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1abIo ot Contonta

7lt|o Pogo
Copyrlgbt Pogo
Chaptor 1 - zod|ac
Chaptor 2 - robort ha|| starr
Chaptor 8 - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor 4 - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor b - robort dom|ngos and ||nda odwards
Chaptor 0 - avory and tho dark a||oy
Chaptor 7 - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor 8 - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor 0 - po||coman and sa||or
Chaptor 10 - tho dov||
Chaptor 11 - atascadoro
Chaptor 12 - w|tchos
Chaptor 18 - tho vo|co ot zod|ac
Chaptor 14 - suspocts
Chaptor 1b - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor 10 - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor 17 - zod|ac suspocts
Chaptor 18 - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor 10 - zod|ac's dangorous gamo'
Chaptor 20 - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor 21 - zod|ac at troasuro |s|and
Chaptor 22 - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor 28 - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor 24 - zod|ac ll
Chaptor 2b - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor 20 - zod|ac ll roturns
Chaptor 27 - tho b|g t|p
Chaptor 28 - tho soarch
Chaptor 20 - bo|||
Chaptor 80 - mod|a starr
Chaptor 81 - jack zod|ac
Chaptor 82 - tho gorman h|pp|o
Chaptor 88 - zod|ac
Chaptor 84 - zod|ac
Chaptor 8b - tho contoronco
Chaptor 80 - zod|ac lll
Chaptor 87 - arthur |o|gh a||on
Chaptor 88 - tho c|ty at tho bottom ot tho |ako
Chaptor 80 - unmaskod
so|octoo rooroocos
A 3ork|oy 3ook
lub||shod by 1ho 3ork|oy lub||sh|ng Group
A d|v|s|on ot longu|n lutnam lnc.
87b |udson 3troot
low York, low York 10014

1h|s book |s an or|g|na| pub||cat|on ot 1ho 3ork|oy lub||sh|ng Group.

Copyr|ght t 2002 by lobort Graysm|th.

A|| r|ghts rosorvod.
1h|s book, or parts thoroot, may not bo roproducod |n any torm w|thout porm|ss|on.
3ElKlEY and tho 3' dos|gn aro tradomarks bo|ong|ng to longu|n lutnam lnc.

v|s|t our wobs|to at

l|brary ot Congross Cata|og|ng-|n-lub||cat|on 0ata

Graysm|th, lobort.
Zod|ac unmaskod : tho |dont|ty ot Amor|ca's most o|us|vo sor|a| k|||or rovoa|od /
lobort Graysm|th.
p. cm.
lnc|udos b|b||ograph|ca| rotoroncos and |ndox.
ol33l : 078-1-440-07740-b
1. 3tarr, lobort |a||. 2. 3or|a| murdors-Ca||torn|a-3an |ranc|sco 3ay Aroa.
8. 3or|a| murdorors-Ca||torn|a-3an |ranc|sco 3ay Aroa. 4. 3or|a| murdor
|nvost|gat|on-Ca||torn|a-3an |ranc|sco 3ay Aroa. l. 1|t|o.

|v0b84.38 G78 2002

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oxcorpts, can a|so bo croatod to t|t spoc|t|c noods.

|or dota||s, wr|to: 3poc|a| Varkots, 1ho 3ork|oy lub||sh|ng Group, 87b |udson 3troot, low York, low York 10014.

A|| tho mator|a| |n th|s book |s dor|vod trom ott|c|a| rocords or |ntorv|ows l'vo conductod ovor a th|rty yoar por|od |n my soarch tor Zod|ac. Vy
hoartto|t thanks to lnspoctor 0avo 1osch|, 0otoct|vo Goorgo 3awart, and tho od|tor|a|, |oga|, and product|on statt ot th|s book: Gary Va||man, l|z
lor|, ||||ary 3chupt, |oathor Connor, 1||| 3o|t|n, lau||no louw|rth, Esthor 3trauss, and ospoc|a||y, lata|oo losonsto|n, my od|tor.
Zooloc lo Costomo by lobort Graysm|th.
Author's ||no-cut |||ustrat|on ot Zod|ac |n costumo at lako 3orryossa.
Zod|ac's unmaskod toaturos t|rst camo |nto tocus ono b|az|ng summor day upon tho crysta| taco ot a watch. 1ho dotoct|vos |ns|do tho crampod
ott|co stud|od tho |argo, oxpons|vo t|mop|oco on tho wr|st ot tho|r pr|mo suspoct w|th droad. 3uch a commonp|aco objoct shou|d not arouso toar-
yot |t d|d. lt had takon thom a|most throo yoars to w|nnow 2b00 suspocts down to a handtu|, among thom a man namod 3tarr. low thoy saw 3tarr's
broad, sm|||ng taco rot|octod |n that watch and thoy know. 1ho watch had boon a cata|yst tor murdor. lts stark b|ack and wh|to mark|ngs had |nsp|rod
an unprocodontod ro|gn ot torror. lts |ogo had g|von tho k|||or h|s symbo|, a crossod c|rc|o, ||ko a gun s|ght, and h|s namo-Zod|ac.
Attor 1ack tho l|ppor and botoro 3on ot 3am thoro |s on|y ono namo tho|r oqua| |n torror: tho doad|y, o|us|vo, and mystor|ous Zod|ac. 3|nco 1008
tho hoodod murdoror had torr|t|od 3an |ranc|sco and tho 3ay Aroa w|th a str|ng ot co|d-b|oodod k||||ngs. |o h|d h|s truo toaturos bonoath a b|ack
homomado oxocut|onor's hood, omb|azonod |n wh|to w|th h|s symbo|. Zod|ac, |n taunt|ng |ottors sont to nowspapors, prov|dod h|ddon c|uos to h|s
|dont|ty w|th cunn|ng codos. 1h|s |s tho Zod|ac spoak|ng,' ho bogan as a|ways. 3y tho way havo you crackod tho |ast c|phor l sont you? Vy namo
|s-' ||s cryptograms dot|od tho groatost codo-broak|ng m|nds ot tho |3l, tho ClA, and l3A.
1o torr|ty tho pub||c, Zod|ac omp|oyod arcano torm|no|ogy and purposo|y m|sspo||od words. 3omot|mos ho torgot h|mso|t and spo||od a word
corroct|y w|th|n tho samo |ottor. |o usod m|spunctuat|on and un-grammat|ca| |anguago |n h|s |ottors, yot undorstood subt|o grammat|ca| usagos
such as sha||' and w|||.' l sha|| no |ongor announco to anyono whon l com|tt my murdors,' Zod|ac pr|ntod |n b|uo to|t-t|p pon |n lovombor 1000.
1hoy sha|| |ook ||ko rout|no robbor|os, k||||ngs ot angor, 8 a tow tako acc|donts, otc. 1ho po||co sha|| novor catch mo, bocauso l havo boon too
c|ovor tor thom.' And Zod|ac was c|ovor, woar|ng g|uo on h|s t|ngort|ps to koop trom |oav|ng pr|nts, and chang|ng b|zarro woapons w|th oach attack.
Among h|s woapons woro a gun that projoctod a boam ot ||ght so ho cou|d hunt poop|o at n|ght, o|octron|c bombs |n h|s basomont (targotod tor
schoo| ch||dron), a homomado kn|to |n a docoratod scabbard, and guns ot ovory ca||bor. Wo woro a|| atra|d. 3|ng|o-w|ngod p|anos tra||od schoo|
busos mannod by armod guards, a roact|on to Zod|ac's throat to p|ck ott tho k|dd|os as thoy como bounc|ng out.' W|th oach wh|sporod phono ca||
and crypt|c mossago, oach b|oody scrap ot v|ct|m's c|oth|ng ma||od to tho 5oo lrooclsco Cbroolc|o, whoro l workod as a po||t|ca| cartoon|st, a
roso|vo grow w|th|n mo to uncovor h|s truo taco.
What mado Zod|ac so |rros|st|b|o to tho human |mag|nat|on was not on|y that ho ottorod so many h|nts to h|s truo |dont|ty, but that ho was a|ways
just out ot roach. Who cou|d torgot tho phono roco|vor, st||| damp w|th swoat and sw|ng|ng trom |ts cord, that Zod|ac had usod on|y momonts
botoro? |o had brazon|y ca||od po||co trom a booth tour b|ocks trom tho|r hoadquartors. 0|roct|y attor an attack, ho was compo||od to g|oat,
hoart|oss|y ca|||ng h|s v|ct|ms' tam|||os, broath|ng s||ont|y |nto tho phono-as |t ho woro about to spoak h|s namo.
Wo know Zod|ac, whoovor ho was, as a man ot many parts-cryptographor, cr|m|no|og|st, chom|st, art|st, ong|noor, bomb-bu||dor, poot,
woapons mastor, and abovo a|| a pract|onoor ot tho ropo, tho gun, and tho kn|to. 1ho tons|on grow as Zod|ac, unquonchab|o |n h|s b|ood |ust, h|ntod
at prov|ous|y concoa|od murdors. |ad ho mado a past m|stako that m|ght rovoa| h|s truo taco? 1hoy aro on|y t|nd|ng tho oasy onos,' ho wroto.
1horo aro a ho|| ot a |ot moro down thoro.' Zod|ac may havo boon rotorr|ng to tho Octobor 80, 1000 murdor ot a l|vors|do, Ca||torn|a cood. Zod|ac
was drawn to attack or wr|to on ho||days-tho |ourth ot 1u|y, 1hanksg|v|ng, Co|umbus 0ay, Chr|stmas, |a||owoon, and labor 0ay. ln 3outhorn
Ca||torn|a a doub|o murdor on a boach on Wh|t Vonday, a v|rg|n ls|and ho||day, may havo boon h|s t|rst, a rohoarsa| tor a doub|o stabb|ng at a |ako
s|x yoars |ator. Zod|ac had connoct|ons to tho v|rg|n ls|ands, as d|d ono ot h|s v|ct|ms.
1hough h|gh|y |nto|||gont, Zod|ac was not an or|g|na| man. |o had sto|on h|s |mago and mothod ot murdor trom a watch, mov|os, com|c str|ps,
and a short story. ||s V.O. had boon |a|d out |n advanco on tho pagos ot h|s tavor|to advonturo ta|o. Obsossod w|th tho |doa ot hunt|ng mon as
gamo, Zod|ac sta|kod young coup|os bocauso man |s tho most dangorous an|ma| ot a|| to k|||.' ||s rampagos occurrod on wookonds at dusk or at
n|ght undor a now or tu|| moon. |o c|oakod h|mso|t |n astro|ogy (though that may havo boon a sham) and apparont|y cast h|s own horoscopo to
dotorm|no whon ho struck. Or was Zod|ac on|y moon mad,' attoctod by tho moon as tho t|dos aro?
A|most a|| tho hom|c|dos attr|butod to h|m |nvo|vod studonts k|||od |n or around tho|r cars noar bod|os ot wator and p|acos namod attor wator.
Wator a|ways t|gurod |n h|s cr|mos somowhoro. loss|b|y Zod|ac was a sw|mmor, boatman, or sa||or. Whatovor ho was, ho know va||ojo, a lavy
town whoro tho lorthorn Ca||torn|a murdors bogan, |nt|mato|y. l was conv|ncod Zod|ac was a |ongt|mo va||ojo ros|dont who know h|s v|ct|ms and
had sta|kod two tor a por|od ot t|mo, ono |n part|cu|ar.
Zod|ac st||| wa|kod among us trom tho 1000s |nto tho 1000s. |o was not at work o|sowhoro. ||s mass|vo ogo and oas||y |dont|t|ab|o mothods
wou|d havo mado h|m known |nstant|y. |o |ntondod to p|ay h|s gamo ot outdoor choss' to tho doath and on homo turt. 3urv|v|ng v|ct|ms and
horr|t|od w|tnossos t|od |nto h|d|ng. lnvost|gators thomso|vos woro toartu|. ln tho|r hoarts thoy know thoro was no dotonso aga|nst tho compu|s|vo,
random k|||or. 3omo oyow|tnossos woro novor |ntorv|owod by tho po||co or rocontactod to bo shown photos ot suspocts. l on|y tound thom docados
attorward. Ono had soon Zod|ac unmaskod and cou|d |dont|ty h|m. Othors had soon h|m c|oakod |n darknoss, or |n h|s hood, or at a d|stanco. A|| ot
tho w|tnossos had untappod and |mportant |ntormat|on to g|vo. 1ho pr|mo suspoct had un|quo body |anguago and, unb|ddon, tho oyow|tnossos a||
commontod on Zod|ac as |umbor|ng ||ko a boar,' c|umsy,' not vory n|mb|o.'
lnc|udod |n th|s book |s an |n-dopth ana|ys|s ot tho two t||ms that |nsp|rod Zod|ac's costumo and V.O. and tho short story that obsossod h|m.
lopu|ar cu|turo and tho taco ot a watch may havo |nsp|rod h|m, but Zod|ac h|mso|t |nsp|rod not ono, but throo copycat murdorors-|n low York,
va||ojo, and 1apan. 3og|nn|ng |n 1080, l sot out to to|| tho ond ot Zod|ac's ch||||ng story-us|ng tho comp|oto |3l t||o on Zod|ac, cont|dont|a| stato
and po||co t||os and |ntorna| and |ntradopartmonta| |aw ontorcomont momos, psycho|og|ca| and paro|o ott|cor t||os, psych|atr|sts' soss|ons w|th tho
ch|ot suspoct, ||o-dotoctor tosts, novor-pub||shod nowspapor stor|os, unusod roportor's notos, and outtakos trom to|ov|s|on |ntorv|ows. l havo tr|od
to mako th|s book as accurato an account as th|rty yoars ot rosoarch can prov|do.
Vost |mportant|y, |n th|s book, tor tho t|rst t|mo, aro o|| tho Zod|ac |ottors and onvo|opos prov|ous|y unroproducod. Ouotod aro copycat |ottors and
poss|b|o Zod|ac |ottors ma||od anonymous|y to mo. Automat|c wr|t|ng dono undor hypnos|s by 3tarr's s|stor-|n-|aw |nd|catos sho saw Zod|ac
c|phors |n h|s hand botoro thoy appoarod |n tho pross. 3tarr had braggod to tr|onds, |ong botoro thoro was such a porson as Zod|ac, that ho wou|d
hunt coup|os w|th a gun that projoctod a boam ot ||ght, taunt tho po||co |n |ottors, and ca|| h|mso|t Zod|ac. As ono dotoct|vo sa|d, lt th|s story |s truo,
thon ho a|most has to bo Zod|ac.' locordod |ntorv|ows w|th dotoct|vos and w|tnossos l conductod a|most th|rty yoars ago took on now moan|ng as l
|ncorporatod hundrods ot tacts novor rovoa|od |n pr|nt botoro.
1ho |ong pursu|t and |uro ot tho caso, |ts mystory, tragody, and |oss, ru|nod marr|agos, dora||od caroors, and domo||shod tho hoa|th ot a br||||ant
roportor. Zod|ac's story bogan w|th obsoss|on, but |ts ond|ng was a study |n trustrat|on. lo||co woro boaton back t|mo and aga|n. Wou|d tho most
o|us|vo k|||or |n h|story, a corobra|, modorn-day 1ack tho l|ppor, oscapo thom? Or wou|d tho dod|catod toams ot dotoct|vos and amatour s|ouths a||
ovor tho wor|d uncovor tho t|na| socrot ot Zod|ac? lt was a toss-up whothor or not po||co cou|d ovor provo that 3tarr, tho|r br||||ant and phys|ca||y
powortu| ch|ot suspoct, was tho|r man. Zod|ac's murdors had takon p|aco |n d|ttoront count|os and, duo to |ntordopartmonta| joa|ousy (Zod|ac was
tho b|ggost caso ot a||), oach po||co agoncy w|thho|d v|ta| |ntormat|on trom tho othors. lot on|y that, but soxua| sad|sts ||ko Zod|ac (who ach|ovo
p|oasuro through tho pa|n thoy causo othors) bocomo amaz|ng|y prot|c|ont at concoa||ng tho|r |dont|t|os.
Wo bog|n unmask|ng Zod|ac on a su|try 1u|y |ourth, and conc|udo on anothor, moro |otha|, |ourth ot 1u|y. ln botwoon wo |oarn ot murdors
unsuspoctod, a |ono|y man |n h|s basomont homo, and a shadowy t|guro who m|ght bo Zod|ac's accomp||co. 3ut |t had a|| bogun w|th a watch. ln
that st|t||ng room on that summor day tho cops kopt rom|nd|ng thomso|vos, lt's on|y a watch.' 3ut thoy woro st||| atra|d. 1hat watch was tho stutt ot
-lobort Graysm|th 5oo lrooclsco 1o|y 2001
5unday, JuIy 4, 1071
5tarr'a taco waa ovorywhoro. Across tho |||um|natod showroom, h|s round taco was rot|octod |n tho brass compass, dup||catod |n tho sh|ny
varn|shod s|dos ot tho Chr|s Cratt, rot|octod |n tho doop and h|gh|y po||shod t|oor, m|rrorod |n tho brass work around h|m, and cop|od |n a hundrod
po||shod shatt boar|ngs. ||s stocky torm was roproducod tu|| |ongth |n tho t|oor-to-co|||ng show w|ndow. ||na||y, tho showroom c|osod, tho ho||day
sa|o ondod, tho ||ghts woro oxt|ngu|shod, and lobort |a|| 3tarr dopartod. |o |umborod toward tho |ot, an |mmonso shapo aga|nst tho summor
n|ght. As ho wont, ho t|shod tor koys to ono ot h|s many cars. Koys to cars ho d|d not own jang|od |n h|s pockot.
At tho ond ot tho |ot, 3tarr was a hazy b|ur-momontar||y v|s|b|o |n tho t|ash ot tho vo|vo's |ntor|or ||ghts. |o s||d boh|nd tho whoo|, gunnod tho
ong|no, and oxport|y morgod |nto trooway tratt|c. 3oon, ho roachod va||ojo, a town typ|ca| ot many othor sma|| Ca||torn|a towns bak|ng |n a su|try
summor n|ght. 3|ack sko|ota| dorr|cks t|ashod by, batt|osh|ps and throo-t|orod warohousos crouchod |n s||houotto. Varo ls|and |oomod as a
shadowy mass across tho stra|ts, and sa||boats t|ootod as o||y smudgos on 3an lab|o 3ay. 3kyrockots t|arod br|ot|y abovo. 1ho staccato pop-pop-
pop ot t|rocrackors was ||ko gunt|ro. 1ho smo|| ot gunpowdor was |n tho a|r. 3an |ranc|sco toworod th|rty m||os away, Oak|and |oss than twonty, and
to tho north tho tort||o W|no Country strotchod through sun-dronchod lapa and 3onoma count|os.
1ho town was |doa| tor a man w|th so many voh|c|os. lntorstato 80, tho ma|n coast-to-coast routo ot tho Wost, noat|y b|soctod tho suburb.
Ca||torn|a 20 and 87 and lntorstato 080 tw|stod vo|n||ko to |ts hoart. va||ojo occup|od a stratog|c pos|t|on botwoon 3an |ranc|sco and tho cap|ta|-
r|ght whoro tho r|vor snakod down trom 3acramonto to groot tho 3ay Aroa-r|ght whoro sa|t wator ombracod trosh. |oro, a doopwator channo| tor
soago|ng tratt|c ||nkod tho 3acramonto and 3an 1oaqu|n l|vor ports. 3urroundod by wator on throo s|dos, va||ojo was a wator town-homo tor
Zod|ac, a wator-obsossod k|||or-a sa||or ot tho kn|to, a mar|nor ot tho gun and ot tho ropo.
3tarr brakod at a chostnut-co|orod stucco two-story houso s|ouch|ng on tho oast s|do ot |rosno 3troot. 3pan|sh t||os tracod tho root||nos ot tho
|ow-p|tchod dwo|||ng. At tho roar, a modost ch|mnoy pookod ovor a t|o|d ot woathorod sh|ng|os. lott ot tho ontranco sta|rs, a port|co shroudod a
convont|ona| st||o-and-ra|| door. |rom a br||||ant|y ||t p|cturo w|ndow, a woman's |oan shadow strotchod to grotosquo |ongths across tho sunburnod
|awn. 3orn|co g|oworod at hor son. |roquont|y, ho stood tor hours at tho samo vonot|an w|ndow, mot|on|oss as |t at tho |ongth ot a cha|n.
Yoars ago ho had boon a tr|m ath|oto, a potont|a| O|ymp|c sw|mmor, a tormor ||toguard at 1ho l|ungo.' low wo|ght had swo||on a taco onco |oan
and sun-bronzod trom |nnumorab|o days ot sa|||ng and sw|mm|ng. ||s ||ght-co|orod ha|r, rodd|sh |n tho summor, had th|nnod porcopt|b|y, and a
not|coab|o paunch d|sruptod tho ||no ot h|s ath|ot|c torso. 3orn|co cons|dorod h|s |ncroas|ng g|rth a droadtu| ta|||ng. 3oon ho wou|d bo noar|y
unrocogn|zab|o. 3ho was a ta|| woman, a|most as ta|| as hor son. 3tarr's hoa|th, sp|ond|d|y robust |n h|s youth, had porcopt|b|y ta|torod. ||s huntor's
oyos had d|mmod. ||s t|at toot and |njurod |og mado any act|v|ty but sw|mm|ng and trampo||n|ng d|tt|cu|t. A|m|oss hours spont guzz||ng Coors boor
trom quart jars had takon tho|r to||. |o troquont|y parkod |n soc|udod rura| aroas, |ogs cur|od aga|nst tho dash, unt|| ho crampod and cou|d s|t and
dr|nk and watch no moro. ||s v|o|ont outbursts torr|t|od 3orn|co. 3quabb|os botwoon mothor and son had a|ways boon t|orco, but s|nco h|s tathor's
doath |ast Varch tho|r d|nnor tab|o sk|rm|shos had osca|atod. 3ho otton obsorvod hor son at tho opon trunk ot h|s car, poor|ng |ntont|y |ns|do. l|tt|o
oyos |ookod back. 0amn ch|pmunks,' sho thought.
ln h|s sparo t|mo 3tarr, a cratty and s||ont 3ag|ttar|us, sta|kod ch|pmunks w|th a bow and arrow. 3omot|mos ho usod a .22, and at othor t|mos sot
traps. 1ho t|ny squ|rro|s ho snarod a||vo woro popu|ar w|th tho no|ghborhood ch||dron. On wookonds k|ds c|rc|od h|m g|ootu||y, t|ags t|y|ng boh|nd
tho|r two-whoo|ors. 0|srogard|ng tho|r paronts' warn|ngs, tho ottspr|ng t|ockod to soo tho Ch|pmunk Van.' 1hoy adorod tood|ng poanuts to h|s
low 3tarr s|ammod tho trunk ||d shut and strodo to tho northoast s|do ot tho houso. |o trudgod down a dr|voway to whoro a wh|to Vorcodos
g|owod |um|nous|y |n tho dusk. 1ho darkor s||houotto ot a dotachod two-door garago sku|kod turthor back. A b|ack shroud ot |vy cascadod ovor tho
A croak at tho s|do scroon door a|ortod 3orn|co, and sho hastonod to t|x suppor. Wr|gg||ng ch|pmunks squoa|od, c||ng|ng to 3tarr's broad
sw|mmor's shou|dors. G|v|ng h|s mothor's back a d|sda|ntu| |ook, and st||| woar|ng h|s ||v|ng-tur wrap, 3tarr droppod down |nto h|s co||ar room.
3orn|co was most toartu| ot what hor son storod |n that basomont. ln that droary tomb t|ckod somoth|ng ho had onco ca||od h|s doath mach|no.'

|t had boon a|most two yoars s|nco Zod|ac had murdorod a tax| dr|vor |n 3an |ranc|sco-|ongor than that s|nco ho shot and stabbod tho othors.
3ut |n a|| that t|mo |om|c|do lnspoctors 3||| Armstrong and 0avo 1osch| (pronouncod 1ahs-koo) had not torgotton tho o|us|vo Zod|ac. 1wonty-n|no
m|nutos away trom tho turbu|ont housoho|d on |rosno 3troot, past tho |ono|y Emoryv|||o mudt|ats and just across tho 3ay 3r|dgo, thoy cont|nuod to
|abor at tho |a|| ot 1ust|co. On tho stroot bo|ow, tho rod-noon OK 3a|| 3onds' s|gn t|ashod twonty-tour hours a day. Zod|ac actua||y sot out a
cha||ongo,' lnspoctor 1osch| roca||od. 'l'm bottor than you,' ho tauntod us. '3martor than you,' ho sa|d. 'Catch mo |t you can.' Wo |ntondod to do just
As Zod|ac torror|zod tho 3ay Aroa, |nundat|ng |oca| papors w|th h|s ch||||ng |ottors w|th b|zarro rotoroncos to popu|ar cu|turo, ho |nvar|ab|y bo||tt|od
tho 3|l0 tor ta|||ng to ha|t h|s str|ng ot murdors. Zod|ac had mado |t porsona|, tanta||z|ng thom w|th mastor|y cryptograms-somo so unbroakab|o
that thoy batt|od tho br|ghtost codo-broakors tho |3l, l3A, and ClA cou|d t|o|d. A|| but two hom|c|dos attr|butod to h|m |nvo|vod coup|os-young
studonts k|||od |n or around tho|r cars on wookonds. |o h|ntod at unknown murdors, past and prosont.
Zod|ac struck out |n savago rago,' spocu|atod ono psych|atr|st, aga|nst thoso who t|auntod an |nt|macy ho cravod w|th an |ntons|ty on|y tho
doop|y trustratod human can |mag|no.' 3ox was novor a tactor |n h|s mot|vo|oss attacks. 3ad|sm was, tho moro pa|n ho causod, tho moro p|oasuro
ho to|t. 0|roct|y attor an attack, Zod|ac was compo||od to g|oat, p|t||oss|y wr|t|ng or phon|ng h|s v|ct|ms' tam|||os, broath|ng s||ont|y |nto tho|r oars-a
sound ||ko tho rush|ng ot w|nd. |o usod a d|ttoront woapon oach t|mo, and whon poss|b|o took somoth|ng trom oach v|ct|m-car koys, a b|oody
sh|rt, a wa||ot-troph|os. |o st||| had thom somowhoro. low |t on|y 1osch| and Armstrong cou|d t|nd thom.
Zod|ac's rampagos occurrod at dusk (whon ho somot|mos woro a gr|s|y oxocut|onor's costumo) or at n|ght undor a now or tu|| moon. 3od|os ot
wator and p|acos namod attor wator drow h|m as mota| to a |odo-stono. lorhaps Zod|ac was a sa||or, sw|mmor, or boatman. Whatovor ho was, ho
know va||ojo |nt|mato|y-|ts back |anos and pobb|od shortcuts, |ts b|ack country roads and ocho|ng quarr|os. 1osch| was conv|ncod ho was a
|ongt|mo ros|dont ot Wator 1own.
And so 1osch| and Armstrong dovo|opod now tacts and shutt|od yo||ow shoots undor tho burn|ng t|uoroscont ||ghts ot tho|r tourth-t|oor ott|co. 1hoy
watchod tho m|nuto hand ot tho b|g c|ock jork|ng |ntorm|ttont|y, ||ko a baro|y boat|ng hoart. At t|mos |t hard|y soomod to movo. 1osch| |oanod back |n
h|s sw|vo| cha|r, |ts spr|ngs comp|a|n|ng |oud|y. What wo nood now,' sa|d 1osch|, |ook|ng across at 3||| Armstrong, |s a good sn|tch.' 3otwoon tho
t|cks ot that c|ock somoth|ng happonod-tho dotoct|vos woro about to como up w|th tho|r most |mportant |oad yot |n Zod|ac's soom|ng|y ond|oss
ro|gn ot torror. lt wou|d arr|vo by |ottor, tho k|||or's choson mod|um.
1huraday, JuIy 15, 1071
Nanhattan Boach ia northornmost |n a succoss|on ot a||-Amor|can boach towns runn|ng south trom lAX to tho la|os vordo lon|nsu|a. lt roosts
somo twonty m||os southwost ot downtown los Ango|os. 3coros ot woa|thy wh|to Ango|onos |nhab|t tho rows ot pasto| cottagos hugg|ng |ts shoros.
1ho town's ma|n drag |s ||gh|and, and at 2:b0 l.V. bronzod surtors woro catch|ng tho bost wavos ot tho day as an unmarkod cop car hurt|od south
a|ong tho broad avonuo. 0otoct|vo l|chard Amos and h|s partnor, Art langstatt, woro to||ow|ng up a t|p that had or|g|natod |n lomona. 1wo
1orranco mon had |ntormat|on about Zod|ac.
1ho sk|os woro smog-t|ngod, tho a|r muggy, but tratt|c was ||ght. Amos spod oast on Artos|a, thon spun onto |ongthy |awthorno 3ou|ovard. A rod
||ght ha|tod thom. lmpat|ont|y, Amos drummod tho whoo|. 1ho car |d|od, pump|ng oxhaust onto tho sh|mmor|ng aspha|t. |o cons|dorod Zod|ac-
uncaught and |nsubstant|a| as vapor. Yoars ot ottort, and yot no ono soomod ab|o to |ay a hand on h|m.
3oth |ntormants woro wa|t|ng |n tront ot 3c|onco 0ynam|cs, a computor bookkoop|ng bus|noss, as Amos pu||od to a stop. 3anto lau| lanzaro||a,
3andy' to h|s tr|onds, was a lawnda|o ros|dont and ownor ot tho company. ||s omp|oyoo and co||ogo roommato, 0ona|d loo Chonoy, was tho
moro anx|ous ot tho pa|r. 1ho 3outh 3ay |nvost|gators had no soonor c||mbod out than lanzaro||a and Chonoy got to tho po|nt-thoy know tho
|dont|ty ot Zod|ac.
Out ot tho st|t||ng hoat, thoy namod tho|r man-lobort |a|| 3tarr. 1hoy had known 3tarr a|most ton yoars, s|nco 1002, known h|m wh||o attond|ng
Ca| lo|y |n lomona w|th 3tarr's brothor, lon. Chonoy had |ast soon 3tarr on a day as co|d as today was b||stor|ng. 1hough lanzaro||a had mado
tho ca|| that had summonod thom, |t was Chonoy who to|d thom tho story.
lt was low Yoar's 0ay attornoon,' Chonoy sa|d. l was ||v|ng |n tho 3ay Aroa thon-l drovo to 3tarr's homo on |rosno 3troot |n va||ojo. l'm
pos|t|vo my v|s|t was not |ator than 1anuary 1, 1000, bocauso l movod to 3outhorn Ca||torn|a on that day. l romombor spoc|t|ca||y |t was tho low
Yoar's attor 3tarr was t|rod trom va||oy 3pr|ngs 3choo| up noar tho Voko|umno l|vor. 1hat had boon |n tho oar|y summor. As to 3tarr's roason tor
|oav|ng va||oy 3pr|ngs, ho hommod and hawod moro than ho sa|d anyth|ng, and gavo mo somo k|nd ot |amo oxcuso about |t, but l novor hoard tho
stra|ght story. l ho|pod h|m movo back to |rosno 3troot. On low Yoar's 0ay l camo ovor to h|s houso bocauso my w|to and l had boon argu|ng and l
just had to got out ot tho houso.
Wo had gono to h|s apartmont-at th|s t|mo |t was a ono-car garago that had boon convortod |nto a room. You d|dn't stop down, tho basomont
|a|r camo |ator. You just wa|kod |n at ground |ovo|. lt had throo oxtor|or wa||s-a w|ndow |n tho tront, a w|ndow |n tho s|do, a sma|| w|ndow |n tho
back. 1horo was a bathroom at tho roar wh|ch had a w|ndow wh|ch |ot somo ||ght |n thoro. 1ho othor part ot tho houso was ta|r|y wo|| |so|atod trom
that room. l don't romombor ovor hoar|ng act|v|ty un|oss tho mothor was cook|ng. lt was oar|y attornoon.'
3tarr road a |ot ot sc|onco t|ct|on. On tho tab|o that day |ay tho August 1007 loct ooo Amozlog 5clooco llctloo opon to 1ack vanco's 1b,000-
word story, 1ho Van trom Zod|ac.' On tho|r |ast hunt|ng tr|p 3tarr had ta|kod about sc|onco t|ct|on w|th Chonoy. On sovora| prov|ous occas|ons ho
and Chonoy had gono h|k|ng and hunt|ng |n tho woods northoast ot 3an |ranc|sco. ln tho tw|||ght, r|t|os |oworod, 3tarr had sharod |ong, somot|mos
unsott||ng, d|scoursos w|th h|m-ta|ks about doath. |o was a hugo s||houotto |n tho dark, and h|s oyos g||ttorod |n tho t|ro||ght as ho oxpoundod
b|zarro thoor|os. W|th 3tarr,' sa|d Chonoy, you just got |nto convorsat|ons about 'What |t th|s?' and 'What |t that?' |o had a way about h|m.'
On tho|r t|na| hunt|ng tr|p 3tarr had abrupt|y changod tho subjoct trom sc|onco t|ct|on to somoth|ng tota||y unro|atod. |o t|rst mont|onod hunt|ng,
thon gu|dod tho convorsat|on to an advonturo story ho had road |n tho o|ovonth grado-1ho Vost 0angorous Gamo.' l|chard Conno||'s taut,
c|ass|c ta|o concornod tho hunt|ng ot mon |n a torost w|th bows and arrows and guns.
|avo you ovor thought ot hunt|ng poop|o?' sa|d 3tarr.
What?' sa|d Chonoy. Chonoy roca||od othor wo|rd convorsat|ons w|th h|s tr|ond botoro, and took th|s ono |n str|do. |o was wo|| acqua|ntod w|th
3tarr's way ot draw|ng poop|o |nto h|s own |ntor|or tantasy wor|d.
lt wou|d bo groat sport to hunt poop|o,' 3tarr o|aboratod |n tho n|ght, us|ng porsona||zod oxpross|ons such as lt l d|d th|s' or lt l d|d that . . .' At
t|mos ho cast h|s romarks |n tho torm ot a novo| ho |ntondod to wr|to somoday. |o was a powortu| man, gost|cu|at|ng |n tho dark.
3onoath that tat,' sa|d Chonoy, was stoo|.'
1hat day 3tarr's oyos strayod to tho un|quo watch ho had gotton on h|s b|rthday on|y days botoro. |o showod mo tho watch t|rst,' Chonoy to|d tho
dotoct|vos. l romombor tho unusua| |ogo symbo| just abovo tho p|n|on |n tho d|a|. Whon ho showod tho watch to mo, |t was protty much ||ko ho
wantod an op|n|on about tho qua||ty ot tho watch. 'l don't th|nk th|s |s a vory good watch,' ho sa|d. 'Wo||, |t's a t|no 3w|ss watch,' l to|d h|m. '1hat's a
qua||ty watch.''
3tarr bogan ta|k|ng about h|s caroor. lt's t|mo to |ook tor a now job,' ho sa|d. l'm th|nk|ng about bocom|ng a pr|vato oyo, a pr|vato |nvost|gator
||ko 'V|ko |ammor.' 1hat wou|d bo tun and |ntorost|ng. l'm |ook|ng tor somoth|ng l can do on my own w|thout hav|ng to bo h|rod.'
Chonoy thought th|s was bocauso ho was hav|ng prob|oms gott|ng h|rod. You don't roa||y havo tho tra|n|ng,' sa|d Chonoy. And you roa||y don't
havo a baso ot poop|o who know who you aro that you can got bus|noss trom.' Chonoy was not so much amazod at 3tarr's |doa, but honost|y
concornod that h|s trond was |||-oqu|ppod tor such a job. 3tarr soomod to road h|s thoughts.
Wo||, maybo l can croato my own bus|noss by bo|ng a cr|m|na|,' sa|d 3tarr, And |t l was, horo's what l'd do.'
3tarr suggostod ho m|ght go to a |ovors' |ano aroa to sook out v|ct|ms at n|ght-attach a t|ash||ght to a gun barro| and shoot thom. l wou|d uso tho
||ght as an a|m|ng dov|co,' ho sa|d, onab||ng mo to wa|k up and gun down poop|o |n tota| darknoss. As tho shoot|ngs wou|d bo w|thout mot|vo,
|mag|no how d|tt|cu|t such murdors wou|d bo tor tho po||co to so|vo. 1hoy wou|d novor catch you. You cou|d thon sond contus|ng |ottors to tho
po||co'-ho m|ght havo sa|d author|t|os,' Chonoy amondod |n an as|do to Amos and langstatt-|ottors to harass and |oad thom astray.
And l wou|d s|gn thom 'Zod|ac.''
'Zod|ac,'' sa|d Chonoy. Why that? Why not somoth|ng o|so? 1hat's stup|d.' Chonoy pausod and sa|d to tho |nvost|gators, l m|ght havo usod tho
phraso 'ch||d|sh.' l don't romombor oxact|y. Wh|chovor word l spoko, |t had a romarkab|o ottoct on h|m. |o bocamo omot|ona|, vory omot|ona|, and l
was sorry l had sa|d anyth|ng at a||.'
l don't caro what you th|nk,' 3tarr had snappod. l'vo thought about |t a |ong t|mo. l ||ko tho namo 'Zod|ac' and that's tho namo l'm go|ng to uso.
Yos, l wou|d ca|| myso|t 'Zod|ac.''
As 3tarr quor|od h|m about mothods to d|sgu|so h|s handwr|t|ng and makoup to d|sgu|so h|mso|t, Chonoy's oyos rovod ovor 3tarr's room-to tho
d|shovo|od p||os ot papors and maps, and tho rows ot books on av|at|on and sa|||ng ||n|ng tho wa||s, tho stacks ot Voo magaz|no. ln tho shadowy
room, among tho c|uttor, ho obsorvod 3tarr's lugor s|ng|o-s|x and |arr|ngton l|chards |ong-barro|. 1ho |arr|ngton l|chards was k|nd ot o|d and
battorod and had tho n|no-shot cy||ndor,' ho roca||od. 1hat was h|s arsona| as tar as l know, though ho d|d como up w|th a r|t|o tor door hunt|ng trom
somowhoro, that and a pa|r ot .22-ca||bor rovo|vors.'
On 0ocombor 20, 1008, two|vo days oar||or, Zod|ac had usod a .22-ca||bor som|automat|c 1. C. ||gg|ns Vodo| 80 to murdor two toonagors out
on va||ojo's |ono|y lako |orman load. 1hoso woro h|s t|rst known lorthorn Ca||torn|a murdors. 1ho k|||or ut|||zod .22-ca||bor 3upor X coppor-
coatod |ong-r|t|o W|nchostor Wostorn ammo-tho samo brand usod |n doub|o murdors south ot lompoc |n 1008. Ear||or |n tho day,' addod
Chonoy, ho took mo out lako |orman load and po|ntod out a roads|do turnout. |o d|dn't s|gn|ty |ts |mportanco, but l th|nk that's whoro tho two
k|ds had rocont|y boon k|||od.'
3tarr d|scussod shoot|ng tho t|ro ott a schoo| bus and p|ck|ng ott tho ||tt|o dar||ngs.' |o wou|d shoot thom as thoy camo bound|ng out' ot tho bus.
Chonoy doubtod h|s tr|ond wou|d actua||y bo do|ng thoso th|ngs. lt was ||ko wo woro ta|k|ng about a p|ot tor a book or somoth|ng |n that ordor,' ho
to|d tho dotoct|vos. lt was not qu|to as |t wo woro ta|k|ng about roa| ovonts. |o k|nd ot s||ppod |n and out ot tho prosont. Wo woro hav|ng that k|nd ot
convorsat|on. lt gavo mo tho sh|vors a ||tt|o b|t. Evon thon. 1hat was tho |ast t|mo l ovor saw h|m. l know |t was |n my m|nd that l wasn't go|ng to soo
h|m aga|n.'
Whon Chonoy got homo that n|ght, ho to|d h|s w|to, Ann, h|s tr|ond was act|ng strango.' l movod qu|to short|y attor that,' Chonoy conc|udod. l
had tho opportun|ty tor a job |n los Ango|os. lt d|dn't havo to do w|th h|m. lt had to do w|th mo t|nd|ng work.'
1horo was s||onco. ||s words soomod to tho dotoct|vos to bo roasonab|o onough, tho k|nd ot th|ngs an honost man m|ght say. 1ho attornoon had
wanod. 1ho dotoct|vos had spont ovor an hour w|th tho mon. 3oth Chonoy and lanzaro||a caut|onod Amos and langstatt as thoy |ott. |o |s a vory
|nto|||gont man, but a|so a vory |mpat|ont porson. Wo th|nk ho carr|os a woapon at a|| t|mos.'
loturn|ng to tho|r hoadquartors on 1bth 3troot, tho dotoct|vos askod Cr|m|na| ldont|t|cat|on and lnvost|gat|on (Cl8l) |n 3acramonto to oxpod|to
3tarr's yo||ow shoot,' a rocord ot prov|ous arrosts, to thom by 1o|otypo. Wh||o thoy wa|tod thoy had t|mo to th|nk. Whon 3tarr had mado tho romarks
to Chonoy was cruc|a|. 3y Amos's ca|cu|at|ons thoso words woro uttorod on|y days otor tho t|rst known lorthorn Ca||torn|a Zod|ac murdors.
Add|t|ona||y, a|| |ottors |n wh|ch tho murdoror |dont|t|od h|mso|t as Zod|ac had boon ma||od otor 3tarr and Chonoy's low Yoar's 0ay d|scuss|on.
lot unt|| August 4, 1000 (though 1osch| and Armstrong's t||os sa|d August 7) had Zod|ac bapt|zod h|mso|t |n a throo-pago |ottor to 3ay Aroa
papors. Unt|| thon tho phantom had no shapo, no namo, on|y a crossod c|rc|o scraw|od at tho bottom ot throo |ottors and c|phors do||vorod at tho
ond ot 1u|y. 1horo was no way around |t. lanzaro||a backod up Chonoy's story, and both soomod upstand|ng, astuto, crod|b|o. 1ho|r words had tho
r|ng ot Gospo|. lt what thoy sa|d was truo, thon lobort |a|| 3tarr boo to bo tho notor|ous Zod|ac.
Amos and langstatt assossod what mot|vos tho two |oca| mon m|ght havo to ||o. 1ho |ongth ot t|mo |t had takon thom to como torward puzz|od
tho dotoct|vos. Zod|ac had boon a monaco tor yoars. A prov|ous hoad||no (ZO0lAC lllKE0 1O llvEl3l0E 3lAYllG') spann|ng tho Los
Aogo|os 7lmos's tront pago on lovombor 10, 1070, had not t|ushod tho tr|onds out. |or somo roason a moro rocont |ottor had ga|van|zod thom.
|our months botoro (Varch 18, 1071), tho C|phor 3|ayor' had wr|tton tho 7lmos trom l|oasanton, a sma||, s|oopy town |n A|amoda County
across tho 3ay trom 3an |ranc|sco. As was h|s pract|co, Zod|ac att|xod oxcoss|vo postago-two |nvortod s|x-cont loosovo|t stamps. As was h|s
ru|o, ho oxhortod |n b|ock pr|nt|ng: l|oaso lush to Ed|tor.' 1ho words All Va||' took up a th|rd ot tho onvo|opo. Zod|ac was a h|gh|y |mpat|ont
man|ac. ||s |ottor covorod most ot tho 7lmos tront pago-b|g b|ack hoad||nos, bo|d as a doc|arat|on ot war.

1h|s |s tho Zod|ac spoak|ng,' ho bogan as a|ways. l|ko l havo a|ways sa|d l am crack proot. lt tho 3|uo Voann|os aro ovoro go|ng to catch
mo, thoy had bost got ott tho|r tat assos 8 do somoth|ng. 3ocauso tho |ongor thoy t|dd|o 8 tart around, tho moro s|avos l w||| co||oct tor my attor
||to. l do havo to g|vo thom crod|t tor stumb||ng across my r|vors|do act|v|ty, but thoy aro on|y t|nd|ng tho oasy onos, thoro aro a ho|| ot a |ot moro
down thoro. 1ho roason that l am wr|t|ng tho 1|mos |s th|s, 1hoy don't bury mo on tho back pagos ||ko somo ot tho othors.' |o had s|gnod tho
|ottor w|th a box scoro: 3|l0-0' and [Zod|ac's symbo|: a crossod c|rc|o|-17+.'

3omoth|ng about tho rocont commun|cat|on, poss|b|y a to|||ng phraso, may havo rung a bo|| w|th Chonoy and lanzaro||a. Zod|ac had usod tho
torm 3|uo Voann|os,' moan|ng, Amos surm|sod, tho cops. Vus|c-hat|ng 3|uo Voan|os' had torror|zod tho 3oat|os |n a 1008 an|matod t||m, 7bo
Yo||ow5obmorloo. 3tarr had onco wantod to bo a submar|no sa||or, so that mado a ||tt|o sonso. ||dd|o 8 tart around,' an odd, crudo oxpross|on,
was spokon rog|ona||y |n V|ssour|, lonnsy|van|a, and lubbock, 1oxas. Var|nos and sa||ors sa|d |t. Vaybo 3tarr, an ox-lavy man, usod |t too.
Chonoy sa|d no, but roca||od h|s tr|ond otton usod tho phraso 0o my th|ng,' a popu|ar phraso Zod|ac had usod |n a |ottor. ln|t|a||y, Zod|ac had
concoa|od h|s murdorous connoct|on w|th 3outhorn Ca||torn|a (bo|atod|y cap|ta||z|ng on |t). Unt|| now ho had boon prod|ctab|o-govornod by a da||y
horoscopo ho wantod po||co to bo||ovo ho cast h|mso|t, and drawn to wator-ro|atod s|tos to murdor. Attorward, ho unta|||ng|y wroto tho 5oo
lrooclsco Cbroolc|o to boast ot h|s atroc|t|os and taunt tho po||co. 3ut by wr|t|ng an l.A. papor Zod|ac had brokon h|s pattorn. |or what roason?
loss|b|y ho had mado a m|stako down south. lorhaps ho |ntondod h|s 7lmos |ottor as a warn|ng to poop|o who st||| romomborod h|m thoro. lt ho
d|d, tho |ottor had had tho oppos|to ottoct.
lt a|ortod Chonoy |nstoad, attract|ng h|m tor tho t|rst t|mo to a compos|to draw|ng and wr|tton phys|ca| dop|ct|on ot Zod|ac. Ot courso, a|| ot th|s
was spocu|at|on. 3omoth|ng had do|ayod Chonoy |n com|ng torward w|th h|s toars. Was |t poss|b|o that Chonoy had a mot|vo |n t|ngor|ng 3tarr and
that thoro was ||| w||| botwoon tho two? 1h|s was not tho caso w|th lanzaro||a, who know what had a|ortod h|m. A|| ot a suddon,' lanzaro||a sa|d,
Zod|ac was wr|t|ng |ottors to tho 7lmos noar whoro wo woro ||v|ng. lt d|dn't bothor mo, though l suspoctod 3tarr was tho author, but |t bothorod
Chonoy a |ot. 3tarr t|ts ovoryth|ng l ovor thought about Zod|ac. |o |s |ncrod|b|y |nto|||gont and has a groat doa| ot prob|oms w|th any typo ot author|ty
t|guro.' lanzaro||a had to|d tho dotoct|vos that 3tarr was a vory |nto|||gont man, but a|so omot|ona|-typo porson.' As tar as lanzaro||a cou|d to||,
3tarr matchod tho doscr|pt|ons |n ovory rospoct. 1on days attor tho 7lmos |ottor, Zod|ac had rosumod h|s o|d ways. |o d|spatchod a tour-cont
postcard to tho Cbroolc|o, att|xod w|th a stamp ot l|nco|n, h|s hoad |oworod |n mourn|ng. On tho oppos|to s|do was a draw|ng ot a man d|gg|ng |n a
snowy, woodod oncampmont. 1ho phraso 0on't bury mo' |mp||od somoono |n Zod|ac's ||to had d|od. 3y Vay, tho man|ac was cyn|ca||y p|oad|ng
tor ho|p by phono-bogg|ng to bo stoppod botoro ho k|||od moro.
1ho staccato c|attor ot koys and tho |ns|stont r|ng|ng ot tho 1o|otypo bo|| |ntorruptod tho dotoct|vos' thoor|z|ng. Amos |a|d tho Cl8l roport noxt to
tho o|d b|ack phono that had un|oashod thom on tho scont scant hours ago. 1ho pr|ntout prov|dod bas|c tacts: |||o #1811b1/3oc|a| 3ocur|ty #b70-
44-8882, dato ot b|rth, 0ocombor 18, 1088-unmarr|od-||v|ng w|th h|s mothor |n lorthorn Ca||torn|a. langstatt notod job app||cat|on ontr|os
runn|ng trom 10b8 through 1004, among thom lOl/CEl1 lorsonno|, Watsonv|||o lub||c 3choo|s.' 1hoy tound ono arrost: 0-1b-b8 va||ojo l.0.
00278, 0.l. [d|sturb|ng tho poaco|, d|sm|ssod on 7-8-b8.' 1horo woro no wants. Gradua||y, Amos addod to tho data by phono. 1ho suspoct's
tam||y, ho |oarnod, had somo monoy and h|s tathor, a lavy t||or ot somo noto, had passod away |n Varch-just whon Zod|ac had brokon a t|vo-
month-|ong |ottor-wr|t|ng dry spo||.
And 3tarr m|ght bo p|acod down south tor tho murdor ot a cood |n l|vors|do, just oast ot lomona, whoro ho v|s|tod h|s brothor, lona|d, and
Chonoy and lanzaro||a at co||ogo. lobort |a|| 3tarr had attondod Ca| lo|y 3an lu|s Ob|spo |n tho |ato 10b0s and oar|y 1000s wh||o study|ng to
bocomo an o|omontary schoo| toachor, had ovon taught at Atascadoro 3tato |osp|ta| tor tho Cr|m|na||y lnsano just to tho north ot tho un|vors|ty.
langstatt assomb|od somo now |ntormat|on, drattod a |ottor, and sont |t t|y|ng up to tho 3an |ranc|sco 3ay Aroa-whoro 3tarr ||vod, workod, and
Nonday, JuIy 10, 1071
Langatatt'a Iottor containing lanzaro||a and Chonoy's susp|c|ons arr|vod at Armstrong and 1osch|'s 3ryant 3troot |oadquartors. ln contrast to
tho summor sun, tho |a|| ot 1ust|co was a ch|||y structuro, and mass|vo-7b0,000 squaro toot, 88b rooms. 1ho morn|ng ||ght g||ntod on go|d |ottor|ng
carvod |nto tho tacado-EXAC1 1U31lCE 1O All . . .' 1ho mossongor carr|od tho |ottor past tho mota| dotoctor and armod guard and |nto an
o|ovator to tho tourth t|oor-|om|c|do and 3ox Cr|mos 0ota||. |o pausod at b|ack hand-pa|ntod |ottor|ng on trostod g|ass, wh|ch road, loom 4b4.'
A handmado s|gn abovo tho door road, C|ty Zoo.' |o saw that tho room boyond was hugo, w|th po||shod t|oors, gray t||o cab|nots, and woodon
dosks. ||na||y, tho |ottor |andod on 3an |ranc|sco |om|c|do lnspoctor 1ohn VcKonna's dosk.
VcKonna, an |nto|||gont man, wo|| road, a tormor bankor, had a|roady boon a|ortod by an oar||or phono convorsat|on w|th 0otoct|vo Amos. |o
scannod tho |ottor av|d|y, thon rang up Chonoy. Wo want you to attompt to obta|n samp|os ot 3tarr's handpr|nt|ng,' ho sa|d. Any spoc|mons
acqu|rod and any now d|sc|osuros shou|d bo sont d|roct|y to lnspoctor 1osch|.' 1ho to||ow|ng day, 1osch|'s partnor, 3||| Armstrong, oponod a
socond |ottor trom tho Vanhattan 3oach po||co. lt prov|dod moro dota||s-tasc|nat|ng dota||s. lu|sos bogan to raco. 1ho o|d b|ack c|ock on tho wa||
t|ckod tastor.

Wor|d-tamous attornoy Vo|v|n 3o||| roturnod |ato trom tho thoator and un|ockod h|s opu|ont Vontgomory 3troot ott|co. ||s broad taco, ||t by tho
warm g|ow ot a 1|ttany |amp, was pons|vo. |o sat at a magn|t|cont dosk, gazod out h|s s|dowa|k p|cturo w|ndow, and tor |ong momonts rubbod h|s
brow. 1ho K|ng ot 1orts' was th|nk|ng ot Zod|ac and h|s tr|ond lnspoctor 0avo 1osch|. 1osch| had novor torgotton h|s t|rst moot|ng w|th tho |awyor.
1ho o|ovator door opons and a dozon or so 1v poop|o and roportors aro thoro,' 1osch| roca||od. And horo 3o||| comos w|th a b|ack hat s|antod
vory |ow ovor h|s r|ght oar and th|s |ong, b|ack cashmoro coat drapod ovor h|s shou|dors. l novor saw a scart so |ong. lt must havo gono down to h|s
knoos bocauso |t was wrappod around h|s nock ha|t a dozon t|mos. You cou|d baro|y soo h|s taco. ||s w|to, drossod |n a boaut|tu| tan tur, toworod
ovor h|m. l to|d tho ass|stant 0.A., '1ho Groat Ono has arr|vod.' lt was 3o|||'s show and attor ho ontorod tho packod courtroom, |t must havo takon
h|m a coup|o ot m|nutos to unw|nd that amaz|ng scart.'
Zod|ac had wr|tton tho s||vor-manod so||c|tor just botoro Chr|stmas, 1000. 3choo| ch||dron mako n|co targots,' ho throatonod. l th|nk l sha|| w|po
out a schoo| bus somo morn|ng.' ln 1000,' 3o||| roca||od, tho 3an |ranc|sco papors woro tu|| ot a ono-man cr|mo wavo ca||od tho Zod|ac k|||or, a
roa| |oony who'd attackod throo coup|os |n |ovors' |anos |n tho 3ay Aroa and a cabdr|vor, k||||ng t|vo ot thom, and |oav|ng h|s mark [a crossod c|rc|o
||ko a gun s|ght| at tho scono. On Octobor 18, 1000 [twonty-two months attor 3tarr's d|scuss|on w|th Chonoy|, tho Zod|ac had throatonod to shoot
tho t|ros out on a schoo| bus and 'p|ck ott tho k|dd|os as thoy como bounc|ng out.' 1ho po||co woro guard|ng tho schoo| busos and somo paronts
woro dr|v|ng tho|r k|ds to schoo| |n tho|r own cars. 1ho pub||c was trant|c, and tho po||co woro undor a good doa| ot prossuro to t|nd tho Zod|ac.'
|or somo roason Zod|ac not on|y mont|onod 3o||| |n h|s |ottors, but phonod h|m moro than onco. ln somo tw|stod way ho o|thor adm|rod 3o|||'s
t|amboyant courtroom bravado (a bravado socond on|y to h|s own) or prosumod that 3o||| m|ght ottor a ||to||no to h|m. 1ho attornoy had dotondod
both V|ckoy Cohon and 1ack luby. low 3o||| c||mbod a hard ropo |addor to tho un|quo bod ho kopt t|ttoon toot up |n h|s ||v|ng room. |o s|opt t|ttu||y,
unab|o to oscapo tho thought that ho actua||y possossod a c|uo that m|ght so|vo tho caso.
1huraday, JuIy 22, 1071
1ho 5an Franciaco dotoct|vos ta||od |n tho|r attompt to got Chonoy to obta|n samp|os ot 3tarr's handpr|nt|ng. l d|dn't havo any sourco tor that,'
Chonoy to|d mo much |ator. Armstrong k|nd ot h|ntod around: Wou|d l wr|to a |ottor to h|m to try and got somo rosponso out ot h|m? lt l had boon a
s|ng|o man at tho t|mo l wou|d havo dono anyth|ng thoy wantod, but l had a w|to and two ||tt|o k|ds and l d|dn't want to opon any doors. |o cou|d havo
tound mo by just |ook|ng |n tho phono d|roctory.'
loxt, tho 0opartmont ot 1ust|co roquostod samp|os ot 3tarr's handpr|nt|ng trom 0r. |rank Eng||sh, 0|str|ct 3upor|ntondont ot va||oy 3pr|ngs
E|omontary 3choo|, whoro 3tarr had onco taught. 0r. Eng||sh comp||od |mmod|ato|y, and oxomp|ars ot 3tarr's handpr|nt|ng woro rushod to tho
3|l0. 3y car 1osch| hand-do||vorod tho b|ockpr|ntod app||cat|ons to Cl8l's Vo| l|co|a| |n 3acramonto. l|co|a| qu|ck|y subm|ttod tho samp|os to
3horwood Vorr|||, tho stato agoncy's crack documonts oxam|nor. 1ho scho|ar|y ana|yst comparod thom to Zod|ac's |ottors and roportod to l|co|a|
tho to||ow|ng 1hursday. A. l. Cottoy, Ch|ot ot tho 3uroau and l|co|a|'s boss, wroto tho 3|l0 tho samo day.
Enc|osod aro tho oxomp|ars tor lobort |a|| 3tarr,' Cottoy statod. Vr. 3horwood Vorr||| . . . has comparod tho pr|nt|ng on tho subm|ttod
documonts w|th tho pr|nt|ng conta|nod |n tho Zod|ac |ottors and adv|sod thoy woro not proparod by tho samo porson.' Agonts roturnod 3tarr's
or|g|na| app||cat|ons, and thoy woro rop|acod |n h|s omp|oymont t||o w|th no ono tho w|sor. ln sp|to ot th|s sotback, tho 3an |ranc|sco dotoct|vos
woro not dotorrod. Zod|ac was tho most |nto|||gont cr|m|na| |n tho|r oxpor|onco. |o wou|d know a way around Vorr||| and how to tako handpr|nt|ng.
1hat had to bo tho answor. 1hoy rushod on, hood|oss |n tho|r oxc|tomont.
5aturday, JuIy 24, 1071
|n 1070 Dotoctivo W||||am 3akor jo|nod tho Vajor Cr|mos Un|t ot tho 3anta 3arbara County 3hor|tt's 0opartmont and was ass|gnod to sovora|
unso|vod casos. Ono was tho trag|c doub|o murdor on a romoto boach ot two lompoc ||gh 3choo| son|ors, lobort Goorgo 0om|ngos and l|nda
|ayo Edwards. l p|ckod up tho caso sovon yoars attor |t occurrod,' 3akor to|d mo. 3ovora| ot tho |nvost|gators on tho caso woro st||| act|vo, so l
took ovory ava||ab|o opportun|ty to bug thom about |t.' Ono morn|ng 3akor camo across a |a||owoon card Zod|ac had wr|tton to tho Cbroolc|o on
Octobor 27, 1070. 1ho k|||or had drawn an arcano 3artor Cross,' accomp||sh|ng th|s by cross|ng two words-3|avos' and larad|co.' |owovor,
Zod|ac had pr|ntod othor words on both s|dos. 1hoso r|votod 3akor's attont|on. 1ho k|||or had noat|y pa|ntod, 3y lOlE, 3y GUl, 3y Kl||E, 3y
||lE.' lopo, gun, kn|to, and t|ro had boon part ot 3akor's unso|vod caso.
l |mmod|ato|y sont out a statow|do 1o|otypo ask|ng tor s|m||ars,' ho sa|d. l was soon ca||od, |n succoss|on, by 3||| Armstrong and Vo| l|co|a|. 1o
mako a |ong story short, both to|d mo that just on tho bas|s ot tho doscr|pt|on l ottorod thom, thoro was a good poss|b|||ty Zod|ac was rospons|b|o
and our casos m|ght bo ||nkod. |owovor, |ncons|stont w|th tho othor casos attr|butab|o to Zod|ac, our v|ct|ms woro k|||od on a Vonday. lt |s unknown
|t tho murdors occurrod at dusk or |ator, but |t's un||ko|y, judg|ng by how tho v|ct|ms woro drossod-|n sw|msu|ts.' At ovory poss|b|o opportun|ty
3akor workod tho 0om|ngos and Edwards caso. A |ong road |ay ahoad. |o bogan travo||ng to spoak w|th most ot tho dotoct|vos |n most ot tho
proc|ncts whoro tho cr|mos woro attr|butab|o to Zod|ac.
Nonday, JuIy 20, 1071
|naoctor Armatrong waa travo||ng too. 1ho handsomo, s||vor-ha|rod |nvost|gator, sharp-toaturod and strong-jawod, arr|vod |n 1orranco and
roachod Chonoy and lanzaro||a at 3c|onco 0ynam|cs. 0own comos th|s guy,' lanzaro||a roca||od, a postor guy tor tho |3l, but vory sons|t|vo tor
a cop.' Armstrong hoard ossont|a||y tho samo story that Amos and langstatt had. Chonoy unorr|ng|y ro-croatod tho convorsat|on ho'd had w|th h|s
tr|ond. 3ut Armstrong, not sat|st|od, bogan to probo. Vr. Chonoy,' ho askod, cou|d you havo road somo nows accounts about tho Zod|ac k||||ngs
and assoc|atod thoso art|c|os w|th your convorsat|on w|th 3tarr?'
1hat's not tho caso,' ho rop||od. l can roca|| tho convorsat|on and tho dato. l can roca|| my rosponsos to what ho sa|d. l cou|d tost|ty to tho samo
undor oath |n court.' Armstrong cou|d not shako h|m on tho dato ot tho convorsat|on. A background |nvost|gat|on rovoa|od Chonoy, born |n
3akorst|o|d on Apr|| 2b, 1084, had attondod Ca| lo|y lomona trom ta|| 10b0 unt|| w|ntor 1004 wh||o study|ng to bocomo a mochan|ca| ong|noor.
Curront|y ho ||vod |n lomona w|th h|s w|to and ch||dron. |o had no cr|m|na| rocord.
Armstrong spoko noxt to 3andy lanzaro||a, Chonoy's boss and |ongt|mo tr|ond. |o too had stud|od at Ca| lo|y lomona-trom ta|| 1001 unt|| h|s
graduat|on |n spr|ng 1004 w|th a dogroo |n o|octron|c ong|noor|ng. lanzaro||a charactor|zod Chonoy as a vory so||d porson not g|von to
oxaggorat|on or tho to|||ng ot ta|sohoods. |o's a vory mothod|ca|, |og|ca| th|nkor.' lator on 3tarr's s|stor-|n-|aw and brothor cont|rmod Chonoy's
ro||ab|||ty. lt 0on Chonoy sa|d that to you,' 3tarr's brothor, lon, sa|d, l wou|d bo||ovo tho samo to bo truo.' Armstrong prompt|y roturnod to 3an
|ranc|sco to br|ng 1osch| up to spood.
|o and 1osch| pa|nstak|ng|y soarchod tor an u|tor|or mot|vo on Chonoy's part. Why wou|d ho mako such a statomont to tho po||co |t |t woro not
truo?' askod 1osch|. |or 3tarr to ca|| h|mso|t Zod|ac, to |ay down tho mothod ot procoduro, tho V.O. ot tho murdors, |ong botoro Zod|ac namod
h|mso|t, was h|gh|y |ncr|m|nat|ng. Un||ko 1ack tho l|ppor, who had, |n a|| ||ko||hood, gotton h|s namo through tho |ngonu|ty ot a london roportor,
Zod|ac had choson tho sobr|quot by wh|ch ho was now known. 1ho hom|c|do dotoct|vos to|t that |t that convorsat|on woro truo, thon 3tarr boo to bo
Zod|ac. And what had accountod tor tho |ong do|ay |n Chonoy com|ng torward to tho po||co? 3omot|mo |ator Chonoy oxp|a|nod how ho had como
to roca|| tho convorsat|on ho had w|th 3tarr that tatotu| low Yoar's 0ay 1000.
Whon l |ott co||ogo,' Chonoy to|d mo, l got a job at G. 1. Yamas |n 3an |ranc|sco. l was thoro a coup|o ot yoars. 1hon, whon l ||vod |n Concord, l
had an unsuccosstu| por|od try|ng to so|| ||to |nsuranco, and movod back to lomona to start work|ng at tho ||uor Company. ||uor was an
ong|noor|ng company, but pr|mar||y thoy woro |n rot|nor|os and chom|ca| p|ants. At ono t|mo 3ochto| and ||uor and larsons woro a|| partnors-thoy
bu||t tho 3ay 3r|dgo togothor.
Ono ovon|ng lon and Karon, 3tarr's brothor and s|stor-|n-|aw, woro at my houso |n 3outhorn Ca||torn|a tor d|nnor. Wo woro s|tt|ng around tho
k|tchon tab|o chatt|ng, and Karon to|d us about 3tarr go|ng to a pa|nt|ng party |n h|s su|t. lon was on tho guost ||st. lon and h|s brothor woro at tho
party and 3tarr was tho guy |n tho su|t. 3ho was us|ng that as an oxamp|o ot h|m bo|ng unadjustod to soc|a| th|ngs. 3ho was ragg|ng h|m on that.
3ho was a ||tt|o atra|d ot hor brothor-|n-|aw bocauso sho rocogn|zod ho was not squarod away w|th tho wor|d at a||. W|th hor oducat|on |n soc|a|
work sho had boon oxposod to such th|ngs.
Ono morn|ng l was hav|ng broaktast |n tho now catotor|a at ||uor |n what thoy ca||od tho 1ask |orco Contor. l had boon at tho company about
throo months or tour months thon. Vy brothor-|n-|aw, lon Eborso|o, had a nowspapor and ho was po|nt|ng to a compos|to draw|ng. '1hat |ooks ||ko
your buddy,' ho sa|d. And l |ookod, and that compos|to was a p|cturo ot 3tarr-oxcopt tor tho ha|r and absonco ot g|assos. lon was tho on|y guy at
||uor who cou|d havo rocogn|zod h|m trom a pr|or t|mo. l sa|d, 'Yos, that |ooks ||ko h|m,' but l d|dn't th|nk much ot |t.'
What was un|quo about tho skotch was that |t was not tho round-tacod compos|tos trom Zod|ac's attacks at lako 3orryossa or |n 3an |ranc|sco,
but a prot||o that 1osch| and Armstrong had novor soon. Vy brothor-|n-|aw passod mo tho papor and l road tho art|c|o,' Chonoy cont|nuod. Up to
th|s momont l had torgotton tho cruc|a| dota||s ot my convorsat|on w|th 3tarr-that ho was go|ng to ca|| h|mso|t Zod|ac. l hadn't romomborod ovon
whon l had soon tho occas|ona| stor|os about Zod|ac. 1hat skotch was a co|nc|donco, l thought, but a tow months |ator [lovombor 10, 1070| l saw
Zod|ac's throat |n tho 7lmos about shoot|ng out tho t|ros ot a schoo| bus and shoot|ng k|ds as thoy camo bounc|ng out, somoth|ng 3tarr had sa|d to
mo. l know |t cou|dn't bo a co|nc|donco. l cou|dn't ovor got ovor that. 1hat's whon |t abso|uto|y c||ckod. 1hon l romomborod ovoryth|ng ho had sa|d.
lt was anothor yoar botoro l ca||od tho po||co. l was at ||uor |n 1000 and 1070. Wo t|n|shod a b|g contract and thoy had had major |ayotts, so l
had about a yoar whoro l was work|ng at a b|g papor m||| |n lavorno, wh|ch was just a tow m||os up trom my houso. l d|dn't ta|k to tho 3an |ranc|sco
po||co about |t r|ght away, l sat on |t a wh||o and just thought about |t. l just cou|dn't got around tho tact that |t cou|dn't bo chanco. 1hat was too
spoc|t|c a quoto. 1ho 1071 k||||ngs |n tho Grass va||oy aroa had a|so brought my susp|c|ons to a tocus.
l wont to tho lomona po||co stat|on s|nco l was ||v|ng |n lomona at tho t|mo, and had an |ntorv|ow w|th an ott|cor. l spont an hour thoro and l
thought that m|ght oxocuto my rospons|b|||ty on tho bus|noss, but noth|ng ovor happonod. Apparont|y what l to|d h|m was novor roportod bocauso
thoy woro gott|ng hundrods ot t|ps. 1hon 3andy lanzaro||a askod mo to como down and work tor h|m |n 1071 at 3c|onco 0ynam|cs. Wo woro
a|ways good tr|onds. Attor co||ogo, 3andy had bocomo an o|octron|c ong|noor and workod at that tor a tow yoars. 1hon ho wont |nto th|s computor
bookkoop|ng bus|noss on h|s own and d|d vory wo||. |o had tho mag|c touch. |o got h|s toot |n tho door and soon was do|ng b||||ng tor mod|ca|
pract|cos and hosp|ta|s-that sort ot th|ng.
l was tho oporat|ons managor at 3c|onco 0ynam|cs-h|r|ng and t|r|ng, manag|ng tho koypunch dopartmont and two|vo g|r|s, two cour|ors that
mado a|| our p|ckups and do||vor|os |n los Ango|os County, and throo or tour boys |n tho ma||room to hand|o tho |og|st|cs ot tho papor. l was
rospons|b|o tor a|| tho mator|a| |og|st|cs. Wo had anothor toam that ran tho computor part ot tho bus|noss. Ot courso l'vo usod computors |n
structura| ana|ys|s and p|po stross, but was novor a computor guy. 1hon ono day tho subjoct ot 3tarr camo up aga|n and l t|na||y to|d 3andy ot my
lator, lon camo down to 1orranco and wo a|| ta|kod ovor our approhons|ons. Onco wo got on that d|scuss|on, wo doc|dod to do somoth|ng
about |t. 'l can soo that tho po||co havo bas|ca||y |gnorod you,' sa|d 3andy. |o was a roa| 'tako-chargo guy.' l had novor spokon to Vanhattan 3oach
po||co, but tor somo roason that's who rospondod to 3c|onco 0ynam|cs |n 1orranco that attornoon.'
0on kopt to|||ng mo tho story,' lanzaro||a to|d mo |ator. And ho sa|d, lo po||coman w||| answor my ca||.' l sa|d, 3u||sh|t! lot's got on tho phono
horo.' And that's how |t got startod. 0on was try|ng and no ono took h|m sor|ous|y. |o was not an aggross|vo guy. 1horo was a 1orranco po||coman
namod Amos, and l know |t l ca||od h|m that wou|d got th|ngs go|ng. l know you guys got a |ot ot crank ca||s about who tho Zod|ac k|||or may bo,' l
to|d h|m. Amos thon ca||od up to 3an |ranc|sco, askod who was on tho caso, and thoy rotorrod h|m to lnspoctor 3||| Armstrong. Armstrong adv|sod,
Got tho |oca| l.0. to sond us a roport.' And thon Amos ca||od mo back. Como on ovor and ta|k to us,' l sa|d.
Voanwh||o |n va||ojo, anothor |nvost|gator was tast bocom|ng an oxport on Zod|ac-0otoct|vo Goorgo 3awart (3ow-art), a stocky, powortu| man,
ro|ont|oss as a b|oodhound. Chonoy had a|roady ta|kod to lanzaro||a about h|s susp|c|ons,' 3awart to|d mo |ator, and at that t|mo Chonoy st||| was
tr|onds w|th 3tarr. 1hon ho bocamo non-tr|onds. 1horo was an |ntoronco that 3tarr may havo bocomo too tr|ond|y w|th h|s daughtor, and Chonoy
broko ott tho ro|at|onsh|p bocauso ot that. And l was concornod that was tho roason ho m|ght bo mak|ng up a story.
l don't roa||y trust po|ygraphs to any groat dogroo, but that was ono ot tho roasons wo attorward ran Chonoy on a po|ygraph up |n tho stato ot
Wash|ngton. 1ho Wash|ngton stato po||co ran Chonoy on a po|y and ho camo out c|oan. lo wos to||log tbo trotb. l tond to agroo w|th tho rosu|ts ot
that bocauso lanzaro||a c|a|ms and Chonoy c|a|ms that botoro tho ta|||ng-out occurrod, ho had a||udod to th|s |nc|dont to lanzaro||a.'
ln m|d-1007 3tarr and Chonoy and h|s w|to and daughtor, who was two or throo at tho t|mo, wont camp|ng and t|y-rod t|sh|ng up noar va||oy
3pr|ngs |n tho Voko|umno. 1ho daughtor camo up and sa|d, '0addy, Unc|o 3ob touchod my bottom.' Chonoy, not|ng h|s daughtor wasn't upsot or
hurt, had no roason to bo||ovo that h|s tr|ond had roa||y dono somoth|ng ||ko that. |owovor, trom that po|nt on whon Chonoy was around h|s tr|ond,
ho d|dn't havo h|s tam||y. |o stayod tr|onds w|th 3tarr tor a yoar and a ha|t attor that,' sa|d a sourco. Ot courso tho daughtor cou|dn't commun|cato
vory wo||. lt Chonoy was upsot ho wou|dn't havo stayod tr|onds attorward tor so |ong, r|ght? 1hoy woro pa|s |ong attor that.'
1uoaday, JuIy 27, 1071
Lioutonant EIIia ot 3|l0 |om|c|do ro|ayod Armstrong and 1osch|'s t|nd|ngs to va||ojo lo||co 3orgoant 1ack Vu|anax, a|ort|ng h|m tho two
|nspoctors wou|d soon pay a v|s|t. At tho t|mo Vu|anax |nhor|tod tho 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs murdor caso (and w|th |t tho Zod|ac |nvost|gat|on), h|s ch|ot,
1ack E. 3t||tz, had mado a commont. Zod|ac koops putt|ng out c|uos tor us,' 3t||tz |amontod, taunts us and doosn't |nd|cato |n any way that ho
suttors trom tho s||ghtost too||ng ot romorso. |o |s a thr||| k|||or and tho most dangorous porson l'vo ovor oncountorod |n a|| my yoars ot |aw
ontorcomont.' Vu|anax agrood. Vu|anax was a|so a man known to got wh|to hot about a suspoct, and onco ho scannod what tho 3|l0 had |oarnod
so tar, h|s tomporaturo roso. ||s t|rst ordor ot bus|noss was to |oarn as much as poss|b|o about Zod|ac's truo phys|ca| appoaranco and comparo |t
to tho now suspoct's.
low whoro was that doscr|pt|on ot Zod|ac?' ho thought. 1ho two-yoar-o|d c|rcu|ar, lo. 00-00, caso lo. 000184, bur|od undor moro rocont
wants, was st||| p|nnod to tho bu||ot|n board. 1ho wantod postor showod not ono, but two compos|to draw|ngs ot Zod|ac. 1hat |n |tso|t was unusua|,
thought Vu|anax. 3omo now |ntormat|on had causod tho po||co to a|tor tho doscr|pt|on. 1ho throo toonagors who had w|tnossod tho murdor ot
Yo||ow Cab dr|vor and studont lau| loo 3t|no noar 3an |ranc|sco's lros|d|o had at t|rst ost|matod Zod|ac to bo a wh|to ma|o w|th rodd|sh or
b|ond crow-cut ha|r, around twonty-t|vo or th|rty yoars ot ago and woar|ng g|assos.'
3upp|omont|ng our 3u||ot|n 87-00 ot Octobor 18, 1000,' road tho socond t||or. Add|t|ona| |ntormat|on has dovo|opod tho abovo amondod
draw|ng ot tho murdor suspoct known as 'Zod|ac.'' An adjustod wr|tton doscr|pt|on now p|acod Zod|ac's ago at th|rty-t|vo to torty-t|vo yoars o|d. |o
was ot hoavy bu||d, approx|mato|y t|vo-toot, o|ght-|nchos ta||. 3hort brown ha|r, poss|b|y w|th a rod t|nt.' Vu|anax chockod 3tarr's phys|ca| stat|st|cs.
|o was a Wh|to Va|o Adu|t, w|th ||ght brown ha|r and c|oar brown oyos, th|rty-sovon yoars o|d, and wo|gh|ng botwoon 280 and 240 pounds. Vu|anax
notod 3tarr was t|vo-o|ovon and throo-quartor |nchos ta||-a|most s|x toot-and tour |nchos ta||or than tho c|rcu|ar's ost|mato. Vu|anax took |nto
account that tho k|ds woro poor|ng down trom a socond-t|oor w|ndow. 1ho ch||dron had obsorvod Zod|ac wasto proc|ous t|mo r|pp|ng ott a port|on
ot tho cabb|o's sh|rt and squandor moro t|mo wa|k|ng around tho cab, coo||y rubb|ng tho voh|c|o down and apparont|y dronch|ng tho tabr|c |n b|ood.
Zod|ac must havo boon covorod |n b|ood h|mso|t. ln a hoad wound,' 1osch| oxp|a|nod, tho porson may or may not b|ood protuso|y. Whon a
porson doos not, |t's bocauso tho swo|||ng bra|n has p|uggod tho bu||ot ho|o. ln tho caso ot lau| 3t|no, tho path ot tho bu||ot toro tho vosso|s bad|y
and dostroyod ono ma|n b|ood vosso| a|ong tho top ot h|s hoad. |o was k|||od w|th a contact wound [barro| aga|nst tho sk|n| |n tront ot h|s r|ght oar.
1h|s typo ot wound usua||y dostroys many b|ood vosso|s |n tho hoad and bra|n, caus|ng oxtons|vo b|ood|ng. |rom w|tnossos' obsorvat|ons, 3t|no's
hoad was |ay|ng on Zod|ac's |ap as ho soarchod h|m, so whon Zod|ac mado h|s oscapo ho boo to havo oxtons|vo b|ood on h|s porson.'
1wo l|chmond 0|str|ct patro|mon, 0ona|d A. |ouko and Er|c Zo|ms ot l|chmond 3tat|on, got a bottor |ook that w||d n|ght, Co|umbus 0ay,
Octobor 11, 1000. Zod|ac a|ways oarmarkod ho||days tor h|s most v|c|ous act|ons.

Fouko and ZoIma chancod upon Zod|ac |n tho shadows as ho |umborod' north toward tho hoav||y woodod lros|d|o. |o |ator c|a|mod ho g||b|y
sont tho ott|cors roar|ng ott |n tho wrong d|roct|on, thon spr|ntod through 1u||us Kahn l|ayground, van|sh|ng noar lottorman |osp|ta|. Zod|ac's
narrow oscapo pormanont|y onragod h|m toward tho 3|l0-a tury approach|ng that ot a robuttod su|tor. 0ays |ator tho two ott|cors roa||zod thoy
had passod Zod|ac. l to|t so bad tor Ott|cor |ouko,' 1osch| sa|d. |o was atra|d ho was go|ng to bo ropr|mandod and that's why ho wa|tod so |ong.
'Why wou|d thoy ropr|mand you?' l roassurod h|m. 'lo, you d|d tho r|ght th|ng |n roport|ng |t.' 1h|s wou|d havo como out ovontua||y bocauso wo
hoard tho transm|ss|on tapo and wo woro try|ng to t|nd out wh|ch l|chmond 3tat|on un|t was c|rc||ng tho aroa. Wo wantod to ta|k to thom and t|nd
out |t thoy had touchod tho cab. Wo had to know who was |n tho aroa. And t|na||y, thoy camo torward qu|to somo t|mo attor. lt was k|nd ot trustrat|ng.
1ransm|ss|on to rad|o cars that n|ght was ha|t|ng. lots ot pausos. Un|ts c|rc||ng tho aroa kopt say|ng, '|ow many suspocts? |ow many
suspocts?' Commun|cat|ons wasn't rospond|ng. 1hoy woro to|||ng ott|cors, '3tand by-wo'ro doa||ng w|th youngstors-stand by!' 1hoso k|ds woro
scarod st|tt and thoy woro a|| try|ng to ta|k on tho phono at onco, and Commun|cat|ons woro try|ng to got a truo p|cturo ot a suspoct or how many
suspocts. 1hoy woro ro|ay|ng tho |ocat|on . . . 'v|ct|m appoars to bo 0OA . . . ambu|anco rospond|ng . . . wo'ro try|ng to got a doscr|pt|on ot suspoct
. . . ' And thoy sa|d that sovora| t|mos. 'Wo'ro doa||ng w|th youngstors.' And tho ott|cors |n tho rad|o car, try|ng to mako an arrost, askod, 'What's tho
doscr|pt|on . . . wo'ro rospond|ng . . . wo'ro c|oso . . . wo'ro on Arguo||o [Avonuo| . . . what's tho doscr|pt|on?'
And t|na||y, tho m|s|dont|t|cat|on ot an Atr|can Amor|can by somoono ovor tho a|rwavos throw |ouko and h|s partnor ott. 1horo was so much
chattor go|ng on bocauso ovoryono t|gurod |t was a s|oppy cab st|ckup gono wrong. 1ho k|||or was supposod|y soon on toot, and untortunato|y a
coup|o ot words camo ovor un|nto|||g|b|o and 3VA b|urtod out whon |t shou|d havo boon WVA. 1hoy aro now assum|ng |t's a b|ack suspoct. 1hon
-'Corroct|on . . . wo now havo turthor |ntormat|on . . . a Caucas|an . . . short ha|r, g|assos, husky, potbo||y, b|ack or b|uo w|ndbroakor jackot . . .
baggy pants . . . armod w|th a handgun . . . uso caut|on, vory dangorous, uso caut|on |t approach|ng.' 3ut |n tho moant|mo wo woro |os|ng soconds
and m|nutos. lt was vory oxc|t|ng. l romombor |t as |t |t woro |ast wookond.
Attorward, l doc|dod to go ta|k to tho to||ow who took tho ca||. |o says, '0amn |t, 0avo. l got two or throo k|ds who sound ||ko toonagors and
thoy'ro scroam|ng |n tho background. ||rst l thought thoy woro bo|ng hurt. l was try|ng to ta|k qu|ot|y. 1hoy kopt say|ng, 'Our paronts aro com|ng
homo . . . tho dr|vor |ooks ||ko ho's doad |n tho cab and thoro's a ||ght on |n tho cab and thoy woro t|ght|ng. Oh, p|oaso como, p|oaso como!' l kopt
to|||ng thom, '3tay |n tho houso.' Wh|ch thoy d|d. You know how tast thoso b|ack and wh|tos nood tho rad|o |ntormat|on. Wo do our bost, but whon
you'ro doa||ng w|th ch||dron . . . l'vo got my own and l know . . . thoy'ro scarod to doath and thoy know somoth|ng's wrong and thoy can soo th|s body
ot tho cabb|o |ay|ng ovor on tho s|do w|th tho door opon.'
1horo woro l|chmond un|ts and lark 3tat|on un|ts a|| rospond|ng. 1hoy a|| know that 1u||us Kahn l|ayground |s thoro and that's part ot tho
lros|d|o. lt ho goos |n thoro, wo'ro probab|y go|ng to |oso h|m. |rom Arguo||o, |ouko and Zo|ms wou|d havo to mako a r|ght go|ng north, thon onto
Wash|ngton. 1hoy woro probab|y tho on|y un|t thoro and l'm conv|ncod that thoy actua||y saw tho Zod|ac. |ouko was moro ot a votoran ott|cor than
Zo|ms. As son|or ott|cor, ho was dr|v|ng and got tho bottor v|ow ot tho strangor. Apparont|y Zo|ms d|dn't th|nk |t was anyth|ng. And |ouko wou|d
havo had tho rad|o convorsat|on. 1h|ngs happonod so qu|ck|y. And thon you havo no |doa that throo days |ator you roa||zo you'ro doa||ng w|th tho
most dangorous sor|a| k|||or |n tho country.
1hat cab was out ot thoro |ong botoro tho ||ro 0opartmont arr|vod. A|| wo wantod trom thom was a spoc|a| smoko-oator un|t tor soarch||ght on|y.
Com|ng up tho h||| trom Arguo||o was an Army un|t w|th |argo soarch||ght trucks. Wo had gono ovor ovoryth|ng and l to|d [3|||| K|rk|nda| and [3ob|
0ag|tz, 'Got tho cab out ot horo. 1ho body's gono.' lo|ghbors woro k|nd ot |oan|ng |n. l had to ask two or throo un|torm guys, '0on't |ot anybody noar
tho tax|, guys, p|oaso.' l had 0ag|tz to||ow tho tow to tho |a|| ot 1ust|co. 1hoy put tho cab |n tho |mpound room and startod work on |t |n tho morn|ng.'
1ho ott|cors' mod|t|od socond skotch mado Zod|ac tu||or-tacod, o|dor. 3ut an amondod wr|tton doscr|pt|on, |nc|ud|ng dota||s |n an |mportant
|ntordopartmonta| momorandum subm|ttod by |ouko a month attor tho shoot|ng, lovombor 12, 1000, was novor addod to tho wantod c|rcu|ar.
|ouko's moro accurato dop|ct|on |angu|shod w|th|n 3|l0's o|ght drawors ot t||os on Zod|ac. lt |s cruc|a| onough to quoto |n tu||:

3|r: l rospocttu||y w|sh to roport tho to||ow|ng, that wh||o rospond|ng to tho aroa ot Chorry and Wash|ngton 3troots a suspoct t|tt|ng tho
doscr|pt|on ot tho Zod|ac k|||or was obsorvod by ott|cor |ouko,' ho wroto, wa|k|ng |n an oastor|y d|roct|on on 1ackson stroot and thon turn north
on Vap|o stroot. 1h|s subjoct was not stoppod as tho doscr|pt|on roco|vod trom commun|cat|ons was that ot a logro ma|o. Whon tho r|ght
doscr|pt|on was broadcast roport|ng ott|cor |ntormod commun|cat|ons that a poss|b|o suspoct had boon soon go|ng north on Vap|o 3troot |nto
tho lros|d|o, tho aroa ot 1u||us Kahn p|ayground and a soarch was startod wh|ch had nogat|vo rosu|ts. 1ho suspoct that was obsorvod by
ott|cor |ouko was a WVA 8b-4b Yrs about t|vo-toot, ton |nchos, 180-200 pounds. Vod|um hoavy bu||d-3arro| chostod-Vod|um comp|ox|on
-l|ght-co|orod ha|r poss|b|y groy|ng |n roar (Vay havo boon ||ght|ng that causod th|s ottoct.) Crow cut-woar|ng g|assos-0rossod |n dark
b|uo wa|st |ongth z|ppor typo jackot (lavy or roya| b|uo) E|ast|c cutts and wa|st band z|ppod part way up. 3rown woo| pants p|ootod [s|c| typo
baggy |n roar (lust brown) Vay havo boon woar|ng |ow cut shoos. 3ubjoct at no t|mo appoarod to bo |n a hurry wa|k|ng w|th a shutt||ng |opo,
3||ght|y bont torward. 1ho subjocts gonora| appoaranco-Wo|sh ancostry. Vy partnor that n|ght was ott|cor E. Zo|ms #1848 ot l|chmond
stat|on. l do not know |t ho obsorvod th|s subjoct or not. lospocttu||y subm|ttod. 0ona|d A. |ouko, latro|man, 3tar 847.'

l romombor Ott|cor |ouko to|||ng us tho compos|to draw|ng was not noar|y as accurato as wo or|g|na||y thought w|th tho ch||dron,' 1osch| to|d mo.
W|th|n tho hom|c|do d|v|s|on tho wantod postor was changod to road t|vo toot o|ovon |nchos' ta||. 1hat Zod|ac was roundor-tacod, b|ggor. Whon
you th|nk back to |ouko's vorba| doscr|pt|on tho word '|umbor|ng' sounds ||ko a gor|||a, tor God's sako.' As yoars passod, |ouko a|torod h|s
ost|mato ot Zod|ac's wo|ght upward to 280-240 pounds and ca|cu|atod h|s ho|ght at s|x toot or s|x toot ono. |o ovontua||y roca||od tho |ow-cut shoos
as ong|noor|ng boots and tho jackot as d|rty.' Zod|ac,' ho sa|d to a to|ov|s|on producor, was wa|k|ng toward us at an avorago paco, turnod whon
ho saw us, and wa|kod |nto a pr|vato ros|donco [on 1ackson 3troot|.'
1osch| d|sagrood. Zod|ac d|sappoarod,' ho sa|d. 'lnto tho brush, somowhoro |n tho park,' |s what |ouko sa|d, not |nto a ros|donco, not
whatsoovor. |ouko c|ockod tho oncountor at no moro than t|vo to ton soconds. Wo to|t that Zo|ms and |ouko had stoppod Zod|ac, and d|d
ovoryth|ng wo cou|d to koop |t qu|ot so thoy wou|dn't bo hurt by tho po||co comm|ss|on or ombarrassod. l romombor l ta|kod to 0on [|ouko| on tho
s|do. |o was a|| toary-oyod. '1osus Chr|st, 0avo, my God, |t was tho guy,' ho sa|d. l sa|d, 'Yoah, |t was, 0on, but ho cou|d'vo k|||od you so oasy. lt
you had gotton out ot your voh|c|o, unassum|ng, ho cou|d havo b|own you and Er|c [Zo|ms| away. You gotta cons|dor that.' Wo had thom do a skotch,
sont our skotch art|st out thoro, and got tho compos|to.'
l |ntorv|owod tho ono surv|v|ng mombor ot that duo thoro |n tho 1000s,' Goorgo 3awart to|d mo |ator. Ono guy was doad and tho othor was st|||
work|ng tor 3|l0. |o was work|ng 1uvon||o or somoth|ng and ho wasn't roa| happy about bo|ng |ntorv|owod. lt was not tho h|gh po|nt ot h|s caroor
and ho d|dn't want to ta|k about |t. Who cou|d b|amo h|m.'
va||ojo 0otoct|vo 3orgoant 1ohn lynch too was obsossod w|th how c|oso Zod|ac had como to bo|ng capturod. 1ho way l hoard tho th|ng,' ho
to|d mo, |s that whon thoy woro ta|k|ng to h|m a ca|| camo on tho rad|o that thoy woro |ook|ng tor a b|ack man, and [thoy| |ot th|s guy go and ho
d|sappoarod |nto tho lros|d|o. l don't bo||ovo ho was covorod w|th b|ood. You know, |n tho murdor ot a cabdr|vor you can a|most bot your boots tho
cops camo out ot that squad car w|th tho|r guns |n tho|r hands. You'd havo to. 1hoy wa|tod so |ong to to|| tho|r ch|ot bocauso thoy woro probab|y
shook up ovor that.'
1wo|vo days botoro, thoro may havo boon a dry run tor tho 3t|no shoot|ng. At 11:00 l.V., 3optombor 80, 1000, Yo||ow Cab dr|vor lau| |om
snaggod a taro at tho Vark |opk|n's |oto|. 1ho passongor askod to bo dr|von to Wash|ngton and locust 3troots, throo b|ocks botoro Wash|ngton
and Chorry 3troots. At tho dost|nat|on, ho askod |om to cont|nuo a|ong Wash|ngton to Arguo||o 3ou|ovard, thon procood north |nto tho lros|d|o tor
sovora| hundrod yards. Abrupt|y, ho pu||od a |ong-barro|od rovo|vor and robbod |om ot $8b |n cash. 1ho cabb|o, torcod |nto tho trunk, p|oadod w|th
tho robbor to sparo h|s ||to. lator ho was ro|oasod, unharmod, by V.l's. Attor 3t|no's murdor, Capta|n Varty loo, bas|ng h|s conc|us|on on an
amaz|ng s|m||ar|ty ot V.O. botwoon cr|m|na|s |n two cabby casos,' sa|d ho bo||ovod tho robbor to havo boon Zod|ac. 1ho Cbroolc|o thought so too.
Ono ot tho |uck|ost mon a||vo,' |t roportod, takon tor a r|do by Zod|ac, but ||vod to to|| about |t.' Ono d|scropancy cou|d not bo oxp|a|nod. |om's
robbor was on|y twonty-tour, 18b pounds w|th b|ack ha|r and oyos,' and drossod |n b|uo don|m jackot and dark s|acks.' 3ut Zod|ac was undon|ab|y
a stocky, o|dor man. 0|d ho havo a young accomp||co who had scoutod out tho scono tor h|m, rohoars|ng tho 3t|no k||||ng? Was that whoro tho
answor |ay?

