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By Apostle Axel Sippach, www.impactnetwork.net THE APOSTOLIC EXTREME GENE: Some mainstream contemporary evangelical scholars and theologians attempting to reinterpret the core values of the new apostolic reformation (NAR) movement to a new generation of evangelicals are avoiding like the plague association with contemporary NAR pioneers, viewing them as too extreme, and fearing it will detract from their desired pursuit of legitimacy among evangelical leaders. But it is exactly the APOSTOLIC EXTREME GENE (gene = a segment of DNA needed to contribute to a function) in the lives of apostolic pioneers that gives them the capacity for present truth revelation to initiate Kingdom movements mandated by God. And it is that "extreme gene" that gives the pioneer courage and boldness, even against the opposition and sometimes persecution of the prevailing religious mainstream of the day. Without it, a heavenly mandate and movement will not gain great traction and momentum to bring about the reformation and new wine-skin God is desiring for His church in that season. One of the things it boils down to is AUTHENTICITY. When a movement is on the "wrong side" of the religious tracks, it usually carries much more authenticity, especially in the season of its birth and childhood. Once it reaches a level of maturity and subsequent assimilation into the mainstream of "church culture," it can be in jeopardy of having the downside effect of beginning to lose its authenticity, with more doors opening wide for mixture and dilution of its original heavenly intent. It can become "a form of godliness denying the power thereof" - having a "form" of the original mandate, but either attempting to carry out its original intent without the

"power," or compromise the original intent with dilution or mixture, losing its originally intended application and effectiveness. This short article is not to disparage evangelical leaders who are embracing the present truth of the apostolic and attempting to reinterpret its core values. I do commend them for that. And I believe God will use it to help inspire course correction for the NAR in this season. Every mandated move of God needs periodic course correction to stay relevant, cutting edge and authentic for the next generation. But it will definitely be the same APOSTOLIC EXTREME GENE that God has put into the APOSTOLIC DNA of bold and courageous apostles, that will initiate the kind of change that will bring RAW AUTHENTICITY back to the movement, and cause a new generation to embrace and walk in what God has mandated. EXTREME - one definition is "being in or attaining the highest or greatest degree; very intense." I like that. I understand the term "balanced." But sometimes you can be so balanced that you never attain to the highest or greatest God has ordained for you to walk in. Balance can become for many an excuse then also for mediocrity. Yes, I understand there is a place for balance in many aspects of life, but there is also a place for EXTREME - and VERY INTENSE in many aspects of our life also. It is a vital attitude for attaining to the highest possibilities and potential of our lives. I am hungry for a fresh, vibrant, raw, radical and revolutionary heavenly-mandated move of God that will have the effect of bringing a NEXT GENERATION NEW AUTHENTICITY to the church - the body of Christ. I see it on the horizon. I see it in the next generation leaders that God is raising up who have that APOSTOLIC EXTREME GENE. It's a NEW DAY. And I believe God is bringing a new authenticity to the apostolic. But not without the same kind of apostolic DNA and spirit that apostolic pioneers of previous seasons of reformation have had. Viva la Revolucion!!!

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