means that over time you will notice a dramatic reduction in the amount of ies and each seaon the problem lessens. Great for backyard, the chook pen, kennel or shearing shed! We use & recommend the EFEKTO which, with just one safe bait will attract & kill nearly 2 litres of ies! It comes with 4 baits & we sell baits at a great rate too...or you can use your own. Hovex Small Fly Trap $19 Efekto Fly Trap - Guaranteed! $29 Baits 3 = $8 6 = $15 12 = $28 Mozzie conversion for y trap $12 12v Mozzie Trap very effective $299

On Special - see over!

The 'Simple Solar Cooker' is a tiny briefcase type fold up cooker that is great for emergencies or hiking / camping / motorbike travel. Great to try out sun cooking. $99 Roasting pots, cake tins, loaf pans etc available.

High Quality SAFE water bottles no leaching or contamination! 350ml Teeny Tanka $15 800ml Sports Tanka $23

On Special - see over!

Tired of Flushing?
Composting Toilets Nature Loo composting toilets odourless! Large range for house, building site or travel. Save a lot of money and water! Approved All States - P.O.A

1L Supa Tanka


600ml & 2L available soon! Comes with sports or avent adapter lid - stainless loop lid +$2 Kooler Covers available to suit

Don't Risk Toxic Plastic Use stainless Water Bottles!

Compare our prices & let us know if you nd a better price on the same item anywhere. We don't believe you will!


Global Sun Oven Simple Solar Cooker 2 Efekto Fly Traps 2 Hovex Fly Traps 2 Radial Tyre Repair Kits 2 Large Laminated Posters $579 $79 $55 $35 $35 $25


Solar / Wind Power

Wind Turbines Air Breeze 200watt 12v / 24v Land Version $1099 Air Breeze 200watt 12v / 24v Marine Version $1299 Air X 400watt 12v / 24v / 48v Land Version $1199 Air X 400watt 12v / 24v / 48v Marine Version $1349 The above come with 3 year warranty USA made Larger units available up to 3KW Cheaper units available too! Solar Panels BP, Kyocera, SunPower, Photon etc 60 watt - 210watt P.O.A. Regulators Plasmatronics prog auto with LCD 12v-48v PL20 20A $315 Plasmatronics prog auto with LCD 12v-48v PL40 40A $415 Plasmatronics prog auto with LCD 12v-48v PL60 60A $599 Morningstar Sunsaver 12v / 24v SS10 10A $110 20A $140 Morningstar Prostar 12v-24v 15A $230 48v 15A $295 Tristar 12v-48v 45A TS45 $249 TS45 with LCD $449 Tristar 12v-48v 60A TS60 $311 TS60 with LCD $509 Solar BoostMPPT 12v-24v 30A $505 50A $785 60A $947 Solar BoostMPPT 24v-48v 30A 3048DL $910 FULL RANGE OF ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE Voltage Inverters 12v - 240v (or 24v, 48v, 96v to 240v) Solar Trackers Increase the output of your solar panels by up to 40%


4wd / Caravan

Battery Related Car, Truck, Boat & Solar Batteries available Redarc Smart Start Automatic Dual Battery Solenoid $99 Redarc Dual Battery Remote charger 12v Amazing $299 Redarc Smart Charger all batts Multi Stage BDC5 5A $319 Redarc Voltage Reducer 24v - 12v VRT10 10A $119 Redarc full range available - Regulators, Inverters, Reducers CTEK Multi-stage Battery Charger XS3600 3.6A $119 CTEK Multi-stage Battery Charger XS7000 7A $219 CTEK Multi-stage Battery Charger XS15000 15A $319 CTEK Multi-stage Battery Charger XS25000 25A $439 CTEK Multi-stage Battery Charger 24v 14A $449 Projecta Workshop 6,12, 24v Regulated + Start 20A $499 Projecta Workshop 6,12, 24v Regulated + Start 35A $565 12v-24v 50A Standard Charger non-regulated 1 only $399 Woods Solar Chargers, AA/C/D/9v NiMH chargers avail. Voltage Reducers 24v - 12v Run radios, CBs, Fridges off a 24volt battery supply. Aerpro 8A $59 - 15A $79 - 30A with fan $89 Let there be Light! Redarc 3.5A $79 - 7A $99 - 10A $119 - 20A $179 - 30A $259 Redarc Switchmode 3A $89 7A $99 10A $179 20-60A POA Fluorescent Light Bulbs (240v Daylight) 7 - 24watt from $4 Torch Narva Recharge LED Inspection Light 4hr 12v / 240v $49 Switches Large variety 6v-24v, single double & LED - look Torch Narva Recharge LED Inspection Light 6hr 12v / 240v $79 online Circuit Breakers Many types 3A-200A Fuses, Torch Narva Recharge LED Inspection Light 8hr 240v dock $129 Connectors, Wire, Starter Motors, Alternators, 12v ALight Fluoro low draw high output with pull string on/off $20 Mobile Phone Aerials & Connectors, 12v Narva compact ouro 2 way switch (avail 24v) $35 12v Narva exterior porch light (avail 24v) $20 Stay Pumped! Full range of bulbs, lights, spotlights, worklights, indicators etc Tyre Repair Kit - suit Car, 4wd, Truck no need to take the for cars, trucks & other! tyre off the car! Comes with 5 sticks uses 1 stick per nail sized hole extra stick avail $29 Tyre Puncture Repair kit suit pram / bike $3 Tyre valve cores Valve core remover Mark All Paint Sticks, Tek Screws, Bolts, Nuts etc

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