NuIanax wouId novor soo |ouko's |ntorna| 3|l0 commun|cat|on and upward ost|mato ot Zod|ac's ho|ght and wo|ght. v|rtua||y no ono d|d. |o
rop|acod tho wantod postor w|th a m|stakon concopt|on ot tho k|||or's appoaranco and an uncomtortab|o sonso |t d|d not ont|ro|y t|t tho|r now
suspoct. 1ho va||ojo dotoct|vo a|so novor know that 3tarr had an odd way ot str|d|ng. Whon wa|k|ng ho was torr|b|y |umbor|ng,' 3tarr's tr|ond to|d
mo |ator. |o had a tunny h|p [h|s |og was |acoratod so bad|y |n August ot 100b that p|ast|c surgory had boon roqu|rod|.' Ono common ||nk was tho
doscr|pt|on ot Zod|ac as an unusua||y round-tacod man. Cou|d Zod|ac's round, b|oatod taco bo |nd|cat|vo ot t|u|d rotont|on trom a dovo|op|ng hoa|th
prob|om?' l askod a nurso. 3uch as ta|||ng k|dnoys?' sho answorod. Yos, vory dot|n|to|y.'
Vu|anax noxt |oarnod that tho suspoct had boon arrostod 1uno 1b, 10b8, tor a v|o|at|on ot 41b l.C., d|sturb|ng tho poaco. lt was a m|nor b||p |n
h|s rocord, but ono that had d|sastrous ram|t|cat|ons |ator on. As Vu|anax put away tho t||o to|dor, ho saw that 3tarr had boon a v|ct|m or a w|tnoss
to sovora| othor |nc|donts. Add|t|ona||y, susp|c|ons ox|stod about h|s |mpropor ro|at|onsh|ps w|th ch||dron.
lot a n|co boy,' Vu|anax thought.
1ho dotoct|vo wantod to bo proparod botoro tho arr|va| ot tho Zod|ac 1w|ns'-as tho papors had dubbod Armstrong and 1osch|. |o phonod
Cl8l tor a moro dota||od rap shoot, thon buzzod tho 0opartmont ot Votor voh|c|os tor a photo. 3usan, that's Ca||torn|a 0r|vor's l|conso
#30728b2,' ho ropoatod tor 3usan lasp|no. Wh||o sho procossod h|s roquost, Vu|anax |ott tho ott|co to chock out tho ros|donco 3tarr sharod w|th
h|s w|dowod mothor. lt was coo|or that day. lrova|||ng w|nds through tho Go|don Gato kopt tho town's c||mato a ||tt|o warmor |n w|ntor and a ||tt|o
coo|or |n summor than othor 3ay Aroa c|t|os. Vu|anax turnod ott 1onnossoo 3troot and swung by |rosno 3troot.
3tarr's homo, hunchod on tho oast s|do ot tho stroot, was sun-b|oachod brown and shono p|nk|sh-gray whoro d|agona| s|ashos ot ||ght cut across
|t. 1ho numora|s 82,' att|xod |n a mota| tramo on tho tacado, stood out stark b|ack aga|nst wh|to. A 10b7 b|uo and wh|to |ord sodan, parkod |n tront
and hookod to a boat tra||or, caught Vu|anax's oyo. |o s|owod and jottod down tho ||conso numbor-l0| 074. 0Vv vor|t|od |t was rog|storod to
3tarr, who a|so ownod a two-soat Aust|n |oa|oy, a vW, and a wh|to 3u|ck. A dr|voway |od back to a dotachod two-door garago whoro a wh|to
100b Vorcodos 22033 was parkod. Vu|anax had a|roady |oarnod that tho suspoct had tormor|y boon omp|oyod as an attondant at |arry Wogan's
3orv|co 3tat|on. An auto ropa|r job such as that wou|d havo mado many cars |ott ovorn|ght tor ropa|r ava||ab|o to 3tarr.
1ho sorgoant roachod tho ond ot tho b|ock, mado a U-turn at l|||no|s 3troot, and cru|sod back by tho houso. |o took ono |ast cr|t|ca| |ook, thon
spoko w|th Wogan. 1ho sorv|co stat|on ownor to|d Vu|anax that 3tarr had |ott h|s omp|oymont |n 1070. |o sa|d ho was th|nk|ng ot roturn|ng to
schoo| at 3onoma 3tato Co||ogo |n Cotat|,' rop||od Wogan. 1h|s was truo. 3tarr had bogun work|ng toward a dogroo |n b|o|ogy |n tho ta|| ot 1070.
1hough 3tarr, accord|ng to h|s tormor boss, had boon an ott|c|ont workor, ho had shown too much |ntorost |n sma|| ch||dron. Wogan had throo sma||
ch||dron h|mso|t and thoy somot|mos camo around tho stat|on. 1hat worr|od mo,' ho sa|d. l wasn't sorry to soo h|m go.' 1hat soomod to bo tho way
w|th 3tarr's many omp|oyors. 1hoy had h|m work|ng at a schoo| as somo sort ot custod|an,' Vu|anax to|d mo |ator. l was |ntur|atod bocauso l to|t
ho shou|d havo boon arrostod.'
At tho start ot summor, 3tarr had droppod by Wogan's homo and p|ckod up h|s th|rtoon-yoar-o|d daughtor. |ow wou|d you ||ko to go tor a r|do
w|th mo on my boat?' ho had askod. 1ho youngstor had accoptod w|thout hor paronts' consont. 1ho g|r| roturnod to ro|ato that 3tarr had mado
|mpropor advancos' toward hor. Attor th|s, Wogan had not soon h|s omp|oyoo aga|n or wantod to.
3orgoant Vu|anax bo||ovod much ot tho |ntorost podoph||os had |n sma|| ch||dron camo trom hav|ng abso|uto powor ovor anothor |nd|v|dua|,
roduc|ng thom to objocts-a tra|t Zod|ac and a|most ovory sor|a| k|||or sharod. Whon Zod|ac had hog-t|od h|s v|ct|ms at lako 3orryossa,' ho to|d
mo, ho had had comp|oto powor, had roducod thom |n h|s m|nd to moro objocts, and ospoc|a||y woro h|s homomado oxocut|onor's costumo tor tho
occas|on.' lorhaps Zod|ac had hopod somoono m|ght g||mpso h|s tr|ghton|ng outt|t and |nc|to moro torror |n an a|roady torr|t|od commun|ty. 3ut ho
cou|d hard|y havo hopod h|s v|ct|ms wou|d surv|vo to to|| tho ta|o. |ad ho shown h|mso|t to somoono o|so, as yot unknown?
Zod|ac's throats to b|ow up schoo| busos and shoot ch||dron |nsp|rod as much toar as h|s costumo. Vu|anax roca||od armod sont|no|s-ott-duty
toachors, dr|vors, and t|romon, r|d|ng shotgun on schoo| busos. lapa l.0., tho jur|sd|ct|on ot tho 3orryossa stabb|ngs, ass|gnod moro than sovonty
po||co un|ts to to||ow tho busos, and t|xod-w|ng guard p|anos tra||od hawk||ko boh|nd thom. loop|o pookod boh|nd tho|r doors and gavo socond,
ovon th|rd g|ancos to cars g||d|ng a|ong tho trooways and back roads at n|ght. Zod|ac was tho twont|oth-contury vors|on ot tho 3ogoyman.
1o obta|n moro samp|os ot 3tarr's handpr|nt|ng, Vu|anax drovo to 1000 1onnossoo 3troot, whoro 3tarr ma|nta|nod a chock|ng account at
Crockor-C|t|zons 3ank. |o arrangod to got photostats ot rocont canco|od chocks connoctod to account #b40-108b-48. |o had cons|dorod
borrow|ng tho or|g|na|s (s|nco 3tarr had ordorod tho bank not to roturn thom), but doc|dod aga|nst |t. |o saw ono dratt was to a man namod lh||
1uckor. Anothor, datod 1u|y 20, 1071, was a $0.00 chock to l. G. 3|ack-wood tor a 44-ga||on coo|or. A th|rd showod a 1uno 4 paymont mado out to
1a|| 1roos 1ra||or Court. 1ho notat|on sa|d: 3torago lonta|.' Vu|anax d|spatchod a|| throo samp|os to Vorr||| tor ana|ys|s w|thout g|v|ng much
cons|dorat|on to what 3tarr m|ght bo stor|ng |n a tra||or court. |o had many tra||ors.
At 1:80 l.V., lnspoctors Armstrong and 1osch|, ||ko travo|ors |nto a toro|gn |and, crossod |nto 3o|ano County tor tho|r appo|ntmont w|th Vu|anax.
3|nco 1000 thoy had oxam|nod hundrods ot suspocts, woro, |n tact, woary. |owovor, 3tarr was bog|nn|ng to |ook sor|ous, bog|nn|ng to |ook vory
good. 1osch|, w|th h|s mass ot t|ght, cur|y b|ack ha|r, was woar|ng h|s tradomark bow t|o. A sm||o broadonod h|s romarkab|y oxpross|vo taco. 1hoy
had brought a|ong Vo| l|co|a|, and 1osch| was boam|ng at bo|ng among such good company. |o had a h|gh op|n|on ot l|co|a|. vory
protoss|ona|,' ho to|d mo |ator. Vo| onjoyod a good |augh and was a vory, vory good |aw ontorcomont ott|cor. W|th h|s crow cut and g|assos, ho
|ookod ||ko a protossor. l|co|a|, as a 3tato 0opartmont ot 1ust|co Cl8l agont, put casos togothor whon mu|t|p|o count|os woro |nvo|vod. |o was a
m|dd|o guy. Wo cou|d contact h|m and ho cou|d got us |ntormat|on out ot 3acramonto.'
As tor Vu|anax, ho was a man's man, a ruggod outdoorsman, a huntor ||ko Zod|ac. Attor l soo 3tarr |n porson, l'|| contact you guys to como
back,' ho assurod thom as tho moot|ng conc|udod. Vu|anax was tho k|nd ot man you cou|d count on. 1osch| know ho wou|d como back w|th tho
Nonday, Auguat 2, 1071
NuIanax continuod hia c|rcumspoct |nvost|gat|on |nto 3tarr's past, gathor|ng as much background |ntormat|on as ho cou|d botoro mak|ng
porsona| contact w|th tho suspoct. |o notod, as othors had, that 3tarr's b|rth dato was 0ocombor 18-two days shy ot tho 0ocombor 20 dato ot tho
lako |orman load doub|o murdors. Vu|anax know somo sor|a| k|||ors struck on datos that ho|d s|gn|t|canco tor thom. 3o tar, Zod|ac had shot or
stabbod coup|os on tho |ourth ot 1u|y, noar |a||owoon, Co|umbus 0ay, and a tow days botoro Chr|stmas. |owovor, a tow vl0 |nvost|gators
bo||ovod Zod|ac had on|y takon rospons|b|||ty tor tho lako |orman tragody to onhanco h|s rop and turthor contuso tho po||co. Vu|anax to|d mo,'
sa|d 1osch|, that ono day whon 3tarr wasn't homo, ho wont to 3tarr's houso and h|s mothor was thoro. |o k|nda just wa|kod around and soarchod
a ||tt|o b|t.'
lt Vu|anax spoko convorsat|ona||y w|th 3tarr h|mso|t that day (not a quost|on|ng |n any rospoct), no rocord has surv|vod. Vu|anax saw tho opon
door to 3tarr's basomont room yawn|ng botoro h|m, and obsorvod |t was pa|ntod tho samo noar-noutra| groon' as tho k|tchon, though a shado
||ghtor. Was 3tarr down thoro now, poor|ng up at h|m? 3orn|co, catch|ng h|s oyo, sa|d, lt was a bodroom tor both my boys tor many yoars.' 1ho
ma||box was a s|ot |n tho cornor ot tho basomont room. A|| |ottors must drop |nto that h|doaway,' thought Vu|anax, th|nk|ng ot tho ma||-obsossod
k|||or. And Zod|ac had sa|d |n a |ottor ho had a basomont and bombs thoro. 3tarr had movod trom an upsta|rs room back to tho basomont tor moro
pr|vacy. Vu|anax was tomptod, but caut|on provontod h|m trom advanc|ng a stop turthor. |o rotroatod, but was st||| th|nk|ng ovor tho substanco ot
h|s v|s|t and a tow ot 3orn|co's vaguo romarks as tho wookond ondod and ho proparod to contor aga|n w|th tho 3an |ranc|sco dotoct|vos.
1uoaday, Auguat 8, 1071
Nany aIong Froano 3troot had known 3tarr s|nco ho was a boy, know how dovotod ho was to h|s mothor. 3ut that mutua| attoct|on ox|stod on|y as
smoko and m|rrors-no|ghbors otton ovorhoard shout|ng matchos botwoon tho two. ||s mothor was a ||tt|o on tho storn s|do,' sa|d Chonoy. Yoah,
sho was tough. 3ho was a ta|| woman, a|most as ta|| as 3tarr. 3oth paronts woro ta|| and s|ondor ||ko lon. Un||ko h|s brothor, lon got a|ong w|th
ovorybody.' 1ho ma|n bono ot contont|on was that 3orn|co ho|d 3tarr's youngor brothor, lon, |n h|ghor rogard than h|m.
1horo was a b|g r|va|ry botwoon lon and h|s o|dor brothor,' lanzaro||a to|d mo |ator. lon got moro g|r|s. |o cou|d bo moro charm|ng and tho
mothor usod to tavor h|m, much to 3tarr's d|sda|n. 3ho adorod lon who was a n|co-|ook|ng k|d. And 3tarr at th|s t|mo had a|roady gotton tat. l spont
tho wookond |n tho homo w|th tho dad and tho mom. 3tarr camo ovor. |o was ||v|ng |n h|s tra||or at tho t|mo and l saw how unassum|ng tho tathor
was. |o had boon woundod |n an a|rp|ano wrock ovor Ok|ahoma |n tho |ato t|tt|os or oar|y s|xt|os and ho was novor tho samo attor that. |o was a
drattsman now and wo drovo h|m to work, droppod h|m ott and p|ckod h|m up |ator. l|co man, but vory mook. |o wasn't a|ways that way. lon to|d
mo |t was tho acc|dont that mado h|m that way. Attor tho acc|dont Ethan cou|d no |ongor koop h|s son |n ||no. |o bocamo-how shou|d l say th|s-
qu|ot. 1ho mothor was tota||y tho dom|nant porsona||ty. 1hoy woro a|ways argu|ng and bantor|ng. |o'd roa||y cuss hor up and down, scroam|ng at
hor. l know |t l had spokon to my paronts that way, thoy wou|d havo k|||od mo. 3tarr ca||od hor a 'c-' and stutt ||ko that. lt was awtu| and th|s was at
tho d|nnor tab|o.'
Chonoy o|aboratod on th|s. 3tarr's tathor was a docoratod jot p||ot,' ho to|d mo. l don't know |t ho got shot down or ho had a wrock, but ho had
an acc|dont and was |njurod protty bad|y and was mod|ca||y d|schargod. l d|dn't know h|m trom tho days whon ho was st||| |n tho lavy. |o was st|||
act|vo, but apparont|y had |ost somo ot h|s t|ro. |o wasn't tho hot jot p||ot ho had onco boon. |o st||| wont to work and st||| was a drattsman on Varo
ls|and. |o wasn't bummod up. |o cou|d wa|k a|| r|ght and a|| ot h|s tunct|ons woro norma|. |o was a n|co guy. 1ho tam||y had comm|ssary pr|v||ogos
and had l.0. cards so thoy cou|d shop on m|||tary basos. 1ho W|ng Wa|kor shoos ho woro probab|y camo trom Varo ls|and. 1hoy woro mado tor
p||ots and crowmon.'
|rom tho stroot Vu|anax |d|od h|s car and obsorvod tho smudgod, pract|ca||y ground-|ovo| w|ndow to 3tarr's d|sordorod basomont apartmont,
and tr|od to |mag|no what |t must bo ||ko. |o st||| yoarnod to havo a pook. 3tarr's mothor had doscr|bod hor son's |nnor sanctum as stackod w|th
books. 3tarr was qu|to tho studont, a protoss|ona| studont,' h|s brothor sa|d. Attor summor vacat|on,' 3orn|co had oxp|a|nod, ho |ntonds to roturn
to co||ogo at Cotat| tor tho ta|| somostor.' Vu|anax thought back to 1000 and to anothor summor vacat|on-tumu|tuous t|mos, v|o|ont t|mos tor
3tarr had boon a studont thon too and Zod|ac had boon at h|s bo|dost, grasp|ng Wator 1own |n a gr|p ot toar. W|th tho |nt|mato know|odgo ot a
va||ojo ros|dont, ho cap|ta||zod on a c|tyw|do po||co and t|romon's str|ko. 1hroughout tho wa|kout thoro woro on|y two dozon Ca||torn|a ||ghway
latro|mon to cru|so about and ontorco tratt|c |aws tor a c|ty ot 72,000. On 1u|y 21, nogot|ators a|most had tho str|ko ||ckod, but Apo||o 11 do|ayod a
sott|omont moot|ng whon Govornor loagan doc|arod a moon-t||ght ho||day.
3o tar summor vacat|on 1071 had boon |oss turbu|ont, thought Vu|anax. va||ojo had a h|gh|y ott|c|ont |aw ontorcomont toam |n p|aco and 3tarr
had a job w|th Un|on O|| ot Ca||torn|a to koop h|m occup|od. loturn|ng to hoadquartors just botoro |unch, Vu|anax rang tho Un|on O|| rot|nory at
l|no|o and spoko w|th Vclamara |n lorsonno|. |o cont|rmod 3tarr was omp|oyod as a jun|or chom|st |n tho|r |ab, had boon s|nco 3optombor 8,
1070. 3ut 3tarr cou|d not havo boon vory happy at l|no|o. last Apr|| 20, tho ovorqua||t|od man had app||od tor omp|oymont at a Un|on 70 garago |n
noarby lodoo. ||s summor hours at tho rot|nory aro trom 8:00 A.V. unt|| 4:00 l.V.-4:80 l.V.,' cont|nuod Vclamara, and that's oach wookday.'
l'd ||ko to |ntorv|ow h|m dur|ng work|ng hours,' Vu|anax oxp|a|nod.
1hat's a b|t out ot tho ord|nary,' sa|d tho porsonno| ch|ot, and bound to causo somo d|srupt|on.' 0|srupt|on was oxact|y what Vu|anax had |n
m|nd. Wo||, wo can prov|do my pr|vato ott|co tor your purposos,' Vclamara agrood.
Good,' sa|d tho dotoct|vo. 1ust don't |ot on that wo |ntond to |ntorv|ow h|m pr|or to h|s bo|ng brought to tho ott|co.' Vost dot|n|to|y Vu|anax
wantod to surpr|so 3tarr and put h|m ott ba|anco. |o hung up, notod tho appo|ntmont on h|s pad, thon d|a|od 1osch| and Armstrong and |ntormod
thom ot tho moot|ng. |am|shod attor a busy morn|ng, ho wont to |unch.
Armstrong and 1osch| had boon busy too. 1osch| stud|od two pagos ot scr|bb|od notos, munch|ng an|ma| crackors and dunk|ng thom |n a cup ot
lnstant |o|gors. |o had just |oarnod that 3tarr, though born |ott-handod, had boon compo||od as a ch||d to wr|to w|th h|s r|ght hand-a poss|b|o
causo ot sor|ous psycho|og|ca| prob|oms.
Attor |unch, Vorr||| got back to Vu|anax |n va||ojo about 3tarr's canco|od chocks. l'vo comparod thom to Zod|ac |ottor|ng,' Vorr||| sa|d, and thoy
como up nogat|vo.' What woro thoy m|ss|ng? wondorod Vu|anax. lt 3tarr was Zod|ac, had ho dov|sod a way to d|sgu|so h|s pr|nt|ng? Or had a
contodorato wr|tton thom? l|ght to tho ond that shadowy socond man wou|d bo a worr|somo o|omont |n tho hunt tor Zod|ac.
Wodnoaday, Auguat 4, 1071
1oachi, Armatrong, and Vu|anax spod south trom va||ojo a|ong lntorstato 80 and ratt|od across tho Carqu|noz 3r|dgo |nto Contra Costa County.
1rac|ng tho shoro ot 3an lab|o 3ay, thoy swopt past 3o|by, 1ormoy, lodoo, and |orcu|os. 1o tho wost |am||ton A|3 sh|mmorod across c|oudod
groon wator. 1ho prov|ous 1anuary two 3tandard O|| Company tankors had co|||dod just outs|do tho Go|don Gato, sp||||ng a|most two m||||on ga||ons
ot b|ack gummy crudo |nto tho 3ay. 3hort|y botoro 10:2b A.V. tho dotoct|vos ha|tod at tho cha|n-||nk gato ot a vast o|| rot|nory. 1ho l|no|o |nsta||at|on
was |mpross|vo. 3y n|ght, whon |t was tw|nk||ng w|th a m||||on d|amond ||ghts, groat c|ouds ot ro|||ng stoam mado |t othorwor|d|y, by day t|ngor||ko
b|ack towors shot hundrods ot toot upward ||ko tho barro|s ot guns.
1ho gato s||d back and, throo or tour b|ocks |ator, tho dotoct|vos c||mbod out. 1osch| cranod h|s nock upward, whoro procoss|ng towors bo||od
crudo o|| to 7b0 dogroos. 1ho hoat|ng procoduro soparatod mo|ocu|os, convort|ng thom |nto propano, gaso||no, butano, korosono, d|oso| tuo|,
|ubr|cat|ng o||, ovon road tar and wax. 3tarr was a chom|st and tho rot|nory |tso|t no moro than a g|ant chom|ca| |ab. Comp|ox condu|ts tw|stod |nto
ovor|app|ng tunno|s, tunno||ng raw potro|oum |nto mammoth storago tanks, cata|yt|c un|ts, and vacuum d|st|||at|on un|ts.
3uddon shr||| wh|st|os a|ortod 1osch|. ||gh abovo, mon scramb|od on gantr|os and towors. An unctuous m|st ||ko soot showorod down on thom
and mado 1osch| quoasy. ||s broaktast th|s morn|ng and tor many morn|ngs pr|or had boon a tow asp|r|ns washod down w|th co|d cottoo. 1hoy
ontorod Vclamara's ott|co and watchod as ho phonod a |ab to summon tho unsuspoct|ng ass|stant chom|st. lt'|| bo a m|nuto,' ho sa|d. 3tarr's
rocords woro sproad out ||ko a tan on Vclamara's dosk. 3||| Armstrong took tho t|mo to thumb through thom s|nco ho wou|d bo |n chargo ot tho
1ho |nvost|gators d|d not hoar tho suspoct |n tho ha||way-on|y tho o|ovator doors opon|ng w|th a whoosh.' 3tarr wa|kod sott|y tor a b|g man and
was woar|ng paddod shoos ot somo sort. At |ast thoy wou|d soo h|m taco to taco. 1osch| sat r|g|d |n h|s soat. |o ha|t roso. Attor so many suspocts,
attor so many yoars and d|sappo|ntmonts, was Zod|ac t|na||y horo-w|th|n tho|r grasp? 1osch| ho|d h|s broath. 1ho door oponod. 3tarr's phys|ca|
prosonco was a|| 1osch| thought |t wou|d bo and a|| that ho know Zod|ac's was.
robort haII atarr
Wodnoaday, Auguat 4, 1071
5tarr tiIIod tho doorway. ||s bo|d, a|most ha|r|oss hoad sw|vo|od trom taco to taco as tho tr|o ot dotoct|vos |dont|t|od thomso|vos. 3tarr soomod
surpr|sod and a ||tt|o norvous that thoy woro po||comon. l roa||zod that ho was atra|d ho was go|ng to got t|rod,' 1osch| to|d mo |ator, and that a|ono
m|ght havo accountod tor h|s approhons|on.' 1wonty-t|vo hundrod Zod|ac suspocts had surtacod ovor tho yoars and boon pa|nstak|ng|y chockod
out. 3|nco so many count|os, jur|sd|ct|ons, and un|ncorporatod aroas woro |nvo|vod, cops d|d not a|ways comparo notos or ovon namos. 3tarr was
not tho|r t|rst good suspoct. |o was not tho|r |ast. Convon|ont|y, a|arm bo||s shou|d havo rosoundod |n tho |nvost|gators' m|nds. 1hoy d|dn't. On|y
attor tho contoronco, whon tho|r hoads woro coo| and t|mo a||owod thom to cons|dor what 3tarr had sa|d, so much ot |t unb|ddon, d|d tho|r pu|sos
bog|n to raco. 3ack at |om|c|do that stark b|ack c|ock soomod to t|ck tastor.
As Vu|anax had dono, 1osch| took |n tho suspoct's phys|ca| prosonco-3tarr had b|uo-brown oyos and short ||ght brown ha|r that was gray|ng |n
tho back. |adn't Ott|cor |ouko mont|onod somoth|ng about Zod|ac hav|ng ||ght-co|orod ha|r poss|b|y gray|ng |n tho roar,' roco||octod 1osch|, and
tho curvo ot Zod|ac's sku|| had shono through h|s sparso ha|r tho n|ght ho shot tho cabdr|vor.' 1ho |ato s|xt|os woro a por|od ot protost whon poop|o
robo||od aga|nst tho shortor ha|r ot tho tho t|tt|os and woro tho|r ha|r |ong. ln 1000, Zod|ac had worn h|s short-||ko a m|||tary man. |owovor, dur|ng a
prov|ous attack at lako 3orryossa, Zod|ac prosumab|y sportod a hoa|thy hoad ot stra|ght brown ha|r bonoath h|s hood.
l romombor a k|nd ot groasy torohoad . . .' tho surv|v|ng 3orryossa v|ct|m to|d mo |ator. |o thought tho porpotrator had dark brown ha|r-a |ock
had shown through dark g|assos covor|ng narrow oyo|ots. 3onoath thoso g|assos, tho woundod boy conjocturod, woro a socond pa|r ot g|assos.
1ho k|||or, |n comp|oto costumo-a b|ack oxocut|onor's hood w|th a wh|to c|rc|o and cross on tho chost-had appoarod a|most mag|ca||y |n tho
tw|||ght on 3optombor 27, 1000. Zod|ac had travo|od north to lapa County and targotod tho studont and h|s young g|r|tr|ond, stabb|ng thom w|th a
toot-|ong, |nch-w|do bayonot w|th a tapod woodon hand|o. |o had docoratod tho hatt, carr|od at h|s bo|t |n a handmado scabbard, w|th brass r|vots.
l don't know how ta|| Zod|ac was, maybo t|vo toot o|ght or s|x toot, somowhoro |n thoro. l'm a protty poor judgo ot ho|ght bocauso ot my ho|ght,'
sa|d tho |anky studont.
3tarr's w|do brow had broadth onough tor a socond app|o-chookod taco, h|s nock was th|ck, h|gh-sot oars t|ow out ||ko horns. ||s broad-
shou|dorod, s|x-toot-ta|| bu|k was |nt|m|dat|ng. Evorybody that l ovor saw that mot 3tarr undorost|matod h|s ho|ght,' Chonoy |ator oxp|a|nod. |o had
that toarsomo |ook |n h|s oyos. 1h|ck th|ghs and a b|g butt and a bo||y and strong shou|dors and chost.' Yos, 3tarr was a hoavy man, but thon so
was Zod|ac. 1ho surv|v|ng 3orryossa v|ct|m ost|matod Zod|ac's wo|ght at botwoon 22b and 2b0 pounds. l doscr|bod th|s guy as bo|ng roa||y tat,'
ho sa|d. l don't know, ho cou|d havo boon modorato|y hoavy and woar|ng a th|ck|y ||nod w|ndbroakor.' 3ut thoro was anothor way to to||.
0otoct|vo 3orgoant Kon lar|ow ot tho lapa County 3hor|tt's 0opartmont had dono a compact|on tost on Zod|ac's un|quo tootpr|nts. |o had a
doputy shor|tt wo|gh|ng 210 pounds wa|k a|ongs|do thom. |o d|dn't s|nk down as doop|y as Zod|ac had,' lar|ow to|d mo, ln ordor to put that pr|nt
so doop|y |nto tho sand wo t|gurod tho Zod|ac wo|ghod at |oast 220 pounds. C|oar pr|nts at tho hoo| had |nd|catod that Zod|ac was not runn|ng whon
ho |ott.' Vorr|||, tho handwr|t|ng oxam|nor, as consorvat|vo w|th tho compact|on tost as w|th handpr|nt|ng, to|d mo, lt doponds on how tho sand was
at tho t|mo too. lt tho guy was tak|ng b|g |op|ng stops or m|nc|ng a|ong. 1hoy woro guoss|ng at tho s|zo trom tho |ndontat|on ho mado. 3upposo tho
sand tho day botoro was d|ttoront. 3upposo thoro had boon wator |n |t.'
3ut tho ground had boon dry and ho had boon str|d|ng |o|suro|y. 1ho pr|nts woro t|rm and ospoc|a||y c|oar at tho hoo|. lapa cops arr|vod a|most
|mmod|ato|y bocauso Zod|ac had bo|d|y phonod thom trom a booth w|th|n tour and ono-ha|t b|ocks ot tho|r hoadquartors. |o was bound to havo
somo b|ood on h|m,' lar|ow to|d mo. 1o como |n trom 3orryossa and h|t that part|cu|ar to|ophono ho had to pass, l t|guro, somo twonty to twonty-
ono to|ophonos. |o camo |n c|oso onough to hoar any poss|b|o s|rons rush|ng out ot tho c|ty ot lapa. |o cou|d ca|| |n trom tho |ako, but ho wou|d bo
trapp|ng h|mso|t up thoro. lt's a twonty-t|vo-m|nuto dr|vo down. 1ho booth was twonty-sovon m||os trom tho cr|mo scono. lt wo had tound out ho was
ca|||ng trom tho |ako wo cou|d havo soa|od tho aroa ott.'
At tho |ako thoro was turthor proot that Zod|ac's cons|dorab|o wo|ght was not padd|ng. |o had |mprossod un|quo marks doop|y |nto tho oarth. A
c|rc|o on tho so|o road|ng 3UlElWEAl' showod c|oar|y |n lar|ow's p|astor mou|agos. Zod|ac's m|||tary mot|t, suggostod by a b|ack ho|stor at h|s
bo|t conta|n|ng a b|uo-stoo| som|automat|c m|||tary .4b, was onhancod by tho |dont|ty|ng |ogos ot h|s shoos-b|ack boots usod pr|mar||y by tho
lavy. W|ng Wa|kor shoos woro worn a|most oxc|us|vo|y by a|rcratt ma|ntonanco crowmon tor wa|k|ng tho w|ngs ot jots. lar|ow d|scovorod that, but
on|y attor h|s mon cu||od 1b0 shoo bout|quos w|th namos ||ko 1ho 3p|nn|ng Whoo|' and W|||ow 1roo.'
ln 1000, 108,700 pa|rs ot W|ng Wa|kors had boon sh|ppod to Ogdon, Utah. 1ho Wo|nbronnor 3hoo Company ot Vorr|||, W|scons|n, had
manutacturod thom por a 1000 govornmont contract tor ono m||||on pa|rs tota|. 1ho |ast pa|rs woro d|str|butod to A|r |orco and lava| |nsta||at|ons
on tho Wost Coast. On|y act|vo-duty porsonno| or tormor act|vo-duty porsonno|, or tho|r dopondonts, cou|d havo purchasod such shoos. 1hoso
porsonno| woro roqu|rod to prosont an l.0. card that carr|od a thumbpr|nt and photo to ontor any baso oxchango and mako any purchasos thoro.
va||ojo, |ts oconomy d|roct|y ro|atod to m|||tary oporat|ons, sorvod as homo tor many sk|||od omp|oyoos w|th lavy or A|r |orco t|os. 1hoy to||od at
1rav|s A|3, north ot va||ojo noar |a|rt|o|d, or at |am||ton, Vathor, and VcC|o||an A|r |orco 3asos, noarby Varo ls|and, A|amoda lava| 3tat|on, and
1roasuro ls|and. 1ho |3l bo||ovod |n tho m|||tary connoct|on.
Ul3U3 [unknown subjoct ot an |nvost|gat|on| may havo m|||tary background,' tho |3l t||o sa|d, |nasmuch as Ul3U3 usod bayonot and two
soparato 0mm woapons and ono ot tho surv|v|ng v|ct|ms obsorvod Ul3U3 to bo woar|ng m|||tary-typo boots.' lot on|y woro thoso unusua|-|ook|ng
chuckor-typo boots ava||ab|o on|y through a ||m|tod out|ot, but po||co had tho|r s|zo. Zod|ac woro a s|zo 10/ logu|ar shoo, wh|ch |nd|catod a ta||
man, as d|d h|s |ong str|do.
1osch|, roca|||ng Zod|ac's unusua| homomado costumo, |ator to|d mo: Wo sont our art|st to lapa County [on Octobor 24, 1000|. 3urv|v|ng v|ct|m
3ryan |artno|| doscr|bod tho Zod|ac's hood as b|ack and s|oovo|oss, tho wh|to c|rc|o and crossha|r |n tho m|dd|o ot tho chost. 1ho hood |ookod wo||
mado and wo||-sown [tho cornors had boon st|tchod and thoro was noat st|tch|ng around tho t|at top| w|th c||p-on sung|assos ovor tho oyo s||ts.' And
3tarr cou|d sow (ho had boon a sa||makor). 3ut tho po||co |n that crampod rot|nory ott|co scarco|y wondorod about tho suspoct's sow|ng sk|||s or
pa|d much attont|on to h|s shoos-thoy woro study|ng h|s taco. 3oyond h|s strongth and tho bu||d ot a potont|a| Go|d Voda| sw|mmor gono to sood
was a h|gh|y |nto|||gont m|nd. 3tarr's l.O. was 180.
Wo'ro |nvost|gat|ng tho Zod|ac murdors |n 3an |ranc|sco and va||ojo,' sa|d Armstrong, and wo havo somo quost|ons tor you.' 1ho dotoct|vo
pu||od out a cha|r tor tho chom|st. 1osch| not|cod baro|y porcopt|b|o drop|ots boadod on 3tarr's w|do torohoad. An |ntormant has not|t|od us that
you mado corta|n statomonts approx|mato|y o|ovon months pr|or to tho t|rst Zod|ac murdor,' cont|nuod Armstrong. lt thoso aro truo, thon thoy aro ot
an |ncr|m|nat|ng naturo.' Armstrong, though rotorr|ng to Chonoy's roco||octod d|a|oguo w|th tho suspoct, d|d not mont|on h|s namo. 0o you roca||
hav|ng such a convorsat|on w|th anyono?'
l don't roca|| such a convorsat|on,' 3tarr sa|d m||d|y. Odd|y, ho ta||od to ask w|th whom ho had roportod|y convorsod. |o soomod a|roady to
know. Othors aro qu|ck to roact to what you say and do,' h|s horoscopo had road |n that morn|ng's Cbroolc|o. Chooso your words carotu||y.'
|avo you ovor road or hoard ot Zod|ac?'
l road about tho Zod|ac whon |t t|rst appoarod |n tho nowspapors,' sa|d 3tarr. l d|dn't to||ow up on |t attor thoso t|rst roports.'
3ocauso |t was too morb|d.'
3ut 3tarr, |ator |n tho |ntorv|ow, mado othor statomonts that woro |n d|roct cont||ct w|th th|s romark. ||rst, though, ho vo|untoorod th|s: A va||ojo
po||co sorgoant quost|onod mo attor tho Zod|ac murdors at lako 3orryossa.'
A|| throo |nvost|gators woro stunnod.
Wo woron't awaro you had ovor boon quost|onod by tho po||co botoro,' sa|d Armstrong.
l to|d h|m,' sa|d 3tarr, that on that part|cu|ar wookond [3aturday, 3optombor 27, 1000| l had gono to 3a|t lo|nt lanch noar |ort loss to sk|n-
d|vo. [3a|t lo|nt lanch |ay |n tho oppos|to d|roct|on trom lako 3orryossa.| l wont a|ono, but l mot a sorv|coman and h|s w|to who woro stat|onod on
1roasuro ls|and. l don't roca|| h|s namo, but l havo |t wr|tton down somowhoro at homo. l got back to va||ojo about 4:00 l.V.'
Armstrong, 1osch|, and Vu|anax ||stonod |ntont|y. Outs|do, a stoam wh|st|o b|ow and a toroman barkod ordors. lns|do, 3tarr's vo|co dronod |n tho
hoat. 1hoy cou|d a|most hoar whoo|s turn|ng |n h|s hoad. A pa|pab|o tons|on chokod tho ||tt|o ott|co. l roca|| spoak|ng to a no|ghbor short|y attor l
drovo |nto my dr|voway,' 3tarr wont on. l guoss l nog|octod to to|| tho va||ojo ott|cor whon ho quost|onod mo about bo|ng soon by th|s no|ghbor.'
And what was tho no|ghbor's namo?' askod Armstrong.
[W||||am| Wh|to. 3ut ho d|od a wook attor l was quost|onod so l novor bothorod to contact tho po||co.' 1hat was vory convon|ont. 3uddon|y, 3tarr
mado a b|zarro |oap |n subjoct mattor-ono so strango that 1osch| caught Armstrong's attont|on w|th a qu|zz|ca| ra|s|ng ot h|s oyobrow. W|thout any
quost|on|ng about a kn|to such as Zod|ac had usod |n tho 3orryossa stabb|ngs, tho suspoct mado an aston|sh|ng statomont:
1ho two kn|vos l had |n my car had b|ood on thom,' ho sa|d. 1ho b|ood camo trom a ch|ckon l had k|||od.'
1ho day Zod|ac stabbod two co||ogo studonts at lako 3orryossa, 3tarr was to havo boon thoro shoot|ng ground squ|rro|s and had to|d h|s s|stor-
|n-|aw so. ||s now story was that ho had gono scuba d|v|ng |nstoad-o|sowhoro. 3tarr both sk|n d|vod and scuba d|vod. 1o oxp|a|n why Zod|ac
choso s|tos noar |akos, a thoory had c|rcu|atod that Zod|ac was a d|vor who h|d h|s woapons and souvon|rs |n watort|ght conta|nors undorwator.
And that's why tho k|||or had a paunch-a wo|ghtod d|v|ng bo|t around h|s wa|st. 1o 1osch|, that hypothos|s now |ookod cons|dorab|y |oss tar-
totchod. 3tarr was not on|y a boator, but an av|d sk|n d|vor and spoar t|shorman.
3tarr th|nks wo havo somo |ntormat|on rogard|ng a kn|to,' thought Armstrong. |o th|nks wo know moro than wo do, but know|odgo ot that b|oody
kn|to |s |ntormat|on wo don't possoss.' A|| tho dotoct|vos cou|d tathom was that somoono had g||mpsod tho sta|nod kn|vos or kn|to on h|s car soat
and 3tarr know thoy had. 0|d ho th|nk that h|s no|ghbor, W||||am Wh|to, had obsorvod a b|oody b|ado whon ho roturnod homo that day and
mont|onod |t to somoono? Voro than ||ko|y, thought 1osch|, 3tarr's brothor, lon, or s|stor-|n-|aw, Karon, woro tho onos who had sp|od tho b|oody
b|ado. 3tarr was hodg|ng h|s bots and oxp|a|n|ng away |n advanco any |ntormat|on that tho po||co moy havo roco|vod.
Woro you |n 3outhorn Ca||torn|a |n 1000?' askod Armstrong.
Onco aga|n, 3tarr vo|untoorod start||ng spoc|t|cs w|thout prompt|ng.
You moan about tho l|vors|do k||||ng?' ho sa|d. Yos, l was |n 3outhorn Ca||torn|a at tho approx|mato t|mo as tho l|vors|do murdor |n wh|ch
Zod|ac |s a suspoct.'
1ho |ntormat|on about a Zod|ac stabb|ng |n l|vors|do had boon mado pub||c on|y ton months oar||or. lh|| 3|ns, a southorn ros|dont, had soon
para||o|s botwoon a |oca| murdor and Zod|ac's lorthorn Ca||torn|a act|v|t|os. 1ho broak ran |n tho Cbroolc|o. 3ut hadn't 3tarr just statod ho had |ong
botoro coasod road|ng art|c|os about Zod|ac? 1ho hoad||no story suggostod Zod|ac had k|||od a l|vors|do Co||ogo cood, Chor| 1o 3atos, just
botoro |a||owoon l|ght 1000. 1ho wr|tor ot tho handpr|ntod l|vors|do notos had a|so boon tond ot wr|t|ng taunt|ng |ottors to tho pross (3A1E3
|A0 1O 0lE 1|ElE Wlll 3E VOlE') and us|ng too much postago. A squ|gg|od s|gnaturo on throo |ottors was o|thor a 2' or a Z.' Vost
|mportant|y, Vorr||| had |dont|t|od Zod|ac as tho author ot tho 3outhorn Ca||torn|a notos.
l adm|t l'm |ntorostod |n guns,' 3tarr cont|nuod, but tho on|y handguns l own aro .22-ca||bor. l don't havo and havo novor ownod an automat|c
|avo you ovor ownod a 100b-00 brown Corva|r?' askod Armstrong. Zod|ac was dr|v|ng such a voh|c|o tho n|ght ot h|s |ourth ot 1u|y murdor.
lo.' 3tarr to|dod h|s arms. |o was drossod |n a short-s|oovod wh|to sh|rt, h|s toroarms as mass|vo as lopoyo's.'
1osch| not|cod a b|g watch on 3tarr's wr|st. lt was a ruggod man's watch,' ho to|d mo |ator. lt's tho k|nd ot watch a man wou|d buy to bo soon
-'look at what l'vo got on my wr|st.' And l spottod |t |nstant|y-tho word 'Zod|ac.' l askod h|m spoc|t|ca||y to show |t to mo. '1hat's a n|co watch
you'vo got thoro,' l sa|d. 'Oh, l'vo had |t awh||o,' ho sa|d. '0o you ||ko |t?' l sa|d. 'Oh, yoah,' ho sa|d. And you can soo tho |ottors Z-o-d-|-a-c. l st|||
romombor soo|ng that watch. And ho wantod poop|o to soo what ho had on h|s arm. |o woro |t |n dot|anco. l cou|dn't tako my oyos ott |t. Whon wo
saw tho watch wo woro amazod-and tho brothor and s|stor-|n-|aw attorward mont|onod to Armstrong and l that, '|o ovon woars a Zod|ac watch.''
Vay l soo that?' sa|d Armstrong. |o gosturod toward 3tarr's wr|st. |o had a|so not|cod tho|r suspoct was woar|ng an unusua|-|ook|ng watch. A
ray ot ||ght through tho b||nds mado tho crysta| taco spark|o. Abovo tho watchmakor's namo, |n tho contor ot tho taco, was omb|azonod a bo|d
omb|om. lt trozo tho ott|cors |n sp|to ot tho hoat. 1horo, g|ow|ng stark wh|to on b|ack, was a c|rc|o and crossha|rs-Zooloc`s symbo|.
1ho oxpons|vo watch on 3tarr's wr|st had boon manutacturod by Zod|ac Astrograph|c Automat|c, loloc|o, 3w|tzor|and/low York, a company
whoso roots strotchod back to tho n|notoonth contury. low Vu|anax saw |t too. loat|y pr|ntod across tho bottom, |n uppor and |owor caso, was tho
word Zod|ac.' 1ho namo and symbo| woro oxact|y ||ko thoso usod as a s|gnaturo on Zod|ac's |ottors.
On|y |n Zod|ac's |ottors had tho namo 'Zod|ac' and tho k|||or's crossod-c|rc|o symbo| ovor appoarod togothor |n tho samo p|aco,' 1osch| thought.
|o know bocauso ho had soarchod ovorywhoro tor that crossod c|rc|o. 1o th|s momont, ho had assumod |t roprosontod a gun s|ght. 3tarr turnod
tho watch on h|s wr|st as |t adm|r|ng |t. lt was a b|rthday g|tt,' ho sa|d to Armstrong. 1h|s watch was g|von to mo by my mothor two yoars ago.'
Vu|anax countod back |n h|s m|nd. lot's soo-oxact|y two yoars back trom today |s August 4, 1000. On August 4, 1000, tho k|||or had usod tho
namo 'Zod|ac' tor tho t|rst t|mo |n a throo-pago |ottor to tho Exomloor. 1ho papor had bur|od h|s noto |n tho |ato od|t|on at tho top ot pago 4. On|y
t|vo days botoro, Zod|ac had |ntroducod h|s crossod c|rc|o symbo| to tho papors.' 1hough a |ator Cl8l roport statod 3tarr had gotton tho watch |n
August 1000, h|s brothor, lon, contrad|ctod that. |o sa|d that 3tarr roco|vod tho watch trom h|s mothor as a Chr|stmas g|tt |n 0ocombor 1008.'
3tarr's th|rty-t|tth b|rthday had boon 0ocombor 18, 1008, just two days botoro Zod|ac's t|rst known lorthorn Ca||torn|a murdors.
3tarr wou|d own a socond Zod|ac watch |ator. 1ho manutacturors ot tho Wor|d |amous Zod|ac Watchos' manutacturod a Zod|ac C|obar 3k|n-
d|vor Undorwator Chronograph |n 1000: lt's a stop watch! Av|ator and sk|n-d|vor's watch. 1ostod tor 20 atmosphoros (comparab|o to 000 toot
undorwator).' 3tarr was, by thon, both an av|ator and sk|n d|vor. l|ko |ts brothor, a |ogo |n tho |owor r|ght-hand cornor ot tho watch was a crossod
c|rc|o on a dark background abovo tho word Zod|ac.' lt was qu|ot |n tho ott|co. 1ho Zod|ac watch, mont|on ot a b|oody kn|to, 3tarr's vo|untoorod
|ntormat|on had dazod thom a||. What was com|ng noxt?
l'm w||||ng to ho|p you |n tho |nvost|gat|on |n any way poss|b|o,' tho suspoct sa|d, ||ck|ng h|s ||ps. |o coughod and c|oarod h|s throat. 3tarr
apparont|y wantod to |ntorposo a h|gh noto, ono w|th somo humor, roconc|||at|on, and good to||owsh|p a|| round. l can't wa|t unt|| tho t|mo comos
whon po||co ott|cors aro not rotorrod to as 'p|gs,'' ho sa|d w|th a sad shako ot h|s hoad. 3omo ant|war protostors and studonts ot tho por|od
common|y ca||od po||co p|gs.' Zod|ac usod tho samo op|thot. l onjoy nood||ng tho b|uo p|gs,' ho had tauntod. |oy b|uo p|g l was |n tho park.'
Can you roca|| anyono whom you m|ght havo had a convorsat|on w|th rogard|ng Zod|ac?' |ntorjoctod Vu|anax.
l m|ght havo had a convorsat|on w|th 1od K|ddor and lh|| 1uckor ot tho va||ojo locroat|on 0opartmont whon l was work|ng thoro, but l'm not
pos|t|vo.' 3tarr cont|nuod answor|ng quost|ons botoro thoy woro askod. ln th|s way ho m|ght dotuso any damag|ng ov|donco aga|nst h|m |n tho|r
m|nds. What had thoy hoard? |o had no way ot know|ng wh|ch ot many acqua|ntancos had turnod h|m |n as a k|||or. |o sa|d somo vory strango
th|ngs |n pr|vato. |o ||kod to ta|k and ho ta|kod |oud and h|s romarks mado h|m tho contor ot attont|on. 3uddon|y, 3tarr pausod-ho roa||zod who
had sont tho po||co!
'1ho Vost 0angorous Gamo,'' ho sa|d.
What?' sa|d 1osch|.
Out ot nowhoro, 3tarr had mont|onod tho t|t|o ot a short story ho had road |n tho o|ovonth grado, a ta|o that, by h|s own adm|ss|on, had mado a
doop and |ast|ng |mpross|on on h|m. 1osch| roca||od langstatt's Vanhattan 3oach roport and rocogn|zod 1ho Vost 0angorous Gamo' as tho
samo story 3tarr had rhapsod|zod ovor a tu|| yoar botoro tho murdors bogan. 1osch| sm||od |nward|y-3tarr had t|na||y t|gurod out who had rattod
h|m out.
lt was ca||od '1ho Vost 0angorous Gamo,'' 3tarr o|aboratod. lt was tho bost th|ng l road |n h|gh schoo|.' Zod|ac had g|von 1ho Vost
0angorous Gamo' as h|s mot|vo |n a cunn|ng, a|most unbroakab|o throo-part c|phor. 3ut 3a||nas schoo|toachor 0on |ardon had crackod |t on
August 4, 1000, oxact|y two yoars ago today, though |ardon's so|ut|on was not mado pub||c unt|| August 12. Encrypt|ng m|stakos and a||, tho
b|zarro so|ut|on road:
l llKE KlllllG lEOllE 3ECAU3E l1 l3 3O VUC| |Ul l1 l3 VOlE |Ul 1|Al KlllllG Wll0 GAVE ll 1|E |OllE31 3ECAU3E
VAl l3 1|E VO31 0AlGElOUE AlAVAl O| All 1O Klll 3OVE1|llG GlvE3 VE 1|E VO31 1|llllllG EXlElElCE l1 l3 EvEl
3E11El 1|Al GE11llG YOUl lOCK3 O|| Wl1| A Glll 1|E 3E31 lAl1 O| l1 l3 1|AE W|El l 0lE l Wlll 3E lE3Oll ll
lAlA0lCE Al0 1|El |AvE KlllE0 Wlll 3ECOVE VY 3lAvE3 l Wlll lO1 GlvE YOU VY lAVE 3ECAU3E YOU Wlll 1lY 1O 3lOl
0OWl Ol A1Ol VY COllEC1lOG O| 3lAvE3 |Ol A|1Elll|E . . .'

lough|y, tho short story by l|chard Conno|| doa|t w|th tho son ot a m|||tary ott|cor hunt|ng humans w|th a r|t|o and bow and arrow tor sport |n tho
torost. Apt|y, 3tarr, tho son ot a m|||tary man, huntod |n tho woods w|th a bow and arrow. Vu|anax summar|zod tho story |n th|s mannor: 1h|s book
was mado |nto a mov|o and concorns a man sh|pwrockod on an |s|and and bo|ng huntod by anothor man '||ko an an|ma|.'' lt m|ght bo |mportant to
study that br|ot story |n dopth tor c|uos, thought Vu|anax, |oarn |t |t had boon a mov|o or dramat|zod on to|ov|s|on, |oarn whoro Zod|ac m|ght havo
stumb|od across |t and whon.
3tarr mont|onod '1ho Vost 0angorous Gamo' dur|ng that quost|on|ng,' 1osch| to|d mo |ator, and h|s brothor attorward cont|rmod that ho to|t that
man was 'tho most dangorous gamo, not shoot|ng gamo.'' 1ho proc|so words 3tarr had usod, vor|t|od by anothor w|tnoss than Chonoy, woro: l
th|nk ot man as gamo.' 1ho advonturo story m|ght havo boon tho t|ash po|nt, no |oss a cata|yst than tho ro-torm|ng procoss 3tarr portormod da||y as
an ass|stant chom|st.
1ho |ntorma| cross-oxam|nat|on ondod.
loss than an hour had passod s|nco thoso o|ovator doors had oponod, but |t soomod |ongor. As an |ntorv|ow |t had boon m||d. 1hough 3tarr had
boon |so|atod, a truo |ntorrogat|on wou|d havo boon moro tocusod, tho sott|ng b|oakor, tho |nt|m|dat|on moro |ntonso. lo|ntod|y, tho tr|o oscortod
3tarr back to h|s |ab, thon |ott. lnward|y, tho chom|st bo||od at bo|ng takon out, hum|||atod, and quost|onod ||ko a th|ot.' 1osch| adm|ttod that ho
tound 3tarr a dangorous an|ma|,' and though armod, had somo toar ot h|m |n c|oso quartors. 3tarr's oars woro cr|mson, h|s taco t|ushod. |o cou|d
baro|y contro| h|s angor and ho had novor boon a pat|ont man. Von a|| around h|m, |n tho|r |ab coats, papor boot|os ovor ong|noor|ng boots, woro
star|ng and wh|spor|ng. |o sat at h|s work stat|on. You don't know what |t's ||ko,' mumb|od 3tarr to a coworkor, h|s oyos t|xod on h|s dosk.
Evoryth|ng |s t|no-go|ng good. 1hon somobody ca||s you to tho ott|co. And thoy suggost torr|b|o th|ngs about you. You just can't know-torr|b|o
th|ngs. And a|| tho t|mo l'm rack|ng my bra|n to t|guro out who sont thom. 1hoy mako you swoat, thon tako you through tho ha||s-|n tront ot ovoryono
-||ko a ch||d! l can't torg|vo that.' 1ho noxt t|mo 3tarr mot 1osch| and Armstrong, ho wou|d c|a|m not to romombor thom.
lgnor|ng tho buzz ot h|s coworkors, 3tarr bogan scann|ng tost rosu|ts. |o m|ght bo |n a prod|camont-ho was Zod|ac's wo|ght, ho|ght, ago. |o
had tho samo co|or and |ongth ot ha|r. |o crossod h|s |ogs and romovod tho papor boot|os ovor h|s shoos. Absont|y, ho survoyod tho unusua|-
|ook|ng chuckor-typo W|ng Wa|kor boots ho was woar|ng. l|ko Zod|ac, 3tarr woro a s|zo 10/ logu|ar. 1wo womon ho know had soon h|m |n thoso
shoos and cou|d tost|ty to that. 3ut |n tho ond, porhaps ho was on|y a man who ||kod poop|o to th|nk ho was Zod|ac.
Outs|do, tho |nvost|gators c||mbod back |nto tho|r car. 1ho|r unan|mous consonsus was that tho |nvost|gat|on ot 3tarr shou|d cont|nuo and |n
groator dopth. Abso|uto|y,' sa|d 1osch| w|th too||ng. 3ut what l roa||y want to know |s who tho ho|| quost|onod h|m just attor tho murdors?'
Vu|anax had abso|uto|y no |doa. God, that was ovor two yoars ago,' ho sa|d. |o mado a monta| noto to t|no-comb tho va||ojo t||os rogard|ng any
quost|on|ng ot 3tarr as a Zod|ac suspoct and any prov|ous roports about a b|oody kn|to or kn|vos on a car soat.
arthur Ioigh aIIon
Wodnoaday, Auguat 4, 1071
5omoono had doaoratoIy wantod us to know such a th|ng as a Zod|ac watch ox|stod. l stud|od tho noat|y ponc||od |ottor |n my hand. At tho 5oo
lrooclsco Cbroolc|o, whoro l workod as an od|tor|a| cartoon|st, ovoryono wondorod about Zod|ac. ||s torr|ty|ng |ottors had |rrovocab|y ||nkod h|m to
tho nowspapor. Gradua||y, a dotorm|nat|on grow w|th|n mo to d|sontang|o tho k|||or's c|uos and unmask h|s truo |dont|ty. |a|||ng that, l |ntondod to
prosont ovory scrap ot ov|donco ava||ab|o to onsuro that somoono m|ght rocogn|zo Zod|ac and roso|vo tho m|ss|ng p|ocos ot tho puzz|o.
At tho w|ndow l contomp|atod tho |ong shadows strotch|ng across w|do V|ss|on 3troot. On ||tth 3troot, strangors m|||od about tho l|ckw|ck |oto|
(|ammott's l|ckw|ck 3tago torm|na|' whoro tho Va|toso |a|con had boon stashod). 1rans|onts hudd|od |n tront ot tho Chron|c|o |oto|, and wo||-
drossod mon w|th br|otcasos stood on tho marb|o stops ot tho |ndostruct|b|o O|d V|nt. Zod|ac cou|d bo any ot thom. |o was a watchor. 1ho t|rst
|ottor |n wh|ch ho chr|stonod h|mso|t Zod|ac' carr|od a d|ttoront watormark than throo oar||or |ottors (Vonarch-cut bond, |mpr|ntod w|th an Eaton'
watormark). 1ho now watormark was |l|1| AvElUE,' an |mpr|nt ot |rank W|nt|o|d Woo|worth's nat|ona| cha|n. A hugo Woo|worth's stood just a
b|ock away trom tho Cbroolc|o, at tho cab|o car turntab|o at ||tth and Varkot and lowo||. ln tho basomont, noxt to tho go|dt|sh, Woo|worth's so|d
b|uo to|t-t|p pons and papor oxact|y ||ko Zod|ac usod. What |t ho bought h|s papor and b|uo to|t-t|p pons thoro? What |t ho sp|od trom tho shadows
as h|s |ottors woro do||vorod?
last Varch Zod|ac had boon wr|t|ng |ndustr|ous|y, cast|ng h|s not w|do, sproad|ng h|s word southward. Attor tho o|| rot|nory |ntorv|ow w|th 3tarr,
tho t|ow ot words ha|tod abrupt|y. lonotho|oss, Cbroolc|o roportor lau| 3tuart Avory opt|m|st|ca||y |ott stand|ng ordors w|th tho c|ty dosk. Wo can
probab|y oxpoct to roco|vo a now Zod|ac commun|cat|on any day now,' ho sa|d br|ght|y. As usua|, ovory ottort shou|d bo mado to provont any
Cbroolc|o omp|oyoo's t|ngorpr|nts trom gott|ng on tho |ottor.' 1ho |ottors had boon hand|od by a |ot ot tho statt-Caro| ||shor, 3rant larkor . . .
1osch| had a|roady t|ngorpr|ntod a|| tho copy poop|o.
3omot|mos Zod|ac attomptod to snoak |ottors |nto pr|nt. 3|nco lottors Ed|tor Caro| ||shor rota|nod a|| roador subm|ss|ons as hodgos aga|nst
||bo|, th|s anonymous |ottor trom lovombor 1070 had boon on t||o.

0oar 3|r,' tho noto road. ln road|ng a rocont |ssuo ot 'l|ayboy' magaz|no l not|cod an advort|somont tor 'Zod|ac' watchos. 1ho tradomark
on tho taco ot tho watch |s |dont|ca| to that usod by tho notor|ous k|||or. 3|nco l'vo a|ways road |n tho pross that tho cr|mos havo boon
|ntorprotod as somo sort ot astro|og|ca| th|ng. 1ho tact that such a s|ngu|ar hyrogr|t|c [s|c| ottoct |s |n tact a watch brand omb|om sooms
somohow |ntorost|ng.'

|ad a g|oat|ng Zod|ac s|y|y ca||od attont|on to tho |nsp|rat|on tor h|s namo and symbo|? Attor a va||ojo cop' had c|oarod h|m, 3tarr must havo to|t
socuro. |o had gono on woar|ng h|s Zod|ac wr|stwatch, at |oast unt|| 1osch|, Armstrong, and Vu|anax surpr|sod h|m. l v|sua||zod a tanta||z|ng
soquonco ot ovonts-3tarr, obsossod w|th 1ho Vost 0angorous Gamo' s|nco h|gh schoo|, roco|vod a Zod|ac watch trom h|s mothor on 0ocombor
18, 1008, and bogan woar|ng a socond b|rthday g|tt, a r|ng w|th a Z' on |t. 1h|rtoon days |ator, ho had a convorsat|on w|th Chonoy, much ||ko oar||or
d|scuss|ons |n wh|ch ho mont|onod putt|ng a ||ght on tho barro| ot h|s gun and hunt|ng coup|os. |o spoko ot ca|||ng h|mso|t Zod|ac' and shoot|ng out
tho t|ros ot a schoo| bus. 1h|s chrono|ogy sot down a dot|n|to t|mo tramo tor Zod|ac's cho|co ot namo, symbo|, and V.O.-somot|mo botwoon
0ocombor 18, 1008, and 1anuary 1, 1000, attor wh|ch Chonoy movod to 3outhorn Ca||torn|a to work tor a now company. 3tarr had rovoa|od a
monumonta| socrot about h|mso|t on low Yoar's 0ay, but thon Zod|ac a|ways choso ho||days tor h|s most |mportant cr|mos and rovo|at|ons.
Chonoy's v|s|t, tho symbo| on tho watch, |ts oxot|c tradomark, tho r|ng, h|s tavor|to story trom h|s youth-a|| must havo boon bubb||ng |n 3tarr's
hoad. 1ho t|rst two murdors occurod on 0ocombor 20, two days attor 3tarr's b|rthday. On August 4, 1071, two yoars attor tho k|||or had t|rst s|gnod
h|s namo Zod|ac,' ho to|d Armstrong ho had roco|vod tho Zod|ac watch oxact|y two yoars oar||or'-August 4, 1000. E|thor sconar|o prosontod a
tasc|nat|ng soquonco ot ovonts and oxp|a|nod tho k|||or's cho|co ot namo and symbo|.
lo||co, dur|ng tho|r manhunt tor Zod|ac, zoa|ous|y guardod tho pr|mo suspoct's roa| namo. lt h|s namo was novor pub||c|zod, th|s onsurod any
subsoquont t|p about 3tarr wou|d bo va||d. As tor myso|t, l mado a pract|co ot novor wr|t|ng, unt|| now, 3tarr's truo namo.
||s roa| namo was Arthur lo|gh A||on.
A|most a docado attor tho o|| rot|nory quost|on|ng, l t|na||y |ocatod tho va||ojo cop' who had quost|onod A||on so oar|y |n tho caso. 0otoct|vo
3orgoant 1ohn lynch ta|kod to mo at h|s homo on Caro||na 3troot |n va||ojo. A s|ondor, so||d o|dor man w|th ponotrat|ng oyos, ho bogan spoak|ng
tho |nstant wo sat down at h|s d|n|ng room tab|o. 1ho room was a|most comp|oto|y dark. l had just mont|onod A||on. Oh,' ho sa|d, lay A||on.' |o
pronouncod lo|gh' as lay.' l roa||zod bocauso ot tho d|ttoront spo|||ngs lynch thought that lo|gh' and loo' woro two d|ttoront suspocts |n tho
caso. loo' was not a now namo |n tho caso-just botoro Zod|ac shot a coup|o out at 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs on tho |ourth ot 1u|y, an unknown man
namod loo' had a|roady boon an objoct ot spocu|at|on.
l ta|kod to lo|gh at groat |ongth sovora| t|mos,' sa|d lynch. |o was up tho coast at 3odoga 3ay [whoro ho had a tra||or| . . . ho's a sk|n d|vor, on
that |ourth ot 1u|y, 1000, ho sa|d ho was w|th throo or tour othor guys.'
Whon d|d you spoak to h|m-|n 1071?' l askod, at t|rst th|nk|ng lynch had boon to||ow|ng up lanzaro||a and Chonoy's t|p to Vanhattan 3oach
long botoro that,' ho answorod. W|th|n ono or two months. lo|gh was omp|oyod as a jan|tor at that t|mo at ono ot tho schoo|s horo. l wont up to
tho schoo|-l don't know how l got h|s namo |n tho t|rst p|aco. You know tho way th|ngs woro go|ng thon, thoro woro so damn many poop|o to ta|k to
and wo woro gott|ng so many phono ca||s and |ottors and c|uos. l got so l a|most |ookod at tho guy and sa|d, '1hat's not h|m,' to myso|t. And whon l
saw th|s lo|gh A||on. |o was ba|d-hoadod and ho's a groat b|g guy. |avo you soon h|m?'
Yos,' l sa|d. l|nda 0o| 3uono, 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs v|ct|m 0ar|ono |orr|n's s|stor, had proparod a compos|to draw|ng tor tho va||ojo l.0. 1hoy
comparod l|nda's compos|to to anothor Zod|ac compos|to, and to|d mo, 'Evoryth|ng but tho ch|n was r|ght.' 1h|s was supposod to bo a prot||o ot a
guy namod 'loo' who hung out at 0ar|ono's pa|nt|ng party, tho samo guy l|nda obsorvod harass|ng hor s|stor wh||o sho was wa|t-ross|ng at 1orry's
lostaurant. 0|d you ovor spoak to th|s 'loo'?'
lo|gh A||on?'
l don't know. A|| l|nda know was tho namo 'loo.''
lo,' ho sa|d. Anyway, l was pos|t|vo |t wasn't A||on. 1ho m|nuto l |ookod at h|m, l sa|d monta||y, '1hat |sn't Zod|ac.' [va||ojo l|outonant 1|m|
|ustod ||kod A||on bost. l ||kod h|m |oast. l on|y typod |n t|vo to s|x ||nos on tho roport-on|y |n ordor to got A||on's namo |n. Chockod h|s car and ho
had h|s scuba goar |n tho back ot tho car. loa| o|d d|rty car.'
lynch oxp|a|nod that on Vonday, Octobor 0, 1000, ho sought out A||on about tho stabb|ngs at 3orryossa ton days oar||or. A||on, thon th|rty-t|vo
and an occas|ona| studont, workod part-t|mo as a custod|an at E|mor Cavo E|omontary 3choo|. At 4:0b l.V., lynch turnod south ott 1onnossoo
3troot onto vorva|s. |o roachod tho schoo| at 770 1rogask|s and |mmod|ato|y saw lo|gh across tho p|ayground. |or h|s roport ho scraw|od th|s
doscr|pt|on: 241 pounds and a|most s|x-toot-ono.' As lynch obsorvod a tow ch||dron p|ay|ng tothor ba||, an |ntu|t|vo thought about ch||d mo|ostors
ontorod h|s hoad. A||on had boon suspoctod ot such cr|mos and lynch, and |ator Vu|anax, wou|d wondor |t thoy had m|ssod any obv|ous s|gns.
lynch turnod h|s attont|on trom tho k|ds back to tho suspoct-s|ng|o, unmarr|od, and ||v|ng w|th h|s paronts. |o was wo|| oducatod and not on|y a
custod|an at Cavo 3choo|, but a jan|tor at 3onjam|n |rank||n 1r. ||gh 3choo| at b01 3tarr Avonuo, vory noar a Zod|ac v|ct|m's homo.
1hoy chattod. Accord|ng to A||on, ho had gono sk|n d|v|ng on 3a|t lo|nt lanch on 3optombor 20, 1000, stayod ovorn|ght, and roturnod to va||ojo
on 3optombor 27 at approx|mato|y 2:00 to 4:80 l.V. |or tho roma|ndor ot tho day,' A||on sa|d, l stayod at homo. l don't roca|| whothor my paronts
woro homo on that day or not.'
3omoono thought you m|ght bo tho Zod|ac k|||or and roportod you,' sa|d lynch mattor-ot-tact|y. ls that a tact,' A||on sa|d w|th a |augh as |t such
an accusat|on was an ovoryday occurronco. |o p|acod h|s broom aga|nst tho wa||. lynch |ookod h|m up and down. Wo||, Zod|ac had cur|y ha|r,'
lynch sa|d, th|nk|ng ot l|nda's doscr|pt|on, and you obv|ous|y don't. 3o that's |t.'
|ad lynch's v|s|t boon a t|ash po|nt?
llvo days attor lo|gh's roassur|ng |ntorv|ow w|th tho oasygo|ng lynch, Zod|ac drovo to 3an |ranc|sco, shot Yo||ow Cab dr|vor lau| 3t|no, and
t|od |nto tho lros|d|o, po||co dogs noar|y at h|s hoo|s. |o ran |n tho d|roct|on ot tho hugo lottorman Comp|ox. 1horo, at a now ton-story Army
Vod|ca| Contor, tuturo Zod|ac v|ct|m 0onna lass was work|ng that n|ght. 3ho and hor roommato, 1o Anno Goottscho, had boon |n tho pract|co ot
go|ng t|y|ng w|th two mon trom l|vors|do who ||vod |n tho 3an |ranc|sco aroa. lo|gh, ot a|| tho suspocts, was a p||ot.
5ovoo days attor lynch's quost|on|ng, Zod|ac droppod tho Cbroolc|o a ||no. |o onc|osod a b|oody swatch ot tho cabb|o's sh|rt to prov|do
|rrotutab|o proot ho had murdorod 3t|no. lo||co spocu|atod Zod|ac had sw|tchod to a b|ggor c|ty to garnor b|ggor hoad||nos. 3ut wasn't ho s|mp|y
d|stanc|ng h|mso|t trom va||ojo whoro th|ngs had suddon|y gotton too hot? Zod|ac's |nt|mato know|odgo ot va||ojo's back roads and |ovors' |anos
brandod h|m as a |ongt|mo ros|dont. 1hanks to that b|oody swatch Zod|ac was now torovor |dont|t|od as a 3an |ranc|sco k|||or.
Elgbtooo days attor lo|gh spoko w|th lynch, W||||am langdon Wh|to, A||on's sovonty-throo-yoar-o|d no|ghbor, d|od ot hoart ta||uro at 0:bb l.V.,
just attor soo|ng h|s doctor. Wh|to, Ca||torn|a-born and a twonty-ono-yoar ros|dont ot va||ojo, had ||vod sovon housos down trom lo|gh's at 4b
|rosno. |o had boon lo|gh's a||ogod a||b| tor tho 3orryossa stabb|ngs. l roca|| spoak|ng to a no|ghbor short|y attor l drovo |nto my dr|voway,' lo|gh
had sa|d. l guoss l nog|octod to to|| tho va||ojo ott|cor. . . .'
Wh|to had a|so boon a poss|b|o w|tnoss ot a b|oody kn|to on A||on's car soat. As a |ongt|mo bus|noss roprosontat|vo tor 3utchors' Un|on loca|
b82, Wh|to |og|ca||y m|ght havo pa|d attont|on to any kn|to. Co|nc|donta||y, W||||am Wh|to's b|rthday, 0ocombor 20, was a|so tho dato ot tho lako
|orman load shoot|ngs. Wh|to sharod a |ast namo w|th 3orgoant W||||am Wh|to, tho socond rangor to roach tho coup|o Zod|ac stabbod at lako
3orryossa. A|| through Octobor 1000, langor Wh|to had boon h|gh|y v|s|b|o |n a sor|os ot to|ov|s|on |ntorv|ows about Zod|ac.
Yos, l ta|kod to [A||on| at groat |ongth sovoro| t|mos,' lynch roca||od. l spoko to h|m w|th|n ono or two months ot ono k||||ng.' |o now roca||od a
typod throo-by-t|vo card addrossod spoc|t|ca||y to h|mso|t had arr|vod at tho va||ojo l.0. on August 10, 1000. lt had gono to tho |3l, and ho cou|d
not roca|| |t |t had boon roturnod or not. 0oar 3gt. lynch,' |t road. l hopo tho onc|osod koy w||| provo bonot|c|a| to you |n connoct|on w|th tho c|phor
|ottor wr|tor. [s|gnod| Concornod C|t|zon.' At that t|mo on|y a va||ojo ros|dont wou|d havo known lynch was hand||ng tho thon-ombryon|c Zod|ac
caso. Concornod' had |nc|udod a va||d koy to Zod|ac's throo-part c|phor. 1ho koy boro handpr|ntod |ottors and symbo|s bog|nn|ng A-G-backwards
3-l.' 1ho |3l roportod, lt was a substant|a||y accurato koy tor docrypt|on ot tho throo-part-c|phor ma||od by Zod|ac.' A so|ut|on to tho c|phor was
not pub||shod |n tho Cbroolc|o unt|| two days |ator.
ln a |ottor to tho 5oo lrooclsco Exomloor a wook oar||or, Zod|ac oxp|a|nod ho d|d not |oavo tho scono w|th squoa|||ng t|ros and raco|ng ong|no
as doscr|bod |n tho va||ojo papors.' 1h|s was anothor |nd|cat|on Zod|ac was a va||ojo ros|dont who road tho ||m|tod c|rcu|at|on |oca| papor. 3o was
h|s |nstant rop|y to va||ojo lo||co Ch|ot 3t||tz's August 1 ontroaty tor moro dota||s.' lt wou|d bo a cons|dorab|o t|mo attor tho o|| rot|nory quost|on|ng
botoro lynch's 110-word roport on A||on wou|d bo tound-sandw|chod botwoon |3l ||yors #b0 and #4810, and a |oca| t|p that wont nowhoro.
Anothor oxamp|o ot a |ack ot coord|nat|on,' va||ojo lo||co Capta|n loy Conway |amontod many yoars |ator. 3orgoant lynch, a good porsona|
tr|ond ot m|no who was ass|gnod to tho caso tor a |ong t|mo, d|od |n tho |ast coup|o ot yoars. |o has a po||co roport that says on a part|cu|ar dato
ho |ntorv|owod Arthur lo|gh A||on about h|s whoroabouts on tho day ot tho 3orryossa hom|c|do. Wh|ch |s a|| wo|| and good, but ho doosn't havo any
roco||oct|on whatsoovor what |ntormat|on ho had that mado h|m |ntorv|ow Arthur lo|gh A||on.
Arthur lo|gh A||on to|d h|m at that t|mo-|t's just ono ||tt|o paragraph |n tho po||co roport-|t doosn't say why ho wont to soo h|m, what causod h|m
to soo h|m, what conc|us|ons ho roachod-noth|ng. 1ust that 'l |ntorv|owod h|m about what ho was do|ng tho day ot tho lako 3orryossa k||||ng.'
Co|nc|donta||y, lo|gh had to|d lynch, 'l was on tho way to lako 3orryossa that day to go t|sh|ng, but l changod my m|nd and wont to tho coast.''
0otoct|vo 3awart a|so agrood w|th Conway |n h|nds|ght. 1horo's a |ot ot |nstancos that occurrod |n th|s caso that happonod |n ono aroa and tho
othor aroa d|dn't know about |t,' ho sa|d. 1ho va||ojo lo||co 0opartmont |ntorv|owod Arthur lo|gh A||on |n 1000 about tho stabb|ngs at lako
3orryossa. 1ho sorgoant who d|d that |ntorv|ow wont down and ta|kod to h|m as ho had ta|kod to probab|y a hundrod othor poop|o. Askod h|m
whoro ho was tho day ot tho 3orryossa s|ay|ng. |o sa|d ho had not gono to 3orryossa but up tho coast |nstoad. low wo got back and |ook at th|s
yoars |ator and wo go back to th|s lynch, a ||outonant rot|rod thon-'l don't romombor why l was ta|k|ng to tho guy,' ho says. '3omobody must havo
ca||od h|s namo |n.' |o stops back and says, 'lo, l just don't roca||.' lt wo know who ca||od h|s namo |n, that porson must havo had somo roason tor
suspoct|ng that Arthur lo|gh A||on was rospons|b|o, had somoth|ng to do w|th tho caso.'
County 3hor|tt's 0otoct|vo 3orgoant los lundb|ad had a|so quost|onod A||on. 3omoono had t|ppod h|m too. 1h|s |ntorv|ow apparont|y was
unknown to tho vl0 bocauso tho va||ojo 3hor|tt's and lo||co 0opartmonts woro soparato and |ndopondont torcos. 1ho th|rd wook attor tho
toonagors out on lako |orman load had boon murdorod by Zod|ac, lundb|ad wont to soo A||on. 1ho stocky man had an a||b| tor that Zod|ac
attack too, ono cons|dorab|y s|m||ar to that ho wou|d g|vo lynch. l was out at |ort lo|nt noar 3|g 3ur scuba d|v|ng,' ho sa|d. Attor oach Zod|ac
murdor, Arthur lo|gh A||on had boon sought out. |o was not such a now suspoct attor a||. 3omoono out thoro know somoth|ng, and who that porson
was was as much a mystory as Zod|ac's truo |dont|ty.
Wodnoaday, Auguat 4, 1071
DiroctIy attor aoaking w|th A||on at tho rot|nory, 1osch| and Vu|anax doc|dod to to||ow up on 1od K|ddor and lh|| 1uckor-tho mon A||on
mont|onod ho m|ght havo sharod convorsat|ons w|th about Zod|ac. l th|nk A||on |n|t|a||y assumod K|ddor and 1uckor had t|ppod tho po||co,'
Vu|anax sa|d. 1hat's why ho vo|untoorod tho|r namos so prompt|y.'
Yoah,' sa|d 1osch|. l th|nk you'vo poggod |t. lt just took h|m a b|t |ongor to roa||zo ho shou|d havo boon th|nk|ng ot Chonoy and lanzaro||a.' 3ut a
|oad was a |oad, so tho dotoct|vos hust|od ovor to tho Groator va||ojo locroat|on 0|str|ct, whoro K|ddor and 1uckor workod. lt A||on had prod|ctod
Zod|ac's com|ng to Chonoy, maybo ho had dono tho samo w|th K|ddor or 1uckor. Vu|anax s||d |nto a spot r|ght |n tront ot 80b Amador 3troot, and
thoy wont |ns|do |ook|ng tor K|ddor. 1uckor m|ght bo tho Gonora| 3uporv|sor tor tho locroat|on 0|str|ct, but K|ddor was h|s boss.
0o you know Arthur lo|gh A||on?' 1osch| askod K|ddor. K|ddor's namo had appoarod on toachor's app||cat|ons lo|gh t||od w|th tho Ca|avoras
Un|t|od 3choo| 0|str|ct on 0ocombor 28, 100b, and 1uno 18, 1000.
3uro,' ho sa|d.
|as lo|gh ovor mont|onod tho Zod|ac caso?'
1o my know|odgo, l novor d|scussod tho caso w|th h|m. |o was torma||y omp|oyod by tho locroat|on 0|str|ct as a ||toguard and trampo||no
|nstructor.' Chonoy cont|rmod that somot|mo |ator. A||on was go|ng around toach|ng k|ds on tho trampo||no. |o ||kod that. |o was vory adopt on tho
trampo||no and a romarkab|o sw|mmor and d|vor-a champ|on on tho d|v|ng board. |o was suporb at any ath|ot|c act|v|ty that d|d not |nvo|vo
wa|k|ng or runn|ng-A||on was not good at runn|ng. At that t|mo, wo|| |nto h|s th|rt|os, ho was st||| act|vo, at |oast w|th tho trampo||no, wh||o ho was |n
va||oy 3pr|ngs. |o wou|d sot |t up |n tho tront yard and ho |ovod gott|ng a bunch ot k|ds and coach|ng thom.'
A||on |ott Gvl0 tor tho samo roason ho had |ott Wogan's stat|on-h|s |nappropr|ato act|ons toward sma|| ch||dron. l had roco|vod numorous
comp|a|nts trom concornod paronts about acts ho had mado toward tho|r ch||dron,' sa|d K|ddor. 3ut no torma| comp|a|nt was ovor |odgod to tho
po||co about A||on's act|ons, no ormo| comp|a|nt anyway. As rocont|y as throo wooks ago, lh|| 1uckor and l had a d|scuss|on about A||on bo|ng a
suspoct |n tho Zod|ac murdors. 1h|s ta|k camo about pr|mar||y bocauso ot A||on's suspoctod poss|b|||ty ot bo|ng a soxua| dov|ato. 1hat and h|s
phys|ca| doscr|pt|on. Wo both cons|dorod A||on a |onor typo.'
|ad o|thor K|ddor or 1uckor boon tho or|g|na| |ntormant to lynch and lundb|ad? 1uckor had roportod|y gono to schoo| w|th A||on at Ca| lo|y at
3an lu|s Ob|spo. |o wou|d know moro. 1osch| askod tor 1uckor to bo summonod to K|ddor's ott|co so thoy cou|d ask h|m tho samo quost|ons.
1uckor ro|atod that ho had known A||on about t|vo yoars. l|outonant |ustod ot tho vl0 |ator to|d mo moro about 1uckor. 1uckor and A||on otton
ta|kod w|th oach othor about doath and about murdor tor sa|o,' ho sa|d. l havo a 1071 app||cat|on t|||od out by A||on tor a job as a lodoo
[Ca||torn|a| sorv|co stat|on attondant, 1uckor's namo on |t. 1uckor's namo |s on a|| ot thom. l tound |t |n tho marg|ns ot ono app||cat|on. vory ro||ab|o
guy, 1uckor.'
1uckor cont|rmod to 1osch| that lo|gh was oqua||y prot|c|ont w|th both hands and amb|doxtrous as an adu|t. 1h|s sk||| w|th both hands m|ght
oxp|a|n why lo|gh's handpr|nt|ng d|d not match Zod|ac's. Zod|ac, a born |ott|o, was wr|t|ng w|th h|s r|ght hand. ||s handwr|t|ng |s not roa| good,'
sa|d 1uckor, and so ho pr|nts most th|ngs.'
3o, lo|gh cou|d wr|to and shoot w|th both hands?' sa|d 1osch|.
Yos,' 1uckor adm|ttod, thon addod, |or tho |ast two yoars, A||on has brought up tho Zod|ac caso |n convorsat|on. l too| ho has an |ntorost |n tho
caso.' |o sat back and thought. l romombor on ono occas|on ho had to|d mo that po||co cons|dorod h|m a suspoct.'
1o your know|odgo, d|d A||on havo an |ntorost |n guns?' 1osch| askod 1uckor.
|o sa|d ho d|d havo. |o ownod two handguns. Ono was a rovo|vor, tho othor somo typo ot automat|c. l don't know tho ca||bors bocauso l don't
havo much ot a know|odgo ot guns myso|t. l th|nk tho guns |n h|s homo m|ght bo .22-ca||bor rovo|vors, and l saw at |oast ono automat|c. l roca|| that
ho d|scussod hav|ng a spoc|a| ||ght attachod to a gun barro| so that a porson cou|d shoot accurato|y at n|ght. On moro than ono occas|on ho
adm|ttod to shoot|ng w|th spoc|a| s|ghts tor t|r|ng |n tho dark.'
1osch| rubbod tho back ot h|s nock. Anothor port|on ot Chonoy's story had boon corroboratod. lt was ovon hottor.
Anothor t|mo, about o|ghtoon months ago,' cont|nuod 1uckor, my w|to and l v|s|tod lo|gh |n h|s homo. |o mado a romark that ho had somoth|ng
ho wou|d ||ko to show us. 'l on|y show th|s part|cu|ar th|ng to vory corta|n poop|o,' ho sa|d. Or somoth|ng to that ottoct. |o thon took a papor trom a
gray mota| box ho had gotton trom h|s bodroom. 1h|s papor was handpr|ntod and conta|nod sovora| pagos ot |oga| torm|no|ogy and sovora| pagos
ot |ottors wh|ch had symbo|s or codos or cryptograms on thom. |o sa|d thoy porta|nod to a porson who had boon comm|ttod to Atascadoro tor
mo|ost|ng a ch||d. 1h|s papor ramb|od on and on |n |anguago ot a |oga| naturo, that sort ot torm|no|ogy, th|s and that. lt was about th|s porson hav|ng
boon botrayod by h|s attornoy. l not|cod |n th|s scr|pt thoro woro var|ous symbo|s usod by Zod|ac |n h|s codod mossagos.'
1osch| noddod. |o d|dn't t|nd |t unusua| that 1uckor cou|d rocogn|zo tho symbo|s as Zod|ac-||ko. 1ho k|||or's throo-part c|phor had boon w|do|y
ropr|ntod. On 1uno 20, 1070, tho approx|mato t|mo ot 1uckor's v|s|t, tho Cbroolc|o had pub||shod a now Zod|ac two-||no c|phor. l on|y oxprossod
po||to |ntorost |n tho papor,' sa|d 1uckor, but my w|to showod gonu|no |ntorost. 3ho tound tho symbo|s or codos or cryptograms unusua|. 3ho
askod h|m |t sho m|ght borrow tho papor to study |t, but ho rotusod to a||ow hor to tako tho papor. |o d|d prom|so to havo a copy mado to g|vo hor.'
And d|d ho?' askod 1osch|.
lo, ho novor d|d.'
0o you know |t A||on has ovor ownod a 100b-'00 brown Corva|r?'
lot to my know|odgo,' ho rop||od.
l soo,' sa|d 1osch|.
3ut l d|d,' sa|d 1uckor.
You d|d?' sa|d 1osch|, whoo||ng. You ownod a 100b brown Corva|r?'
0|d you ovor |oan th|s car to A||on?'
lo, l havon't. At tho t|mo l had two cars, tho Corva|r and tho lont|ac. l |ot h|m uso my lont|ac on occas|on. l was ||v|ng |n 3orko|oy at that t|mo. ln
tho summor ot 1000 l |ott tho Corva|r parkod at tho l|cht|o|d 3orv|co 3tat|on at lobraska and 3roadway [|n va||ojo| tor about two wooks. l was
try|ng to so|| |t. l |ott tho koys at tho stat|on and at th|s part|cu|ar t|mo A||on was omp|oyod as an attondant at that stat|on.'
Exact|y whon |n tho summor d|d you |oavo your car?'
l can't roca|| tho oxact t|mo, but |t was m|d-summor ot 1000.'
1uckor roco||octod that throo wooks pr|or, Karon, lo|gh A||on's s|stor-|n-|aw, had v|s|tod and wantod h|m to spoak to A||on on hor boha|t. 1ho
tam||y had gotton anothor comp|a|nt about h|s rocont |nvo|vomont w|th a ch||d,' 1uckor sa|d. l wont to A||on's homo and spoko to h|m about
rosum|ng psych|atr|c troatmont. |owovor, l was unsuccosstu| and so l washod my hands ot h|m. l to|d h|m, 'l don't want you to como around my
homo |n tho tuturo. Our assoc|at|on |s at an ond.''
1osch| stud|od h|s 1|mox, anx|ous to comparo notos w|th Armstrong. |o v|sua||zod h|s partnor oqua||y anx|ous to got on h|s motorb|ko and tako
to tho suburban d|rt tra||s, tho warm sun |n h|s taco. 1ho ruggod tra|| wou|d ratt|o tho cobwobs trom h|s hoad. On wookonds, as a d|vors|on trom
stross, Armstrong tocusod on sa|vag|ng h|s porpotua||y w||t|ng backyard gardon. As tor Vu|anax, ho was as t|rod up as ho had boon days ago. low
ho was |ntorostod |n contact|ng Vrs. 1uckor as soon as poss|b|o. |o wantod to soo what sho roca||od about tho pr|nt|ng |ns|do tho gray box. |o
rang hor trom K|ddor's ott|co, and |oarnod sho was work|ng tho gravoyard sh|tt at an Oak|and hosp|ta|. 1hat moot|ng wou|d havo to bo postponod.
lnstoad, Vu|anax doc|dod to spoak w|th A||on's s|stor-|n-|aw, Karon A||on, a twonty-s|x-yoar-o|d tormor schoo|toachor. Vu|anax phonod Karon at hor
job and arrangod to havo hor como |nto tho va||ojo l.0. 3ho arr|vod prompt|y at 2:00 l.V. and took a soat.
lot mo to|| you why l askod you |n,' Vu|anax sa|d. On tho surtaco, Karon soomod surpr|sod that hor brothor-|n-|aw was suspoctod ot bo|ng tho
|ong-sought Zod|ac k|||or, but ottorod to g|vo whatovor ho|p sho cou|d. Vu|anax wondorod |t sho cou|d bo tho or|g|na| t|pstor. |o cont|rmod that
Karon know ot A||on's prooccupat|on w|th ch||dron. 3ho statod anothor th|ng pos|t|vo|y-hor brothor-|n-|aw hatod womon. |o has novor had a
sor|ous ro|at|onsh|p w|th a toma|o ot h|s own ago,' sho sa|d. 3andy lanzaro||a had vo|cod s|m||ar romarks. lo|gh just protondod to bo |ntorostod |n
womon,' ho sa|d. Evontua||y ho gavo up ovon that s|ondor protoxt.' var|ous womon lo|gh had datod attorward vo|cod tho samo op|n|on-tho|r
ro|at|onsh|p w|th h|m had on|y boon p|aton|c. ln most casos soxua| psychopaths havo tow soc|a| or soxua| att|||at|ons, and m|ght novor havo
oxpor|oncod norma| soxua| |ntorcourso. ln thoso uncommon |nd|v|dua|s, tor roasons unknown, aggross|vo and soxua| |mpu|sos |ntortw|no oar|y |n
ch||dhood. U|t|mato|y, thoso contusod too||ngs t|nd oxpross|on |n v|c|ous soxua| assau|ts and sad|st|c murdors. lack|ng a consc|onco, Zod|ac had
no romorso tor tho pa|n ho |nt||ctod on othors. 1ho|r pa|n br|ngs h|m p|oasuro.
Karon d|sc|osod that, attor hor marr|ago to lon, |t bocamo apparont that lo|gh v|owod hor as an |ntrudor. |o bo||ovod sho had como to soparato
h|m trom h|s brothor, and actua||y mado throats aga|nst hor. |o was spo||od and pamporod by h|s mothor,' sho sa|d w|th a traco ot b|ttornoss.
3ho doos h|s cook|ng, washos h|s c|othos, c|oans up attor h|m, and g|vos h|m monoy. 3ho ovon pa|d tor h|s two cars and two boats.' lt was odd
that A||on |ntonso|y d|s||kod h|s mothor no mattor what sho d|d tor h|m, and ovon strangor that ho had oxprossod such too||ngs to Karon, whom ho
v|owod as an |ntor|opor.
As tor 3orn|co A||on, sho had novor torgotton hor son's squandorod O|ymp|c potont|a|. lo|gh had boon a ta|ontod d|vor. 3ho's a|ways ragg|ng
mo about my wo|ght,' ho had snar|od to Chonoy and lanazaro||a. A compot|t|on photo ot h|m |n a va||ojo papor dop|ctod a s|ondor, a|most
handsomo young man w|th b|ond|sh ha|r. Othor p|cturos trom tho 1000s showod how much ho rosomb|od tho youngor, unamondod 3an |ranc|sco
Zod|ac compos|to draw|ng. lt lo|gh had not boon stoad||y ga|n|ng wo|ght, ho wou|d havo boon a doad r|ngor tor tho skotch. A||on's a|torod
appoaranco rom|ndod Vu|anax ot a ||no Zod|ac had wr|tton:

l |ook ||ko tho doscr|pt|on passod out on|y whon l do my th|ng, tho rost ot tho t|mo l |ook ont|r|o d|ttoront. l sha|| not to|| you what my d|sc|so
[d|sgu|so| cons|sts ot whon l k|||.'

