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Defining brand loyalty - by Paul Herbig - Helium

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Def,rning brand loyalty

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Created on: May 15, 2009 Last Updated: May 16, 2009 BRAND LOYALTY Does it Exist and where is it Going?

As consumers, we all have heard ofgiant companies such as Coca-Cola, Proctor and Gamble and H.J. Heinz. However, how many ofus are familiar with the lucrative, rapidly exlanding, Loblaw's Company, Merico lncorporated, Pe[igo, and the Japanese company Daiei Incorporated? These latter companies all have one thing in common - they are all private-label brands. Du.ing the eighties, the trend was to buy top notch items regardless ofthe quality or the price. Brand names provided people with the image they were looking for The nineties have changed the way consumers are shopping. The brand name is losing some of its clout, and private label brands are sweeping the marketplace. This report analyzes the affect the new trend has on brand name manufacturers, and ways to tackle the problem of lost sales.

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Defining brand loyalty - by Paul Herbig - Helium


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Brand names can be defmed as " a word, letter, or a group ofwords or letters" (1 271). Branding means the use ofthis name combined with other synbols or designs that identilj/ the product. Branding was first invented during the ![idc!le-dgq!. Guilds were formed to control the quantity and quality ofproduct made and sold. Every producer put their mark on their products, so quantity could easily be reduced, and poor quality could be traced. This is the beginning ofthe association between brcnd names and good quality or reliability. Although this laid the foundation for the contemporary beliefs ofconsumers, people now use brands for identification ( 1 272). Brands also make shopping easier for the consumer. The choices of products can be nanowed down easier, and the customer usually knows what they are purchasing,

In addition to benefittingthe customer, it also benefits the ploducers. " A good brand speeds up shopping time for the customer and thus reduces the marketer's sellingtime and effort. Sometirnes the brand name is the only method of differentiation that a company has, Good brand names also make the introduction ofnew products easier for companies. For some types ofproducts, it is essential to establish a brand to differentiate it fiom the competition. Establishing a respected brand is not as easy as it may seem. There are several conditions that should apply when forming a new brand.

l) product should be easily identifiable 2) quality is the best value for the price 3) dependable and widespread availability 4) demand for the product class is large
5) demand is strong so


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Definirg brand loyalty

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by Christina Pomoni Being a product-sjryice or concept. a brand publicly distinguishes an organization's products or sen,ices from conrpetiti-o,!l

2 of 4 by Michelle Wilkinson Brand lovaltv involves customers continuall), goins back tolhe sanre brand product or service. rather than shoppins

. Jof,l
by Bg!.1_H-ilba

Does it Exist and Where is it Going?

As consumers. we all have heard of giant companies such as

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by D. James Brand lovaltv will alwavs be a t'actor in any


pa$.,_ue!e!f! a! fulug-Hawever. therc has been a move toward brand


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Sales Promotion


Net Promoter - NPS lndustry Benchmarks. See the 2012 report here.



New Business Model Dow Corning Offers Enhanced Brands Offering Greater Value! q!&!Q^-,-soJ]!9Jrs[4!c!r&lr! Branded Voice Prompts Brand Your IVR System To lmprove The Customer Experience. Free Demo
Sales Promoiion - Push Strategy - Pull Strategy - Promotions



Sales Promotion

t.rl8rl -- FBEE :'




Sales promotion - Sales promotions are shorl-term incentives lo encowage the purchase or sale of a product or service.
Sales promotion includes several communications activities that attempt to provide added value or

incentives to consumers, wholesalers, retailers, or other organizational customers to stimulate immediate sales. These efforts can attempt to stimulate product interesl, trial, or purchase. Examples ofdevices used in sales promotion include coupons, samples, premiums, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, contests,
rebates, and sweepstakes.


SUPER. COUPON Ct.i{Eltll, IIC,itTl \.li- l}llt}tili

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01t0412012 9..s5 AM

Sales Promotion


* d; .IlI tltq

Examples of coupons, free trials, and rebates.


Sales Promotion Strategies

There are three types ofsales promotion sfategies: Pash, Pull, or a combination of the two.

A push stratery involves convincing trade intermediary channel members to "push" the product through the distribution channels to the ultimate consumer via promotions and personal selling efforts. The company promotes the product through a reseller who in tum promotes it to yet another reseller or the final consumer. Trade-promotion objectives are to persuade retailers or wholesalers to carry a brand, give a brand shelfspace, promote a brand in advertising and/or push a brand to final consumers. Typical tactics employed in push stratery are: allowances, buy-back guarantees, free trials, contests, specialty advertising items. discounts. displays. and premiums.

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Strategy Selected Depends on: lYpe of Product{ularket & Product Life-Cycle Stage

A pull strateg/ attempts to get consumers to "pu[[" the product from the manufacturer through the marketing channel. The company focuses its marketing communications efforts on consumers in the hope that it stimulates interest and demand for the product at the end-user level. This stratery is often employed ifdistributors are reluctant to carry a product because it gets as many consumers as possible to go to retail outlets and request the product, thus pulling it through the channel. Consumer-promotion objectives are to entice consumers to try a new product, lure customers away from competitors' products, get consumers to "load up" on a mature product, hold & reward loyal customers, and build consumer relationships. Typical tactics employed in pull strategl are: samples, coupons, cash refunds and rebates, premiums, advertising specialties, loyalty programs/patronage rewards, contests, sweepstakes, games, and point-of-purchase (POP) displays.
Car dealers often provide a good example ofa combination strates/. Ifyou pay attention to car dealers' advertising you will often hear them speak of cash-back offers and dealer incentives.

