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Class XI- Political Science

Time: 3 Hrs

MM: 100

General Instructions: 1. All questions are compulsory 2. Q1-10 carries 1 mark each 3. Q11-20 carries 2 marks each 4. Q21-30 carries 4 marks each 5. Q31-35 carries 6 marks each

Q1. Who are the citizens? Q2. What is impeachment? Q3. Who are political executives? Q4. What does UNDP stand for? Q5. What is inter-religion domination? Q6. What is political theory? Q7. Which type of equality is possible to establish? Q8. Why are rights very essential? Q9. What do you mean by Nationalism? Q10. Mention the three lists given in Indian Constitution? Q11. Who are permanent executives? How are they appointed? Q12. Write two advantages of bicameral Legislature? Q13. All citizens are not able to equally exercise the rights. Why? Q14. Mention two features of western model of secularism? Q15. Why do we have strong central government?

Q16. What is protective discrimination? Q17. Which are the two subjects of political science according to traditional view? Explain them in short. Q18. Write two features of development. Q19. Which are the two devices to prevent war and to maintain peace? Q20. What is independence of judiciary? Q21. What do you mean by disarmament? Why is it necessary? Give two reasons. Q22. Absolute equality is harmful for the society. Do you agree? Comment. Q23. Explain for elements of nationalism. Q24. Explain Indian Secularism. Q25. What are the hindrances in the way of good citizenship? Q26. Write the functions of the prime minister of India. Q27. Rights place some limits on the authority of the state. Explain. Q28. What is meant by freedom of expression? Can this freedom be restricted? Explain. Q29. What are special provisions for some states? Explain the case of Jammu and Kashmir in this context. Q30. Politics is more than what politicians do. Explain the statement. Q31. Explain the principles of social justice? OR Write in detail about the functions of Indian parliament. Q32. Write the limitations as well as corrections of Indian secularism. OR Differentiate between political, economic and cultural rights. Explain details. Q33. Describe the main safe guards for the maintenance of Liberty. OR Explain the core of international organizations in the maintenance of international peace.

Q34. Explain equality and in features. OR Explain different dimensions of development. Q35. Migration of people to different regions within the country is resisted by the local people. What are some of the contributions that the migrants could make to the local economy? OR Discuss the merits and demerits of nationalism.