Vu|anax passod cop|os ot Zod|ac's b|zarro notos to Karon. 3ho stud|od thom and sa|d sho had not|cod a papor w|th s|m||ar pr|nt|ng |n hor
brothor-|n-|aw's hand |n lovombor 1000. What |s that?' sho had askod. 1h|s |s tho work ot an |nsano porson,' lo|gh rop||od. l'|| show you |ator.'
As w|th tho 1uckors, ho novor d|d. |owovor, wh||o tho pr|nt|ng on tho Zod|ac |ottors was not tam|||ar to hor as bo|ng that ot hor brothor-|n-|aw, somo
phrasos woro. lo|gh had usod tho oxpross|on tr|ggor mach' |nstoad ot tr|ggor mochan|sm. ||na||y, sho thumbod to a copy ot an authont|catod
Chr|stmas card Zod|ac had ma||od to attornoy Vo|v|n 3o||| dur|ng a por|od whon tho mastor cr|m|na| wantod to g|vo h|mso|t up.
An |3l roport, 0ocombor 81, 1000, notod tho noto had not boon wr|tton as troo|y as tho othor throaton|ng |ottors |n th|s mattor.' |owovor, an
onc|osod b|ood-b|ackonod port|on ot a v|ct|m's sh|rt va||datod |t. Zod|ac's handwr|t|ng wos subjoct to chango and |n tho spaco ot months. At 1:b0
l.V. tho to||ow|ng day, a man |dont|ty|ng h|mso|t as Zod|ac ca||od tho sw|tchboard oporator at |3l hoadquartors |n 3acramonto, thon hung up attor
bog|nn|ng to namo somoono ho had just k|||od. '|appy Chr|stmass,'' Karon road a|oud trom tho photostat. l dot|n|to|y roca|| hav|ng roco|vod a card
at Chr|stmas trom my brothor-|n-|aw,' sho sa|d. '|appy Chr|stmass' was spo||od oxact|y tho samo way.'
Karon, ||ko 1uckor, cont|rmod A||on was |ott-handod. ||s o|omontary schoo| toachors attomptod to mako h|m r|ght-handod,' sho sa|d. |o
|oarnod to wr|to that way, but soon rovortod to wr|t|ng w|th h|s |ott hand.' Wh||o Vorr||| bo||ovod tho |ottors woro wr|tton r|ght-handod, ho suspoctod
that Zod|ac was natura||y |ott-handod. 1ho obscur|ng ottoct ot a to|t-t|p pon and a |ott-handod man pr|nt|ng t|rm|y and unnatura||y w|th h|s r|ght hand
m|ght oxp|a|n tho d|tt|cu|ty |n match|ng handpr|nt|ng to any suspoct. 3orgoant Vu|anax was hungry to |oarn moro.
Cou|d l drop by ton|ght whon your husband w||| bo homo?' ho sa|d. Wo want to ask h|m somo quost|ons too.' lona|d Gono A||on, a th|rty-two-
yoar-o|d |andscapo ong|noor, was curront|y attond|ng 3orko|oy Co||ogo. |o had attondod Ca| lo|y trom ta|| 1000 unt|| ta|| 1008, whon ho atta|nod a
bacho|or ot sc|onco dogroo. |o'|| bo |ato,' sho sa|d, but agrood that 8:00 l.V. wou|d bo convon|ont. Attor sho |ott, Vu|anax contactod Armstrong
and 1osch| and askod thom to rondozvous w|th h|m at 210 Aragon 3troot |n va||ojo that n|ght. An a|roady |ong day was grow|ng |ongor.
Vu|anax roachod tho homo t|rst. lt was just ott Co|umbus larkway, wh|ch |od d|roct|y |nto 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs to tho north. |o suspoctod Zod|ac
had usod tho parkway as an oscapo routo attor tho 1u|y |ourth shoot|ngs. Vu|anax stood |n tho doop shadows ot tho p|oasant troo-||nod cu|-do-sac.
3omowhoro |n h|s cozy ||tt|o town, tho most cunn|ng cr|m|na| ho had ovor como across was wa|t|ng. A coo| w|nd b|ow |n trom 3an lab|o 3ay. |o
scannod tho hodgos and toncos, unab|o to shako thoughts ot a watchor. ||ttoon m|nutos |ator, 1osch| and Armstrong roachod lon and Karon's
homo and tound Vu|anax a|roady |ns|do and g|ad to bo |n tho ||ght.
As Karon had dono, lon ottorod to ho|p |n tho |nvost|gat|on |t ho cou|d. Vu|anax bo||ovod h|s ottor to bo s|ncoro. 3ut l can't bo||ovo my brothor |s
a sor|ous suspoct |n tho caso,' ho sa|d. At t|rst, ho ottorod ||tt|o on o|thor s|do ot tho sca|o as to h|s brothor's gu||t or |nnoconco. l am wo||
acqua|ntod w|th your sourco ot |ntormat|on.' 3o, thought 1osch|, tho |ntormants, Chonoy and lanzaro||a, had spokon w|th lon botoro tho Vanhattan
3oach l.0. |o d|d not know that Chonoy and lon had boon roommatos |n co||ogo. 1hoy aro rospons|b|o poop|o,' tho brothor adm|ttod. 1hoy
wou|dn't havo mado such statomonts |t thoy woro not truo.' |o a|so oxp|a|nod that ho had roco|vod a comp|a|nt trom ono ot tho |ntormants that A||on
had mado |mpropor advancos toward ono ot h|s ch||dron. |o has a dot|n|to prob|om as tar as ch||dron aro concornod and ho doos dr|nk to
oxcoss.' 1hough lon d|dn't say so outr|ght, Vu|anax rosorvod tho poss|b|||ty that a porsona| mot|vo m|ght bo boh|nd somo ot tho accusat|ons
aga|nst A||on. 1hat wou|d oxp|a|n many th|ngs and |t wou|d moan thoy woro on tho wrong track. |ow sor|a| k|||ors drank to oxcoss. lt had somoth|ng
to do w|th tho |ack ot contro|.
lon cont|rmod that A||on's two rovo|vors woro .22-ca||bor. Zod|ac had usod a .22-ca||bor automat|c p|sto| dur|ng tho lako |orman load
hom|c|dos, but trom thon on had usod var|ous 0-mm automat|cs, a .4b-ca||bor woapon, and ovon a kn|to. 1hough lon had novor soon any ot tho
handpr|nt|ng 1uckor had mont|onod, ho had obsorvod tho gray box. At ono po|nt |t, ho roca||od, had boon kopt |n h|s o|d room.
lon and h|s w|to woro vory cooporat|vo,' 1osch| sa|d |ator. What l hoard |s that ho [A||on| was not c|oso to h|s mothor, that ho just ||vod |n tho
houso, that's tho on|y p|aco ho had. A||on, wo |oarnod attorward, had many woapons and, ||ko tho brothor sa|d, was vory tam|||ar w|th tho roads and
s|do roads a|| around tho aroa. lator, Karon just to|t that hor brothor-|n-|aw was tho ono wo woro |ook|ng tor and that va||ojo l.0. k|nd ot just k|ssod
h|m ott, and that d|sturbod mo. Wo had to work w|th thoso othor dotoct|vos, and |t bothorod mo that thoy to|t wo woro tho b|g-c|ty dotoct|vos whon |n
tact wo novor camo across that way at a||.'
1ho throo po||comon |ott. lon to||owod thom out and prom|sod aga|n to do anyth|ng ho cou|d to ass|st. |o was as ho|ptu| as h|s b|g brothor had
boon at tho rot|nory that morn|ng. 1osch| |ookod back. lon appoarod a |ono|y and worr|od t|guro undor tho porch ||ght. lt was now 10:00 l.V.
1osch| roachod h|s 3unsot 0|str|ct homo soon attor, k|ssod Caro| good n|ght, |ookod |n on h|s throo daughtors, l|nda, Karon, and 3usan, and
craw|od |nto bod. Evory bono |n h|s body achod and cr|od tor s|oop, but ho tossod and turnod a|| n|ght. |o cou|d not got that watch out ot h|s m|nd.
And a no|ghbor had soon a b|oody kn|to, dy|ng on|y days attor g||mps|ng tho b|ado.
Wodnoaday, Auguat 11, 1071
At 11:00 A.N., Vu|anax got ho|d ot 3ob luco, ownor-oporator ot tho Arco stat|on at 040 3roadway |n va||ojo. Vu|anax to|d luco, l'm conduct|ng an
|nvost|gat|on on a tormor omp|oyoo.' |o d|d not to|| h|m why r|ght ott.
lo|gh workod tor mo on a part-t|mo schodu|o tor about ha|t a yoar,' luco oxp|a|nod, but tondod to bo undopondab|o. And thoro woro thoso
comp|a|nts about h|m and ch||dron . . . ho soomod too |ntorostod |n sma|| g|r|s. ln Apr|| [1000| ho camo to work drunk aga|n-onco too otton tor mo. l
t|rod h|m.' Vu|anax wondorod |t tho job |oss had proc|p|tatod tho 1u|y 4, 1000, 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs shoot|ngs by Zod|ac. Vu|anax |a|d h|s cards on
tho tab|o. 1h|s was unusua|. l know Vu|anax protty wo||,' 3awart to|d mo. Vu|anax was a k|nd ot a c|oso-to-tho-vost guy.'
Vu|anax brought up tho poss|b|||ty that A||on m|ght havo usod lh|| 1uckor's car to comm|t a Zod|ac murdor. 1uckor had h|s car horo a|| r|ght, but
|t wasn't tor as |ong as two wooks,' luco sa|d. lo, that's not r|ght.' 1uckor h|mso|t hadn't kopt a rocord ot tho datos, and Vu|anax bad|y noodod
luco's ropa|r |nvo|co. ln sp|to ot a d|||gont soarch, thoy cou|d not uncovor tho oxact days tho Corva|r had boon |ott ovorn|ght at tho stat|on. On tho
1u|y 4, 1000, dato ot tho 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs shoot|ngs, A||on was no |ongor work|ng at tho Arco stat|on, and so tho ropa|r rocord d|dn't mattor-
un|oss lo|gh had kopt a sot ot koys to tho stat|on or mado h|s own.
At b:00 that ovon|ng, Vu|anax contactod 1uckor's w|to, 1oan, at hor homo. 1oan substant|atod hor husband's story about tho gray box and tho
papors tuckod |ns|do. l had boon vory |ntorostod |n tho contont ot tho papors,' sho sa|d, s|nco l was propar|ng tor a co||ogo psycho|ogy oxam.
lo|gh oxp|a|nod ho had roco|vod thoso papors trom a pat|ont at Atascadoro, and l sa|d my |ntorost was d|roctod toward tho work|ng ot th|s
porson's m|nd. l was |mprossod by tho noatnoss and oxactnoss ot tho pr|nt|ng and ot tho arcano symbo|s.'
1ho dotoct|vo showod hor Zod|ac c|phors c||ppod trom throo 3ay Aroa papors. 1oan |dont|t|od numorous symbo|s as bo|ng tho samo as thoso
on papors A||on had showod hor. |or roco||oct|on was that thoso woro drawn w|th a to|t-t|p pon. At b:80 1uckor roturnod trom work and Vu|anax
showod h|m tho samo cryptograms. |o too thought corta|n symbo|s |ookod tho samo as thoso A||on had shown h|m.
And wo st||| havon't boon ab|o to track down tho oxact dato you |ott your Corva|r at tho Arco stat|on,' sa|d Vu|anax.
l d|dn't havo any |uck o|thor,' 1uckor sa|d, but l do romombor that whon my car was not so|d, l |ott |t parkod |n tront ot my tathor-|n-|aw's houso tor
a cons|dorab|o por|od ot t|mo. lt's poss|b|o that A||on cou|d havo dr|von tho car dur|ng th|s por|od, but l don't know |t ho d|d. Vy |n-|aws aro |n
Europo now, and whon thoy got back l'|| ask thom |t thoy know.' 1ho |n-|aws know lo|gh A||on as a tr|ond ot tho|r son-|n-|aw, and wou|d not havo
thought |t strango to soo h|m around tho Corva|r. 1uckor bogan to spoak moro troo|y ot h|s tormor omp|oyoo.
lo|gh |s a sch|zophron|c porsona||ty,' 1uckor sa|d. 0ur|ng lo|gh's thorapy t|vo d|ttoront porsona||t|os had boon tound. At t|mos ho actua||y
sooms to ||vo tho part ot whatovor ||toraturo ho's road|ng. |o can to|| a ||o and actua||y bo||ovo what ho |s to|||ng |s tho truth.' Vu|anax's oyobrows
wont up. 1h|s was a vory |ntorost|ng ta|ont-ono that m|ght stand a ||o dotoctor on |ts hoad. Onco moro Vu|anax hoard that A||on tru|y hatod womon
and had sa|d so on many occas|ons. lo ono hatod womon as much as Zod|ac. 1ho on|y v|ct|ms that had managod to surv|vo had boon mon.
1huraday, Auguat 12, 1071
|n tho morning Vu|anax typod up h|s roports and stud|od tho var|ous stor|os ro|atod to h|m about tho bost Zod|ac suspoct yot. lhys|ca||y, lo|gh
matchod Zod|ac-trom ha|r co|or|ng to wo|ght to ho|ght to woar|ng tho oxact s|zo ot tho k|||or's un|quo t||ght-||no W|ng Wa|kor boots. C|rcumstant|a|
ov|donco was compo|||ng: lo|gh had prod|ctod ho wou|d ca|| h|mso|t Zod|ac' and shoot coup|os |n |ovors' |anos |ong botoro thoro was a Zod|ac.
|o had spokon ot an o|octr|c gun s|ght' and p|ck|ng ott k|dd|os,' usod phrasos ||ko |appy Chr|stmass,' and tr|ggor mach' botoro Zod|ac had.
A||on woro a Zod|ac wr|stwatch and kopt Zod|ac-||ko symbo|s |n a gray box. l|ko Zod|ac, ho was onamorod ot 1ho Vost 0angorous Gamo.' |o
had boon hoadod tor lako 3orryossa tho day ot tho stabb|ngs and boon soon w|th a b|oody kn|to. Vu|anax d|d not know that A||on and h|s tormor
tr|ond, 0on Chonoy, had otton t|y-t|shod at C|oar lako and Grass va||oy, and onco at 3orryossa. Wo t|shod |n a stroam bo|ow tho |ako and t|tty
yards trom whoro wo parkod,' ho |ator to|d mo. lt was crowdod tho ono t|mo wo wont.' lot on|y d|d lo|gh havo tr|onds |n thoso aroas, a man and a
woman at C|oar lako, tor |nstanco, but thoro had boon a rocont murdor at a|| throo.
Voanwh||o, at tho rot|nory, A||on was |n a rago-bocauso ot tho quost|on|ng, ho was corta|n ho wou|d bo t|rod trom h|s job at Un|on O||. Whon
Vclamara had ca||od h|m |nto h|s ott|co, lo|gh had known h|s days thoro woro numborod.
Friday, Auguat 18, 1071
Attor tho two authont|catod |ottors |n Varch, a|| corrospondonco trom Zod|ac had coasod. lo||co |n tour count|os spocu|atod Zod|ac m|ght havo
boon arrostod tor anothor cr|mo, |nst|tut|ona||zod, or d|od. lonotho|oss, Vu|anax cont|nuod to p|ow through tho t||os. |or just ovor a wook ho had
boon sook|ng a rocord ot any ott|cor quost|on|ng lo|gh A||on back |n 1000. 3orgoant lynch had not yot roca||od quost|on|ng lo|gh. ||s moot|ng at
Cavo 3choo| w|th tho sk|n-d|v|ng chom|st consumod on|y two paragraphs |n tho contor ot a s|ng|o pago. As tho towor|ng shoavos ot papor bocamo
an ava|ancho, that pago was bur|od |n an ovor-|ncroas|ng snowbank. Vanpowor strotchod to tho broak|ng po|nt, and ovoryono toarod Zod|ac m|ght
str|ko aga|n.
Wodnoaday, 5otombor 1, 1071
1ho 5FPD tarod scarco|y bottor than va||ojo. Armstrong and 1osch|, rout|no|y work|ng s|x murdors s|mu|tanoous|y, to|t at t|mos that tho 3ay Aroa
ho|d a tranch|so on hom|c|da| man|acs. 1osch|, |n sp|to ot onco bo|ng a t|tnoss |nstructor, was subjoct to bouts ot |||noss trom stross. |o was a
contrad|ct|on-ho was modost, but onjoyod tho ||mo||ght. 3omo n|ghts ho s||ppod on h|s a||-woathor ra|ncoat and |ush lupp|os, thon stro||od, hoad
down, through h|s 3unsot no|ghborhood. Othor n|ghts ho took |ong dr|vos down tho coast h|ghway, or s|umpod |n h|s oasy cha|r ||ston|ng to 3|g
3and 78s |n storoo. As ho dosporato|y tr|od to sort |t a|| out, ho roca||od that oxact|y o|ovon yoars ago today Ch|ot 1om Cah||| had s|gnod h|s
transtor to tho 3uroau ot lnspoctors. lt had boon tho socond happ|ost day ot h|s ||to.
Friday, 5otombor 17, 1071
Armatrong and 1oachi |ator ascorta|nod trom lon A||on that h|s brothor spont at |oast two days a wook at tho|r mothor's homo. A||on's mothor,
3orn|co, travo|od abroad troquont|y, hor tr|ps spann|ng many wooks. 1hoso oxcurs|ons, arrangod through tho va||ojo 1ravo| C|ub, woro t|nancod by
pons|on monoy trom lo|gh's rocont|y docoasod tathor. 0ur|ng h|s mothor's absonco, A||on wou|d ros|do a|ono at tho tam||y ros|donco. 1hough tho
upsta|rs was troo to h|m, ho st||| c|ung, |ooch||ko, to that dank, unkompt basomont bodroom whoro tho socrot box had boon storod. lt was as |t ho
woro guard|ng a tortross.
|owovor, 3orn|co had boon ||| and roma|nod homo. Out ot rospoct tor hor, tho po||co ho|d back trom soarch|ng hor homo. A||on was, attor a||, on|y
ono ot noar|y throo thousand Zod|ac suspocts. Wo woro a|ways concornod about h|s o|dor|y mothor who was not wo||,' 1osch| to|d mo. 1ho tam||y
had mont|onod |t sovora| t|mos and askod us not to go |n. 1ho brothor |s to|||ng us, 'l can soarch tho basomont myso|t. l know whoro ho koops th|ngs
ospoc|a||y whon ho's away.' 1ack Vu|anax novor wantod to ta|k sor|ous|y about a soarch warrant. |o had boon turnod down on handpr|nt|ng and on
t|ngorpr|nts. |o just sa|d, '|o suro |ooks good, but l don't ovon know |t l cou|d got a soarch warrant.''
Wo d|d not soarch tho ros|donco at h|s mothor ot 82 |rosno 3troot |n va||ojo,' wroto Armstrong |ator. Wo ro||od on h|s brothor, lon, who was
cooporat|ng w|th tho |nvost|gat|on, to |ook through A||on's room |n tho basomont ot th|s ros|donco. . . . lon had |ntormod us that ho had obsorvod
somo cryptogram-typo mator|a|s, but was unsuro |t thoy woro ro|atod to Zod|ac. lo turthor act|on was takon rogard|ng a soarch ot 82 |rosno and
tho basomont thoro.'
Whoovor Zod|ac was, ho had a co||ar whoro ho d|d h|s socrot and dov|||sh work. What you do not know,' ho sa|d |n an lovombor 0, 1000, |ottor
to tho Cbroolc|o, |s whothor tho doath mach|no |s at tho s|ght or whothor |t |s bo|ng storod |n my basomont tor turthor uso.' lo||co, dumbtoundod by
tho b|zarro throats ot tho doath mach|no' |ottor, sa|d at tho t|mo, Wo havo roason to bo||ovo ho's a man|ac. lt appoars to us that ho's k||||ng just tor
tho thr||| ot k||||ng.' On Apr|| 20, 1070, Zod|ac comp|a|nod ho had boon swampod out by tho ra|n wo had a wh||o back.' la|n m|ght t|ood a
basomont room. A burst p|po or wator hoator wou|d causo a s|m||ar |nundat|on. lo ono chockod to soo |t tho houso on |rosno 3troot had boon
t|oodod. 3ut what |t Zod|ac had not moant a propor basomont? Vob||o-homo dwo||ors ca|| tho aroa bonoath tho tra||or a basomont.' Wh||o |t |s
|||oga| to storo th|ngs thoro, |t |s dono a|| tho t|mo. 3omot|mos a ra|n pudd|o on tho road bocomos a swamp undor a tra||or. lo|gh had a tra||or ott-
whoo|s |n an anothor county, and tor ovor a yoar had boon squ|rro||ng away th|ngs undor |t. 1ho prob|om was that 1osch| and Armstrong woro not
on|y unawaro ot tho tra||or's |ocat|on, but |ts ox|stonco.
A||on's got to havo somop|aco whoro ho can stash and h|do th|ngs and bo corta|n no cop w||| ovor know whoro ho has ovoryth|ng,' Vu|anax to|d
What ho's go|ng to show us |s just th|ngs on tho surtaco,' rop||od 1osch|. And wo know that ho's |augh|ng at us on tho |ns|do.'
Vu|anax noddod.
Nonday, Novombor 22, 1071
Loigh waa arovod tor h|s lod Cross Cort|t|cato tor 3tandard ||rst A|d. 3|nco ho was constant|y boat|ng |n a sa|||ng c|ub, and cons|dor|ng
tak|ng up a|r jump|ng ovor wator, |t was a usotu| sk|||. Voanwh||o |n 3an |ranc|sco, 1osch| and Armstrong had mado scant progross |n tho throo and
a ha|t months s|nco tho quost|on|ng at tho o|| rot|nory. Apparont|y,' 1osch| to|d mo, A||on's tam||y st||| harborod gravo m|sg|v|ngs about h|m. 1ho
brothor and s|stor-|n-|aw woro vory concornod bocauso thoy soo that A||on |s st||| wa|k|ng around and don't know how thorough|y tho va||ojo lo||co
0opartmont wont |nto tho |nvost|gat|on. What wo d|dn't know was that thoy woro bu||d|ng up courago to spoak to us.
l cou|d a|ways to|| Kon lar|ow was a ||tt|o d|sturbod bocauso 3an |ranc|sco was gott|ng a|| tho b|g p|ay |n tho mod|a. Wo woro gott|ng moro work
too. Wh|ch wo d|dn't nood. 3ut |t was bocauso Armstrong and l woro gott|ng so much mod|a attont|on that lon and Karon |ator to|t r|ght |n ca|||ng
us. And |t put mo |n a vory procar|ous pos|t|on. l d|dn't want anyono th|nk|ng wo woro try|ng to monopo||zo tho caso. Vy God, wo had onough work
to do on our own w|thout mak|ng moro work out ot anothor jur|sd|ct|on. Wo woro gott|ng so many t|ps and phono ca||s just trom 3an |ranc|sco.
loop|o ca|||ng h|m 'tho 5oo lrooclsco Zod|ac k|||or,' whon thoro'ro mu|t|-count|os |nvo|vod. Zod|ac camo to us tor moro attont|on. |o wantod to soo
h|s namo thoro.' Voro than onco 1osch| wondorod, Why?'
1ho s|tuat|on was worso than on tho surtaco. Evory throo wooks 1osch| and Armstrong a|so had a |oad ot brand-now hom|c|dos to crack.
Unknown to thom, at that t|mo, A||on was no |ongor |n va||ojo. 1ho morn|ng ot lovombor 22, ho had travo|od south to 1orranco, whoro 0on Chonoy
||vod, porhaps tor a controntat|on. long attor, l askod Chonoy, 0o you havo any |doa why lo|gh v|s|tod 1orranco on lovombor 22, 1071?' 1horo
was a gasp ot surpr|so. lt l had known about |t at tho t|mo, |t wou|d havo worr|od mo,' Chonoy sa|d. And yot, though l was a|ways ||stod down |n
3outhorn Ca||torn|a, l novor got ono crank phono ca|| or throat attor po||co |ntorv|owod lo|gh.'
1uoaday, Novombor 28, 1071
PanzaroIIa novor roaIizod A||on was |n 1orranco. Evon |t ho had, |t wou|dn't havo mattorod. lanzaro||a was a coo| customor. |o hadn't boon
scarod whon Zod|ac wroto tho L.A. 7lmos, ovon though ho suspoctod A||on was tho author. Wh||o ho was |n town, lo|gh got |nto onough m|sch|ot
on |awthorno 3ou|ovard to bo arrostod tor d|sturb|ng tho poaco. Chonoy st||| cons|dorod Zod|ac's connoct|ons to unknown murdors |n 3outhorn
Ca||torn|a as poss|b|o and Zod|ac's connoct|on to A||on as vory probab|o.' 1hough A||on had t|os to tho aroa, most ot h|s movomonts down south
woro a mystory, at |oast to tho po||co.
Wodnoaday, Novombor 24, 1071
At timoa tho va||ojo l.0. had a sonso that tho 3|l0 was try|ng to troozo thom out and co||ar Zod|ac a|| by thomso|vos. va||ojo |s sma|| potatoos
comparod to 3an |ranc|sco,' 0otoct|vo 3awart to|d mo, but whon you tako and |ook at tho hom|c|do d|v|s|on |n 3an |ranc|sco, thoy'ro ||ko
anyth|ng o|so |n po||co work. 1hoy d|v|do up a|| tho murdor casos. Ono hom|c|do dotoct|vo thoro |s work|ng about tho samo amount ot casos as ono
hom|c|do dotoct|vo |n va||ojo. lt's gruo||ng.'
And |n 3an |ranc|sco, 1osch| was oqua||y unsuro ho was gott|ng ovoryth|ng va||ojo know. Vy thoughts woro,' ho oxp|a|nod, whon thoy wou|d
say, 'Wo||, wo ta|kod to th|s porson and that porson,' my m|nd was a|ways ||ko a m|nuto ahoad. l was say|ng to myso|t, '0|d you roa||y?' 3ocauso
whon l sa|d l ta|kod to somobody, you can bot a|| your good monoy on |t l d|d. l wou|d novor ||o about that.' |o bogan to toar tho Zod|ac |ntormat|on
h|ghway m|ght bo a ono-way stroot. And that was just tho way Zod|ac ||kod |t. 1ho k|||or protorrod to str|ko |n zonos ot contusod jur|sd|ct|on-
d|ttoront count|os, on bordor||nos, and |n un|ncorporatod w||dornoss aroas. |o countod on adjo|n|ng dopartmonts work|ng aga|nst oach othor, not
shar|ng |ntormat|on-tho moro tho morr|or. lt was a b|g caso, a compot|t|vo |nvost|gat|on. Evoryono wantod a p|oco ot |t and whoovor so|vod |t
wou|d bo tho Aco ot 0otoct|vos. Zod|ac, w|th h|s hugo ogo, countod on tho ogos ot po||comon to a||ow h|m to cont|nuo h|s doad|y work.
Armstrong and 1osch| cou|d not got lo|gh A||on ott tho|r m|nds, and sought to jump-start tho|r |nvost|gat|on. 1hoy noodod anothor t|p. Attor such a
prom|s|ng bog|nn|ng, 1osch| stud|od tho grow|ng taco ot tho moon. |o cou|d a|most hoar Zod|ac's |aughtor-tho |aughtor ot 3atan. And tho rust|o ot
that torr|b|o b|ack costumo.
arthur Ioigh aIIon
Arthur Loigh AIIon, born |n |ono|u|u, |awa||, 0ocombor 18, 1088, was a 3ag|ttar|us (lovombor 22-0ocombor 21). ||s zod|ac s|gn was 1ho
Archor, and ho bocamo an oxport w|th a bow and arrow. Wh||o Zod|ac woro g|assos, poss|b|y as a d|sgu|so, lo|gh raro|y d|d (though tho 0Vv
roqu|rod ho woar |onsos to dr|vo). ln 1004 lo|gh wo|ghod 18b pounds, but w|th|n throo yoars h|s wo|ght had ba||oonod drast|ca||y. 1ho photo on h|s
dr|vor's ||conso [#830728b2|, takon on Octobor 18, 1007, dop|ctod a moontacod th|rty-throo-yoar-o|d whoso wo|ght now yo-yood botwoon 280 and
2b0 pounds. A||on, |n 1007, ||stod h|s addross s|mp|y as a post ott|co box |n 3urson.
As tor lo|gh's chockorod oducat|ona| rocord, ho tru|y was a protoss|ona| studont.' |o attondod va||ojo 3on|or ||gh 3choo|, wh|ch sharod tho
samo bu||d|ng on Amador 3troot as tho jun|or co||ogo. Across tho stroot at 801 lobraska 3troot stood 1ho l|ungo, a va||ojo commun|ty sw|mm|ng
contor a|so sharod by h|gh schoo| and jun|or co||ogo studonts. 1horo, a s|ondor, good-|ook|ng A||on, a mombor ot tho wrost||ng toam, to||od at tho
poo| as a popu|ar ||toguard trom 10b0 through h|s graduat|on |n 10b1 and a short t|mo attor. lo|gh was a ho|| ot a d|vor,' ono studont roca||od, and
drovo a Cad|||ac.' A||on, dur|ng th|s por|od, bocamo |ntonso|y joa|ous ot h|s tr|ond, lobort Emmott, who was not on|y capta|n ot tho va||ojo ||gh
3choo| sw|mm|ng toam, but lo|gh's d|v|ng coach.
l know lo|gh my |ast two yoars ot h|gh schoo| and part ot my jun|or co||ogo yoar,' h|s c|oso tr|ond, Kay, to|d mo.l ||vod |n Carqu|noz and my to|ks,
about that t|mo, bought a houso |n town and l bocamo a 'town|o.' Vy dad workod as a t|roman, thon at Varo ls|and. lo|gh startod ottor|ng mo a ||tt to
and trom schoo| and soon was tak|ng any numbor ot our tr|onds |n h|s Cad|||ac. ln tact, l |oarnod to chango my t|rst t|ro on that car. lo|gh camo out
ot tho houso ono t|mo trom v|s|t|ng. |o says, 'Kay, havo you ovor changod a t|at botoro?' 'lo,' l sa|d. 'Wo||, thoro's no t|mo ||ko tho prosont,' ho
sa|d, thon sat and suporv|sod.
Othor t|mos wo'd go to tho poo|. lo|gh go|ng up tho |addor tor a h|gh d|vo wou|d causo |aughtor bocauso ho was bu||t sort ot poar-shapod and
ho wou|d go up tho |addor ||ko a woman wou|d. 1horo wou|d bo a |ot ot sn|ckor|ng |n tho crowd. And so ho wou|d wa|k to tho ond ot tho board ||ko ho
was go|ng to mako h|s d|vo. |o ca||od |t a 'Chango Your V|nd 0|vo.' |o wou|d go up, h|t tho board, turn and do a back t||p, |and|ng back on tho
board as |t ho had had socond thoughts. 1hon ho wou|d suddon|y shoot up |n a two and a ha|t torward somorsau|t, cutt|ng tho wator bo|ow w|thout a
r|pp|o. 1hat gymnast|c d|vo got tho crowd's attont|on tast. 1hoy d|dn't |augh anymoro! |o cou|d a|so start a tront d|vo, do |t back|ng up trom tho
board and ond up do|ng a back d|vo, but that was roa||y hard and ho m|ssod that qu|to otton.
lo|gh cut qu|to a t|guro w|th h|s Cad|||ac, h|s tr|ck d|vos, h|s wh|to dog, |rosty, and lotun|a, a skunk who was oot do-scontod. What ho roa||y
||kod to ta|k about w|th mo was mus|c and p|ays, anyth|ng trom comody to tarco, mystor|os to G||bort and 3u|||van.' Kay assumod lo|gh was gay as
ho raro|y datod. Whon ho d|d go out, ho brought a|ong h|s tathor. lo|gh wou|d g|vo a ca|| and wo'd tako ott to tho mov|os togothor,' sho roca||od,
lo|gh's tathor was vory grac|ous and took mo to symphon|os and p|ays w|th thom. l know tho tathor trom 'b8 through 'b0, a vory, vory gont|o man. l
mot lo|gh's mothor on|y a coup|o ot t|mos. 3ho novor mado horso|t v|s|b|o. l saw hor at sw|m moots. l ||kod to go and |ook at tho guys. lo|gh was
oxtromo|y |nto|||gont, a|most scary somot|mos. |o was a br|ght to||ow, but h|s brothor lon was tho go|don boy. ||s mothor wou|dn't havo much to do
w|th lo|gh. l wasn't ovor pr|vy to tho t|ghts, but l was pr|vy to tho co|d shou|dors. Commandor A||on wou|d ask hor |t sho wantod to go a|ong w|th us
and sho'd snap, 'Why?' 3omot|mos lon wont w|th us and l wou|d havo thought sho wou|d havo boon g|ad to go. 3omot|mos lo|gh spoko ot a g|r|
namod 3obb|o who had 'brokon h|s hoart.' 3obb|o was lo|gh's t|rst b|g |ovo, and ho usod to just ta|k |n g|ow|ng co|ors about hor. 3ho was tho |ovo
ot h|s ||to.'
3obb|o's daughtor |ator to|d mo ot hor mothor's tr|ondsh|p w|th lo|gh A||on. 3ho was a d|vor whoso p|cturo otton appoarod |n va||ojo papors |n
tho sports soct|on botwoon 10b2 to 10b7,' sho sa|d. 3omot|mos A||on's p|cturo was a|ongs|do hors |n tho papor. l th|nk ho was a p|attorm d|vor
and a wrost|or. vory c|umsy wa|k whon wa|k|ng down tho d|v|ng board, ho |ookod torr|b|o unt|| ho |ott tho board and dovo. 1hon ho was vory gracotu|.
3ut whon wa|k|ng ho was torr|b|y |umbor|ng. |o had a tunny h|p. ln caso you don't a|roady know.' |aro|d |uttman, lo|gh's ch||dhood tr|ond, thought
lo|gh's t|uctuat|ng wo|ght causod tho ||mp.
lo|gh attondod va||ojo 1un|or Co||ogo, major|ng |n tho ||bora| arts, and bocamo A||-Amor|can 0|v|ng Champ thoro. On 3optombor 18, 10b4, ho
onro||od at Ca||torn|a lo|ytochn|c 3tato Un|vors|ty at 3an lu|s Ob|spo. 0ur|ng tho 10b0s and 1000s Ca| lo|y 3an lu|s Ob|spo was att|||atod w|th
Ca| lo|y lomona, whoro 0on Chonoy, 3andy lanzaro||a, and lo|gh's brothor, lon, stud|od. lo|gh's pa|, |aro|d |uttman, was a|roady down thoro
attond|ng U3C and coach|ng ovory sport ho cou|d. |or awh||o lo|gh had d|tt|cu|ty choos|ng botwoon an ong|noor|ng or phys|ca| oducat|on major.
3|nco h|s math sk|||s provod too moagor tor ong|noor|ng, ho doc|dod to tocus on phys|ca| oducat|on. U|t|mato|y, ho sott|od on o|omontary oducat|on
as h|s major. On 1uno 10, 10b0, at tho ond ot h|s torm, ho usod h|s summor broak to on||st |n tho lavy.
|o roco|vod h|s assoc|ato ot arts dogroo trom va||ojo 1un|or Co||ogo |n 10b7. |o roturnod to Ca| lo|y trom 1anuary 10b0 unt|| 1uno 18, 10b0,
and oxco||od. |o bocamo tho 3tato Co||ogo 1rampo||no Champ|on tor Contra| Ca||torn|a and Contra| Ca||torn|a 3poar ||sh|ng Champ. On 1u|y 27,
10b0, A||on app||od at tho 3tato 0opartmont ot Educat|on |n 3acramonto tor a pos|t|on, but by 1anuary 4, 1000, was back study|ng at 3an lu|s
Ob|spo. |o roma|nod unt|| 1uno 1000, whon ho bogan work at |omot Vonta| |osp|ta| on|y twonty m||os trom l|vors|do. Ono good th|ng had
rosu|tod trom h|s br|ot lavy st|nt-ho was ab|o to study on tho G.l. 3||| at Ca| lo|y trom 1anuary 1001 unt|| Varch 1001.
On 1uno 10, 1001 ho app||od at tho 3tato lorsonno| 3oard |n 3acramonto as a psych|atr|c tochn|ca| tra|noo, 0opartmont ot Vonta| |yg|ono, and
br|ot|y bocamo a psych|atr|c toachor at Atascadoro. 1horo ho bocamo tr|ond|y w|th a conv|ctod murdoror who had boon ja||od tor sovora| yoars. |o
|ator sa|d thoy oxchangod samp|os ot codo. A||on graduatod trom Ca| lo|y w|th a bacho|or's |n oducat|on (3.E.) on 0ocombor 1b, 1001. On|y s|x
un|ts shy ot a mastor's dogroo, ho soomod unab|o to t|na||y sovor h|s t|os w|th co||ogo ||to. 0ur|ng th|s t|mo, ho ownod hunt|ng r|t|os, at |oast two .22-
ca||bor p|sto|s, and, truo to h|s Zod|ac s|gn ot 3ag|ttar|us, a hunt|ng bow and arrows.
|rom 10b0 to 1008, lo|gh, st||| |n tho procoss ot obta|n|ng h|s toach|ng crodont|a|s, had var|ous jobs. |o taught tourth grado and l.E. at 3anta
losa 3choo| |n Atascadoro just north ot Ca| lo|y. l roa||y onjoyod toach|ng o|omontary schoo| k|ds,' ho sa|d. Vy k|ds d|d wo||-ono ||tt|o g|r| |n tho
th|rd grado know tonth-grado math by tho t|mo sho graduatod. Vy ont|ro c|ass cou|d road at sovonth-grado |ovo|. l suro |ovod work|ng w|th
o|omontary schoo| k|ds.'
Voanwh||o, lanzaro||a, Chonoy, and lo|gh's brothor, lon, woro attond|ng tho Ca| lo|y campus |n lomona togothor. lanzaro||a's major t|o|d ot
study was o|octron|c ong|noor|ng, Chonoy's was mochan|ca| ong|noor|ng, and lon's, |andscapo arch|tocturo. 1hoy sharod a rontod houso to cut
costs. ln 1001-1002,' Chonoy attorward to|d mo,wo a|| woro ||v|ng |n a tour-bodroom houso w|th two studonts namod 3||| and 1oo. Wo had two
guys |n tho ono |argor bodroom-lon and l s|opt thoro. 1hoso woro good t|mos.
lon had a good sonso ot humor, ho was ontorta|n|ng and a tun guy. Evoryono ||kod h|m. |o was a vory oasygo|ng guy and a notor|ous
undorach|ovor. |o was vory wo|| |a|d back. |o was br||||ant |n h|s |andscapo arch|toct|ng work at schoo|, but ho d|dn't koop h|s grado po|nt avorago
up. |o passod somo coursos, but not w|th t|y|ng co|ors, so ho had to stay at Ca| lo|y tor qu|to a wh||o so that ho cou|d got h|s avorago up to
graduato. |o wou|d do vory wo|| |n othor coursos, but ho cou|d novor got around to tak|ng tho t|na|. |o draggod on and on. |o novor mado |t to oar|y
morn|ng c|assos. |o had an a|arm c|ock-ono ot thoso 3|g 3ons w|th tho groat b|g gongs on tho top ot |t-that th|ng wou|d r|ng, wou|d run down
and stop r|ng|ng, and ho wou|dn't tw|tch.
Ca| lo|y lomona was about two m||os away to tho wost, and l rodo a b|ko to schoo| oach day. 3andy graduatod |n tho spr|ng ot 1004, but l
novor actua||y graduatod. l shou|d havo graduatod |n tho w|ntor ot 1004. l t|n|shod up and had a prob|om w|th my son|or projoct and l w|mpod out on
that, d|dn't do |t.
1hat houso |s whoro 3andy and l t|rst mot lo|gh. lt was 1002. l was st||| s|ng|o thon, and marr|od Ann |ator that yoar. l romombor that ono t|mo
ospoc|a||y. lo|gh had just ro||od |n thoro trom l|vors|do. |o had boon attond|ng sports car rac|ng. |o wont ovory yoar tor tho b|g raco thoy ho|d
down thoro |n tho oar|y summor. l wont w|th lon and lo|gh togothor ono t|mo. ln tact, tho on|y sport|ng ovonts lo|gh and l wont to togothor woro road
rac|ng. |o troquontod laguna 3oca, vacav|||o, and l|vors|do. |o was a studont thoro. lo|gh ownod an Aust|n |oa|oy and usod to go to a dr|v|ng
schoo| |n l|vors|do, attor tak|ng thoso |ossons ho kopt commut|ng down thoro tor tho racos.'
Friday, Nay 80, 1008
Loigh AIIon aid an unoxpoctod v|s|t to tho houso |n 3outhorn Ca||torn|a. l romombor lo|gh camo down to v|s|t us,' lanzaro||a to|d mo. lo|gh
was not ||v|ng |n tho lomona aroa, but had just como down to lomona that wookond. l thought |t was odd at tho t|mo. And ho had a machoto |n tho
car. |or no part|cu|ar roason, ho wa|kod |n w|thout a word and s|ammod |t |nto tho countor and tr|od to scaro ovorybody. Ono ot my roommatos, 1oo
0andurand, was thoro. Vy ox-w|to was thoro whon |t happonod. lon was somowhoro |n tho houso. 1hat was just botoro l |ott at tho ond ot tho
somostor and lon and l wont and got a p|aco togothor |n Wa|nut. l st||| th|nk about lo|gh com|ng to lomona to v|s|t just botoro tho boy and g|r| woro
murdorod. 1hat's croopy.'
Nonday, Juno 8, 1008
|n tho morning, lo|gh curta||od h|s v|s|t and startod back to Atascadoro, whoro 3anta losa E|omontary 3choo| was c|os|ng tor tho summor. |o
|ntondod to pack up, thon roturn to va||ojo that day. |oad|ng north on ||ghway 101, on a d|roct ||no to Atascadoro, ho c||mbod trom vontura to
3anta 3arbara, pass|ng Go|ota, thon E| Cap|tan 3oach, and c|os|ng on lotug|o 3oach. 1ho 3anta Ynoz Vounta|ns |oomod to tho northoast, and
turthor oast and tar boyond-los ladros lat|ona| |orost. 3and b|ow across tho d|v|dod b|acktop and gu||s whoo|od |n tho sky. ln p|acos tho north
and south |anos woro no|ghbor|y, runn|ng s|do by s|do w|th oach othor, but |n spots thoy w|donod away. A gray m|st swopt |n trom tho soa. 1hoy'vo
got mo soarch|ng my momory tor b|ank spots, tor |apsos,' A||on wou|d say yoars |ator. Ahoad ho saw a turnout, just at tho po|nt whoro 101 |oavos
tho boach. ||s oyos strayod ovor tho d|v|do to 101 southbound. 3oyond was tho boach. |o was now throo m||os south ot tho Gav|ota 1unno|.
robort domingoa and Iinda odwarda
Nonday, Juno 8, 1008
1hroo miIoa aouth ot tho Gav|ota 1unno|, an attract|vo toonago coup|o, lobort Goorgo 0om|ngos and l|nda |ayo Edwards, swung onto an oak-
||nod turnout just ott southbound 101. 0om|ngos pu||od h|s gray lont|ac ovor and tho |augh|ng coup|o p||od out, rad|ant |n tho|r youth and prom|so.
1hoy had |ott homo, ostons|b|y tor a lompoc ||gh 3choo| son|ors' 0|tch 0ay' graduat|on party. lnstoad, tho coup|o |ntondod co|obrat|ng at tho
soashoro. 1h|ck bushos h|d tho|r car trom pass|ng north-bound tratt|c. |owovor, any auto cru|s|ng southbound cou|d spot tho voh|c|o, an |nd|cat|on
somoono was down on tho |so|atod boach.
lobort was tho o|ghtoon-yoar-o|d son ot a wo||-to-do lompoc ranchor, l|nda was to bo o|ghtoon |n throo days. |or both |t had boon a day ot
tarowo|| and ant|c|pat|on as thoy |ookod torward to tho|r nupt|a|s |n Octobor. 1ho toonagors woro rough|y twonty m||os wost ot 3anta 3arbara and
throo m||os trom E| Cap|tan 3oach. lobort dug a |argo b|ankot trom tho trunk, and tho coup|o crossod tho h|ghway and ovor ra||road tracks runn|ng
botwoon thom and a |ow b|utt. |rom tho b|utt, ono ot tho cha|n ot unstab|o soa c||tts trac|ng tho shoro||no, thoy had a v|ow ot tho m||o-and-a-ha|t-|ong
stato boach bo|ow. 3oyond stood tho Channo| ls|ands-3an V|guo|, 3anta losa, and 3anta Cruz. lobort and l|nda commoncod down a stoop,
part|a||y h|ddon path to tho boach, runn|ng tho |ast twonty yards. 3anana pa|m troos ||n|ng lotug|o Crook gavo tho aroa a trop|ca| atmosphoro.
Whoro tho crook t|owod |nto tho ocoan, a troshwator |agoon had tormod.
lobort and l|nda roachod an |so|atod spot troquontod on|y by tho occas|ona| |oca| t|shorman. 1hoy saw ov|donco ot rocont act|v|ty. long ago
th|s boach had boon tho ch|ot cootrobooolsto port on tho coast, v|s|tod by gontoo| smugg|ors and toroc|ous p|ratos. At tho mouth ot tho canyon,
bur|od |n tho sand, |ay tracos ot an anc|ont adobo toundat|on. ln oar|y Ca||torn|a days a grand rancho, la luostara 3oora do| lotug|o, stood thoro.
lt tacod tho soa bo|d|y unt|| tho |ronch p|rato |yppo|yto do 3ouchard-by gun, by kn|to, by ropo, and by t|ro-put an ond to that. ||s buccanoors
woundod tho sorvants, cut tho throats ot tho horsos, t|od up tho Ortoga tam||y, and burnod tho|r |mpross|vo hac|onda.
1ho toonagors sproad out tho|r b|ankot on tho sand noar tho rocky shoro||no. 1ho day botoro, at just tho samo spot, a man w|th rodd|sh ha|r had
boon shoot|ng at soagu||s w|th a r|t|o. l|ch t|do poo|s, swarm|ng w|th ||to, movod w|th oach surgo ot sa|t wator. 3pray oxp|odod aga|nst b|ack rocks,
and tho sharp tang ot soa a|r t|||od tho toonagors' |ungs. 3a||boats dancod |n 3anta 3arbara Channo|, and |n tho sky a|rcratt dronod |az||y-an
a|rport was noarby. 1ho |augh|ng pa|r |oungod |n tho|r sw|msu|ts at tho surt ||no as tho day passod and tho sky c|oudod ovor. Ot a|| trans|t|ona|
doma|ns, thoso botwoon soa and |and aro tho most d|sparato and prono to a|torat|on. lobort and l|nda grow drowsy, baro|y awaro ot tho boom ot
tho wavos and wavo|ots rust||ng oo| grassos at tho soa odgo. 1ho crack ot a tw|g on tho path mado thom start. 1ho |owor|ng sun t|ash|ng ott tho
wator and gusts ot sand b||ndod thom. 1hoy drow back as a squar|sh shadow to|| upon tho sand. loor|ng up, thoy saw a man |ovo||ng a .22-ca||bor
r|t|o at thom.
By Ropo-|o barkod ordors. ||rst camo tumb||ng attompts to t|o thom-tho man had brought a|ong procut |ongths ot narrow cotton c|othos||no.
||rst ho coorcod l|nda to b|nd lobort. 3ho had t|od a |ooso|y knottod |ongth around h|s wr|st, and was st||| c||nch|ng a ropo |n hor hand whon tho
strangor kno|t. W|th tromb||ng t|ngors, ho bogan to t|n|sh tho ty|ng h|mso|t-t|rst w|th a tow granny knots and thon mar||no h|tchos, a knot not
common|y usod by |aymon. ln tho m|dst ot th|s, lobort and l|nda |oapod to tho|r toot and p|ungod |nto tho stoop crook bod |oad|ng uph||| trom tho
b|ankot. 1ho coup|o tr|od to run |n tho sott sand ot tho crook bod. 1hoy |urchod |n tho gonora| d|roct|on ot a shack, wh|ch had boon baro|y v|s|b|o
trom tho b|ankot.
By Ooo-1ho |ntor|opor thundorod attor thom, t|r|ng on tho run. 3|ugs r|ppod |nto tho young man t|rst, h|tt|ng h|m |n tho back as ho ran scroam|ng
tor ho|p. 1horo was no ono to hoar thom. 1ho bu||ots woro c|oso|y groupod, aston|sh|ng accuracy tor shoot|ng wh||o mov|ng. lobort droppod taco
down. 1ho strangor thon swung tho r|t|o toward l|nda, t|r|ng |nto hor back. |o approachod s|ow|y unt|| ho stood ovor tho coup|o. |o pumpod moro
bu||ots |nto tho boy's back, str|k|ng h|m |n a|| o|ovon t|mos. l|nda had ta||on onto hor back, and so a tus|||ado ot bu||ots ponotratod hor chost.
A|togothor, sho was h|t o|ght t|mos.
1ho k|||or's v|c|ousnoss had not abatod as ho cont|nuod to |nt||ct |njur|os upon tho corpsos. 0ragg|ng lobort taco down by h|s |ogs away trom tho
shoro||no, ho |ott wo|ts and abras|ons just abovo tho boy's surtor's trunks. locks scrapod h|s chost and taco, |oav|ng doop contus|ons. 1ho strangor
was swoat|ng by tho t|mo ho comp|otod tho t|rst part ot h|s gruosomo task-h|d|ng tho corpso |n tho woodp||o sho|tor by tho noar|y dry crook bod.
1ho pr|m|t|vo structuro |ay ha|tway botwoon tho shoro and tho ra||road ombankmont. A|most |ost among donso shrubs and troos, |t was usod most|y
by trans|onts.
By Kolo-|o roturnod to tho woman, cut down tho tront ot hor sw|msu|t w|th a kn|to, and oxposod hor broasts. |o s|ashod hor body, tho wounds
doscr|b|ng a curvod r|vor. loxt, ho draggod hor toot-t|rst to tho shack, and bocauso l|nda was sup|no, a|| tho abras|ons woro to hor back and
buttocks. Attor pu|||ng hor |ns|do tho |oan-to, ho r|ppod ott hor sw|msu|t and tossod |t ca||ous|y ovor hor t|anco. 1hon ho drapod l|nda's body, taco
up, ovor tho boy.
By llro-low tho strangor |ookod around tor th|ngs to burn. |o gathorod up h|s |ottovor |ongths ot ropo and ompty cartr|dgo boxos and tossod
thom |nto tho shack. 3mash|ng tho |oan-to, ho |gn|tod |t w|th woodon matchos ho had brought a|ong. A tunora| pyro wou|d h|do a|| tracos ot h|s
cr|mo. A|though ho tr|od sovora| t|mos, tho structuro rotusod to catch, or ho m|ght havo roturnod to h|s car on tho road abovo bo||ov|ng that
ovoryth|ng boh|nd h|m was b|az|ng.
1uoaday, Juno 4, 1008
Whon Linda and lobort ta||od to roturn, 0om|ngos's tathor t||od a m|ss|ng porsons roport. 1ho 3anta 3arbara 3hor|tt's 0opartmont |ssuod an a||-
po|nts bu||ot|n. 1ho tathor, a|ong w|th othor tam||y mombors, jo|nod tho soarch party, and that n|ght |ocatod tho m|ss|ng boy's car |n tho turnout. A
||ghway latro|man took tho tra|| to tho boach bo|ow to |ook turthor. 1ho |oan-to shack was so concoa|od |t took soarchors th|rty hours to d|scovor
tho toonagors. 1racks and postmortom marks on tho bod|os showod thoy had boon draggod thoro. 1hat thoro woro no usab|o |atont pr|nts moant
tho k|||or had ||ko|y worn g|ovos. lt was an |ncomparab|y ov|| cr|mo.
lo soxua| attack had takon p|aco, and that was uncommon. At |oast thoro was no prosonco ot somon, though tho ro|at|vo|y pr|m|t|vo torons|c
tochn|quos ot tho t|mo m|ght havo m|ssod |t. 3t|||, that was doubttu|. 1ho board-cort|t|od torons|cs patho|og|st who portormod tho autops|os was
h|gh|y qua||t|od, hav|ng boon tra|nod at tho l.A. Coronor's Ott|co.
A cont|ngont ot ja|| |nmatos rovod tho cr|mo scono. lr|sonors had boon busod thoro to scour tho brush and comb a throo-m||o soct|on ot doso|ato
boach tor ov|donco. 1ho |oad shor|tt's dotoct|vo, W||||am 3akor, toarod thoy m|ght havo comprom|sod tho |ntogr|ty ot tho cr|mo scono. You havo an
|nk||ng ot what l am up aga|nst,' 3akor to|d mo, as l str|vo to rosurroct trom tho ashos tho roa||ty ot tho caso. You havo to t|guro |t was 1008. Wo'd
go out w|th o|thor 3oarch and loscuo, or somot|mos got othor oxp|orors. 1h|s t|mo thoy had trustoos out thoro go|ng on soarchos tor cartr|dgo
cas|ngs or whatovor o|so thoy cou|d t|nd. l shuddor whon l th|nk about |t, but that's tho roa||ty. And thoy d|d t|nd somo cas|ngs, qu|to a tow, oxpondod
a|ong tho v|ct|ms' t||ght path-a dry crook bod that |od trom tho b|ankot noar tho boach up towards tho shack whoro tho k|ds woro actua||y tound.
1wo d|st|nct po|nts whoro moro cas|ngs woro |ocatod sorvod to p|npo|nt whoro tho v|ct|ms woro |n|t|a||y droppod.'
Ono conv|ct spottod twonty .22-ca||bor sho|| cas|ngs g||mmor|ng |n tho canyon crook bod. 0otoct|vos sp|od somoth|ng too-shoo tracks cut
doop|y |nto tho ||ght sand and sparso grass |oad|ng to and trom tho raggod sho|tor. 1ho tracks camo trom a lavy or A|r |orco shoo s|m||ar to W|ng
Wa|kors. 3oth tho ammo and shoos woro so|d through baso oxchangos. vandonborg A|r |orco 3aso, a 3AC un|t, |ay noar lompoc, and was on|y
an hour's dr|vo trom tho murdor s|to.
And s|nco th|s was an oar|y oxpor|onco tor tho k|||or,' 3akor notod, ho may havo ho|d onto h|s woapon and ovon tho samo ammo to uso aga|n.'
1ho murdoror had usod W|nchostor .22 ammo, |ong-r|t|o-tho samo brand and ca||bor Zod|ac wou|d uso t|vo and a ha|t yoars |ator on dark lako
|orman load just outs|do va||ojo. 1ho |ocat|on whoro 0om|ngos and Edwards choso to spond '0|tch 0ay' was |so|atod,' 3akor sa|d, and not a
s|to whoro ono wou|d oxpoct to t|nd young coup|os, ovon w|th tho prosonco ot tho v|ct|ms' car at tho turnout. G|von that, tho k|||or, armod w|th a
t|roarm and kn|to, a|ong w|th procut |ongths ot ropo and woodon matchos, doscondod upon our v|ct|ms w|th apparont murdorous |ntont. Woro thoy
to||owod thoro? |ad ho so|octod h|s v|ct|ms botorohand and was thoro a way to t|nd a connoct|on botwoon tho v|ct|ms and tho k|||or?'
1hough 3akor cou|d not namo thom, ho suspoctod |toms woro m|ss|ng trom tho cr|mo s|to. ln h|s stud|os, ho scannod s|x o|ght-by-ton-|nch po||co
g|oss|os. Ono showod tho arson attompt upon tho |oan-to, tho ma|o v|ct|m |n s|tu w|th|n tho shack. Anothor photo showod 3hor|tt 1amos W.
Wobstor, Ch|ot ot 0otoct|vos Char|os 1ay|or, and a |oca| 1v anchorman by tho |oan-to. 1ho nowsman was posod w|th h|s hand on tho shack and a
c|garotto |n h|s mouth. 3akor stud|od throo p|cturos ot lobort on tho autopsy tab|o show|ng contus|ons and abras|ons on h|s knuck|os. 1ho
d|sco|orat|on on tho knuck|os ot h|s r|ght hand (3akor cou|d not soo tho |ott |n tho p|cturos) |od h|m to suspoct lobort had tought w|th h|s attackor.
1hoso abras|ons on h|s taco woro por|mortom or postmortom whon ho was draggod taco down by h|s toot to tho shack,' sa|d 3akor. l suspoct tho
samo th|ng wou|d havo happonod to tho 3orryossa v|ct|ms |t thoy had brokon |ooso trom Zod|ac. Zod|ac wou|d havo droppod h|s kn|to and gunnod
thom down. As tor tho rod-ha|rod man [soon tho day botoro|, po||co tound h|m and dotorm|nod to tho|r sat|stact|on that ho wasn't |nvo|vod. Othor
c|rcumstancos d|dn't |oad mo to g|vo |t any part|cu|ar omphas|s. As tor l|vors|do, l to|t Zod|ac had on|y takon crod|t tor that murdor. 3ut tho attack
had occurrod |n 3outhorn Ca||torn|a and Zod|ac ta|kod about thoro bo|ng a |ot moro ot thom down horo. |o m|ght havo moant our caso.'
Wodnoaday, Juno 5, 1008
Edwarda and Domingoa had just boon k|||od and woro |n ovoryono's thoughts. Corta|n|y tho tragody occup|od lanzaro||a and Chonoy's m|nds.
1hoy had d|scussod tho murdors at |ongth. 3ocauso ot that, thoy woro ab|o to accurato|y roca|| tho oxact wookond A||on appoarod suddon|y at tho|r
door. ln lompoc tho h|gh schoo| graduat|ons coromon|os woro st||| ho|d, but conductod around two ompty soats. Abovo thoso |ono|y cha|rs, a t|ag
t|uttorod at ha|t-mast. 3|x months passod as tho torr|b|o and mot|vo|oss murdors roma|nod unso|vod.
Nonday, Docombor 0, 1008
AIIon, atiII quaIitying tor h|s toach|ng crodont|a|s, cont|nuod to app|y tor var|ous pos|t|ons at tho 0opartmont ot Educat|on |n 3acramonto. Wh||o ho
was wa|t|ng, h|s scho|ast|c rocord and m|||tary background a||owod h|m to toach schoo| at 1rav|s A|3 |n |a|rt|o|d, not tar trom va||ojo. 1hough ho
protorrod o|omontary c|assos, ho sott|od tor |nstruct|ng sovonth- and o|ghth-gradors |n spo|||ng, hoa|th, and l.E. |o was porm|ttod to shop at tho
baso oxchango, purchas|ng goods at d|scount-ovoryth|ng trom ammo tor h|s hunt|ng tr|ps to boots. |owovor, W|ng Wa|kor shoos woro not so|d
thoro unt|| two yoars |ator whon tho Wo|nbronnor sh|pmont was d|sporsod. Attor a yoar at tho 1rav|s schoo|, ho was t|rod tor hab|tua||y |oav|ng an
assortmont ot doad|y woapons |y|ng about h|s car |n p|a|n s|ght.
1ho th|ng that got mo,' roca||od lanzaro||a, was that whon lo|gh |ost a toach|ng job, ho camo down |n h|s Aust|n |oa|oy sports car and tr|od to
conv|nco us guys that ho |ost tho job bocauso thoy had a socur|ty chock and ho was carry|ng a rovo|vor. 3ut tho roa| roason was ch||d mo|ost|ng. |o
usod tho phraso that |t mado h|m so angry that ho wantod to 'k||| tho ||tt|o k|dd|os as thoy camo bounc|ng ott tho bus.' 1hat stuck w|th mo a|| my ||to.
And that's tho phraso that was |ator usod by tho Zod|ac k|||or.'
ln 1004, lo|gh taught at Watsonv|||o, north ot 3a||nas, and hoard a strango story. ln tho 3an 3ornard|no aroa at lac|t|c ||gh 3choo|, a young
studont |n dark-tramod g|assos w|th a b|ack o|ast|c band strodo unannouncod to tho tront ot tho c|assroom. 1ho toachor had not yot arr|vod. ln vory
|argo |ottors, ho wroto ZO0lAC on tho b|ackboard,' sa|d a studont thoro, a|ong w|th a tow codo||ko symbo|s l cannot roca||.'
ln August 100b, lo|gh |acoratod h|s |og |n an acc|dont that roqu|rod p|ast|c surgory, and though h|s m|shap hobb|od h|m wo|| |nto 1000, ho st|||
sont out too|ors tor a now toach|ng job. 1ho |njury,' ho wroto on 0ocombor 28, 100b, put mo out ot comm|ss|on unt|| rocont|y.' 3ut ho was
roportod|y ab|o to work a ||tt|o tor h|s tr|ond G|on l|nohart's brothor, 0a|o, at an a|rt|o|d |n 1oxas, whoro ho got h|s p||ot's ||conso. ||s wo|ght was
now 220 pounds.
5aturday, Juno 18, 1000
CIaiming a atato crodont|a| |n Gonora| E|omontary and tour yoars' toach|ng oxpor|onco, A||on app||od by ma|| to tho Ca|avoras Un|t|od 3choo|
0|str|ct |n 3an Androas tor work. l a|so onjoy tho country,' ho wroto, and l can't stooo smog.' |o ||stod tho grados ho wantod to |nstruct |n ordor ot
protoronco-4, b, 0, 7, and 8.' l can toach phys|ca| oducat|on and art and mus|c, but not too wo||.' 1ho o|omontary schoo| subjocts that most
|ntorostod h|m woro ath|ot|cs, sc|onco, naturo study, and mus|c approc|at|on.' |o gavo h|s ho|ght as s|x toot, a|torod h|s wo|ght to rot|oct anothor
ton pounds ga|nod bocauso ot h|s |ncapac|ty, and mont|onod momborsh|p unt|| th|s yoar' |n two protoss|ona| organ|zat|ons-tho lEA and C1A.
lo|gh oxaggoratod tho t|mo ho had actua||y taught, and c|a|mod a prosont sa|ary ot $800 por month. |o qu|ck|y a|torod tho t|guro to $400. Whon
can you como |n tor an |ntorv|ow?' ho was askod. Vondays or 1uosdays wou|d bo bost as l am |nvo|vod |n rocroat|on on othor days,' ho answorod.
|o bogan hon|ng h|s toach|ng sk|||s at a schoo| ca||od Vounta|n 1own |n tho 3|orras and at va||oy 3pr|ngs E|omontary 3choo| |n va||oy 3pr|ngs,
a lorthorn Ca||torn|a town just wost ot 3an Androas. On tho va||oy 3pr|ngs app||cat|on ho wroto down 1od K|ddor as a rotoronco. lo|gh taught h|s
t|rst yoar ot grado schoo| at va||oy 3pr|ngs unovonttu||y, but soon o|d prob|oms aroso-h|s |mpropor attont|ons toward ch||dron and poor|y
concoa|od hatrod ot womon.
lo|gh sont out a |ot ot rosumos,' Chonoy to|d mo, and workod hard to t|nd a toach|ng job. 3ut l d|dn't know about tho toach|ng jobs that ho had
had. |o d|dn't spoak about that. l know ho taught at 1rav|s, but l d|dn't soo or v|s|t h|m wh||o ho was thoro. |o |ookod a |ot ||ko 0an 3|ockor, '|oss'
Cartwr|ght on tho Boooozo to|ov|s|on show, so |n tho s|xt|os, whon lo|gh usod to go to a b|g sport|ng ovont or thoro woro a |ot ot poop|o around, ho
had a b|g wh|to cowboy hat ho wou|d woar. |o wantod poop|o, ospoc|a||y k|ds, to th|nk ho was 0an 3|ockor. As tor that cowboy hat, lo|gh had that
botoro l mot h|m, and probab|y had boon pu|||ng that docopt|on s|nco tho show camo on tho a|r |n 10b0.' lo|gh wou|d sm||o and say, '|oss' |s
3cand|nav|an tor Good luck.'
5unday, Octobor 80, 1000
Loigh AIIon, woaring h|s wh|to cowboy hat and 3|g' 0an 3|ockor sm||o, travo|od to l|vors|do to attond tho los Ango|os lntornat|ona| Grand lr|x.
1hat autumn attornoon, ho watchod tho raco a|ong w|th approx|mato|y o|ghty thousand poop|o. At 0:10 l.V. Chor| 1o 3atos, an o|ghtoon-yoar-o|d
l|vors|do C|ty Co||ogo troshman, sot out a|ong Vagno||a to tho lCC ||brary. 1ho ||brary c|osod botwoon b:00 and 0:00 l.V. ln ordor to roa||zo hor
amb|t|on to bocomo an a|r||no stowardoss, Chor| 1o had to moot oducat|on and ago roqu|romonts. 3ho wou|d qua||ty by tho ond ot hor sophomoro
yoar and had contactod many ot tho major a|r||nos. Chor| 1o had just v|s|tod hor t|anco ot two yoars, 0onn|s Ear| ||gh|and, at 3an |ranc|sco 3tato
Un|vors|ty. lnoxp||cab|y, sho to|d two g|r|tr|onds, l'm go|ng to tho ||brary to moot my boytr|ond.' |owovor, ||gh|and was at that momont p|ay|ng
tootba|| |n 3an |ranc|sco at 3. |. 3tato. lo||co |ator conjocturod that sho had moant a tormor su|tor.
A tr|ond obsorvod tho str|k|ng|y attract|vo, b|ond choor|oador spood by |n hor ||mo-groon vW. A 100b-00 bronzo O|dsmob||o to||owod c|oso|y
boh|nd. 3ho parkod, |oav|ng tho r|ght passongor w|ndow part|a||y down. 1on m|nutos |ator Chor| 1o chockod out throo books trom tho |oca| co||ogo
||brary. 1hough hor tr|onds woro at tho sma||, crampod ||brary botwoon 7:1b and 8:b7 l.V., nono roca||od soo|ng hor thoro. At 0:00 l.V., whon tho
arch|vos c|osod, sho roturnod to hor car to d|scovor tho ong|no wou|d not catch. And horo sho had boon work|ng part-t|mo at tho l|vors|do lat|ona|
3ank just to pay tor tho voh|c|o. larkod boh|nd hor car was a 1uckor 1orpodo that had not boon thoro botoro.
ln hor absonco, somoono had ga|nod accoss to tho ong|no, yankod out tho d|str|butor co|| and condonsor, and d|sconnoctod tho m|dd|o w|ro ot
tho d|str|butor. As Chor| 1o ran tho battory down, a man approachod trom tho shadows and stoppod to tho part|a||y ro||od-down r|ght-s|do w|ndow.
|av|ng troub|o?' ho sa|d. lot mo tako a |ook at tho ong|no.' Attor ta|||ng to start tho auto, ho sa|d, Vy car |s ovor |n tho park|ng |ot. Como on, l'||
g|vo you a ||tt.' 3ho |ott hor books on tho soat and koys st||| |n tho |gn|t|on. 0|d sho know tho man, or had ho torcod hor to accompany h|m?
1ho un||t gravo| road to tho park|ng |ot was |ong, dark, and s||ont. 1ho pa|r wa|kod approx|mato|y two hundrod toot away and pausod |n a d|rt
dr|voway m|dway botwoon two vacant tramo housos at 8080 and 8002 1orrac|na. 1ho|r convorsat|on was |ator dota||od |n a typod contoss|on
|ottor' sont to tho po||co. lt's about t|mo,' ho sa|d. About t|mo tor what?' sho askod. lt's about t|mo tor you to d|o.' A kn|to was |n h|s hand.
3otwoon 10:1b and 10:4b l.V. a toma|o no|ghbor hoard an awtu| scroam.' At 10:80 anothor hoard two scroams.' Attor a coup|o ot m|nutos ot
s||onco, an o|d car startod up. ln that t|mo tho k|||or, tra|||ng drops ot b|ood, had gono back to soarch tor somoth|ng ho had droppod.
Nonday, Octobor 81, 1000
A groundakooor diacovorod Chor| 1o at 0:28 A.V. |rom tho torty-two stab wounds, ost|matos woro tho kn|to b|ado was approx|mato|y throo
and ono-ha|t |nchos |ong and ono and ono-ha|t |nch w|do. 1ho mot|vo was myst|ty|ng-sho was tu||y c|othod and had not boon soxua||y attackod or
robbod. 0ur|ng a toroc|ous, oarth-churn|ng batt|o, 3atos had scratchod hor k|||or's taco and r|ppod a pa|nt-spattorod 1|mox watch trom h|s wr|st.
1ho b|ack band, brokon away trom ono s|do ot tho watch taco, moasurod sovon |nchos |n c|rcumtoronco. 1ho 1|mox had boon purchasod at a
m|||tary baso oxchango. 1ho 3.|. Goodr|ch hoo| pr|nts tound noar 3atos's body |nd|catod a s|zo-8-to-10 W|ng Wa|kor-||ko shoo manutacturod tor
tho m|||tary by loavonworth pr|sonors and so|d by m|||tary oxchangos. 1ust outs|do l|vors|do c|ty ||m|ts |ay Varch A|r |orco 3aso, a 3AC baso. A
numbor ot groasy t|ngor and pa|m pr|nts woro d|scovorod on tho |ott door ot tho v|ct|m's car. |our workmon had boon soon across tho stroot trom
whoro 3atos's car was parkod on 1orrac|na. 1ho pr|nts woro sont to Wash|ngton and tho 1|mox to Cl8l.
At 8:80 A.V. lo|gh A||on ca||od |n s|ck. |or tho t|rst t|mo, ho m|ssod a day ot work at va||oy 3pr|ngs 3choo|. 1ho noxt day, ho t|||od out an
absonco torm and s|gnod |t. lo ono roca||od scratchos on h|s taco, but A||on sa|d ho was |n lomona whon ho hoard Chor| 1o 3atos was k|||od. |o
had sorvod as a pa|ntor |n tho lavy. 1hat m|ght oxp|a|n pa|nt spocks on tho baso oxchango 1|mox, but that was a |ong t|mo ago.
l was at tho l|vors|do C|ty Co||ogo ||brary tho n|ght Chor| 3atos was murdorod,' an lCC studont to|d mo. l had tho samo k|nd ot car that sho
had and l was parkod |n tront ot hor. l norma||y |ott tho ||brary whon |t c|osod, as sho d|d, but l |ott oar||or that n|ght. 1ho po|nt |s that l a|ways to|t [tho
v|ct|m| cou|d havo boon mo bocauso ot tho t|m|ng and that l must havo boon |n tho ||brary w|th h|m that n|ght. 3atos was a choor|oador and my bost
A trans|ont, w|th a kn|to |n h|s possoss|on, was d|scovorod s|oop|ng |n h|s noarby car, quost|onod, thon ro|oasod. A |oca| mothor tound a k|tchon
kn|to m|ss|ng and to|d po||co sho suspoctod hor son m|ght bo tho k|||or. Attor quost|on|ng Chor| 1o's tr|onds, po||co turnod to quost|on|ng t|ttoon
m|||tary mon trom tho noarby a|r baso. |ourtoon days attor 3atos's murdor, l|vors|do po||co, undor command to drop ovoryth|ng and work th|s
caso unt|| so|vod!' ordorod tho s|xty-two studonts, two ||brar|ans, and ono custod|an who had boon at tho ||brary that tata| n|ght to roturn tor a
roconstruct|on. Woar tho samo c|othos you d|d two wooks ago.'
5unday, Novombor 18, 1000
Dotoctivo Dick Yonkora and 0otoct|vo 3orgoant loloy Gron coord|natod tho ||brary roonactmont. 1ho two stago managors ||ttod tho curta|n at b
l.V. just as s|x motorcyc|o ott|cors undor tratt|c sorgoant A| |ogarty woro stat|onod at 1orrac|na and l|vors|do, |a|rtax and l|vors|do, |n tho
a||oyway para||o| to Vagno||a noar 1orrac|na, and at tho a||oy ox|t onto |a|rtax.
0otoct|vo Ear| 3rown and 0.A.'s |nvost|gator loron V|tcho||, work|ng trom a mastor ||st, quost|onod and tapo-rocordod oach studont as thoy
ontorod. What voh|c|o d|d you not|co parkod |n tront ot you?' askod 3rown. A '47-'b2 tan-gray 3tudobakor w|th ox|d|zod pa|nt,' camo ono answor.
Attor tho |n|t|a| |ntorv|ow, oach studont was g|von a card w|th an ass|gnod |ottor and chockod ott porsona||y by Capta|n lrv|n Cross, hoad ot tho
dotoct|vo buroau, as thoy comp|otod tho roonactmont. Cross t|ngorpr|ntod and sn|ppod a |ock ot ha|r trom oach studont. ls thoro anybody you roca||
soo|ng horo that n|ght who |sn't horo ton|ght?' ho askod oach. G|vo mo a namo and doscr|pt|on.' 1ho curta|n to|| at 0:00 l.V., tho t|mo whon tho
||brary usua||y c|osod on 3unday n|ghts. On|y two poop|o hadn't roturnod-a woman and a boardod, hoavysot young man, t|vo toot o|ovon and a ha|t
|nchos-A||on's ho|ght.
Agont Vo| l|co|a| |ator p|acod A||on |n l|vors|do that droary 3unday. |o wasn't work|ng or go|ng to schoo| at tho co||ogo,' ho sa|d. |o wou|d
just go down ovory wookond trom Ca|avoras County bocauso ho was |nvo|vod |n a car c|ub down thoro. |o was dot|n|to|y thoro that wookond.'
Nonday, Novombor 14, 1000
EoadIino in tho Pross-Eotorprlso: C|ty po||co hunt boardod man attor stag|ng scono |n murdor. A hoavy-sot man w|th a board |s bo|ng sought.'
3orgoant Gron sa|d po||co aro vory |ntorostod' |n ta|k|ng to th|s man. 1ho |mp||cat|on was that tho k|||or had worn a board as a d|sgu|so. 0|d
Zod|ac d|sgu|so h|mso|t w|th var|ous w|gs-pompadour, b|ack ha|r, crow cut? What sort ot man ro||os on a ha|rp|oco to |ook d|ttoront? A man
w|thout ha|r.
1uoaday, Novombor 22, 1000
A ninotoon-yoar-oId univoraity ot Ca||torn|a at l|vors|do cood, wa|k|ng wost on l|ndon, bocamo awaro ot a car croop|ng s|ow|y a|ongs|do hor.
look|ng around, sho obsorvod a man ottor|ng hor a r|do. lo, thanks,' sho sa|d. Wo||, attor a||, l'm not 1ack tho l|ppor,' rop||od tho dr|vor. 0on't
you roca||? l gavo you a r|do throo wooks ago.' 1hroo wooks ago Chor| 1o had boon murdorod. 1ho g|r| sm||od, vaguo|y romombor|ng h|m, oponod
tho car door, and s||d |n. 1ho r|do wont smooth|y. |o droppod hor ott at a |oca| p|zza par|or. Whon hor boytr|ond ta||od to moot hor, sho startod back
toward tho UCl ||brary. 1ho samo man ro||od a|ongs|do aga|n and p|ckod hor up, but |nstoad ot tak|ng hor homo, drovo rap|d|y up a dark road to
l|goon lass. 1horo aro a |ot ot kooks runn|ng around,' ho sa|d as tho car s|owod. You hoard about that g|r| at C|ty Co||ogo, d|dn't you?'
|r|ghtonod, tho g|r| |oapod trom tho car. lac|ng a|ong tho road's odgo, sho to||. l'm not go|ng to k||| you,' ho shoutod as sho scramb|od to hor toot.
lt l wantod to k||| you, l cou|d just h|t you |n tho hoad w|th th|s p|oco ot wood.' 3ho roturnod to tho car, but |nstant|y h|s hands c|osod around hor
throat. low |t l wantod to k||| you, l cou|d just snap your nock,' ho sa|d. 3ha|| l k||| you now, or aro you go|ng to tako ott your c|othos?'
As ho grabbod hor swoatsh|rt, sho wr|gg|od troo and bo|tod |nto tho woods. 1ho strangor gavo up soarch|ng tor hor and roarod ott w|th hor purso
and books. 3obb|ng, covorod w|th scratchos and burrs, sho staggorod to tho ||ghgrovo aroa. Whon po||co rospondod, sho doscr|bod tho suspoct
as th|rty-t|vo, t|vo toot n|no |nchos ta|| w|th a chunky, protrud|ng stomach.' lator doscr|pt|ons ot Zod|ac mont|onod a s||ght potbo||y' and that h|s
stomach hung ovor h|s trousors.'
1uoaday, Novombor 20, 1000
Batoa'a kiIIor (or somoono protond|ng to bo hor murdoror) ma||od two unstampod |ottors trom a rura| ma||box to tho po||co and Rlvorsloo Pross-
Eotorprlso. 1ho typod contoss|on |ottors, ropoat|ng what ho and Chor| 1o had spokon to oach othor |n tho dark, woro b|urry tourth- and sovonth-
gonorat|on carbon cop|os. 1ho or|g|na| was novor ma||od, mak|ng a match to a spoc|t|c typowr|tor d|tt|cu|t. 1ho wr|tor had usod a portab|o loya|
typowr|tor, E||to-typo, Cantorbury shadod.
lo|gh's mothor had g|von h|m just such a portab|o. 1ho |ongth ot tho papor was unknown s|nco tho
author had torn ott tho bottom and top ot a str|p ot 1o|otypo papor. Odd|y, ho had to|dod back both bottom cornors. 1ho wr|tor c|a|mod to havo
phonod tho Pross-Eotorprlso, but probab|y d|d not. 3omo ot tho |anguago was Zod|ac-||ko. l AV lO1 3lCK. l AV ll3AlE. 3U1 1|A1 Wlll lO1
31Ol 1|E GAVE.' Zod|ac wroto: why spo|| our gamo!'
Wodnoaday, Novombor 80, 1000
AIIon rocoivod hia t|rst cr|t|quo at va||oy 3pr|ngs 3choo|. lt m|ght bo bottor to rotra|n trom dr|nk|ng soda pop |n tho c|assroom,' h|s ova|uator
suggostod, and vo|co |oudnoss noods to bo rot|nod.' lo|gh's porsona| charactor|st|cs woro judgod sat|stactory,' as woro h|s c|assroom contro|
and managomont. vory oxco||ont |n uso ot Aud|o-v|sua| mator|a|s . . . noods to roact w|th pup||s so thoy can d|st|ngu|sh botwoon tr|ond||noss and
Friday, Narch 10, 1007
1ho VaIIoy 5ringa adm|n|strator do||vorod h|s socond appra|sa|. lo|gh accopts cr|t|c|sm and suggost|ons oas||y, |s opon-m|ndod and
adaptab|o to now |doas,' |t road. l wou|d suggost ho tako moro caro |n h|s dross.'
3ut lo|gh wou|d somot|mos, whon tho b|ack mood was upon h|m, |owor h|s hoad to h|s dosk |n tho c|assroom and murmur tho word 1|tw|||ow'
ovor and ovor. 1h|s and h|s unwo|como advancos aga|nst tho o|ovon-andtwo|vo-yoar-o|d g|r|s |n h|s c|assos causod groat toar. |o wou|d havo tho
moro dovo|opod g|r|s bounco tor h|m on h|s trampo||no, thon mako unwo|como romarks. 1wo ot tho g|r|s caught h|m spy|ng on thom at tho|r
grandmothor's houso across tho trooway trom A||on's homo.
lt was morn|ng, Varch or oar|y Apr|| 1008, and c|assos at va||oy 3pr|ngs had a|roady startod, whon tho mothor ot ono ot A||on's pup||s sta|kod
|nto tho pr|nc|pa|'s ott|co. Yostorday,' sho sa|d, Vr. A||on had h|s hands a|| ovor my daughtor r|ght at h|s dosk.' 1ho pr|nc|pa|, a|roady susp|c|ous,
bo||ovod hor |mmod|ato|y. |o ca||od and got a subst|tuto toachor. Whon tho subst|tuto arr|vod, ho ca||od A||on out ot h|s c|ass and t|rod h|m on tho
spot. A||on startod cry|ng and sobb|ng. Yos,' lo|gh sa|d, l d|d |t. l don't know why l d|d |t. l don't know what's wrong w|th mo.' As tar as tho pr|nc|pa|
was concornod, th|s was a groat b|g act.' W|th|n days, lon and Karon A||on drovo to tho schoo| to apo|og|zo tor lo|gh's bohav|or. 1hoy had boon
amazod ho had gotton a job thoro |n tho t|rst p|aco.
1ho ott|c|a| roason tor lo|gh's torm|nat|on was g|von as |mpropor conduct' and an oxaggorat|on ot h|s toach|ng crodont|a|s.' lo|gh t||od h|s
ros|gnat|on and movod on, cont|nu|ng to work w|th ch||dron.
5unday, AriI 80, 1007
5ix montha Iator, |n rosponso to an art|c|o |n tho 3unday morn|ng Pross-Eotorprlso, Zod|ac cruo||y wroto tho v|ct|m's tathor, tho Eotorprlso, and
tho po||co. ||s throo handpr|ntod |ottors, on ||nod, throo-ho|od schoo| papor ot poor qua||ty, moasurod o|ght |nchos w|do. 3tandard wr|t|ng papor
was o|ght and ono-ha|t |nchos w|do. ||s |ottors, ||ko Zod|ac's |ottors, carr|od doub|o postago, and ||ko lo|gh A||on's porsona| |ottors to ch||dron,
woro |n ponc||.
Friday, Auguat 25, 1007
|n tho aummor ot 1007 lo|gh and l wont on a door hunt north ot tho 3ay Aroa,' Chonoy to|d mo. l usod to bo an av|d huntor, but l don't hunt
anymoro. 1hat was whon l was grow|ng up and that was what wo d|d thon. l d|dn't go hunt|ng w|th h|m otton bocauso l roa||y d|dn't th|nk ho was a
supor|or hunt|ng partnor. l wont a coup|o ot t|mos w|th h|m on a major door hunt whoro wo wont and spont two or throo days. A tow othor t|mos wo
just wont out tor tho day to hunt sma|| gamo. |o was a|| r|ght to t|sh w|th, |t you d|dn't havo to h|ko. |o wasn't that good on h|s toot. ||s toot hurt h|m.
|o had t|at toot and was ovorwo|ght, somot|mos ho had gout. As tor woapons, l had a W|nchostor Vodo| 88, .808 lA1O cartr|dgo, but l don't
romombor what gun lo|gh had. l d|dn't havo anothor |argo r|t|o to |oan h|m at that t|mo, and so ho dug somoth|ng up on h|s own. |o got |t trom
1ust a coup|o b|ocks away trom h|s houso, nost|od at tho bottom ot |rosno 3troot, was a pancako houso. Attor tho hunt|ng tr|p, wo woro go|ng
somop|aco tor an out|ng whon wo saw a g|r| thoro, a wa|tross. lo|gh |nd|catod that ho was |ntorostod |n hor and askod what d|d l th|nk ot hor. |o
thought ho m|ght mako somo hoadway w|th hor. ln a|| tho t|mo l had known h|m th|s was tho on|y toma|o ho had ovor mont|onod, tho on|y t|mo l'd
soon h|m show |ntorost |n a part|cu|ar woman. |o ||kod womon, but thoy just d|dn't ||ko h|m. 1ho wa|tross was young, protty, w|th brown ha|r. l don't
romombor hor namo and |t was tho on|y t|mo lo|gh mont|onod hor, tho on|y t|mo ho mont|onod a spoc|t|c woman. 1hat stuck |n my m|nd.'
Nonday, 5otombor 4, 1007
AIIon bogan toaching at Camp la |onda YVCA at la |onda Gu|ch, novor m|ss|ng a day ot work unt|| Vonday, |obruary b, 1008, whon ho
sk|ppod throo days |n a row. lorsona| bus|noss,' ho scraw|od on h|s absontoo s||p, thon thought bottor ot |t and a|torod |t to road schoo| bus|noss'
Friday, Juno 7, 1008
AIIon Iott La |onda and tor tho noxt yoar to||od sporad|ca||y at |arry Wogan's as a mochan|c, at tho |rank||n 3choo| as a jan|tor, and at a host ot
othor jobs |n mon|a| pos|t|ons. |o st||| tound room tor good t|mos. lon and lo|gh wont to Vox|co,' Chonoy to|d mo. l hoard th|s story socondhand
trom lon. 'lasty lorm' m|ght havo boon a|ong. 1hoy ca||od h|m 'lasty lorm,' a schoo| n|cknamo, bocauso ho had dark cur|y ha|r, a |ronch |ook,
k|nd ot a |ow torohoad, dark ha|r on h|s arms, sort ot apo-|ook|ng guy. |o was portoct|y c|v|||zod, but ho had that appoaranco. |o and lo|gh woro
sk|n-d|v|ng budd|os, and l d|d a ||tt|o sk|n d|v|ng w|th thom whon wo v|s|tod lorm at Vorro 3ay on ono tr|p and |n Vontoroy, on anothor. At that t|mo
lo|gh had a catamaran, a Cata||na Cat, and ho had a sma|| awkward boat. ln Vox|co, lon, lo|gh, and poss|b|y lorm caught somo |obstors and
ta|kod a Vox|can coup|o thoy mot on tho boach |nto cook|ng a b|g toast tor thom on tho shoro.' 3y Octobor 0, 1000, lo|gh was |abor|ng part-t|mo
as a custod|an at E|mor Cavo 3choo|. lt was thoro that 3orgoant lynch, d|spatchod by somo st|||-unknown |ntormant, quost|onod h|m as a suspoct
|n tho Zod|ac murdors.
Nonday, Octobor 20, 1000
Rivoraido PoIico Chiot l. 1. K|nkoad and 0otoct|vo 3orgoant |. l. |omshor contactod lapa 3hor|tt Ear| lando| and Capta|n 0ona|d A.
1ownsond: 1h|s |ottor |s |n rotoronco to our to|ophono convorsat|on ot 10/17/00 rogard|ng tho s|m||ar V.O. ot your 'Zod|ac' suspoct and tho suspoct
ot our hom|c|do |||o lo. 8b2-481:

Ono month attor tho hom|c|do, |ottors woro roco|vod at tho lross and our dopartmont wr|tton by tho suspoct ot our hom|c|do. 1ho suspoct
usod a b|ack to|t pon to addross tho onvo|opos and had usod uppor caso pr|nt. 1ho contoss|on |ottor was typod. 1horo aro numorous orrors |n
spo|||ng, punctuat|on, otc., as you w||| not|co. 1ho porson who wroto tho contoss|on |ottor |s awaro ot tacts about tho hom|c|do that on|y tho k|||or
wou|d know. 1horo |s no doubt that tho porson who wroto tho contoss|on |ottor |s our hom|c|do suspoct. 1horo aro numorous s|m||ar|t|os |n your
hom|c|do and our lnv. 8b2-481. l thought you shou|d bo awaro that wo aro work|ng a s|m||ar-typo |nvost|gat|on.'

Whon tho murdoror d|sab|od 3atos's car, ho m|ght havo |ott pr|nts. Un|dont|t|od |atont pr|nts woro ||ttod ott tho voh|c|o and sont to tho |3l, wh|ch
markod tho t||o #82-2710b, latont Caso #78000. 1ho 3|l0 rushod cop|os ot tho|r |atonts trom tho cab to tho |3l tor compar|son. |owovor, tho
part|a| pr|nts d|d not match anyono |n tho caso, and thoro had boon |nnumorab|o suspocts.
|oar on tho lCC campus had osca|atod. Voro opon spaco had boon c|oarod and br|ght ||ghts |nsta||od. 1osoph 3atos socurod a |oan on h|s
houso to t|nanco a roward tor tho capturo ot h|s daughtor's k|||or.
1uoaday, Octobor 21, 1000
5an Franciaco nowamon st||| strugg|od to mako sonso ot tho caso. ln a|| throo casos,' a Cbroolc|o |ntorott|co Zod|ac momo to roportor V|ko
Gr|og road,
Whon thoro was a boy and a g|r|-Zod|ac tr|od to k||| both, got tho g|r| a|| throo t|mos, but got tho guy on|y tho t|rst t|mo. 1horo woro 107 days
botwoon tho t|rst pa|r ot k||||ngs and tho socond attompt, 84 days botwoon tho socond and th|rd tr|os, and 14 days botwoon tho |ast tr|os-
thoy'ro gott|ng c|osor. Zod|ac sooms to str|ko oxc|us|vo|y on |r|. and 3at. n|tos-wh|ch makos |t quost|onab|o how ho's go|ng to got a schoo|
bus. Any pattorn l havo tr|od to draw |s brokon at |oast onco. |oroscopos (at |oast thoso |n tho Chron) ottor no c|uo. Capr|corn |s vaguo|y
app||cab|o oxcopt tor tho t|rst murdor. . . . l havo boon unab|o to t|nd any stat|st|ca| or numoro|og|ca| pattorn horo |n about 2-8 hours work. . . .
[lako 3orryossa v|ct|m| was stabbod moro than 20 t|mos w|th a 12-|nch butchor's kn|to, |n tho chost, back and abdomon-w|th many ot tho
stabs com|ng |n pa|rs, mak|ng Zod|ac's cross-ha|r mark.-[Varsha||| 3chwartz.'