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Beverage Sales and Distribution: How to sell your new beverage to r...



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Boosting Beverage Sales and Distribution is one of the qreatest challenges a beverage manufacturer will face.
Hundreds of new beverages are introduced every year and only a handful are successful at gaining distribution and getting placed in retail stores.. New Beverages are the life blood of beverage distributors and retailers and they are constantly iooking for new and innovative beverages to offer their customers.


In order to Boost beverage sales and increase store traffic, retailers must offer their consumers new and unique beverages that also add to their bottom line.



Boost My Product will show you various ways to boost your beverage sales and distribution.


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Paul Gage the owner of Boost Sales and Marketing,LLC has successfully sold beverages for Pepsi Bottling Group, Coors Brewing Company and Miller Brewing Company. He has proven strategies and techniques to sell a new beverage into retail accounts and beverage distributorships. Paul Gage has developed proven sales and marketing strategies

that will not only attract distributors, retailers and consumers to your new beverage but will motivate them to purchase your new beverage over and


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[;fi@ .l .", r.

You can have the best tasting beverage in the world and if consumers are

not aware of it. then your new beverage is not going to succeed.
Building your brand and getting exposure can be extremely tough for any


O|/O4/2O12 l0:41 AM

Beverage Sales and Distribrition : How to sell yoru'new beverage to r...


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E HY Yl.krcl II \t f1i r',s\. I



new beverage manufacturer especiatly if you don't understand how the beverage industry works. Boost My Product will show you creative ways to get your new beverage in front of beverage distributors, retail buyers and ultimately the end consumer.


Beverage Distributors and Wholesalers are NOT Created Equal

DSD Beverage Distributors are considered the best distributors at

distributing a new beverage product.

Selling your new beverage to just any distributor could possible be the biggest mistake you can make.
You need a distributor that specializes in selling beverages and who can add value to the retailer by merchandising your beverage in a way that

will boost sales.

Direct Store Delivery Distributors will merchandise your product and put your beverage in the best position in the store and on the shelf to Boost your Beverage Sales.
Your new beverage is going to face heavy competition in the retailers store and proper execution from the distributor sales rep is going to be

critical to your success.

You have

to be able to get a distributor to focus on your beverage which prove a challenge if your beverage is not flying off the shelf. can


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Beverage Sales and Distribution: How to sell your new beverage to r...


Beverage Sales and Marketing Strategies

Developing a creative Sales and Marketing Plan that attracts beverage distributors, retailers and consumers to your new beverage is critically important to the success of your new beverage.

Retailers and Distributors are interested in making a certain ma rgin/profit from your beverage. They want to see your marketing plan for driving traffic to their accounts and getting consumers to purchase your new product. Selling your new beverage to a distributor and major retailers means absolutely nothing if Consumers do not purchase your product.
You are not going to stay

in business very long if your new beverage collects dust in the distributors warehouse or on the retailers shelf.

The Fastest way to get your new beverage removed from any retail account is by not getting the pull you had hoped for.

In order to generate exciting sales numbers, You need to learn a variety of Sales and Marketing strategies that you can implement in any retail account (on or off premise). Beverage Manufacturers Need To Learn How To:

Execute Successful Sales Promotions that will upset your competition and boost the retailers, distributors and your bottom line

Offer Valuable Incentives to Motivate Distributor 'and their employees to promote your new beverageSales-Reps.


Use Attractive Promotional Models to Sample your new beverage and educate targeted consumers

. Strategically gain floor, shelf and cooler space for your new beverage that will create impulse purchases and boost your new beverage sales

become a beverage expert...

Build a Valuable Relationship with Retailers and Distributors and "Own The Account"

"Roll Up Your Sleeves and Execute"

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Beverage Sales and Distribution: How to sell your new beverage to r...


//www.boostnyproduct.c om/

creative Beverage Sales Promotions will Boost sales

Promoting your new beverage to consumers must be done in a unique way that will draw attention to your beverage. You can not expect dramatic results if you do what your competition is doing or has done in the past.
You want to create a "cult" like following for your beverage.

If you can develop Ioyal consumers for your new beverage, then create a trend and you will not have to worry about your competition.
Beverage Promotions must be exciting, alluring and most of all entertain ing.
You must build a meaningful relationship with your consumers that will

build loyalty towards your brand. Creative sales promotions that reward and entertain your consumers will do just that... Promotional Models can quickly and effectively boost your beverage sales and distribution by getting consumers to sample and purchase your beverage.

Paul Gage and Miller Lite Promotional Models in Hollywood, ca

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Beverage Sales and Distribution: How to sell your new beverage to r...

http: //u, w


-:HG*F -t
eO ''a





Retailers and beverage distributors will focus on your beverage if you support the sales of your beverage. Retail buyers want to carry a beverage that drives traffic to their stores and adds money to their bottom line. Distributors are in business to deliver your brand to retail accounts and retailers are in business to make your beverage available to consumers.
tvlanufacturers are responsible for making a great tasting beverage and motivating consumers to purchase it over and over again.

Contact Boost Sales and Marketino. LLC if you want to Boost your
New Beverage Sales and Distribution.

Paul Gage at Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado...


01/04/201210:42 AM