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JasEnterprises AnISO900 01:2008Cert tifiedCompa any 60,Shreen nathjiEstate, ,PannaEstat teRoad,Rak khial,Ahmed dabad380023GujaratInd dia Phone:917922 2743454,55Fax:91792 22745062

Email:info@jasent terprise.com m http://w www.jasenterprise.como orhttp://ww ww.pulveriser r.co.inorhtt tp://www.pu ulverizerindia a.com

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Jas dou ugh kneade is design for batch type er n h operatio for the use of var on rious indust tries in mixing and blendin of foodstuff, poultry feed, ng y als, eed pharma aceuticals e etc... In chemica cattle fe addition it is reputed easy insta n, allation, mainten nance,econo omyinopera ationandreli iable. They are available a customer requirements of e as r's mild ste or stain eel nless steel construction with containe ercapacitiesfrom100to o2200liter. The jab dough kneader ha main body is bs as construc ctedformst teelplatedo ofadequate section togiver rigidityandr robustness.T Theshaftiss supportonh heavydutyb ballbearingo onheavydutymildsteel fabricate estructure. Dough kneader's tank is tilted thus mixed m s material ar re easily discharge from tank. d motor is mou unting on hinges thus w whenever v belts are loo then it wills tighten ose n Required electric m easily.

Constr ructionof fdoughkneadingm machine

Thema ainbodyism madeofdo oughkneaderismade fromheavy ydutymild steelsheet t Body (stainle esssteelop ptional),wit thtopslidin ngtypecov verforeasyopeningandcleaning g orforin nspection Arms Thickm mildsteel/s stainlessste eelmachinedplatesm mountedonmainshaft. eepgroove ballbearing gballbearingsincast ironhousin ngwithsuitablegrease e Bestde Bearing gs cupsfo orlubrication. Gears Castiro onhobcuts spurgearfo orlonglife. ring are pro ovide with grease cup for lubrication thus its give long life of s l f A bear Lubrication bearing gsandreducefictionlo osses.

Keyfe eaturesof fdoughk kneadingm machine

Uniqueand dreliablede esign o The dough kne e eader is hig ghly effective as well as nonstop continuou kneading p us g process. ration&lessmaintenancecost. Easieroper

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JasEnterprises AnISO9001:2008CertifiedCompany 60,ShreenathjiEstate,PannaEstateRoad,Rakhial,Ahmedabad380023GujaratIndia Phone:917922743454,55Fax:917922745062 Email:info@jasenterprise.com http://www.jasenterprise.comorhttp://www.pulveriser.co.inorhttp://www.pulverizerindia.com

Compactsize,occupiesverylittlespace. Continuousproductionpershiftandfasterreturnoninvestment. Aminimizedpowerconsummationbythewayoffrictionloses.Lownoiseoperation,no wastageofproductandnopollutionhazard. Veryeasyoperations,requiresnoskilledlabor


Motorpulley. Adjustablerailforfixingmotor.


Suitabletotallyenclosedfancooledthreephaseorsinglephasesq.Cagemotorasperis: 325or996 {electricity (special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 volts, 50/60Hz,1/3phase}. Suitableminiaturecircuitwith3metercable&3pinforsinglephaseelectricmotors. Starters,mainswitch,amperemeter,capacitorforsinglephaseelectricmotor. Vbelts

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