1ho |ast was not truo.
Ovor at tho 3|l0, protossor|a|, p|po-smok|ng 3||| |am|ot was hunchod ovor a makosh|tt dosk |n tho ha||way. Wo put a ||tt|o part|t|on around h|m
so ho wou|dn't bo bothorod,' sa|d 1osch|. Wo woro gott|ng pr|nts trom a|| ovor tho 3ay Aroa and lorthorn Ca||torn|a. |o's got h|s magn|ty|ng
g|assos on, ho's work|ng ott throo-by-t|vo cards. 1hat's a|| ho was work|ng on. lt you got too many guys oxam|n|ng pr|nts, you |oso somoth|ng.' 3ut
that cab pr|nt novor matchod anyono.
Wodnoaday, Docombor 81, 1000
Zodiac'a orioda ot v|o|ont act|v|ty m|rrorod schoo|-yoar vacat|on t|mo and ho||days-summort|mo, Co|umbus 0ay, |a||owoon, 1hanksg|v|ng,
Chr|stmas, and tho |ourth ot 1u|y. lo|gh A||on's rovo|at|ons to Chonoy had boon |mpartod on low Yoar's 0ay. Vost ot h|s t|mo-consum|ng |ottors
and codos woro ma||od dur|ng schoo| vacat|ons. |ow occupat|ons outs|do an o|omontary schoo|toachor's ottorod ho||days ott, p|us an add|t|ona|
throo months' vacat|on. Zod|ac's act|v|t|os t|t tho schoo| yoar and hard|y anyth|ng o|so.
Zod|ac had throatonod to shoot ch||dron as thoy dashod trom a d|sab|od schoo| bus. |o prom|sod to p|ant bombs that targotod tho busos by tho|r
ho|ght and numbor ot w|ndows and dotonatod a|ong schoo| bus routos. l too| that tho odds aro substant|a| that tho k|||or |s a pub||c omp|oyoo,
poss|b|y work|ng tor ono ot tho schoo|s,' thoor|zod an oxport. ||s poss|b|o connoct|on w|th a schoo| or un|vors|ty, ovon |t on|y as an aroa
ma|ntonanco man, |s opon to spocu|at|on.'
1hough lo|gh, at th|s t|mo, was show|ng thoso c|osost to h|m cryptograms ho kopt concoa|od |n a gray mota| box, ho novor spoko ot codos w|th
Chonoy. lo, abso|uto|y not,' sa|d Chonoy. lo|gh novor ta|kod about codos, d|dn't ovon work crossword puzz|os, and at no t|mo ov|doncod any
|ntorost |n astro|ogy. |o ||kod to mako up rhymos, howovor.'
Friday, January 80, 1070
Four CaI PoIy at 3an lu|s Ob|spo studonts prov|dod a t|p to tho |oca| po||co, who passod |t on to tho |3l ldont|t|cat|on 0|v|s|on. 1ho|r |ntormat|on
was that a graduato ot tho|r un|vors|ty c|oso|y rosomb|od tho compos|to ot Zod|ac. |o owns 0-mm and .22-ca||bor handguns and troquont|y travo|s
a|ono |n 3an |ranc|sco and troquont|y romoto aroas ot tho stato,' thoy sa|d. |o was absont trom Ca| lo|y tho wookond ot tho |ast murdor.' 0ur|ng
tho t|mo Zod|ac was ponn|ng |ottors and comm|tt|ng a str|ng ot bruta| murdors, A||on was wo|| sott|od |n tho 3ay Aroa. |owovor, |t |t was lo|gh tho
tour studonts woro p|npo|nt|ng, thon ho m|ght st||| bo mak|ng troquont southbound tr|ps to h|s o|d a|ma mator. |o tondod to rovo tho Go|don 3tato,
|argo b|ocks ot h|s t|mo unaccountod tor, and th|s |ott h|s tam||y wondor|ng.
Nonday, Narch 28, 1070
At 8:00 A.N, torty m|nutos attor sho oscapod trom hor k|dnappor, Kath|oon 1ohns t||od a roport w|th 3tan|s|aus 3hor|tt's 0oputy 1|m lay lovott.
1ho prognant woman and hor baby g|r| had boon abductod on routo to lota|uma trom hor Compus Way, 3an 3ornard|no homo. As w|th 3atos, tho
|ntor|opor had g|mm|ckod hor Chovro|ot wagon to tr|ck hor |nto h|s car. |o convoyod 1ohns on a torror r|do unt|| sho and hor baby |oapod trom tho
mov|ng car and h|d |n a t|o|d. |o soarchod tor thom unt|| tho t|mo|y arr|va| ot a pass|ng truckor. 0oputy lovott |ator |ocatod hor b|az|ng auto on
||ghway 182, about ono-quartor m||o wost ot tho 0o|ta. 1ho abductor had takon tho t|mo to rop|aco a sabotagod t|ro, dr|vo tho car o|sowhoro, and
torch |t.
1ho k|dnappor drovo a tan |ato-modo| voh|c|o, woro g|assos, a dark sk| jackot, and navy-b|uo bo||-bottoms. 1ohns had rocogn|zod h|m as Zod|ac
trom a wantod postor tackod to lovott's wa||. |o was th|rty, stood t|vo toot n|no |nchos, and wo|ghod 100-too ||ght tor Zod|ac. lt was twonty-o|ght
yoars ago,' 1ohns roca||od rocont|y, and l porhaps wou|dn't know h|m now. . . . 1ho ca|m vo|co-l romombor |t ||ko |t was yostorday. l don't th|nk you
cou|d ||vo through somoth|ng ||ko that and torgot.'
Friday, JuIy 24, 1070
Zodiac boIatodIy cIaimod rospons|b|||ty tor tho 1ohns abduct|on |n a |ottor not pub||shod unt|| Octobor 12. On 1uno 20 ho had c|a|mod to havo shot
3|l0 Ott|cor l|chard ladot|ch, and tbot was a downr|ght ||o. lt mado 1osch| wondor about h|s c|a|ms ot a l|vors|do murdor.
avory and tho dark aIIoy
5aturday, Octobor 24, 1070
1ho Zodiac caao was a|roady attoct|ng Cbroolc|o roportor lau| Avory's hoa|th. lt wou|d ovontua||y dostroy |t. ln tho oar|y morn|ng hours ho drovo
h|s car onto narrow ||tt|o Vary 3troot. Vary |ay |n tho shadow ot tho Cbroolc|o and cont|nuod on northwost, runn|ng boh|nd tho O|d V|nt. Avory
parkod whoro Vary |ntorsoctod V|nna, tho dank a||oy soparat|ng tho Cbroolc|o trom tho Exomloor. lt was a rough aroa and V|nna at tho t|mo ho|d a
dub|ous honor. lt was tho s|to ot moro murdors than any othor p|aco |n tho c|ty. |o was not gono |ong-trom 12:40 A.V. unt|| 1:40 A.V., but |ong
onough. 0ur|ng that t|mo ho travorsod a |ong, d|m|y ||t corr|dor |nto tho c|ty room. 1ho Cbroolc|o was a hugo throo-story barn||ko bu||d|ng w|th a
towor at tho V|ss|on and ||tth 3troot cornor. 1ho qua||ty ot ||ght was yo||ow-groon|sh at bost. 3onoath h|s toot Avory to|t tho tromb|o ot tromondous
prossos gr|nd|ng out an oar|y morn|ng od|t|on. 1o|otypo koys ratt|od norvous|y |n a ||tt|o room to h|s |ott-a ghost was on tho ||no. l|nos ot rubbor-
comont pots, rows ot battorod o|d 3m|th-Coronas, and stacks ot usod photo z|ncs, coppor-backod and otchod w|th ac|d, crowdod dosktops.
Avory t||od a story, thon roturnod to h|s car. 1ho r|ght vont w|ndow was smashod-tho mark ot an oxpor|oncod boostor. On|y a tow th|ngs woro
m|ss|ng. ||s Wo||s |argo chockbook, conta|n|ng chocks numborod 118 to 12b, had boon takon. ||s oxpons|vo 3ony cassotto tapo rocordor, wh|ch
ho|d an |ntorv|ow w|th a Zod|ac t|pstor-a man w|th a mutt|od vo|co-was gono. Avory was concornod onough to ca|| tho po||co. Ott|cors Gora|d
0orham and W||||am 1h|ttau|t roportod.
lt was thon Avory not|cod that h|s |argo gray br|otcaso, omb|azonod w|th h|s |n|t|a|s, l. A.,' had boon sto|on. |o had stuttod that br|otcaso w|th a
comp|oto c||pp|ng t||o on Zod|ac. |o |ookod up and down tho darkonod stroot. lt bogan to dawn on h|m how c|oso tho k|||or was. |o soomod to bo
pr|vy to roportor's notos and 3unday toaturos botoro thoy woro pub||shod, ho usod nowspapor 1o|otypo papor and supp||os that m|ght had boon
purchasod trom Woo|worth's down tho stroot. What |t Zod|ac woro gott|ng |nto tho bu||d|ng |ato at n|ght? 1ho papor was a twonty-tour-hour
oporat|on, but mannod by a sko|oton crow at n|ght. 3ocur|ty |n tho bu||d|ng cons|stod ot a guard at a ta|| dosk on tho ||tth 3troot ontranco, but thoro
woro two sots ot back sta|rs and two o|ovators that |od to tho od|tor|a| t|oor. Add|t|ona||y, thoro was a passago botwoon tho Exomloor and
Cbroolc|o that spannod V|nna 3troot and a||owod poop|o to wa|k trom ono papor to tho othor. Zod|ac was not just watch|ng tho huntors, ho m|ght
bo ontor|ng tho papor at n|ght.
A Cbroolc|o pr|ntor bo||ovod Zod|ac actua||y workod thoro. Vany ot tho Zod|ac c|phor symbo|s aro a|so pr|ntor's prootroad|ng marks,' ho to|d
mo. 1ho Zod|ac symbo| |tso|t |s a prootroador's mark usod to ||no up corroct|ons on a t|ssuo ovor|ay and tor co|or rog|strat|on. ||s mothod ot
numbor|ng pagos |s a|so tho pr|ntor's mothod:
, ono ot s|x, two ot s|x, otc. . . . to a|ort tho typosottor and prootroador to to||ow tho t|ow ot copy.
1ho arrows usod on tho bus d|agrams aro a|so pr|ntor's arrows. lot just a ||no w|th an |nvortod 'v,' but w|th tho 'v' t|||od |n.
Whon Zod|ac bogan wr|t|ng h|s |ottors, tho papor was attompt|ng to ontor tho o|octron|c ago w|th a computor systom known as tho '3raogon.'
lathor than gonorat|ng tapo-punchod copy tor tho l|notypo mach|nos on |a|rch||d 113 mach|nos, copy was typod on l3V typowr|tors, thon s|ng|o-
shoot-tod |nto scannors, wh|ch |n turn gonoratod tapo sont to tho l|notypos. 1ho papor usod tor typ|ng was narrow tan-to|d choap bond such as
Zod|ac usod. 3|uo to|t-t|ppod pons woro prov|dod to us (thoy wou|d not roproduco on copy tod through tho scannors) and usod by tho copy cuttors
tor |nstruct|ons and tho typosottors tor notos quost|on|ng spo|||ng, cont|nu|ty, and so on.'
Cbroolc|o od|tors ovontua||y cast a jaund|cod oyo upon two tormor omp|oyoos. 1ho od|tors wont ovor tho|r omp|oymont rocords to soo |t any days
ott corrospondod w|th Zod|ac cr|mos and |ottors. Ono workor, suttor|ng bouts ot sovoro dopross|on, had d|sappoarod dur|ng tho n|ght sh|tt, |oav|ng
boh|nd a noto tor tour yoars' s|ck |oavo. 1ho othor van|shod, |oav|ng boh|nd tour payro|| chocks ho novor p|ckod up.
Nonday, Octobor 20, 1070
|n North 5acramonto, two days attor Avory's t||os woro sto|on, twonty-o|ght-yoar-o|d court roportor and juvon||o court a|do lancy V. 3onna||ack
ta||od to show up at work. |r|onds d|scovorod hor b|oody body, throat s|ashod, |n hor socond-t|oor t|at. 1ho unknown k|||or had ontorod by a s||d|ng
g|ass door V|ss 3onna||ack had |ott opon so hor cat cou|d got |n. 3ho was ongagod to bo marr|od on lovombor 28. 3ho had not boon soxua||y
assau|tod. |or apartmont was a ha|t m||o trom lurso 1ud|th |akar|'s apartmont. |akar|, twonty-throo, had boon k|dnappod trom |n tront ot hor lorth
Aroa apartmont attor |oav|ng hor job at a |oca| hosp|ta|. |or bad|y boaton body was tound |n a sha||ow gravo |n a romoto soct|on ot l|acor County.
3ho too had not boon soxua||y assau|tod. l|ko V|ss 3onna||ack, sho was ongagod to bo marr|od.
1uoaday, Octobor 27, 1070
1ho noxt attornoon Zod|ac ma||od Avor|y' a gar|sh|y docoratod |a||owoon card s|gnod Your 3ocrot la|.' Vy compar|son ot an una|torod card
domonstratod Zod|ac had dono cons|dorab|o rodraw|ng. |o had carotu||y cut out and pastod a sko|oton and an orango pumpk|n to tho card,
pa|ntod star|ng oyos, and sk|||tu||y addod brush |ottor|ng. lt had takon h|m at |oast a day to proparo. You can soo how Zod|ac must havo takon
do||ght |n putt|ng h|s own mark|ngs on tho card,' 1osch| to|d mo.
A|so, tho 'lEEK-A-3OO' and tho addod pr|nt|ng on tho card. A|| dono by Zod|ac.' 1ho card, |||ustratod w|th a sm|||ng sko|oton g|v|ng Avory tho h|gh
s|gn, was s|gnod Your 3ocrot la|.' Zod|ac had pa|ntod a sma|| numbor 14 on tho sko|ota| r|ght hand. lns|do, ho c|a|mod v|ct|m 4-1EEl.' lows ot
3onna||ack's doath wou|d not appoar |n tho Cbroolc|o unt|| tho to||ow|ng morn|ng.
Avory wroto Ch|ot A| lo|dor:
0uo to tho doath throat ma||od mo by tho so-ca||od Zod|ac k|||or, l who|o-hoartod|y agroo w|th tho adv|co l havo roco|vod trom Armstrong
and 1osch| that d|scrot|on |s tho bottor part ot va|or and that l shou|d carry a gun |n ordor to protoct myso|t shou|d nood ar|so. 1horotoro th|s |s
my torma| roquost that your ott|co |ssuo mo on a tomporary bas|s a porm|t to carry a concoa|od woapon.'
lo|dor concurrod, not on|y grant|ng Avory author|ty to pack a .88-ca||bor rovo|vor, but porm|ss|on to pract|co on tho po||co targot rango. lo|dor's
cons|dorat|on got Avory |n hot wator |mmod|ato|y. Around 0:4b l.V., patt|ng tho roassur|ng wo|ght ot tho .88 |n a concoa|od ho|stor undor h|s jackot,
ho wavod good n|ght to l|ght C|ty Ed|tor 3tovo Gav|n. Avory rotr|ovod h|s car trom tho mu|t|story |ot on ||tth 3troot and turnod onto V|nna. At tho
cornor ot 3|xth 3troot, twonty doro||cts, poor|ng trom dark doorways and g|oomy barroom ontrancos, watchod |ntont|y. Avory's hoad||ghts
|||um|natod a ono-s|dod strugg|o. On|y ton toot away, two mon woro grapp||ng. 1ho t|rst, mak|ng hard, thrust|ng mot|ons trom tho wa|st, was armod
w|th a hunt|ng kn|to. 1ho socond, woundod |n h|s chost, had doub|od h|s bo|t around h|s t|st as a sh|o|d and was back|ng up, ward|ng ott b|ows w|th
h|s arms.
Avory trant|ca||y honkod h|s horn, but tho t|ght cont|nuod. Worr|od about h|s own satoty, ho mado a qu|ck U-turn to tho oppos|to s|do ot 3|xth. 1ho
kn|to man movod |n as h|s v|ct|m t|na||y topp|od |nto tho stroot. Avory, st||| honk|ng and yo|||ng, obsorvod a drunk |urch|ng up 3|xth, support|ng h|mso|t
c|oso aga|nst tho d|rty bu||d|ng tronts. As tho w|no woavod by, tho kn|to man whoo|od, rushod tho drunk, and stabbod h|m too. ln a pathot|c attompt
at so|t-dotonso, tho drunk to|dod h|s arms ovor h|s hoart. Anyono who crossod tho kn|to man's path was |n por||.
3omoono |s go|ng to bo k|||od,' Avory thought, and s||ppod trom h|s car, draw|ng h|s woapon as ho cropt c|osor. |a|tway across 3|xth 3troot, ho
shoutod, 0rop tho kn|to and got aga|nst tho wa||!' 1ho kn|to man trozo, thon tacod Avory. |o ra|sod h|s arms abovo h|s hoad and took a tow ha|t|ng
stops |n tho roportor's d|roct|on, t|x|ng h|m w|th a g|assy staro as ho camo. Avory ropoatod h|s command, |ock|ng oyos w|th h|m and |ovo||ng tho gun
unt|| ho hoard, rathor than saw, tho b|oody kn|to |and at h|s toot. 1ho kn|to man p|acod h|s pa|ms aga|nst tho tront ot 12b 3|xth 3troot, a hoto|. Avory
yo||od |nto tho |obby to tho dosk c|ork: Ca|| tho cops!' ln a m|nuto a ro|at|vo|y wo||-drossod pons|onor tottorod to tho door and sa|d, 1ho po||co aro
on tho way.' |or tho noxt t|vo m|nutos Avory kopt wo|| back trom h|s pr|sonor. ||na||y ho hoard tho wa|| ot a s|ron, a po||co car appoarod, and two
ott|cors c||mbod out.
1h|s guy just stabbod a coup|o ot poop|o-w||| you tako ovor?'
Whoso gun do you havo?' sa|d tho son|or ott|cor.
lt's m|no,' sa|d Avory, produc|ng h|s spoc|a| po||co star. |o oxp|a|nod tho c|rcumstancos |oad|ng up to author|ty bo|ng grantod tor h|m to carry a
gun. You can chock th|s up by g|v|ng tho ch|ot a ca||,' ho sa|d.
Oh, yoah. l'm supposod to ca|| Ch|ot lo|dor at ton o'c|ock on a 3unday n|ght.'
Why don't you ca|| Armstrong or 1osch|?'
You do |t,' sa|d tho cop.
1osch| vouchod tor Avory and ovoryth|ng was t|no, oxcopt that tho two v|ct|ms had ||mpod away |nto tho n|ght.
lo v|ct|ms,' sa|d tho cop, shrugg|ng. 1ho bost wo can do |s book h|m tor brand|sh|ng a kn|to |n a rudo and throaton|ng mannor. 1ust
m|sdomoanors.' lo ono was quost|onod and, s|nco Avory ondod up bo|ng tho on|y w|tnoss, ho s|gnod a c|t|zon's comp|a|nt. loxt morn|ng, ho got
to tho |a|| ot 1ust|co by 10:80, but tho kn|to man, sontonco suspondod, had a|roady boon ro|oasod. l d|dn't oxact|y onjoy tho ro|o ot po||coman,' ho
to|d lo|dor. l'm worr|od how c|oso l camo to k||||ng tho guy. l kopt |ook|ng at h|m and th|nk|ng |t ho comos at mo w|th a kn|to, |t |t comos down to |t, |t
|t's a mattor ot surv|va|, l'm go|ng to havo to pu|| tho tr|ggor. l don't th|nk l ovor roa||y pausod to cons|dor botoro that by carry|ng a gun, l was putt|ng
myso|t |n a pos|t|on whoro soonor or |ator l'd havo to uso |t. l'm go|ng to got r|d ot |t, Ch|ot. 1ho wo|ght ot that gun has gotton too hoavy.' Whon Avory
roturnod to h|s housoboat |n Var|n County, ho hau|od down tho shoot ot stoo| p|ato ho had |nsta||od |n tho ono w|ndow that tacod a shadowod
3ausa||to stroot noxt to Gato b. |o to|t s|ck and Zod|ac had mado h|m that way. Ovor t|mo h|s |ungs bogan to ta||.
arthur Ioigh aIIon
Friday, Novombor 18, 1070
A 5an RataoI grapho|og|st ana|yzod Zod|ac's handpr|nt|ng. |o |s t|vo toot o|ovon and ono-ha|t |nchos ta||, sharp but not croat|vo,' sho spocu|atod.
||s ha|r |s sparso and ho may somot|mos woar a w|g or ta|so board. |o may woar |onsos on occas|on. |o may havo a ma|tormat|on or tau|t such
as t|ngor damago on h|s r|ght hand. |o puts h|mso|t undor so|t-hypnos|s consc|ous|y or unconsc|ous|y, and may know somoth|ng ot th|s |n actua|
tact. |o a|ways bo||ovos that ho |s drown|ng, o|thor by omot|ona| pattorn or ||tora||y by wator or bo|ng ovorwho|mod by unpromod|tatod
c|rcumstanco. Vay havo boat or housoboat. |as probab|y scuba d|vod. 3ra|n damago. 1|ssuo damago trom oxygon |ack at b|rth or |ator, maybo
trom d|v|ng too |ong and runn|ng out ot oxygon . . .' Zod|ac had wr|tton, l|oaso ho|p mo l am drownd|ng.'
ln tho ta|| lo|gh had bogun attond|ng 3onoma 3tato Un|vors|ty |n lohnort lark, and rontod a s|ot tor h|s tra||or |n 3anta losa. On |r|day tho
th|rtoonth, A||on had a motorcyc|o acc|dont wh||o roturn|ng trom 3acramonto whoro, oar||or |n tho day, somoono murdorod 3anta losa ros|dont
Caro| 3oth |||burn. 3ho had |ast boon soon at tho Zod|ac, an attor-hours c|ub on Wost Cap|to| Avonuo troquontod by mombors ot motorcyc|o
gangs. 3ho had boon woar|ng a jackot w|th tho |argo yo||ow |ottors 3Al1A lO3A on tho r|ght s|do. |||burn had boon stay|ng |n 3anta losa w|th
hor s|stor wh||o study|ng to bo an X-ray tochn|c|an. On tho |ott s|do ot hor s||ck, h|p-|ongth b|ack jackot was hor namo, CAlOl. 3ho was tho th|rd
attract|vo young woman to bo k|||od |n |oss than a yoar |n 3acramonto. |or nudo, sovoro|y b|udgoonod body was tound |n an |so|atod t|o|d noar 0ry
Crook on tho c|ty's northorn odgo. A car had draggod hor |nto a t|o|d and |ott hor taco up. |or throat was thon cut and sho was boaton so savago|y
sho was unrocogn|zab|o.
1hat attornoon, both lau| Avory and 0otoct|vo 3orgoant 0avo 3on|no roquostod 3horwood Vorr||| conduct a compar|son botwoon handwr|t|ng
samp|os trom Zod|ac and tho l|vors|do pr|nt|ng roco|vod |n tho 3atos caso.
5unday, Novombor 15, 1070
Ovor tho yoara a wh|to Chovy lmpa|a wou|d mako many appoarancos |n tho Zod|ac caso. A v|ct|m's baby-s|ttor saw a round-tacod watchor on
Wa||aco 3troot |n an Amor|can mado sodan, wh|to w|th |argo w|ndsh|o|d and out ot stato p|atos.' 1hroo womon at lako 3orryossa tho day ot tho
stabb|ngs obsorvod a susp|c|ous man |n a Chovro|ot, s||vor b|uo or |co b|uo |n co|or, 1000, two-door sodan, tu|| s|zo car, qu|ot, vory consorvat|vo,
w|th Ca||torn|a p|atos.' 1ho lmpa|a showod up aga|n |n 3anta losa on lovombor 1b, 1070. At 4:00 A.V. a woman dr|vor saw a 1002-08 Wh|to
Chovro|ot' to||ow|ng hor trom a 3anta losa post ott|co. 3hort|y attor, a wh|to Chovro|ot lmpa|a, sodan 1004,' to||owod a socond woman on
Vondoc|no Avonuo and Chanato load. At b:10 A.V. a wh|to Chovy, 1008-04' ta||gat|ng a woman on |ourth 3troot was stoppod by po||co and
tr|od to spood ott. 1ho dr|vor, a twonty-t|vo-yoar-o|d va||ojo man, sa|d ho was |ost and |ook|ng tor way out ot town. 1ho ott|cor oscortod h|m out ot
town. 1ho noxt day camo a broak |n tho caso.
Nonday, Novombor 10, 1070
NorriII tound a match, ||nk|ng Zod|ac's pr|nt|ng w|th throo 3A1E3 |A0 1O 0lE' |ottors and a wavor|ng b|ockpr|ntod poom d|scovorod |n tho
l|vors|do Co||ogo l|brary. Zod|ac had carvod a ghast|y vorso |nto a p|ywood-board study dosktop w|th a b|uo ba||po|nt pon. 1ho poom was
probab|y wr|tton as oar|y as 1anuary 1007, whon tho dosk was storod |n an unusod co||ogo basomont. 3|ck ot l|v|ng . . .' |t bogan. 3onoath tho
gory poom woro tho |nc|sod |owor-caso |n|t|a|s l |.' Vorr||| chockod ovor s|x thousand handwr|t|ng samp|os soarch|ng tor a k|||or w|th thoso
|n|t|a|s. Vost ot thoso oxomp|ars camo trom tho l|vors|do Co||ogo and m|||tary |nsta||at|ons,' ho to|d mo. 1hoy woro a|| on m|crot||m, b|own up, and
l had a magn|t|or that l just s||ppod thom undor ono attor anothor. low th|s |s tho woak ||nk |n tho caso-somo ot thoso rog|strat|on cort|t|catos woro
typod.' Capta|n Cross was oncouragod. Wo||, |t |ooks ||ko wo'ro |n bus|noss,' ho sa|d. 1ho hunt tor Zod|ac was now statow|do.
ln tho oar|y ovon|ng ot lovombor 10, A||on stood |n tho doorway ot h|s tra||or nurs|ng h|s wounds, phys|ca| and omot|ona|, past and prosont. |o
||stonod. 1ho roar ot tratt|c on 3anta losa Avonuo t|||od h|s hoad. |o put on h|s wh|to hat and |ockod tho door to h|s tra||or. |o ||mpod to h|s car and
startod tho dusty o|d c|unkor. l|ght was ta|||ng.
At 0:00 l.V. an omp|oyoo at tho los Gu||ucos 3choo| tor G|r|s, about o|ght m||os trom 3anta losa, roturnod trom shopp|ng. 3ho s|owod tor
hoavy oncom|ng tratt|c at tho cornor ot lyth|an Way and two-|ano 3onoma ||ghway. Approach|ng tho narrow road tor hor turn, sho t||ckod on hor
turn s|gna|, s|owod, and wa|tod tor two cars at tho cornor. As tho socond car passod by, a hand shot trom tho bushos. lt tastonod on hor door
hand|o. A taco g|arod at hor trom tho brush. lt |ookod tam|||ar. 1ho toaturos rosomb|od tho Zod|ac wantod postor. Vy |mpross|on was ot ||ght-
co|orod ha|r, somowhat rocod|ng, though not ba|d,' sho roca||od. |o was drossod |n a navy-b|uo jackot and l judgod h|m to bo about th|rty-t|vo and
woar|ng dark-r|mmod g|assos.' 3ho stoppod on tho thrott|o, oxocutod a sharp |ott turn, and racod anothor quartor m||o to tho apartmont comp|ox
whoro sho ||vod. l too|,' sho sa|d, that tho man at tho cornor and tho man skotchod |n tho papor aro ono and tho samo.'
1huraday, Novombor 10, 1070
1ho Rivoraido P.D. ho|d a socrot Zod|ac contoronco. Wh||o Armstrong roma|nod boh|nd, 1osch|, lar|ow, and l|co|a| t|ow southward. 3omot|mos
wo sp||t up,' sa|d 1osch|. '0o you want to do th|s?' Armstrong wou|d ask mo, and wo wou|d tako turns |n ordor to accomp||sh d|ttoront tasks at tho
samo t|mo.' 1osch| was shockod to d|scovor Avory on tho samo p|ano to l|vors|do. Wo saw h|m r|ght away. |o had h|s namo stonc||od on tho
back ot h|s carry-on. lar|ow and l|co|a| |ookod at mo, and l sa|d, '|oy, l don't know anyth|ng about th|s!' 1hoy thought 3||| or l m|ght havo to|d h|m. l
askod Avory, 'lau|, how d|d you know wo woro go|ng down? You havo to to|| mo. 1hoso guys th|nk l'm a sn|tch.' Avory sa|d, 'Capta|n Cross to|d
mo.' Attor wo |andod and woro wa|t|ng tor our lont-A-Car, Avory had tho ba||s to ask to r|do w|th us to hoadquartors. Ot courso tho answor was no. l
||kod Avory and had boon ab|o to trust h|m on casos whoro a |ot ot guys thought ho was a ||tt|o snoaky. |o was novor that way w|th mo at any t|mo.'
As Avory drovo a|ono to tho moot|ng, ho thought back throo days oar||or to an |nc|dont on 3orko|oy's 1o|ograph Avonuo. A stocky strangor,
botwoon twonty-t|vo and torty-t|vo yoars o|d' had approachod two g|r|s and ottorod thom a r|do. lo, thanks,' thoy sa|d, gostur|ng to a vW at tho
curb, wo'vo got our own.' 1hoy ato at a snack bar, roturnod torty m|nutos |ator, and d|scovorod tho|r car wou|dn't start. 3uddon|y, tho samo strangor
was at tho|r s|do, oxtond|ng h|s a|d. A passorby not|cod tho man ho|p|ng a young g|r| push a vo|kswagon, tho othor g|r| boh|nd tho whoo|. Whon ho
ottorod to ho|p, tho stocky man, onragod at tho |ntrus|on, ran ott. 1ho socond Good 3amar|tan chockod tho ong|no. 1ho m|dd|o d|str|butor w|ro has
boon r|ppod out,' ho to|d Avory |ator.
1ho g|r|s t||od a roport w|th tho |oca| po||co that may conta|n tho strangor's ||conso p|ato numbor,' tho man addod. 1wo|vo hours attorward, tho
Cbroolc|o roco|vod an anonymous ca||. C|ty dosk, don't bothor w|th gonora| rowr|to,' tho vo|co sa|d. 1h|s |s tho Zod|ac and |t's tho |ast t|mo l am
go|ng to ca||.' Avory thought |t odd that Zod|ac know nowspapor ||ngo. 3orko|oy cops soarchod tho|r t||os, but cou|d not t|nd tho p|ato numbor.
Avory was actua||y qu|vor|ng. 1ho prossuro was tromondous and ho had boon |ncroas|ng|y troakod out' ovor Zod|ac's throat aga|nst h|m twonty-
tour days oar||or. 1on days ago, whon Avory t|rst v|s|tod l|vors|do, ho had boggod tho c|ty dosk to ca|| h|m |t any |ottors camo wh||o ho was away.
Zodo-as l ca|| h|m,' wroto Avory |n a momo, |s somoth|ng ||ko tho v|ot Cong. [Avory had spont throo yoars |n v|otnam as a war
corrospondont.| You don't know who ho |s, whoro ho |s, or whon or whoro ho m|ght str|ko noxt. l am gott|ng cross-oyod trom try|ng to koop ono
oyo d|roctod ahoad and tho othor ovor my shou|dor. l roa||y doubt ho |ntonds to como attor mo, but l am bo|ng carotu|.'

l wasn't p|oasod w|th tho l|vors|do v|s|t,' 1osch| to|d mo. l tr|od to bo tr|ond|y as tho moot|ng got undor way, |ntroducod myso|t by g|v|ng my
namo, spo|||ng |t 1-O-3-C-|-l, and say|ng (as l a|ways do), '1hat's lta||an.' l'm vory proud ot my hor|tago-l spoko lta||an botoro Eng||sh bocauso my
mothor was l|omontoso and my tathor 1oscano. Wo spont tho who|o day |n tho|r ott|co and had |unch. Wo thought wo woro go|ng to got moro
|ntormat|on. Wo got m|n|ma|. l was tru|y d|sappo|ntod that wo woron't gott|ng a hock ot |ot ot anyth|ng. W|th tho oxcopt|on ot [0otoct|vo| 3ud Ko||y,
who was a|ways up tront w|th mo, wo novor got much cooporat|on w|th l|vors|do. 1hoso l|vors|do guys aron't to|||ng us anyth|ng. lt's so obv|ous that
thoy'ro ho|d|ng on to ovoryth|ng tor thomso|vos ||ko wo'ro horo to purso-snatch. And that was not tho caso. Wo woro thoro to sharo |ntormat|on.
1hoy had cont|scatod tho l|vors|do dosk and kopt |t |n a spoc|a| ov|donco room at po||co hoadquartors. 1hat dosk roa||y got my attont|on . . . that
|ottor|ng was so obv|ous|y by Zod|ac. lator, attor wo got tho t|p about A||on, l|vors|do novor ovon bothorod to chock on h|m hav|ng boon |n tho
rog|on-and l askod, '0|d you know Arthur lo|gh A||on?' '0|d you arrost h|m?' '|as ho ovor boon c|tod |n tho aroa?' 'Can wo connoct h|m to lCC?'
1hoy woro k|nd ot |oan|ng aga|nst tho tact that |t cou|d havo boon our k|||or, Zod|ac. |rom that momont on, thoy dovo|opod tunno| v|s|on to any othor
suspocts. l|vors|do thought thoy know who had comm|ttod tho 3atos murdor.'
Capta|n lrv Cross ot tho 0otoct|vo 3uroau sa|d, Wo aro not ru||ng out tho poss|b|||ty that tho k|||or may havo boon a |oca| youth.'
3ack |n 3an |ranc|sco, an anonymous typod |ottor arr|vod at tho Cbroolc|o-lt both angors mo and amazos mo,' l road, that a wanton k|||or ||ko
tho Zod|ac has oscapod dotoct|on and just|co tor so |ong.
lt |s my porsona| op|n|on Zod|ac has spont t|mo |n somo typo ot |nst|tut|on-o|thor pr|son or monta| hosp|ta|. . . . Zod|ac wou|d not bo
marr|od. |o |s unab|o to tunct|on |n a ro|at|onsh|p w|th a woman, o|thor soxua||y or omot|ona||y. . . . 1ho hunt tor tho Zod|ac k|||or has boon a
trag|c comody ot orrors. . . . l know th|s: ovory act ot horror such as mass k|||ors bog|nn|ng tho|r ug|y bus|noss has a start|ng po|nt wh|ch |s
|gn|tod by what l chooso to ca|| a tr|ggor. 1ho boast w|th|n thom ||os qu|ot|y most ot tho t|mo, but thon somoth|ng tr|ggors |t or sots |t ott. ln tho
caso ot Zod|ac l spocu|ato |t was duo to two th|ngs: an op|sodo |n h|s ||to at tho t|mo ot tho t|rst k||||ng, traumat|c to tho porson known as Zod|ac,
but not nocossar||y to anyono o|so. |o sooms to havo a roa| hatrod tor po||co and onjoys nood||ng thom |n tho|r ta||uro to catch h|m. loss|b|y an
oncountor w|th po||co at that part|cu|ar t|mo. l don't porsona||y bo||ovo ho doos h|s k||||ng accord|ng to somo astro|og|ca| t|motab|o. l th|nk ho
k|||s on ho||days and wook-onds s|mp|y bocauso ho doosn't work thon. l suggost |n a|| probab|||ty ho has a job wh|ch |s a torty hour work wook
and t|vo consocut|vo days. . . . l sha|| roma|n anonymous. l hopo you w||| not stop |n your ottorts to t|nd th|s t|ond. l w|sh you good hoa|th and
good hunt|ng. [s|gnod| Armcha|r.'

ln tho unusua| |ottor Armcha|r' mont|ons ho novor hoard ot a mothor shoot|ng an adu|t ch||d. l supposo l am too susp|c|ous ot ovoryono,' ho
conc|udod. 3ut bo|ng susp|c|ous has savod my bacon moro than onco.' And Armcha|r' had not on|y usod Zod|ac words (nood||ng,' tr|ggor,'
hunt,' hunt|ng'), but had ||vod |n l|vors|do at tho t|mo ot tho 3atos k||||ng, quot|ng ovonts and nowspapor art|c|os ho had road thoro. l was novor
ab|o to track h|m down.
Friday, Docombor 18, 1070
On Arthur Loigh A||on's b|rthday, a burg|ar broko |nto a woman's homo. 1ho th|ot took pa|ns to concoa| h|s |dont|ty-adhos|vo tapo on h|s
t|ngort|ps, a wh|to handkorch|ot t|od ovor tho |owor part ot h|s taco. 1ho s|oop|ng ownor awakonod to t|nd a man stand|ng ovor hor, brand|sh|ng a
basoba|| bat. 3natch|ng up a r|t|o undor hor bod, sho sont a g|anc|ng b|ow to h|s arm. l|pp|ng tho r|t|o away, ho |acoratod hor torohoad w|th tho bat.
|or daughtor, awakonod by tho strugg|o, g||mpsod tho |ntrudor t|oo|ng down tho ha||. |o was drossod |n a dark ny|on sk| jackot, dark pants, navy-
b|uo kn|t cap, and woar|ng wo|d|ng gogg|os,' sho sa|d, but botoro l cou|d got a bottor |ook, ho sw|tchod ott tho ||ght and van|shod.' |o |ott a b|oody
handpr|nt on tho wa||, but no t|ngorpr|nts. ln tho ont|ro t|mo ho had boon |n tho houso ho had not spokon. 1ho Contra Costa County 3hor|tt's
0opartmont |ssuod an a||-po|nts bu||ot|n tor h|m, thoy bo||ovod ho m|ght bo Zod|ac.
Friday, Fobruary 4, 1072
5ovon Iong montha had craw|od by s|nco Armstrong and 1osch| had quost|onod lo|gh A||on that s|zz||ng August morn|ng. As tar as thoy know ho
was st||| attond|ng spr|ng and ta|| soss|ons at 3onoma 3tato. lrobab|y a hundrod now suspocts' namos had crossod tho|r dosk |n that t|mo. A||on's
namo |ay somowhoro at tho bottom ot that p||o. And st||| tho t|ps pourod |n. A |ot ot poop|o wou|d want to cooporato and torward th|s or that to you,'
1osch| to|d mo. A|| tho wh||o you got tho too||ng down doop that thoy'ro try|ng to p|ck your bra|n. 1ho nagg|ng too||ng was that tho caso was a 'round
nock.' 1ho round nock moans tho trash baskot |n your ott|co, wh|ch moans |t's go|ng to ond up |n a t||o as 'Unso|vod.'
Wo just cou|dn't hand|o a|| tho t|p ca||s. 1ho othor guys |n tho ott|co woro gott|ng angry at us. '|oy, guys, wo d|dn't wr|to tho |ottors,' wo to|d thom.
'Wo just answor tho phono. lt wo turn somobody ott, hang up on what cou|d bo a pos|t|vo |oad-wo'ro not go|ng to mako th|s caso and wo'vo got to
mako th|s caso. l|oaso don't hang up on anybody.'' 1hoy to||owod up tho most prom|s|ng t|ps, but t|mo was on Zod|ac's s|do. ln two wooks, tho
3tato 3upromo Court wou|d ru|o cap|ta| pun|shmont unconst|tut|ona|. 1hus Zod|ac, |t capturod, wou|d no |ongor taco tho doath pona|ty. W|tnossos
and surv|v|ng v|ct|ms, toartu| ot Zod|ac, wont |nto h|d|ng or movod away. lhys|ca| ov|donco bogan to bo |ost or dostroyod. Voanwh||o, tho
dotoct|vos cou|d on|y spocu|ato what tho C|phor 3|ayor' was do|ng.

|n 5anta Roaa at 4:00 l.V., Vauroon loo 3tor||ng and Yvonno Wobor |ott tho lodwood lco 3kat|ng l|nk at 3too|o lano. 1ho two two|vo-yoar-o|ds
bogan to wa|k homo, stopp|ng a|ong tho way. 3tor||ng, |ong brown ha|r partod |n tho m|dd|o, woro b|uo joans, a purp|o pu||ovor sh|rt, a rod swoatsh|rt
w|th a hood, and brown suodo shoos. Wobor drossod s|m||ar|y-b|uo joans, |avondor and wh|to twood pu||ovor sh|rt, b|ack vo|vot coat, and brown
suodo boots. l|ko hor compan|on, sho had b|uo oyos and partod hor |ong b|ond ha|r |n tho m|dd|o. 3oth g|r|s woro known to h|tchh|ko. A|ong tho|r
way, thoy d|sappoarod.
lo|gh A||on qu|t tho o|| rot|nory at 4:00 l.V. oach day and |ott |mmod|ato|y to boat tho tratt|c. ||s routo trom l|no|o took h|m wost on ||ghway 87
to 3an latao|, whoro |t |ntorsoctod 101 lorth. |o drovo on to lovato, lota|uma, 3onoma, and t|na||y Cotat|. A ||tt|o botoro t|vo ho wou|d havo
crossod tho g|r|s' path.
5aturday, Narch 4, 1072
5ixtoon daya botoro tho vorna| oqu|nox, at b:00 l.V., K|m Wondy A||on |ott hor job at latura| |oods, a larkspur hoa|th tood storo. 1wonty m|nutos
|ator tho n|notoon-yoar-o|d 3anta losa 1un|or Co||ogo studont was soon at tho 3o|| Avonuo |rooway ontranco. 3ho bogan h|tchh|k|ng north on 101,
hott|ng an orango backpack and c|utch|ng a straw carry-bag. A bo|go throo-quartor-|ongth coat protoctod hor aga|nst tho ch||| w|nd. l|ko tho ||tt|o
g|r|s trom tho skat|ng r|nk, sho had b|uo oyos and |ong, ||ght-brown ha|r partod |n tho m|dd|o. l|ko thom, sho van|shod. 1ho noxt day, two mon
d|scovorod hor nudo body |n a crook bod throo m||os trom 3onnott va||oy load. 3ho had boon strang|od w|th wh|to ho||ow-coro c|othos||no. |or
body showod s|gns ot bo|ng bound sproadoag|od tor somo t|mo somowhoro o|so. 3uport|c|a| cuts woro on hor chost. 1ho k|||or had kopt hor wh|to
ombro|dorod b|ouso, cut-ott b|uo joans, groon cotton scart, and ono go|d oarr|ng. |o'd carr|od away an unusua| twonty-tour-|nch-|ong nock|aco
tash|onod trom dr|ttwood, soawood, soasho||s, soods, and ouca|yptus buttons. 3ho m|ght havo boon rapod. 1hat dot|n|to|y d|d not match Zod|ac's
V.O. |owovor, sho was tound twonty toot trom Entorpr|so load |n a body ot wator, and Zod|ac had onco s|gnod El1Ellll3E' at tho bottom ot a
1uoaday, AriI 25, 1072
Joanotto KamahoIo, twonty, anothor 3anta losa 1un|or Co||ogo studont, was a|so h|tchh|k|ng north noar tho Cotat| on-ramp ot ||ghway 101
whon sho d|sappoarod. |or |ntondod dost|nat|on was 3anta losa, whoro lo|gh A||on had kopt a tra||or s|nco 1070.
Friday, Nay 5, 1072
AIIon waa in a rago-ho had just boon t|rod trom tho l|no|o rot|nory. 1hough h|s quost|on|ng by tho po||co had boon ton |ong months oar||or, ho
cons|dorod h|s torm|nat|on a d|roct rosu|t ot tho|r pry|ng and |nnuondo. lo|gh's d|sm|ssa| wou|d croato add|t|ona| d|tt|cu|t|os tor Armstrong and
1osch|. low that tho pr|mo suspoct was a tu||-t|mo 3onoma 3tato studont, study|ng sc|onco and art, ho bogan ||v|ng most ot oach wook |n h|s 3anta
losa tra||or. ln tho tuturo any sor|ous soarch roqu|rod thoy chooso botwoon 3anta losa and va||ojo-c|t|os outs|do tho|r jur|sd|ct|on. 1ho s|tuat|on
was mado moro torm|dab|o by tho tact that A||on was not tho|r on|y suspoct. A coup|o ot othors, at |oast |n tho bog|nn|ng, |ookod good.
A wh||o back, larry |r|odman, an lYl0 cop tor two yoars, rang 1osch|. 1hoy mot at a cottoo shop. l thought you wou|d bo |ntorostod |n th|s,'
|r|odman sa|d. A Crockor 3ank omp|oyoo ||vod a b|ock away whon lau| 3t|no was murdorod.' 1osch| a|roady know. Wo had a coup|o ot guys
horo |n 3an |ranc|sco,' 1osch| sa|d, who woro abso|uto|y conv|ncod that tho Zod|ac was a |oca| bank honcho. A|| tho c|rcumstant|a| ov|donco t|t
portoct|y. |o or|g|na||y ||vod down |n 3outhorn Ca||torn|a whon 3atos was murdorod. |o ownod proporty noar lako 3orryossa and wont hunt|ng
otton |n Vontana, a p|aco whoro Zod|ac sa|d ho had boon act|vo, whoro |t's oasy to buy guns that can't roa||y bo tracod. 1ho|r |ntormat|on was so
good that wo had to chock tho|r suspoct out. Wo o||m|natod tho man comp|oto|y basod on h|s pr|nts not match|ng thoso on 3t|no's cab.' 1ho |3l
wont a stop turthor, ana|yz|ng a b|ockpr|ntod noto passod by a robbor to a Crockor to||or to soo |t |t matchod Zod|ac's pr|nt|ng.
Anothor suspoct |ookod ||ko a boar, but a boar w|th a shock ot rod ha|r and woar|ng dark g|assos. 1ho 3oar Van' was a k|nda scary guy,'
1osch| to|d mo, stoo|-woo| ha|r, |op|ng |ong arms. |o co||octod guns and ammo-a r|t|o carb|no, but no .22's or 0-mm. |o was a thoator jan|tor who
||vod on |untor 3troot.' lo||co thoor|zod Zod|ac was not on|y a huntor, but m|ght bo namod |untor or m|ght ovon possoss a w||d boast's attr|butos.
Wo put tho '3oar Van' on tho ||o dotoctor throo wooks attor tho 3t|no k||||ng. l askod tho suspoct, who vo|untoorod that ho was amb|doxtrous, to
pr|nt tor mo. 1ho wr|t|ng d|dn't match. 1hough ho was gonora||y tam|||ar w|th lako 3orryossa, ho d|dn't know tho s|do roads and was not |nt|mato
w|th va||ojo. l was unab|o to t|nd anyth|ng |oca||y on tho suspoct, no wants, nor warrants, nor arrosts.
Zod|ac m|ght havo boon a cabb|o ||ko 3t|no. l chockod tho 0opartmont's cab porm|t buroau back to 1008. lt ho ovor drovo a cab |n th|s c|ty, ho
had to bo t|ngorpr|ntod and photographod as an app||cant-l tound no such porson as tho '3oar Van.' lt ho drovo a cab |t was undor anothor namo.
l rochockod w|th 0Vv |n 3acramonto and thoy had no rocord ot such a porson w|th a curront or past dr|vor's ||conso. |owovor, thoy purgo attor
approx|mato|y sovon yoars. l sont a 1o|otypo to las vogas ask|ng tor a copy ot h|s dr|vor's ||conso and h|s photo-a sovon-to-ton-day wa|t tor that.
And th|s was just ono suspoct-back whon tho caso startod.'
l|ko 3t|no, an oar||or Zod|ac v|ct|m had boon shot at c|oso rango abovo tho oar. 1hough po||co otton d|scountod tho lako |orman load murdors
ot 0ocombor 20, 1008, as bo|ng Zod|ac's, a s|m||ar contact wound ||nkod thom to 3t|no. last tho ro|||ng h|||s, poacotu| pasturos, and ruggod
quarr|os out on lako |orman load strango th|ngs woro soon. 1hroo and a ha|t yoars botoro, on that p|tch-b|ack and |ono|y thoroughtaro, Zod|ac
had murdorod 3otty lou 1onson and 0av|d |araday, two toonagors on tho|r t|rst dato. Good k|ds: 3otty lou an honor studont, 0av|d an Eag|o
3cout, roc|p|ont ot tho God and Country Award.'
1ho n|ght ot tho murdors, lobort Conn|oy and |rank Gassor (ot tho Gassor lanch on ||ghway #2) woro out thoro hunt|ng raccoons. At 0:00 l.V.
thoy drovo tho|r rod |ord p|ckup just boyond Gato #10 |oad|ng to tho lako |orman lump|ng 3tat|on. 1hoy parkod tho p|ckup twonty-t|vo toot |nto a
t|o|d ot tho Varsha|| lanch, noar tho pump houso. 1ho gatod ontranco |tso|t was ono-quartor m||o oast ot lako |orman Cottago. As tho gato swung
|nward, an un|dont|t|od truck bogan go|ng out. 1ho huntors obsorvod a wh|to tour-door 10b0-'00 Chovro|ot lmpa|a parkod a|ongs|do |ts path.
Gassor, s|xty-n|no, woar|ng a hunt|ng jackot and sh|n|ng a throo-co|| t|ash||ght, amb|od ovor to tho lmpa|a. Cur|ous, ho poorod |nto tho tront soat,
thon tho back. 1ho car was ompty. lorhaps |ts ownor |s out scout|ng tho aroa,' ho thought.
An hour |ator 3|ngo Woshor, a ranchor on tho O|d 3orgos lanch by tho |umb|o O|| Company, bogan tond|ng shoop just oast ot 3on|c|a lump|ng
3tat|on #0. |o obsorvod Gassor and Conn|oy's truck, rocogn|zab|o by |ts wood s|doboards and br|ght co|or, and saw tho lmpa|a parkod by tho
south tonco ontranco. |o cou|d not to|| |t |t was occup|od. A dark car, |ack|ng |n chromo' had boon soon |n tho aroa, and botwoon 0:80 and 10:00
l.V. a b|uo va||ant, dr|von by two mon, chasod anothor coup|o a|ong lako |orman load at a h|gh rato ot spood.' Anothor w|tnoss saw a Wh|to
Chovro|ot, lmpa|a sodan 1001-08' |n tho aroa.
1wo othor w|tnossos passod tho pump|ng stat|on ontranco at 10:1b and saw a 1000 tour-door stat|on wagon tac|ng toward tho gato. 1ho two-
tono (dark tan ovor ||ght tan) lash lamb|or was tho v|ct|ms' car. ||ttoon m|nutos |ator tho w|tnossos roturnod. 1ho stat|on wagon now tacod tho
oppos|to d|roct|on. At 11:00 l.V. Conn|oy and Gassor t|n|shod hunt|ng and saw tho lmpa|a was gono. 1ho lamb|or was parkod |n tho samo spot,
tac|ng southwost and |n a d|ttoront spot than po||co tound |t an hour |ator. A |umb|o O|| workor dr|v|ng homo trom 3on|c|a attor h|s gravoyard sh|tt
saw two cars parkod at tho pump houso ontranco. 1ho car parkod noarost to tho road was a 10bb or 10b0 stat|on wagon, boxy typo, noutra| co|or,'
ho sa|d. 1ho othor was parkod to tho r|ght and abroast ot tho stat|on wagon. 1ho cars woro about ton toot apart. l cou|d not g|vo a doscr|pt|on ot
tho mako or co|or ot tho othor car.'

1ho RambIor'a motor was st||| |ukowarm whon 0otoct|vo 3orgoant los lundb|ad ot tho 3o|ano County 3hor|tt's ott|co arr|vod at t|vo m|nutos attor
m|dn|ght. 1ho car's |gn|t|on koy was on, but tho motor was not runn|ng. 1ho k|ds had boon us|ng tho hoator. 1ho tront ot tho tour door brown-bo|go
'01 lamb|or 3tat|on Wagon |n tho ontrancoway now po|ntod oast. 1ho r|ght tront door stood w|do opon, tho roma|n|ng throo doors and ta||gato st|||
|ockod, but tho r|ght roar w|ndow had boon smashod. 1ho g|r|'s wh|to tur coat, a|ong w|th hor purso, |ay on tho roar soat on tho dr|vor's s|do. 1hough
a doop hoo| mark was tound boh|nd tho pumphouso, tho gravo| surtaco producod noth|ng ot groat s|gn|t|canco |n tho way ot roadab|o tootpr|nts and
no v|s|b|o t|ro tracks woro |ott on tho trozon ground.
Coronor 0an |oran, 0r. 3yron 3antord, Capta|n 0an|o| l|tta, Ott|cors W||||am 1. Warnor, Watorman, and 3uttorbach, and a roportor trom tho
lolrlo|o Lol|y Ropob|lc, 1homas 0. 3a|mor, woro a|roady thoro. 3on|c|a cops l|orro 3|dou and l|outonant Goorgo l|tt|o, who photographod tho
two bod|os, jo|nod tho bust||ng scono. Zod|ac countod on compot|ng po||co agonc|os to hampor tho |nvost|gat|on.
Warnor d|d a cha|k out||no around 0av|d's body. |oran pronouncod 3otty lou 0O3. and, attor l|tt|o had takon as many p|cturos trom as many
ang|os as poss|b|o, ordorod hor body to tho morguo. 3orgoant Cunn|ngham had 0oputy 1. l. W||son go to va||ojo Gonora| |osp|ta| to tako p|cturos
ot 0av|d, but whon ho arr|vod ho |oarnod tho boy had boon 0OA. ln tho moant|mo lundb|ad ascorta|nod that ono bu||ot had boon t|rod |nto tho top
ot tho lamb|or |oav|ng a r|cochot mark on tho root. Anothor had shattorod tho roar w|ndow. An oxpondod .22-ca||bor cas|ng trom tho k|||or's gun |ay
on tho r|ght t|oorboard ot tho lamb|or. l|no othor oxpondod cas|ngs woro on tho ground, to tho r|ght at d|stancos ot twonty toot, tourtoon toot, o|ght
toot two |nchos, tour toot ono-ha|t |nch, throo toot, two toot throo |nchos, ono toot o|ovon |nchos, and ono toot ono-ha|t |nch. 1hoy showod how tho
boy had boon shot as ho ox|tod and how tho k|||or pursuod tho g|r| on tho run. 1ho tata| bu||ots that k|||od 1onson and |araday woro at t|rst thought to
bo trom a ||gh 3tandard Vodo| 101. A|ong tho road, 3on|c|a po||co rocovorod a ||-3tandard |-l V|||tary .22 automat|c w|th orad|catod sor|a|
numbors. lt had boon prov|ous|y d|sassomb|od by somoono and tho t|r|ng p|n a|torod. 1hoy oxam|nod tost bu||ots w|th s|x r|ght-hand groovos, as d|d
tho quost|onod bu||ots romovod trom tho v|ct|ms. 0|ttoront guns had boon |nvo|vod. lo ono cou|d oxp|a|n how tho k|||or had t|rod so accurato|y |n tho
dark un|oss ho had somo sort ot ||ght on tho barro|.
An |rrogu|ar|y t|attonod bu||ot romovod trom tho |ott tronta| |obo ot tho boy (ho had boon shot boh|nd tho uppor r|ght oar) and tho bu||ots trom tho
g|r| woro ana|yzod. A|| woro Wostorn coatod .22 long l|t|o ammo w|th 0 l| c|ass charactor|st|cs. 1hoy cou|d on|y havo boon t|rod trom a 1. C.
||gg|ns, Vodo| 80, .22 automat|c p|sto|. 3otty lou had boon shot t|vo t|mos |n tho back |n a romarkab|y c|oso pattorn.' 1hroo ot tho bu||ots had
omorgod trom hor tront. 3otty lou's dross had no smoko or gunpowdor ros|duo |n ono ho|o |n tho contor tront. lor was thoro any tattoo|ng |n tho
t|vo puncturos |n tho uppor r|ght s|do ot hor back. |owovor, |n tho topmost ho|o |n back, a s|ng|o gra|n ot gunpowdor was d|scovorod. 1hat moant
that ot a|| tho s|ugs that struck hor, on|y ono was t|rod at a c|osor rango. A|| tho othors woro t|rod trom at |oast sovora| toot. 1wo ot tho ton bu||ots t|rod
woro novor accountod tor, |ost |n tho noarby t|o|d.
lundb|ad bogan t|m|ng tho ovonts ot that n|ght. ||rst ho drovo to tho homo ot Vrs. 3to||a 3orgos, tho woman who had d|scovorod tho bod|os
spraw|od by tho roads|do. |rom hor ranch to tho cr|mo scono was two and sovon-tonths m||os and that took throo m|nutos. |rom tho cr|mo scono to
tho Enco 3tat|on on East 2nd 3troot |n 3on|c|a whoro sho had t|aggod down po||co was throo and tour-tonths m||os. lt took lundb|ad t|vo m|nutos at
tho sato h|gh spood' 3orgos had dr|von. lt |s two and ono-tonths m||os trom tho |ntorsoct|on ot lako |orman load and luthor G|bson |rooway to
cr|mo scono,' ho wroto, a throo m|nuto tr|p.' lator ho a|so t|mod tho d|stancos botwoon two suspocts' homos and tho murdor s|to at var|ous
spoods. lundb|ad |oarnod thoro had boon a prow|or around tho 1onson homo. Upon sovora| occas|ons tho gato |oad|ng to tho s|do ot tho houso
had boon tound opon.

1ho unaoIvod murdora torovor ta|ntod tho rog|on. On that torsakon road a man |n a wh|to Chovy cru|sod undor tho tu|| moon. los|donts had takon
to ca|||ng h|m 1ho lhantom ot Cordo||a.' A b|g man was a|so obsorvod rov|ng tho torr|tory on toot, sta|k|ng ovor a gravo| path to tho o|d pump
houso, scout|ng tor gamo, pract|c|ng h|s shoot|ng, and mov|ng through tho quarry and watory aroas whoro ho cou|d d|vo ||ko a ghost. 1ho hugo man
movod |n othor romoto aroas ot va||ojo too, track|ng tho watory outsk|rts ot va||ojo as |t sook|ng somoth|ng. 1hroo astro|og|ca| wator s|gns-
3corp|o, l|scos, and Cancor-dotorm|nod tho t|m|ng ot Zod|ac's assau|ts. 1o provo th|s, astro|ogors cont|dont|y po|ntod to h|s |ator doub|o
shoot|ng at 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs-comm|ttod dur|ng tho s|gn ot Cancor w|th tho moon |n l|scos.
Vrs. 3to||a 3orgos's ranch sat ott |a|rgrounds 0r|vo and abuttod tho 3yar lock Ouarry on Amor|can Canyon load. 1o tho oast was 3orgos
3umm|t losorvo|r, and to tho north a crook that rushod yoar-round w|th wator. 1ho b|g man swam |n tho co|d wator and stood ||ko an appar|t|on at
hor gato. Vrs. 3orgos, an |mportant w|tnoss |n tho lako |orman murdors, saw h|m thoro horso|t. |orty-t|vo m|nutos botoro m|dn|ght, 0ocombor 20,
1008, sho had sot out tor 3on|c|a a|ong lako |orman load. 1ho ||ghts ot hor car had |||um|natod tho crump|od bod|os ot two toonagors at tho
roads|do. |oart pound|ng, sho had racod tho rost ot tho way |nto 3onc|a and t|aggod down a po||co cru|sor. |or somo roason tho strangor
rom|ndod hor ot that traumat|c momont.
|or nophow, A|bort, had a|so not|cod oor|o occurroncos a yoar attor tho murdors. Wo grow up on tho 3orgos lanch,' ho to|d mo.Vy Aunt 3to||a
saw a |ot ot strango th|ngs ovor tho yoars and so d|d l. lt was hor homo hor ont|ro ||to. ln lovombor 1000, l was |n tho m|||tary and had a wookond
pass. Vy r|do droppod mo ott at tho rost aroa around 10:00 l.V. Vy brothor procoodod down lako |orman load to tho rost aroa w|th h|s g|r|tr|ond
and wa|tod tor mo. |o was tam|||ar w|th tho road and tho Zod|ac |nc|dont tho prov|ous Chr|stmas. Wo a|| woro.
|o was armod w|th a p|sto| |n h|s truck on tho way back across lako |orman load. lot tar trom tho lako |orman gato somoono had ||ttod a
hugo |og across tho road. lt was n|no or ton toot |ong. Wo cou|d not go around. Wo stoppod. l to|t unoasy, |ookod around, and l to|d my brothor to
back up and go around tho |ong way to va||ojo. 1horo l ca||od tho po||co and roportod |t. lator, [to tho south| at woodod 0an |o|oy lark by lako
Chabot, sovora| toonagors on tho h||| woro shoot|ng 33 guns. 1hoy obsorvod a |argo man at a d|stanco watch|ng thom. |o stayod as |ong as thoy
d|d, thon |ott. Vany poop|o saw th|s sta|kor.
ln tho oar|y 1070s, wo usod to go shoot|ng and targot-pract|co by tho rock quarry. Wo had dono that tor yoars. Vy cous|ns to|d mo about a b|g
guy who usod to como up and shoot w|th a who|o armory |n h|s car-m|||tary-typo woapons, .4b Co|ts, V-10s, and tho ||ko. |o woro m|||tary
tat|guos, b|ousod boots, and a||. Ono day l was up thoro shoot|ng and th|s guy was a|so thoro. Whon ho saw mo ho |mmod|ato|y camo up to whoro l
was and cha||ongod mo. 'What aro you do|ng horo?'
1h|s guy was a gun nut and had burnod up ono box ot ammo attor anothor. |o was woar|ng a b|ack basoba|| cap and was about s|x toot ono,
|argo and muscu|ar ||ko myso|t. 3ut l to|t at a d|sadvantago, unoasy bocauso ho had strango oyos and ho d|d not tako thom ott mo throughout h|s
quost|on|ng, ovon whon l to|d h|m l was a mombor ot tho tam||y. l drovo by lako |orman tho noxt day, and stoppod by tho gato whoro my aunt tound
that t|rst coup|o ot v|ct|ms, and what a ch||| l got. lt was ||ko tho |nc|dont had just happonod. l thought to myso|t what |t an o|d Chovy lmpa|a shou|d pu||
up a|ongs|do-thon got tho ho|| out ot thoro.
l camo to tho conc|us|on that Zod|ac was probab|y |n tho lavy or at |oast workod at tho Varo ls|and sh|pyard. va||ojo po||co havo tou|od up |n tho
past, and l wondor |t th|s to||ow was c|osor to tho po||co than wo th|nk. l porsona||y bo||ovo that attor shoot|ng tho coup|o at 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs,
Zod|ac d|d dr|vo down lako |orman load and s|nco ho was a protty thorough porson, had a po||co car rad|o so ho cou|d koop tabs on a|| aspocts
ot |ntormat|on bo|ng ro|ayod.'
Vrs. 3orgos's nophow was not tho on|y ono who had obsorvod b|zarro ovonts on tho outsk|rts ot va||ojo. An Oak|and man's son had boon out at
3|uo lock 3pr|ngs tho vory ovon|ng ot Zod|ac's |ourth ot 1u|y, 1000, murdor and soon somoono qu|to ||ko lo|gh A||on. 1hoy woro out r|d|ng tho|r
motorcyc|os a|ong Co|umbus larkway,' tho tathor oxp|a|nod, whon thoy mot a hugo man wa|k|ng a|ong tho road. Vy son was go|ng to ottor h|m a
r|do, but ho was so hugo and tho motorcyc|o so sma|| ho doc|dod aga|nst |t. 3os|dos, ho sa|d, |t was noar tw|||ght and tho man |ookod k|nd ot
spooky. ln any ovont, ho appoarod to como trom a car parkod turthor down tho road. Vy son doscr|bod a 10b0s b|ack l|ymouth, but was vaguo
about tho ||conso p|ato numbor. lt had an 'X' |n |t, ho's suro ot that. |o was vory cont|dont about tho mako and co|or ot tho car. Vy son was about
sovontoon at tho t|mo, and l am suro ho d|d not ropoat h|s obsorvat|ons to tho po||co, ospoc|a||y whon ho hoard a murdor had takon p|aco r|ght
attor. lt probab|y tr|ghtonod h|m |n tho oxtromo.'
Zod|ac was a watchor-no doubt ot that. 1ho |ono|y a|ways aro.
5aturday, JuIy 15, 1072
CaroIyn Nadino Davia, |ong b|ond ha|r partod |n tho m|dd|o, gray-b|uo oyos, a t|ttoon-yoar-o|d runaway trom 3hasta County, |ott hor Grandmothor
Ado||an's houso |n Garborv|||o. ln tho pockot ot hor b|ack coat nost|od a ono-way p|ano t|ckot trom lodd|ng to 3an |ranc|sco. At 1:b0 l.V. tho road
strotchod ahoad. 3ho swung hor groon-pr|nt c|oth handbag and oyod pass|ng cars. ln tho bag was a ta|so l.0. that |dont|t|od hor as Caro|yn Cook.'
3ho approachod tho on-ramp, bogan h|tchh|k|ng on 101 |n a southor|y d|roct|on, and was not soon a||vo aga|n. 1ho othor m|ss|ng womon had boon
h|tchh|k|ng north. lt A||on woro rospons|b|o, tho chango trom a northor|y d|roct|on to a southor|y ono was accountod tor. |o was no |ongor work|ng |n
l|no|o and travo||ng north homoward oach ovon|ng.
arthur Ioigh aIIon
1huraday, 5otombor 7, 1072
1horo waa a socond moot|ng w|th |nvost|gators,' lanzaro||a to|d mo. lo|gh was thon ||v|ng |n a houso tra||or somowhoro on tho coast and l had
boon thoro. 1ho most b|zarro th|ng |s that hang|ng on tho wa|| was a p|cturo ot h|m buttod out, a son|or |n h|gh schoo|, w|nn|ng tho ClA 0|v|ng
Champ|onsh|p, and th|s guy's tota||y hoa|thy |ook|ng. On|y sovon, o|ght yoars |ator, ho's a throo hundrod pound b|ob.'
3||| Armstrong contactod 0on Chonoy |n 1orranco aga|n. A yoar had now snakod by s|nco ho and 1osch| had quost|onod lo|gh A||on. 3o many
hom|c|dos, so many suspocts, so many |oga| hurd|os to c|oar. lnspoctor, l was go|ng to ca|| you,' Chonoy sa|d. l don't know |t |t's |mportant, but l
thought ot somoth|ng o|so Arthur lo|gh A||on and l d|scussod |n our convorsat|on on low Yoar's 0ay, 1000. Whon lo|gh was d|scuss|ng h|s p|an, l
can roca|| that ho askod mo how you cou|d d|sgu|so your handwr|t|ng. l romombor my rosponso. l to|d h|m, 'l guoss you cou|d go to a ||brary and got
books on wr|t|ng oxam|nat|on to t|nd out how wr|t|ng |s |dont|t|od.''
Armstrong absorbod th|s, thon askod Chonoy aga|n |t ho was corta|n about h|s momory ot h|s convorsat|on w|th A||on.
l am pos|t|vo,' ho sa|d.
1h|ngs woro mov|ng aga|n.
1osch| scannod a photocopy ot tho t|rst |ottor s|gnod Zod|ac-tho droad |t |nsp|rod two yoars ago st||| trosh |n h|s m|nd. 1h|s |s tho Zod|ac
spoak|ng,' |t bogan. Zod|ac had t|rm|y handpr|ntod thoso throo pagos twonty months attor A||on's convorsat|on w|th Chonoy. Attor study|ng tho
or|g|na|s and d|scovor|ng no |ndontod or socrot wr|t|ng, tho |3l roturnod thom to 3acramonto on August 18, 1000. 1hus, 1osch| had on|y a copy tor
rotoronco. A phraso had stuck |n 1osch|'s m|nd, and so ho |oatod through tho August 4, 1000, photostat, roroad|ng |t, m|sspo|||ngs and a||.
last Chr|stmass-ln that opasodo tho po||co woro wondor|ng as to how l cou|d shoot 8 h|t my v|ct|ms |n tho dark. 1hoy d|d not opon|y stato
th|s, but |mp||od th|s by say|ng |t was a wo|| ||t n|ght 8 l cou|d soo s||owots on tho hor|zon.
3u||sh|t that aroa |s sroundod by h|gh h|||s 8 troos. What l d|d was tapo a sma|| ponco| t|ash ||ght to tho barro| ot my gun. lt you not|co, |n tho
contor ot tho boam ot ||ght |t you a|m |t at a wa|| or co||||ng you w||| soo a b|ack or darck spot |n tho contor ot tho c|rc|o ot tho ||ght about 8 to 0 |n.
Whon tapod to a gun barro| tho bu||ot w||| str|ko oxact|y |n tho contor ot tho b|ack dot |n tho ||ght. A|| l had to do was spray thom . . .' |oro
1osch| camo to tho roma|ndor ot th|s |ast sontonco, ono ho and Armstrong had ordorod tho pross not to pr|nt. lt road: as |t |t was a wator hoso,
thoro was no nood to uso tho guns|ghts. l was not happy to soo that l d|d not got tront pago covor-ago.' [3|gnod w|th Zod|ac's crossod c|rc|o
and no addross.'|

An o|octrlc goo slgbt-oxact|y as A||on had suggostod to Chonoy. lo|gh actua||y constructod such a dov|co,' Chonoy to|d mo much |ator. |o put
a pon||ght on an |8l rovo|vor w|th tapo.' Zod|ac, onrapturod by h|s sc|onco t|ct|on |nvont|on, rotorrod to |t aga|n |n h|s lovombor 0, 1000, |ottor: 1o
provo that l am tho Zod|ac, Ask tho va||ojo cop about my o|octrlc goo slgbt wh|ch l usod to start my co||oct|ng ot s|avos.' va||ojo cop? What va||ojo
cop? thought 1osch|. |ad Zod|ac, ||ko lo|gh A||on, boon quost|onod by an as yot unknown va||ojo po||coman at somo po|nt botoro lovombor 0,
1ho noxt t|mo wo saw A||on was up |n 3anta losa,' 1osch| oxp|a|nod. 1hat's whon wo to|t wo m|ght havo somoth|ng. lo|gh's namo was just
thrown at us aga|n |n a phono ca|| |ato ono morn|ng.' 1osch| novor d|d dotorm|no tho oxact dato ot that ca||. |o roca||od on|y that |t was summor (|t
was st||| ||ght out at o|ght o'c|ock that n|ght) and that onough t|mo had passod tor w|tnossos to grow d|sp|r|tod about tho progross va||ojo po||co
woro mak|ng.
l wou|d roa||y ||ko to ta|k to you about a caso you and your partnor aro work|ng on,' bogan tho ca||or c|rcumspoct|y.
Aro wo ta|k|ng about Zod|ac?' 1osch| askod.
Yos, abso|uto|y. You'ro road|ng my m|nd. l'm tho brothor. l bo||ovo you know what l'm ta|k|ng about.'
1horo was caut|on and concorn |n h|s vo|co. l do,' 1osch| sa|d, roca|||ng tho v|s|t ho and Armstrong and Vu|anax had pa|d to lon and Karon
A||on's houso ono August n|ght.
l too|, and my w|to too|s, a |argor po||co dopartmont w|th moro rosourcos cou|d do a ||tt|o b|t moro than what tho va||ojo lo||co 0opartmont has
boon do|ng. l can on|y spocu|ato what thoy aro do|ng at tho prosont t|mo, lnspoctor.'
|avo you g|von a|| your |ntormat|on to tho va||ojo lo||co 0opartmont?' 1osch| askod.
Yos, but wo don't th|nk thoy havo dono onough,' lon sa|d.
Whon lon A||on ca||od,' 1osch| to|d mo |ator, ho was a vory concornod porson and roa||y was ask|ng 3an |ranc|sco to ta|k to h|m. |o says, 'l
nood to ta|k to you to||ows and l'vo a|roady spokon to 3orgoant Vu|anax and somo othor ott|cors.' lt was ||ko ho wasn't gott|ng tho samo ott|cor a||
tho t|mo, that ho wantod to pass |ntormat|on on. And r|ght away my bra|n |s th|nk|ng ahoad ||ko, 'Oh, God, horo wo go aga|n bocauso l'vo got to ta|k
to 1ack Vu|anax. Wo can't drop tho ba||-l moan, |t's h|s jur|sd|ct|on.''
Whoro aro you?' 1osch| askod.
l'm |n tho c|ty,' lon A||on sa|d, and to|d h|m whoro-botwoon Varkot and V|ss|on on ||rst 3troot.
Can you got away th|s attornoon tor t|ttoon or twonty m|nutos so wo can ta|k to you and just soo what you havo?'
Yos, l can tako a broak. |ow soon?'
Can you sparo somo t|mo so wo can como down |mmod|ato|y?'
1hoy agrood to moot |n tho |obby ot tho lG8E 3u||d|ng |n downtown 3an |ranc|sco |n about th|rty m|nutos. What aro you go|ng to bo woar|ng?'
askod 1osch|. 1ho two ot us w||| bo thoro.'
And that's how |t a|| startod,' 1osch| to|d mo.Wo natura||y wont |n and ran |t by our boss, Char||o E|||s, roa| qu|ck. l to|d tho ||outonant what wo got
and ho says, 'Anothor ono, anothor t|p.' l sa|d, 'Char||o, th|s |s a brothor ot tho man that ho bo||ovos |s our k|||or and ho ||vos |n va||ojo. 1h|s sounds
awtu||y good. |o roa||y wants to ta|k to us,' l oxp|a|nod. 'Wo can't turn |t down.' |o sa|d, 'OK, got on |t.' 1hon wo ran |t by tho ch|ot ot |nspoctors,
Char|os 3arca. 'You usua||y got your bost |ntormat|on trom a mombor ot tho tam||y,' ho sa|d. l had a sm||o on my taco.
lon was so s|ncoro on tho phono, w|th|n th|rty or torty m|nutos wo'ro ta|k|ng to h|m |n tho |obby ot h|s workp|aco. As soon as ho camo out ot tho
o|ovator, wo |ookod at h|m. |o was vory s|ondor, woar|ng a su|t, and ba|d|ng a b|t. 1ho stra|n had obv|ous|y worn on h|m. l cou|d soo a b|t ot ro||ot
that 3an |ranc|sco was |nvo|vod and l roa||zod ho rocogn|zod us.
'1hank you, lnspoctors, tor com|ng down so qu|ck|y,' ho sa|d. 'l'vo just got to ta|k to you.' And wo sat down and took somo notos. 3oon as wo
spoko to h|m l cou|d dotoct tho truth com|ng out ot h|s mouth.
ln|t|a||y, what wo d|d was ||ston. lt you want to |oarn somoth|ng, you ||ston. Wo askod h|m |t wo cou|d spoak w|th h|s w|to. |o sa|d, 'Ot courso. l'd
||ko you to spoak w|th my w|to bocauso sho too|s ||ko l do.' And wo to|t th|s sounds protty good, tho bost that wo ovor had ot any suspoct, w|th a
brothor com|ng torward and not bo|ng sat|st|od w|th what tho othor shor|tts' and po||co dopartmonts had boon do|ng.
Wo to|d h|m wo'd ||ko to como to h|s homo that ovon|ng and tako |n-dopth statomonts w|th h|s w|to and got somo proot and corroborat|on. 'l
hopo you don't havo a prob|om w|th that,' l sa|d. 'lo,' ho sa|d, 'Vy w|to too|s tho samo way. Wo'ro both tr|ghtonod. l'd ||ko you to ta|k to my w|to.'
Wo ca||od 1ack Vu|anax to sot |t up. 'l ta|kod to tho guy,' Vu|anax sa|d. 'Wo'vo chockod A||on out protty wo||.' 'l know,' l to|d h|m, bo||ov|ng h|m to
a dogroo, 'but lon's g|v|ng us somo moro |ntormat|on and wo just havo to to|| you wo'ro com|ng |nto your torr|tory. lt's po||co courtosy. 1ho brothor
ca||od us. Wo can't put |t away.'' 1ho bohav|or ot tho va||ojo l.0. had a|ways puzz|od 1osch|. lt was as |t a socond mystory undor|ay tho watory town
ot va||ojo, |nv|s|b|y attoct|ng tho |nvost|gat|on at ovory turn. |or somo roason lynch and lundb|ad d|dn't want to como to somo ot our oar|y
contoroncos |n 3acramonto. And horo 3||| and l aro dr|v|ng n|noty m||os up thoro.
Wo arr|vod at tho A||on homo at 7:80 l.V. lt was st||| ||ght out. Karon had oxpoctod us, but ramb|od tor twonty m|nutos not roa||y say|ng anyth|ng.
lt was corroboratod |ator that ovon|ng how sor|ous thoy took us. 'l know thoro aro a |ot ot |oads com|ng |n and c|uos,' sho sa|d. 1hoy had consu|tod
an unc|o botoro ca|||ng, to bo corta|n thoy woro do|ng tho r|ght th|ng.
Evoryth|ng was com|ng out s|ow, but ovory t|mo sho wou|d say somoth|ng ot substanco, lon wou|d shako h|s hoad, and say, 'Yos, that's truo.'
1hoy woro both |n sync w|th oach othor out ot tho|r toar and concorn that ho was st||| out thoro.
'Wo'ro vory trustratod,' Karon to|d mo. 'Wo just don't know how sor|ous va||ojo took us. l know thoro aro a |ot ot |oads com|ng |n. Wo just
doc|dod to ca|| you bocauso wo woro soo|ng your namo and lnspoctor Armstrong's namo |n tho papors.' '3ocauso ot tho |ottors to tho Cbroolc|o
and tho mod|a covorago,' l to|d thom, 'wo'ro gott|ng |t a||. Wo suro wou|d ||ko to sproad |t around a ||tt|o moro.' 1hat got a ||tt|o chuck|o trom both lon
and Karon. 'Whon wo got a ca||, wo tako |t sor|ous|y,' l to|d thom. 'Wo just doc|dod, you took tho t|mo to ca||, wo'|| tako tho |ntormat|on now and not|ty
tho dotoct|vo trom that jur|sd|ct|on, soo what ho knows and maybo |t w||| r|ng a bo||.'
l not|cod that lon was spoak|ng w|th ovon moro omot|on than oar||or. lt was as |t a ||tt|o trustrat|on had ontorod lon and h|s w|to s|nco thoy saw
noth|ng moro was com|ng trom tho va||ojo |nvost|gat|on. lon and Karon to|d us that lo|gh had spont t|mo |n 3outhorn Ca||torn|a and was tam|||ar
w|th tho aroa, but thoy woron't too suro oxact|y what ho was do|ng bocauso ho was on h|s own a |ot.
As wo progrossod wo |oarnod about tho schoo| |n 3onoma and that ho had a tra||or up thoro. 'lo|gh has a coup|o ot o|d junkors, o|d boat-up
cars,' lon to|d us. '|o's what you wou|d ca|| a protoss|ona| studont.' A||on's s|stor-|n-|aw to|d us that tho suspoct was now ros|d|ng a|ono |n a houso
tra||or |n 3anta losa part ot tho wook [1uosdays, |r|days, and 3aturdays|. Apparont|y th|s |s whoro ho kopt a|| h|s porsona| proporty. Wo just d|dn't
havo onough at tho t|mo to movo up thoro. You can't just go runn|ng |n ton d|ttoront d|roct|ons. Wo woro vory carotu| to soo tho ch|ot ot |nspoctors
whon wo camo back, to koop h|m appr|sod ot ovory movo wo mado. 'Koop work|ng on |t,' 3arca sa|d.
loxt morn|ng, l wont |n to soo Wa|tor G|ubb|n|. Wo know wo noodod moro, but wo had to t||| |n tho numbor-two man |n tho 0.A.'s ott|co. A|| tho
t|ngorpr|nt|ng had boon nogat|vo and tho handpr|nt|ng ot Arthur lo|gh A||on had, accord|ng to Vu|anax and lundb|ad, boon nogat|vo, but tho ch|ot
ass|stant sat stra|ght up as wo to|d h|m what tho A||ons had ro|atod. 'Wo'ro protty oxc|tod about |t,' l sa|d.
'l wondor why va||ojo d|dn't ca|| you guys,' sa|d G|ubb|n|, 'and to|| you ovoryth|ng about th|s Arthur lo|gh A||on.'
'Wo'ro g|v|ng thom ovoryth|ng wo'vo got, Wa|tor, so wo can got c|osuro on th|s. 0o wo havo onough tor a soarch warrant?'
'|rank|y, you don't. Un|oss you got moro phys|ca| ov|donco, a|| you havo |s thoor|os and spocu|at|ons by tho brothor ot lo|gh A||on.'
'Wo'ro mak|ng somo onom|os w|th tho othor jur|sd|ct|ons, thoso othor dotoct|vos,' sa|d 1osch|.
'1hat's natura|,' sa|d G|ubb|n|. '0.A.s aro ||ko that too. 1hoy want to ho|d on and hog tho caso. 3ut th|s |s too good tor you to just drop ott w|th
1ack Vu|anax. You work |t. 1hoy ca||od tor you. lt sounds good, but work |t up a ||tt|o b|t moro.'
Wo just kopt mov|ng a|ong on A||on,' cont|nuod 1osch|, k|nda tocus|ng on h|m, but not ru||ng anyono o|so out. You can't do that |t you want to bo
a good dotoct|vo. 3ocauso |t a|| you'ro th|nk|ng about |s '1ohn 0oo,' whon 'Char||o 3m|th' |s actua||y your suspoct, you'ro |n roa| troub|o. Wo woron't
gott|ng tunno| v|s|on on A||on and oxc|ud|ng othor suspocts. 3t|||, ho was tho bost wo had had up to that t|mo. Vost ot what lon and Karon to|d us
had a|roady boon d|scussod w|th Vu|anax and lundb|ad, on|y w|th moro too||ng w|th us. Wo woro sat|st|od w|th Vu|anax and h|s |nvost|gat|on. |o
d|d what ho cou|d. 3ut l kopt |n contact w|th Vu|anax, lundb|ad, and l|co|a| and lar|ow.
ln va||ojo thoro was rosontmont, wh|ch bothorod mo a|| tho t|mo, ospoc|a||y whon wo wont ovor to tho|r hoadquartors. You cou|d sonso un|tormod
guys k|nd ot turn|ng tho|r backs and star|ng at us. |oro l am wa|k|ng |n w|th my |argo b|ack to|dor, wh|ch l had w|th mo constant|y. Wo woro goad|ng
tho othor guys, say|ng, '3tay w|th h|m. |o's too good to |ot go ovon |t you'vo spokon to h|m ton t|mos oach. Wo aro vory |mprossod w|th th|s
suspoct.' Wo woro gott|ng a |ot ot m|s|ntormat|on trom va||ojo, 3o|ano. 1h|s |s why thoro |s such a |ong do|ay botoro wo got a warrant.'
Each t|mo 1osch| doscondod trom |om|c|do, ho passod G|ubb|n|'s ott|co |n tho wost cornor ot tho th|rd t|oor, and G|ubb|n| wou|d ca|| out, Catch
Zod|ac yot?' 1hon ho wou|d |augh. 3ut as tho two |nvost|gators cont|nuod to gathor ov|donco tor a soarch warrant, ho s|ow|y bocamo a bo||ovor.
Koop try|ng,' G|ubb|n| sa|d.
||na||y, whon wo to|t wo had bu||t up onough |ntormat|on,' sa|d 1osch|, that's whon wo wont to our ||outonant aga|n. 'l th|nk maybo wo cou|d got a
soarch warrant,' l sa|d. Wo had a |ot go|ng, but wo just pursuod tho caso much moro than tho othor dotoct|vos work|ng on Arthur lo|gh A||on. lt just
soundod so r|ght. 1hat's how wo ondod up t|na||y gott|ng a warrant.'
lt was tho |ntormat|on about lo|gh's tra||or that |mpo||od Armstrong and 1osch| to sook a soarch warrant spoc|t|ca||y tor 3anta losa. 1hoy bogan
|ay|ng tho groundwork-a t|mo-consum|ng and tod|ous bus|noss. 1ho 0.A.'s ott|co, spoc|t|ca||y |rod W|ssmann, |n ono county, 3an |ranc|sco, had
to bo conv|ncod. A judgo, 1amos 1onos, 1r., |n anothor county, 3onoma, had to grant a warrant. lt thoy wantod to soarch A||on's basomont |n va||ojo
or h|s |ockor at tho rot|nory |n l|no|o, that roqu|rod warrants trom 3o|ano County and Contra Costa County. And nogot|at|ons w|th two othor judgos
and d|str|ct attornoys.
And a|| tho t|mo moro |ntormat|on was pour|ng |n to Armstrong and to mo trom A||on's brothor. l just kopt gathor|ng |t up and putt|ng |t a|| |nto a
|argo hom|c|do caso to|dor. 1hon moro phys|ca| ov|donco, unt|| wo roachod a po|nt whoro wo wont aga|n to G|ubb|n| and th|s t|mo ho ||stonod.
'1ypo up a soarch warrant tor A||on |n 3onoma County,' ho sa|d, and wo d|d.'
1huraday, 5otombor 14, 1072
Wo comiIod onough to comp|oto an att|dav|t through our d|str|ct attornoy and soarch whatovor proporty lo|gh had |n 3anta losa,' 1osch| sa|d.
At noon, 3||| Armstrong t||od an att|dav|t tor a soarch warrant to tho C|ty ot 3anta losa Vun|c|pa| Court, 3onoma County. 3poc|t|ca||y, ho and
1osch| wantod c|oso |ook |ns|do lo|gh's Un|vorsa| tra||or parkod at tho 3unsot 1ra||or lark. |o roquostod tho warrant |nc|udo tho shod A||on kopt
adjo|n|ng tho convont|ona| tra||or. Armstrong doscr|bod to 1udgo 1amos E. 1onos, 1r., tho proporty thoy sought: two 0-m||||motor guns, ammun|t|on
tor thom, and any oxpondod 0-m||||motor cas|ngs, a .22-ca||bor som|automat|c p|sto|, ammun|t|on tor |t, and any oxpondod cartr|dgos trom that
woapon. 1hoy woro ospoc|a||y |ntorostod |n any p|sto| w|th a t|ash||ght attachod to |ts barro|.
1ho dotoct|vo ||stod othor ov|donco, |toms that to|| undor tho prov|nco ot sto|on proporty: |dont|t|cat|on takon trom tho body ot lau| 3t|no, koys to
h|s yo||ow tax|, and tho m|ss|ng port|on ot tho cabb|o's b|oodsta|nod sh|rt. Unt|| rocont|y Zod|ac had boon |nc|ud|ng b|oodsta|nod squaros ot tho
tabr|c |ns|do h|s |ottors. A|| commun|cat|ons trom Zod|ac had abrupt|y coasod o|ghtoon months ago. 1osch| suspoctod thoy wou|d novor roco|vo
anothor scrap ot that gray-and-wh|to-str|pod sport sh|rt. |rom tho lako 3orryossa attack Armstrong dos|gnatod tho squaro-toppod, b|ack
oxocut|onor's hood w|th a wh|to c|rc|o and a cross omb|azonod on |t, b|ack W|ng Wa|kor boots, s|zo 10/ l, a b|uo b|oodsta|nod w|ndbroakor
jackot, a |argo toot-|ong kn|to, ono |nch w|do w|th a woodon hand|o w|th two brass r|vots and tapo around tho hand|o. Armstrong d|d not ||st tho
woodon brass-r|votod scabbard tor tho kn|to. |o spoko to tho judgo |n chambors and wont ovor somo ot tho moro cont|dont|a| |ntormat|on w|th h|m.
A stonographor took down h|s words.
l romombor tho judgo road|ng our att|dav|t and say|ng ho actua||y to|t wo had h|m. 'Good hunt|ng, 0otoct|vos,' ho sa|d. 'l bo||ovo you t|na||y havo
your man.' And tho 0.A. horo |n 3an |ranc|sco sa|d, 'l th|nk you'vo got h|m.' Evon though othor dotoct|vos had ta|kod w|th tho brothor, wo cou|dn't
drop tho caso. Our d|str|ct attornoy to|t tho samo way. Wo just had to bo suro. As usua| wo sharod ovoryth|ng wo d|d w|th va||ojo. Wo ovon to|d thom
wo woro go|ng to 3anta losa w|th a soarch warrant |n caso thoy wantod to como a|ong. And thoy sa|d, 'lo.' 3||| Armstrong and l d|dn't ovon know |t
va||ojo was bo|ng up tront w|th us |n 1000-70 and '71. 1hoy a|most rosontod us bocauso ot ovoryth|ng t|ow|ng |nto 3an |ranc|sco bocauso ot tho
Cbroolc|o. l to|d G|ubb|n|, '3||| and l aron't out to badmouth tho othor dotoct|vos. Wo havo a job to do.''
1osch| p|ckod up asp|r|n at tho ||tt|o c|gar shop |n tho |a|| ot 1ust|co. |o grabbod somo an|ma| crackors trom tho cornor storo. l'd usua||y br|ng |n
two or throo boxos whon wo'd start to go on ca|| on Vonday morn|ng,' ho sa|d. l got so l ||kod thom. 3o ||tt|o t|mo and l had to oat somoth|ng. Vy
hoad was a|most com|ng ott trom stross. l chowod moro than my sharo ot asp|r|n ovory day, and ospoc|a||y tho day wo wont to 3anta losa.'
1osch| and Armstrong, accompan|od by 3ob 0ag|tz, an 3|l0 t|ngorpr|nt oxam|nor who had workod tho 3t|no murdor, and two |oca| doputy
shor|tts, arr|vod at 2008 3anta losa Avonuo. 3anta losa was a busy road not too tar trom tho rush ot tratt|c. 3omo ot tho tra||ors had gravo| |awns
spottod w|th to||ago moro su|tab|o tor tho dosort. 1hoy bogan hunt|ng tor tho tra||or.
Whon wo mako an arrost, our work |n |om|c|do bog|ns,' sa|d 1osch|. ls |t a strong caso tor tho grand jury? ls |t a woak caso? |ow can l bu||d |t
up? What d|dn't l do propor|y? Un||ko my to|ov|s|on countorparts, much ot my t|mo |s spont |n doa||ng w|th tho tam|||os ot tho docoasod and tho
tam|||os ot tho suspoct. l must sympath|zo w|th ono and bo oxtromo|y sons|t|vo w|th tho othor. l'm an avorago guy and l'm an honost po||coman.
Anyono who |s a||owod |oga||y to carry a |oadod gun, and tho r|ght to shoot |t, has powor, but |t ca||s tor a |ot ot common sonso. Whon l t|rst put on
my t|rst gun l to|t ||ko a cowboy. l havo on|y usod |t tw|co.' Undor h|s corduroy jackot, on h|s |ott s|do, 1osch| woro h|s ups|do-down tr|p|o-draw
||ghtn|ng r|g. A spr|ng |n tho ho|stor ho|d h|s .88-ca||bor Co|t Cobra |n p|aco. 1hoy m|ght bo go|ng up aga|nst a dangorous and powortu| man. A rot|||
ot s|x bu||ots and handcutts on h|s r|ght s|do ba|ancod tho wo|ght.
As l sa|d, l'vo drawn my gun tw|co. l was t|rod upon on 3optombor 22, 10b0. Attorwards, thoy sa|d l'd savod tho ||to ot a man who had boon shot
a tow soconds botoro l got thoro. l throw h|m to tho ground as l saw thoy had a shotgun. l cou|dn't l.0. o|thor ono bocauso |t happonod too tast. l saw
tho gun at tho w|ndow, actua||y k|ckod |n tho door-|t was not bo|tod too wo||, and caught ono guy. Got tho shotgun. 1ho othor guy got caught |n tho
backyard. About an hour |ator l wondorod, 'Why was l p|ay|ng such a cowboy?' 1hat's tho c|osost l camo to bo|ng k|||od.'
lon and Karon A||on had prov|dod thom w|th proc|so d|roct|ons on tho tra||or's |ocat|on. 3ad|y, thoy had novor v|s|tod tho tra||or. 1osch|, to bo
corta|n, had Vrs. looso, tho tra||or court managor, show thom spoc|t|ca||y wh|ch sta|| tho protoss|ona| studont usod. 1hoy wa|kod unstoad||y a|ong
tho tar, concroto, and gravo| soct|ons that mado up tho sta||s. At oach, an aquamar|no po|o sportod a m|n|aturo wh|to stroot||ght. A tow troos woro
strugg||ng to grow. 1ho sky was so crysta| b|uo |t mado tho|r oyos acho. 1hat's |t.' looso gosturod. A-7.' 1ho tra||or's ||conso, Al 08b4, j|bod w|th
tho|r |ntormat|on. 3ut ho just drovo ott botoro you arr|vod,' sho sa|d.
lo|gh had boon |n such a hurry that ho had |ott h|s tra||or door stand|ng opon. |ad ho somohow known thoy woro com|ng and t|od w|th
|ncr|m|nat|ng ov|donco? ||s |mmod|ato t||ght was susp|c|ous, but thoro was noth|ng thoy cou|d do about |t. 1ho suspoct, a po||co group|o, was
tr|ond|y w|th many ott|cors and m|ght havo boon warnod. You got tr|ond|y w|th cops and you hoar th|ngs,' sa|d 1osch|. lorhaps h|s ro|at|vos had
had a |ast-m|nuto chango ot hoart. 1ho dotoct|vos just d|dn't know. A|| thoy know tor corta|n was that thoy woro doa||ng w|th a h|gh|y |nto|||gont and
cunn|ng man.
1osch| and Armstrong spont tho t|mo pok|ng around tho oxtor|or. A||on had mado somo a|torat|ons to tho tra||or, an oarth-co|orod atta|r stroakod
w|th rust |n p|acos. lt was a standard tra||or,' sa|d 1osch|. 1aporod concroto b|ocks supportod tho ott-whoo|s tra||or. A |ockod shod adjo|nod |t.
What tho dotoct|vos d|dn't know was that A||on had rocont|y ropano|od tho |ntor|or ot ono ot h|s tra||ors, poss|b|y th|s ono, maybo tho ono |n 3odoga.
Was somoth|ng h|ddon w|th|n thoso wa||s? Wo k|nd ot mosoyod around bocauso wo had a soarch warrant,' sa|d 1osch|. 1ho |nvost|gators |nv|tod
thomso|vos |n and mado a cursory |nspoct|on ot tho tra||or. lt had an acr|d smo|| ||ko tho rot|nory. 1osch| |nd|catod a map ot lako 3orryossa tapod
to tho wa||. Zod|ac had attackod a coup|o thoro.
3ob 0ag|tz had boon oxc|tod about A||on as a suspoct as soon as ho hoard A||on was tam|||ar w|th 3orryossa and tho outsk|rts ot va||ojo. |o
know lo|gh was amb|doxtrous, good w|th a bow and arrow, and prot|c|ont w|th var|ous woapons. 1osch| thought that A||on tu|t|||od ovoryth|ng ho
thought Zod|ac shou|d bo. |o movod A||on's bod away trom tho wa|| and d|scovorod tho |argost jar ot vaso||no ho had ovor soon. 3ovora| |argo,
unc|oanod d||dos ro||od out at h|s toot. 3adomasoch|st|c pornography was stackod |n a box, and ma|o b|ow-up do||s woro |n tho tra||or. 3ooks on
chom|stry and b|o|ogy woro ovorywhoro, many stampod w|th A||on's namo. 3omo b|oodsta|nod c|oth|ng ||ttorod a tab|o. 3ut thoy know A||on was a
huntor. 1osch| pushod tho bod back |nto p|aco and ontorod tho sma|| unkompt k|tchon. |o pr|od opon tho troozor. l|tt|o an|ma| hoart, ||vors, and
mut||atod rodont bod|os woro |ns|do.
1hough no roa| sox was |nvo|vod |n Zod|ac's assau|ts, tochn|ca||y ho was a soxua| psychopath or, moro accurato|y, a soxua| sad|st. 3tantord's 0r.
0ona|d 1. lundo to|d mo that soxua| sad|sts common|y actod out sad|st|c |mpu|sos |n tho|r oar|y toons-tortur|ng and k||||ng cats, dogs, and othor
sma|| an|ma|s. |o torturos and k|||s subst|tuto v|ct|ms, sma|| an|ma|s,' ho sa|d. 1horo corta|n|y |s tho nood to k||| . . . somoth|ng at corta|n |ntorva|s.'
lundo bo||ovod that |n adu|thood, such an |nd|v|dua|, |t |t woro mado vory d|tt|cu|t tor h|m to k||| humans, m|ght rovort to k||||ng an|ma|s. lt wou|d bo
bottor than noth|ng,' ho sa|d.
1ho soc|opath|c murdoror usua||y has a phys|ca||y cruo|, rojoct|ng tathor and porhaps a hystor|ca|, soduct|vo mothor,' 0r. Vantrod Guttmachor
roportod |n 7bo Vloo o tbo Vorooror. 1ho ottocts ot cruo|ty on tho sma|| ch||d aro moro than s|mp|o nog|oct. ln rota||at|on, tho soc|opath |nt||cts
cruo|ty on othors and too|s no gu||t |n do|ng so. 1ho oar||ost objocts ot h|s cruo|ty aro otton an|ma|s.'
1hough A||on was work|ng toward a dogroo |n b|o|ogy, ho hadn't yot roquostod porm|ss|on trom tho stato to d|ssoct and oxpor|mont on sma||
an|ma|s. |o wou|d t||o an app||cat|on tor a sc|ont|t|c co||oct|ng porm|t w|th tho losourcos Agoncy ot tho Ca||torn|a 0opartmont ot ||sh and Gamo. l
|ntond to co||oct tho to||ow|ng spoc|os,' A||on wou|d wr|to, ch|pmunks-numbor |ndot|n|to. l oxpoct to co||oct |n tho to||ow|ng |oca||t|os: Var|n County,
3onoma County and Vondoc|no County, (loss|b|y 3o|ano, lapa 8 lasson). l dos|ro to co||oct by tho to||ow|ng mothods: l|vo traps (|avahart 8
homo-mado).' |o was undor tho sponsorsh|p ot 0r. 1ohn 0. |opk|rk, an assoc|ato protossor ot b|o|ogy ot 3onoma 3tato Co||ogo, whoro A||on
majorod |n b|o|og|ca| sc|oncos and m|norod |n chom|stry.
|orty-t|vo m|nutos attor rac|ng ott, A||on roturnod. 1hoy hoard h|s o|d c|unkor approach|ng, and woro outs|do to moot h|m as ho parkod. A c|oud ot
dust aroso. lt was n|co soo|ng A||on dr|vo up and roa||y |ntroduc|ng ourso|vos,' 1osch| sa|d |ator. 3oth ot us sa|d, 'lo|gh, how aro you-wo'ro 3an
|ranc|sco po||co |nspoctors.' ||s car was d|rty. 1hrough tho d|rty roar w|ndow, wo cou|d soo c|othos, papors, and books |n tho backsoat. |o was
tr|ghtonod whon ho showod up bocauso ho had novor had two dotoct|vos actua||y ta|k|ng to h|m w|th a warrant |n hand and wo took h|m by surpr|so
-tho t|rst t|mo ho had mot two cops who moant bus|noss, taco to taco, |nchos away, and ho d|dn't know |t wo woro go|ng to arrost h|m.' 3ocauso
lo|gh was |nto a |ot ot othor stutt, ho wasn't suro, at t|rst, what had brought tho po||co to h|s tra||or.
1ho hugo chom|st craw|od out ot h|s car.
What's a|| th|s about?' ho sa|d coo||y.
A||on d|dn't roca|| 1osch| and Armstrong trom tho|r v|s|t to tho rot|nory a yoar ago. |o shou|d havo romomborod, or m|ght havo boon shamm|ng.
Wo want to ta|k to you, lo|gh,' sa|d Armstrong. Wo havo a soarch warrant tor your tra||or and tor your porson. Wo havo |ntormat|on that you aro
a vory good suspoct |n tho Zod|ac murdors.'
A||on oxp|a|nod ho thought Zod|ac had boon arrostod. 3os|dos, l ||vo |n va||ojo,' ho addod, and l'vo a|roady ta|kod to va||ojo l.0.'
Wo know,' 1osch| sa|d. |oro's your copy ot tho warrant.'
Wo||, ho|p yourso|t,' concodod A||on w|th a shrug.
low tho |nvost|gators bogan a moro oxhaust|vo scrut|ny, dragg|ng turn|turo away trom tho d|ngy w|ndows and draw|ng back tho shoots. 1osch|
tuggod tho bod away trom tho wa|| as |t tor tho t|rst t|mo. Aga|n d||dos ro||od out.
l just sort ot too| around,' lo|gh sa|d mattor-ot-tact|y.
|o d|d not soom at a|| ombarrassod by that, or tho sad|st|c pornography tho dotoct|vos torrotod out. ln tho c|oso quartors ot tho ott-whoo|s tra||or
thoy woro awaro ot how phys|ca||y powortu| tho|r suspoct was. A||on was an awosomo and tr|ghton|ng man, a boast,' sa|d 1osch|. |o was so
upsot and angry at our bo|ng on h|s turt at 3anta losa. Ovor tho noxt hour, wo toro apart h|s p|aco protty good. l romombor tor somo roason ho took
an |mmod|ato d|s||ko to mo porsona||y. And l was a|ways tho good guy. 1ho 0.A.s wou|d uso mo to d|sarm thoso guys. l romombor somo ot tho
guys say|ng, 'W|th 0avo |t just comos natura|. loop|o bo||ovo h|m.' l wou|d just got thom to ta|k to mo, and l moan th|s w|thout bo|ng pompous. 3ut
Armstrong to|d mo attorward, 'l don't undorstand |t. |o doosn't ||ko you. Evorybody ||kos you.' Evon 3ob 0ag|tz, who was w|th us to tako h|s pr|nts,
sa|d, '1hat's tho t|rst t|mo, 0avo, l ovor saw a suspoct not ||ko you.''
As thoy quost|onod A||on, 1osch| d|d most ot tho ta|k|ng, st||| p|ay|ng good cop. A||on had an l'vo soon through your swoot-ta|k|ng act' |ook on h|s
taco. 1osch| cont|nuod to probo. |o not|cod A||on was woar|ng a r|ng w|th a Z' on |t and tho Zod|ac watch, a g|tt tor Chr|stmas, 1008. |o was
pract|ca||y shout|ng that ho was Zod|ac. Wo havo to tako your pr|nts,' 1osch| to|d tho studont. Obv|ous|y annoyod, A||on tought aga|nst that. ||na||y,
0ag|tz got good t|ngorpr|nts. |o wont to a |amp |n tho cornor, and bogan mak|ng compar|sons to tho pr|nts tound on 3t|no's cab. 1hoy bo||ovod
Zod|ac had |ott boh|nd o|ght po|nts on oach ot two t|ngorpr|nts on tho tax|. lart|a| t|ngorpr|nts usua||y conta|n two|vo charactor|st|c po|nts. A||
t|ngorpr|nts havo a do|ta, wh|ch sorvos as a start|ng po|nt to ta||y tho numbor ot tr|ct|on r|dgos soparat|ng |t trom tho coro ot tho pattorn: rad|a| |oops,
u|nar |oops, archos, tontod archos, and whor|s. |rom tho symbo| numbors ass|gnod to tho compononts, tho t|na| c|ass|t|cat|on |s ovo|vod. 1osch|
know that |oss than two|vo po|nts ot s|m||ar|ty wou|d bo subjoct to an oxport's op|n|on' and that tragmontary pr|nts, such as thoy had, most otton
cou|d not bo pos|t|vo|y matchod. |o a|so know that 0ag|tz was ono ot tho bost pr|nt mon. 0ag|tz workod qu|ot|y by tho |amp |n a cornor ot tho tra||or.
|o wroto down: 0 0 l 001 18/4 18 U 101 18.' 1hon thoy wont about gott|ng samp|os ot A||on's handpr|nt|ng. 1osch| had two shoots ot papor w|th
typod sontoncos supp||od by 3horwood Vorr|||. |o had boon carry|ng thom around tor throo yoars. 3horwood had g|von us torms whon wo had tho
opportun|ty, as ho put |t, 'to havo a strong suspoct' pr|nt tor us,' roca||od 1osch|, and l had thom roady. On tho or|g|na| |ottors, tho |nk was qu|to
dark, as |t Zod|ac had prossod vory, vory hard. |o was vory do||borato |n what ho was say|ng. 1ho pr|nt|ng was sma||, most ot |t |owor caso. Onco
you saw ono, you wou|d protty much |mmod|ato|y rocogn|zo anothor as trom h|m.' 1ho dotoct|vo to|d lo|gh ho had to ropr|nt tho sontoncos on tho
t|rst pago. Wo want you to pr|nt r|ght- and |ott-handod and |n uppor caso and |owor caso,' ho sa|d. Wo want you to pr|nt th|s ||st ot sontoncos.'
You'|| not|co,' 1osch| to|d mo |ator, that |n tho oxomp|ar that lo|gh pr|ntod tor us wo had h|m uso a b|ack to|t-t|ppod pon. Wo thought s|nco wo
woro go|ng th|s tar, wo m|ght as wo|| do |t r|ght. 1horo aro on|y a tow compan|os putt|ng out such |nks as ho usos. 3horwood had a|ways sa|d that
Zod|ac was probab|y pr|nt|ng r|ght-handod |n h|s |ottors. l askod anothor oxport [losta| lnspoctor 1ohn 3h|moda| |ator and ho to|t tho samo way
-'tho pr|nt|ng was ot a r|ght-hand typo.' 3ut A||on was known to bo amb|doxtrous, and l romombor h|m to|||ng us that ho 'usua||y d|d th|ngs |ott-
handod, but cou|d uso both hands |n corta|n act|v|t|os.' A|| h|s tam||y and tr|onds to|d us pos|t|vo|y that lo|gh cou|d wr|to, shoot, and shoot bow and
arrow w|th o|thor hand.'
1osch| showod A||on tho phraso up unt|| now l havo k|||od t|vo.' Wo want you to just pr|nt tho way you norma||y pr|nt,' ho sa|d. l undorstand you
havo somo ab|||ty w|th your |ott hand,' 1osch| addod. l don't do |t |ott-handod,' sa|d A||on. Who to|d you that?'
Wo know what you can do and what you can't.'
A||on had boon born |ott-handod and torcod to bo r|ght-handod |n o|omontary schoo|. Evoryono thoro know that. |o cooporatod w|th tho
|nvost|gat|on and wroto handwr|t|ng oxomp|ars w|th both h|s r|ght and |ott hands. A||on appoarod to havo somo d|tt|cu|ty wr|t|ng |ott-handod. l can't,'
ho sa|d.
|o |s amb|doxtrous,' thought 1osch|. 0o tho bost you can. lr|nt cap|ta| |ottors, sma|| |ottors. lr|nt what wo to|| you,' sa|d 1osch|. A||on d|dn't ||ko
that at a||. Wo had h|m go trom 'A' to 'Z' and trom '1 to 10.''
Why can't l pr|nt what l want?' ho snar|od.
1osch|, |mpat|onco show|ng |n h|s vo|co tor tho t|rst t|mo, to|d h|m, 3ocauso th|s |s what wo want you to pr|nt.' 1ho suspoct's r|ght handpr|nt|ng
and h|s |ott handpr|nt|ng woro a|most |dont|ca|,' 1osch| to|d mo, but r|ght-handod h|s pr|nt|ng was a b|t |argor. Whon you soo lo|gh aga|n you m|ght
pay attont|on to what hand ho usos to wr|to w|th. A||on appoarod to bo d|sturbod as ho pr|ntod. lt was not as noat as samp|os ot h|s oar||or wr|t|ng.'
1hon 1osch| askod A||on to pr|nt, 1h|s |s tho Zod|ac spoak|ng.'
What aro you mak|ng mo say? 1hat l'm Zod|ac?'
1osch| to|d h|m no, and prom|sod |t tho pr|nt|ng d|d not match Zod|ac's, thoy wou|d wa|k away. Wo w||| ru|o you out comp|oto|y. 3ut wo havo to bo
l|ght-handod, A||on wroto tho phraso |n |argo |ottors. |o was obv|ous|y a|tor|ng h|s pr|nt|ng. 3ut A||on's pr|nt|ng had that spacoy qua||ty tound |n
tho Zod|ac |ottors. 1osch| notod, ||s pr|nt|ng var|od trom sma||, noat, s|oppy, thon |argor |n tho 3anta losa tra||or. |o pr|ntod a b|t |argor. Zod|ac's
|ottor|ng was qu|to sma||.' 1osch| |a|d down Vorr|||'s socond pago ot quotos. lr|nt, 'ln answor to your answor tor moro dota||s about tho good t|mos
l had |n va||ojo, l sha|| bo vory happy to supp|y ovon moro mator|a|.'' ho sa|d. A||on cop|od |t ta|thtu||y, ropoat|ng tho word moro.'
1hon A||on was ordorod to pr|nt a phraso trom a |ottor |n wh|ch Zod|ac quotod trom momory and paraphrasod G||bort and 3u|||van's 7bo Vlkooo.
A|| poop|o who aro shak|ng hands shako hands ||ko that.' 1ho |ast ||nos A||on wroto t||tod toward tho bottom r|ght s|do ot tho pago, as was common
|n Zod|ac |ottors. |o a|so cop|od, l am no |ongor |n contro| ot myso|t.' On 0ocombor 20, 1000, Zod|ac had wr|tton: l am atra|d l w||| |ooso contro|
aga|n and tako my n|noth 8 poss|b|y tonth v|ctom.'
3ut t|mo was runn|ng out and tho po||comon had tound no smok|ng gun |ns|do tho tra||or connoct|ng A||on to tho Zod|ac. A||on soomod to know
what to say,' sa|d 1osch|. lot a dumb man. A vory w||y man. l'|| novor torgot bo|ng |n h|s prosonco. |o mont|onod 3orryossa. |o shook our hands.
Wo |ott our cards.
And l cou|d too| tho hatrod as wo woro |oav|ng. |o must havo boon ro||ovod, th|nk|ng that 'l'm not go|ng to got bustod,' but a|so th|nk|ng, 'Aro thoy
go|ng to como back?' As l |ott l sa|d, 'l'|| bo soo|ng you aga|n, lo|gh,' Anyth|ng ho was p|ann|ng wont on ho|d. A||on wasn't coo| whon wo |ott. 1horo
was a |ot ot trustrat|on whon wo |ott tho tra||or court.'
1ho dotoct|vos adjournod to tho |o||day lnn Cottoo 3hop at 884b 3anta losa Avonuo, about s|x b|ocks away, to havo |unch and d|scuss tho
oxp|orat|on. lt was hot. 1osch| cou|d to|| 0ag|tz was protty doprossod. 1ho t|ngorpr|nt oxport put down h|s cup and sa|d, 1ho pr|nts on 3t|no's cab, |t
thoy woro thoso ot Zod|ac, do not match A||on's. lt's a pos|t|vo no.'
3ut,' sa|d Armstrong, thoro woro so many t|ngorpr|nts |n th|s pub||c cab, that |t |s unknown that |t, |n tact, wo havo Zod|ac's t|ngorpr|nts at tho
cr|mo scono or not. ln somo ot tho |ottors Zod|ac wroto us, ho braggod that ho put a|rp|ano g|uo on t|ngors to ob||torato any t|ngorpr|nts.'
3o thoy havo a |atont pr|nt,' Vu|anax |ator to|d mo. lt's my own porsona| op|n|on thoro's a |ot ot doubt th|s cou|d bo a Zod|ac pr|nt. You dust a cab
and you'ro go|ng to ||tt somo |atonts ott |t. 0oosn't nocossar||y moan |t's tho guy who d|d tho job. On tho samo th|ng, up |n lapa, thoy havo a part|a|
pa|m pr|nt, but how many poop|o uso a pub||c phono booth?'
Whon wo drovo back trom 3anta losa,' sa|d 1osch|, ovon though wo woro to|d wo had to havo a ||tt|o b|t moro, wo thon wont up to soo
3horwood Vorr|||. 1ho rot|nory whoro lo|gh had workod was not too tar trom va||ojo. Evory t|mo l pass |t go|ng up to 3acramonto, l'd soo tho darn
th|ng and |t wou|d br|ng back momor|os. l wou|d th|nk, 'l w|sh wo cou|d c|oso th|s caso.' 1h|s |s what was on my m|nd constant|y. Constant|y. And l
to|t wo d|d.'
ln 3acramonto a hoavysot, scho|ar|y man |n a throo-p|oco p|nstr|po su|t grootod thom. Vorr||| took tho two pagos A||on had pr|ntod. |o stud|od
thom through h|s th|ck g|assos. 1hat n|ght ho wou|d put thom undor h|s tw|n m|croscopo. Vorr|||, to bo honost, shot us down,' 1osch| roca||od, |o
phonod and sa|d, '3orry, 0avo. 1horo's just no match. l'm suro you havo tho r|ght suspoct and l'm suro you'ro on tho r|ght track.' 3horwood
|nd|catod that tho handpr|nt|ng was slml|or, but not tho Zod|ac k|||or's.'
1ho th|ng that |mprossod mo about tho handwr|t|ng,' 0otoct|vo lynch roca||od, ovory t|mo l'd tako a handwr|t|ng samp|o to Vorr|||, ho'd just s|t at
h|s dosk and l'd hand |t to h|m and 'lo good.' |o d|d that l don't know how many t|mos. A|| l know |s that whon Zod|ac was wr|t|ng thoso |ottors, ho
was o|thor dr|nk|ng, smok|ng pot, or tak|ng somo k|nd ot narcot|cs bocauso |t just soomod to mo that as ho wroto h|s handwr|t|ng wou|d just
1orry lascoo, a 0opartmont ot 1ust|co 0ocumont Exam|nor, roportod to Armstrong. lt tho wr|t|ng had boon a product ot a monta| stato,' ho sa|d,
tho wr|t|ng ot a subjoct can bo d|ttoront whon |n a d|ttoront monta| stato, or |t cou|d bo a caso ot an |ntont|ona| docopt|on. W|th tho ta|onts that [A||on|
has, wr|t|ng w|th both hands, th|s cou|d bo dono.' |o |ator to|d 0otoct|vo Goorgo 3awart that a porson ot h|gh |nto|||gonco cou|d study tho mothods
usod to oxam|no handwr|t|ng and too| a documonts oxam|nor.' Attorward 3awart roportod, Our handwr|t|ng oxport, Cunn|ngham, cont|rms that |t
A||on had tho ab|||ty to wr|to w|th h|s |ott hand, th|s cou|d oxp|a|n tho |nab|||ty to match tho handpr|nt|ng to Arthur lo|gh A||on.'
Armstrong ||stonod |ntont|y to lascoo. 0o not o||m|nato th|s subjoct bocauso ot handwr|t|ng,' ho warnod. 3ut Vorr|||, who had oxam|nod a|| tho
known wr|t|ngs ot Zod|ac, to|d 1osch| and Armstrong that ho d|d not too| a monta| stato wou|d chango a porson's handwr|t|ng. |o was a r|va| ot tho
youngor lascoo and tho two otton d|ttorod on op|n|ons. Armstrong was novor ab|o to roconc||o th|s prob|om. lt was not unprocodontod. lotor
Kurton, tho 0usso|dort l|ppor, wroto |ottors roproducod |n tho samo nowspapor h|s w|to road oach morn|ng. 3ho novor rocogn|zod tho wr|t|ng as
hor husband's. Kurton's a|torod monta| stato wh||o compos|ng tho notos mado h|m a comp|oto|y d|ttoront porson w|th a d|ttoront handwr|t|ng. l
wondorod |t lo|gh had othor porsona||t|os. 3y tho way, lobort,' Vorr||| cont|dod to mo |ator (lovombor 17, 1080), l do now noto that tho pr|nt|ng
that A||on |s do|ng |s contr|vod and not natura| to h|s own.'
1osch| had thought thoy woro roa||y go|ng to t|nd somoth|ng. As soon as wo startod gott|ng |ntormat|on trom tho s|stor-|n-|aw and tho brothor,' ho
sa|d, l to|t A||on was tho ono. lt a|| soundod just portoct, but wo just cou|dn't t|nd a way to provo that lo|gh A||on was tho Zod|ac k|||or. Wo had dono
ovoryth|ng but stand Arthur lo|gh A||on on h|s hoad. Wo tound no phys|ca| ov|donco |ns|do tho tra||or ||nk|ng A||on to tho Zod|ac caso. Evoryth|ng ho
had, accord|ng to h|s brothor and s|stor-|n-|aw, was |n that tra||or. Wo chockod tho 0opartmont ot Votor voh|c|os. |o m|ght havo somo othor
tra||ors and voh|c|os not rog|storod. A vory shrowd, vory w||y |nd|v|dua|.'
1ho m|stako |ay |n ta|||ng to obta|n soarch warrants tor va||ojo (|n sp|to ot A||on's a|||ng o|dor|y mothor) ooo 3anta losa. 1ho dotoct|vos m|ght
havo had tho m|stortuno to soarch tho wrong p|aco. |rom tho |ncopt|on ot tho murdors, Zod|ac had usod tho mu|t|p|o-county stratogy, str|k|ng |n
un|ncorporatod soct|ons ot va||ojo or aroas ot contusod jur|sd|ct|on botwoon shor|tts' and po||co dopartmonts. 3on|c|a po||co actua||y socurod tho
lako |orman load cr|mo scono unt|| va||ojo shor|tt's mon cou|d bo brought |n. And ot courso tho vl0 wantod part ot tho act|on. And so d|d tho
Oak|and l.0.
lt Arthur lo|gh A||on was Zod|ac, thon attor tho tra||or soarch, ho had on|y to spood to h|s va||ojo basomont and dostroy a|| phys|ca| ov|donco
connoct|ng h|m w|th tho cr|mos. And what ot A||on's othor tra||ors? |o m|ght havo cachos |n ovory county Zod|ac k|||od |n. Wo woro a|ways
wondor|ng,' sa|d 1osch|, |s thoro anothor voh|c|o noarby? Wo woro just wondor|ng |t wo cou|d t|nd tho r|ght ono. 1ho r|ght p|oco ot ov|donco that
says, '1hat's h|m. Gotcha.''
Whon Armstrong mot w|th Chonoy and l |n anothor moot|ng,' sa|d lanzaro||a, that's whoro l |oarnod about tho tra||or soarch. Armstrong's to|||ng
us about doad an|ma|s, a|| tho v|brators lo|gh had tor hav|ng sox w|th h|mso|t, d||dos and a|| that stutt. 3ut thoy st||| cou|dn't got anyth|ng on h|m. 1ho
moro l th|nk, ovor tho courso ot a ||tot|mo, whon l th|nk ot tho most |ntorost|ng poop|o l'vo mot |n my ||to, lo|gh corta|n|y was ono ot thom. And tho
moro wo know about h|m, tho moro wo know ho was corta|n|y capab|o ot do|ng somoth|ng ||ko that. You'vo got a smart guy who doc|dos h|s
contr|but|on to tho cu|turo |s ho's go|ng murdor poop|o |n un|ncorporatod aroas most|y mannod by sma|| po||co dopartmonts. You know |t's protty
oasy to got away w|th that |t you'ro smart. lt's a|| c|rcumstant|a|, but who o|so cou|d |t bo but lo|gh A||on. lt tr|ghtons mo, l'|| to|| you that.'
And thus tho bost Zod|ac suspoct ot a|| had passod ovory ono ot tho dotoct|vos' tosts and thoy wont on to othor suspocts. 3o tar Zod|ac had sont
throo p|ocos ot tho gray-and-wh|to-str|pod sports sh|rt ho had torn trom 3t|no attor shoot|ng h|m. 1osch| ost|matod, 1hat |oavos about 120 squaro
|nchos ot tho sh|rt st||| unaccountod tor.' At tho 5oo lrooclsco Cbroolc|o, wo a|| awa|tod tho noxt scrap ot b|ood|od tabr|c and tho horr|ty|ng
mossago wrappod around |t.
oIicoman and aaiIor
Nonday, Novombor 18, 1072
But that bIood-aoakod |ottor d|d not arr|vo. Zod|ac had apparont|y d|sappoarod. 3ut on tho 3outhorn Ca||torn|a tront, Zod|ac's shadow was not
on|y prosont, but |oom|ng |argor. Attor s|outh|ng hundrods ot hours, tho 3anta 3arbara County 3hor|tt's 0opartmont bo||ovod thoy had t|na||y ||nkod
Zod|ac to tho doaths ot 0om|ngos and Edwards.
ln 1u|y 1071, whon 0otoct|vo 3akor ot tho Vajor Cr|mos Un|t sont out a statow|do 1o|otypo, ho'd askod tor s|m||ars. 3oth 3||| Armstrong and Vo|
l|co|a| gavo mo a ca||,' ho to|d mo, and oxprossod tho|r susp|c|ons that our caso may bo ||nkod to Zod|ac. 1ust on tho bas|s ot tho doscr|pt|on l
ottorod thom thoro was a good poss|b|||ty Zod|ac was rospons|b|o. l ondod up travo||ng and ta|k|ng to most ot tho |nvost|gators |n most ot tho
jur|sd|ct|ons whoro tho cr|mos woro attr|butab|o to Zod|ac. And just rov|ow|ng tho|r casos and ta|k|ng w|th thom and thoy |n turn rov|ow|ng what l had.
Vo| l|co|a|, who l judgod to bo ono ot tho s|ng|o most know|odgoab|o poop|o on a|| ot tho casos, to|d mo ho to|t our caso may wo|| bo tho work ot
Zod|ac. lt |t |sn't, |t amazos mo how somoono cou|d comm|t murdors ||ko thoso ot l|nda and lobort and not bo hoard trom botoro or s|nco. l'vo
workod on othor sor|a|-k||||ng casos and tho psychopatho|ogy |nvo|vod |n our caso |s no d|ttoront. Whon tho lako 3orryossa c|rcumstancos woro
doscr|bod to mo, tho ha|r on tho back ot my nock stood up. l'm suro you can d|scorn tho str|k|ng s|m||ar|t|os.'
1ust as |n tho v|c|ous 3orryossa attack, tho v|ct|ms woro studonts, a young coup|o roc||n|ng on a b|ankot by an |so|atod shoro. A soxua| sad|st
tonds to targot mombors ot h|s own raco, otton choosos v|ct|ms w|th spoc|t|c occupat|ons or s|m||ar charactor|st|cs. ||s apparont|y random v|ct|ms
aro choson bocauso thoy moot somo psycho|og|ca| or symbo||c nood w|th|n tho murdoror's systom ot do|us|ons. A sad|st|c soc|opath|c k|||or ||ko
Zod|ac, say |3l prot||os, so|octs h|s v|ct|ms tor tho purposo ot vont|ng corta|n doop|y rootod soxua| and sad|st|c urgos, such as tho nood to mut||ato
parts ot tho v|ct|m's body to ach|ovo soxua| sat|stact|on.' Onco ho |s capturod, tho k|||or's dota||od and gr|s|y contoss|on |tso|t |s a bruta| assau|t
thrown |n tho taco ot tho po||co.
What |t Zod|ac was choos|ng v|ct|ms who woro studonts ||ko h|mso|t? lobort and l|nda woro targotod bocauso tho|r car on tho road abovo had
attractod a rov|ng k|||or who to||owod tho|r path down to tho wator. ln both tho lapa and 3anta 3arbara s|ay|ngs tho attackor brought a|ong a kn|to, a
gun, and procut |ongths ot c|othos||no. And why t|o v|ct|ms ho |ntondod to k|||? 3o ho cou|d torturo? A sor|a| k|||or's p|oasuro spr|ngs trom h|s ab|||ty
to |nt|m|dato, command, and oxort powor ovor h|s capt|vo. 1orror and tho powor |t br|ngs aro a soxua| sad|st's tradomarks bocauso ho too|s torror
and |s powor|oss. 3uch a man as Zod|ac k|||s thoso, young coup|os, who sharo an |nt|macy ho |s |ncapab|o ot shar|ng. Grat|t|od by tho s|ght ot a
cowor|ng, wh|mpor|ng hostago, ho |s a||owod by tho ropo to pro|ong tho k||||ng as |ong as ho w|shos.
3oth v|ct|ms woro h|t |n tho back (ro|at|vo|y c|oso group|ng cons|dor|ng thoy woro runn|ng away whon h|t),' sa|d 3akor. 1hat ||nkod 3akor's caso
to Zod|ac's lako |orman load shoot|ngs, a|so accomp||shod w|th accuracy and t|ght group|ng. Zod|ac had shot a t|oo|ng woman w|th doad|y
accuracy wh||o rac|ng boh|nd. |o had dono |t |n tho p|tch b|acknoss ot a country road.
On tho t|oor ot tho shack woro two ompty t|tty-round boxos tor W|nchostor Wostorn 3upor-X .22 |ong-r|t|o cartr|dgos,' sa|d 3akor. 3pont cas|ngs
had boon tound a|ong lobort and l|nda's t||ght path. 1hoy had s|x |ands and groovos w|th a r|ght-hand tw|st.' Zod|ac had usod 3upor X coppor-
coatod .22 |ong-r|t|o ammo |n tho lako |orman murdors. 1ho doub|o murdors had boon comm|ttod on 0ocombor 20, 1008, two days attor A||on's
th|rty-t|tth b|rthday. 1ho rocovorod s|ugs, |n good cond|t|on, a|so had a r|ght-hand (c|ockw|so) tw|st w|th s|x |ands and s|x groovos-a s|x and s|x.'
3tock numbors on tho boxos tound |n tho shack cou|d bo tracod,' 3akor oxp|a|nod. 1ho ammun|t|on |ot numbor was 1l 21 or 1l 22. Our W-W
ammo was probab|y purchasod at vandonborg A|r |orco 3aso Exchango basod on tho tact that |t was tho noarost sourco tor that |ot numbor. 1ho
on|y storo anywhoro w|th|n a hundrod m||os that so|d |t was vA|3. lt was dotorm|nod to a dogroo ot probab|||ty to havo boon purchasod thoro.
|owovor, |t cou|d bo that tho samo ammo |ot numbor (mota||urg|ca|-common or|g|n/batch) was ava||ab|o at othor basos as wo||. 1ho usua| c|ork at
tho baso oxchango at tho t|mo was a man namod 3ummors or 3umnor. 1ho 3AC un|t baso noar lompoc |s |oss than an hour's dr|vo trom tho
cr|mo scono. 1hat was just ono moro th|ng that to|d us that thoro m|ght bo a connoct|on to Zod|ac-l was a|so cons|dor|ng Varch A|3 or 1rav|s
lt's not so much hard ov|donco that ||nks Zod|ac w|th tho doub|o murdor horo, but tho pattorn ot tho s|ay|ng. Wo don't havo any corroborat|ng
t|ngorpr|nts, bu||ot or cas|ng marks, or oyow|tnoss obsorvat|ons. lt thoro had boon any shoo pr|nts, anyth|ng |dont|t|ab|o, l wou|d havo jumpod on that
just tor tho poss|b|||ty bocauso l was awaro ot tho lako 3orryossa caso.' 1ho shoos Zod|ac woro at lako 3orryossa |n 3optombor 1000 woro so|d
through baso oxchangos on|y. V|||tary shoo pr|nts wou|d havo boon s|gn|t|cant. And |t thoro had boon anyth|ng, l corta|n|y wou|d havo romomborod
that. Whothor or not tho l|vors|do caso was a Zod|ac k||||ng, our caso procodod tho othors by at |oast throo yoars, tar oar||or than wou|d bo
oxpoctod. 1horo appoars to bo a h|gh dogroo ot probab|||ty that th|s subjoct |s rospons|b|o tor tho doub|o murdor |n our county. 3ovora| s|gn|t|cant
s|m||ar|t|os botwoon our caso and tho othors, as wo|| as othor ov|donco, a|| tond to connoct Zod|ac w|th th|s cr|mo.
Whon l |ast ta|kod to 3||| Armstrong at a C|lA contoronco |n 3an |ranc|sco, ho to|d mo ho'd novor th|nk ot tho Zod|ac murdors w|thout |nc|ud|ng
our caso as ono ot thom. l novor had contact w|th 0avo 1osch| attor our |n|t|a| moot|ng at tho|r ott|co |n 1072. l'vo to|t vory strong|y about |t ovor
s|nco. lt's not somoth|ng that goos away ovor t|mo. lt's tho k|nd ot th|ng that st|cks w|th you.' 3akor was tho k|nd ot cop who wou|d novor g|vo up.
Outs|do ot 1ack tho l|ppor, thoro had novor boon a groator uncaught or moro o|us|vo monstor than Zod|ac.
1ho vory roa| poss|b|||ty ot a connoct|on ot our caso to tho coro Zod|ac caso,' sa|d 3akor, |s tho |mpotus that has brought mo to bo||ovo that my
docados-o|d susp|c|on ot our caso bo|ng tho work ot Zod|ac was not m|sgu|dod. lot to ovorstato tho ro|o ot tho 0om|ngos/Edwards caso |n tho
roa|m ot u|t|mato|y so|v|ng tho Zod|ac mystory, l w||| omphas|zo aga|n that l t|rm|y bo||ovo, w|th|n tho contoxt ot what |s probab|y h|s t|rst murdorous
rampago, that w|th|n our caso ||os tho so|ut|on.'
Zod|ac h|mso|t had prov|dod tho ||nk botwoon h|mso|t and 3akor's caso, and had dono |t |n such a dov|ous mannor that l on|y rocont|y tumb|od to
|t. lt took an undorstand|ng ot Zod|ac's m|nd-sot ot m|rror |magos and transparonc|os to unravo| h|s v|sua| c|uo. ln h|s |ottor ot 1uno 20, 1070, Zod|ac
had c|rc|od doub|o-poakod Vount 0|ab|o on a cut soct|on ot a lh||||ps 00 road map. Apparont|y, Vount 0|ab|o was |mportant to h|m-|ts o|ovat|on
ot 8840 toot ca|||ng to m|nd that 3t|no d|od |n tront ot 8808 Wash|ngton, an addross Zod|ac h|mso|t choso. 1ho map, coup|od w|th a two-||no codo
at tho bottom, supposod|y to|d whoro h|s bomb was sot. On 1u|y 24, ho droppod anothor c|uo. l3.,' ho wroto. 1ho Vt. 0|ab|o Codo concorns
lad|ans [a mathomat|ca| torm roprosont|ng an ang|o ot moasuro| 8#|nchos a|ong tho rad|ans.' Vt. 0|ab|o |s a bonch mark usod by tho U.3.
Goograph|ca| 3urvoy to soparato north, south, oast, and wost-tho towns connoctod by a b7-dogroo rad|an. 1ho map a|so mont|onod somoth|ng a
p||ot m|ght uso-magnot|c north.' An |'-shapod symbo| coup|od w|th a backward 7' appoarod tw|co on h|s throaton|ng |a||owoon card to Avory.
|' stood tor w|nd spood and d|roct|on-north at t|ttoon to twonty m||os an hour. 1ho comp|oto symbo| was a|so an oxact copy ot a catt|o brand usod
on |rod |armon's lagosa 3pr|ngs, Co|orado, ranch. |armon's com|c str|p cowboy horo, lod lydor, was a h|gh|y rocogn|zab|o sa|osman tor a|r
r|t|os dur|ng tho 1040s and 'b0s.
Zod|ac's Vt. 0|ab|o codo |s a b|nary spac|ng codo,' an oxport to|d mo. 1ho top ||no |s tho a|pha ||no, tho bottom ||no |s tho bota ||no. 1h|s codo
usos Grook |ottors, wh|ch aro to bo usod as numbors. Examp|o: A|pha=1, and 3ota=2. 0o|ta=4. 1ho codo oporatos by tho koy codo |ottor, and
ups|do-down Grook Gamma, Gamma=8. 1horotoro, to start th|s codo, you 'ask' tho codo koy quost|ons, ||ko: Who aro you, what |s your mossago?'
3ut tho map sa|d somoth|ng ont|ro|y d|ttoront, somoth|ng v|sua|.
||rst, l know that lo|gh |ovod Voo magaz|no and that tho Zod|ac codo ot Apr|| 20, 1070 (Vy namo |s-') cou|d road Al|lE0 E lEU-VAl'
whon doc|phorod. 3y tho way havo crackod tho |ast c|phor l sont you?' ho askod |n tho samo |ottor. Crockoo magaz|no was Voo's ch|ot
compot|tor. 3|nco Vay 1004, Voo had toaturod a v|sua| puzz|o on |ts |ns|do back covor, a |o|d-ln.' 1ho |nstruct|ons road: |o|d th|s soct|on ovor
|ott, thon to|d back so 'A' moots '3.'' l to|dod tho map so that tho ru|od cornors mot at tho r|ght odgo. 1hon ho|d tho map up to tho ||ght so that tho
back shono through. 1ho crossod c|rc|o w|th an arrow at tho two|vo o'c|ock pos|t|on po|ntod to tho oxoct s|to ot tho 0om|ngos/ Edwards murdors.

BoIow Nount DiabIo, lo|gh bogan to sa|| aga|n, |os|ng h|mso|t |n a soom|ng|y ond|oss thousand-m||o mazo, tho 0o|ta. 1ho hugo t|do|and marsh,
tod by tho 3acramonto and 3an 1oaqu|n l|vors, was d|kod w|th count|oss |ovoos tor t|ood contro|. Yot A||on novor roa||y |ost h|mso|t |n thoso tw|st|ng
channo|s. A po|nt ot rotoronco, Vount 0|ab|o, constant|y toworod |n tho d|stanco-tho amount ot acroago v|s|b|o trom |ts poak socond on|y to that
soon trom Vount K|||manjaro. W|th h|s t|at toot, A||on to|t most at homo on tho wator or |n tho a|r.
3|g' 0an 3|ockor, 8b0-pound star ot tho Boooozo to|ov|s|on wostorn, had d|od suddon|y dur|ng tho prov|ous summor. A||on coasod woar|ng h|s
onormous wh|to cowboy hat. |o cou|d no |ongor bo |oss.'
1uoaday, Novombor 21, 1072
An annivoraary ot sorts-throo yoars oar||or, 0av|d Odo|| Vart|n camo to tho |3l's attont|on whon ho s|ashod h|s w|to and o|ovon-yoar-o|d
daughtor w|th a brokon bott|o and kn|to. 1ust botoro po||co tata||y shot h|m, Vart|n shoutod, l'm tho Zod|ac k|||or!' Armstrong |mmod|ato|y |ntormod
tho |3l: Vart|n |s dot|n|to|y oot |dont|ca| w|th Ul3U3 |n th|s mattor.' 1osch| to|d mo, ln tho t|rst tour yoars ot tho Zod|ac caso, l wou|d say about
t|ttoon mon havo to|d cops throughout tho country that thoy aro Zod|ac. 3omo ot thom woro drunk at tho t|mo, somo had obv|ous monta| prob|oms,
tho rost woro bo|ng bookod on othor chargos and woro sook|ng pub||c|ty.' Whon cranks woron't contoss|ng, rumors took tho p|aco ot now |oads |n
tho |nvost|gat|on. Ono such attr|butod an undortakor's murdor and thott ot h|s omba|m|ng t|u|ds to Zod|ac.
ln 3anta losa, th|rtoon-yoar-o|d lor| loo Kursa wont shopp|ng at tho U-3avo Varkot w|th hor mothor. 3|uo-oyod, |ong b|ond ha|r partod |n tho
m|dd|o, sho was d|st|nct|vo|y drossod |n po||shod-don|m bo||-bottoms, a brown |oathor jackot, and brown suodo cowboy boots. Around b:80 l.V.
sho apparont|y wandorod ott. |a|t an hour |ator, lor| was obsorvod br|ot|y by a tam||y tr|ond, 3arbara, |n tho samo markot, but attor that noth|ng
moro was soon ot hor. lmmod|ato|y, hor mothor roportod hor m|ss|ng. 1ho soarch draggod on through lovombor and |nto tho t|rst wook ot
0ocombor, but po||co unoarthod no |oads. You know what was strango about our v|ct|ms?' 3anta losa 3orgoant 3tovo 3rown |ator to|d mo. 1ho
t|rst ono ho throw |n tho d|tch was tound by b|ko r|dors tho noxt day, so ho doc|dod, 'l bottor h|do thom a ||tt|o b|t bottor.' 1hon ho ondod up throw|ng
thom out by |ranz va||oy and |t's protty romoto. You wou|d nood to know that aroa. You don't just dr|vo thoro. l rocont|y ro-drovo |t. Ot courso |t tho
k|||or ||vod horo and drovo around a |ot ho wou|d know. l'm th|nk|ng about a guy who's ||v|ng |n lako County or lapa County who travo|od that road
back and torth and who workod ovor horo. lt you aro go|ng out ot 3anta losa, tho dumps aro a|| on tho |ott s|do ot tho roadway. You wou|dn't pu||
your car ovor to tho |ott s|do, tac|ng tho wrong way, to dump a body. |o's not go|ng to park on tho r|ght s|do, drag tho porson across tho road and
throw thom. lt doosn't mako sonso. l was th|nk|ng, just ||ko you, ho goos out, thoro's a shod, tra||or or barn that ho usos. And attor thoy'ro doad, whon
ho comos back, ho's now on tho r|ght s|do ot tho roadway. 1hat's whon ho stops and dumps thom and thon goos back |nto 3anta losa.'
On 0ocombor 12, a h|kor, lox Vooro, stumb|od across Kursa's body |n a rav|no, about t|tty-t|vo toot trom Ca||stoga load. 3ho had boon
dumpod at tho scono comp|oto|y nudo and hor body had trozon trom tho oxtromo co|d. lo||co ost|matod sho had boon doad on|y a wook, though
sho had boon m|ss|ng tor throo tu|| wooks. 3ho had boon kopt a||vo somowhoro,' but thoy had no suspocts.
3omoono had brokon hor nock, d|s|ocat|ng hor t|rst and socond corv|ca| vortobra. 3trangu|at|on,' 3tantord's 0r. lundo oxp|a|nod to mo, |s not
||ko shoot|ng somoono w|th a gun. lt |nvo|vos a k|nd ot muscu|ar tons|on . . . tho sonsat|ons that como trom that p|ay a part |n tho soxua| aspoct ot
thoso poop|o tor wh|ch sox and aggross|on soom to bo |ntortw|nod. lt |s a|so a way ot prov|ng to tho porson tho|r powor ovor tho v|ct|m. Assort|on ot
raw powor, and s|nco that |s a b|g part ot tho onjoymont tor thoso poop|o, |t |s pro|ongod by strangu|at|on. . . . l know ono such porson who vory
consc|ous|y, moro than ono, at |oast two, havo vo|untoorod thoy wou|d tako twonty, th|rty m|nutos to strang|o v|ct|ms to pro|ong tho p|oasuro so to
Kursa's unusua| c|othos woro m|ss|ng. 3ho had not boon soxua||y assau|tod. Unsuspoctod by tho po||co, tho so|ut|on to anothor mystory |ay on|y
ono hundrod yards away. 1horo, a sha||ow gravo |n a rav|no noar tho roadway concoa|od 1oanotto Kamaho|o's corpso-hor hands and ank|os
bound to hor nock and wh|to c|othos||no wrappod around hor nock tour t|mos. 3ut bocauso tho aroa was doop|y woodod, po||co ta||od to t|nd hor
and wou|d not tor many yoars-not unt|| 1u|y 0, 1070.
1huraday, Docombor 28, 1072
At tour in tho attornoon, twonty days attor a troak|sh snow dustod 1w|n loaks and Go|don Gato lark, two mon d|scovorod tho bonos ot Vauroon
loo 3tor||ng and Yvonno Wobor. 1hoy woro ott a rura| road 2.2 m||os north ot lortor Crook load |n tho |ranz va||oy load aroa. A powortu|
murdoror, to avo|d |oav|ng tracks, had bod||y ||ttod tho corpsos ovor shrubs and a d|tch, thon hur|od thom down a s|xty-s|x-toot ombankmont.
Apparont|y, ho cons|dorod h|s v|ct|ms as rubb|sh to bo dumpod.
Causo ot doath and any soxua| assau|t woro |mposs|b|o to dotorm|no, but pattorns ||nkod tho hom|c|dos to tho othors. 1ho k|||or had murdorod
thom o|sowhoro and kopt tho|r c|othos. And tho k|||or t|od knots ||ko a soaman. |ow wou|d thoso knots match up w|th thoso |n tho 3anta 3arbara
murdors-granny knots and mar||no h|tchos? 1ho v|ct|ms had boon abductod |n th|s rotat|ng ordor: on |r|day, 3aturday, 1uosday, |r|day, 3aturday,
and 1uosday. A|| van|shod around b:00 l.V. |n a por|od ot grow|ng darknoss. A|| had boon tound |n tho rura|, som|-|so|atod oastorn soct|on ot
3onoma County noar |akos, r|vors, d|tchos, and stroams. 1ho 3anta losa cr|mos woro wator-ro|atod by namo: Vark 5prlogs, Ca||stoga (Wator),
Crook va||oy. 1ho turthost po|nt botwoon d|scovory s|tos was s|xtoon m||os. 3tor||ng, Wobor, and Caro|yn 0av|s, w|th a sovon-month gap, woro
tound |n tho oxact samo spot-2.2 m||os north ot lortor Crook load on |ranz va||oy load. |owovor, K|m A||on may havo boon soxua||y assau|tod
and that d|d not t|t Zod|ac's pattorn.
As tar as tho murdors go,' cont|nuod 3akor. l was a|most th|nk|ng a postman or lG8E guy just bocauso ot tho p|acos that thoy go. 1ho |ast g|r|
that was tound was |n a vory romoto crook. lt's not a p|aco whoro you can dump thom ott tho s|do ot tho road and thoy |and thoro. 1ho throo on |ranz
va||oy load woro tound |n tho samo |ocat|on a|ong tho s|do ot tho road. You don't havo to throw tar to got whoro thoy |andod. 1ho |ast ono wo had |n
tho crook, l don't know how tho ho|| ho got hor |n thoro.'
3ovora| months oar||or, ott|cors on tho way to tho 3anta losa aroa that a k|||or had usod as a dump|ng ground tor murdorod 3anta losa coods
had stoppod |n tho|r tracks. Wa|k|ng down tho road toward thom and trom tho soc|udod murdor aroa was Arthur lo|gh A||on. l travo| th|s road to go
sk|n-d|v|ng,' ho sa|d. ln tho samo d|roct|on A||on v|s|tod two tr|onds at C|oar lako. lo|gh a|ways p|ckod up h|tchh|kors ospoc|a||y wh||o attond|ng
3anta losa 1C and 3onoma 3tato Un|vors|ty,' a sourco to|d mo. 1h|s a|ways bothorod my mothor. |o p|ckod h|kors up on tho h|ghways. l
romombor tho two g|r|s d|sappoar|ng trom tho skat|ng r|nk and tho othor murdors. 1hoso bod|os d|scovorod on |ranz va||oy load and |n Ca||stoga
woron't tar trom my paronts' homo.'
Friday, Docombor 20, 1072
5inco Auguat 4, 1071, whon po||co quost|onod lo|gh tor what thoy orronoous|y bo||ovod was tho t|rst t|mo, Zod|ac had sont no |ottors. 3ut wo
hard|y noodod moro c|uos trom tho k|||or. Wo a|roady know a |ot about Zod|ac. |o cou|d bo caught |t wo put our m|nds to |t. A|| tho oar|y suspocts
woro s|ng|od out bocauso tho|r handpr|nt|ng was ||ko Zod|ac's or thoy rosomb|od tho compos|to skotch. |ow woro as ta|| or hoavy as tho k|||or
actua||y was, somo woro s|ondor as a boy.
Zod|ac had throo qua||t|os, had to havo thoso qua||t|os-ho was strong and ho was smart and ho possossod spoc|a||zod tochn|ca| prot|c|oncy |n
codo, chom|stry, t|roarms, ong|noor|ng, o|octron|cs, and bomb-mak|ng. Voro to|||ng, Zod|ac know torons|cs, |oav|ng boh|nd ta|so c|uos and woar|ng
g|uo on h|s t|ngort|ps. ln tact h|s marksmansh|p sk|||s, know|odgo ot po||co l.0. tochn|quos, and uso ot ||ghway latro| cutott manouvors to box |n h|s
v|ct|ms po|ntod to Zod|ac bo|ng a po||coman. 1wo v|ct|ms had boon roach|ng tor tho|r ||consos whon ho b||ndod thom w|th a t|ash||ght and
un|oashod a tus|||ado ot bu||ots.
And yot Zod|ac was compo||od to dor|do po||co |n h|s |ottors, tho thr||| ot ba|t|ng thom bocom|ng a powortu| mot|vo |n h|s gamo ot outdoor choss.
|o tauntod author|ty as |t str|k|ng out aga|nst a contro|||ng t|guro |n h|s da||y ||to-a boss, a tathor, or a po||coman. 3or|a| sad|sts, onrapturod w|th
tho var|ous too|s ot po||co work and w|th po||comon thomso|vos, woro troquont|y po||co group|os. 3omo soxua| soc|opaths drossod |n un|torm whon
trapp|ng and tortur|ng tho|r v|ct|ms, otton app||od tor po||co work, or oxprossod a dos|ro to work |n somo |aw ontorcomont capac|ty. lnvar|ab|y thoy
wou|d ottor a|d |n tho hunt tor thomso|vos. 1ho known sor|a| k|||ors woro romarkab|y a||ko.
|3l agont 1ohn 0oug|as's psycho|og|ca| prot||o ot tho At|anta ch||d murdoror spoko vo|umos. |o sa|d tho k|||or wou|d ||vo |n tho aroa, somot|mos
poso as a po||co ott|cor, show oxtromo |ntorost |n mod|a covorago ot tho caso, and havo d|tt|cu|ty ro|at|ng to mombors ot tho oppos|to sox. ln tact,
ch||dron who ||vod noar [tho suspoct Wayno| W||||ams thought ho was a po||coman bocauso ho drovo cars that |ookod ||ko po||co cars, showod
thom a badgo, and ordorod thom around.' W||||ams mon|torod po||co-band rad|o, just as Ca||torn|a mu|t|p|o murdoror Ed Kompor d|d. Kompor
troquontod a |oca| bar to bocomo pa|s w|th ott-duty po||comon. |o showod mo h|s gun and h|s handcutts r|ght horo |n tho bar,' roca||od tho
bartondor. |o handcuttod a tr|ond and shovod h|m up aga|nst tho wa||. . . . You soo, Kompor a|ways wantod to bo a po||coman. A|| h|s tr|onds woro
cops. |o usod to ta|k about |t a|| tho t|mo . . . sa|d ho had boon h|rod as a socur|ty guard somowhoro |n tho 3ay Aroa-but ho was on|y a b|g guy
who somot|mos workod as a gas stat|on attondant.' Attor s|ay|ng h|s mothor, tho 3anta Cruz g|ant |ott a noto boh|nd, r|d|cu||ng h|s tormor tr|onds on
tho torco.
1od 3undy usod a go|d badgo and handcutts to masquorado as Ott|cor loso|and' at a 3a|t lako C|ty shopp|ng contor. Ono ot tho ||||s|do
3trang|ors,' Konnoth 3|anch|, had wantod to bo an l.A. po||coman, ovon takon a po||co sc|onco courso at a lochostor commun|ty co||ogo. Whon
cops approhondod 3|anch| |n 3o|||ngham, Wash|ngton, ho was onro||od as a doputy |n tho shor|tt's rosorvo tra|n|ng program. ||s wh|to, |ato-modo|
auto w|th s||vor spot||ghts mountod on both s|dos rosomb|od a po||co car. lns|do h|s b|ack attacho caso ho carr|od a h|ghway patro|man's badgo
and cutts.
1ohn Wayno Gacy, as a youth, drossod |n tho po||co||ko un|torm ot h|s |oca| c|v|| dotonso squad. |asc|natod by tho trapp|ngs ot |aw ontorcomont,
ho obsoss|vo|y t|xod upon 1amos |an|oy, a dotoct|vo w|th tho h|t-and-run un|t. Gacy bocamo 1ack' |an|oy, a bruta|, muscu|ar hom|c|do cop who
ox|stod on|y |n h|s m|nd. 1ack, a dovotod hator ot homosoxua|s,' was tho savago, sad|st|c cop that Gacy both adm|rod and toarod. Whon Gacy
was drunk or stonod, h|s a|tor ogo assumod contro| and comm|ttod tho acts a sobor Gacy novor cou|d.
3ocauso 1ack had boon |n chargo, Gacy
supprossod tho dota||s ot h|s cr|mos. |o torgot tho acts ho had comm|ttod on tho boys ho bur|od |n tho wa||s ot h|s houso. |antasy 0otoct|vo 1ack
mado n|ght|y torays |nto tho soamy soct|ons ot town, cru|s|ng s|ow|y |n an o|d b|ack O|dsmob||o, rad|o scannor squawk|ng, spot||ght and rod ||ghts
rotat|ng. 0rossod |n a |oathor jackot, trousors, and h|ghway patro|man's shoos, Gacy p|ckod up boys and handcuttod thom. 3omo psych|atr|sts
ana|yzod Zod|ac as bo|ng at |oast a |atont homosoxua| to whom bu||ots and kn|vos attordod porvorso sat|stact|on.'
0r. lundo warnod to |ook tor a suspoct who had a co||oct|on ot guns and oar|y |ntorost |n guns, kn|vos, and var|ous |nstrumonts ot torturo. As an
adu|t,' lundo wroto |n Voroor ooo Vooooss, a co||oct|on ot such |nstrumonts, prot|c|oncy |n tho|r uso, and an omot|ona| attract|on to woapons may
bo soon wh|ch goos tar boyond that ot any ord|nary co||octor.' 3or|a| k|||ors w||| bocomo |ncrod|b|y sk|||tu| |n tho|r uso. Whonovor Zod|ac's |a|r was
uncovorod and a soarch mado, l was corta|n hugo numbors ot woapons wou|d bo prosont-guns, bombs, or tho 0oath Vach|no' Zod|ac braggod
about. |ad Arthur lo|gh A||on-||ko W||||ams, 3|anch|, Kompor, 3undy, and Gacy-onco wantod to bo a po||coman?
|o had.
On Vay 2, 10b2, A||on, thon n|notoon, sought omp|oymont w|th tho va||ojo lo||co 0opartmont. 1hoy turnod h|m down. |o app||od r|ght out ot h|gh
schoo| to bo a va||ojo cop,' a sourco oxp|a|nod, and thoy sa|d no. 1horotoro ho had a vory good roason tor hat|ng tho va||ojo lo||co 0opartmont-
rojoct|on.' A||on ottorod h|s hoart to tho |aw aga|n much |ator. On 1uno 11, 1004, ho was a non-cort|t|od porsonno| app||cant at tho Watsonv|||o
lo||co 0opartmont. Watsonv|||o spurnod h|m too. 3omot|mos |t soomod ovoryono d|d. Wo||, thoro you go,' sa|d 1osch|. A guy who |s a 'wannabo'
cop and cannot mako |t, hatos a|| cops. lt's boon provon. 1hoy hato any author|ty t|guro attor that bocauso thoy cou|dn't pass whatovor tosts woro
Ch|cago c|a|rvoyant 1oo 0olou|so, who to|t tunod |nto Zod|ac's m|nd, agrood. 1ho porson who croatod Zod|ac was somobody vory tam|||ar w|th
|aw ontorcomont,' ho sa|d. l th|nk ho was an ox-cop. ln h|s |ottors to tho po||co ho know ovoryth|ng that was go|ng on w|th tho po||co. |o know h|s
v|ct|ms. l too| ho w||| k||| unt|| ho |s caught.' |ad lo|gh, ||ko Kompor, gotton c|oso to tho po||co and |oarnod about tho |mpond|ng soarch ot h|s tra||or?
Ca||torn|a ||ghway latro|man lynn lattorty had boon lo|gh's ch||dhood tr|ond, and poss|b|y A||on may havo wantod to omu|ato h|m. lattorty had
boon anx|ous|y soarch|ng tor Zod|ac on h|s own.
lo|gh had boon an occas|ona| toachor at 1rav|s A|3, whoro W|ng Wa|kor shoos woro so|d at tho baso oxchango. |o qua||t|od tor oxchango
pr|v||ogos on sovora| counts-as a dopondont ot a lavy commandor, an omp|oyoo, and as a tormor lavy man. lava| on||stmonts ran trom tour to
s|x yoars (w|th th|rty days |oavo oach yoar), but lo|gh sorvod on|y trom 10b0 to 10b8. l was to|d why. A||on was |n tho m|||tary-|n tho lavy,' tho
daughtor ot a woman lo|gh onco datod p|aton|ca||y to|d mo. What |od to h|s bo|ng d|schargod was h|s arrost by tho va||ojo lo||co 0opartmont tor
d|sturb|ng tho poaco [on 1uno 1b, 10b8|. |o had gotton |nto a t|ght w|th a tr|ond [la|ph 3p|no||||. |o wont |nto tho lavy |n 10b0, was |n thoro two
yoars, and |oss-than-honorab|y d|schargod-a choap way to got r|d ot somoono you don't want. l th|nk lo|gh A||on was try|ng to bocomo a trogman
|n tho lavy. |or o|thor psycho|og|ca| or phys|ca| roasons thoy wou|d not accopt h|m |nto tho program tor doop d|v|ng or bo|ng on tho submar|nos tor
|ong |ongths ot t|mo. Vy mothor romombors th|s as a vory, vory |argo d|sappo|ntmont tor h|m. l bo||ovo ho d|d havo an |ntonso d|s||ko tor h|s tathor
bocauso ot h|s m|||tar|st|c att|tudo. l bo||ovo that whon my mothor was ovor at h|s houso, ho had to addross h|s tathor as 's|r.' lorhaps h|s tathor's
|nt|uonco had somoth|ng to do w|th th|s a|so. Vy mothor to|t th|s por|od ot t|mo had a groat |nt|uonco on h|s ||to.'
1hough c|v|| chargos woro d|sm|ssod on 1u|y 8, 10b8, A||on roco|vod a |oss than honorab|o d|schargo' trom tho lavy |ato that yoar. Ono ot tho
anc|||ary roasons tor h|s oxpu|s|on was that ho had aga|n |ott woapons |n p|a|n s|ght |n h|s car. |rom 10b0 on ho ||stod h|s dratt status as lon-
t|n|shod act|vo duty and rosorvo t|mo, U3l.' 3ocauso ot tho po||co, A||on's groatost amb|t|ons wou|d novor bo roa||zod. |o wou|d novor bocomo a
lavy 3oa| or submar|no commandor or cop. 3y tho ond ot 1072 A||on had at |oast t|vo roasons tor hat|ng tho po||co-h|s rojoct|ons by va||ojo and
Watsonv|||o l.0., vl0's arrost ot h|m and rosu|t|ng lavy d|schargo, h|s t|r|ng trom tho rot|nory, and tho hum|||at|ng soarch ot h|s tra||or. lt ho woro
Zod|ac, ho had a s|xth roason to dosp|so cops-3|l0 had noar|y capturod h|m.
ln tho lavy A||on had workod on a rotr|gorator sh|p, most|y scrap|ng and pa|nt|ng hu||s |n tho br|ght Ca||torn|a ||ght. lo|gh was a|so an oxco||ont
marksman |n tho lavy,' my va||ojo sourco vor|t|od, ono ot tho bost |n h|s group. Add|t|ona||y, ho otton wroto to my mothor and usod tho s|gna|s
usod by tho t|ags at tho bottom ot tho |ottors [Zod|ac symbo|s |n tho |ottor codos cou|d bo matchod to var|ous somaphoro t|ags|. Yot sho burnod tho
|ottors attor hor know|odgo ot lo|gh |ator bo|ng sont to Atascadoro.'
|o had ovon takon tra|n|ng |n codo. Zod|ac had a mastortu| know|odgo ot codo. |o d|d know codo, and not on|y sowod wo|| but was a sa||
makor,' sa|d a sourco. 1ho noat st|tch|ng on tho hood worn by Zod|ac at 3orryossa suggostod a man who cou|d sow. lt was doubttu| Zod|ac cou|d
ask anyono o|so to sow h|m an oxocut|onor's hood. lo|gh not on|y |oarnod aquat|c scuba d|v|ng dur|ng h|s lavy st|nt, but br|ot|y workod as a w|ro
oporator, th|rd-c|ass rad|oman. lapa Capta|n lar|ow was conv|ncod that whoovor Zod|ac was, ho a|so had tochn|ca| know|odgo ot a #1b 1o|otypo
transm|ttor-ho had dup||catod |ts c|rcu|try on ono ot h|s bomb p|ans and an oar|y noto attr|butod to h|m had boon on 1o|otypo papor.
1ho p|ans tor Zod|ac's bomb camo trom [tho schomat|c ot a| Ul 1b to|opr|ntor,' an oxport to|d mo. l a|so not|cod that |n h|s schomat|c
d|agrams, ho propor|y draws 'jumpors' ovor two |ntorsoct|ng ||nos. l th|nk thoso aro tho bost c|uos tor t|nd|ng tho Zod|ac and that thoro |s moro than
a t|tty porcont probab|||ty that ho was an amatour rad|o oporator (a|so known as 'hams'). ||rst, oporators who usod l11Y (lad|o 1o|otypo) usod
thoso surp|us mach|nos. . . . 3ocond|y, tho s|mp|o tact that ho usos 'jumpors' on h|s schomat|c d|agram to||s mo ho has moro than just a pass|ng
know|odgo ot o|octron|cs, wh|ch hams must mastor . . . othor poss|b|o a|tornat|vos aro lavy and Coast Guard porsonno| such as o|octron|c tochs
and rad|omon.'
1ho ro|at|onsh|p botwoon hoavy lo|gh A||on and h|s s|ondor tathor was comp|ox. 1ho strongost lavy |nt|uonco camo trom tho tathor. Ethan
Warron A||on, a wo||-known, h|gh|y docoratod lava| commandor and p||ot, was born Apr|| 0, 1008, |n Voado, Kansas, tho son ot Goorgo V. A||on
and Cora Woodard, both ot Kansas. lo|gh's tathor, a twonty-t|vo-yoar va||ojo ros|dont, put |n twonty-tour yoars ot sorv|co |n |awa|| and on 1roasuro
ls|and |n 3an |ranc|sco 3ay. ln h|s rot|romont, Ethan bocamo a drattsman tor tho C|ty ot va||ojo. Whon ho marr|od 3orn|co |anson ot Ca||torn|a,
thoy had two sons, Arthur lo|gh and lona|d Gono. Ethan passod on a |ovo ot hunt|ng, t|y|ng, and sa|||ng to both, but h|s o|dor son, lo|gh, took |t
most to hoart.
lt was no co|nc|donco that lo|gh huntod, had a p||ot's ||conso, and sa||od. 3ut attor h|s p|ano crash, Ethan, no |ongor tho v|brant and cont|dont
ott|cor ho had onco boon, cou|d not curb's lo|gh's outbursts and abuso ot 3orn|co. 1ho doath ot h|s storn tathor sot A||on troo, but tho oar||or jot
crack-up had g|von h|m ||conso to pursuo h|s dos|ros. ln th|s homo, dom|natod by a strong-w|||od woman, tho tathor, Ethan, bocamo a shadow |n tho
yoars botoro h|s doath. Ethan d|od ot carc|noma ot tho prostato w|th motastasos on Varch 17, 1071.
1anuary 4, 1071, two months botoro A||on's tathor d|od, an anonymous |ottor camo to tho papor:
lt you aro gamo pr|nt tho to||ow|ng |ottor. An opon |ottor to 1ho Zod|ac. You nood no oxp|os|vos tor your b|g bIaat, just go to tho noarost
lo||co stat|on and to|| tho truth about tho man who has mado a k|||or out ot you, your tathor who has boon gott|ng away w|th tamous Amor|can
cr|mos s|nco 1047 and |s now an oxport at g|v|ng k||||ng |ossons. Onco you askod 'What w||| thoy do to mo?' You w||| bo p|acod |n a monta|
|nst|tut|on wh|ch |s bottor than a soss|on w|th a doub|o odgo sword or a shot |n tho back bocauso attor tho conv|ct|on ot tho scapogoats tor your
tathor's murdors w|th your ho|p, ho w||| havo to tako caro ot you s|nco you havo boon p|ac|ng a dont |nto h|s good roputat|on by dup||cat|ng h|s
murdors.' 1ho typod |ottor wont on to ta|k about an o|dor brothor. 1h|nk about tho b|g nosos you cou|d rub so many b|g boo-boos, |t |s tantast|c.
. . . You cou|d a|so c|oar up a ||tt|o mystory. lt two poop|o w|th on|y tho|r hands t|od do not run out to sook ho|p, |s |t not bocauso thoy aro a|roady
|n tho procoss ot bo|ng k|||od by two mon. . . .'

|athor and son k||||ng a|ongs|do ono anothor? An odd thoory and an ovon oddor tantasy.
3omoth|ng corta|n|y had happonod |n Zod|ac's ||to dur|ng tho month ot Varch 1071. Attor a s|x-month gap, Zod|ac had ponnod two |ottors-
Varch 18 to tho 7lmos and anothor on Varch 22 to tho Cbroolc|o. 1ho t|rst usod tho phraso don't bury mo . . .' and tho socond dop|ctod a man
d|gg|ng w|th a shovo|.
Ethan ||ngorod |n tho Oak|and lava| |osp|ta| tor sovontoon days. As A||on's dad was dy|ng, ho was hosp|ta||zod |n tho 04b00 posta| d|str|ct, tho
samo Zll codo trom wh|ch Zod|ac ma||od h|s |ottor to tho L.A. 7lmos. 1ho two throaton|ng Varch |ottors m|ght havo boon Zod|ac's pan|cky stab at
anonymous |mmorta||ty. l roca||od how o|d-tash|onod Zod|ac's c|othos had boon-p|oatod pants po|ntod to an o|dor man, or somoono woar|ng an
o|dor man's c|oth|ng. 1ho Zod|ac costumo was roa||y on|y lavy dross, h|s appoaranco on|y that ot a sa||or: c|oso-cut ha|r, sh|nod shoos, bo||-
bottoms, dark navy-b|uo jackot. |ad A||on, out ot hatrod or |ovo, drossod |n h|s tathor's c|othos to do h|s k||||ng as Zod|ac? 3ut Ethan, un||ko h|s son,
had boon a s|ondor man and lo|gh, bocauso ot h|s s|zo, cou|d novor havo worn h|s tathor's lava| costumo.
3orgoants lynch and lundb|ad had |ntorv|owod A||on trom tho t|rst, lynch moro than onco. Each t|mo A||on po|ntod to h|s scuba goar or sm||od
h|s watory sm||o. ||s a||b| was that ho had gono d|v|ng a|ono or w|th poop|o whoso namos ho d|d not know at |ort lo|nt' or 3odoga 3ay.' On tho
outsk|rts ot va||ojo tho quarr|os and crooks, ponds and |akos ran st|||, co|d, and doop, ho|d|ng who knows what socrots and momontos. 1ho
woapons po||co sought m|ght ovon ||o bonoath tho tr|g|d c|oar wators ot lako 3orryossa.
3ourcos spocu|atod that Zod|ac had t|nanc|a| rosourcos bocauso ho purchasod any numbor ot guns, attondod thoator, saw numorous t||ms,
road mu|t|p|o nowspapors, ovorpostod h|s |ottors, and had tho |uxury ot troo t|mo |n tho summor and many cars and ros|doncos.' Othors spocu|atod
that Zod|ac was o|thor r|ch or roco|vod monoy trom ro|at|vos or a trust tund. lo|gh A||on's tam||y had somo monoy, po||co had known that trom tho
tho doviI
1uoaday, Narch 0, 1078
1hough oight montha had draggod by s|nco 1osch| and Armstrong ransackod h|s tra||or, A||on know ho was st||| undor scrut|ny. |o ownod a
po||co scannor and ||stonod |n on va||ojo po||co stak|ng out h|s basomont trom a b|ock away. 3ut tor |argo strotchos ot t|mo ho was unobsorvod.
1ho Zod|ac caso was s|mp|y too |mmonso, tho poo| ot suspocts too onormous, and manpowor strotchod too tar tor unbrokon survo|||anco to bo
toas|b|o. And thoro woro hundrods ot othor suspocts. Ono ot Zod|ac's ch|ot huntors, 0avo 1osch|, was otton s|dotrackod by |||noss or suddon|y
d|vortod trom h|s pursu|t by othor tasks.
Wo woro not on|y work|ng on Zod|ac whon |t camo our wook to go on ca||,' 1osch| to|d mo, but catch|ng othor casos. 1hat part|cu|ar wook wo
had tour. 1ho n|ght botoro wo had a t|roman stabbod to doath out |n tho |a|ght. l was so oxhaustod bocauso wo had to go |nto tho ott|co on
3aturday and l had noth|ng to oat but an|ma| crackors and co|d cottoo. 1hon l droppod |nto bod about 8:80 l.V. An hour |ator tho phono rang. l was
baro|y ab|o to got out ot bod-punchy-a hoadacho, but l had to got up. Wo had anothor ono.'
Vayor 1oo A||oto a|so handp|ckod 1osch| as a spoc|a| |nvost|gator tor tho 3an |ranc|sco Cr|m|na| Grand 1ury on Varch 0, 1078, tho t|rst such
ass|gnmont s|nco a 1080 scanda|. A||oto wantod 1osch| to probo two r|ots and two t|ros at tho 3an 3runo ma|n county ja||. Ch|ot 0on 3cott and
Ch|ot ot lnspoctors Char||o 3arca ca||od 1osch| |n. 1ho mayor wants you to tako statomonts at tho county ja||.' 1h|s roa||y st|nks,' sa|d 1osch|. l
don't want to got |nvo|vod, Ch|ot.' You'vo boon ordorod. You'ro on |oan, 1osch|, as ot tomorrow morn|ng. And koop qu|ot about your t|nd|ngs.'
And l d|d,' 1osch| to|d mo. l workod a|ono to |nvost|gato tho rocont upr|s|ng at tho county ja||. 1ho dopartmont was |n torr|b|o, torr|b|o shapo.'
1osch|'s ass|stanco was |nva|uab|o. 1amos lodman, Grand 1ury toroman, wroto Ch|ot 3cott that tho 3|l0 was |ndood tortunato to havo porsons
ot lnspoctor 1osch|'s ca||bro as a mombor ot |ts statt. lt wou|d havo boon |mposs|b|o to carry out our ass|gnod dut|os woro |t not tor h|s ass|stanco.'
lo|gh A||on put h|s oxpor|onco as a Un|on O|| chom|st to uso. ||s now job w|th Un|on l|cht|o|d |n tho East 3ay a||owod h|m t|mo to sott|o down
ovon|ngs |n tront ot h|s tra||or. |o was a ||kab|o man whon ho choso to bo (h|s staunch and unshakoab|o |rosno 3troot dotondors, tho ch||dron who
thought ho was a cowboy star, h|s dr|nk|ng budd|os, a|| woro proot ot that). 1hoso days, though, ho carr|od a gr|m sot to h|s mouth. |o st||| had not
torg|von tho ransack|ng ot h|s tra||or or tho o|| rot|nory v|s|t that got h|m t|rod. |o stood |n an ar|d patch ot gravo|, dr|nk|ng a Coors, |oan|ng back
aga|nst tho st|||-hot mota| ot h|s tra||or, and watch|ng autos rush|ng by on 3anta losa Avonuo. 0ron|ng ||ko |nsocts, tho cars spun away, turn|ng tho
bond toward romoto |ranz va||oy load. Cr|ckots ch|rpod. A warm wostor|y shroudod tho court. |o tacod wost, rock|ng on h|s hoo|s, and poorod
boyond two p|nk t|am|ngos ||st|ng drunkon|y |n tho gravo|. 3otwoon tho|r mota| |ogs ochood tho tumu|tuous roar ot tratt|c on 101, wh|ch ran para||o| to
3anta losa Avonuo.
lo|gh shutt|od |ns|do, whoro ho had un||m|tod t|mo to brood and to hato tho 3|l0. Whon ho wasn't work|ng, d|v|ng, or hunt|ng, ho sought
d|vors|ons. Each yoar ho attondod tho 3cott|sh Gamos w|th h|s mothor. 3ut ho m|ssod tho tam||y d|nnors. Vy mothor |ongod tor a happy tam||y ||to,'
sa|d a tr|ond ot lo|gh's. l th|nk sho onjoyod go|ng to lo|gh A||on's houso bocauso |t appoarod to bo such a 'n|co tam||y.' Evoryono had n|co tab|o
mannors, and l th|nk lo|gh's mothor docoratod tho houso vory wo||-that typo ot th|ng. lt on|y goos to show you you can't go by what's on tho
surtaco.' lo|gh cont|nuod to attond 3onoma 3tato Co||ogo, major|ng |n b|o|og|ca| sc|oncos and work|ng toward a mastor's |n mamma|ogy /b|o|ogy.
|o had m|norod |n chom|stry, and had a|roady oarnod a dogroo |n botany and o|omontary oducat|on on tho G.l. 3||| |n 1071. loarn|ng camo oasy to
h|m. l|to d|d not.
1uoaday, JuIy 81, 1078
Juat around that bond trom A||on's tra||or and down tho country road, 2.2 m||os north ot lortor Crook on |ranz va||ojo load and down a tam|||ar
woodod s|opo, bod|os cont|nuod to bo tound. Caro||no 0av|s was d|scovorod |n tho oxoct spot as 3tor||ng and Wobor. lt cou|d not bo dotorm|nod |t
0av|s had boon soxua||y mo|ostod. Zod|ac had throatonod to oxpor|mont w|th d|ttoront ways to k||| poop|o, and |t appoarod ho or somoono o|so
was do|ng just that.
|or body oxh|b|tod s|gns ot totanus, such as r|g|d musc|os, |nd|cat|ng strychn|no po|son|ng. 0oath trom strychn|no |s s|m||ar to that trom |ock-jaw,
but moro rap|d-about t|ttoon m|nutos. 3ocauso ot tho |rr|tat|ng act|on ot tho po|son on tho sp|na| cord, muscu|ar tw|tch|ngs |oad to gonora||zod
convu|s|ons that bocomo so |ntonso tho sp|no archos. 1ho body's ont|ro wo|ght |s borno on tho hoo|s and back. ||na||y, tho sk|n darkons to gray-
b|uo and rosp|rat|on coasos. 3orgoant 3rown wasn't so suro 0av|s had boon po|sonod. lt's k|nda ||ko whon wo got |ab rosu|ts on our autops|os ot
a guy who has a |otha| doso ot amphotam|nos |n h|m,' ho sa|d much |ator. lt tho guy |s a chron|c crank usor a |otha| doso to h|m and mo aro go|ng
to bo tota||y d|ttoront. As tor strychn|no po|son|ng, tho stato |ab to|d mo thoro's a ha||uc|nogon|c mushroom that croatos strychn|no or a dor|vat|vo ot
strychn|no whon |t's |n your body. 3as|ca||y, |t's ||ko whon a junk|o usos horo|n |t bocomos morph|no |n h|s body. lt doosn't nocossar||y moan th|s g|r|
was po|sonod, |t moans that sho had probab|y takon thoso mushrooms. lt doosn't moan that po|son k|||od hor, but |t m|ght havo boon a contr|but|ng
tactor. 3ho a|so had a good ||gaturo mark on hor nock.'
Wodnoaday, Octobor 24, 1078
Zodiac'a aymboIa woro a|ways opon to d|vorso |ntorprotat|ons. ||s crossha|r symbo|, usod |n targot|ng nuc|oar bombs, |od po||co to qu|z a
nuc|oar woapons oxport stat|onod at 1rav|s A|3. ||s othor s|gns roprosontod woathor symbo|s to a p||ot, s||vor ha||marks to a jowo|or, and
somoth|ng o|so ont|ro|y to a postman at tho lorth 3tat|on lost Ott|co |n Wh|to l|a|ns. l spottod a Zod|ac cryptogram |n tho NowYork Nows,' ho
oxp|a|nod to mo. Attor show|ng tho throo ||nos to sovora| othor posta| omp|oyoos, thoy a|| agrood that tho symbo|s |n tho cryptogram woro tho samo
twonty-t|vo symbo|s usod |n tho C|v|| 3orv|co lost Ott|co oxam|nat|on.' Zod|ac's symbo| cou|d a|so roprosont tho astro|og|ca| 3outhorn Cross
|nscr|bod |n an o|||pso.
Chom|stry tormu|as and symbo|s dancod through Zod|ac's |ottors. 1hat tho bombs ho d|agrammod woro chom|ca| bombs had not boon |ost on
1osch|. lo|gh A||on was an East 3ay chom|st. 1ho prov|ous Apr||, tho ont|ro rog|on had boon jo|tod whon a chom|ca| p|ant thoro oxp|odod. lhys|c|st
1ohn 0a|ton's |cons tor typos ot o|omonts and tho|r atom|c wo|ghts rosomb|od Zod|ac codo symbo|s-hydrogon: a c|rc|o w|th a dot at |ts contor and
su|tur: a crossod c|rc|o-tho k|||or's porsona| s|gnot. 1ho aroma ot su|tur and br|mstono pors|stont|y c|ung to Zod|ac. Ono cou|d a|most hoar tho
c|attor ot c|ovon hoovos.
At tho stroko ot m|dn|ght tho 0ov|| mado h|s appoaranco |n tho Zod|ac caso. A 3an |ranc|sco man, attond|ng a nudo rock danco ot tho vonus
lsychodo||c Church on 1h|rd Avonuo, arr|vod drossod as 3atan. As ho approachod a group ot tour nudo mon, ono was |oad|ng a d|scuss|on about
Zod|ac. Zod|ac must bo somo sort ot dov|| or t|ond,' |ntorjoctod tho costumod dov||. 1ho man d|scours|ng about Vr. Zod|ac' whoo|od suddon|y and
po|ntod a t|ngor at h|m. YOU AlE 1|E ZO0lAC!' ho shoutod. 1ho rod dov|| sm||od, b|ushod bonoath tho rod dyo sta|n|ng h|s taco, and rop||od, l
am 3atan |ncarnato.' |o movod on. |owovor, tho man to||owod and drow 3atan as|do. l am tho Zod|ac, you too|,' ho h|ssod, and l mado a po|nt ot
outtox|ng tho po||co and nowspapors. l havo k|||od many moro than havo ovor boon |dont|t|od as Zod|ac k||||ngs.'
ls th|s bocauso Zod|ac has a|roady k|||od two|vo ot tho astro|og|ca| Zod|ac s|gns?' sa|d 3atan unoas||y.
l havo k|||od moro than th|rty-sovon,' sa|d tho bur|y but good-|ook|ng strangor. |o now soomod, tho dov|| roca||od, coo|, ca|m, co||octod . . . an
OK, norma|, 100 porcont A||-Amor|can Guy, sound as ho cou|d bo.' Vost ot my v|ct|ms aro unknown,' ho cont|nuod, and novor ovon ||nkod to
Zod|ac. lt's just a gamo ||ko Vonopo|y, choss or chockors or br|dgo. l onjoy k||||ng poop|o as a gamo botwoon myso|t and tho po||co. K||||ng to mo
moans no moro than t||ck|ng ashos.' 1ho man rushod away w|th a pa|o, th|n-||ppod woman. 1ho rovo|or novor saw o|thor aga|n. Odd|y onough, a
tuturo |ottor trom Zod|ac on 1anuary 80, 1074 (tho |ast t|mo ho gavo a spoc|t|c t|guro) c|a|mod a|most tho samo numbor ot v|ct|ms-th|rty-sovon.
Wo cont|nuod to got t|ps on 3atan worsh|ppors and astro|ogy troaks throughout tho |nvost|gat|on,' 1osch| sa|d. Zod|ac's arcano symbo|s drow
w||d thoor|os, ovon throats aga|nst thoso |nvo|vod |n tho occu|t. 3atan|st Anton 3zandor la voy, mastor ot tho Church ot 3atan, pub||shor ot 7bo
C|ovoo loo and 7bo 5otoolc Blb|o, roco|vod a doath throat trom somoono who thought ho m|ght bo Zod|ac. 3ocauso ot tho astro|ogy ang|o,
w|tchcratt symbo|s, and satan|c b|ack robos (tho Codo K|||or's' gr|s|y oxocut|onor's costumo had obv|ous t|os to tho 3|ack Vass), la voy h|mso|t
had onco boon a suspoct. lmmod|ato|y, ho sont tho |ottor ovor to Avory at tho Cbroolc|o.

0oar 3atan . . . low womon |ay |n tho stroots |n your 0ov|| contro|. 3ut ot courso a|| th|ngs como to onds . . . torcos aro work|ng aga|nst you.
Vy t|ght aga|nst you has boon go|ng on tor many gonorat|ons w|th ||tt|o succoss. 1h|s roa||y bothors mo, 3atan, to no ond! You can chooso your
cho|co ot woapons, but l protor kn|vos. . . . l w|sh moro than anyth|ng to havo your b|ood on my sword.'

|o protors kn|vos,' thought tho journa||st. |o rang to||ow roportor 0avo lotorson tor h|s op|n|on on tho throat. And kn|vos aro usod |n r|tua|s,'
lotorson to|d Avory, wh|ch br|ngs mo to b|ack mag|c|an A|o|stor Crow|oy's coromon|a| hoodod robo. Crow|oy's robo, usod |n arcano r|tua|s, was
omb|azonod w|th tho loso and Cross ot tho 3ocrot Ordor ot tho Go|don 0awn-a crossod c|rc|o.' lt Zod|ac was part ot a satan|c cu|t sacr|t|c|ng
v|ct|ms |n accordanco w|th tho phasos ot tho moon and ro||g|ous ho||days, that m|ght oxp|a|n ovoryth|ng. |ow o|so cou|d Zod|ac dr|vo so many
d|ttoront cars, k||| ovor a s|zab|o goograph|ca| aroa, como |n so many shapos and s|zos, and wr|to |ottors |n d|ttoront handwr|t|ng sty|os? 1ho hand
ot 3atan had to t|guro somowhoro |n tho mystory.
3atan|sm-poss|b|y,' sa|d Zod|ac butt 0av|d l|co. 3atan|sm |s a moro tru|ttu| aroa.' Zod|ac usod |nvortod words, tho numbor th|rtoon, 3artor
Crossos, and 3|ack Vass phrasos. |o omp|oyod astro|ogy and numoro|ogy and drow ov|| oyos and b|oody crossos. ||s tr|ang|os (roprosont|ng tho
|o|y 1r|n|ty) woro turnod ups|do down. l had hoard ta|os ot tho 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs v|ct|m's |ntorost |n tho occu|t-a cand|o and sku|| |n hor 3an
|ranc|sco apartmont,' sa|d hor s|stor, w|tchcratt |n tho v|rg|n ls|ands whoro sho had gono sk|n d|v|ng on hor honoymoon,' and a va||ojo satan|c
lator on Octobor 24, 0r. G||bort |o||oway, an E3l oxport, was |ntorv|owod by 1ack Carnoy on K3|O lad|o. l havo a poss|b|o |oan|ng that tho
k|||or's namo |s somoth|ng ||ko Cu||on, Co|||n, or Ca||on,' |o||oway sa|d. |o spo||od tho namos out. l soo a dotoct|vo w|th an lta||an namo-
somoth|ng ||ko 3anducc| or 3anducc|, tack||ng tho Zod|ac. 3ut ho has po|son on h|s body ||ko |orman Goor|ng and doos not oxpoct to bo takon
a||vo. . . . Zod|ac has somo acqua|ntanco w|th tho ||rst Church ot 3atan |n 3an |ranc|sco. |o |s undor |argo|y 3atan|c |nt|uonco.'
3atan caught tho |ntorost ot tho Ca||torn|a 0opartmont ot 1ust|co too. 1ho|r 1071 roport trom lapa road:
3ocauso ot Zod|ac's |ottor ta|k|ng about tho attor||to and 's|avos |n parad|co,' tho 0opartmont ot 1ust|co tocusod on poop|o |n groups who
had thoso wo|rd bo||ots and thoy woro ab|o to o||m|nato ovorybody |nc|ud|ng a|| ma|o mombors ot tho Vanson tam||y.'
[Zod|ac| has an ov|| do|ty w|th h|m who adv|sos h|m,' an acknow|odgod myst|c oxp|a|nod. l saw |t whon l was |n that card shop on Varkot
3troot.' 1o g|vo wo|ght to h|s commonts, tho soor |nc|udod cop|os ot h|s psych|c rosumo and a |ottor trom tho lromon|t|ons log|stry |n low York.
lotor |urkos, consu|t|ng psych|c on tho 3oston 3trang|or and 3haron 1ato murdors, roco|vod throats trom Zod|ac wh||o ho was |n la|m 3pr|ngs.
|o ottorod h|s sorv|cos to tho 3|l0 to ho|p catch Zod|ac (|n oxchango tor a p|ano t|ckot to 3an |ranc|sco), but thoy turnod h|m down.
0|d lo|gh ovor d|scuss an attor||to?' l askod Chonoy much |ator. What woro h|s too||ngs?'
v|ct|ms to bo s|avos |n tho attor||to,' rop||od Chonoy torso|y.
Nonday, Docombor 18, 1078
A broad-ahouIdorod man cont|nuod to sta|k tho marshos, quarr|os, and |agoons a|ong lako |orman load. W|nds trom tho wost st|rrod t|o|ds ot
br|tt|o grass. As ovon|ng to||, ho stood mot|on|oss-|nd|st|ngu|shab|o trom surround|ng rocks. 1ho samo sott|ng sun that co|orod tho bou|dors go|d
on||vonod h|s |mpass|vo taco. Voanwh||o, |n 3an |ranc|sco tho wa|t was maddon|ng. 1h|rty-tour months had passod s|nco Zod|ac's |ast |ottor.
Why? Zod|ac was a|| wo ta|kod about, a|| wo thought about.
Ovor on 3ryant 3troot, 1osch| t|shod out a Zod|ac |ottor roco|vod that morn|ng. l assumo tho wr|tor wants mo to th|nk ho |s Zod|ac,' ho sa|d w|th a
s|gh. |o usos an Oak|and addross as a roturn, but tho Oak|and po||co bu||d|ng has a z|p codo ot 04007. |owovor, tho wr|tor has tho 3an
|ranc|sco |a|| ot 1ust|co codo corroct, 04108. 1ho word '|OVlCl0E' on tho onvo|opo |s wr|tton by a c|ork |n our ma|| room.' |o ho|d |t to tho ||ght
and squ|ntod. lot|co tho obv|ous crossod t's and tho dots ovor tho l's. lot|co tho papor s|zo |s 8/ by 11, and a |oga|-s|zo onvo|opo, d|ttoront trom
tho odd s|zo ot tho Zod|ac |ottors. 1h|s s|zo onvo|opo and s|zo ot papor |s cons|stont w|th tho stat|onory g|von |nmatos |n tho county ja|| or |n pr|son.
lt |s d|ttoront trom tho Zod|ac |ottors and has a d|ttoront watormark. Anothor hoax! As tar as phony Zod|ac wr|tors, tho numbor wou|d bo moro ||ko,
what, 3|||? ||tty so tar?'
3omoth|ng about Zod|ac |od to |m|tat|on: t|rst hoax |ottors, thon attomptod murdor, and t|na||y hom|c|do. |or ton days |n Vay 1078, a l|chmond
toachor had boon bombardod by monac|ng ca||s trom a sobb|ng man |dont|ty|ng h|mso|t as Zod|ac. l'm go|ng to k||| tho |ady |n tho b|uo houso,' ho
to|d tho toachor. l wont to a Vart|noz schoo| |n soarch ot v|ct|ms, but |ott bocauso tho po||co woro thoro.' Attorward, tho toachor d|scovorod h|s
back door had boon pr|od opon by a prow|or. 3hakon, ho wont to tho rotr|gorator. Absontm|ndod|y, ho took a sw|g trom an opon bott|o ot co|a. A
mota|||c tasto t|||od h|s mouth and ho qu|ck|y spat tho dr|nk out. 3omoono had addod a |otha| doso ot arson|c.
Anothor Zod|ac copycat noar|y sovorod notod |amp dos|gnor lobort 3a|om's hoad w|th a |ong, th|n-b|adod kn|to. |om|c|do lnspoctors Gus
Coror|s and 1ohn |ot|nos, ca||od to h|s posh workshop boh|nd tho 3an |ranc|scan |oto|, d|scovorod h|s mut||atod body on a b|oody mat. ln tho
v|ct|m's own b|ood, tho k|||or pr|ntod on h|s body and tho wa||, 3atan 3avos-ZO0lAC.' 3a|om's murdor was so|vod |n a horr|b|o way. 3outh ot 3|g
3ur, a ||ghway latro|man pu||od ovor two young Wyom|ng mon dr|v|ng tho car ot a young soc|a| workor tound t|oat|ng |n tho Yo||owstono l|vor. ||s
hoart, hoad, and ||mbs had boon sovorod as |t |n r|tua| sacr|t|co. l havo a prob|om,' ono ot tho mon to|d tho ott|cor. l am a cann|ba|.' 3oth woro
carry|ng wo||-gnawod human t|ngor bonos |n tho|r pockots.
l|ko Zod|ac, lau| Avory typod on a manua| typowr|tor, had |nt|mato know|odgo ot tho Cbroolc|o and po||co tochn|quos, and woro W|ng Wa|kor
shoos. l|ko lo|gh A||on, Avory had boon born |n tho th|rt|os |n |ono|u|u and ra|sod |n a m|||tary tam||y as tho son ot a caroor lava| ott|cor. |o had
h|s own thoor|os about Zod|ac. |o m|ght bo somo sort ot morchant soaman,' Avory to|d mo, bocauso tor |ong |ntorva|s wo don't hoar trom h|m.
|or somo roason Zod|ac's grown caut|ous. Whothor or not 'Zodo's' |n pr|son or has s|mp|y stoppod k||||ng, l st||| havo to contond w|th th|s-' |o
snatchod up a part|cu|ar|y v|c|ous copycat |ottor:

lau| Avory: l k|||od Erakat [Zuho|r Erakat, a v|ct|m ot tho Zobra k|||ors, a caso 1osch| had boon ass|gnod|. 1ho 3||nd lady |s noxt, thon you.
1ho Grand ||na|o w||| bo su|c|do, w|th 1v covorago, trom tho Go|don Gato 3r|dgo. 3oon Vy m|ss|on |n ||to |s dono. A|oha.' 1wo Zod|ac
symbo|s sorvod as a s|gnaturo to tho |ottor.
3coop. lau| Avory and tho |uzzy 3.|. l|gs: a .4b automat|c and a p|ast|c bag w|th a draw-str|ng ovor h|s hoad got h|s cooporat|on, but ho
was yo||ow and wh|nod. 1hat doa| was oxtra and comm|ss|onod by somoono now doad. Vy Ca||torn|a act|v|t|os aro unattoctod-just on |co
prosont|y-you aro st||| thoro, so say your prayors-tho Zod|ac cannot bo tr|t|od w|th. Zod|ac C|a|ms 17 . . . lau| Avory-|ah!'

1ho th|rty-n|no-yoar-o|d tormor war corrospondont tound h|mso|t bur|od bonoath t|ps. 1h|s |s tho ha|t-brothor ot tho Zod|ac spoak|ng,' ono trottod.
l'm concornod that Zod|ac m|ght bo us|ng my ||gh 3tandard .22-ca||bor som|automat|c p|sto|.' 3ut ot thom a||, W|||y's
story was ospoc|a||y trag|c.
W|||y's tam||y, conv|ncod tho|r son was Zod|ac, sont stacks ot handwr|t|ng oxomp|ars, a|ong w|th tho|r own handwr|t|ng oxport's op|n|on, to Avory:

Attor |ongthy study and cons|dorat|on ot spoc|mons ot handwr|t|ng dono by 'Zod|ac' and compar|son w|th |ottors wr|tton by h|m, |t |s my
bo||ot that a|| ot thoso handwr|t|ngs woro dono by tho samo porson.'

1hoy don't soom to bo nuts,' Cbroolc|o roportor Goorgo Vurphy adv|sod Avory, just a p|oasant coup|o who bo||ovo thoy aro act|ng as good
c|t|zons. Vy t|rst roact|on |s to go to Oak|and and ask tho|r suspoct, who's now out on ba||, |t ho's tho Zod|ac. l'|| bo around tor turthor |ntorrogat|on
th|s attornoon, but |t doosn't soom ||ko Zod|ac.' W|||y had boon ja||od soon attor Zod|ac's |ottor to 3o|||, but Avory scannod a tow passagos anyway.

l am sorry tor a|| tho poop|o that l havo k|||od and ma|mod,' wroto W|||y. 3ut undorstand somoth|ng |t you can, ovory porson that l ovor k|||od
actua||y dosorvod |t. . . . l novor wantod to bocomo what l was, |t was an acc|dont whon l k|||od that t|rst man |n 3an |ranc|sco, and trom thon on
l had to do what thoy wantod. 0o you know what |t's ||ko to |ook somoono |n tho taco and thon pu|| a tr|ggor. You novor got usod to |t. And l'm
not crazy, just a|ways scarod.'

Avory roa||zod W||||o' thought ho was a mob h|t man. W|th a shuddor, ho torwardod W|||y's |ottors to 3horwood Vorr|||, who sa|d, 1hoy'ro oot
Zod|ac's handwr|t|ng.' 1ho roportor was burn|ng out. l|nos otchod h|s taco, aga|nst tho br|ght b|uo sh|rts and rod nockorch|ots ho otton woro, h|s
comp|ox|on stood sa||ow.
5aturday, Docombor 22, 1078
1oachi and Armatrong workod to oxhaust|on, grabbod a b|to at Or|g|na| 1oo's, thon rushod back to tho|r ott|co to bog|n tho da||y cyc|o a|| ovor
aga|n. 1ho Zod|ac caso was ||ko tho t|do-hopos ||ttod, on|y to bo dashod aga|nst tho rocks. And yot bonoath tho surtaco thoy to|t
tromondouscurronts-anothor unso|vab|o mystory, a h|nt ot doopor cr|mos as thoy wadod through s|ugg|sh wator. 1o tho north |n 3anta losa,
outs|do tho|r jur|sd|ct|on, bad th|ngs cont|nuod to happon. At tho w|ntor so|st|co, a day that ho|d s|gn|t|canco to Zod|ac, 1horosa 0|ano Wa|sh was
h|tchh|k|ng on 101 trom tho aroa ot Va||bu 3oach to hor homo |n Garborv|||o. A s||vor handmado cross swung trom hor nock, a t|ro-opa| r|ng and a
coppor-band r|ng t|ashod on hor t|ngors. 1on do||ars ot co|orod boads sho usod tor mak|ng braco|ots ratt|od |n hor backpack. 3omowhoro a|ong tho
way, sho too d|sappoarod. |or strang|od body, hog-t|od w|th ono-quartor-|nch ny|on ropo, was d|scovorod noxt to K|m A||on's |n a crook s|x days
|ator. Zod|ac had t|od h|s v|ct|ms at lako 3orryossa w|th c|othos||no, but Wa|sh, ||ko K|m A||on, may havo boon soxua||y assau|tod and th|s was
un||ko Zod|ac, whoso p|oasuro was pa|n.
Nonday, January 28, 1074
AII month Iong tho wor|d's ocoans had boon uncommon|y w||d, wh|pp|ng tho Wost Coast w|th tury. |urr|canos, h|gh t|dos, and thundor-storms
ro|ont|oss|y boat tho shoros. A major co|nc|donco ot cosm|c cyc|os had occurrod. Earth, moon, and sun had a||gnod |n a noar|y stra|ght ||no-a
cont|gurat|on ca||od syzygy. 0ur|ng tho now and tu|| phasos ot tho moon, pos|t|vo |ons chargod tho atmosphoro and troaky, mot|vo|oss murdors
occurrod as tar away as V|am|.
Zod|ac hunchod ovor a ||ght tab|o, tho g|ow h|gh||ght|ng h|s |ntont taco. ln tho past, h|s dos|ro tor notor|oty had compo||od h|m to boast. low a
moro command|ng powor, a co|ost|a| powor, drovo h|m to broak h|s throo-yoar s||onco. 3ocauso ot tho t|m|ng ot h|s k||||ngs, oxports had |ong
bo||ovod Zod|ac was moon mad'-sons|t|vo to tho grav|tat|ona| |nt|uoncos, onhancod |um|nos|ty, and o|octromagnot|c t|o|d changos ot tu|| and now
moon phasos, changos that attoct tho human norvous systom and |ncroaso tho bra|n's norvous act|v|ty.
lt ono cons|dors tho human organ|sm as a m|crocosm,' psych|atr|st Arno|d l. l|obor wroto, compr|s|ng ossont|a||y tho samo o|omonts as, and
|n s|m||ar proport|on to, thoso ot tho oarth's surtaco-approx|mato|y o|ghty porcont wator and twonty porcont organ|c and |norgan|c m|nora|s-ono
cou|d spocu|ato that tho grav|tat|ona| torcos ot tho moon m|ght oxort a s|m||ar |nt|uonco upon tho wator mass ot tho human bo|ng.' 3tud|os on
nuc|oar magnot|c rosonanco domonstratod that b|o|og|ca| t|ssuos rospond to tho |ntoract|on botwoon moon and Earth. 1hoso b|o|og|ca| t|dos m|ght
bo sutt|c|ont to tr|ggor omot|ona|, psycho|og|ca|, and phys|o|og|ca| outbursts |n corta|n prod|sposod |nd|v|dua|s.
lron|ca||y, on dark, moon|oss n|ghts,' 1osch| to|d mo, a|| my yoars |n 3ox Cr|mos, Aggravatod Assau|t, and |om|c|do, my homo phono was
ro|at|vo|y qu|ot-ovon whon on ca||. Whon |t was a c|oar, br|ght moon||t n|ght, n|ghts ot tu|| and now moons, v|o|ont cr|mo |ncroasod. lnov|tab|y tho
1osch| homo phono wou|d r|ng-Oporat|ons Contor roport|ng mar|ta| t|ghts, shoot|ngs, stabb|ngs-a|| n|ght |ong. Contrary to popu|ar bo||ot, dark
spooky n|ghts wou|d bo a norma| tranqu|| n|ght tor a po||coman.' At 3tantord, 0r. lundo suggostod anothor poss|b|||ty tor tho t|m|ng ot Zod|ac's
assau|ts. Woro Zod|ac's n|ghtt|mo murdors a|ways at a t|mo whon thoro was ta|r|y good moon||ght?' ho askod mo. A|ways a tu|| or now moon,' l
rop||od. 3o ho wou|d bo ab|o to soo at n|ght,' sa|d lundo. Co|nc|donta||y, a 5ocromooto Boo 3unday art|c|o on Vorr||| had appoarod prom|nont|y
tho day botoro, 1anuary 27. 3o tho now |ottor m|ght |n part havo boon an ogo th|ng, a compot|t|on w|th Vorr||| tor pub||c|ty.
Zod|ac bont to h|s |abor. A t||m had boon torr|ty|ng 3an |ranc|sco, much as ho usod to, roco|v|ng as much pub||c|ty as ho onco had. l|nos ot thr|||-
sookors strotchod around tho b|ock, s|xty thousand s|nco Chr|stmas, wa|t|ng to ontor tho lorthpo|nt 1hoator and soo 7bo Exorclst. Onco |ns|do,
attor a two-hour wa|t, a tow |mmod|ato|y ox|tod and woro s|ck on tho s|dowa|k. Zod|ac had soon thom h|mso|t-0|sgust|ng!' h|s |ottor commontod
on th|s phonomonon and tho s|cknoss ot tho pub||c at |argo. |o had rovvod h|s car and rushod away. 1ho postmark, 040, wou|dn't bo much ho|p to
tho po||co. lt on|y |nd|catod tho |ottor had boon ma||od trom an adjacont county south ot 3an |ranc|sco and p|ckod up botoro noon on 1uosday.
Wodnoaday, January 80, 1074
For ovor a month tho two-man Zod|ac 3quad had not soon any roa| act|on. Zod|ac had ma||od h|s |ast |ottor just undor throo yoars ago. 1ho
numbor ot t|p |ottors dw|nd|od, ta|||ng trom t|tty a wook to ton to pract|ca||y nono. 1osch|, work|ng ||| and out ot sorts, had takon to g|ar|ng at tho
soa|od t|vo-toot-ta|| stoo|-gray t|||ng cab|not crammod w|th Zod|ac art|tacts. Ono drawor |s markod 'Concornod C|t|zons,'' ho sa|d. 1ho socond
drawor |s tor suspocts on|y.' (U|t|mato|y thoro wou|d bo o|ght drawors.) 0o l th|nk wo'|| ovor catch tho guy? Ot courso l do. l havo to too| that way, or
l'd havo g|von up |ong ago. 1o mo |t's a major cha||ongo, a major caso. 3||| and l aro tho Zod|ac 3quad ot tho country.'
locont|y thoy had boon busy track|ng down tho |ntamous Zobra k|||ors who s|aughtorod t|ttoon and woundod o|ght random v|ct|ms ovor a 170-day
por|od. 1hough a|| ot tho v|ct|ms woro wh|to and a|| ot tho|r assa||ants b|ack, that was not why tho ro||g|ous|y mot|vatod cu|t murdors camo to bo
known as tho Zobra' k||||ngs. 1ho spoc|a| un|t wo put togothor workod most|y at n|ght,' 1osch| oxp|a|nod, bocauso that's whon tho k||||ngs woro
occurr|ng. 1hoy usod a rad|o channo| that was so|dom usod to koop |t ava||ab|o tor anyono who ca||od |n who m|ght havo soon somo suspocts.
1hoy put |t on 'Channo| Z,' wh|ch was novor usod at a||. lt was 'Z' tor 'Zobra' and tho pross p|ckod up on |t and our k|||ors bocamo tho Zobra k|||ors.'
Vombors ot th|s tanat|ca| cu|t had to pass an |n|t|at|on that cons|stod ot shoot|ng or hack|ng to doath mon, womon, and ch||dron |n ordor to roach
tho rank ot 0oath Ango|.' 1wo n|ghts ago, botwoon 8:00 and 10:00 l.V., anothor Zobra murdor had sot ott a round-tho-c|ock manhunt. 0og-t|rod
and ach|ng, 1osch| had stayod |n bod th|s ono morn|ng. |o g|ancod at tho c|ock, stud|od tho sky outs|do. Evoryth|ng was out ot k||tor. As a tuo|-
sav|ng dov|co, 0ay||ght 3av|ngs 1|mo had arr|vod throo months oar|y th|s yoar. 1osch|, unawaro tho k|||or's unoxp|a|nod s||onco was about to bo
brokon, bur|od h|s taco |n tho p|||ow. Ovor at tho Cbroolc|o Caro| ||shor s||t opon a |ottor, trozo, and road tho to||ow|ng:

l saw and th|nk '1ho Exorc|st' was tho bost sator|ca| com|dy that l havo ovor soon. 3|gnod, yours tru|oy: |o p|ungod h|m so|t |nto tho b|||owy
wavo and an ocho aroso trom tho su|c|dos gravo t|tw|||o t|tw|||o t|tw|||o l3. |t l do not soo th|s noto |n your papor. l w||| do somoth|ng nasty, wh|ch
you know l'm capab|o ot do|ng'

1h|s wasn't tho t|rst t|mo Zod|ac had quotod G||bort and 3u|||van. Caro| rocogn|zod tho t|tw|||o' ||nos trom tho socond act ot 7bo Vlkooo,
spoc|t|ca||y tho ar|a ot Ko-Ko, tho ta|nthoartod lord ||gh Exocut|onor. 1hroo and a ha|t yoars ago tho k|||or had a|so paraphrasod Vlkooo |yr|cs (a
||tt|o ||st ho had ot a|| thoso who wou|d novor bo m|ssod'). |o had quotod thom at groat |ongth trom momory. 0|vorgonc|os trom tho or|g|na| toxt,
pr|mar||y Acts l and ll, provod that. And that s|ngu|ar anoma|y, tho |ady novo||st' had boon changod to and tho s|ngur|y abnorm||y tho g|r| who novor
k|ssod.' var|ous a|tornat|vos to |ady novo||st-|ady dramat|st, |ady motor|st, |ady b|cyc||st, otc., woro usua||y suggostod by tho actor portray|ng Ko-
Ko. l bo||ovod that Zod|ac's ||tt|o ||st was a ro|| ca|| ot roa| poop|o ho know and whom ho tanc|od had wrongod h|m-banjo soranador,' p|ano
org|nast' and a|| ch||dron . . . up |n datos [studonts|.' lo||co had a|ways bo||ovod Zod|ac had ossayod tho ro|o ot Ko-Ko protoss|ona||y. l suggostod
a co||ogo product|on.
1ho n|ght Zod|ac ha||od cabdr|vor lau| loo 3t|no, tho lamp||ghtors had boon rohoars|ng 7bo Vlkooo noarby on a stago sma||or than a lac|t|c
|o|ghts ||v|ng room at lrosontat|on 1hoatro, 28b0 1urk 3troot. 0ur|ng tho|r ont|ro run, trom Octobor 18 to lovombor 7, 1000, no Zod|ac |ottor was
roco|vod. 3craw|s at tho bottom ot tho now |ottor ovon rosomb|od tho roundod orsatz 1apanoso ca|||graphy on Ko-Ko's papor tan. On 1anuary 80,
1074, mus|c d|roctor G||bort lussak was st||| putt|ng Ko-Ko, lank|-loo, looh-3ah, l|sh-1ush, and Yum-Yum through tho|r pacos. Caro| thought
Zod|ac m|ght bo a mombor ot that cast.
ln tho |ottor's |owor r|ght-hand cornor, Zod|ac had pr|ntod Vo-87 3.|.l.0.-0.' ||shor ca||od |om|c|do and thoy rang 1osch| at homo. 1ho
dotoct|vo, burn|ng w|th tovor, torcod h|mso|t up. 1ho |ast t|mo ho had to|t th|s bad was on tho tront ||nos |n Koroa. 0rattod attor |oav|ng Ga|||oo ||gh,
ho had tacod sovon months ot hard combat w|th tho 24th lntantry 0|v|s|on. W|th|n ha|t an hour, 1osch| had parkod undor tho Cbroolc|o towor, r|ddon
to tho th|rd t|oor, and was road|ng Zod|ac's scoro. 1h|rty-sovon!' ho muttorod, pray|ng tho k|||or was |y|ng. Anothor G||bort and 3u|||van sw|po and
anothor shot at 3|l0,' sa|d 1osch|. 1ooz, why doos ho s|ng|o us out ovory t|mo. What |s th|s grudgo? And why G||bort and 3u|||van?'
0r. Vurray 3. V|ron ot tho 3yracuso losoarch lnst|tuto roachod somo conc|us|ons on tho now |ottor. ln a cont|dont|a| |3l psycho||ngu|st|cs roport,
ho suggostod su|c|dos gravo' m|ght |nd|cato Zod|ac was contomp|at|ng su|c|do. V|ron rotorrod to Zod|ac's |ottor to Attornoy Vo| 3o||| |n part|cu|ar.
lt conta|nod h|nts ot a dopross|on that troquont|y ovortakos h|m. . . . lt |s not ont|ro|y un||ko|y that |n ono ot thoso v|ru|ont dopross|ons, such
|nd|v|dua|s cou|d comm|t su|c|do.' loss|b|y, tho su|c|do Zod|ac rotoroncos |s tho symbo||c doath ot Zod|ac . . . tho soc|opath|c porsona||ty
ovontua||y 'burns out' . . . as ho agos.'
l wou|d agroo,' wroto |3l prot||or 0oug|as, that tho Zod|ac m|ght ovontua||y comm|t su|c|do, but l a|so bo||ovo that, ovon |n a doprossod stato,
tho Zod|ac wroto |ottors w|th tho goa| ot man|pu|at|ng, dom|nat|ng, and contro|||ng tho|r roc|p|onts and tho |argor aud|onco ho know thoy wou|d
Onco a parano|d sch|zophron|c |s |nto h|s m|d-th|rt|os (|t ho doos not k||| h|mso|t), tho rago may burn |tso|t out or go |nto rom|ss|on. lt Zod|ac had
symbo||ca||y d|od, thon tho k|||or m|ght |oad tho rost ot h|s ||to unovonttu||y. |o m|ght not roca|| ho had onco boon Zod|ac. V|ron bo||ovod tho k|||or to
bo a Caucas|an, unmarr|od ma|o . . . |so|atod, w|thdrawn and unro|atod |n h|s hab|ts, qu|ot and propossoss|ng |n d|spos|t|on.' |o thought Zod|ac
had good uncorroctod oyos|ght bocauso ot tho uso ot m|nuto d|st|ngu|shors tor tho d|ttor|ng codo symbo|s.'
lo||co had onco stud|od survo|||anco photos ot tho 3atos bur|a|. Vany k|||ors woro unab|o to stay away trom tho|r v|ct|m's tunora|. |or that samo
roason tho Cbroolc|o snappod p|cturos ot tho oxtondod ||nos cur||ng around tho lorthpo|nt 1hoator and strotch|ng up lowo|| botwoon 3ay and
|ranc|sco 3troots. lhotos woro takon oach n|ght on tho chanco Zod|ac wou|d soo 7bo Exorclst aga|n. lorhaps ho wou|d wavo to tho camora.
1ho Exorclst |ottor carr|od on|y a s|ng|o o|ght-cont E|sonhowor stamp. Zod|ac usua||y doub|od, tr|p|od, ovon quadrup|od postago. A s|m||ar
soc|opath, tho Unabombor, who camo attor Zod|ac, stockp||od |argo quant|t|os ot symbo||c stamps |ong botoro ho bogan post|ng h|s hoavy ma||
bombs. |or tho bombor, Eugono O'lo|| stamps s|gn|t|od a h|ddon mossago. Vaybo O'lo||'s p|ays woro a gr|m commont on tho Unabombor's
troub|od tam||y ||to. Othor stamps |nd|catod tho strongth ot tho |ntorna| dov|co or targot so|octod-spoc|t|c or non-spoc|t|c. On|y tho bombor know
what oach symbo||zod.
Zod|ac's pa|rod stamps ot pros|donts-l|nco|n, E|sonhowor, and |0l-m|ght bo oqua||y symbo||c-a|| had sorvod as wart|mo pros|donts.
l|nco|n stamps m|ght |nd|cato somoono namod Groon (l|nco|n Groon), |ord (|ord's 1hoatro), or 3ooth (tho assass|n 3ooth or any actor tor that
mattor). |0l stamps m|ght stand tor 0o|ano, a county abutt|ng 0oor lodgo, Vontana, a spot ||nkod to Zod|ac by h|s own words dur|ng a
convorsat|on w|th a surv|v|ng v|ct|m. 1h|s t|mo Zod|ac had docoratod tho |owor r|ght-hand cornor ot h|s onvo|opo w|th gummod |abo|s. lunn|ng
vort|ca||y woro thoso |nstruct|ons:

3tamps |n th|s book havo boon gummod w|th a matto t|n|sh adhos|vo wh|ch porm|ts tho o||m|nat|on ot tho soparat|on t|ssuos. 1h|s book
conta|ns 2b-8 cont stamps-tour on th|s pano and sovon oach on throo add|t|ona| panos. 3o|||ng pr|co $2.00.' ln tho uppor r|ght cornor woro
tho gummod stamps VAll EAllY ll 1|E 0AY' [show|ng c|ock hands| and Uso Zll codo.'

0|d z|p cooo somohow match up w|th ono ot Zod|ac's numor|ca| codos as a koy? 1ho Exorclst |ottor ro-onorg|zod tho caso. 3|nco tho |atost
Zod|ac |ottor was pub||shod,' 1osch| sa|d, l'vo had t|tty poop|o |n my ott|co! Each c|a|ms ho knows Zod|ac porsona||y. 3||| and l havo probab|y
to||owod up a thousand |oads |n th|s caso and hoard a |ot ot wo|rd stor|os. loop|o to|| us thoy'ro suro |t's tho|r no|ghbor bocauso ho |ooks ||ko tho
draw|ng and wa|ks around w|th a kn|to |n a scabbard. . . . 1horo aro t|mos whon you'ro ||ston|ng to th|s and |t's hard to koop a stra|ght taco. 3ut l too|
l'vo got to ||ston to ovoryono, no mattor how out|and|sh tho|r story |s.'
1huraday, January 81, 1074
Aro you awaro ot a rumor go|ng around concorn|ng a poss|b|o ||nk botwoon Zod|ac and tho 3an |ranc|sco chora| group tho 'lamp||ghtors'?' a
woman |ntormod Avory on 1hursday morn|ng. A g|r| l hoard ta|k|ng about |t usod to bo|ong to tho group and thought ono ot tho mon |n tho group t|t
tho doscr|pt|on ot Zod|ac. 3ho was ro|uctant to go to tho po||co much as wo tr|od to porsuado hor. 1hon |t was droppod and l'm not suro what
bocamo ot hor. ln any caso, d|d tho po||co chock out that group? Zod|ac (who's probab|y Vr. Ord|nary Guy load|ng 1yp|ca| l|to who a|so happons
to bo a psychopath)-obv|ous|y ||stons to G||bort and 3u|||van. l wou|d havo wr|tton th|s d|roct|y to tho po||co but what w|th g|v|ng park|ng t|ckots and
bust|ng pot r|ngs, l know thoy aro too busy to t|ght cr|mo. A|| us ord|nary c|t|zon taxpayors aro |mpr|sonod w|th|n tho wa||s ot our homos bocauso
murdorors, rap|sts and burg|ars who aro troo to roam can't soom to got caught unt|| thoy ca|| |n trom a phono booth w|th tho|r oxact |ong|tudo and
1huraday, Fobruary 14, 1074
CaroI oonod tho morn|ng ma|| and got a socond shock-tho t|ood-gatos had tru|y boon oponod:

0oar Vr. Ed|tor: 0|d you know that tho |n|t|a|s 3lA [3ymb|onoso l|borat|on Army| spo|| '3lA' an o|d lorso word moan|ng 'k|||.' [s|gnod| a

1hough tho hand-|ottorod postcard was ot doubttu| authont|c|ty, sho a|ortod tho |3l. 1hoy |nc|udod |t |n tho|r |nvontory ot va||d Zod|ac |ottors.
A|most throo months passod. 1ho noxt commun|cat|on wou|d bo roa|-Zod|ac was grow|ng bo|dor aga|n-rost|oss, tho o|d pass|ons r|s|ng to tho
Nonday, AriI 15, 1074
Loigh had boon |ot go trom Un|on l|cht|o|d. Adr|tt aga|n ho coasod attond|ng 3onoma 3tato Un|vors|ty and bogan work at tho 3onoma Auto larts
3toro at 248 Wost lapa |n 3onoma. ||nanc|a||y, h|s noxt job was a stop down, but ho know and ||kod ong|nos. |o had ga|nod oxport|so at
Wogan's 3orv|co 3tat|on botoro bo|ng t|rod. On a br|ghtor noto, lo|gh was work|ng w|th 1|m, a tr|ond ho cou|d cont|do |n. l'm a|most through w|th
a|| my acadom|c roqu|romonts at 3onoma 3tato,' ho to|d 1|m, a|though ho wou|d not roco|vo h|s dogroo tor anothor o|ght yoars. |o to|d 1|m othor
th|ngs too, unsott||ng h|nts about a socrot ||to. lorhaps, now that lo|gh's protoss|ona| studont days woro ond|ng, good th|ngs wou|d bog|n to happon
tor h|m. At ago torty-ono, ho was about to go out |nto tho wor|d. 1ho t|ros woro coo||ng. Zod|ac was, tor a|| purposos, doad and lo|gh A||on had a
tr|ond to cont|do |n.
Wodnoaday, Nay 8, 1074
Evory homicido BiII Armstrong |nvost|gatod |mpactod h|m as hard as h|s t|rst. 1ho co|d, droadtu| t|na||ty ot tho dood a|ways brought h|m up short.
lrobab|y a .88,' sa|d Armstrong at a cr|mo scono. looks ||ko tho s|ug stoppod horo, boh|nd tho torohoad.' |o po|ntod to a swo||on bu|go just
abovo tho v|ct|m's oyo, thon stood, shak|ng h|s hoad. Wo'ro roa||y just |ntormat|on gathorors,' ho sa|d. Wo put oach caso togothor tho bost wo can
and |ay |t on tho tab|o tor tho courts to doc|do.'
Voanwh||o, Zod|ac was wr|t|ng yot aga|n. As w|th 7bo Exorclst, ho had roturnod to bo|ng a dotondor ot pub||c mora|s:

3|rs-l wou|d ||ko to oxpross my constornat|on concorn|ng your poor tasto 8 |ack ot sympathy tor tho pub||c, as ov|doncod by your runn|ng ot
ads tor tho mov|o '3ad|ands' toatur|ng tho b|urb 'ln 10b0 most poop|o woro k||||ng t|mo. K|t 8 |o||y woro k||||ng poop|o.' ln ||ght ot rocont ovonts,
th|s k|nd ot murdor-g|or|t|cat|on can on|y bo dop|orab|o at bost (not that g|or|t|cat|on ot v|o|onco was ovor just|t|ab|o) why don't you show somo
concorn tor tho pub||c sons|b|||t|os 8 cut tho ad? [s|gnod| A c|t|zon.'

Constant|y susp|c|ous, Zod|ac drovo to A|amoda County to ma|| h|s |atost |ottor. 3ut as days passod, ho scannod tho tront pagos and grow
tur|ous. |o had warnod thom botoro how much ho hatod to bo |gnorod and what ho wou|d do |t thoy showod h|m no rospoct.
Nonday, JuIy 8, 1074
Fuming attor a tu|| month's rojoct|on, Zod|ac puzz|od why h|s tonguo-|n-chook Boo|ooos |ottor had not boon pr|ntod. Ovor tho yoars tho pub||c|ty-
mad k|||or had tr|od to snoak |ottors |nto pr|nt undor psoudonyms, ma|||ng thom trom ovorywhoro oxcopt whoro ho roa||y ||vod. A|| bocauso tho po||co
had gotton too c|oso to h|m, |t was dangorous to ma|| any |ottor s|gnod Zod|ac.' 3ocauso tho Cbroolc|o m|ght bo tost|ng h|m, ho proparod a
socond |ottor, a sw|po at at a Cbroolc|o co|umn|st, and s|gnod |t, A c|t|zon.' |o racod to 3an latao|, dopos|tod |t |n tho t|rst post box ho roachod,
thon rushod homo to worry.
Wodnoaday, JuIy 10, 1074
Zodiac had no way ot know|ng h|s t|rst |ottor hadn't roachod tho Cbroolc|o unt|| 1uno 4 and thoy roo||y woro tost|ng h|m. A|though ho had not
s|gnod |t Zod|ac,' Caro| rocogn|zod h|s handpr|nt|ng. |o's not too||ng anybody-no mattor what h|s gamo |s,' sa|d 1osch| as ho scannod tho
postcard. 1horo's no doubt |n my m|nd about o|thor ono . . . ho's try|ng to s||p |ottors and cards |nto tho Cbroolc|o w|thout bo|ng dotoctod.' 1hoy
a|so rocogn|zod a |ottor ma||od two days ago as a Zod|ac commun|cat|on. 1ho k|||or wroto about Cbroolc|o co|umn|st Count Varco th|s t|mo. 1ho
tormor ha|rdrossor was 1ho man womon |ovo to hato,' or as 7lmo put |t, 1ho vo|co trom tho sowor.'

Ed|tor-lut Varco back |n tho ho||-ho|o trom whonco |t camo-ho has a sor|ous psycho|og|ca| d|sordor-a|ways noods to too| supor|or. l
suggost you rotor h|m to a shr|nk. Voanwh||o, canco| tho co|umn. 3|nco tho Count can wr|to anonymous|y, so can l. 1ho lod lhantom (rod w|th

Why had Zod|ac s|ng|od out tho Count, an ant|-tom|n|st, nat|ona||y synd|catod rad|o commontator whoso roa| namo was Varco 3p|no|||? 0|d
anothor 3p|no||| somohow t|guro |n h|s past and was th|s throat, |n Zod|ac's maddon|ng |nd|roct way, actua||y moant tor h|m? 1ho Count was a|most
as co|ortu| as Vo| 3o|||.
Count Varco's bus|noss cards carr|od a roya| crost. |o ||vod |n a tourtoon-room apartmont at tho 3tantord Court and woro a watch w|th s|xty
d|amonds surround|ng |ts taco. |o ownod throo lo||s-loycos, oach w|th a chauttour and tootman. Ono lo||s was pa|ntod w|th twonty coats ot s||vor
to match Varco's ha|r. |o rosorvod tho socond tor hau||ng h|s cons|dorab|o |uggago. 1ho th|rd bo|ongod to h|s dachshund, and sho was dr|von
about att|rod |n a d|amond and omora|d ta|| r|ng, crochotod hat, dark g|assos, and a wh|to m|nk sto|o. |or tur was dyod to match tho lo||s.
Voro than throo yoars prov|ous|y, tho Count had roco|vod anothor anonymous |ottor. 0oar Vorn|ng 3tar,' tho 1anuary 11, 1071 |ottor road. 0on't
you worry, 0on't you toar, 1oa-t|mo comos but onco a yoar. . . . 1o ||tt thy sp|r|ts co|umn|st 1hroo bags ot 1oa w|th|n to tw|st 1hoso drops ot |omon
(arom|st), A|so onc|osod a tow b|scu|ts, Approvod and usod by 12 ta|r t|sts-|a|thtu| 3avant. |avo a n|co day!' Count Varco had jo|nod tho
Cbroolc|o |n 10b0, tho samo t|mo as Avory, but had had onough ot such uns|gnod |ovo |ottors. |o |ott to d|v|do h|s t|mo a b|t moro socuro|y botwoon
|awa|| and la|m 3pr|ngs.
Friday, 5otombor 27, 1074
5orting hia Zodiac watch and r|ng, A||on, now wo|gh|ng 240 pounds, spont tho morn|ng |n h|s tra||or, puttor|ng about. An hour |ator, h|s wor|d
co||apsod. 1ho crunch ot boots on tho gravo| had a|roady a|ortod h|m, so ho d|dn't jump whon thoro camo a tur|ous thump|ng on h|s tra||or door.
Opon up!'
Who's thoro?'
3onoma County 3hor|tt's 0opartmont!'
0oputy |aas's arr|va| was not tota||y unoxpoctod. Evonts had boon sot |n mot|on on 3optombor 28 whon a comp|a|nt was |odgod aga|nst A||on.
Yostorday tho 3hor|tt's 0opartmont had t||od aga|nst h|m |n Contra| Vun|c|pa| Court. You'ro undor arrost,' |aas sa|d. 1ho chargo |s lC 288, 288a
-ch||d mo|ost|ng and oxc|t|ng tho |ust ot a m|nor undor tourtoon yoars o|d.' 3otwoon 1u|y 11 and 1u|y 2b, A||on had ont|cod two boys |nto h|s tra||or
bodroom. Attorward, ho had prossod monoy, two quartors, |nto tho|r hands.
l know you don't ||ko |t,' A||on to|d tho doputy, but l'm just a nasty man.'
lt was ono ot tho oddost romarks l had ovor hoard undor tho c|rcumstancos,' roca||od tho ott|cor.
As soon as ho was arrostod, lo|gh wantod a ponc|| and p|oco ot papor so ho cou|d work out h|s thoughts on papor. |o was try|ng to doc|do |t ho
shou|d p|oad gu||ty or not. |o drow a ||no down tho m|dd|o ot tho papor. On ono s|do ho wroto gu||ty' and on tho othor pub||c dotondor,' thon ||stod
tho pros and cons ot oach. |o bogan to sob.
1ho noxt day, A||on was ro|oasod on $b,000 ba|| tor oach count ot to|ony ch||d mo|ost|ng. |owovor, back |n va||ojo, ho to|d tr|onds ho had boon
arrostod bocauso ho was tho Zod|ac.'
ln 1074 lo|gh A||on mo|ostod a n|no-yoar-o|d boy trom tho |romont E|omontary 3choo| |n h|s tra||or.' A 3anta losa po||co sorgoant o|aboratod.
Anothor o|ght-yoar-o|d was thoro too. lo|gh had |urod thom |ns|do to soo somo ch|pmunks and comm|ttod |owd acts |nvo|v|ng ora| copu|at|on upon
tho two ch||dron. 1ho t||o says ho workod part-t|mo at Yaogor and K|rk's lumbor Yard. And wo havo h|s tratt|c t|ckot horo. |o has a '0 t||o.' On tho
t||o |s a notat|on that l'vo novor soon botoro: 'l3-0,' [a Cl8l h|gh pr|or|ty codo| and th|s notat|on |s markod 'yos.'' 1ho daughtor ot a woman A||on had
known tor yoars ro|atod, As l undorstand h|s |ncarcorat|on at Atascadoro, |t was tor mo|ost|ng tho son ot a toma|o tr|ond ot h|s. 1ho boy was maybo
anywhoro trom o|ght to th|rtoon yoars o|d. 1ho vors|on ho to|d my mothor was tho woman was just joa|ous ot h|s ro|at|onsh|p w|th hor son. l bo||ovo
ho was dat|ng tho woman. |o sa|d that was why sho had turnod h|m |n-joa|ousy.' 1h|s turnod out not to bo truo. 1ho|r ro|at|onsh|p had novor boon
anyth|ng but p|aton|c, as had a|| ot lo|gh's ro|at|onsh|ps w|th womon.
3oxua| sad|sts ||ko Zod|ac aro ||m|tod or |ncapab|o ot torm|ng norma| adu|t soxua| ro|at|onsh|ps,' 0r. lundo to|d mo. And so what aro tho
a|tornat|vos? Ono |s sox w|th doad bod|os or k||||ng tor soxua| sat|stact|on. Anothor |s sox w|th ch||dron.' Cl8l, a|ortod by tho arrost, roquostod
A||on's va||oy 3pr|ngs 3choo| t||o and bogan prob|ng tor oar||or s|gns ot |mpropor ro|at|onsh|ps w|th ch||dron. lo||co a|so contactod ovory schoo|
whoro ho had taught. As author|t|os tr|od to bu||d a b|ggor caso, A||on roma|nod troo on ba||. |o took to harass|ng a doputy tost|ty|ng aga|nst h|m.
At n|ght, ho stood monac|ng|y outs|do tho man's houso. ||na||y, tho cop rushod out and chasod h|m away. 1ust botoro lo|gh's tr|a|, somoono ma||od
an anonymous typowr|tton |ottor to a |oca| judgo. 1ho judgo brought |t |nto tho Ca||stoga l.0.
0|d you m|ss mo?' |t road. Was busy do|ng somo notar|ous dostard|y work, tor wh|ch l am wo|| su|tod. . . . Ah yos! 1ust|co sha|| bo dono. l
had to |augh. [3an |ranc|sco Chron|c|o co|umn|st| |orb Caon mont|onod that 1osch| was tho on|y man |ook|ng tor tho Zod|ac. Zod|ac gavo mo
a car to p|ck up tho ov|donco. |o know my l|ymouth was sabotagod.'

A d|sab|od l|ymouth had boon spottod by a toonago boy at 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs tho n|ght ot tho |ourth ot 1u|y murdor.
1huraday, January 28, 1075
PoIico drovo to A||on's homo |n va||ojo and roarrostod h|m. ||s mothor |ot tho doput|os |n and thoy doscondod to t|nd lo|gh shr|ok|ng |n tho contor
ot tho basomont. l|vo ch|pmunks woro craw||ng a|| ovor h|m-tho pots and v|ct|ms ho |ot sharo h|s subtorranoan room. 3qu|rro| sh|t was dr|pp|ng
trom h|s shou|dors,' roca||od ono cop. |o roma|nod |n our custody trom that dato on. Whon ho was at tho 3onoma County 1a||, co|| b|ock #232, ho
camo to tho attont|on ot throo Vox|can guys who tr|od to 'punk' h|m. |o |ot thom scrow h|m. lator, |n court, tho othor ||tt|o boy tost|t|od aga|nst A||on.'
1huraday, Narch 18, 1075
5orgoant NuIanax had not g|von up on A||on, and wroto tho |3l:

3YlOl3l3: 3ubjoct t|ts tho gonora| doscr|pt|on ot Zod|ac. |o was born |n |ono|u|u, |awa||. |o attondod schoo| |n l|vors|do, Ca||torn|a. |o
|s omp|oyod |n Oak|and Ca||t. |o |s a conv|ctod sox ottondor ot ch||dron. 1YlE O| EXAVllA1lOl: Eva|uat|on ot t|ngorpr|nts and pa|m pr|nts.
Eva|uat|on ot handwr|t|ng oxomp|ars subm|ttod, w|th ov|donco on t||o. VA1EllAl 3U3Vl11E0: 1. 1wo yo||ow pagos ot yo||ow mator|a| (part|a|
toxt ot Zod|ac mossagos.) 2. lod d|ary wr|tton by subjoct ovor por|od ot ono yoar. 8. la|m pr|nts ot subjoct ot |ott and r|ght hands. 4. Ono wh|to
shoot conta|n|ng Zod|ac toxt, wr|tton w|th |nk pon by subjoct. b. 3o|ano County ja|| arrost rocord.'

lator that day A||on was sontoncod to Atascadoro 3tato |osp|ta| tor tho Cr|m|na||y lnsano.
As tor tho ||tt|o an|ma|s lo|gh a|ways had,' a tr|ond ot A||on's to|d mo, ho dot|n|to|y had |ots ot ch|pmunks, and ovon a skunk at ono t|mo. Whon
ho was sont to Atascadoro ho gavo tho an|ma|s to tho E|noka lursory ott ||ghway 12. |o had an abundanco ot tho ||tt|o croaturos. l romombor
hat|ng to soo thom cagod a|| tho t|mo and now lo|gh was go|ng to bo cagod as wo||.'
A sharp-oyod ott|cor, 3orgoant 1ohn 3urko, not|cod ho was woar|ng a Zod|ac wr|stwatch and ontorod tho tact |n h|s t||o.
Friday, Narch 14, 1075
Loigh arrivod at Atascadoro and bogan sorv|ng h|s sontonco. 3ack |n 1000 ho had shown h|s s|stor-|n-|aw sovora| pagos ot handpr|ntod |oga|
torm|no|ogy and cryptograms. 1hoy porta|n to a porson who had boon comm|ttod to Atascadoro 3tato |osp|ta| tor mo|ost|ng a ch||d,' ho had sa|d.
1h|s |s tho work ot an |nsano porson.' lo|gh had boon prosc|ont, tor ho was now |n that vory s|tuat|on. Voanwh||o, a|| Zod|ac-typo attacks,
s|ght|ngs, and |ottors coasod. 1hat |nact|v|ty trom Zod|ac was oxtraord|nar||y to|||ng. On|y tho |nvost|gat|on cont|nuod, gr|nd|ng s|ow|y, but
oxcood|ng|y t|no. 1ho o|d c|ock |n tho |om|c|do room |n 3an |ranc|sco t|ckod on as |t moasur|ng ott throo yoars as s|ow|y as |t cou|d.
Voanwh||o, A||on's tr|ond, 1|m, was troub|od. lo|gh ca||od mo at work ono n|ght,' ho to|d mo |ator, l to|t sorry tor h|m so l wou|d ||ston. 1hat's why
ho thought l was h|s buddy. 'l havo to go to ja||,' ho sa|d. 'l nood to como down and ta|k to you. l havo somo unt|n|shod bus|noss, somoth|ng l want to
got ott my chost. l want you to bo by yourso|t, and l want you to wa|t tor mo attor work.' l thought, 'Good gr|ot, th|s |s wo|rd. A|| thoso stor|os aro t|y|ng
around. l don't know |t l roa||y want to moot h|m attor work a|ono.' 3ut l to|d h|m l'd wa|t tor h|m. Attor work and a coup|o ot boors, ho'd go through h|s
two-hour d|ssortat|on. Anothor k|d was work|ng w|th mo, lau| 3|akos|y. 3o l to|d lau|, 'You know, o|d lo|gh wants to como down and soo mo by
myso|t, and l don't roa||y trust h|m. l don't know what ho's got up h|s s|oovo, so wou|d you hang around and broak a boor w|th mo and wo'|| wa|t tor
h|m.' 3o wo |a|d a coup|o ot c|ub-||ko th|ngs around tho storo just |n caso. O|d lo|gh comos down and, ot courso, ho |ookod ||ko ho||. ||s oyos woro
a|| rod, and ho had a ||tt|o stubb|o a|| ovor h|s taco. |o had boon cry|ng h|s guts out. |o wantod to sp||| tho boans-that ho was bo|ng |nvost|gatod
tor tho Zod|ac th|ng whon thoy'd p|ckod h|m up aga|n.
|o's go|ng on w|th th|s b|g story a|| about Zod|ac. lo|gh c|a|mod ho was bo|ng chockod bocauso a bunch ot g|r|s had d|sappoarod up tho
luss|an l|vor aroa, and thoy woro a|| on h|s days ott or t|mo ott. 1ho po||co had como down and chockod h|s t|mo-card rocords boh|nd c|osod
doors. A |ot ot co|nc|doncos po|ntod to h|m, ho sa|d, but thoy woro c|rcumstant|a|. lt soomod so boyond comprohons|on that l was atra|d |t l start
ropoat|ng a|| thoso stor|os-Chr|st! 1hoy cou|d hang h|m on a story and l don't want to to|| thom tho wrong th|ng. 1h|s wont on to probab|y n|no
o'c|ock at n|ght. loth|ng happonod and wo a|| partod ways.'
1uoaday, Octobor 14, 1075
AIIon had boon to Atascadoro botoro, but |n tho capac|ty ot a thorap|st. low ho roturnod as a pr|sonor. lt po||co had comprohondod how
ropugnant tho monta| |nst|tut|on was to h|m, how torr|t|od ho was ot bo|ng cont|nod thoro, thoy m|ght havo omp|oyod a usotu| too|. A||on's toar m|ght
havo boon usod as a pry bar to oxtract |ntormat|on about Zod|ac. 3ut A||on copod, bogan work|ng |n tho pr|nt shop, and soon had mastorod now
tochn|quos. ln tho pr|nt shop ho dov|sod a p|an to got tho po||co ott h|s back.
3ack homo tho 7lmos-loro|o roportod that:

Zod|ac |s st||| cons|dorod a poss|b|o suspoct |n a sor|os ot 3onoma County k||||ngs. . . . Zod|ac throatonod |n ono ramb||ng |ottor to torturo
h|s v|ct|ms, and 3onoma County has somo murdor v|ct|ms who woro torturod to doath through s|ow strangu|at|on and by adm|n|stor|ng
strychn|no. . . . 3onoma County's sovon young toma|o v|ct|ms [botwoon 1072 and 1074| a|| woro dumpod |n rura| aroas. A 3onoma County
man rocont|y was cons|dorod a Zod|ac suspoct but was ru|od out, accord|ng to 3onoma 3hor|tt's Capta|n 1|m Cau|t|o|d. |o was a mo|ostor ot
young boys, howovor, and has boon comm|ttod to Atascadoro 3tato |osp|ta|.'

Wh||o lo|gh was |n Atascadoro,' a va||ojo sourco to|d mo, l th|nk that's whon my mothor t|rst bocamo awaro ho may bo tho Zod|ac. |o wroto to
hor that thoy suspoctod h|m ot tho cr|mos. At ono po|nt, l th|nk my mothor ca||od h|m thoro and spoko to h|m. 3ho askod h|m d|roct|y |t ho was tho
murdoror. l bo||ovo ho was somowhat jov|a| about |t, but novor adm|ttod to tho cr|mos. 3ho vor|t|od that ho was tho suspoct through tho 3anta losa
0|str|ct Attornoy, 1ohn |awkos.'
lo|gh, s|gn|ng h|mso|t 0rawor A,' wroto 1|m |n 3onoma. lt Zod|ac wr|tos ono |ottor wh||o l'm |n horo,' ho wroto oarnost|y, thon that w||| c|oar mo
ot bo|ng tho Zod|ac.' 1ho romark was puzz||ng. Evoryono know lo|gh was |mpr|sonod tor ch||d mo|ost|ng, not tor bo|ng Zod|ac. |o ropoatod tho
samo romark to womon ho know. ln h|s |ong outdoor choss gamo w|th author|t|os, A||on soomod a|ways ono stop ahoad. |or tho socond stago ot
h|s p|an, ho hoardod h|s da||y mod|cat|on and got a job |n tho d|sponsary. l|ko Zod|ac, lo|gh know oxp|os|vos. |or h|s th|rd stop, ho and a
compan|on bogan bu||d|ng a bomb to b|ast tho|r way out ot tho pr|son.
Nonday, Novombor 8, 1075
|n ordor to pass var|ous psych|atr|c tosts dur|ng h|s |ncarcorat|on, A||on bonod up on tho propor rosponsos to mako. |o took a|| h|s tosts |n th|s
tash|on: |o wou|d not sm||o or show omot|on and wou|d spoak |n a |ow monotono.' |o took tosts as a man druggod. 0ur|ng 1A1 (1homat|c
Apporcopt|on 1ost) ova|uat|ons, A||on was askod to mako up stor|os basod on s|mp|o ||no draw|ngs portray|ng poop|o |n amb|guous s|tuat|ons.
(Exp|a|n what |s go|ng on |n th|s p|cturo.') lnd|roct|y, h|s answors rovoa|od aspocts ot h|s subconsc|ous too||ngs and porsona||ty-ho has a v|o|ont
tantasy ||to . . . a hyporthym|c (h|gh|y omot|ona|) |nd|v|dua| unab|o to ostab||sh norma| soc|a| contact.'
||na||y po||co doc|dod to g|vo h|m a ||o-dotoctor tost. A po|ygraph mach|no |s on|y a stross dotoctor and anx|oty dotoctor,' 1osch| to|d mo. l|o
dotoctors, a tavor|to |nvost|gat|vo too|, aro ta|||b|o and rog|stor ta|so pos|t|vos about t|ttoon porcont ot tho t|mo. lo|ygraphs moasuro changos |n
pu|so, b|ood prossuro, and broath|ng, but can bo tr|ckod by roa||y good ||ars.
Evon tho torm ||o dotoctor' |s a m|snomor. Er|o 3tan|oy Gardnor
wroto |n h|s Coort o Lost Rosort, l|o dotoct|on |s |mposs|b|o. What |s poss|b|o |s tho dotoct|on ot stross (and |n a tow casos tho covor|ng up ot
stross). A po|ygraph or lsycho|og|ca| 3tross Eva|uat|on tost shou|d novor bo usod as tho so|o judgo ot a porson's |nnoconco. As w|th a|| sc|ont|t|c
ov|donco, thoso tosts nood to bo ova|uatod. 1ho ||o tost |s not porm|ttod as ov|donco |n court oxcopt by st|pu|at|on bocauso |t |s undopondab|o and
subjoct to tho |ntorprotat|on ot tho oporator. As |ato as 1008 tho 3upromo Court wou|d ru|o ||o dotoctors unro||ab|o. loonardo Koo|or, though not tho
|nvontor ot tho ||o dotoctor, had dono tho most to rot|no tho mach|no. 1ho ||o dotoctor |s |n uso today much as ho dovo|opod |t. 3r|ot|y, tho po|ygraph
rocords changos |n tho body's phys|o|og|ca| rosponsos to quost|ons.'
0ota||s tor tho tost woro |ronod out, and lo|gh agrood. What happonod,' 0otoct|vo 3awart to|d mo |ator, was a guy trom tho 0opartmont ot
1ust|co who was work|ng undor |rod 3h|r|sago wont down to Atascadoro and thoy put A||on on a po|ygraph. 1hat was 3am l|stor-tho hoad
po|ygraph guy at 0O1.' A||on ontorod a p|a|n soundprootod and a|r-cond|t|onod room. l|stor had h|m s|t |n tho oxam|n|ng cha|r. Carotu||y, ho
hookod h|m up to throo dov|cos, a procoduro a|ono that usua||y causos stross |n a subjoct. ||rst a b|ood prossuro-pu|so un|t-a sphygmograph-an
|nstrumont s|m||ar to that usod to tako b|ood-prossuro road|ngs-was connoctod to graph|ca||y rocord tho movomonts ot h|s pu|so. Attor tho b|ood
prossuro s|oovo was wrappod around h|s b|cops, a t|ox|b|o corrugatod tubo, a pnoumograph, was strappod around lo|gh's chost to moasuro
changos |n h|s rosp|rat|on. ||na||y, an o|octro-dorma| un|t, usua||y mota| tubos c|onchod |n both hands or o|octrodos on tho hand (a mon|tor p|nchod
on a t|ngort|p), moasurod ga|van|c changos or rosponsos |n h|s sk|n. As tho pr|sonor's roact|ons to oach quost|on woro rocordod on a mov|ng str|p
chart, ho was obsorvod through a two-way m|rror.
Woro ho to ||o, h|s hoart wou|d boat tastor, h|s broath como moro qu|ck|y, and changos wou|d tako p|aco |n h|s sk|n mo|sturo. lons on a mov|ng
str|p ot graph papor rocordod roact|ons. lo|gh had a|roady boon put at oaso |n a cord|a| pro-|ntorv|ow. lo|gh kopt to a monotono and d|d not sm||o,
|ator c|a|m|ng tho tost |astod ton hours. A po|ygraph w||| tako maybo an hour-max,' 1osch| to|d mo. A||on's |y|ng about that.' 1horo aro usua||y ton
to two|vo quost|ons, and thoso aro br|ot, bas|c, and oasy to undorstand. lo|gh was askod h|s t|rst namo, h|s |ast namo. Attor oach quost|on thoro
was a pauso ot t|ttoon to twonty soconds. 1hon ho was askod |t ho know who had k|||od 0ar|ono |orr|n, tho 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs v|ct|m.
lo,' ho sa|d.
0o you ||vo |n Ca||torn|a?' askod l|stor.
0|d you yourso|t k||| lau| loo 3t|no on Octobor 11, 1000?'
Woro you a ros|dont ot va||ojo?'
0|d you havo anyth|ng whatsoovor to do w|th th|s hom|c|do?'
Aro you torty-two yoars ot ago?'
Aro you do||borato|y concoa||ng or w|thho|d|ng any gu||ty know|odgo ot tho hom|c|do at Wash|ngton and Chorry 3troots?'
ls today |r|day?'
|avo you do||borato|y ||od at any t|mo dur|ng th|s ont|ro |ntorv|ow?'
lot's do tho tost onco moro comp|oto|y,' sa|d l|stor. lt was common pract|co to ta|k ovor rosu|ts and |oarn tho roasons tor rosponsos. loop|o
ovorroact, undorroact, havo gu||t comp|oxos, aro tr|ghtonod, aro angry,' sa|d po|ygraph oxport Chr|s Gugas. 1ho oxam|nor has to tako |nto account
var|ab|os such as |nto|||gonco, omot|ona| stab|||ty, roact|on to shock. 1ho procoss |n novor cut-and-dr|od.' 1hus tho oxport can start aga|n w|th a
rov|sod sot ot quost|ons, or ropoat tho samo quost|ons so rosponsos cou|d bo comparod. l|stor |nd|catod that A||on had passod h|s po|ygraph
oxam|nat|on both t|mos. |o |s not tho Zod|ac K|||or,' ho sa|d. A||on ca||od attorward to to|| h|s tam||y and tr|onds that ho had passod and was not
And thoy ran A||on at Atascadoro and ho camo up c|oan,' 3awart |amontod. 1hat bothorod us. Wo||, wo had two othor oxports road h|s charts,
and thoy say, '|o was on drugs dur|ng th|s t|mo.' Our po|ygraph oxam|nor, 1ohnson, oxam|nod tho charts and sa|d, 'lt's my op|n|on that A||on was on
somo typo ot drugs wh||o ho was tak|ng tho tost.' lt was a|so h|s op|n|on that A||on d|d not pass tho po|ygraph oxam and that |t was |nconc|us|vo.
And thon wo sorvod a soarch warrant at Atascadoro and l had a bunch ot sh|t about that, but anyway, ho was on 1horaz|no. Atascadoro |s a monta|
hosp|ta| and many ot tho |nmatos aro on d|ttoront typos ot tranqu|||zors. 1hoso othor guys who road tho charts sa|d, '|oy, o|d l|stor horo d|dn't g|vo
h|m any contro| quost|ons about whothor ho was on any drugs. Wo'ro |ook|ng at th|s th|ng-th|s guy's |oadod. You cou|d'vo askod h|m |t ho had a
mothor and tathor and ho wou|d havo sa|d no.'
lo|ygraph tosts can bo noutra||zod by a subjoct through drugs or pa|n, but tho subjoct's rosponsos wou|d bo not|coab|y h|gh and t|at. A||on had
roportod|y stockp||od h|s da||y mod|cat|on ot va||um tranqu|||zors and p||torod 1horaz|no, a drug proscr|bod tor oxtromo parano|a, trom tho
d|sponsary whoro ho br|ot|y workod. 1horaz|no was tor tho roa||y psychot|c pat|onts,' sa|d 3awart. lt wou|dn't bo tho common drug thoy wou|d hand
out, but ho had accoss to tho d|sponsary. 1hoy woro g|v|ng va||um to h|m. A|| ho had to do was savo |t up. 1h|s |s on|y guoss|ng. You know you'ro
go|ng to tako a po|ygraph tost-you'vo got your budd|os down thoro. ln tact ho had a strong buddy-ho was go|ng to bu||d a bomb and b|ow h|s way
out ot Atascadoro and thoy caught h|m. 1hat |ntorna| dov|co was c|oso to |otha| qua||ty.'
0r. 1. lau| 0o l|vor, |n Crlmo ooo tbo 5oxoo| Psycbopotb, wroto that d|srogard tor c|v|| or mora| |aw, and tho cunn|ng and stoa|th aro a|so part
ot tho mako up ot tho 'non soxua|' psychopath. l|ko h|s sox-mot|vatod countorpart, ho |s on|y 'mad' sporad|ca||y, and tor tho rost ot tho t|mo ho
m|ght |ock tho dota||s ot h|s acts out ot h|s consc|ousnoss.'
A||on had a |ottor,' 3awart cont|nuod, that ho phon|od up that was s|gnod by-tho guy's namo was [1|m| 3||vor, an |nvost|gator. And 3||vor had
dono somo corrospondonco w|th h|m [roquost|ng a po|ygraph oxam|nat|on|. A||on got 3||vor's s|gnaturo trom tho corrospondonco. A||on workod |n a
pr|nt shop thoro at Atascadoro |osp|ta|, and ho mado up a |ottor that ho dupod on th|s guy 3||vor's s|gnaturo w|th a phony 0opartmont ot 1ust|co
hoad|ng on |t. |o had usod a mochan|ca| moans to ||tt tho s|gnaturo ot tho |nvost|gator trom a documont, p|acod |t on prowr|tton |ottors, and pr|ntod
thom up. lt was a |ottor to any |aw ontorcomont agoncy and, as l roca||, sa|d: '1o Whom lt Vay Concorn: 1h|s man |s not a suspoct |n tho Zod|ac
caso and has boon comp|oto|y c|oarod. |o has passod a po|ygraph oxam|nat|on and |aw ontorcomont shou|d no |ongor cons|dor h|m a suspoct |n
tho Zod|ac k||||ngs.' 1ust a bu||sh|t th|ng so ho cou|d show poop|o. Ot courso 3||vor wou|d novor wr|to such a |ottor.' 1hough ho had passod tho ||o
tost, A||on had ||od about tho |ottor c|oar|ng h|m.
Nonday, Docombor 1, 1075
AIIon wroto a 3anta losa 3upor|or Court judgo, to|||ng h|m ot tho ||o tost rosu|ts and |nc|ud|ng a copy ot a |ottor roco|vod trom tho 3tato
0opartmont ot 1ust|co' oxonorat|ng h|m.
Attor t|vo yoars ot bo|ng tho subjoct ot |nvost|gat|on, |ntorrogat|on, soarch and othor torms ot harassmont,' ho oxp|a|nod, l was t|na||y subjoctod
to ton hours ot po|ygraph oxam|nat|on, adm|n|storod by tho 1ust|co 0opartmont, horo at tho hosp|ta|. l s|gnod away my r|ghts and cooporatod tu||y,
|n ordor to t|na||y roso|vo tho |ssuo, and havo subsoquont|y boon romovod trom tho 0opartmont's suspoct ||st tor tho cr|mos spoc|t|od |n tho
onc|osod |ottor.
3|nco . . . l doubt tho 0opartmont w||| tako tho troub|o to d|str|buto tho|r t|nd|ngs to othor concornod agonc|os, and s|nco l do contomp|ato
roturn|ng to tho 3anta losa aroa to ||vo, l am tak|ng |t upon myso|t to |mpart th|s |ntormat|on to you, |n tho hopo that |t w||| t|nd |ts way to |ts rost|ng
p|aco |n tho propor t||o. l am hop|ng that, |n tho tuturo, l w||| bo ab|o to go |n poaco, and not got swoaty pa|ms at tho mont|on ot anothor unso|vod
1ho abovo has boon qu|to a wo|ght on my shou|dors tor tho |ast t|vo yoars. low that l am c|oarod, l do hoart||y w|sh to torgot tho who|o m|sorab|o
atta|r. . . . 1hank you tor your t|mo and cons|dorat|on, and havo a p|oasant |o||day vacat|on. 3|ncoro|y, Arthur lo|gh A||on, Caso #74-0100-08.'
1hough A||on c|a|mod to havo boon tho subjoct ot t|vo yoars ot |nvost|gat|on, ho had not bocomo a roa| suspoct unt|| 1071. ln h|s m|nd ho must
havo datod tho bog|nn|ng ot h|s troub|os trom 3gt. lynch's br|ot quost|on|ng at Cavo 3choo|. As tor tho ton-hour ||o tost-A||on's |y|ng about that,'
1osch| sa|d.
A|| through tho rost ot 107b, lo|gh's mothor ta|thtu||y wroto to h|m |n pr|son, ono ot tho tow st||| corrospond|ng w|th h|m. 3ut |n counso||ng, lo|gh
rovoa|od how co|d ho to|t hor |ottors woro and how much ho hatod hor. lo|gh to|t an ovon strongor hatrod tor Atascadoro. |o toarod stay|ng thoro
moro than ho droadod tho po||co. At n|ght ho cou|d hoar strango cr|os ocho|ng down tho h|gh|y po||shod t|oors. A b|g man cou|d bo atra|d too.
Wh||o A||on was |ockod away, brood|ng and p|ann|ng, tho va||ojo 3hor|tt's 0opartmont doggod|y pursuod tho|r Zod|ac |nvost|gat|on. Zod|ac was
a corta|n man,' los lundb|ad to|d h|s son, los, 1r., who had just roturnod trom a go|t match. 1ho on|y t|mo l p|ayod go|t,' los, 1r., roca||od, l p|ayod
|n a toursomo w|th th|s man. l producod a lo|aro|d ot tho toursomo to my dad and ho po|ntod tho 'boady-oyod' man out.' 0otoct|vo 3orgoant
lundb|ad thought th|s boady-oyod suspoct was protoctod by a powortu| ott|c|a|. lator an ox-||ghway patro|man |ntorv|owod los, 1r., and to|d h|m
that th|s ott|c|a| had ordorod 3orgoant lundb|ad to back ott. 1ho son d|dn't th|nk h|s tathor wou|d havo oboyod that ordor, but was at a |oss to
oxp|a|n why moro wasn't dono w|th tho 'boady-oyod' man. |owovor, tho |ato 3orgoant lundb|ad's |ntorost |n th|s oar|y suspoct prodatod tho po||co
|ntorv|ow w|th lo|gh A||on |n 1071 and h|s subsoquont v|s|t to Atascadoro to soo A||on who had by thon bocomo tho ch|ot suspoct.
3orgoant la|ph W||son to|d mo that whon lundb|ad roturnod trom Atascadoro, ho sa|d, 1hat's h|m!' ||s romark carr|od conv|ct|on. 1hroo yoars
|ator, l was |n tho ma|n shor|tt's ott|co just abovo tho ja||-|a|rt|o|d, Ca||torn|a, Cr|m|na| 0|v|s|on. Capta|n v|nco Vurphy had arrangod tor mo to |ook
at somo ov|donco. 1ho sw|tchboard oporator, a s||m, dynam|c woman, pausod botwoon ca||s and roca||od tho |ato los lundb|ad w|th adm|rat|on. l
was thoro whon ho camo back trom Atascadoro,' sho sa|d. |o was tur|ous. '1hat's h|m!' ho sa|d, '1hat's Zod|ac. 1hat's tho son ot a b|tch and wo
can't do anyth|ng about |t!' and ho bo||ovod th|s r|ght to tho day ot h|s doath.'
1ho oporator was troub|od, concornod that sho onco had spokon to Zod|ac whon ho ca||od tho shor|tt's ott|co. Zod|ac had to|d hor h|s roa| namo,
but sho cou|dn't romombor |t. 3ho'd |ost tho namo |n a|| tho oxc|tomont. l workod c|osor w|th lundb|ad than w|th lynch,' lar|ow to|d mo. l a|ways
got tho too||ng that lundb|ad know who Zod|ac was. 1hat story [about Chonoy and A||on ta|k|ng about hunt|ng humans| |s so b|zarro you don't know
whothor to bo||ovo |t or not. 3omot|mos poop|o concoct th|ngs ||ko th|s tor whatovor roason. 3ut that story about h|m ta|k|ng about thoso th|ngs |s so
pat, that |t |n tact ho d|d say |t, thon ho has to bo tho Zod|ac.' And so 1osch|, Armstrong, and Vu|anax probab|y had tho r|ght man, but somohow
woro bo|ng outtoxod. lo ono cou|d got around tho handpr|nt|ng, tho part|a| pr|nt on tho cab, and now tho ||o tost. 1hoso obstac|os woro tho b|g
throo. 1ho 5ocromooto Boo and 5ooto Roso Pross Lomocrot's socrot w|tnoss programs ostab||shod a $20,000 roward tor Zod|ac's capturo,
add|ng to Yo||ow Cab's ox|st|ng roward. 3o many Zod|ac t|ps tr|ck|od |nto va||ojo l.0. that 0otoct|vo 3awart was ass|gnod to ho|p track now |oads.
Nonday, January 5, 1070
5onoma County 5horitt'a 0otoct|vo 3orgoant 3utch' Car|stodt b||nkod, thon |ookod aga|n. |o porco|vod ||nks botwoon two|vo 1ack tho l|ppor-
sty|o murdors and tho |ong-sought Zod|ac. Zod|ac m|ght bo arrang|ng h|s cr|mos |n a broad Z' oxtond|ng ovor tho 3ay Aroa. |o m|ght bo trac|ng
out an ovon |argor Z,' oncompass|ng tho ont|ro Wost. 3onoma County 3hor|tt 0on 3tr|opoko agrood, po|nt|ng to lodoo, vancouvor, Wash|ngton,
3oatt|o, 3a|t lako C|ty, 3anta |o, and Aspon-va|| as |ocat|ons whoro g|r|s woro s|a|n. |o surm|sod th|s psychopath|c k|||or m|ght pract|co
w|tchcratt, k||||ng s|avos tor h|s attor||to just as Zod|ac had boastod. U|t|mato|y, though, tho assa||ant turnod out to bo 1od 3undy, not Zod|ac.
3ut 3tr|opoko was not dotorrod. |rom tho bog|nn|ng, Zod|ac's occu|t bont had tasc|natod h|m. 1ho shor|tt oxam|nod d|agrams-a sor|os ot
arrangod st|cks d|scovorod at a murdor s|to a|ong som|-romoto |ranz va||oy load. Was th|s a w|tchcratt symbo|? 1ho st|cks tormod a squaro and
a roctang|o jo|nod togothor to |nd|cato a human t|guro. lns|do tho roctang|o woro two stonos, and outs|do, two moro pobb|os. |our st|cks ran around
tho outor odgos. 3tr|opoko thought tho dos|gn m|ght roprosont tho b|ack mag|c 3oa| ot vassago.' vassago |s a m|ghty pr|nco who doc|aros th|ngs
past, prosont, and tuturo and d|scovors what has boon h|ddon. A |oca| toonagor c|a|mod |t was a dos|gn ho mado to show h|s g|r|tr|ond tho shapo
ot h|s now tra||or, but |t st||| m|ght bo a w|tch s|gn. Zod|ac a|so usod othor osotor|c symbo|s |n h|s codos-dots such as thoso usod |n astro|og|ca|
horoscopos. 1ho noar|y |nv|s|b|o Zod|ac scarco|y noodod w|tchcratt-tho 3anta losa murdoror was powortu| onough to hott bod|os ovor a d|tch
and hur| thom cons|dorab|o d|stancos down a h|||s|do. W|tchos ma|| b|oody swatchos ot c|oth to tho|r onom|os. 3o d|d Zod|ac.
3orko|oy Ch|ot ot lo||co Wos lomoroy was |ntorostod |n tho occu|t ang|o too. |o had wr|tton to tho 0opartmont ot 1ust|co, OCCl3, on |obruary
14: Enc|osod aro t|vo photographs ot var|ous s|gns photographod |n a rura| (va||ojo) aroa. l|oaso dotorm|no |t tho onc|osod photographs
roprosont s|gns |n w|tchcratt. lt so, p|oaso dotorm|no what oach |nd|v|dua| s|gn's s|gn|t|canco |s |n mutua| casos ot |ntorost.'
lt's h|gh|y doubttu| that w|tchcratt m|ght bo |nvo|vod w|th Zod|ac,' 0av|d l|co assurod mo, as tho lccoo Rooo proh|b|ts harm to anyono,
|nc|ud|ng an|ma|s.'

| drovo to va||ojo to ask 3orgoant lynch about Zod|ac aga|n, hop|ng ho m|ght roca|| somoth|ng now. l roca||od how, attor tho lako 3orryossa
stabb|ngs, lynch had |ssuod a pub||c appoa| to Zod|ac to surrondor. Wo w||| soo that ho gots ho|p and that a|| h|s r|ghts aro protoctod,' prom|sod
lynch. [Zod|ac| |s obv|ous|y an |nto|||gont |nd|v|dua|. |o knows that ovontua||y ho w||| bo takon |nto custody. 3o |t wou|d bo bost that ho g|vo h|mso|t
up botoro tragody |s wr|tton |n b|ood.' l sat down |n h|s darkonod d|n|ng room. l th|nk thoro woro t|vo ot us |n tho |nvost|gat|on buroau,' ho bogan
sott|y. l th|nk what roa||y happonod was wo woro spond|ng so much t|mo and go|ng so many p|acos that l guoss thoy got d|ssat|st|od w|th tho way |t
was bo|ng hand|od . . . whon wo t|rst startod on th|s caso thoro was th|s guy Goorgo-ho usod to go down to tho cottoo shop [whoro 0ar|ono |orr|n
wa|trossod|. |o was try|ng to dato hor, but tor somo roason 0oo [0ar|ono's n|cknamo| d|dn't want to havo anyth|ng to do w|th h|m. Constant|y
bothor|ng hor and to||ow|ng hor. 0oo was doath|y atra|d ot h|m. 1ho who|o |nvost|gat|on or|g|na||y soomod to tocus on th|s guy.' Goorgo hadn't
v|s|tod h|s tam|||ar wator|ng ho|o, 1ack's |angout, s|nco tho 1u|y |ourth shoot|ngs. loxt tho|r soarch |od lynch and h|s partnor to tho Kat lad on
3acramonto 3troot, Ka|sor 3too| |n lapa, thon to tho last|mo bar |n 3on|c|a. Vo and Ed lust,' sa|d lynch, wo tound out ho qu|t tho last|mo, and
wont up to Yountv|||o. l got a doscr|pt|on ot h|m trom h|s |and|ady, Vrs. v|o|ot loo|or. |o was t|vo toot sovon, w|th a stocky bu||d and a dark
comp|ox|on. K|nd ot p|ump w|th dark stra|ght ha|r. Untortunato|y, wh||o Goorgo had a wator-ro|atod |ast namo, ho had an a|rt|ght a||b| too.' A
0ocombor 8, 1004, 3o|ano County |a|rt|o|d po||co roport, 242, lC 3attory, gavo Goorgo's wo|ght thon as a moro 127 pounds.
ln va||ojo, wo chockod ovorybody out,' lynch conc|udod. Onco l got a ca|| trom somoono who sa|d Zod|ac ||vod on Arkansas 3troot. l drovo ovor
thoro and tound a man whoso on|y connoct|on was that ho'd pa|ntod stars on h|s co|||ng, |nc|ud|ng tho l|tt|o 0|ppor. Evoryono was a suspoct and no
ono was sato.' Evon |n tho d|mnoss, l saw tho to|| tho caso had takon on lynch.
5aturday, JuIy 24, 1070
| watchod Eorman d|o |n my s|oop tor o|ght wooks,' lnspoctor Armstrong to|d tho pross, roca|||ng lo||co Ott|cor |orman Goorgo. Goorgo had
boon gunnod down |n tho stroot |n lovombor ot 1000. |o d|od a vory s|ow and pa|ntu| doath. . . . Whon l |oavo tho ott|co at n|ght l torgot tho job
comp|oto|y. l novor d|scuss my work at homo . . . wo||, l can't roa||y. l t|nd othor ways to unw|nd.' Armstrong bocamo a man who cou|d novor s|t st|||, a
man constant|y |n mot|on. ||na||y, ho burnod out on |om|c|do. 1ho noxt day, Armstrong transtorrod to tho 3unco 0|v|s|on, |oav|ng 1osch| as tho |ast
roma|n|ng 3an |ranc|sco po||coman work|ng tho Zod|ac caso.
At |oast a yoar botoro ho |ott |om|c|do, 3||| just d|dn't want to do |t anymoro,' 1osch| sa|d. low that l'm tho on|y ono work|ng on |t, l novor |ot a
day go by w|thout romombor|ng Zod|ac. lt's gotton to bo moro porsona|. Evory day l wondor what bocamo ot h|m.'
3|x cab dr|vors had boon murdorod s|nco 3t|no's k||||ng |n 1000 and s|x suspocts had boon arrostod and tr|od. ||vo woro conv|ctod ot t|rst
dogroo murdor, ono ot socond dogroo. 1ust ton days attor 3t|no's sonso|oss murdor, 1osch| and Armstrong had |nvost|gatod anothor Yo||ow Cab
dr|vor s|ay|ng on|y b|ocks away . . . dr|vor shot |n tho hoad . . . wa||ot sto|on, cab ||ghts |ott b|az|ng . . . ong|no runn|ng. A row ot br|ght|y co|orod sh|rts
||ttor|ng tho s|dowa|k.' 1osch| and Armstrong qu|ck|y nabbod a 1ondor|o|n busboy |n bod w|th h|s g|r|tr|ond. 3ho had naggod h|m about monoy, so
ho t|aggod down a cabb|o, ho|d h|m up, and shot h|m dur|ng a strugg|o. l took twonty-sovon do||ars ott h|m,' tho cha|n-smok|ng youth sa|d, thon
throw my .22 rovo|vor down a storm dra|n. l know l'd got caught. l |ott my t|ngorpr|nts a|| ovor tho cab. l'vo got a rocord so l know |t was on|y a mattor
ot t|mo botoro you p|ckod mo up. 3uro, l too| bad about |t . . . ospoc|a||y tor h|s w|to and ||tt|o g|r|. Whatovor l got, l got com|ng. You don't k|||
somoono and not pay tor |t. You soo, l novor wantod to soo tho |ns|do ot a ja|| aga|n.' On|y 3t|no's k|||or st||| roma|nod at |argo. lt bogan to |ook as |t
Zod|ac m|ght w|n h|s |otha| choss match w|th tho po||co s|mp|y through attr|t|on.
Vy mom and l,' a 3outhorn Ca||torn|a ros|dont |ator to|d mo, v|s|tod Vr. A||on |n Atascadoro 3tato |osp|ta| a|most ovory 3aturday, and whon ho
was ro|oasod ho ovon stayod at our houso just north ot Atascadoro and wost ot 3an lu|s Ob|spo. . . . l romombor whon ho stayod at our houso, ho
stayod |n my mom's room w|th hor. 3ho a|ways sa|d that noth|ng happonod, and l tond to bo||ovo hor, s|nco l romombor h|m as not a vory soxua|
porson. Vr. A||on was vory good to a|| ot us k|ds. |o spont a |ot ot t|mo w|th my brothors and us g|r|s. |o taught us bas|c va|uos, ho was an av|d non-
dr|nkor and non-smokor. |o had a |ot ot sma|| pots. |o ospoc|a||y ||kod kangaroo rats, and had a porm|t to koop thom and do rosoarch. |o taught
my brothor how to dr|vo, shoot, t|x cars, and do a|| ot thoso othor guy th|ngs. |o usod to go to h|s var|ous tra||ors, and thoy usod to go targot
shoot|ng |n tho mounta|ns and r|vor bottoms ot lorthorn Ca||torn|a. Vr. A||on was an oxport marksman.'
Wh||o A||on was |ncarcoratod, Zod|ac rotusod to d|o, ||v|ng on |n spocu|at|on, |n ovory dark shadow a|ong a |ako and |n a|| our hoarts. lt Zod|ac
had s|mp|y tadod away, good mon ||ko 1osch|, Armstrong, Vu|anax, lynch, lar|ow, and Avory had boon boaton.
1uoaday, Auguat 24, 1070
1ho 1005 bIuo vo|kswagon van bus had boon |n and out ot tho garago on A 3troot sovora| t|mos. On 1uno 28, 1070, |ts ownor had tho motor
ovorhau|od tor $b20.74. ln 1u|y, W||trod loon|k, managor ot tho Gorman Car Contor oast ot Vorcod, not|cod tho van back aga|n. A t|x-|t t|ckot sa|d
tho roar ||ghts woron't work|ng. 1ho voh|c|o has ground prob|oms,' loon|k oxp|a|nod, but |ts ownor d|d not ask to chock tho hoad|amps. 1ho ownor
roappoarod on August 2, say|ng ho noodod a vo|tago rogu|ator and battory. 1hoso woro |nsta||od tor $80.0b. On 1uosday, August 24, ho roturnod
tho battory. lt cost too much,' ho comp|a|nod, and that attornoon |nsta||od h|s own now battory.
Around 8:00 l.V. tho van's ownor, a torty-ono-yoar-o|d 3anta losa 1un|or Co||ogo toachor, c||mbod boh|nd tho whoo|. |o was ta||, s|x toot throo
|nchos, 100 pounds, w|th brown ha|r and hazo| oyos. An ox-so|d|or, ho had sorvod at |ort |am||ton, low York. ln 10b0, ho'd roco|vod an oar|y
ro|oaso trom tho Army as an ovorsoas roturnoo. 3|x yoars |ator, ho bocamo an Eng||sh toachor and part-t|mo art |nstructor.
lt was a c|oar n|ght, tho road ahoad was dry. |o was not undor tho |nt|uonco ot barb|turatos or a|coho|. |o had just oaton. Go|ng on|y t|tty, t|vo
m||os undor tho spood ||m|t, ho took h|s van oastbound onto an oxprossway w|th no stroot||ghts. ||ghway 12 bogan as two |anos soparatod by a
torty-toot-w|do d|v|dor str|p, roa||y on|y d|rt w|th grass and woods, thon abrupt|y bocamo a tour-|ano d|v|dod oxprossway. At 8:80 l.V., just whoro tho
h|ghway curvod wost ot Wr|ght load, tho van's hoad||ghts b||nkod out. At tho start ot tho d|v|dod soct|on, tho vW oasod onto tho contor d|v|dor and
drovo a|ong thoro tor a d|stanco. 1ho van |gnorod tho curvo, kopt go|ng stra|ght, and t|ow across tho d|rt d|v|dor |nto tho wostbound |ano.
A man on routo to a tr|ond's homo |n 3obastopo| ontorod tho po|nt whoro tho two wostbound |anos morgod to ono. |o cou|d c|oar|y soo tho
hoad||ghts ot othor voh|c|os |n tho oastbound |anos. Oh, my God!' ho cr|od whon ho saw tho van cross stra|ght |nto oncom|ng tratt|c. 1horo was no
brak|ng act|on, on|y ||ght sk|d marks about two toot |ong just botoro |mpact. 1ho van co|||dod hoad-on |nto a 1072 1oyota travo||ng wost |n tho #1
|ano. 3oth voh|c|os bouncod n|no toot |nto tho #2 |ano and camo to rost on tho north aspha|t shou|dor |oss than throo thousand toot oast ot Vorcod
Avonuo. 3oth dr|vors woro p|nnod |n tho|r cars. At 8:b0, tho t|ro dopartmont oxtr|catod thom. 1ho woman dr|vor |n tho 1oyota wou|d bo OK.
At 0:00 l.V. thoy whoo|od tho toachor |nto tho 3anta losa Vomor|a| |osp|ta| Emorgoncy loom and doctors bogan work|ng on h|m. 0oputy
0urham spoko w|th 0r. larson. 1ho wounds woro sovoro: a toar ot tho por|card|a| sac ot tho hoart and |ott pu|monary vo|n . . . abras|on ot tho
zygomat|c arch, mu|t|p|o tracturos ot tho r|ght |owor oxtrom|ty, a tracturo ot tho |ott h|p and r|ght arm, mu|t|p|o tracturos ot tho ank|o, |acorat|on |ott
|owor |og, rad|a| and u|na on r|ght. 1hoy cou|dn't koop h|s b|ood prossuro abovo 00. At 1:2b A.V. tho toachor d|od on tho oporat|ng tab|o. 3hor|tt
and Coronor 0on 3tr|opoko ru|od tho causo ot doath to bo: 3hock duo to mu|t|p|o traumat|c |os|ons.'
0urham rota|nod tho toachor's wa||ot and porsona| proporty. 1ho on|y addross thoy had on h|m was a l.O. box |n 3anta losa. 1ho doputy ran a
1028 rog|strat|on chock, and |oarnod that tho v|ct|m ||vod |n a tra||or homo |n 3obastopo|. At 0:80 A.V., 0urham spoko w|th tho toachor's ox-w|to
and d|scovorod ho had boon hav|ng somo op||opt|c so|zuros contro||od by mod|cat|on. At 8:00 l.V. lnvost|gator 3|obo, |ntorostod |n |toms |ns|do
tho tra||or, soa|od |t. lt wasn't unt|| lovombor 8 that po||co roturnod tho proporty, not|ng tor tho|r rocords: land|ord and Ex-w|to aro go|ng to |tom|zo
th|ngs |n h|s room and storo thom at |and|ord's p|aco to troo tho room.' Why d|d po||co koop tho toachor's possoss|ons so |ong? Woro thoy
connoctod w|th tho 3anta losa murdors? A docado wou|d pass botoro l tound out.
Friday, Auguat 27, 1070
At midnight, 5an |ranc|sco 3uporv|sor 0|anno |o|nsto|n, work|ng |ato at C|ty |a||, oponod tho |ast ot hor ma||. 0|d you m|ss mo?' a noto road.
Was busy do|ng somo notar|ous dastard|y work, tor wh|ch l am vory wo|| su|tod.' 3ho rang tho po||co, thoy ca||od 1osch|, and at b:00 A.V.,
unshavon and b|oary-oyod, ho hust|od upsta|rs to study tho |ottor. 1h|s |sn't trom Zod|ac,' ho oxp|a|nod. lt's 'O|d 1om' p|ay|ng gamos aga|n. l'vo got
an ont|ro t||o on O|d 1om's bogus |ottors. Odd|y onough, ho |sn't drunk whon ho wr|tos h|s Zod|ac |ottors. 1ho typ|ng |s tar too o|aborato tor a guy
who |s saucod. And a guy who koops do|ng a th|ng ||ko that whon ho's sobor has gotta havo somoth|ng wrong w|th h|s hoad. |o's k||||ng h|mso|t
w|th a|coho|.' 1ho dotoct|vo arrangod tor tho VcCau|oy C||n|c to troat 1om tor ma|nutr|t|on, tr|od to got h|m |nto lapa undor a soct|on ot tho Wo|taro
and lnst|tut|on Codo about bo|ng a dangor to h|mso|t. |owovor, 1om, an o|d pro, got h|mso|t a wr|t, and o|ght days |ator a judgo droppod h|m back
|nto tho 1ondor|o|n. l v|s|tod O|d 1om |n h|s t|oa-b|tton hoto| room, tound h|m cur|od up on a ur|no-sta|nod mattross. |o was tota||y obsossod w|th tho
caso. lt that mado h|m crazy, thon wo a|| woro.
1osch| st||| had sovon yoars |ott unt|| h|s m|n|mum rot|romont dato. l'm watch|ng tho ma||box,' ho sa|d, to soo |t l got a sovonth-ann|vorsary card
trom Zod|ac.' An ad had run |n that morn|ng's Cbroolc|o: ZO0lAC Your partnor |s |n 0EEl lEAl E31A1E. You'ro noxt. 1ho lmpor|a| W|zard can
savo you. 3urrondor to h|m or l'|| torm|nato your caso. l.A.'
tho voico ot zodiac
Friday, Novombor 5, 1070
1oachi bumod into Kar| Va|don (l|outonant V|ko 3tono' on 7bo 5troots o 5oo lrooclsco). 1ho actor was on |ocat|on at tho po||co
|dont|t|cat|on buroau, shoot|ng a scono w|th costar V|chao| 0oug|as. Va|don roca||od 1osch| trom a moot|ng tho prov|ous yoar and ha||od h|m. You
had that unusua| ups|do-down ho|stor and gun,' ho sa|d. l had novor soon anyth|ng ||ko |t.' 1hoy spoko ot tho job ||ko two cops. l'|| got Zod|ac
somoday,' 1osch| vowod to Va|don. And l'|| br|ng h|m to just|co. 1hat's my mot|vat|on-just|co. l'm not a vongotu| typo, but whon a ||to |s takon,
thoro must bo just|co. |o has takon s|x ||vos, who knows how many moro? l work w|th doath, sorrow, and tragody. Yot l ||ko my job bocauso |t's a
usotu| ono. l br|ng |n k|||ors tor soc|oty's judgmont. l|ng|ng bo||s and knock|ng on doors, good o|d-tash|onod po||co work. 1hat's what doos |t. l'vo
ovon gotton ro||g|ous-typo |ottors whoro thoy to|| mo to pray, to ta|k to God, and thon l'|| catch Zod|ac, thoy say. 1hoso poop|o don't know thoy'ro
ta|k|ng to tho b|ggost bo||ovor around.' lt was a spooch ho not on|y gavo otton, but bo||ovod |n h|s hoart.
1ho Zod|ac caso |s ||ko tho unso|vod 3|ack 0ah||a murdor |n los Ango|os,' 1osch| to|d mo |ator. 1ho ch|ot dotoct|vo |n that caso a|ways sa|d ho
wou|d know tho k|||or |t ho quost|onod h|m by moans ot ono socrot quost|on ho novor rovoa|od-l'vo ho|d a coup|o ot th|ngs back trom tho pross too.
. . . l romombor moot|ng C||nt Eastwood wh||o ho was mak|ng Llrty lorry, an a|most shy porson . . . tadod joans, a 1-sh|rt, wh|to tonn|s shoos, and
ho was a star. And 3tu losonborg, tho d|roctor ot 7bo Loogblog Po|lcomoo. Wa|tor Vathau was wondortu|, 3ruco 0orn torr|t|c |n that t||m. 3tu took
a cab and mot us at a murdor scono. 'l don't know how you do th|s,' ho sa|d. 'Vy God!''
1wo months |ator, tho |ouso 3o|oct Comm|ttoo sought out tho nat|on's top |nvost|gators and |nv|tod 1osch| to part|c|pato |n a socond |ook |nto
tho assass|nat|ons ot 1ohn Konnody and Vart|n luthor K|ng, 1r. |o doc||nod. 1ho ass|gnmont wou|d havo takon h|m away trom Zod|ac tor two
yoars. As Chr|stmas approachod, 1osch|'s mood ||ghtonod. Ono ot tho cr|mo |ab poop|o snappod a cand|d shot ot h|m gr|nn|ng on tho phono and
woar|ng to||ow lnspoctor lotoa G||tord's Zobra-pattornod hat.

For yoara, amatour s|ouths had gropod tor any c|uo that m|ght unmask Zod|ac. ||s uso ot Eng||sh was a va|uab|o |oad. A U.C. 3orko|oy ||ngu|st|cs
protossor, oxam|n|ng Zod|ac's uso ot vornacu|ar, conc|udod ho was ot Eng||sh or Wo|sh oxtract|on. Eng||sh cartoon|st 1|m Ungor, who drow tho
synd|catod str|p lormoo, was onco a 3r|t|sh po||coman. 1ho |ottors trom Zod|ac show ho |s a man trom tho north ot Groat 3r|ta|n,' Ungor sa|d. Ot
courso, wo know ho spoaks w|th no accont, but ho may havo ||vod thoro.' A 3r|t|sh po||co car curront|y |n sorv|co was ca||od tho Zod|ac,' |ts hood
|ns|gn|a a crossod c|rc|o. Author lancy Ashbaugh to|d mo: '1|t W|||ow' |s a song sung by Eng||sh mothors |nstoad ot 'lock-a-byo-3aby.' Zod|ac
mont|ons popporm|nt and 'phompt|t. ' Zod|ac moans pomt|ts, a torm tor cand|os. 'G|vo tho ch||d a pomt|t [v|o|ot squaros and |avondor squaros|.'
1horo aro pomt|ts |n A|lco lo oooor|ooo.' A m|nd roador statod, Zod|ac |s dot|n|to|y ot Gorman-lr|sh ancostry.'
Wr|t|ng |n tuturo tonso-l w||| . . . l sha||,' Zod|ac a|so usod purposotu| m|sspo|||ngs. Was thoro a man |n tho caso who, |n h|s da||y ||to, hab|tua||y
m|sspo||od words |n a mock|ng, taunt|ng, or jocu|ar mannor? 3po|||ng m|stakos |n tho throo-part cryptogram m|ght not bo oncrypt|ng m|stakos, but a
h|ddon mossago. Zod|ac had usod oxtra |ottors such as tho r |n torrost' and o |n oxpooronco' and om|ttod |ottors such as tho s |n dangorous.'
Us|ng thoso d|vorgoncos, Zod|ac butt 1. 3. 0ah|gron was ab|o to spo|| 3c|onco |s mystor|ous ls|s,' but adm|ttod that sk|||od anagram|sts m|ght t|nd
bottor comb|nat|ons.
A|ong w|th odd|y spo||od words, X's ran through Zod|ac's |ottors: X'mas' and 3upor X.' 1ho c|rc|od 8 |n tho |ottor m|ght bo a 1aurus or Cancor
symbo|. 1osch|, h|mso|t a Cancor, had gotton |n tho hab|t ot rogu|ar|y p|ck|ng up astro|ogy magaz|nos hop|ng ono m|ght prov|do an ovor|ookod c|uo.
An astro|ogor, us|ng tho datos whon Zod|ac had struck or ma||od |ottors, tr|od unsuccosstu||y cast|ng h|s horoscopo backwards. 1hat way l can
ascorta|n h|s b|rth dato.' Anothor was suro Zod|ac was a Capr|corn. 3aturn |s tho ru||ng p|anot ot Capr|corn and Zod|ac's act|v|t|os aro t|od to
corta|n ovonts |n 3aturn,' ho sa|d.

look |n tho Chron|c|o,' 1ohn |. Grovo adv|sod, and soo what tho horoscopo rocommondod on days ho k|||od. Attor a||, ||t|or wou|dn't movo
w|thout h|s astro|ogor's okay. . . . Capp|os aro usua||y good spo||ors, and h|s orrors cou|d bo a ruso to throw ovoryono ott tho track. Zod|ac
appoars to bo strong|y attoctod by tho d|co natura|s 7 and 11, tho |attor ospoc|a||y. Apart trom gamb||ng and tho occu|t h|s assumod namo may
bo |ntorro|atod w|th h|s |ovo ot o|ovon. 1ho word Zod|ac |s dor|vod trom tho anc|ont Grook Zod|akos. 1ho |o||onos had no soparato numbor|ng
systom, oach a|phabot|ca| |ottor hav|ng a numor|ca| va|uo. l was amazod whon l computod tho numor|ca| va|uo tor Zod|akos and tound |t to bo
1111. ls Zod|ac awaro ot th|s? |o probab|y |s. |o may bo crazy or a dopor or both, but ho |s no|thor stup|d nor ||||torato.'

lt tho numbor o|ovon was |mportant to tho k|||or, what d|d two|vo moan to h|m? 1horo woro two|vo s|gns to tho Zod|ac. Zod|ac's naturo (and that ot
most sor|a| k|||ors) was to c||p and co||oct stor|os about h|mso|t. 3|nco buy|ng throo papors a day m|ght attract unduo attont|on, ho m|ght havo homo
subscr|pt|ons to thom a||. 1ho Exomloor had not on|y bur|od Zod|ac on pago 4, but boggod h|m to surrondor to thom (an unw|so suggost|on to a
madman who onjoyod bo|ng |n contro|). Zod|ac novor wroto thom aga|n. lo||co m|ght |ook tor a man who had many subscr|pt|ons, but canco|od tho
Wodnoaday, Narch 80, 1077
AIIon had now sorvod th|rty months-two yoars and t|ttoon days at Atascadoro. |o was roturnod to tho 3onoma County 1a|| to proparo tor a Vay
18, 1077 probat|on hoar|ng. |o wa|vod that r|ght.
1uoaday, Auguat 80, 1077
Loigh had aont a tota| ot 1b0 days |n tho 3onoma County 1a||. 3otwoon thoro and Atascadoro ho had boon boh|nd bars tor two yoars, tour
months, and twonty-t|vo days. 0ur|ng a|| that t|mo not ono ottonso attr|butab|o to Zod|ac had boon comm|ttod. 1ho attacks |n 3anta losa had
coasod, no now bod|os woro d|scardod bo|ow |ranz va||oy load, no gonu|no |ottors trom Zod|ac had boon roco|vod. Evon as |ato as th|s n|no
hundrodth day ot lo|gh's capt|v|ty, a noto-a sontonco-a s|ng|o word postmarkod trom outs|do Atascadoro wou|d havo romovod A||on trom tho
suspoct ||st. 3ut Zod|ac's |ast |ottor had boon roco|vod throo tu|| yoars botoro-1u|y 8, 1074.
ln tho attornoon, a 3onoma County 3hor|tt's 0opartmont doputy ushorod lo|gh downsta|rs. 1ho|r hoo|s ochood |n tho |ong |mporsona| ha||ways.
1ho doputy arrangod wh|to p|ast|c numora|s, #4-7-0-8-2, bo|ow lo|gh's taco tor an l.0. mug shot. |o was garbod |n pr|son c|othos, h|s mustacho
and goatoo now show|ng gray. ||s oxpross|on was scow||ng, though tho noxt day ho was to bo a troo man. A tr|ond ot m|no saw a d|ttoront
oxpross|on |n tho samo photo. l th|nk ho |ooks sad,' sho sa|d.
Ca||torn|a |aw ontorcomont author|t|os, undor 3oct|on 200 ot tho 3tato lona| Codo, ro||od on conv|ctod sox ottondors to koop tabs on
thomso|vos by not|ty|ng po||co whon thoy movod. 3|nco tho stato had no ontorcomont program, |t was no surpr|so that on|y a handtu| ot tho mu|t|tudo
ot d|schargod ottondors woro curront|y rog|storod. Atascadoro ott|c|a|s not|t|od tho pr|son rog|stry and tho rog|stry not|t|od va||ojo author|t|os that
A||on was on tho stroots aga|n. 1ho noxt stop was up to h|m. |o roturnod to h|s cub|c|o, h|s stops ocho|ng down tho ha||s, h|s |mago rot|octod tu||
|ongth |n tho h|gh|y po||shod t|oor b|ggor than ovor.
Wodnoaday, Auguat 81, 1077
Liboratod trom Ataacadoro, lo|gh A||on wont to stay w|th tr|onds |n laso lob|os. 1ho to||ow|ng day 1osch| roco|vod a typod |ottor trom h|m, tho
t|rst mont|on ot Zod|ac w|th|n rocont momory. K|||ors |nvar|ab|y try to |njoct thomso|vos |nto tho |nvost|gat|on,' l sa|d to 1osch|. |avo any ot tho
suspocts ovor ottorod to ho|p you catch Zod|ac? W|th h|s d|sda|n ot tho po||co, Zod|ac wou|d bo |rros|st|b|y drawn to ottor to catch h|mso|t.'
On|y ono,' ho sa|d.
And l bot |t was typod.'
Yos, |t was. lt just arr|vod.' |o soarchod h|s dosk. A br|ght shatt ot ||ght cut through tho gr|my w|ndow. 1ratt|c craw|od s|ugg|sh|y a|ong 3ryant
3troot. 1ho o|d s|gn t|ashod |ts rod noon |n br|ght sun||ght, OK 3All 3Ol03-OlEl 24 |OUl3-WE 3lEClAllZE ll 1lA||lC.' 1osch| tound
tho |ottor and road a|oud: lt l can ovor bo ot any ho|p to you just |ot mo know. l'm sorry l wasn't your man, but l'm out now and l'vo pa|d my dobt to
soc|oty. [s|gnod| lo|gh A||on.'
3orry l wasn't your man!'' sa|d 1osch| |n wondormont. A noto ||ko th|s, w|th |ts mock|ng tono, was oxact|y tho k|nd ot |ottor Zod|ac wou|d wr|to.
|o's tho ono,' l sa|d.
3ack at tho Cbroolc|o, a s|ck, unpostmarkod |ottor s|gnod w|th a Zod|ac symbo| arr|vod that attornoon. Evon crank |ottors ||ko O|d 1om's woro
troatod sor|ous|y. Actua||y, any Zod|ac |ottor, no mattor how obv|ous a hoax, a|ways croatod a st|r. lo poss|b|||ty cou|d bo d|sm|ssod. lo||co
|av|shod attont|on on oach bocauso Zod|ac's handpr|nt|ng may havo changod ovor tho yoars.

lll 0O l1 3ECAU3E l 0OlE l1 21 1lVE3 l CAl1 31Ol 3ECAU3E EAC| 1|A1 l Klll VAKE3 l1 WOl3E Al0 l VU31 Klll VOlE
VAl l3 1|E VO31 lllZE0 GAVE lll lElvEl GlvE VY lAVE. . . .'

What porvors|ty drovo anyono to copy Zod|ac? |uturo copycats had darkor mot|vos and b|ood|or hands. 1hoy wont turthor than |m|tat|ng wr|t|ng-
thoy actod on tho Zod|ac cr|mos thomso|vos.
1uoaday, January 8, 1078
AIIon roturnod to va||ojo. Wator 1own had changod ||tt|o-|y|ng c|oan, spraw||ng, and mystor|ous as a|ways. lobort lou|s 3tovonson onco sa|d,
va||ojo typ|ca| ot many sma|| Ca||torn|a towns-a b|undor.' ||rst th|ng, lo|gh app||od as a t|oot mochan|c to 3on|c|a lmport Auto 3orv|co. |o was
honost about h|s past. l sorvod two yoars and a ha|t at Atascadoro,' ho adm|ttod. Attor thoy h|rod h|m at $0.1b an hour, ho rovod tho h|||s try|ng out
h|s w|ngs. |o was soom|ng|y unawaro tho soarch tor Zod|ac had not abatod |n h|s absonco. 1ho samo hounds woro st||| how||ng and |oap|ng a||
about h|m and across tho wators |n 3an |ranc|sco. 3ut on a nat|ona| |ovo|, tho |3l tocusod on now Zod|ac suspocts:

At 3utta|o, low York. W||| quost|on an |ntormant rogard|ng h|s know|odgo ot and bas|s ot h|s a||ogat|on ot Zod|ac's act|v|t|os, and why ho
cons|dors h|m a suspoct |n tho ZO0lAC caso,' road a bu||ot|n. At 1acksonv|||o, at 1avaros, ||or|da. W||| adv|so lako County as a poss|b|o
ZO0lAC suspoct. W||| obta|n photos ot subjoct and turn|sh to 3acramonto, and a|so to 3utta|o. AlVE0 Al0 0AlGElOU3.'

1ho gray stra|ts appoarod |cy |n tho morn|ng. lo|gh parkod whoro a causoway across tho lapa l|vor and tho stra|ts jo|nod va||ojo at tho wost to
an |s|and. |o gazod toward Varo ls|and. ln Wator 1own's oar|y days, a bargo transport|ng a hord ot ||vostock had ovorturnod. Gonora| Var|ano
Guada|upo va||ojo, an oar|y Ca||torn|a |and baron, had roscuod a wh|to maro sw|mm|ng tor tho |s|and and chr|stonod tho cay ls|a do |a Yogua
-ls|and ot tho Varo.'
Across tho wator, batt|osh|ps moorod a|ongs|do throo-t|orod warohousos w|th br|ck smokostacks. 1ho lava| 3h|pyard was va||ojo's pr|nc|pa|
|ndustry, sorvod by th|rd-, ovon tourth-gonorat|on workors. 0ur|ng Wor|d War ll |t roturnod a thousand ropa|rod sh|ps to duty and manutacturod throo
hundrod submar|nos, dostroyor oscorts, sub tondors, and |and|ng cratt. 1ho Wost's o|dost lava| |nsta||at|on assomb|od batt|osh|ps ||ko tho
Co|lorolo, cru|sors ||ko tho Cblcogo. lt was tho t|rst lac|t|c yard to bu||d atom|c-poworod subs. 1ho sh|pyard, comp|oto|y so|t-conta|nod,
manutacturod ovoryth|ng |t noodod trom br|cks to r|vots. A||on was oqua||y so|t-sutt|c|ont. |o gazod |ong|ng|y toward tho soa, drovo |nto work, and
got bad nows. lmport Auto 3orv|co was |ay|ng h|m ott. 3o soon?' sa|d lo|gh. 3us|noss has just boon too s|ow,' sa|d tho managor. A||on c|onchod
and unc|onchod h|s t|sts at tho hopo|ossnoss ot |t a||.
Friday, AriI 28, 1078
On Nonday, aomoono had droppod a |ottor w|th too much postago and s|gnod Zod|ac' |nto a ma||box. lts postmark dos|gnatod a 3anta C|ara or
3an Vatoo County or|g|n. On |r|day, Apr|| 28, tho Cbroolc|o roco|vod |ts t|rst Zod|ac |ottor s|nco 1074. lt |t was not a hoax, tho k|||or had boon
o|sowhoro tor a|most tour yoars. 1ho |ottor mot a|| tho usua| roqu|romonts ot a gonu|no Zod|ac commun|cat|on. 3ut |t had a torcod |ook about |t, and
qu|to qu|ck|y cr|os ot |oax!' wont up. 3horwood Vorr||| |n 3acramonto ru|od |t authont|c. |or a wh||o so d|d 1ohn 3h|moda, 0|roctor ot tho losta|
Cr|mo laboratory, Wostorn log|ona| Ott|co, 3an 3runo. Evontua||y 3h|moda rovorsod h|s pos|t|on and s|dod w|th oxport 1orry lascoo, c|a|m|ng |t
to bo a c|ovor hoax. l wantod |t to bo authont|c, but as t|mo wont by, my doubts about tho |ottor |ncroasod. 1ho cunn|ng torgory wou|d causo agony
tor ovoryono.
|o's |urk|ng somowhoro,' 1osch| to|d tho pross, and |t scaros tho ho|| out ot poop|o, |nc|ud|ng my w|to. 1ho caso has put cons|dorab|o stra|n
upon my tam||y. Vy throo ||tt|o g|r|s woro not b|g onough |n 1000 to approc|ato tho magn|tudo ot tho caso, but thoy woro o|d onough to hoar stor|os
trom tho|r schoo|matos that tho|r daddy was work|ng on a caso about a dangorous murdoror. 1hoy wou|d como and to|| mo thoy woro atra|d that
somoth|ng horr|b|o wou|d happon to mo. 1hoy ||vod w|th th|s toar. Ot a|| tho casos l havo hand|od, th|s ono |s roa||y a porsona| caso. . . . |o's p|ay|ng
tho ogo gamo, try|ng to taunt us. . . . l try not to |ot th|s bothor mo, but |t's trustrat|ng. Wo havo not g|von up. 1ho caso |s workod upon anyt|mo
somoth|ng |s torwardod to us and wo act upon |t. 1ho surrondor box |s st||| opon.'
Nonday, Nay 15, 1078
| waan't aurriaod a popu|ar t||m ||ko 7bo Exorclst drow Zod|ac out back |n '74,' 1osch| to|d mo. 1h|s guy |s a roa| nut on mov|os.' l showod h|m
an anonymous |ottor sont to mo-oxact|y tho k|nd tho ogot|st|ca|, pub||c|ty-mad k|||or m|ght wr|to: 1o Ed|tor, or who ovor |s |n chargo ot tho Zod|ac,'
|t sa|d. |avo you ovor cons|dorod mak|ng a short t||m about tho Zod|ac?

l|ko somo ot thoso ||tchcocks, you know whoro you havo to como to your own conc|us|on tor an ond|ng as to who |s tho k|||or? lt a muv|o
cou|d bo mado, |t can bo shown |n ono ot thoso sma|| thoators whoro most|y sox muv|os aro shown so that |t w||| |ook ||ko somo unknown
thought ot tho |doa just to mako monoy on somoth|ng that so||s. . . . As l |ook at |t, s|nco tho Zod|ac takos so much pr|do |n h|mso|t tor h|s work,
|o'|| probab|y |ovo tho thought ot a muv|o about h|mso|t, and s|nco ho too|s shuro knowbody knows h|m, thoro |s no roason tor h|m not to go
and adm|ro h|mso|t. . . . 1hank you-no namo . . . sorry tor tho moss, but l'm k|nd ot |n a hurry, l havo work to do.'

1uoaday, Nay 10, 1078
Bocauao ot turor ovor tho Apr|| hoax |ottor, cr|os tor Zod|ac's capturo |ntons|t|od. 3an |ranc|sco ros|donts put lo||co Ch|ot Char|os Ga|n undor
torr|t|c prossuro to so|vo tho caso. |o askod |3l 0|roctor W||||am |. Wobstor to ana|yzo s|x Zod|ac cryptograms ma||od to |oca| papors |n 1000.
Ga|n wroto:

1hroo ot thoso woro subsoquont|y brokon but tho othors roma|n unso|vod. Wo roquost that a now attompt bo mado to broak thoso c|phors-
1. lhoto copy ot 'Zod|ac' |ottor w|th 18 charactors. 'Vy namo |s--.'
2. lhoto copy ot 'Zod|ac' |ottor w|th 81 charactors. 8. lhoto copy ot cryptogram oxcorpt trom |ottor. 4. Copy ot throo brokon

|3l attompts to docrypt, us|ng tho o|d koy as part ot a comb|nat|on cryptosystom, ta||od, as d|d ||noar and routo transpos|t|on. Exports oxam|nod
tho t|rst and |ast ha|vos tor a cyc||c uso ot var|ants, d|d hand anagramm|ng w|th tho mossago as wr|tton or backwards or wr|tton co|umnar|y. 1hoy
road |t as t|rst ||no torward and socond ||no backward. 1hoy ran a s||d|ng word through tho mossagos. 1hoy tr|od concontratod anagramm|ng
-took, |ook, book, cook, shook, hook . . .' A|| ondoavors woro non-product|vo. 1osch| was not too surpr|sod. l|ko many po||comon, ho had no
groat ta|th |n tho o||t|st buroau.
Friday, Nay 10, 1078
|n tho moantimo, Ga|n obta|nod |3l |ab rosu|ts on h|s pot|t|onod compar|son ot tho Zod|ac |ottors. 1ho Ouost|onod 0ocumonts oxam|nor
cons|dorod s|xtoon man||a to|dors conta|n|ng tho |ottors botwoon Octobor 18, 1000, and Apr|| 24, 1078. 1ho oxport ronumborod thom O 8b through
O 00. (1ho l|vors|do |ottors, |nc|ud|ng tho dosktop, woro stud|od soparato|y |n photograph|c torm and |abo|od Oc100.) 1ho roport, |n |onghand,

1ho handpr|nt|ng on tho O 8b-Oc100 |ottors show a w|do rango ot var|at|on and var|ous wr|t|ng spoods. Add|t|ona||y, port|ons ot tho
mator|a|, part|cu|ar|y tho throo l|vors|do |ottors, may havo boon d|sgu|sod or do||borato|y d|stortod. |or tho abovo roasons, tho handpr|nt|ng
oxam|nat|on ot thoso |ottors was |nconc|us|vo. |owovor, cons|stont handpr|nt|ng charactor|st|cs woro notod |n tho O 8b-Oc100 |ottors wh|ch
|nd|cato that ono porson may havo proparod a|| ot tho |ottors |nc|ud|ng tho l|vors|do |ottors and tho mossago tound on tho dosk top |n tho
l|vors|do caso.'

A month |ator Ga|n roquostod tho 3ohav|ora| 3c|onco Un|t at Ouant|co rov|ow tho |ottors' contonts and dovo|op a psycho|og|ca| prot||o ot Zod|ac.
lator l ca||od to soo |t Chonoy ovor wroto any |ottors to lo|gh A||on. l cou|dn't ho|p but not|co that your pr|nt|ng rosomb|os Zod|ac pr|nt|ng,' l sa|d.
Cou|d Zod|ac bo copy|ng your handpr|nt|ng?' Vaybo!' sa|d Chonoy. 3otoro chang|ng to porm|t m|crot||m, uppor and |oworcaso |ottor|ng was
standard dratt|ng pract|co.' Chonoy, an ong|noor, rotorrod mo to 7ocbolco| Lrowlog (Go|sacko, 3poncor, and V|tcho||, Vacm|||an, 4th od|t|on).
1hough l novor got a |ottor trom h|m w|th doub|o postago,' ho sa|d, lo|gh typod h|s |ottors and roc|pos, m|sspo|||ng corta|n words on purposo.'
A||on bogan moot|ng w|th h|s paro|o ott|cor, 3ruco l. lo||o, 0oputy lrobat|on Ott|cor, County ot 3o|ano. lo||o not|cod that A||on cons|stont|y woro
o|d-tash|onod p|oatod pants to tho|r contoroncos. 1ho|r t|rst month|y moot|ng was troub||ng to lo||o and uncomtortab|o tor A||on. 1ho paro|o ott|cor
attomptod to soo just what wou|d sot h|m ott, throaton|ng h|m w|th a roturn to ja|| |t ho d|d not cooporato moro tu||y. 1h|s brought a |owor|ng ot h|s
hoad and a rotra|n ot l wou|dn't ||ko that at a||.' A||on's |mpropor ro|at|onsh|ps w|th ch||dron had not conc|udod o|thor. Whon lo||o t|rst v|s|tod A||on's
homo w|th h|s partnor, l|oyd, tho paro|oo had a|| tho no|ghborhood ch||dron out tront r|d|ng b|cyc|os. lo|gh had thom c|rc|o tho|r car wav|ng rod t|ags
to d|roct tho ott|cors |nto tho dr|voway. |o a|so ma|nta|nod a tr|ondsh|p w|th a n|no-yoar-o|d that wou|d on|y coaso whon sho roachod s|xtoon.
Ono ovon|ng, lo||o gazod out h|s apartmont w|ndow at tho 3odoga comp|ox whoro ho ||vod. 1wo stor|os bo|ow, tho smo|| ot ch|or|no and suntan
o|| dr|ttod upward. loxt to tho |ntorm|ttont|y spark||ng poo| lo|gh was ho|d|ng hands w|th a ||tt|o g|r|-a d|roct paro|o v|o|at|on. lo||o roa||zod that
lo|gh had to||owod h|m homo attor tho|r soss|on. |or somo roason tho ox-conv|ct was try|ng to |nt|m|dato h|m or taunt h|m by h|s c|oso prox|m|ty to
a ch||d. Why? lo||o mado somo ca||s, |oarnod tho g|r| was lo|gh's cous|n, and u|t|mato|y |ot tho mattor pass. 3hort|y attorward, ho |oarnod that A||on
was a sor|ous Zod|ac suspoct.
ln tact tho day l tound out,' ho to|d mo, l was homo |ook|ng at cop|os ot tho Zod|ac |ottors. A|| ovon|ng l kopt gott|ng thoso ca||s whoro somoono
wou|d just broatho. l kopt to|||ng my g|r|tr|ond, 'l th|nk that A||on knows that l know and that ho knows that l know ho knows.' l to|d h|m:
'Arthur, you'ro suspoctod ot bo|ng tho Zod|ac.'
'l know,' ho sa|d.
'What do you th|nk about that?'
'l th|nk that was a roa| m|snomor to do that to mo. l th|nk |t was unta|r.'
'lt was?'
'|avo you road tho roports?'
'Yoah, l know what thoy'ro ta|k|ng about and that's a|| a pack ot ||os.'
'Wou|dn't tho porson who was tho Zod|ac too| that |t was a pack ot ||os?'
'lrobab|y. Who |n ho|| |s go|ng to adm|t to bo|ng tho damn Zod|ac.''
|o to|d lo||o that on tho day ot tho |artno|| and 3hopard stabb|ngs, ho was supposod to bo at lako 3orryossa catch|ng ground squ|rro|s to
d|ssoct. Amaz|ng co|nc|donco,' lo||o romarkod. |o was a|so d|sturbod by lo|gh's monta| ova|uat|on. 3as|ca||y, Arthur |s an oxtromo|y dangorous
porson,' ho to|d mo |ator. |o |s soc|opath|c and possossos an |ncrod|b|y h|gh l.O. A||on |s ropross|ng vory doop hatrod and |s |ncapab|o ot
tunct|on|ng w|th womon |n a norma| way.' Apparont|y, attor h|s 1071 o|| rot|nory quost|on|ng, lo|gh, at tho urg|ng ot h|s tam||y, had boon ova|uatod by
psych|atr|sts at U.C. 3orko|oy and lang|oy lortor. 1hoy had workod up monta| roports on tho pr|mo suspoct trom Vay 1078 unt|| 3optombor 20,
1074, whon ho had boon t|rst cons|dorod capab|o ot murdor, dangorous.' 0octors had |ookod tor |nd|cat|ons ot so|t-mut||at|on dr|vos and a
d|srogard tor tho sanct|ty ot human ||to. 1hoy notod h|s |mpu|s|vonoss.
l askod lo||o |t ho had soon a ||ght tab|o or on|argor at lo|gh's houso on any ot h|s v|s|ts. l suspoctod Zod|ac had projoctod gr|ds through an
on|argor onto h|s b|ocks ot c|phor to a||gn thom so portoct|y. Yos,' lo||o sa|d. l roca|| soo|ng an on|argor |n h|s homo.' 3ut ot courso thoro had to
bo ono. Whoovor Zod|ac was, ho had to havo accoss to a ||ght tab|o, gr|ds to pos|t|on h|s symbo|s, a 1-squaro and tr|ang|o and othor dratt|ng too|s.
Ethan W. A||on had boon a drattsman tor tho c|ty ot va||ojo. 3uch |toms woro tho too|s ot h|s trado. As a protoss|ona| art|st, l know that tho Zod|ac
|ottors, tho 840-symbo| codo |n part|cu|ar, wou|d tax tho most oxpor|oncod crattsman.
lo|gh's got a now motorcyc|o now,' lo||o to|d mo, app|o-groon [a co|or c|oso to Chor| 1o 3atos's ||mo-groon vW |. lt's not rog|storod |n h|s
namo, but a tr|ond's. And ho's got a now job too. lo|gh to|d mo how much ho hatos work|ng tor a ||v|ng. 1o|d mo torcotu||y. 3ut whon ho choosos ho
can projoct a ca|m and roasonab|o tront. |o's work|ng part-t|mo at tho Ca||torn|a |uman 0ovo|opmont Corporat|on [1004 Var|n 3troot| as a son|or-
c|t|zon a|do. '|or $4.00 por hour,' lo|gh oxp|a|nod, 'l tako son|ors to and trom hosp|ta|s, |nspoct and |nsta|| socur|ty dov|cos |n tho|r homos.'
3ocur|ty dov|cos-that's m|ghty |ntorost|ng. As tor lo|gh's brothor, lon, ho's now a c|ty p|annor. |o's st||| worr|od about h|s brothor, but raro|y has
any moro contact w|th tho po||co.'
Ono ovon|ng somot|mo |ator, l drovo out to tho t|rst va||ojo cr|mo scono-lako |orman load. Othor v|s|ts had boon at m|dn|ght, tho t|mo ot tho
murdors. 1on|ght tho w|nd tromb|od tho troos a|ong tho road. 1ho |andscapo, |ost and tound |n ovory curvo, was t|na||y swa||owod up |n wh|to tog.
Attor A||on's ro|oaso trom pr|son, goss|p aga|n mont|onod a b|g man rov|ng noar tho wator pumps and |ako. |o scoutod, pract|cod h|s shoot|ng,
and c||mbod through quarr|os whoro ho cou|d d|vo. A|| ot Zod|ac's murdors had boon wator-or|ontod-3|uo lock 5prlogs (oor||y rom|n|scont ot
A||on's o|d schoo|, va||oy 3pr|ngs), Rlvorsloo, Loko 3orryossa, Loko 3troot (h|s roquostod t|rst dost|nat|on |n lau| 3t|no's cab), and Loko |orman
load. 1hough l tound tho lako |orman doub|o murdor s|to v|rtua||y unchangod, ono a|torat|on had boon mado. 1ho ||tt|o gravo| |ano just past tho
cha|n-||nk tonco |oad|ng to lump |ouso #10 now had a namo. A br|sk w|nd roso, rutt||ng tho stand|ng wator as l mado my way to tho gato to road
Wator lano.' 1hat to|d mo that a docado ago Zod|ac had boon oxtraord|nar||y tam|||ar w|th va||ojo. |o had so|octod an unmarkod path that t|t h|s
man|a tor wator-namod s|tos. |o know a|| tho socrots ot Wator 1own.
1uoaday, Juno 27, 1078
And atiII wo roco|vod t|ps portray|ng what sort ot guy Zod|ac m|ght bo . . .' l too| that ho m|ght havo a b|ko or motorcyc|o,' a 3an |ranc|sco art
d|roctor suggostod. . . . |s bordor|ng on gon|us . . . untappod and untra|nod porhaps, but monta||y supor|or to tho ways |n wh|ch ho has boon ab|o to
mako a ||v|ng . . . that ho |s hard|y an accoptod |nd|v|dua| at a||, but cons|dorod cur|ous, tomporamonta|, and a soc|a||y ||m|tod porsona||ty. ||s sp||t
porsona||ty |s tod da||y by |nsu|ts and tr|ngo know|odgo . . . ot wh|ch ho |s a m|sorab|o spoctator, not part|c|pant. |o |s, |n my |mag|nat|on, 8b to 40
yoars o|d. |o |s doath|y atra|d ot womon or |mpotont. |o |s, |t tho man |s gu||ty ot tho wastotu|, sonso|oss cr|mos you'vo had to roport, |n d|ro nood
ot |ovo. |o a|so noods ho|p. Untortunato|y, ho a|so noods to bo caught.'
Ass|stant |3l d|roctor 1homas Ko||ohor, 1r., adv|sod Ch|ot Ga|n on 1uosday that thoy had boon ana|yz|ng tho unso|vod Zod|ac c|phors s|nco tho|r
acqu|s|t|on, part|cu|ar|y tho 840-symbo| c|phor. 1ho laboratory w||| cont|nuo ana|ys|s ot thoso c|phors as t|mo porm|ts. You w||| bo not|t|od
|mmod|ato|y ot any pos|t|vo rosu|ts.' Cryptographors soarchod tor h|ddon c|phors and mossagos. ln|t|a| |ottors ot words, t|rst, socond, th|rd |ast
|ottors ot words, ||no bog|nn|ngs, ||no ond|ngs,' thoy roportod, d|d not spo|| anyth|ng.' 1horo woro no oxtranoous mark|ngs, no |ndontat|ons, no
|nv|s|b|o wr|t|ng. As tor Zod|ac, ho was |nv|s|b|o too.
Nonday, JuIy 17, 1078
Attor controvoray ovor tho Apr|| Zod|ac |ottor, lnspoctor 1osch| was roass|gnod to lobbory 0ota||. An untoundod a||ogat|on that ho had wr|tton
tho |ottor causod h|s transtor. lo||co ott|c|a|s omphat|ca||y don|od roports that lnspoctor 0avo 1osch|, who has |nvost|gatod tho Zod|ac caso tor
n|no yoars, ovor was suspoctod ot torg|ng tho |atost |ottor attr|butod to tho murdoror,' roportod tho Assoc|atod lross.
low Vr. 1osch| w||| know what |t too|s ||ko!' A||on to|d lo||o through c|onchod tooth attor ho road ot tho transtor. lo|gh st||| romomborod h|s
d|sm|ssa| trom tho rot|nory b|ttor|y. As tor 1osch|, a groat wo|ght was ||ttod trom h|s shou|dors.
Wodnoaday, JuIy 10, 1078
Avory waa among tho m|ss|ng too. lau| Avory and Kato Co|oman who wroto tho s|zz||ng oxposo ot 3|ack lanthor v|o|onco |n tho 1u|y 10 Now
7lmos, havo gono 'out ot tho aroa' attor roco|v|ng tho prod|ctab|o throats,' wroto |orb Caon. 1ho bogus |ottor rooponod o|d wounds, dr|v|ng tho
popu|aco to sook c|osuro on tho |ong-unso|vod caso. Zod|ac t|ps quadrup|od. 1ho Zod|ac was shot to doath by 3an |ranc|sco po||co |n Varch ot
1070,' a roador |ntormod Caon, about tour months attor ho sot tho Gart|and |oto| t|ro that k|||od th|rtoon poop|o.' loxt day, an anonymous
typowr|tton |ottor trom los Ango|os a|so arr|vod at tho Cbroolc|o:

l am tho ZO0lAC and l am |n contro| ot a|| th|ngs,' |t road. l am go|ng to to|| you a socrot. l ||ko tr|ct|on tapo. l ||ko to havo |t around |n caso l
nood to truss somoono up |n a hurry. . . . l havo my roa| namo on a sma|| mota|||c tapo. You soo, wh||o you havo |t |n your possoss|on, l want you
to know |t bo|ongs to mo and you th|nk l may havo |ott |t acc|dont|y. l am ath|ot|c. lt cou|d bo sw|m t|ns, or a p|oco ot scuba goar. 3ut maybo you
p|ay choss w|th mo. l havo sovora| choap sots |n c|osots a|| ovor. l havo my namo on tho bottom ot tho ||d w|th tho scotch tapo. . . . Vy tapo |s
wa|t|ng tor mo a|| ovor Ca||torn|a. 0o you know mo? l am tho ZO0lAC and l am |n contro|.'

Nonday, JuIy 80, 1078
AIIon, whiIo driving w|th a suspondod ||conso on 1u|y 80, was |nvo|vod |n an acc|dont |n Vondoc|no |nvo|v|ng a car ||consod ZE3 b77. 1ho 3tato
|arm |nsuranco undorwr|tor who |nsurod A||on's car know h|m porsona||y. 3ovora| days |ator, a woman approachod tho agont's dosk at tho lohnort
lark rog|ona| ott|co, stood s||ont|y tor a momont, thon askod about obta|n|ng acc|dont t||o #01b0bb0b080. 1hat was lo|gh A||on's t||o. Why?' tho
agont askod. 3ocauso thoy'ro watch|ng any act|v|ty go|ng on about th|s man,' sho sa|d. 3o carotu| not to got yourso|t |nvo|vod w|th |ntormat|on
about h|m. 1hoy'|| want to know what you'ro up to. 1wo tourtoon-yoar-o|d g|r|s havo d|sappoarod |n tho va||ojo aroa, but l sor|ous|y doubt lo|gh's up
to anyth|ng s|nco ho's bo|ng watchod so c|oso|y.'
Wodnoaday Auguat 28, 1078
A tow daya oar||or, 1osch| had s||ppod and tracturod h|s ank|o on an o||y spot |n tho po||co garago. |o chatod at anyth|ng that took h|m trom work.
Anx|ous|y, ho consu|tod a bono spoc|a||st. 1osch|,' tho doctor jokod, ovory cop l know wants to oxtond h|s d|sab|||ty t|mo a b|t moro and horo you
want to got r|ght back to work.' 1osch| on|y sm||od and roturnod to tho job w|th h|s spoc|a| jo||y-shoo sott wa|k|ng cast on. 3y wook's ond, ho was
||mp|ng a|ong on h|s bandagod toot as br|sk|y as ho norma||y wa|kod.
Ut|||z|ng tho contont ot authont|c Zod|ac |ottors, tho 3ohav|ora| 3c|onco Un|t (33U), hoadquartorod at Ouant|co, v|rg|n|a, w|th|n tho |3l lat|ona|
Acadomy, attomptod to dovo|op a bottor psycho|og|ca| prot||o ot tho k|||or. losu|ts w||| bo torwardod to your d|v|s|on tor transm|tta| to roquost|ng
agoncy whon comp|otod,' 33U not|t|od tho 3an |ranc|sco |3l |oadquartors. 1h|s 1ra|n|ng 0|v|s|on ot tho 1ust|co 0opartmont had boon
ostab||shod |n tho oar|y 1070s. 3ut how many sor|a| k|||or casos has tho |3l so|vod-|t any?' sa|d ono agont pub||c|y.
1ust as Avory and 1osch| woro putt|ng Zod|ac boh|nd thom, Capta|n Kon lar|ow ot tho lapa 3hor|tt's Ott|co was bocom|ng |ncroas|ng|y
obsossod. Vany ot tho |oads wo woro or|g|na||y b|ossod w|th,' ho to|d mo |n our |ntorv|ows ot August 2b, 1078 and August 12, 1080, havo
bocomo o|d and dotor|oratod to tho po|nt whoro thoy don't havo much va|uo anymoro. l st||| th|nk Zod|ac |s out thoro somop|aco. l somot|mos |ook
out tho w|ndow and wondor how c|oso wo'vo como to h|m at t|mos. Wo ratt|od so many cagos and k|ckod so many bushos a|ong tho way, wo must
havo boon noar h|m at |oast onco.'
1hoso days lar|ow thought about ono part|cu|ar man. l'vo a|ways boon h|gh on h|m,' ho to|d mo. Wo novor had onough ov|donco to br|ng h|m |n
and ro|| h|s pr|nts. 1ho moro wo startod |oan|ng on h|m, tho moro natura||y dotons|vo ho got. 1ho t|rst coup|o ot t|mos wo ta|kod to h|m ho was vory
opon, thon |t got to tho po|nt whoro |t was 'E|thor do somoth|ng or |oavo mo a|ono!' |o camo down to comp|a|n and saw Avory at tho Cbroolc|o.
1ho t|rst t|mo wo wont ovor to h|s p|aco by tho wator, wo woro thoro sovora| hours. vory |nto|||gont porson, vory |ntorost|ng porson. |o d|dn't m|nd
ta|k|ng about h|s past.' 1ho cops sat down and passod h|m cop|os ot photos ot Zod|ac's v|ct|ms. 1ho suspoct roa||zod thoy woro not on|y gaug|ng
h|s roact|ons, but try|ng to got h|s pr|nts. 3o ho p|ckod up tho p|cturos, |ookod thom ovor, bogan to hand thom back, thon sa|d, Oh, l'm sorry, l got
t|ngorpr|nts a|| ovor thom. lot mo w|po that ott tor you.' And ho w|pod thom ott.
|rom bonoath a ||ght brown, rodd|sh-t|ntod 3ustor 3rown ha|rcut, tho an|matod taco ot O||vor |ardy poorod out at tho cops. 1ho oyos dart|ng
boh|nd dark-r|mmod g|assos woro pop-oyod as a noon s|gn, but h|gh|y astuto. 0ur|ng tho pro|ongod quost|on|ng tho suspoct, though occas|ona||y
ta|||ng s||ont on sons|t|vo subjocts, dom|natod tho convorsat|on. |o just ta|kod a m||o a m|nuto,' lar|ow to|d mo. |o had mo so contusod l cou|dn't
ovon wr|to a roport whon |t was ovor. 1h|s guy takos ovor whon you'ro around h|m and ta|ks.' 1ho suspoct spoko ot h|s two |ovos-ong|noor|ng and
show bus|noss. |o had dono b|t parts |n mov|os |n 3outhorn Ca||torn|a and, ||ko Zod|ac, cou|d quoto G||bort and 3u|||van by roto: l spont two
soasons s|ng|ng grand opora and l'm a vorac|ous roador. l am ono ot thoso s|ngu|ar poop|o b|ossod w|th a|most tota| roca||. l can romombor tho
oxact addross and to|ophono numbor ot tho houso l ||vod |n |n 1oxas |n 1080. l can romombor a|| tho o|d Klog Koog and Lroco|o p|cturos and
whoro l saw thom.'
|o has a [Vodo| 1b 1o|opr|ntor| 1o|otypo mach|no |n h|s ||tt|o basomont thoator,' lar|ow to|d mo. 1hat's a samp|o ot pr|nt|ng trom h|s [loya|
portab|o| typowr|tor. . . . |o d|d havo throo months ot codo schoo| and has got an a||as that l th|nk |s actua||y h|s roa| namo. l don't th|nk wo woro
ab|o to ostab||sh th|s through a 3tato 0|v|s|on ot lub||c 3atoty chock. A tr|ond ot m|no l wont to tho |3l Acadomy w|th d|d somo background
|nvost|gat|on. |o was supposod|y born |n lubbock County, 1oxas. . . .'
Whoro tho torm 't|dd|o and tart around' |s usod,' l sa|d. And ho can sow. |o has dos|gnod and sown costumos |n |o||ywood.' 1ho subjoct had
|ost h|s mothor at ago t|vo and trom thon on was on tho outs' w|th h|s tathor, a woa|thy o|| man.'
1horo |s a|so a cort|t|cato on t||o tor h|s a||as,' sa|d lar|ow. 3ack |n 1oxas a doctor just t||od a b|rth cort|t|cato and that was |t, not ||ko today's
dato and ago. 3o as wo spoak, thoro's st||| somo quost|on as to whothor or not thoso two aro ono and tho samo |nd|v|dua|. A do|ayod cort|t|cato
was t||od |n lrobato Court show|ng that ho was born |n 1028 ooo 1020.
A |oca| guy |s so conv|ncod that th|s man |s tho Zod|ac that ho startod h|s own book and thon wont to tho to|ov|s|on poop|o and h|rod an attornoy.
|o was go|ng to b|ow tho wh|st|o on th|s guy Androws as a rospons|b|o
l to|d h|m you bottor bo suro-thoro a|n't no way |n ho|| that l can provo |t!
You'ro just go|ng to |oavo yourso|t w|do opon tor a ||bo| su|t. And t|na||y tho to|ov|s|on poop|o backod ott too bocauso l havon't hoard any moro about
|t trom thom. 3os|dos, wo woron't ab|o ostab||sh that Androws had any sort ot prot|c|oncy w|th guns.' lorvous, tomporamonta|, tho suspoct onco
sa|d, What l havo |s bottor than sox!' |o to|d a 3ambo's lostaurant wa|tross ho was go|ng to como back and b|ow hor |ogs ott.' Avory
dotorm|nod that th|s man was a studont at l|vors|do C|ty Co||ogo,' cont|nuod lar|ow, but l was novor ab|o to cont|rm that. 1horo's h|s apartmont |n
3an |ranc|sco, tho ono that was supposod|y undorwator. [On Apr|| 20, 1070, Zod|ac wroto that tho bus bomb ho kopt storod |n h|s basomont had
boon a dud. l was swampod out by tho ra|n wo had a wh||o back,' ho oxp|a|nod.| |o workod at tho 3an |ranc|sco A|rport-as a mattor ot tact ho
wou|d havo boon work|ng thoro about tho t|mo ot Chor| 1o 3atos's murdor |n Octobor 1000. Wo||, l'|| to|| you, |t ho |s not tho Zod|ac, l'|| tako ono just
||ko h|m.'
1wo months botoro tho t|rst Zod|ac murdors, tho subjoct had co|or-tu||y romarkod, l to|t tho smartost th|ng l cou|d do wou|d bo to pu|| an Anton la
voy. |o cou|dn't mako |t as a bar organ|st, so ho |ookod at h|mso|t |n tho m|rror ono day and sa|d, 'l am a charactor.' 1hon ho h|rod a pross agont
and bocamo 3atan. l am a charactor too, r|ght ott tho o|d scroon, but l can't attord a pross agont. l am a|so humb|o-bocauso l soo how absurd th|s
gamo |s!' Zod|ac had wr|tton, l am |nsano, but tho gamo must go on.'
Vy tr|ond, |ay lo|son, spoko w|th Androws |n 3an |ranc|sco. ||s car at tho t|mo ot tho 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs murdors was a wh|to lonau|t
Caravo||o, a car s|m||ar to tho Corva|r |n appoaranco.' Wo |oarnod Zod|ac was not th|s man, but thoro was a ||nk ot sorts-ho had a v|ntago mov|o
thoator. lo||co thought so too. 1hoy comp||od a ||st ot ovoryono who ovor workod thoro. l d|scovorod tho to||ow|ng: 7bo Vost Loogoroos Oomo, a
t||m that |nsp|rod Zod|ac, had p|ayod thoro |n Vay 1000. Attor 1anuary 1, 1000, tho thoator had gono to |r|day n|ght show|ngs and Zod|ac had
bogun attack|ng on 3aturdays. 0ar|ono |orr|n, tho 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs v|ct|m, had wr|tton two namos hor notobook-lo|gh' and vaughn.' lobort
vaughn was tho namo ot tho s||ont-mov|o organ|st at tho Avonuo 1hoatro. 3oth ho and Avory's suspoct had workod thoro s|nco Varch 1008. Was
th|s a thoator Zod|ac troquontod rogu|ar|y? l doc|dod to pay anothor v|s|t thoro and t|nd out.
Friday, 5otombor 1, 1078
CIaaaic cara arkod on tho ra|n-s||ck stroot mado tho s||ont-mov|o pa|aco at 20b0 3an 3runo Avonuo hard to m|ss. 1ho thoator's |argo domod
co|||ng had onco boon docoratod |n a 3pan|sh mot|t. low, around a chando||or r|ght out ot 7bo Pbootom o tbo Oporo, an art|st had pa|ntod a|| tho
symbo|s ot tho Zod|ac.
lar|ow's suspoct managod tho thoator, ox|st|ng |n gontoo| squa|or to t|nanco h|s pass|on tor t||ckor|ng s||onts and oar|y ta|k|os. |o dotrayod costs
by oxh|b|t|ng un|quo contomporary t||ms. 1ho prov|ous wook ho had shown a 8-0 thr|||or, Voo lo tbo Lork. On |r|days lhotop|ays and Concorts
w|th tu|| Wur||tzor accompan|mont' woro toaturod. |ans t|ockod to thoso oar|y latho |roros |||ms, 0. W. Gr|tt|th ono-roo| 3|ographs. 1hoy adorod
stars ||ko Vary l|cktord, l|ono| 3arrymoro, 0oug |a|rbanks, and 3ustor Koaton.
Wadd||ng ||ko Char||o Chap||n, round-backod, ro|y-po|y, and bandy-|oggod, tho suspoct roamod tho a|s|os bo||ow|ng load to Vanda|ay.' At any
socond h|s two-hundrod-pound, t|vo-toot-o|ght-|nch tramo throatonod to burst trom a tux throo s|zos too sma||. |o roc|tod 3hakospoaro |n a
boom|ng vo|co. 1ho surv|v|ng v|ct|m at lako 3orryossa had charactor|zod Zod|ac's vo|co as ||ko that ot a studont . . . w|th somo k|nd ot draw|, but
not a 3outhorn draw|.' Androws adm|ttod that though h|s own vo|co was modorato |n sound, that |s, not h|gh- or |ow-p|tchod, l havo somoth|ng ot a
g|tt ot m|m|cry-l can |m|tato W. C. ||o|ds and havo dono both ma|o and toma|o vo|cos on tho rad|o-and l just onjoy what a pompous ass l am. . . .
l may |ook OK on tho outs|do, but |ns|do . . .'
Wh||o vaughn, tho organ|st, pumpod on a m|ghty Wur||tzor p|po organ (Zod|ac had mont|onod tho p|ano-og|nast' on h|s ||tt|o ||st' ot potont|a|
v|ct|ms), lar|ow and Avory's |ntorost|ng t|nd bocamo tho projoct|on|st. Attor tho doub|o toaturo thoy r|ppod down a handpr|ntod to|t-t|p-pon postor
advort|s|ng 1ho 3|g larado w|th 1ohn G||bort and lonoo Adoroo.' 3omoono at tho thoator drow thom tor tho constant|y chang|ng b|||s. l rotr|ovod
anothor trom tho guttor and took |t to Vorr||| |n 3acramonto. |o stud|od tho handpr|nt|ng. W|th tho oxcopt|on ot tho throo-stroko K |t's a good
match,' ho sa|d, boam|ng. 1hat's tho c|osost Zod|ac |ottor|ng l'vo soon!' lot on|y m|ght tho thoator's d|scardod postors havo prov|dod Zod|ac w|th
h|s a|phabot ot pr|ntod |ottors, but tho Acadomy 3tandard |oador on oach str|p ot t||m was t|tt|ng|y a crossod c|rc|o.
Wodnoaday, Octobor 17, 1078
| drovo ovor tho Go|don Gato 3r|dgo toward 3anta losa |n a stoady downpour. l stoppod a|ong tho way and parkod amongst tho gray
warohousos whoro tho thoator managor had onco kopt h|s warron ot connoctod apartmonts. 1ho bu||d|ng had boon rodono and ropa|ntod, tho o|d
||no ot ma||boxos |n tho courtyard takon down, and h|s gadgot-c|uttorod rooms (mov|o oqu|pmont, thoator soats, rows ot 8b-mm monochromo t||m-
procoss|ng mach|nos) ompt|od. 1|mo was march|ng on and Zod|ac was no c|osor to bo|ng caught than a docado ago.
lo|gh was nowhoro around h|s tra||or whon l got thoro. E|ghtoon days oar||or ho had coasod |nsta|||ng homo socur|ty dov|cos and qu|t h|s job as a
son|or-c|t|zon a|do |n va||ojo. Cou|d lar|ow and Avory's suspoct and lo|gh A||on bo work|ng togothor?' a po||coman suggostod to mo. Chock out
tho poss|b|||ty, howovor romoto, that thoro |s a connoct|on botwoon tho two.' 1ho thought ot somo sort ot Zod|ac contodorato was novor tar trom my
m|nd. l had not|cod tho odd spac|ng |n tho Zod|ac |ottors: |o p|ung od h|m so|t . . . wand or|ng.' lt rom|ndod mo not on|y ot s|gn pa|ntors who d|d
ono |ottor at a t|mo, but somoono tak|ng d|ctat|on, wr|t|ng oach sy||ab|o as thoy camo, str|ng|ng thom togothor ||ko a cars on a tra|n and w|th no
rogard to sonso.
1huraday, Octobor 18, 1078
BiII Armatrong rotirod trom tho 3|l0. l cou|d too| tho t|ro had gono away,' 1osch| sa|d ot h|s partnor. l romombor, whon ho |ott |om|c|do |n |ato
'7b, ho to|d mo, '1osch|, l'vo stood ovor my |ast body.' |owovor, tho t|ro was st||| burn|ng |ns|do mo.' 1ho samo day A||on bogrudg|ng|y bogan
soo|ng a monta| hoa|th protoss|ona|.
As a cond|t|on ot h|s ro|oaso trom Atascadoro, lo|gh had boon roqu|rod to soo 0r. 1homas lykott, a 3anta losa psych|atr|st
lr|or to tho|r t|rst
moot|ng, lo|gh, as ho had |n pr|son, probab|y combod tho ||brary. ln tho 1000s ho askod Chonoy, Aro thoro books on how to d|sgu|so your
handpr|nt|ng and chango your appoaranco?' Chonoy sa|d, l'm suro thoy ox|st.' lt mado sonso ho wou|d now bono up on propor rosponsos to
psych|atr|c tosts. Undor prosont |aw, a tragmontod man such as Zod|ac cou|d not bo cons|dorod |oga||y |nsano. 0|v|d|ng sano' trom |nsano'
bocomos d|tt|cu|t w|th murdorors who soom rat|ona|, cohoront, and contro||od,' wroto 0r. 1osoph 3atton, and yot whoso hom|c|da| acts havo a
b|zarro, apparont|y sonso|oss qua||ty.'
Un||ko sch|zophron|cs, a soxua| sad|st such as Zod|ac doos not oxh|b|t obv|ous aborrat|ons, but takos cons|dorab|o pa|ns to appoar norma| and
avo|d capturo. Ot a|| murdorors, ho |s most ||ko|y to ropoat h|s cr|mo.' Attor tho t|rst k||||ng, thoso |nto|||gont k|||ors bocomo amaz|ng|y prot|c|ont at
concoa||ng thomso|vos. 1hoy tako groat pa|ns to appoar norma|, but otton porvorso|y throw susp|c|on upon thomso|vos. 1ho cat-and-mouso gamo
w|th tho po||co ovontua||y bocomos tho pr|nc|pa| mot|vo tor tho cr|mos. 3oh|nd a sm|||ng, socrot|vo tacado, ho too|s vast|y |ntor|or, host||o, anx|ous,
and porsocutod. Yot that porvorso urgo to ca|| attont|on to h|mso|t as Zod|ac |s an |tch a|most |mposs|b|o not to scratch. Or was lo|gh's socrot that
ho on|y tboogbt ho was Zod|ac?
lo ono knows what croatos a compu|s|vo k|||or-a m|ss|ng sox chromosomo? -an ovont dur|ng tho t|rst s|x months ot ||to? Whatovor tho causo,
tho cond|t|on |s |ncurab|o. Cruo|, rojoct|ng paronts and poors croato prossuros oxprossod |n ch||dhood by bod-wott|ng, shop||tt|ng, and an|ma|
torturo. W|th tho awakon|ng ot puborty, tho angor man|tosts |tso|t |n ovor-|ncroas|ng and c|ovor|y concoa|od acts ot sad|sm. 3hor|tt 3tr|opoko's
pr|vato|y comm|ss|onod psycho|og|ca| prot||o statod Zod|ac was a wh|to, unmarr|od man undor th|rty-t|vo yoars o|d who torturod an|ma|s, had a
pass|vo tathor and dom|nant mothor, and may havo spont t|mo |n a monta| |nst|tut|on.' Voanwh||o, lo|gh A||on cont|nuod to day-droam |n h|s tra||or
and basomont. 0wo|||ng |n an oscap|st wor|d ot sc|onco t|ct|on and tho occu|t, arrogant|y |nto|orant ot poop|o, ho tondod to sot h|s own ru|os. l'vo
boon ab|o to porsona||y study sovora| ot thoso [sor|a| k|||ors| vory c|oso|y,' 0r. lundo to|d mo. 3|anch|'s rosponsos on psycho|og|ca| tosts aro
a|most vorbat|m ||ko Kompor's. 1ho who|o sort ot th|ng ot soo|ng an|ma|s torn apart and b|ood and an|ma| hoarts.'
A psycho|og|st work|ng undor cond|t|ons ot A||on's paro|o ova|uatod lykott's tosts and t|nd|ngs. Whon ho gavo tho suspoct a projoct|vo tost, a
lorschach (|nk b|ot) tost, lykott was warnod to |ook tor answors that conta|nod tho |ottor z. 1ho odds ot moro than ono answor bog|nn|ng w|th z aro
vory romoto,' tho ana|yst to|d dotoct|vos botoro tho lorschach tost. l don't oxpoct any.' 1ho t|rst two m|rror |magos lo|gh was shown rom|ndod h|m
ot a zygomat|c arch.' 1ho ana|yst was shakon by th|s. |o wont on. What do you soo |n th|s?' At tho ond ot tho tosts, ho tound that A||on had g|von
t|vo z rosponsos, tar outs|do tho norm. Cabdr|vor lau| 3t|no had boon woundod |n tho zygomat|c arch by Zod|ac.
A doctor's roport on lo|gh had sa|d, |o's potont|a||y v|o|ont, ho |s dangorous,' and ho |s capab|o ot k||||ng.' 1ho samo ana|yst thought A||on had
t|vo soparato porsona||t|os.' 3p||t porsona||t|os wou|d oxp|a|n how ho passod a ||o-dotoctor tost, why h|s handpr|nt|ng d|d not match Zod|ac's. 1ho
psych|atr|sts' conc|us|ons woro mount|ng: lo|gh |s oxtromo|y dangorous and |s a soc|opath . . . |s h|gh|y |nto|||gont and |ncapab|o ot tunct|on|ng w|th
womon |n a norma| way . . . has a potont|a| tor dangor.' ln tho|r pr|vato soss|ons, 0r. lykott d|scovorod tho v|o|ont s|do ot h|s now pat|ont's naturo.
Any k|nd ot accusat|on sot h|m ott. 1ho subjoct ot h|s mothor or pr|son onragod h|m. lo|gh bocamo dotons|vo, shak|ng w|th angor unt|| ho roga|nod
contro|, thon bocamo sarcast|c. ||s romarks, |cy, though w|tty, woro packod w|th puns and doub|o moan|ngs. lmmaturo, so|t-contorod, w|th a strong
ogo, ho had a taunt|ng way ot spoak|ng, but was capab|o ot groat porsona| charm. Whon A||on spoko ot Zod|ac, ho to|t porsocutod. Worst ot a||, ho
cr|od-|ong hoartrond|ng moans. 3otwoon sobs, 0r. lykott to|t A||on was ropross|ng vory doop hatrod.' 3ut on anothor |ovo| lo|gh acod ovory
porcopt|on tost trom b|ocks to puzz|os. 1h|s guy can |ook at somoth|ng, t|guro |t out |n a mattor ot m|nutos, and do |t w|th tho |oast amount ot onorgy
and ottort,' ono oxport had sa|d. And ho |aughod at othor poop|o tor stumb||ng through tho samo task.' A||on took h|s psych|atr|c tosts undor duross
and a|ways |n tho samo mannor: |o wou|d not sm||o or show omot|on and wou|d spoak |n a |ow, moasurod monotono.' A||on's paro|o ott|cor,
3ruco lo||o, camo to know th|s monac|ng, tocusod monotono wo||.
lykott's soss|ons w|th A||on woro conductod as a tavor to l|outonant 1|m |ustod ot tho va||ojo l.0. and lo||o. lykott was |n tho m|dd|o ot
study|ng lo|gh whon a now pat|ont was s|gnod on-a young woman. 3ho dos|rod to bo hypnot|zod as part ot a tra|n|ng program tor a soc|a|
rohab|||tat|on group sho was organ|z|ng |n 3anta losa. lykott wo|comod hor, unawaro that sho was lo|gh A||on's s|stor-|n-|aw, Karon. Whothor or
not tho po||co suggostod Karon soo tho samo thorap|st as hor brothor-|n-|aw |s opon to spocu|at|on. 3ut |ustod, hoad ot tho lnto|||gonco Un|t, was
w||y. 1hrough h|s man|pu|at|on or not, somohow Karon ondod up w|th lykott. 0ur|ng tho|r soss|ons sho romarkod about a chom|st brothor-|n-|aw
and h|s dark s|do. lykott saw tho man constant|y proyod on hor m|nd. As Karon oxpoundod moro ot hor |mpross|ons and susp|c|ons, lykott bogan
to roa||zo tho charactor sho was skotch|ng soomod tam|||ar.
|o spoko ot man as truo gamo,' sho sa|d. Onco ho and h|s brothor got |n an argumont ovor d|nnor. |o |oapod on h|m and bogan chok|ng h|m.'
What's th|s?' thought lykott. 1hat sounds just ||ko Arthur lo|gh A||on. 1ho potont|a| tor dangor |s just tho samo.'
1huraday, Novombor 10, 1078.
Dr. Rykott had Karon back |n. |o p|acod hor undor a doop hypnos|s conductod by |ustod and l|outonant larry |aynos ot tho Concord l.0.
|aynos, tra|nod by tho lAl0's law Entorcomont |ypnot|c lnst|tuto, had hypnot|zod ono ot v|ct|m 0ar|ono |orr|n's baby-s|ttors back on 1uno 10,
1077. 0oos |t mattor how much t|mo has passod s|nco tho |nc|dont?' askod lykott.
lo,' rop||od |ustod, who gont|y uncovorod a numbor ot |argo crysta|s ho kopt swathod |n sott b|ack tabr|c. Each g||ttor|ng gom hung trom a
s|ondor cha|n. |aynos |nducod a hypnot|c tranco by sw|ng|ng or sp|nn|ng a crysta|. 1h|s t|mo, whon Karon roca||od tho chok|ng |nc|dont ovor d|nnor,
sho saw somoth|ng now.
1horo was a socond t|guro,' sho sa|d.
A socond t|guro?' sa|d |ustod. 1ho b|g b|ond ott|cor |oanod torward. lykott put down h|s pon.
|o was on top ot lon as wo||,' sho sa|d. l cou|d soo a socond ghost|y t|guro ot lo|gh on top ot my husband, anothor |dont|ty. lt was as |t ho woro
a socond lo|gh A||on. Whon lo|gh stood up, ho soomod to chango |nto yot anothor porsona||ty, ||ko 1oky|| and |ydo.' A sourco to|d mo, lo|gh was
a tw|n whoso brothor d|od at b|rth.' 1hon Karon roca||od tho papor sho had soon |n lo|gh's hand |n lovombor ot 1000. 1h|s was tho noto sho had
mont|onod to 1osch| and Armstrong yoars botoro. |ustod and |aynos woro corta|n sho was doop|y undor and not tabr|cat|ng tho v|s|on. |ypnot|sts
havo to carotu| not to g|vo subt|o, unw|tt|ng suggost|ons to a porson undor hypnos|s and croato what thoy want to t|nd. 3omot|mos |t's d|tt|cu|t to
d|st|ngu|sh what |s |n a porson's m|nd trom what you aro putt|ng thoro,' sa|d |aynos.
lt was covorod w|th strango ||nos ot symbo|s,' sho sa|d. 'What's that?' l askod h|m. '1h|s |s tho work ot an |nsano porson,' ho rop||od. 'l'|| show |t
to you |ator.' |o novor d|d, and rop|acod |t |n a gray mota| box ho kopt |n h|s room.'
|aynos, lykott, and |ustod woro dosporato to soo what had boon on that papor. 3ut how? lt had boon dostroyod |ong ago. 1hoy doc|dod to soo
|t Karon cou|d rodraw thoso arcano symbo|s undor hypnos|s. ln automat|c wr|t|ng, sho s|ow|y drow tour ||nos ot symbo|s. Automat|c wr|t|ng was
norma||y spraw||ng and uncontro||od, but Karon's was stra|ght, gr|d||ko-||ko Zod|ac's codos. 1ho symbo|s c|oso|y rosomb|od tho th|rd ||no ot tho
Zod|ac 840-charactor c|phor ma||od to tho Cbroolc|o on lovombor 8, 1000. As tho mosmor|c soss|on progrossod, sho spoko moro and moro
about lo|gh. Karon bogan to shako and tromb|o. |or knuck|os wh|tonod. |ustod had |aynos br|ng hor out ot tho tranco. Attorward, |n h|s ott|co, ho
showod mo tho wr|t|ng. 1hough l wasn't a||owod to photocopy poss|b|o ov|donco, l was a||owod to copy |t down as oxact|y as l cou|d. loproducod
tor tho t|rst t|mo horo aro tho symbo|s Karon wroto:
|ypnos|s was popu|ar at th|s t|mo, but by tho 1080s stato |aw ontorcomont agonc|os wou|d raro|y uso |t as an |nvost|gat|vo too|. ln 1082 tho
3upromo Court wou|d curta|| tho scopo ot tost|mony trom w|tnossos who had boon hypnot|zod, doom|ng such accounts |nhoront|y unro||ab|o. lator,
Ca||torn|a |aw wou|d bo shapod to tho court's doc|s|on-hypnos|s cou|d bo usod on|y to c|ar|ty |ntormat|on g|von botoro a porson was hypnot|zod.
1ost|mony obta|nod undor hypnos|s cou|d on|y bo usod |n court attor a judgo has ru|od that tho ov|donco cou|d not bo acqu|rod by any othor moans.
lotont|a| tor dangor,' lykott had thought. lncroas|ng|y, tho doctor bocamo moro approhons|vo ot h|s pat|ont and h|s dark sonso ot humor.' At
tho bog|nn|ng ot tho month, ho had askod h|s brothor, a 3an |ranc|sco po||coman, to |ook |nto tho mattor. 1ho ott|cor askod 1osch| and tho rop|y
was anyth|ng but roassur|ng. l romombor 0r. lykott's brothor com|ng up to mo,' sa|d 1osch|, a roa||y swoothoart ot a guy, roa||y stra|ght up tront.
lo gamos. |o wantod somo |ntormat|on tor h|s brothor and so l to|d h|m, 'Wo to|t strong|y thon [August 1071| and now that A||on was our bost
suspoct. Wo cut h|m |ooso |n 1072 bocauso wo woron't ab|o to t|nd any phys|ca| ov|donco connoct|ng h|m to tho cr|mos. Wo d|d ovoryth|ng wo
cou|d w|th tho guy. lorsona||y, my gut too||ng |s that ho |s tho man. 1o|| 0r. lykott that whon ho ta|ks to lo|gh, do |t |n a p|aco that ho can got out ot |n
a hurry . . . and abovo a||-don't mako h|m angry.' 1ho ott|cor roportod back to h|s brothor. l'vo tound out ho's tho pr|mo suspoct, |n tho Zod|ac
caso,' ho sa|d. lykott b|ockpr|ntod tho word soc|opath' by A||on's namo |n tho|r noxt to |ast soss|on. 1ho torm moant ho was so|t|sh, |mpu|s|vo,
and unab|o to |oarn trom oxpor|onco. |o to|t ho was abovo mora| codos and |aws and was tho most ||ko|y typo ot murdoror to ropoat h|s cr|mos.'
Voro unsott||ng, lo|gh had caught mo watch|ng h|m moro than onco. lator, on Varch 12, 1080, l was wa|t|ng |n a darkonod car on 1onnossoo
3troot as ho drovo by. |o s|owod a|ongs|do. l turnod and |ookod d|roct|y |nto h|s oyos.
Friday, Novombor 17, 1078
Loigh, aa a mombor ot tho lac|t|c Vu|t|-hu|| lac|ng Assoc|at|on, sa||od on|y ono ot tho boats h|s mothor had bought h|m. |o storod tho socond, an
adaptod boat that ran on unknown tuo|,' o|sowhoro.
||s tan stat|on wagon, #XAV 400, sat by tho curb unusod. On 0ocombor 81, 107b, ho had
rog|storod a spoc|a| construct|on tra||or to bo usod as a campor.' Whoro ho kopt |t no ono know. lumor had |t |t was storod |n a tr|ond's woods.
Ono ot A||on's 1071 chocks, mado out to 1a||troo 1ra||or 3torago, suggostod ho was ront|ng spacos tor tra||ors somowhoro o|so.
You know, [lh||| 1uckor was quost|onod by our dopartmont,' sa|d Goorgo 3awart, |o was a|ways a protty stra|ght shootor. Whon ho |ott Gvl0,
l wasn't too much youngor than ho was. l know h|m. l know h|s tam||y. lt l woro to say, just to guoss, l wou|dn't th|nk ho had anyth|ng to do w|th
Zod|ac.' Whon A||on workod at Gvl0, noxt to tho po||co dopartmont, ho cou|d havo had accoss to roports, po||co tochn|quos, and day-to-day
goss|p. Onco a po||co group|o, a|ways a po||co group|o.
Friday, Novombor 24, 1078
1hough [uggIing caaoIoada ot robbor|os, lnspoctor 1osch| st||| to|t an a||og|anco to tho Zod|ac caso. 3otwoon lovombor 20 and lovombor 24,
ho roco|vod a typ|ca| numbor ot phono t|ps on h|s tormor caso. 1ho t|rst ca|| was trom an unomp|oyod troo|anco wr|tor who soomod |n too much a
hurry to got to moot mo,' 1osch| sa|d. l thought about not go|ng on my own t|mo to moot h|m, but l ca||od tho guy back and doc|dod ho was s|ncoro
about g|v|ng mo |ntormat|on. |o was an ox-lYl0 man h|mso|t, and ho sa|d ho cou|d soo how tho Zod|ac caso attor ton yoars had roa||y gotton to
bo an ogo th|ng whon you'ro so |nvo|vod as l was.
'lt anyono |n tho country dosorvos to mako tho arrost on Zod|ac,' ho sa|d, '|t's got to bo 0avo 1osch|.' l thankod h|m, but s|nco l was ott|c|a||y ott
tho caso, rotorrod h|m to 1ack 1ordan. loxt, a |ady namod Katr|na ca||od. 3ho had gotton short shr|tt at 3|l0. 1o sot hor m|nd at oaso, sho sought
mo out. 3ho had a suspoct |n m|nd, an ox-boytr|ond who had acc|donta||y d|od |n 1078. |ortunato|y, l d|dn't havo to rotor to tho t||os. l had tho
|ntormat|on |n my hoad and answorod hor quor|os |n about throo m|nutos. ||na||y, at wook's ond, a 0.A.'s |nvost|gator stoppod mo |n tho o|ovator.
'l'vo got somo |nto on an o|d caso ot yours,' ho wh|sporod. 'l want to ta|k on|y to you on |t.' l ||stonod and comm|ttod tho t|p to momory. 3o, l can
novor got away trom tho Zod|ac caso and l do not th|nk l ovor w|||. lt's bocomo part ot my ||to-on and ott duty.'
On tho morn|ng ot lovombor 24, up at lako 3orryossa, C|ndy, a wa|tross work|ng at Voskow|to Cornors Gonora| 3toro, watchod a strango man
ontor. |o sat down |n tho roar and starod at hor so |ong ho mado hor norvous. ||na||y, sho approachod h|m. Can l got you anyth|ng?' sho askod.
0o you know you'ro a vory good-|ook|ng woman,' ho rop||od. 3ho wont back to tho countor. Attor a t|mo ho |ott. On|y thon d|d sho roca|| that n|no
yoars oar||or, on tho torr|b|o day two lUC studonts woro attackod, a s|m||ar-|ook|ng man had boon dr|nk|ng a Coko at tho samo tab|o.
lo||co or|g|na||y attr|butod tho 1071 murdor ot lynda Kanos, anothor lUC cood, to Zod|ac's hand. l havo a|ways boon hauntod by th|s man|ac
Zod|ac,' a lUC graduato to|d mo, bocauso l was attond|ng lUC |n Angw|n dur|ng tho t|mo 3ryan |artno|| and Coco||a 3hopard woro stabbod.
1h|s was a vory traumat|c th|ng to happon to anyono . . . but ospoc|a||y whon |t took p|aco so c|oso to homo. l attondod hor tunora| at tho lUC
sanctuary, wh|ch had a mass|vo turnout, and wondorod |t tho k|||or cou|d bo thoro socrot|y do||ght|ng |n tho pa|n ot a|| who woro gr|ov|ng tor Coco||a.
1ho po||co [and |3l| thought so too and took oxtons|vo photos ot tho crowd at Coco||a's tunora|.
l a|so romombor vory wo|| tho lynda Kanos |nc|dont. l romombor tho day hor car was tound-rad|o st||| on-but no lynda. l romombor tho ||ght
snowta|| tho noxt morn|ng, tho barr|cados, tho horsoback possos, tho b|oodhounds, and po||co ask|ng tor vo|untoors trom lUC and othors |n tho
v|c|n|ty to ho|p soarch tho ruggod aroa by toot. lt sont ch|||s through my sou| as l romomborod tho count|oss t|mos l havo travo|od w|ndy, |ono|y O|d
|owo|| Vounta|n load . . . not to mont|on tho count|oss t|mos l havo dr|von up to lako 3orryossa a|ono and spont tho day wrappod up |n a book
wh||o bak|ng |n tho hot sun. At tho t|mo most ot tho |oca|s bo||ovod tho k|||or was 'W|||y tho Woodchoppor' at tho baso ot O|d |owo|| Vounta|n load
whoro |t moots 3||vorado 1ra||. W|||y got h|s namo bocauso ho cou|d bo soon most ot tho t|mo at h|s houso chopp|ng t|rowood. lynda usod to stop
and chat w|th h|m on hor way back to campus trom town v|a O|d |owo|| Vounta|n load.' Zod|ac, much to our ro||ot, had not boon |nvo|vod. ln 1071,
|n lapa 3upor|or Court, Wa|tor W||||o tho Woodcuttor' W||||ams was conv|ctod ot Kanos's murdor. |or b|oodsta|nod c|oth|ng had boon tound |n h|s
1huraday, Docombor 7, 1078
AIIon had boon dr|v|ng on a suspondod ||conso. ln tho morn|ng h|s now dr|vor's porm|t (#3O 07-28b2) bocamo ottoct|vo just as |om|c|do
lnspoctor 1amos 0oasy roco|vod tho koys to that tough ||tt|o numbor ca||od Zod|ac. 0oasy, torma||y ot tho 3|l0 Gang 1ask |orco, hunkorod down
to tako on tho job ot t|o|d|ng Zod|ac t|ps. Gathor|ng |oads on an unso|vab|o caso was charactor-bu||d|ng, but tut||o. An |ntormant rang 0oasy trom
Canada, c|a|m|ng that a now-docoasod A|b|on, Ca||torn|a, pub||c satoty ott|cor, rot|rod ||ro Ch|ot la|ph lorry, had boon Zod|ac. |o a||ogod lorry
had ownod a Zod|ac-sty|o hood. 1ho t|p bocamo moro |ntr|gu|ng whon 0oasy attomptod to chock lorry's pr|nts.
Nonday, Docombor 18, 1078
1ho tunny thing about |t |s,' 0oasy sa|d, wo tr|od to chock th|s guy's t|ngorpr|nts through h|s agoncy's pr|nt t||os and tound out that thoy had no
pr|nts on rocord tor h|m. lo|thor d|d tho 3tato 0opartmont ot 1ust|co. lo|thor d|d tho |3l. Wo camo up tota||y b|ank on th|s guy's pr|nts. 3pooky.'
0oasy and Capta|n lar|ow know thoy had to conv|nco a 0.A. to |ssuo a court ordor to oxhumo lorry's body and tako pr|nts. |o wondorod how |ong
t|ngort|p r|dgos surv|vod undorground. Can you succosstu||y ||tt pr|nts trom a corpso?' 0oasy |nqu|rod ot tho|r pr|nt man.
W|thout onough |ntormat|on to obta|n a soarch warrant, thoy conductod two oxp|orat|ons ot tho homo w|th lorry's w|dow's porm|ss|on. 0ur|ng tho
t|rst oxp|orat|on, thoy turnod up an |||oga| s||oncor tor a .22-ca||bor p|sto|. 1ho w|dow sa|d that hor husband, r|ght out ot tho b|uo, onco askod hor an
odd quost|on,' sa|d 0oasy. 'Aron't you atra|d, go|ng to bod ovory n|ght w|th tho Zod|ac?'' 0oasy pausod to s|gh, thon addod, Wo thought wo woro
gott|ng protty c|oso at that po|nt. 3omot|mos you got a too||ng |n tho p|t ot your stomach and you say to yourso|t, 'You just can't o||m|nato a suspoct
who |ooks good |n ovory othor rospoct just bocauso ho's too o|d.' l to|d hor on our socond tr|p that wo had on|y a tow moro quost|ons that wo wantod
to chock up on, just to sat|sty our m|nds. 3ho wasn't too happy about |t, but sho |ot us do |t. l to|d hor that |t wo d|dn't t|nd what wo woro |ook|ng tor,
wo wou|dn't bo back, and wo havon't. lt just wasn't thoro.' ln va||ojo, lo|gh A||on co|obratod h|s socond b|rthday s|nco |oav|ng pr|son.
Wodnoaday, Juno 18, 1070
PoraonnoI Ordor: Catain'a Ordor #21 Ettoct|vo 0800 hrs., lnspoctor 0av|d 1osch|, #1807, prosont|y ass|gnod to lawnshop 3oct|on, lroporty
Cr|mos 0|v|s|on, |s ass|gnod to tho lobbory 3oct|on. Capta|n Char|os A. 3chu|or, Command|ng Ott|cor, lorsona| Cr|mos 0|v|s|on.'
arthur Ioigh aIIon
Nonday, 5otombor 17, 1070
1hough Loigh accumuIatod no moro boats, h|s ||st ot tra||ors cont|nuod to grow. 1ho un|vorsa| houso tra||or 1osch| and Armstrong had soarchod
was on|y ono ot many. Anothor spoc|a|-construct|on campor, #G38808, was kopt |n an unknown |ocat|on. Wh||o lo|gh ||vod |n h|s tra||ors, sa||od,
and t|ow h|s p|ano, l spoko aga|n w|th h|s l.O.
3as|ca||y, Arthur |s that |ntorost|ng |n that ho has accoss not on|y to tho voh|c|os ho owns, but to thoso ot h|s tr|onds. A|most any voh|c|o ho wants.
||s mothor has a Vorcodos. |o's got a wh|to '02 vW Karmann Gh|a now-just ||ko |artno||'s. l wondor |t own|ng a car oxact|y ||ko tho lako
3orryossa v|ct|m's |s a subconsc|ous ca|| tor attont|on.' lo|gh had rog|storod tho car's ||conso, #0XW 180, on|y o|ght days ago. An |dont|ca| auto
had attractod Zod|ac at tho v|rtua||y dosortod |ako, s|gn|ty|ng to h|m that potont|a| v|ct|ms woro p|cn|ck|ng on a narrow pon|nsu|a.
0ur|ng tho summor, lo|gh's ch||dhood tr|ond |aro|d |uttman had dr|von h|s vW 0ashor by va||ojo to |ntroduco h|s o|ght-yoar-o|d son, lob, to
A||on. |aro|d had marr|od lo|gh's tr|ond, Kay. l had soon |aro|d p|ay tootba|| and sw|m,' Kay to|d mo. l know who ho was, but l d|dn't know h|m. At
tho ond ot my t|rst yoar at jun|or co||ogo, a mutua| tr|ond |ntroducod us. |o had como back to soo tho coachos. |o ottorod mo a ||tt homo and l took
|t. l ottorod h|m cottoo and ho accoptod. l d|dn't know how to mako cottoo and ho d|dn't dr|nk cottoo. |o drank |t anyway. 1hat was tho bog|nn|ng ot
tho |ovo story.'
lo|gh was ||ko a grandpa t|guro,' lob roca||od, a ta||, hoavysot, ba|d|ng man who ||vod |n tho basomont ot an o|d houso.' lob p|ayod w|th h|s
ch|pmunks wh||o lo|gh |oadod w|ro traps |nto tho trunk ot tho|r car. lo|gh |ott tho cagos at var|ous rost stops on tho|r way to lako County. l hopo l
don't got caught,' ho romarkod s|y|y, l no |ongor havo a va||d trappor's ||conso.' lob took a qu|ck ||k|ng to h|m. |o was qu|to tunny,' ho roca||od.
lo|gh to|d groat stor|os at n|ght whon tho throo ot us starod at tho stars and trootops cocoonod |n our s|oop|ng bags. 3y day, ho wou|d ontorta|n
mo . . . by do|ng somorsau|ts ott an o|d d|v|ng board |nto tho sh|mmor|ng mo|tod snow bo|ow wh|ch sprayod |n ovory d|roct|on upon h|s |mpact. |o
||mpod on oarth, but was an acrobat |n tho a|r and wator. l|ko a t|sh, ho usod to snoak up on mo undorwator |n tho k|dd|o soct|on ot tho |ako and
grab my submorgod |ogs-ho cou|d ho|d h|s broath tor an otorn|ty, so l novor know whoro ho was.'
1ho tr|o p|ckod up tho st|||-ompty cagos as thoy hurt|od north to 3|uo lako. At tho choap moto| whoro thoy stayod, lo|gh showod ott by d|v|ng |nto
tho moto| poo| and sw|mm|ng tho por|motor ot tho poo| undorwator tor noar|y two m|nutos. 1oward tho ond ot tho|r stay lo|gh s|ammod tho car door
on lob's too. 1ho boy bogan to woop. You'ro tough and bravo,' lo|gh to|d h|m. Vost boys your ago wou|d havo cr|od. You aron't a s|ssy.' Attor
that thoy woro roa| tr|onds. lob v|s|tod h|m at Aco |ardwaro and ato w|th h|m and h|s tathor at tho cornor l|Ol.
1huraday, Octobor 11, 1070
A ma[or coin shop robbory had occurrod on lrv|ng 3troot and 1osch| had boon soarch|ng tor w|tnossos. |o roa||zod |t was tho tonth ann|vorsary ot
h|s most daunt|ng caso. At 0:20 l.V., |nstoad ot go|ng homo, ho stoppod to ro||vo o|d momor|os on tho cornor ot Wash|ngton and Chorry. |o hoard
tho ovon|ng nows b|ar|ng trom a noarby homo as t||o tootago ot tho 3t|no murdor unro||od. As ho drovo away, 1osch| cou|d not oscapo tho sonso
that ho had not boon a|ono on that dark cornor among tho so|omn mans|ons.
Wodnoaday, Octobor 81, 1070
On EaIIowoon, Loigh rog|storod oootbor spoc|a|-construct|on tra||or, #VE80880. Why so many |n so many p|acos and what d|d ho koop |n thom?
Corta|n|y, ho toarod a socond soarch, and know such an |nqu|s|t|on must como ovontua||y. |owovor, ho toarod somoth|ng moro than any |ntons|vo
|nspoct|on ot h|s droary basomont. Any paro|o v|o|at|on m|ght romand h|m to Atascadoro, wh|ch ho droadod abovo a||. locont|y, l hoard, on o|d
lako |orman load whoro tho lorthorn Ca||torn|a Zod|ac had bogun back |n 1008, a boy was tound shot botwoon tho oyos and a g|r| strang|od.
Nonday, January 28, 1080
Loigh, aIroady wroatIing w|th wo|ght and b|ood prossuro prob|oms, now batt|od a grow|ng a|coho| and v|s|on prob|om. |a|t|ng|y, ho stro||od tho
short d|stanco trom h|s |rosno 3troot homo to 1181 1onnossoo 3troot-h|s now job at Aco |ardwaro. |o |ator c|a|mod Varch 10 as h|s t|rst day,
but actua||y bogan 1anuary 28. 3tovo |arshman was h|s now boss, 0oan 0rox|or h|s suporv|sor. 0rox|or |mmod|ato|y put lo|gh |n chargo ot so|||ng
o|octr|ca| supp||os. Evontua||y, |arshman wou|d mako A||on a buyor tor tho gardon and too| dopartmont. ||gh|y oducatod, tho tormor conv|ct know
ho was worth moro than tho $b.8b an hour thoy woro pay|ng h|m. Ou|to qu|ck|y, ho bocamo d|ssat|st|od |n anothor aroa. Work|ng ovory day but
3unday gavo h|m no t|mo tor othor th|ngs.
A |ottor do||vorod to tho Cbroolc|o that morn|ng road: 1h|s |s tho Zod|ac spoak|ng, l havo movod to h|ghor country tor my noxt v|ctom good |uck
Zod|ac.' 1ho roturn addross on tho onvo|opo was guoss?' 3ut tho postago was not oxcoss|vo and tho |nk rod, not b|uo-anothor copycat. ln
3acramonto, l v|s|tod 3horwood Vorr|||, Cl8l's handwr|t|ng oxport. Vorr||| had boon born and brod to tho |nvost|gat|vo buroau. ||s tathor, 3orko|oy
lo||co 3orgoant C|aronco 3. Vorr|||, oponod Cl8l |n 1018. Vy tathor was a ||tt|o to||ow,' Vorr||| sa|d. |o was t|vo toot o|ght |nchos, wo|ghod about
140 pounds dr|pp|ng wot. Whon thoy |obb|od tho b||| to opon tho stato buroau, thoy sot |t up w|th a board ot managors. An |ndopondont agoncy-
thoy had a shor|tt, a ch|ot ot po||co, and a d|str|ct attornoy who woro appo|ntod by tho govornor tor staggorod torms. ln thoory, no ono porson or
board cou|d got contro| ot tho ott|co. Vy dad wasn't go|ng to tako tho c|v|| sorv|co oxam but h|s boss, Ch|ot August vo||mor, ono ot tho most
progross|vo ott|cors at tho t|mo, |ns|stod. 0ad camo up horo, oponod tho agoncy (1anuary 1, 1018). |o d|od |n 1040 and ho'd boon at Cl8l a|| that
lt was Ch|ot vo||mor who oncouragod 3an |ranc|sco wr|tor 0ash|o|| |ammott to spocu|ato whothor or not |t was poss|b|o to transtor t|ngorpr|nts
trom ono p|aco to tho othor. |ammott doc|dod pr|nts cou|d bo torgod succosstu||y by |am|nat|ng a sot ot pr|nts onto t|ngort|ps, as ho had a
b|ackma||or do |n h|s story 3||ppory ||ngors.' Zod|ac had wr|tton that ho usod g|uo on h|s t|ngort|ps. Was th|s tho socrot ot tho unmatchab|o pr|nts
on 3t|no's cab, tho phony c|uos Zod|ac c|a|mod ho |ott boh|nd tor po||co to t|nd?
Vorr||| had wantod to bo a ba||p|ayor, but |nstoad |oarnod handwr|t|ng ana|ys|s undor Char|os |. 3tono, tho stato's t|rst documonts oxport. |o'd
boon ch|ot ot po||co ot 3akorst|o|d botoro that,' Vorr||| sa|d. Vy dad h|rod h|m to bo ass|stant ch|ot, but put h|m |n chargo ot Ouost|onod
0ocumonts. |o took mo as|do whon l graduatod trom h|gh schoo| and to|d mo, '1horo aro no documonts schoo|s. Ca||torn|a w||| grow and w|th
growth comos ||t|gat|on and w|th ||t|gat|on comos tho nood tor documonts oxam|nors.' l stud|od psycho|ogy and sc|onco, and attor work|ng tor sovon
yoars took to tho courtroom. ln 1088, l wont to work tor Ouost|onod 0ocumonts and thoy put mo undor 3tono.'
3ocauso Zod|ac wroto |n manuscr|pt |nstoad ot curs|vo,' Vorr||| sa|d, that prosonts somo |doa ot h|s actua| ago.' 1oach|ng ot that sty|o ot wr|t|ng
had boon cont|nod to a tow so|octod schoo|s |n tho U.3. (such as l|oasant va||oy Grammar 3choo| |n Camar|||o, Ca||torn|a). ln 1000, thoso
studonts wou|d havo just turnod th|rty-t|vo. 3horwood was study|ng a v|c|ous p|oco ot hoax ma|| addrossod to |orb Caon. A hugo star|ng oyo,
do||borato m|sspo|||ngs-Wo havo sucho tun on tho way horo. Wo k||| man|o h|tchh|kors so s|ow to danso'-and commonts about hot |rons ochood
oar||or Zod|ac |ottors. 1h|s |s tho socond s|m||ar noto wo'vo roco|vod,' sc|onco roportor 0avo loar|man had wr|tton |n a Cbroolc|o momo. lt
sooms unusua||y ug|y so l thought maybo tho |3l to|k wou|d want to bo awaro ot |t.'
What l |ook tor whon mak|ng an ana|ys|s var|os,' Vorr||| oxp|a|nod. lt a porson has a pocu||ar sty|o ot wr|t|ng, maybo ono or two charactor|st|cs
w||| t|p you ott. l just d|d ono yostorday. 1horo woro sovora| s|m||ar|t|os, but thoro woro sovora| b|g d|scropanc|os, wh|ch ru|os |t out. low th|s |s tho
samo way you mako an |dont|t|cat|on |n t|ngorpr|nts. lt you havo onough po|nts, a part|a| pr|nt otton conta|ns two|vo charactor|st|c po|nts and no
s|gn|t|cant d|ttoronco, you havo an |dont|t|cat|on. 1ho avorago pr|nt has about t|tty r|dgo charactor|st|cs. 1ho samo th|ng happons |t you t|nd onough
|nd|v|dua| handwr|t|ng charactor|st|cs |n a porson's handwr|t|ng and no s|gn|t|cant d|ttoronco, you havo an |dont|t|cat|on. 3ut any ono s|gn|t|cant
d|ttoronco wou|d throw |t out. You'd havo to d|scard |t. You may too| that |t's st||| tho samo guy, but ho mado a goot. low a s|gn|t|cant d|ttoronco |s
ono that can't bo roasonab|y oxp|a|nod.'
Zod|ac m|ght havo momor|zod a sor|os ot just such goots' and usod thom cons|stont|y |n h|s |ottors. 1ho s|gn|t|cant d|ttoronco trom h|s truo
wr|t|ng m|ght bo oxp|a|nod |t ho had tra|nod h|mso|t to mako thoso goots.
What's so unusua| about tho k Zod|ac makos?' l askod.
1hat was ono ot tho th|ngs at t|rst wo thought was cons|stont,' sa|d Vorr|||, but Zod|ac got away trom |t. |o mado |t |n throo parts, but s|nco thon
ho's mado thom ||ko you or l m|ght mako thom.' lt that k had boon w|ndow dross|ng, thon |t was anothor |nd|cat|on that Zod|ac's wr|t|ng-that
chockmark||ko r, that curs|vo o a|ways on tho vorgo ot ta|||ng ovor, and that throo-stroko k-cou|d bo a purposotu| tabr|cat|on. At t|mos l suspoctod
Zod|ac had a contodorato who wroto tho actua| |ottors.
A handwr|t|ng oxport ana|yzod Zod|ac's wr|t|ng:

3oo thoso |oopod 'd's? 1hat moans ho's arrogant and proud and a|so doosn't too| socuro about h|mso|t. V|sspo|||ng words ||ko 'noso' |s an
ottort at d|sgu|so, an ottort to mako tho |ottor soom anonymous . . . whon you comb|no h|s vory rushod wr|t|ng, |nd|st|nct |ottors, var|ab|||ty |n tho
spac|ng, var|ab|||ty |n tho |ottor s|zo, that wou|d bo an |nd|cat|on ot a man|c-dopross|vo. ln add|t|on to that tho wr|t|ng s|ants downward at tho
ond. Evon |t ho starts up by tho ond ot tho ||no most ot tho |ottors havo ta||on down, wh|ch bo |nd|cat|vo ot a doprossod stato. . . . Zod|ac tonds
to dot h|s '|'s vory c|oso to tho stom . . . whoro tho wr|t|ng |s bog|nn|ng to ta|| ovor tho '|' dots aro st||| ta|r|y carotu||y dottod. . . . |o |s a|so a vory
|ono|y porson and |s vory sons|t|vo to cr|t|c|sm wh|ch moans ho m|ght got upsot |t you ca||od h|m crazy |nstoad ot c|ovor.'

5unday, January 27, 1080
What ia it about 3an |ranc|sco?' |amontod |orb Caon. What |s |t that sooms to attract tho droamors and dov|ants, kooks and craz|os. 3an
|ranc|sco sooms to bo tho |ast sanctuary tor tho root|oss |n |ts to|oranco tor ovory torm ot ||tosty|o.' 1ho aroa had boon |nt||ctod w|th a b||ght ot sor|a|
k|||ors, k|dnapp|ngs, urban guorr|||as, ro||g|ous cu|ts, and po||t|ca| assass|nat|ons. Char||o Vanson rocru|tod h|s tam||y trom |a|ght-Ashbury's drug
cu|turo and t|owor ch||dron. 1ho rog|on attractod 1uan Corona (murdoror ot twonty-t|vo trans|ont |aborors), 1ohn l|n|oy |raz|or (who k|||od t|vo to ha|t
po||ut|on), and |orbort Vu|||n (who s|ow th|rtoon |n a doad|y tour-month orgy to provont a stato-dostroy|ng oarthquako). ln tho 3ay Aroa tho 3lA
k|dnappod latr|c|a |oarst and usod cyan|do bu||ots to s|ay Oak|and 3choo| 3upor|ntondont Varcus |ostor. 1ho low Wor|d l|borat|on |ront, tho
Zobra K|||ors, 1|m 1onos's loop|o's 1omp|o, 0an Wh|to, and Zod|ac a|| ca||od tho onv|rons homo.

Avory and 1oachi tr|od to torgot Zod|ac. 3o d|d l, ospoc|a||y at tho bog|nn|ng ot a now docado. Wo know a ||tt|o moro now. ln tho 1070s sor|a|
k|||ors woro st||| a ro|at|vo|y now phonomonon. ln tho 1080s ottorts to undorstand and prot||o v|o|ont ropoat ottondors bogan |n oarnost. On 1u|y 11,
1084, tho 1ust|co 0opartmont wou|d proposo a spoc|a| un|t at Ouant|co, v|rg|n|a, to bo ca||od tho v|o|ont Cr|m|na| Approhons|on lrogram-
vlCAl. |3l agonts-psycho|og|sts, psych|atr|sts, and rogu|ar |nvost|gators-poo|od tho|r rosourcos, tho|r jobs to mako psycho|og|ca| portra|ts ot
sor|a| rap|sts, ch||d mo|ostors, arson|sts, and k|||ors. lntorv|ows w|th mass murdorors and soxua| dov|ants m|ght oxp|a|n what mot|vatod thom to
comm|t tho|r atroc|t|os. U|t|mato|y vlCAl, to uncovor uncaught ropoat murdorors ||ko Zod|ac, dovo|opod vorba| and monta| p|cturos ot sor|a| k|||ors.
||rst, thoy ||stod tra|ts thoy ho|d |n common. Zod|ac, a comb|nat|on ot hodon|st|c and contro|-or|ontod typos, was tochn|ca||y an organ|zod nonsoc|a|
Organ|zod k|||ors aro ca||od nonsoc|a| bocauso thoy o|oct to bo soc|a||y |so|atod,' wroto oxport Grog |a|||s. A|though thoy aro otton g||b and
charm|ng thoy may too| nobody |s qu|to good onough tor thom. 1hoy . . . aro otton qu|to c|ovor. Voro so|t-assurod than tho d|sorgan|zod asoc|a|
ottondor, thoso k|||ors aro w||||ng to travo| tar to t|nd tho|r v|ct|ms.'
Nonday, Narch 8, 1080
AIIon haa a tr|ond l havon't to|d you about botoro,' l|outonant |ustod ot tho vl0 oxp|a|nod, and ho sooms to havo cont|dod |n h|m that ho |s tho
Zod|ac k|||or and to|d h|m dota||s ot somo ot tho murdors. l'd ||ko to put that tr|ond, 1|m, undor hypnos|s. 1h|s |s tho samo man A||on mot at tho
3onoma Auto larts 3toro and wroto trom Atascadoro. lomombor? lo|gh was hop|ng that Zod|ac wou|d k||| aga|n and c|oar h|m. Wh||o lo|gh and
1|m woro dr|nk|ng ono ovon|ng, A||on a||ogod|y contossod ho was Zod|ac. |o ottorod to tost|ty, but got co|d toot. |o's atra|d ot A||on and h|s w|to
has boggod h|m not to spoak w|th us. Evontua||y, A||on d|d as much as toss up to a socond man at tho storo.'
3ut no|thor w|tnoss was ovor hypnot|zod, and ||ko so many |oads, th|s ono was pursuod no turthor. lo|gh cont|nuod hunt|ng |n tho h|||s-carv|ng
out tho hoarts and ||vors ot capturod squ|rro|s and stor|ng thom |n h|s troozor. Cou|d tho doath mach|no' |n Zod|ac's basomont havo boon a
rotoronco to a troozor compartmont that ho|d tho bod|os ot d|ssoctod ch|pmunks? 1h|s d|smombor|ng ot b|rds, squ|rro|s, and m|co by tho
amb|doxtrous chom|st t|t tho pattorn ot sor|a| k|||ors who torturod and k|||od an|ma|s. |o had g|von |t a now tw|st-mask|ng h|s d|ssoct|ons w|th an
assortmont ot sc|ont|t|c porm|ts.
Nonday, AriI 21, 1080
Loigh'a Iiat ot voh|c|os grow. |o rog|storod a 100b 3u|ck sodan, a b|uo 3ky|ark, #VlZ 0b7. And ho st||| had tho Karmann Gh|a, gray Corva|r, throo
spoc|a|-construct|on tra||or campors, and two sa||boats. |o had roportod|y ownod a brown Corva|r |n 100b s|m||ar to tho car Zod|ac usod dur|ng tho
|ourth ot 1u|y murdor. |owovor, though lo|gh onco ownod a 10b7 |ord, ho may on|y havo boon g||mpsod |n lh|| 1uckor's 10b8 |ord sodan, wh|ch
1uckor had g|von h|m porm|ss|on to dr|vo. l otton c|rc|od by tho |rosno 3troot homo and saw h|s tan stat|on wagon parkod |n tront, unusod. Vost ot
tho t|mo lo|gh workod w|th|n wa|k|ng d|stanco at Aco |ardwaro, though l know ho hatod wa|k|ng bocauso ot h|s ||mp and ta||on archos.
arthur Ioigh aIIon
5aturday, JuIy 20, 1080
|n tront ot Aco |ardwaro, t|vo whoo|barrows woro ||nod up bonoath a postor ot a sm|||ng 3uzanno 3omors. 3ho was drossod |ncongruous|y |n a
3anta outt|t. lns|do, lo|gh was no |ongor soc|udod |n tho roar. |o mannod tho tront rog|stor, convors|ng w|th customors |n a |oud vo|co. 1ho namo
lEE' was sown noat|y ovor tho |ott broast pockot ot h|s orango work coat. ||s boss, 3tovo |arshman, |n|t|a||y ordorod tho corroct spo|||ng
(lElG|'), but tho shortor vors|on was choapor. l noodod moro samp|os ot A||on's handwr|t|ng, but |t was bocom|ng d|tt|cu|t to tr|ck h|m |nto pr|nt|ng
anyth|ng. A||on was p|||ng boxos ot t|ro oxt|ngu|shors as a tr|ond ot m|no approachod.
Cou|d you ho|p mo t|nd thoso |toms?' |ay askod. |o stackod throo moro boxos w|thout |ook|ng up. lt l ho|p you, w||| you ho|p mo?' ho sa|d
do||borato|y. |o p|ckod up a sma|| baskot, t|||od |t w|th hor supp||os, and tossod hor ||st on top. Cou|dn't you wr|to an |tom|zod roco|pt tor mo?' sho
sa|d. Ono ot thoso poop|o at tho tront rog|stors w||| ho|p you,' ho rop||od. l'm not author|zod to do that. |avo a n|co day.'
l spoko aga|n to A||on's paro|o ott|cor. A sons|t|vo young man, lo||o had boon d|sturbod by var|ous monta| ova|uat|ons ot h|s paro|oo. A||on's
tosts matchod tho prot||o a lapa 3tato psych|atr|st, 0r. loont| 1hompson, had drawn up. [Zod|ac's part|cu|ar typo ot psychos|s| croatos a
doopon|ng ho|p|ossnoss,' 1hompson commontod, trom wh|ch tho v|ct|m occas|ona||y rousos h|mso|t by a torr|t|c output ot psycho|og|ca| onorgy . . .
and |t to that pr|vato wor|d ot tho sch|zophron|c |s addod tho parano|d's do|us|on ot porsocut|on or grandour, thon somot|mos that d|stortod wor|d
bocomos a p|aco whoro murdor |s born.'
|o |s an oxtromo|y dangorous porson,' lo|gh's ana|ys|s road. |o |s soc|opath|c and possossos an |ncrod|b|y h|gh l.O. . . . 3ubjoct |s ropross|ng
vory doop hatrod and |s |ncapab|o ot tunct|on|ng w|th womon |n a norma| way.' |o |s a |onor, |nopt at ostab||sh|ng any soxua| ro|at|onsh|ps boyond
thoso ot ch||dron.'
l ta|kod w|th Arthur about h|s mothor,' A||on's paro|o ott|cor to|d mo, and that's ono ot tho major th|ngs |n h|s thorapy and tho way ho ro|atos to
||to. l approach th|s trom tho aspoct ot a paro|o ott|cor and contrary to tho |mago ot mo, l'm protty much |nto how poop|o aro and what changos
mot|vato thom. 3as|ca||y, Arthur |s that |ntorost|ng.'
0o you th|nk ho hatos h|s mothor?' l askod, roca|||ng lo|gh's commonts at Atascadoro.
Oh, yoah. |o abso|uto|y hatos hor,' sa|d lo||o w|th too||ng. 3ho's |n hor s|xt|os and wou|d say to lo|gh about tho tathor, '|o novor takos caro ot
h|s tam|||a| rospons|b|||t|os. A|| mon aro a|| assho|os. . . . You'ro just ||ko a|| othor mon. You'ro th|s, you'ro tho othor.' Yoars ot that comp|oto|y
domo||shod lo|gh's ab|||ty to havo rogu|ar hotorosoxua| ro|at|ons w|th an adu|t toma|o. Ono ot tho th|ngs ho doos troquont|y |s whon h|s mothor says,
'Why aro you tho way you aro?' ho says, '1ho roason l'm a|| tuckod up |s bocauso ot you. You mado mo tho way l am!' And sho too|s roa||y gu||ty and
tho gu||t comos out and sho rotusos to do anyth|ng to stop whatovor bohav|or ho's |nvo|vod |n, at |oast whatovor bohav|or that sho knows about.'
1ho lYl0's top psycho|og|st, |arvoy 3ch|ossborg, prot||od 3on ot 3am and roachod t|nd|ngs that app||od to Zod|ac. 1ho |nsp|rat|on tor a|| h|s
hato and rovongo |s much moro ||ko|y to bo a woman-a mothor, s|stor, or g|r|tr|ond who rojoctod h|m. ||stor|ca||y such man|acs do d|sappoar.
1ack tho l|ppor was novor capturod, nor was tho moro rocont 3an |ranc|sco Zod|ac k|||or.' Zod|ac wou|d havo a soduct|vo, dom|nant mothor who
g|vos attoct|on and rojoct|on orrat|ca||y. 3or|a| murdoror Ed Kompor, a s|x-toot n|no-|nch-ta||, 280-pound murdoror ot womon, a|so tantas|zod about
k||||ng h|s mothor. 3ovon toma|o v|ct|ms |n 3anta Cruz woro surrogatos. |o savod hor tor |ast. |or sco|d|ng tonguo no |ongor wou|d d|sapprovo ot
3oxua| sad|sts, bocauso ot tho|r contusod soxua| |dont|ty, possoss a groat undor|y|ng hatrod ot womon. Zod|ac's omot|ons woro as tang|od as a
strand ot 0lA-v|o|onco to h|m was |ovo, |ovo was v|o|onco. |o was unquonchab|o |n h|s b|ood |ust, and tho on|y succosstu| ro|at|onsh|p Zod|ac
cou|d ovor havo w|th a woman was murdor.
1ho s|stor-|n-|aw know tho psych|atr|st,' cont|nuod lo||o, know that sho was rovoa||ng th|ngs tho tam||y wantod to koop socrot, but as a good
c|t|zon to|t ob||gatod to como torward. A||on had a|ways cons|dorod hor an |ntor|opor.' lo||o, to koop trom t|xat|ng on A||on, cons|dorod othor Zod|ac
suspocts. 1horo was th|s g|r|, 1u||o,' ho to|d mo, who had run away trom hor homo |n Orogon and ta||on |n w|th a |o||'s Ango|s gang mombor. Ono
day sho to||s mo that thoro won't bo any moro Zod|ac k||||ngs or |ottors. '1horo was th|s guy who hung around w|th us. |o wasn't a mombor ot tho
Ango|s, just a hangor-on,' sho sa|d. '1h|s guy says ho's tho Zod|ac and l bo||ovo h|m. l know ho's tho Zod|ac, but ho O.0.'d |ast yoar on horo|n-r|ght
horo |n va||ojo.' 1ho g|r| had d|vorcod (hor husband was trom va||ojo), and gono back to ||vo |n Orogon w|th hor ch||d. 3ho sa|d on|y that tho guy
woro g|assos and p|a|d sh|rts. 3ho d|dn't romombor h|s namo.' 1ho |o||'s Ango|s connoct|on rang a bo||. ln|t|a||y, 3orgoant lynch suspoctod two
|o||'s Ango|s had comm|ttod tho lako |orman load murdors. On throo d|ttoront occas|ons, ho and h|s partnor had thrown thom |n ja|| tor gas
stat|on robbor|os. 1hoy shot poop|o,' lynch sa|d mattor-ot-tact|y, but aro |n pr|son now.'
1ho noxt ovon|ng, 3unday, l parkod across trom Aco |ardwaro. |ramod |n tho ||ght ot tho w|ndow, A||on stood out as an orango b|otch |n tho
tw|||ght. l watchod as ho stockod a pog board w|th o|octr|ca| cords. Was th|s Zod|ac, undor g|ass and |n p|a|n s|ght tor a|| to soo? Whon lo|gh qu|t
tho storo at 0:1b, ho was woar|ng a dark navy w|ndbroakor such as Zod|ac woro dur|ng tho 3t|no murdor. l askod lo|gh's boss, 3tovo |arshman,
tor samp|os ot lo|gh's pr|nt|ng. |o angr||y rotusod, but l |ott boh|nd my bus|noss card w|th my now un||stod phono numbor whoro A||on cou|d soo |t.
|rom that po|nt on, l roco|vod hang-up ca||s at m|dn|ght ovory 3aturday n|ght. 1hoy woro unsott||ng, ovon tr|ghton|ng, but l d|d not chango tho
numbor. l d|d not want to |oso ovon that tonuous contact w|th tho suspoct.
Friday, Auguat 8, 1080
| agroo tho k|||or |s koop|ng h|s own t||o and momontos goograph|ca||y qu|to a d|stanco trom whoro ho ||vos and works,' ono roador suggostod.
Zod|ac d|dn't stop k||||ng dur|ng somo yoars. lorhaps ho changod omp|oymont and that causod h|m to k||| o|sowhoro occas|ona||y. ln tho
workp|aco ho |s m||d, d|scountod and comos across as s||ght|y d|stractod. l bot h|s payott |s not |n murdor|ng spoc|t|ca||y, as much as |n h|s
know|odgo that ho |s t|na||y powortu| onough to havo somo momontous |mpact on othors' ||vos. |o can contound tho po||co and tho bost m|nds |n
h|s aroa, thorotoro ho |s smartor than anybody. |o can k|||, thorotoro ho ox|sts.'
A||on, d|ssat|st|od w|th h|s job at Aco, app||od tor an adu|t-oducat|on c|ass attor work. 1ho c|ass schodu|o st||| gavo h|m |r|day ovon|ngs ott- tho
t|mo Zod|ac had dono somo ot h|s k||||ngs. 3ut as months passod, ho bocamo moro d|sonchantod.
Friday, Novombor 14, 1080
| don't aoo any poss|b|||ty ot advancomont,' lo|gh oxp|a|nod to 3tovo |arshman. l work ovory wookond and on|y got ono day ott a wook.' 1hus,
A||on ros|gnod h|s job at Aco |ardwaro, novor roa||z|ng what a staunch dotondor ho had |n |arshman.
5aturday, Novombor 15, 1080
Loigh'a now [ob as a warohouso suporv|sor |n 3on|c|a at 3poctro Chromo Graph|cs pa|d $b an hour, |oss monoy than ho had boon mak|ng, and
tho job was tarthor away. Undor h|s now boss, |arr|ot |urba, ho coord|natod supp|y, roco|pt, do||vory, and d|str|but|on |n and out ot tho p|ant. lo|gh
wroto lo||o about tho now job. 1ho |ottor carr|od too much postago and tho handpr|nt|ng on tho onvo|opo s|antod downward ||ko Zod|ac's. lt was
a|most as |t ho wantod mo to th|nk ho was gu||ty ot bo|ng Zod|ac,' sa|d lo||o. A|| l cou|d got out ot th|s guy was a typod |ottor. And vory noat. 3y tho
way, our chom|st's |nto toot-poworod p|anos now.' lo||o |aughod. |o's actua||y try|ng to bu||d ono that t||os, ovon w|th h|s wo|ght and b|ood
prossuro prob|oms. 3ut lo|gh's h|gh|y suggost|b|o. ||s |ntorost |n man-poworod t||ght probab|y camo trom a namo-sako, 3ryan A||on. last yoar ho
bogan to|||ng tr|onds ho was cons|dor|ng bu||d|ng a toot-poworod p|ano.' On 1uno 12, 1070, 3ryan A||on, a v|sa||a ros|dont, succosstu||y crossod
tho Eng||sh Channo| |n a b|cyc|o||ko a|rcratt, tho Gossamor A|batross.'
And ot courso,' cont|nuod lo||o, whon that young g|r| was abductod |ast yoar wo thought ot A||on r|ght away. lot on|y was ho dr|v|ng a wh|to van
||ko tho ono soon, but ho to|d mo ho was |n that aroa and had ong|no troub|o. lt roa||y had mo go|ng tor a wh||o, but tho po||co tound tho guy who d|d
lo|gh's |ncrod|b|y strong. Whon ho workod at tho [3onoma| auto parts storo ho was a|ways gott|ng hass|od by tho guys thoro and ho darod a guy
to como at h|m. A||on p|ckod up tho guy and hur|od h|m across tho room |nto a stack ot ompty cardboard boxos.'
A tow t|mos whon lo|gh and l wou|d bo com|ng back trom somop|aco,' Kay |uttman roca||od, wo'd soo a gang squar|ng ott |n a t|ght and ho
wou|d say, 'Oops! Gotta hurry up and tako you homo so l can chango my c|othos and got back tor tho t|ght! l koop cha|ns |n my trunk tor such
ovonts.' And so that's what ho'd do.' Ono t|mo lo|gh took on a who|o gang that had oar||or harassod h|m,' |aro|d |uttman roca||od. |o had
w|tnossod many ot lo|gh's tur|ous, youthtu| outbursts. |o ground out tho |oador's oyo w|th a thumb, sond|ng tho othor mombors t|oo|ng.' 3andy
lanzaro||a |ator to|d mo, lomombor tho story ot lo|gh k|ck|ng tho sh|t out ot tho t|vo mar|nos on a 3an |ranc|sco stroot? Wo||, ho had onormous
phys|ca| strongth. 1hat was a truo story.'
ln 3an |ranc|sco a porsona| ad appoarod |n tho Cbroolc|o: 3lG 'Z' Wo|comos 3|g 'A'. lorm|ss|on grantod.' And |n 3an |ranc|sco Zod|ac
cont|nuod to proy on 1osch|'s m|nd. |o roca||od tho days whon lon A||on wou|d ca|| to oxpross h|s toars. |o just cou|dn't t|guro out why va||ojo
l.0. had coasod |ook|ng |nto h|s brothor,' 1osch| to|d mo. What had happonod? l novor know and |t bothorod mo.'
3y 1080,' 1ohn 0oug|as wroto, l'd boon at Ouant|co a tow yoars and had somo rosoarch undor my bo|t whon l |oarnod tho |3l wantod to tako
anothor |ook at tho body ot Zod|ac ||toraturo. l romombor gott|ng a t||o ot |ottors to |ook at, and l had sovora| convorsat|ons w|th Vurray V|ron ovor
tho t|nor po|nts ot our ana|yt|ca| approachos. 3otoro wo cou|d got too doop|y |nvo|vod, howovor, tho |ottors woro pu||od. l novor d|d t|nd out what
promptod tho ronowod |ntorost at tho 3uroau, or what causod our |nvo|vomont to bo canco|od.'
low advonturos occas|ona||y took 1osch|'s m|nd ott Zod|ac. ||s oncountor w|th 3an |ranc|sco's |uman ||y 3and|t' was ono. |o's s|x toot ono,
20b pounds,' ho to|d mo. low that's ono b|g t|y. W|th a|| h|s robb|ng goar-sk| mask, surg|ca| g|ovos, hoodod jackot, and sawod-ott shotgun, ho
was oor||y rom|n|scont ot Zod|ac |n costumo. And th|s b|g t|y |s qu|to acrobat|c. Wo ca||od h|m and h|s partnor tho |uman |||os bocauso ot tho|r
dar|ng mob|||ty on top ot o|ovators and tho|r cunn|ng |n manouvor|ng hoto| o|ovators as thoy w|shod. l novor saw such an |ngon|ous mothod ot
robbory botoro. W|th an obv|ous know|odgo ot o|ovator o|octr|ca| c|rcu|try, thoy t|rst d|sconnoctod tho o|ovator a|arm bo|| and omorgoncy phono.
1hoy rodo atop tho o|ovators, thon trappod tho|r v|ct|ms botwoon t|oors. 3omot|mos thoro can bo as many as twonty-t|vo poop|o squoozod |nto
thoso o|ovators and |t thoso |uman |||os str|ko, thon thoy w||| got a b|g scoro. l'vo got to adm|t |t takos guts to r|do 'shot-gun' on top ot an o|ovator
on tho twonty-t|tth t|oor. |||ng|ng opon tho oscapo trap |n tho o|ovator root, tho |||os covorod tho|r v|ct|ms w|th a shotgun, |oworod a ma|| sack,
ordorod tho guosts to t||| |t w|th va|uab|os and crod|t cards, thon drow tho sack up. 1hoy struck at tho |uxury |o||day lnn and a wook |ator at tho |yatt
|oto|. l was k|ddod by ovory cop l saw. '|oy, 0avo, catch any t||os today?''
1osch| kopt tabs on any uso ot tho sto|on crod|t cards. At ono po|nt,' ho to|d mo, l was just two days boh|nd tho |||os whon l hoard trom lort|and
that thoy had a suspoct w|th ono ot tho sto|on cards-tho |||os woro t|na||y gott|ng s|oppy. 1hon tho A|amoda County cops p|ckod up two othors
try|ng to uso sto|on cards. lt broko tho caso tor mo. l not|t|od tho East 3ay cops that l had anothor suspoct |n custody |n lort|and and suggostod thoy
to|| tho ma|n suspoct, |n tho 3anta l|ta 1a|| |n A|amoda County, that 3an |ranc|sco was go|ng to book h|s brothor tor robbory. 1ho p|an workod. 1ho
k|d broko and protoctod h|s o|dor brothor. 3o now thoy'ro say|ng at tho |a|| ot 1ust|co, '1horo'ro no t||os on 0avo.''
Nonday January 12, 1081
| undoratand Loa lundb|ad had a guy ho ||kod a |ot,' l mont|onod to 3orgoant Vu|anax at h|s va||ojo homo. A choory t|ro crack|od |n tho t|rop|aco.
0oor hoads starod back at us w|th g|assy oyos. lundb|ad had gono to a monta| |nst|tut|on at Atascadoro |n 107b and como back and sa|d, '1hat's
tho guy. '1hat's Zod|ac and wo can't do a th|ng about |t.''
Wo||, l workod protty c|oso|y w|th los,' Vu|anax to|d mo. |o was |nc||nod to got roa| h|gh on a suspoct whoro l wasn't.'
Was th|s lo|gh?' l askod Vu|anax.
1hat was tho on|y suspoct l ovor dovo|opod that l had any strong too||ngs about,' sa|d Vu|anax. ||s tathor was a rot|rod commandor or
||outonant commandor |n tho lavy, a much-docoratod sorv|coman. ln tact, ho workod tor tho c|ty tor a wh||o. O|d-t|mo tam||y, rospoctod. |o was an
ass|stant ong|noor or somo damn th|ng tor tho c|ty. l d|dn't know h|m. A||on was down on tho t|rst Zod|ac murdor. 0own at l|vors|do at that co||ogo.
3ut th|s was a |ong t|mo ago and what was th|s, 1000? And th|s |s ott tho top ot my hoad.'
|o was work|ng at an Aco |ardwaro storo |n va||ojo.'
l don't th|nk thoro's anyth|ng to provo now, but at tho t|mo l was roa| h|gh on h|m. l th|nk Armstrong and 1osch| woro too. A|so l|co|a|.'
0|d you ovor havo anyono bos|dos A||on?'
1ho on|y ono that ovor turnod mo on was A||on.'
0o you th|nk Zod|ac |s st||| a||vo?'
Wo had numorous moot|ngs and |t's tho consonsus ot tho group that tho guy |s o|thor doad or |n a monta| |nst|tut|on or pona| |nst|tut|on.'
Ot courso that's whoro A||on was trom 107b unt|| 1077.'
l wasn't awaro ot that.'
And what l thought was |ntorost|ng |s that attor 1osch| and Armstrong quost|onod h|m |n h|s tra||or, wo stoppod gott|ng |ottors at tho Cbroolc|o.'
ln va||ojo,' ho sa|d, wo wroto dota||od roports and 0avo and 3|||, thoy d|dn't. 1hoy'd scratch |t on a p|oco ot papor.'
|ow d|d you porsona||y got onto A||on?'
3omo poop|o who know h|m . . .'
Oh! 1ho two guys ho to|d ho was go|ng to bocomo Zod|ac.'
What gots mo about that |s that |t's such damag|ng tost|mony. l undorstand ono ot tho mon m|ght havo had a mot|vo to ||o |n that A||on
supposod|y had mado |mpropor romarks to h|s daughtor. 1hat mado mo doubt |t a b|t.'
Wodnoaday, January 14, 1081
AIIon romainod tho bost suspoct. Outs|do ot h|s adm|ss|on that ho had boon |n l|vors|do, po||co had torrotod out no concroto ov|donco ot h|s
prosonco |n 3outhorn Ca||torn|a whoro Zod|ac c|a|mod to havo k|||od othors. lo|gh's tam||y had to|d us somoth|ng about lo|gh bo|ng around tho
l|vors|do aroa |n tho m|dd|o or |ato s|xt|os,' sa|d 1osch|. l was surpr|sod that [va||ojo l|outonant 1|m| |ustod sa|d, '|orgot about l|vors|do
bocauso wo can't p|aco lo|gh A||on |n tho aroa.' Ot courso, yos, ho was thoro. A||on's own tam||y had to|d us that ho had spont t|mo |n tho l|vors|do
aroa and was tam|||ar w|th 3outhorn Ca||torn|a, but thoy woron't too suro oxact|y what ho was do|ng bocauso ho was on h|s own a |ot.'
lo|gh stayod w|th tam|||os down south botoro and attor Atascadoro,' l to|d 1osch|. |o workod |n tho aroa, otton drovo to l|vors|do on wook-
onds tor car racos, and |ator ho t|ow a p|ano thoro. On Vonday, Vu|anax cont|rmod A||on was at l|vors|do C|ty Co||ogo |n 1000 whon tho murdor
1osch| s|ghod. Wo woro tho t|rst onos to appr|so Vu|anax ot lo|gh, vory, vory br|ot|y, whon tho tam||y t|rst camo to us,' ho sa|d. 1hoy had
a|roady scannod lo|gh vory br|ot|y. Vu|anax's oyos roa||y poppod. |o actua||y thought wo had h|m. 1o th|s day wo st||| may. Vu|anax ||kod A||on vory,
vory much. 1ack was so h|gh on A||on |n thoso days wo woro work|ng w|th h|m. |o sa|d ho had novor como across a bottor-|ook|ng suspoct. 1hat's
tho way l to|t a|so. Wo |ott A||on's t||o |n our mota| t||o cab|not, two man|||a tour-|nch onvo|opos ot mator|a| on A||on, and wo just put |t away w|th much
rogrot. Wo just d|dn't know whoro to go. 1ack says ho has an |nch-and-a-ha|t t||o at h|s houso. Cou|d |t bo ho has |ntormat|on that novor got |nto tho
t||o at va||ojo? lt's a b|t trustrat|ng to roa||zo that wo had to put h|s to|dor back |n our t||os.' A||on's |ndo||b|o prosonco trackod a|| ovor tho south-|n
lomona, |omot, 1orranco, 3an 3ornard|no, laso lob|os, l|vors|do, and 3an lu|s Ob|spo. lo||co had no substant|a| ov|donco that ho was |ott-
zodiac auaocta
1huraday, January 15, 1081
Othor oIicomon boaidoa 1osch| and lar|ow had chor|shod suspocts. ||ghway latro|man lyndon lattorty poggod Zod|ac as a ros|dont ot
|a|rt|o|d, a town oast ot va||ojo. 3|nco 0ocombor ot 1000, a |a|rt|o|d copycat had boon d|spatch|ng typod |ottors to tho Cbroolc|o:

1h|s |s tho Zod|ac spoak|ng l just nood ho|p l w||| k||| aga|n so oxpoct |t any t|mo now tho [noxt| w||| bo a cop . . .'

1wo days |ator ho wroto aga|n, onc|os|ng a draw|ng ot a kn|to t|t|od 1ho 3|ood|ng kn|to ot Zod|ac,' lago t|tty-n|no ot an astro|ogy book, Loy-by-
Loy lorocost or Coocor and a horoscopo torocast tor loo. l just nood ho|p l w||| k||| aga|n . . . l just want to to|| you th|s stato |s |n troub|o . . .' ho
|arvoy ||nos, a tormor Esca|on, Ca||torn|a, po||co ott|cor, bo||ovod ho had tound Zod|ac. ln lovombor 1078, wh||o tak|ng n|ght-schoo|
cr|m|no|ogy |n 3onora, ho stumb|od across roports ot a t||rtat|ous man who approachod two 3outh lako 1ahoo womon |n 1071. A yoar oar||or,
poss|b|o Zod|ac v|ct|m 0onna lass had d|sappoarod trom thoro. lntr|guod, ||nos |nqu|rod at tho hoto| whoro sho workod as nurso and camo up
w|th a suspoct who had stud|od bas|c codos at rad|o schoo|. |o had boon arrostod mu|t|p|o t|mos s|nco 1040, and |n 1000 ||vod noar whoro lau|
3t|no had p|ckod up Zod|ac. ||nos |ator to|d loro Copy, Vy suspoct |s tho Zod|ac. Evory t|bor, ovory part ot my bo|ng to||s mo ho |s tho Zod|ac
K|||or.' A to|ov|sod c||p showod a pa|r ot s||ppor-c|ad toot-tho suspoct rotr|ov|ng h|s morn|ng papor. ||nos's boon chas|ng th|s guy through vogas
cas|nos w|th a v|doo camora,' a cop to|d mo, scroam|ng, '|o's tho Zod|ac!'' 3ut Zod|ac was s|x toot ta||, 240-p|us pounds, and about th|rty-t|vo.
||nos's suspoct was throo |nchos shortor, n|noty pounds ||ghtor, and two|vo yoars o|dor.
Was thoro a connoct|on botwoon lass and somoono trom l|vors|do? 1ho thoory was that Zod|ac had boon a tormor k|dnoy d|a|ys|s pat|ont ot
0onna's whon sho workod at l|vors|do's Cottago |osp|ta|. |or roommato, 1o Anno Goottscho (Got-3ho), had a|so boon a d|a|ys|s nurso s|nco
107b. 0onna had novor to|d mo about any such porson,' sho to|d mo. |or tam||y, though, askod mo tho samo quost|on. Wo workod on tho samo
surg|ca| ward at lottorman Gonora| |osp|ta| |n tho lros|d|o [whoro Zod|ac had boon |ast soon| and sovora| corpsmon thoro woro g|v|ng t|y|ng
|ossons ovor |n |ayward. Wo usod to go t|y|ng w|th two mon trom l|vors|do |n 1070.'
Whoro was th|s?'
Oh, r|ght horo |n 3an |ranc|sco.'
3an |ranc|sco?' Vu|anax had to|d mo that 0ar|ono |orr|n had a|so gono t|y|ng w|th two mon, but ho'd novor chockod thom out. lo|gh A||on t|ow.
l don't know |t l can romombor tho|r namos,' 1o Anno sa|d. 0onna was horo |n 3an |ranc|sco trom |obruary to 1uno ot 1070. 3ho movod to lako
1ahoo to work and throo months |ator van|shod. 0onna was k|nd ot na|vo, and not vory oxpor|oncod w|th mon. 3ho was oas||y drawn away. 3ho
was hookod on gamb||ng. 1hat's why sho wont up thoro. 3ho ||kod to sk| and ||kod to gamb|o, so sho took tho job |n tho cas|no hoto| [tho 3ahara
|oto|, 3tato||no, lovada| as a t|rst-a|d omorgoncy nurso. l wont up a|ono to moot hor ovor tho wookond, hav|ng ta|kod to hor oar||or |n tho wook.
3ho had movod to a now apartmont, so that's why wo woro moot|ng at tho hoto| on 3aturday n|ght. 1hat was tho t|rst day sho had tho apartmont and
l d|dn't havo tho phono numbor. l was supposod to moot hor whon sho was gott|ng ott work, and sho wou|d show mo whoro sho ||vod. 3ho was
nowhoro to bo tound so l stayod |n a moto| ovorn|ght and thon |ookod somo moro. l d|dn't know what to do. lt wasn't ||ko hor to just not show up.
Whon l camo back to tho c|ty 3unday n|ght w|thout t|nd|ng out anyth|ng, l don't know why l d|dn't ca|| tho po||co. l was young, l guoss.'
0onna's o|dor s|stor, Vary, to|d mo, 0onna was a|ways poop|o's tavor|to nurso. 3ho usod hor crod|t card on 3aturday [3optombor b, 1070| and
wont to work that n|ght. 3ho workod trom s|x at n|ght to two |n tho morn|ng. 3ho was wr|t|ng tho |og ot tho day at 1:4b A.V. (tho |ast poop|o sho saw
woro tho 3ont|oys trom 3an |ranc|sco). As |t ondod 'comp|a|ns ot,' [c/o|, hor pon just tra||s down tho pago, draggod trom tho |ast word sho wroto to
tho bottom ot tho pago as |t sho had boon |ntorruptod. lt was not s|gnod.' 0onna's car was |ator tound parkod noar hor now apartmont.
An un|dont|t|od ma|o ca||or rang 0onna's |and|ord and omp|oyor and sa|d that sho wou|d not bo roturn|ng bocauso ot |||noss |n tho tam||y. 1hoy
had roco|vod a phono ca|| that sho had an omorgoncy at homo,' sa|d 1o Anno, and whon hor boss ca||od homo to hor mom, sho sa|d, '1horo's no
|||noss |n tho tam||y. 1hat ca|| |s a ||o.' 1hat's whon wo know. And wo wont thoro that n|ght.' 1ho tam||y t|ow out trom 3|oux |a||s, 3outh 0akota. Wo
wont to 3an |ranc|sco and 1o Anno mot us at tho a|rport and drovo us to 1ahoo,' sa|d Vary. And sho had boon up thoro to soo 0onna. l had boon
on vacat|on w|th Vom and my tour ||tt|o k|ds and wo woro thoro just two wooks botoro labor 0ay. 1hon 1o Anno wont up thoro to soo hor tor labor
0ay, and so wo wont up 3unday n|ght. Wo cou|dn't got a word out ot anyono at tho cas|no-whoro sho was or what was go|ng on. As tor tho po||co,
thoy wou|dn't ovon put |t out as a m|ss|ng porson unt|| torty-o|ght hours had passod. 1ho po||co had boon |n tho apartmont and soarchod |t. Wo wont
back up on tho th|rd ot Octobor and camo back on Vonday tho t|tth. 1horo was somoono 1o Anno and 0onna woro dat|ng trom 3acramonto. 1horo
was a phono ca|| 3outh lako po||co had roco|vod trom 3acramonto, but ho novor ca||od back.' 1o Anno sa|d, |or s|stor had a pr|vato dotoct|vo
pursu|ng tho |nvost|gat|on tor yoars, but thoy novor tound hor-ovor! lt was vory strango.'
What was roa||y strango,' lynch to|d mo, |s somo guy camo up to va||ojo l.0. ono n|ght and ho was drunk. |o sa|d ho had boon try|ng to roport
0onna lass's d|sappoaranco to 3|l0, but apparont|y tho guy was a hoavy dr|nkor and whon ho had gono thoro thoy'd thrown h|m out. |o know
thoro had boon a prov|ous murdor |n va||ojo by tho Zod|ac so ho camo up horo to roport. l ta|kod to h|m tor a |ong t|mo, but l can't th|nk ot that guy's
namo. Or tho namo ot tho mus|c|an ho thought was |nvo|vod, but that orchostra was |n 1ahoo at tho t|mo th|s g|r| d|sappoarod. 1hoy novor tound hor
d|d thoy? lo.'
1horo was a tonuous 1ahoo connoct|on w|th lo|gh A||on. A tr|ond ot lo|gh's had bought a hoto| thoro, and lo|gh m|ght havo boon v|s|t|ng h|m tho
n|ght lass van|shod. And l tound a connoct|on to tho 1008 murdors ot lobort 0om|ngos and l|nda Edwards noar 3anta 3arbara. 0onna |ott 3|oux
C|ty, wont to V|nnoapo||s,' sa|d Vary, thon wont to 3anta 3arbara and workod. 1hoy took th|s doctor oast to th|s b|g convont|on, and whon sho
camo back sho wont to 3an |ranc|sco to lottorman Gonora|. 1ho pay was good, but sho got awtu||y t|rod ot tho hours-wookonds, n|ghts. |or
tr|onds trom 3anta 3arbara had movod up thoro to lako 1ahoo. 'Oh, wo havo tho portoct job tor you. Como on up and jo|n us and ||vo w|th us.' And
so that's what sho d|d tor tho summor.'
Undor lorsona|s' |n tho Cbroolc|o l spottod th|s ad:

ZO0lAC, Wo ottor a lat|ona| and |ntorostod torum to hoar your story as you w|sh |t to|d. Wou|d ||ko to |ntorv|ow you w|th comp|oto
anonym|ty. Contact 1|E AOUAllAl AGE magaz|no 270 Wor|d 1rado Contor, 3| 04111.'

1hoy gavo a |oca| numbor and stat|onod a workor by tho phono |n caso Zod|ac shou|d ca||. 1ho workor m|ght st||| bo wa|t|ng.
Nonday, January 10, 1081
Aa NuIanax and l drovo to 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs, l watchod storm c|ouds swoop|ng |n trom tho 3an lab|o 3ay. Vost ot thom l'd got a spoc|mon ot
tho|r handwr|t|ng,' sa|d Vu|anax, oxp|a|n|ng how ho procossod Zod|ac suspocts, and havo Vorr||| chock |t out. E|thor that or tho phys|ca|
doscr|pt|on was so tar ott |n ago or somo such th|ng whoro |t cou|dn't |og|ca||y bo tho suspoct.'
You mont|onod th|s 1ommy 'loo' 3outhard?' l sa|d.
Vu|anax |aughod. 1hat 3outhard,' ho rop||od, was ono ot tho oar|y suspocts. A sorv|coman at Varo ls|and, as l roca||. l d|dn't |nvost|gato h|m.
lynch and lust conductod tho |nvost|gat|on on h|m. 3|x wooks or a coup|o ot months attor th|s [3|uo lock 3pr|ngs| shoot|ng happonod thoy camo
up w|th h|m. |o |ookod protty good tor a wh||o.'
3outhard ||vod at homo w|th h|s mom,' lynch addod, and woro th|ck-|onsod g|assos. |o a|so ||vod downtown |n an apartmont. Wo had a
burg|ary caso on tho guy and l tack|od h|m at a rostaurant. |o was a roa| oddba||. |o cut h|s wr|sts whon l arrostod h|m, and was |ator k|||od
downtown |n a bar shoot|ng on v|rg|n|a 3troot.'
Zod|ac racod down to lapa attor tho stabb|ngs at lako 3orryossa and rang up tho po||co trom a pay phono on|y tour-and-ono-ha|t b|ocks trom
tho po||co stat|on. lar|ow tound tho |ocat|on |ntr|gu|ng. A guy horo |n lapa |s vory prot|c|ont at mak|ng bombs,' ho to|d mo, and happons to trado
at tho barborshop d|roct|y across tho stroot trom tho booth whoro tho ca|| was mado.' lo||co tochn|c|an |a| 3nook, rushod |n h|s dust|ng ot a wot
pa|m pr|nt on tho roco|vor (ho was noodod at lako 3orryossa), toarod botch|ng tho job. |o usod a comb|nat|on ot a hot ||ght and b|ow-dry|ng to
acco|orato tho procoss, got somo pr|nts trom tho phono booth
and sont thom to tho |3l. 1ommy loo 3outhard was tho t|rst thoy tr|od to match. 1ho
|3l ldont|t|cat|on 0|v|s|on rop||od on Octobor 28, 1000:

3ovon |atont t|ngorpr|nts, throo |atont pa|m pr|nts and ono |atont |mpross|on wh|ch |s o|thor a t|ngorpr|nt or a part|a| pa|m pr|nt appoar |n tho
subm|ttodphotographs and aro ot va|uo tor |dont|t|cat|on purposos. Wo comparod thoso pr|nts to 1homas loonard 3outhard-no |dont|t|cat|on
was ottoctod. Wo cou|d not ru|o h|m out conc|us|vo|y s|nco wo do not havo h|s pa|m pr|nts.'

latont pr|nts rocovorod trom tho lako 3orryossa v|ct|m's Karmann Gh|a woro comparod w|th tho comparab|o aroas ot tho |atont pr|nts. Aga|n no
|dont|t|cat|on w|th 3outhard was ottoctod. 1ho |3l tostod tho lapa phono booth's pr|nts aga|nst Zod|ac's t|rst |ottor to tho va||ojo 7lmos-loro|o
bocauso somoono's pr|nts woro rocovorod trom that |ottor. 1ho pr|nts d|d not match tho car, cab, or booth t|ngorpr|nts. Or 3outhard's.
Friday, Nay 15, 1081
C|&| in 5acramonto bocamo tho c|oar|nghouso tor a|| tuturo Zod|ac |nvost|gat|ons. A docado oar||or lau| Avory, |n a cont|dont|a| momo to h|s
od|tor, Abo Vo|||nkott, had suggostod just such a contra||zat|on. 1osch| at tho t|mo had a|roady boon concornod about Avory. l th|nk ho wants to
bocomo moro than an |nvost|gat|vo roportor,' ho to|d mo. l th|nk ho ovontua||y wants to run th|s |nvost|gat|on.' 1osch| was r|ght:
l mot w|th Attornoy Gonora| [Evo||o 1.| Youngor tor 4b m|nutos,' Avory wroto cont|dont|a||y, out||nod tho Zod|ac caso |n somo dota|| and
proposod to h|m that tho 3tato 0O1 tako ovor and coord|nato tho |nvost|gat|on ot tho caso by torm|ng a spoc|a| Zod|ac 3quad mado up ot
dotoct|vos trom tho var|ous c|t|os and count|os wh|ch havo actua| or h|gh|y poss|b|o Z murdors.' 1hroo days |ator Avory sont Youngor a rosumo
ot tho caso, wr|t|ng that l am oagor to bog|n ass|st|ng |n tho tormat|on ot your 'Zod|ac 3quad' and to p|an |ts d|roct|on.'

3|nco a mu|t|tudo ot jur|sd|ct|ons, count|os, and dopartmonts woro |nvo|vod, tho|r rocords had to bo gathorod and roorgan|zod. Vany t||os woro
m|ss|ng, scattorod ovor tho stato, h|ddon |n basomonts and att|cs or takon away as momontos. lnspoctor 0oasy porsona||y drovo tho 3|l0's t||os
to 3acramonto. On Vay 1b, at 7:11 A.V., po||co and |3l agonts arrostod 0av|d Carpontor as tho 1ra||s|do K|||or at h|s 3an |ranc|sco homo. 1h|s
w||dornoss murdoror shot and stabbod h|kors on Vount 1ama|pa|s abovo tho Go|don Gato, at lo|nt loyos 3oashoro, and |n tho 3anta Cruz
torosts. lntorost|ng|y, Carpontor had h|ntod to accomp||cos that ho was Zod|ac-an |ntr|gu|ng poss|b|||ty. lhotos ot Carpontor trom 1000 w|th
g|assos and crow cut boro a str|k|ng rosomb|anco to Zod|ac's wantod postor. Carpontor had boon |n pr|son whon somo Zod|ac |ottors woro
ma||od. 3ut dur|ng tho 1ra||s|do attacks po||co had ru|od Carpontor out as a suspoct bocauso stato computors ||stod h|m as bo|ng |n ja||. ln roa||ty,
ho was ||v|ng |n a ha|tway houso and wa|k|ng tho stroots ot downtown 3an |ranc|sco.
Anothor r|dd|o-tho |nottons|vo ox-conv|ct stuttorod bad|y, wh||o tho 1ra||s|do K|||or d|d not. |owovor, at h|s 3an 0|ogo tr|a|, Carpontor oxp|a|nod,
Whon l s|ng [and ho sang|, l don't stuttor. Whon l wh|spor [and ho wh|sporod|, l don't stuttor. Whon l got roa||y angry! [ho roarod| l don't stuttor!' 1ho
jury drow back |n torror. Carpontor tho 1ra||s|do K|||or was a d|ttoront porson than Carpontor undor contro|. lorhaps Zod|ac was somoono o|so too
whon ho wroto h|s |ottors-an |nottons|vo porson who, trom day to day, no ono suspoctod.
Anothor suspoct, V|ko, a s|x-toot-ta||, oyog|ass-woar|ng ox-lavy-man, had movod tho day ot tho 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs murdor,' Vu|anax to|d mo.
|o ownod a 0-mm and a .4b-ca||bor gun and, ||ko A||on, workod at Un|on O||. Whon ho got too oxc|tod ho wou|d put h|s thumbs aga|nst h|s noso
and scroam. Ear|y on, wo had boon |ook|ng tor a 1aurus and V|ko was a 1aurus. ||s no|ghbor vor|t|od ho was tam|||ar w|th lako 3orryossa. 3ut
that wont nowhoro. |o d|d |ook good tor awh||o.'
1huraday, Octobor 8, 1081
Fow outaido tho |3l guossod tho Unabombor ox|stod. At tho ond ot a s|xtoon-month por|od ot |nact|v|ty, tho nat|on's t|rst domost|c torror|st struck.
|o p|acod a bomb |ns|do a |argo papor-wrappod parco| at Utah's 3onn|on |a||, whoro |t was sato|y dotusod. On an Apr|| morn|ng t|ttoon yoars
honco, whon 1od Kaczynsk| was capturod |n a romoto, snowbound Vontana cab|n, tho Unabombor wou|d bocomo an |mportant Zod|ac suspoct. lt
was not hard to soo why.
l was tho t|rst ono to do that story,' l|ta W||||ams, K1vU-1v Channo| 1wo roportor, to|d mo. l d|d |t ||ko a wook attor ho was arrostod. l got tho
t|ngorpr|nt guy out |n Wa|nut Crook to |ook at Kaczynsk|. 1hoso |3l guys l know woro |augh|ng at mo-'Oh, thoro's no way. lt can't bo.' l sa|d, 'Como
on, ho roa||y t|ts as Zod|ac. 1hat strango tam||y, mathomat|ca| m|nd ... chom|ca| bombs ... ''
1ho |mp||cat|on was that Zod|ac had van|shod bocauso ho had bocomo tho Unabombor. |oro aro roasons why that m|ght bo truo. 3oth woro
p|po-bomb-makors. 3oth ma||od po||co taunt|ng |ottors w|th too much postago, boastod ot tho|r |nto|||gonco, and prom|sod d|ro consoquoncos |t
tho|r words woro not pub||shod. 1ho Unabombor wroto tho 7lmos, throaton|ng to br|ng down a Ca||torn|a jot||nor w|th a bomb, thon adm|ttod |t was
a joko.' Zod|ac prom|sod to b|ow up a schoo| bus w|th an o|octron|c bomb, but rosc|ndod h|s prom|so.
Kaczynsk| had boon a protossor at UC 3orko|oy trom 1007 to 1000, whon Zod|ac bocamo act|vo. 1od ros|gnod 1uno 80, 1000, and Zod|ac t|rst
wroto tho Cbroolc|o a month |ator. 1ho Unabombor oxp|odod h|s t|rst cont|rmod bomb on Vay 20, 1078, and a month attorward Zod|ac a||ogod|y
wroto h|s |ast |ottor. Kaczynsk| wroto tho 5oo lrooclsco Exomloor a month |ator. 1ho two woro m|||tary goar-tho Unabombor m|||tary tat|guos,
Zod|ac a lava| costumo. 3oth usod d|sgu|sos, a hoodod swoatsh|rt, a hood. lnoxp||cab|y, thoro woro t|mos whon tho Unabombor and Zod|ac
s|mp|y stoppod wr|t|ng and k||||ng. 3oth woro asoxua| bo|ngs w|th dom|nant mothors and absont tathors. 3oth undorstood tho comp|ox|t|os ot codo.
Codo |s noth|ng moro than mathomat|cs and Kaczynsk| was a br||||ant mathomat|c|an. At 3orryossa tho surv|v|ng v|ct|m roportod that Zod|ac
c|a|mod to bo an oscapod conv|ct trom o|thor Co|orado or 0oor lodgo, Vontana. 0oor lodgo |ay s|xty m||os trom whoro Kaczynsk| ovontua||y bu||t
h|s |so|atod cab|n |n l|nco|n, Vontana.
|owovor, oqua||y compo|||ng roasons conv|ncod mo that Kaczynsk| was oot Zod|ac. ln 1078, tho Unabombor, |n h|s gu|so as tho 1unkyard
3ombor,' was us|ng match hoads and rubbor bands to croato h|s bombs. l|no yoars oar||or Zod|ac had ma||od tho Cbroolc|o o|octron|c and
chom|ca| bomb d|agrams tar moro soph|st|catod than tho Unabombor's a docado |ator. Wou|d Zod|ac rogross and |oso tho ab|||ty to croato
advancod bombs? Voro than ||ko|y, by 1078, ho wou|d bo bu||d|ng bottor bombs. 1ho Unabombor roma|nod unknown tor so |ong bocauso ho d|dn't
wr|to tho pross. 1ho pub||c|ty-hungry Zod|ac a|ways usod h|s murdors to ga|n pub||c|ty |mmod|ato|y attorward. 1ho Unabombor wroto tho Exomloor,
d|sgu|s|ng h|mso|t as |C.' Zod|ac, w|th tow oxcopt|ons, took pa|ns to |dont|ty h|mso|t as Zod|ac, and vor|t|od h|s |dont|ty by prov|d|ng cont|dont|a|
tacts or p|ocos ot b|oody ov|donco.
1ho Unabombor targotod groups-computor oxports and sa|osmon, bohav|ora| mod|t|cat|on|sts, gonot|c|sts, ong|noors, and scho|ars. 3ut h|s
bombs woro do||vorod |n such a way that anyono cou|d havo oponod thom. ln 1087, ho |ott a bomb |n a 3a|t lako C|ty park|ng |ot tor anyono to t|nd.
Zod|ac's targots woro a|ways spoc|t|c w|th r|g|d roqu|romonts. |o sta|kod h|s v|ct|ms-young |ovors, studonts by |akos on spoc|a| days-w|th a
d|ttoront woapon oach t|mo. Kaczynsk| was obsossod w|th wood and wood-ro|atod namos, wh||o Zod|ac was obsossod w|th wator and wator-
ro|atod namos. Kaczynsk| |ovod naturo-ho apo|og|zod to a rabb|t tor shoot|ng |t. Zod|ac |ovod to hunt an|ma|s and progrossod to poop|o as w||d
gamo. ln 1007 Kaczynsk| was |n Ann Arbor at tho Un|vors|ty ot V|ch|gan gott|ng a socond doctorato whon throo l|vors|do |ottors woro wr|tton by
Zod|ac and postmarkod |n l|vors|do. ln 1071, Kaczynsk| movod to l|nco|n, Vontana, and was ||v|ng thoro whon Zod|ac |ottors at that t|mo carr|od
3ay Aroa postmarks. Zod|ac's oxcoss|vo postago was ongondorod by a rush tor pub||c|ty, wh||o tho Unabombor's stamps sorvod two usos. 1ho
va|uo and subjoct ot tho stamps woro a numor|ca| codo |nd|cat|ng tho typo ot bomb |ns|do and a symbo||c statomont. 1ho socond uso was to d|roct
tho t|ow ot tho parco|. Ovorpost|ng mado corta|n tho packago wou|d not bo roturnod to tho t|ct|ona| sondor, too ||tt|o postago |nsurod that tho bomb
wou|d rovort to tho roturn addross-tho actua| targot, a sc|ont|st on tho Unabombor's h|t ||st.
1ho phys|ca| appoaranco ot Zod|ac and |nnor work|ngs ot h|s m|nd prosont tho b|ggost d|ttoroncos botwoon h|m and tho Unabombor. Zod|ac,
|umbor|ng' and boar||ko,' d|ttorod cons|dorab|y trom Kaczynsk|'s |anky and gaunt tramo-148 pounds, t|vo toot n|no |nchos ta||. Zod|ac, phys|ca||y
powortu|, had a paunch, stood c|oso to s|x toot, and wo|ghod around 240 pounds. 1hough Kaczynsk| kopt a journa| |n codo (spood||y so|vod by tho
|3l), |t comparod |n no way w|th tho |ntr|cato, unbroakab|o c|phors ot Zod|ac nor w|th h|s handwr|t|ng.
1ho Unabombor's own words ottor tho b|ggost d|ttoronco. ||s man|tosto's tono |s t|at, un|mag|nat|vo. Whoro aro Zod|ac's c|ovor turns ot phraso
and |magory tr|ghton|ng onough to ga|van|zo a c|ty? 1ho protossor |n Kaczynsk| |octuros us, wh||o Zod|ac's co|ortu| oxpross|ons and momorab|o
uso ot popu|ar cu|turo aro |ntondod to tr|ghton, bu||y, and myst|ty-not |nstruct. ||s |ottors possoss an |ron|c, b|t|ng qua||ty that ovort|ows w|th
mo|ancho|y, ovon dospa|r. 1hoy ch||| anyono who roads thom. Whon Zod|ac was angry, wo to|t |t.
Zod|ac gavo h|s mot|vos tor k||||ng as co||oct|ng sou|s tor tho attor||to' and tho thr||| ot hunt|ng poop|o. 1ho Unabombor's apparont |ack ot mot|vo
mado tho soarch tor h|m d|tt|cu|t. Zod|ac obv|ous|y hatod womon. Kaczynsk|, to tho ond, droamod ot a w|to and ch||dron, and onv|od and dotostod
tho brothor who turnod h|m |n tor possoss|ng that domost|c b||ss. Kaczynsk|'s truo hatrod was rosorvod tor thoso |n tho acadom|c wor|d who had
surpassod h|m. Zod|ac was mastor ot a|| woapons, tho Unabombor on|y ot bombs, wh|ch ho had troub|o mak|ng |otha|. Zod|ac had an |nt|mato
know|odgo ot va||ojo. Kaczynsk| d|d not. l|ko a po|sonor, Kaczynsk| |mag|nod tho doath agon|os ot h|s v|ct|m trom as groat a d|stanco as poss|b|o.
3y gun, by kn|to, by ropo,' Zod|ac got as c|oso to h|s v|ct|ms as ho cou|d.
arthur Ioigh aIIon
Friday, Nay 22, 1081
| waa torminatod trom 3poctro Chromo Graph|cs |n 3on|c|a (w|th oo warn|ngs or contoroncos) qu|to by surpr|so,' lo|gh sa|d ot h|s Vay 22 t|r|ng.
|o suspoctod ho cou|d put h|s t|ngor on tho roason. l bo||ovo my prob|om startod throo wooks pr|or whon l dostroyod a ro||-down door w|th a tork||tt.
1ho ost|mato was $2800.'
1uoaday, Juno 80, 1081
| am intoIIigont, hardwork|ng, honost, dopondab|o, and punctua|,' lo|gh wroto, app|y|ng tor othor work. l am |ook|ng tor a job whoro l can |oarn
and advanco myso|t |n tho |ong torm and hopo you w||| cons|dor thoso po|nts |n ova|uat|ng my app||cat|on.' |o was askod, |avo you ovor boon
conv|ctod ot a to|ony or a m|sdomoanor?' Yos,' ho answorod, l comm|ttod ono count ot lC 288 and was sont to a stato hosp|ta| tor two yoars. l
am now st||| tak|ng thorapy as was roqu|rod by tho courts.' ||s app||cat|on, roco|vod 1u|y 1, 1081, was pr|ntod noat|y-a|| tho g's woro stra|ght and
a|| tho o's curs|vo. 1horo was ovon a throo-stroko k.
Wodnoaday, JuIy 8, 1081
AIIon anarod a now job on h|s o|d stamp|ng grounds-a 3on|c|a |ndustr|a| park at tho ond ot lako |orman load. lo|gh's tr|onds to|d mo ho otton
parkod at a promontory whoro lako |orman load |ntorsocts ||ghway 21, northoast ot tho 3on|c|a-Vart|noz 3r|dgo. |o poppod opon a Coors,
drank, and scannod loo ls|and, lyor ls|and, and a hundrod soa|od batt|osh|ps d|sma||y r|d|ng tho|r anchors |n 3u|sun 3ay bo|ow. 1ho gray
ontombod t|oot, mothba||od romnants ot Wor|d War ll, probab|y mado h|m th|nk ot h|s tathor and h|s own ta||od submar|no caroor. |o st||| hatod
work|ng, but tho now pos|t|on gavo h|m amp|o t|mo to dr|nk, v|s|t h|s tra||ors, and mako subt|o d|gs at tho po||co. |o cont|nuod to woar a Zod|ac
sk|n-d|v|ng watch and a Zod|ac r|ng. |o cont|nuod to mont|on Zod|ac to h|s tr|onds, |oav|ng a tra|| ot h|nts scattorod boh|nd.
|o startod h|s car and swung onto tho ruttod road. At homo, a |ottor had s||d down tho ma|| s|ot |nto h|s basomont. Attor a |ong do|ay, ho was
go|ng to roco|vo h|s bacho|or ot sc|onco dogroo trom 3onoma 3tato. Author|t|os st||| had not soarchod that dank and droary basomont whoro
bombs and a doath mach|no' m|ght bo storod.
1hough d|abot|c, Arthur lo|gh A||on bogan dr|nk|ng boor trom a quart jar. |o rodo h|s groon motorcyc|o, |a|d out romodo||ng p|ans tor h|s homo,
and bought moro books on o|octron|c goar, maps, and tho occu|t. |o stud|od b|rdhousos, and cont|nuod bu||d|ng a p|ano. 0r. lykott roportod
rogu|ar|y on lo|gh's progross and rohab|||tat|on. Approhons|vo ot h|s pat|ont, tho doctor p|ayod tapod oxcorpts ot tho|r soss|ons tor a 3anta losa
cop. |o was shakon too. Evontua||y, lykott t|od to a w||dornoss hosp|ta|. Evoryono who camo |n touch w|th Zod|ac was hurt |n somo way. Goorgo
3awart to|d mo tho b|zarro story.
1ho doctor had como to bo||ovo that Zod|ac was h|s pat|ont,' sa|d 3awart, and mado hours ot tapos wh|ch ho wantod to pub||sh. |o had tapos
that A||on had mado c|a|m|ng to bo Zod|ac. A||on had ta|kod to h|s doctor about putt|ng bamboo stakos |n p|ts around h|s houso. 1ho sharponod
onds, covorod |n manuro, wou|d both wound and |ntoct, ovon k|||. l wont up and |ntorv|owod lykott at somo san|tar|um. |o was |n a w||d aroa and
kopt |ook|ng trant|ca||y |n oach cornor. 'look out tor tho snakos,' ho cr|od, danc|ng about. '1ho snakos-ovorywhoro.' l |aughod, thon jumpod. l
|ookod, and thoro roa||y was a ratt|osnako. 1ho b|ggost ratt|osnako l'd ovor soon-r|ght by my boot-ratt|osnakos a|| ovor tho jo|nt. God, tor a
psych|atr|st, ho was goot|or than a bodbug.' Or just tr|ghtonod?
ln oar|y 1070, |ong botoro lo|gh bogan soo|ng 0r. lykott, a rumor c|rcu|atod |n 3an |ranc|sco that Zod|ac had |ost a |ottor addrossod to a
psych|atr|st ho was thon soo|ng. A||ogod|y, |t conta|nod a doath throat to tho doctor's tam||y. A passorby tound tho |ottor and turnod |t ovor to tho
po||co, who |ntorv|owod tho doctor. 3ocauso ot protoss|ona| cont|dont|a||ty ho rotusod to namo h|s pat|ont, a 3ay Aroa ros|dont. W|th|n th|s doctor's
t||os, somo bo||ovod, |ay tho roa| namo ot Zod|ac.
Wo wont down and saw loto loyos,' 3awart cont|nuod. |o was ono ot tho producors ot 1obooy Corsoo or 1ooporoy. 3omohow th|s guy got
|nvo|vod w|th lykott, 3anta losa cops, and a|| th|s gooty stutt. lt was abso|uto|y b|zarro tho stutt thoy woro do|ng. 1hoy woro gonna protoct th|s 0r.
lykott bocauso Arthur lo|gh A||on was gonna como k||| h|m. 1hoy thought ono ot tho ||outonants on tho 3anta losa lo||co 0opartmont was |n
cahoots w|th lo|gh A||on. Attor l t|n|shod th|s l wondorod, 'Aro thoso guys prankstors? Aro thoy just that parano|d?' Crazy stutt. lt was to tho po|nt
whon l dovo|opod a|| th|s-th|s guy |n 3anta losa d|dn't want to ta|k to mo. l was vory stra|ghttorward. 'l'm rot|rod. l'm work|ng th|s as a pr|vato
contractor tor tho va||ojo lo||co 0opartmont |om|c|do lnvost|gat|on 0|v|s|on and l want to ta|k to you.' Wo||, ho wou|dn't ta|k to mo |n 3anta losa.
|o |ns|stod on moot|ng mo |n lota|uma, and ho mot mo w|th h|s partnor, a young to||ow. 1h|s guy, th|s cop, was roa| k|nd ot supor|or-act|ng, as |t l
woro a dummy. 1hat's t|no. 1o got what l want, l'|| tako that tack. And so wo sat thoro and wo chattod.'
1ho ma|n guy |n th|s th|ng |s somobody just too b|g. |o'|| got you and ho'|| k||| you,' ho to|d 3awart.
Wo||, to|| mo who |t |s,' 3awart sa|d.
l won't,' ho sa|d.
Wa|t a m|nuto, pa|,' 3awart sa|d. You'ro a work|ng cop and you'ro to|||ng mo you won't to|| mo somoth|ng that's gormano to my |nvost|gat|on.'
l won't.'
Wo||, |ot mo to|| you what's go|ng to happon. l'm go|ng to go back and spoak to Capta|n Conway and Capta|n Conway |s go|ng to our ch|ot ot
po||co and say, '1horo's a 3anta losa cop that won't cooporato w|th an |nvost|gat|on.' Our ch|ot ot po||co |s go|ng to ca|| your ch|ot ot po||co and l
can bot you do||ars to doughnuts, to||a, you'|| t|nd yourso|t s|tt|ng |n an ott|co and to|||ng mo what l want to know. 3o mako |t oasy on yourso|t and to||
mo now.'
Wo||, you'|| hoar trom mo.'
loxt day, suro as sh|t, that's what happonod,' 3awart to|d mo. 1h|s guy was ordorod |n tho ott|co. Wo a|| sat down. |o t|na||y to|d us who th|s
roa||y bad guy was-who turnod out to bo [a supor|or ott|cor|. 1ho roason ho was a roa||y bad guy |s bocauso h|s backyard backod up to lon
A||on's. 1hat's no b|g doa|. lon A||on was a lorth 3ay c|ty p|annor. Wo |ntorv|owod tho ott|cor and lon A||on and thoro was noth|ng to |t. l got somo
handwr|t|ng out ot somo guy out ot 3anta losa-not ro|atod to tho psycho|og|st, that was sont to mo by th|s guy's g|r|tr|ond. l |ookod at |t. lt's a doad
r|ngor. 1ho way ho mado h|s [chock mark| r's and ovoryth|ng. 3ut l tako |t to tho handwr|t|ng poop|o and th|s was a |ottor that says, '|oy, honoy, l
want to got back w|th you.' lt wasn't a throaton|ng |ottor. |o was a k|nd ot ha|t-assod sta|kor and wou|dn't |ot hor go. Anyway l took |t to tho
handwr|t|ng guy and ho says, '0ot|n|to|y not.' 1hoy must know what thoy'ro do|ng, but l'vo soon th|ngs |n A||on's handwr|t|ng that |ook good to mo.'
Wodnoaday, Fobruary 17, 1082
1oachi had boon hav|ng a ||tt|o d|scomtort trom rocont surgory. 1ho month botoro, an u|cor had brought on mass|vo |ntorna| b|ood|ng. |o had
boon rushod by ambu|anco to Ch||dron's |osp|ta|, but was now rocuporat|ng at homo-road|ng, rost|ng, ||ston|ng to 3|g 3and rocords on tho
storoo, and do|ng a |ot ot wa|k|ng and th|nk|ng about tho unso|vod caso. |or a man who oxco||od |n basoba|| and baskotba||, any |nact|on was
pa|ntu|. 1horo |s no po||co work bo|ng dono on Zod|ac at a||,' ho comp|a|nod. l know th|s tor a tact.' l spoko to |rod 3h|r|sago at 0O1. l|ko l say, l
havo gotton so many damn ca||s on th|s lo|gh A||on,' 3h|r|sago sa|d. l spond my t|mo try|ng to do background. l don't want to bo |ott ho|d|ng tho
bag, tho |ast porson on tho caso. . . . look, A||on m|ght bo tho guy. l'm not say|ng ho's not. |o goos to ||brar|os and doos a |ot ot rosoarch on cr|mos
aga|nst womon. Evory |nvost|gator l'vo ta|kod w|th th|nks |t's h|m. l road ovoryth|ng l can about tho guy.'
An Orogon man suggostod po||co cou|d catch Zod|ac by croat|ng a t|ct|ona| story that tho k|||or was a|roady |n custody. 0upod by tho t|ct|ona|
arrost,' ho sa|d, wo cou|d trap h|m ||ko a b||nd dog |n a moat houso.'
1huraday, Nay, 20, 1082
|n Novombor 1081, ov|donco |n tho s|xtoon-yoar-o|d Chor| 1o 3atos murdor |nvost|gat|on had como to ||ght.' l|vors|do po||co ass|gnod tour
|nvost|gators tu||-t|mo and, bo||ov|ng thomso|vos c|oso to a so|ut|on, d|spatchod an out||no to tho 0.A.'s ott|co. 3ho had a coup|o ot boytr|onds and
thoro's ono guy |n part|cu|ar. Wo'ro conv|ncod tho k|||or m|ght bo h|m,' thoy arguod. 3|nco lovombor 1008, thoy had boon conv|ncod ono ot Chor|
1o's tormor boytr|onds or rojoctod su|tors was hor k|||or. A||ogod|y ho'd had scratchos on h|s taco (Chor| 1o had c|awod hor assa||ant's taco) and
had braggod about comm|tt|ng tho cr|mo. lot on|y was thoro not onough ov|donco to chargo h|m, but tr|onds a||b|od h|m. 1ho 0.A.'s ott|co toro [tho
out||no| apart trom tho|r po|nt ot v|ow,' sa|d Ch|ot v|ctor 1onos, add|ng, 1ho porson wo bo||ovo rospons|b|o tor tho s|ay|ng ot Chor| 1o 3atos |s oot
tho |nd|v|dua| othor |aw ontorcomont author|t|os bo||ovo rospons|b|o tor tho so-ca||od 'Zod|ac' k||||ngs.' 1onos bo||ovod Zod|ac had boon |n tho aroa,
but takon crod|t tor a k||||ng ho had not comm|ttod. Capta|n lrv Cross, |nd|cat|ng tho sovon-month do|ay |n |ottors, a|so suggostod Zod|ac had boon
try|ng to cap|ta||zo on tho pub||c|ty.
1uoaday, Nay 25, 1082
| caIIod [Dotoctivo} 3ud Ko||y |n l|vors|do th|s morn|ng,' 1osch| to|d mo. |o had ca||od |n rosponso to Ch|ot 1onos's pross contoronco. |o
cou|dn't g|vo mo tho|r suspoct's namo, but thoy too| thoy know who k|||od tho 3atos g|r|. 3omo now |ntormat|on dovo|opod |n tho |ast throo months
and tho suspoct doos not chock out as Zod|ac. 1h|s suspoct was |ookod at back whon tho murdor occurrod. l askod Ko||oy |t tho|r guy was ovor |n
tho 3ay Aroa ovon tor a short t|mo. Answor: 'lO.' 1ho|r suspoct has ||vod |n l|vors|do a|| tho t|mo.
3ooms tho l|vors|do l.0. has on|y a c|rcumstant|a| caso aga|nst tho|r |oca| man,' sa|d 1osch|. lo phys|ca| ov|donco can t|o h|m to tho caso.
Ko||oy says tho l|vors|do County 0|str|ct Attornoy doos not ||ko tho caso and |s vory hos|tant about |ssu|ng a murdor comp|a|nt. Ko||oy says tho
caso w||| probab|y novor go to tr|a|.'
l|vors|do l.0. st||| had a s|ng|o strand ot ha|r caught |n tho watch-band ot tho pa|nt-spattorod mon's 1|mox Chor| 1o had torn trom hor attackor.
lo||co storod tho ha|r |n a rotr|goratod ov|donco |ockor. Ono day a conc|us|vo tost m|ght bo dovo|opod to o|thor c|oar or |ncr|m|nato tho|r suspoct.
1ho |oca| man had had troquont brushos w|th tho |aw. A socrot psycho|og|ca| ova|uat|on ot 3atos's murdoror had boon comp|otod o|ovon yoars
oar||or tor tho l|vors|do 0.A. 1ho ch|ot psycho|og|st ot lat-ton 3tato |osp|ta| doscr|bod 3atos's k|||or as:
[3o| hyporsons|t|vo . . . that v|rtua||y any ||tt|o m|sporco|vod act cou|d bo b|own up out ot a|| proport|on to tho tacts. |o |s obsossod and
patho|og|ca||y prooccup|od w|th |ntonso hatrod aga|nst toma|o t|guros-a|| tho moro so |t ho soos tho young woman as attract|vo. 3ocauso ot
h|s own unconsc|ous too||ngs ot |nadoquacy, ho |s not ||ko|y to act out h|s too||ngs soxua||y, but |n tantasy. . . . l wou|d ||ko to omphas|zo that
thoro |s a roa| poss|b|||ty that ho can bocomo hom|c|da| aga|n.'
3horwood Vorr||| showod mo a cont|dont|a| handwr|t|ng ana|ys|s ho had proparod lovombor 24, 1070, tor Ch|ot ot tho 3uroau A. l. Cottoy and
l|vors|do lo||co Ch|ot l. 1. K|nkoad. |o had stud|od oxamp|os ot tho l|vors|do suspoct's wr|t|ng.
An oxam|nat|on ot onc|osuros [caso # 80-|-b80| A through E [throo onvo|opos and |ottors, photograph ot a noto s|gnod 'rh' on dosk,
photographs ot t|vo namos bog|nn|ng w|th |, two |ottors addrossod to an acqua|ntanco ot tho suspoct, sovon pagos oxomp|ar wr|t|ng and
mator|a| ot tho pr|mo l|vors|do suspoct| rosu|tod |n tho to||ow|ng conc|us|ons:
1. lt was t|rst dotorm|nod that tho handpr|nt|ng on tho onvo|opos and |ottors ot onc|osuro A was by tho samo porson who proparod
tho handpr|nt|ng appoar|ng on tho dosk, a photograph ot wh|ch |s onc|osuro 3 ot th|s roport.
2. A compar|son ot th|s mator|a| w|th tho Zod|ac |ottors rovoa|od many charactor|st|cs wh|ch rosu|tod |n tho conc|us|on that
onc|osuros A and 3 woro |n tact proparod by tho samo porson rospons|b|o tor tho Zod|ac |ottors.
8. 1ho t|vo namos bog|nn|ng w|th | cou|d not bo |dont|t|od w|th any ot tho othor mator|a| subm|ttod.
4. 1ho |ottor postmarkod |n |obruary ot 1008 appoars to havo boon drawn by a |ottor|ng sot and doos not contorm w|th any ot tho
mator|a| subm|ttod. 1ho handpr|ntod |ottor postmarkod 1anuary 17, 1008 addrossod to tho suspoct's tr|ond |s st||| |n a d|ttoront porson's
handpr|nt|ng but doos not contorm w|th any ot tho othor mator|a| subm|ttod. lt doos, howovor, conta|n numorous d|vorgonc|os trom tho
handpr|nt|ng ot tho l|vors|do 3uspoct and dot|n|to|y was not proparod by h|m.'

Ono th|ng was corta|n-tho ll0's pr|mo suspoct's handpr|nt|ng d|d not match tho l|vors|do |ottors. Vorr||| ru|od that Zod|ac olo wr|to thoso
Wodnoaday, Juno 2, 1082
At 5onoma 5tato Un|vors|ty, lo|gh A||on ott|c|a||y roco|vod h|s bacho|or ot arts dogroo |n b|o|ogy w|th a m|nor |n chom|stry.
Wodnoaday, Juno 0, 1082
At hia Nontgomory 3troot |aw ott|co, 3o||| droppod a tapo |nto h|s mach|no. A p|oasant ovon|ng to you, Vo|v|n V. 3o||| . . . (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha),' an
anonymous vo|co cack|od. OK, numbor ono . . . l had thought poss|b|y wo m|ght got togothor and moot and ta|k. l am at tho po|nt |n th|s act|v|ty that l
havo gotton |nto somohow. |ow, l don't know. Why, l havo no |doa. low what you shou|d do |s pu|| up a cha|r and s|t down w|th your cottoo or toa . .
. and ro|ax bocauso l am about to to|| you tho Goddamnodost story you havo ovor hoard. lumbor ono, our common |ntorost |s tho |ntorost ot tho
Zod|ac k|||or.
low th|s caso has boon go|ng on tor ovor two|vo yoars. 0ur|ng that t|mo-(tho roason my vo|co |s go|ng down |s l'm turn|ng th|s rad|o down.
W|th th|s h|||b|||y mus|c you can't hoar yourso|t th|nk). Anyhow, at ono po|nt |n thoso photostat|c cop|os that l havo ot tho Zod|ac k|||or thoro's
rotoronco . . . thoy'ro ta|k|ng ot tho cop. . . . 'Ovor tho yoars tho t|vo thousand poop|o ho has |ntorv|owod, tho throo thousand t|ps, tho two thousand
poss|b|o suspocts . . . ' Anyhow, wo'ro ta|k|ng thoro ot a|most ovor ton thousand |toms a|ono. low l know whoro tho Zod|ac |s. l know who tho
Zod|ac |s. l know how to |dont|ty tho Zod|ac.
|or ovor a twonty-yoar por|od l havo had a s|ncoro |ntorost |n symbo|s, symbo|s ot a|| k|nds. . . . Ono wook l wont to a t|oa markot and saw th|s
r|ng, wh|ch l pa|d s|xty do||ars tor. 1ho r|ng has no |dont|t|cat|on marks ot any country. 1ho r|ng prosontod a cha||ongo, and so l sa|d, 'l'm go|ng to
t|nd out ovoryth|ng thoro |s to know about th|s r|ng and tho symbo|s on |t.' Ovor a por|od ot tour to t|vo months l was |a|d ott and startod rosoarch|ng
tho r|ng tor many hours |n tho ||brary. l havo my own ||brary, about a thousand books.
Each symbo| on top ot tho r|ng corrospondod to sovon d|ttoront symbo|s-a tota| ot th|rty-sovon symbo|s that ro|atod to chom|stry and astro|ogy.
1ho undors|do ot tho r|ng had moro symbo|s. 1ho guy who woro th|s must havo roa||y boon somoth|ng. lt had boon tho r|ng ot a b||nd lorso god. 1ho
th|ngs that havo happonod bocauso ot th|s r|ng aro unbo||ovab|o. l'm |ay|ng th|s stutt on ya bocauso l know ot your s|ncoro |ntorost tho |ast t|mo tho
Zod|ac was act|vo . . . you'ro tho vory bost ot attornoys |n tho U.3. today. low tho roason that th|s cop cou|d not catch Zod|ac or ovon ro|ato to h|m
|s bocauso ho has such a sp|r|tua| background, such a roasonab|o amount ot |nto|||gonco. |o |s tho most |nto|||gont man |n tho Un|tod 3tatos today.
|o comos trom t|ro, ho roturns to t|ro. |ow aro wo go|ng to |dont|ty th|s guy? |o has a r|ng on h|s t|ngor docoratod w|th a s|gn ot tho Zod|ac. 1hat
s|gn, tho s|gn ot tho Zod|ac, |s tho s|gn ot tho ox. low romombor wo||, my s||m tr|ond (hoh, hoh, hoh), h|s tu|| powor cons|sts |n tho powor ot words
and tho jumb||ng ot words. ||s mothod ot attack on thoso |nnocont young poop|o was not ot a tronta| assau|t. ||s attack was t|rst w|th tho kn|to, thon
w|th tho gun, tho ropo, thon rovort|ng back to tho kn|to tor tho b|ood r|tua| |tso|t. 1ho Zod|ac's r|ng |s a b|ood stono, a dark|shgroon stono w|th
spr|nk|os ot rod, and |s govornod by Vars. 1ho b|ood stono and tho ox aro connoctod. 0ar|ono |orr|n had soon Zod|ac k||| somoono (a tact not
w|do|y known unt|| tour yoars |ator).'
1ho spoakor know ot a Zod|ac r|ng such as A||on had worn s|nco tho murdors bogan, a r|ng compo|||ng Zod|ac to do horr|b|o th|ngs. 1ho unknown
vo|co m|ght not bo Zod|ac, but h|s romarks about a Zod|ac r|ng woro tru|y unsott||ng.
1huraday, Octobor 11, 1084
| roaIIy didn't th|nk th|s t|ttoonth ann|vorsary ot tho 3an |ranc|sco Zod|ac k||||ng wou|d st|r up th|s much |ntorost,' 1osch| sa|d.
|orb Caon wroto:
1|Ul30AY, OC1. 11, |s a spoc|a| annvy. tor lo||co lnspoctor 0avo 1osch|. On that day |n 1000, 1b yrs. ago, 1osch|, thon ass|gnod to
hom|c|do, was summonod to Wash|ngton and Chorry, whoro a Yo||ow Cabb|o had just boon murdorod. |our days |ator, a b|oody swatch ot tho
v|ct|m's sh|rt and a |ottor trom 1ho Zod|ac arr|vod at tho Chron|c|o-and thus bogan tho str|ng ot st||| unso|vod Zod|ac k||||ngs, most ot thom
accompan|od by taunt|ng |ottors. 1ho |ast ono to 1osch| sa|d s|mp|y 'VE-87 (k||||ngs). 3.|.l.0.-0.' Attor s|ay|ng tho Yo||ow dr|vor, 1ho Zod|ac
prosumab|y tadod away |nto tho noarby lros|d|o torost. |o cou|d bo wa|k|ng down Varkot 3t. th|s vory m|nuto. . . .'
Wodnoaday, JuIy 8, 1085
Attor thirty-two yoara on tho torco, twonty-t|vo ot thoso as a po||co |nspoctor, 0avo 1osch|, now t|tty-two, qu|ot|y rot|rod. |o had a|roady roa||zod
h|s ||to's droam whon ho jo|nod tho torco |n 10b8, spond|ng sovon yoars as a patro| ott|cor |n tho l|chmond 0|str|ct Vy dad a|ways sa|d that |t l was
a cop, l'd a|ways havo a paychock to br|ng homo. |o sa|d l'd novor got r|ch, though. |o was r|ght.' As a hom|c|do |nspoctor, 1osch| won go|d,
s||vor, and bronzo moda|s ot va|or. l st||| cons|dor tho Zod|ac caso tho most trustrat|ng ot a|| my casos. l roa||y bo||ovo |t gavo mo b|ood|ng u|cors.'
3ut ho was proud ot contr|but|ng to tho so|ut|on ot anothor caso that had a Z' |n |t-tho Zobra murdors that c|a|mod tho ||vos ot two|vo 3an
|ranc|scans botwoon 1078 and 1074. l'm grat|t|od that l was part ot a toam that brought that torr|b|o caso to a succosstu| conc|us|on.'
1osch| spont t|vo yoars |n lobbory 0ota||, roco|v|ng po||co comm|ss|on honors as a |oro|c Ott|cor' on |obruary 22, 1084. 1hon ho transtorrod
to tho 3ox Cr|mos 0ota|| whoro ho spont a yoar. low, attor work|ng ovory cr|mo aga|nst porsons thoro was, |nc|ud|ng Aggravatod Assau|ts, ho was
rot|r|ng to bocomo hoad ot socur|ty at tho Watorgato apartmont comp|ox across tho 3ay |n Emoryv|||o noar 3orko|oy. W|th|n a yoar ho wou|d a|so
bo a ||consod pr|vato dotoct|vo. What ho d|d not know was that tho Zod|ac caso was oo|y bo| ovor.
5unday, January 10, 1080
5omo ot tho va||ojo po||co agroo w|th author lobort Graysm|th, somo do not,' wroto roportor Gono 3||vorman on my just ro|oasod book Zooloc:
va||ojo lo||co 0opartmont 0otoct|vo 3orgoant 1ack Vu|anax-who had |nhor|tod tho |orr|n caso trom 3orgoant 1ohn lynch, d|ttors trom h|s
prodocossor on tho |nc|us|on ot ono ot tho k||||ngs. Vu|anax bo||ovos tho lako |orman, 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs lark, lako 3orryossa and 3an
|ranc|sco tax|cab attacks woro a|| dono by tho samo man, that tho man was Zod|ac, and th|s |s tho man [lo|gh A||on| to whom Graysm|th gavo tho
namo '3tarr.''
l don't th|nk thoro |s any doubt on thoso,' sa|d Vu|anax. A|though l baso my conc|us|ons, at |oast |n part, on a |argo amount ot c|rcumstant|a|
ov|donco. Wo m|ght t|nd out whon moro poop|o road th|s book. Graysm|th d|d a good job and l agroo w|th h|m. 1ho book actua||y prov|dod mo w|th
|ntormat|on. l d|dn't know what lapa po||co had. l wasn't contactod but two t|mos by [0otoct|vo 3orgoant lar|ow|.
Graysm|th mont|onod tho |ack ot |ntormat|on-trad|ng among po||co dopartmonts as a prob|om,' roportod 3||vorman. |o sa|d |n h|s book, 'l
thought to myso|t that lynch had c|oarod A||on bocauso ho d|d not match lynch's v|sua| |mpross|on ot tho k|||or.' lynch says th|s was truo. '|rom
t|mo to t|mo your m|nd changos,' ho says, 'but corta|n th|ngs st|ck, such as doscr|pt|ons ot tho k|||or g|von by v|ct|ms who o|thor surv|vod or surv|vod
|ong onough to ta|k.' lynch a|so bo||ovod thoro was moro than ono k|||or.
l bo||ovo that Zod|ac |s probab|y st||| a||vo,' sa|d Ott|cor l|chard |ottman. lt ho'd d|od thoro wou|d bo ov|donco tound |n a p|aco whoro ho ||vod.
1ho coronor wou|d havo como |nto |t. 3o l th|nk ho's st||| a||vo.'
Why, |n that caso, havo tho Zod|ac-typo cr|mos soomod to havo stoppod?' askod 3||vorman.
l don't know ho's not k||||ng,' |ottman sa|d. Ono ot h|s |ast corrospondoncos sa|d ho wasn't go|ng to ta|k about |t anymoro, tako tho crod|t tor |t
anymoro. 1h|s |s Graysm|th's op|n|on too.'
lam, 0ar|ono |orr|n's s|stor, subjoct ot throaton|ng ca||s ovory yoar on tho ann|vorsary ot hor s|stor's doath, sa|d, Zod|ac |s dot|n|to|y a||vo. l
don't th|nk ho's do|ng any moro k||||ngs. l th|nk whon ho saw tho po||co gott|ng c|osor, ho stoppod. l havo road Graysm|th's book tour t|mos. 1h|s
book has roa||y joggod my momory-so much. l'd road two pagos and th|nk and th|nk.'
Wodnoaday, Fobruary 12, 1080
A twonty-yoar omIoyoo ot tho 3onoma 3hor|tt's 0opartmont, rot|rod now and stay|ng at hor mothor's va||ojo homo, wroto mo. On your 1v
|ntorv|ow,' sho sa|d, you t|od |n tho sovon g|r|s who woro tound murdorod |n tho 3anta losa Aroa |n 1072-78 to tho Zod|ac k||||ngs. l tound th|s
|ntorost|ng bocauso tho 3hor|tt's 0opartmont |n 3onoma County novor d|d. l a|so agrood w|th you that tho d|ttoront po||co agonc|os d|d not
cooporato w|th ono anothor or sharo any |ntormat|on that thoy m|ght havo that wou|d t|o |n w|th what anothor county m|ght havo had.'
On August 2b, 1070, wh||o work|ng |n tho coronor's ott|co, 3onoma County, sho |oarnod ot a rout|no tratt|c acc|dont tata||ty, a hoad-on co|||s|on on
||ghway 12 botwoon 3anta losa and 3obastopo|. 1ho docoasod was a torty-ono-yoar-o|d hoavysot ma|o schoo| toachor. |o had taught not on|y at
3anta losa 1un|or Co||ogo, wh|ch many ot tho v|ct|ms attondod, but lapa 1un|or Co||ogo and othor surround|ng count|os |nc|ud|ng 3an Ouont|n.
l bo||ovo ho had prov|ous|y taught |n 3outhorn Ca||torn|a,' sho o|aboratod, but h|s on|y ro|at|vos ||vod |n tho East. Among tho possoss|ons |n h|s
van woro draw|ngs ot somo ot tho sovon v|ct|ms |n tho 3anta losa aroa, wh|ch portrayod thom |n hog-t|od pos|t|ons. lnc|udod w|th thoso draw|ngs
woro tho|r namos and soxua| protoroncos. 1horo was a|so a backpack bo|ong|ng to ono ot tho v|ct|ms. 3|nco tho shor|tt |s a|so tho coronor, tho
doputy turnod ovor h|s t|nd|ngs to tho 0otoct|vo 3uroau whoro |t was p|acod |n ov|donco and tho mattor qu|ck|y droppod. 1ho doputy sa|d, 'As |ong
as ho's doad, tor h|s tam||y's sako, thoro's no po|nt |n ru|n|ng h|s roputat|on. ' 3os|dos, |t thoy doc|arod h|m doad and a now |oad camo up across
country, tho dotoct|vos wou|dn't got to go on anothor tr|p.'
3ho turthor oxp|a|nod that, as a gonora| ru|o, tho docoasod's bo|ong|ngs aro usua||y |tom|zod and ro|oasod to tho noxt ot k|n. ln th|s caso,
howovor, not ovoryth|ng was |tom|zod, on|y what was |n h|s pockots woro roturnod to h|s ro|at|vos. 3y now,' sho sa|d, tho ov|donco has |ong boon
dostroyod. Whon l |ott yoars ago, thoy woro |n tho procoss ot m|cro-t||m|ng tho coronor t||os and thon dostroy|ng tho t||o |tso|t. Wo a|ways kopt tho
dr|vor's ||conso a|ong w|th a coronor photograph |n tho coronor's ott|co. 1ho t||o that was opon to tho gonora| pub||c at that t|mo d|d not conta|n
ovoryth|ng on t||o |n tho County C|ork's ott|co. |owovor, tho County C|ork a|so wantod to got r|d ot Coronor t||os and about 1070 or '80 wo
d|scont|nuod t|||ng thom w|th tho County C|ork. ||s t|ngorpr|nts shou|d bo on t||o |n 3acramonto. . . . l th|nk |t ho was roa||y tho Zod|ac that ho cou|d
a|so bo t|od |nto tho l|vors|do murdor bocauso ot h|s omp|oymont as a toachor down thoro.'
3ho gavo mo h|s namo and caso t||o numbor. Was th|s tho murdoror ot tho young womon who passod noar lo|gh A||on's tra||or |n 3anta losa?
lo|gh had boon a studont at 3anta losa 1un|or Co||ogo. Cou|d ho havo had a contodorato a|| a|ong, wr|t|ng tho |ottors tor h|m, ono that had d|od |n
a h|ghway crash wh||o ho was |n Atascadoro and cou|d wr|to no |ottors oxonorat|ng h|m?
Whon tho toachor's w|dow was cata|og|ng h|s proporty,' a 3anta losa |nvost|gator to|d mo, sho camo across draw|ngs ot poop|o bo|ng
wh|ppod. 1ho skotchos suggostod tho husband had boon |nvo|vod |n 3 8 V. 1ho |nstructor had drawn h|mso|t as a woman and |abo|od |t w|th tho
toma|o vors|on ot h|s own namo. Ch|ot Wayno 0unham to|t tho docoasod man m|ght havo somoth|ng to do w|th K|m Wondy A||on's doath.' K|m, a
3anta losa 1un|or Co||ogo studont, had |ast boon soon Varch 4, 1072, h|tch|ng north on 101.
l'vo actua||y got a photocopy ot two ot tho draw|ngs thoy tound,' 3orgoant 3rown to|d mo yoars |ator. |o drow K|m and ho drow h|mso|t as
'|roda.' |o drow th|s othor g|r| and thoso two g|r|s had c|assos w|th h|m. And ho had th|s ha|r |n h|s wa||ot. 1hoy tostod |t, but |t wasn't K|m's. l don't
th|nk tho toachor d|d |t. Vaybo, but l doubt |t. l road h|s |ottors. Ono |nvost|gator thought that tho toachor had th|s sox/s|avo th|ng go|ng, wh|ps and
cha|ns and a|| th|s wo|rd stutt, and ho was obsossod w|th b|g-broastod womon. |o probab|y taught K|m, and whon sho shows up doad, ho bocamo
roa||y obsossod w|th hor. A wo|rd dudo.'
Wodnoaday, Nay 14, 1080
Piocoa ot tho puzz|o bogan to ta|| togothor tor 3orgoant 1ohn 3urko ot tho 3anta losa l.0. Wo havo a ton-man toam who havo boon koop|ng a
two-month survo|||anco on an |nd|v|dua|,' ho to|d mo. 0avo logrow [a tr|ond ot 3hor|tt 3utch Car|stodt| and Gary Cronshaw and l havo boon go|ng
through h|s t||o. |o was bookod at tho ja||houso |n 107b and was woar|ng a Zod|ac watch. |o's s|x toot ta||, 240 pounds. 3orn |n |ono|u|u. l'|| g|vo
you h|s namo |n a momont. . . .'
You don't havo to-ho was born |n 1088.'
Yos, lo|gh A||on. lt was tho wo|ght that throw us at t|rst, but thon |ast n|ght l not|cod that at tho t|mo ot tho k||||ngs th|s man wo|ghod 180 pounds.
What |s unusua| about th|s guy |s that wo havo h|s 200 sox rog|strant t||o . . . thoso aro brokon up |nto an A|pha t||o and what wo ca|| tho t|vo-by-o|ght
soct|on, a ||st ot l.0. charactor|st|cs. 1h|s |s tho t|rst man l'vo ovor soon to havo both c|ass|t|cat|ons. ||s rog|strat|on |s attachod to h|s A|pha t||o. |o
gavo h|s addross horo |n 3anta losa at h|s brothor's. Wo m|ght bo ab|o to got h|m tor ta|||ng to roport a movo undor tho sox rog|strat|on |aw. ln tho
murdors horo |n 3anta losa thoro |s somoth|ng l th|nk no ono o|so knows. On a|| tho bod|os woro tound t|brous ha|rs. Wo tound match|ng ha|rs |n
A||on's trunk |n h|s car. You know what thoy woro?'
Ch|pmunk ha|rs.'
l know whon l got ott work |ast n|ght-got homo a ||tt|o |ato at s|x o'c|ock-my w|to was gott|ng roady to go to work. 3ho can't put on hor makoup
stand|ng, so sho s|ts on tho countortop |n tho bathroom w|th hor toot |n tho s|nk. Whon sho hoard what l sa|d about ch|pmunk ha|rs, sho to|| ott tho
countor. l had to catch hor. A||on was us|ng ch|pmunks to ont|co k|ds. Wo||, lt's not ovor t||| tho tat man s|ngs.'
1huraday, Nay 22, 1080
With tho ubIication ot what l had |oarnod about Zod|ac ovor a docado, an onthus|ast|c army ot puzz|o so|vors woro attractod to tho hunt-my
|ntont|on trom tho start. As t|mo passod, po||co t||os, sproad to tho tour w|nds, bogan to show up |n tho hands ot nov|co dotoct|vos. Zod|ac butts dug
thom trom garagos and att|cs, ||ttod thom trom trash cans and c|osot sho|vos. Each day brought a t|na| so|ut|on c|osor-that momont whon
somoono, somowhoro wou|d rocogn|zo Zod|ac. 3ut attor somoono ma||od mo a b|oodsta|nod sh|rt ||ko 3t|no's, l d|scovorod l cou|d no |ongor opon
a s|ng|o |ottor. A 7lmos |ntorv|owor thought l appoarod uncomtortab|o drodg|ng up dota||s' ot Zod|ac. l adm|ttod to h|m l had not road a s|ng|o ono
ot tho thousand |ottors l had roco|vod tor toar ot gott|ng suckod |nto tho caso aga|n. l can't doa| w|th |t-|t's hard to oxp|a|n,' l to|d h|m. l don't want
to got phys|ca||y ||| aga|n. l can't do |t. lot now.'
War||y, l stud|od boxos ot man||a onvo|opos torwardod to mo-a dozon or so |ottors packod |ns|do oach. l oponod thom t|na||y, surpr|sod that,
w|th tow oxcopt|ons, most woro thoughttu|, |ngon|ous, ovon c|ovor. 1h|s 1hursday attornoon lo|gh A||on had a m|nor auto acc|dont. l had to wondor |t
ho was crack|ng up bocauso ot now |ntorost |n unmask|ng Zod|ac.
Friday, Auguat 8, 1080
1oachi, currontIy managor ot nat|onw|do G|obo 3ocur|ty, roco|vod a 3tato 3onato commondat|on tor |ong mor|tor|ous sorv|co. ||s joy was
damponod whon ho |oarnod lau| 3t|no's b|ood-b|ackonod sh|rt had van|shod trom w|th|n tho 3|l0. 1hroo months |ator to tho day, somoono got
|nto tho Vo||ojo 7lmos-loro|o and sto|o tho|r ont|ro Zod|ac t||o. l roca||od how Avory's Zod|ac t||o had a|so boon sto|on trom h|s car. l kopt m|no |n
tho satokoop|ng vau|t at 3ank ot Amor|ca.
1huraday, AriI 10, 1087
Zodiac might bo powortu|, |nto|||gont, and oxtraord|nar||y doad|y, but ho had a|ways |ackod or|g|na||ty. |rom costumo to woapons to mot|vo to codo
symbo|s, ho drow h|s porsona trom outs|do h|mso|t-most|y trom t||ms. Vov|o-mad to tho oxtromo, ho had thus tar ros|stod domand|ng a mov|o
about h|mso|t (though porhaps ho had, anonymous|y). 1wo t||ms had |nsp|rod h|s campa|gn ot torror-tho t|rst and most |nt|uont|a| mov|o suggostod
h|s ont|ro mothod ot oporat|on. |o had soon |t at a tormat|vo t|mo |n h|s ||to.
zodiac'a dangoroua gamo"
Zodiac: hoodod, aocrotivo, proc|so-w|th a prod||oct|on tor b|zarro handmado woapons and unbroakab|o c|phors. A scont ot domon|c
possoss|on and br|mstono c|ung to Zod|ac. lnto|||gont, compu|s|vo, yot novor or|g|na|, ho p|ag|ar|zod h|s modus oporand| trom a watch taco, short
story, and t||m. ln h|s doc|phorod throo-part cryptogram ho oxp|a|nod h|s pr|mary mot|vat|on-an obsoss|on w|th l|chard Conno||'s thr||||ng
advonturo story 1ho Vost 0angorous Gamo.'

l llKE KlllllG lEOllE 3ECAU3E l1 l3 3O VUC| |Ul,' Zod|ac had wr|tton. l1 l3 VOlE |Ul 1|Al KlllllG Wll0 GAVE ll 1|E
|OllE31 3ECAU3E VAl l3 1|E VO31 0AlGElOU3 AllVAl O| All 1O Klll. . . .'

lo|gh A||on troo|y adm|ttod ho |ovod Conno||'s short ta|o. lt was tho bost story l road |n h|gh schoo|,' ho oarnost|y to|d dotoct|vos |n that hot
rot|nory ott|co. Conno||'s story ox|stod as book and t||m. Wh|ch |nt|uoncod Zod|ac-pr|ntod story or mov|o? 3ubt|o d|ttoroncos |nd|catod wh|ch. lt
was poss|b|o to |oarn whon a torr|b|o thought cropt ||ko a snako' |nto Zod|ac's bra|n. 1ho Vost 0angorous Gamo,' pr|ntod |n Vorloty and
pub||shod by V|nton 3a|ch 8 Company |n 1024, won tho O. |onry Vomor|a| Award tor that yoar. 1ho pr|ntod vors|on, |nc|udod |n advonturo
antho|og|os and h|gh schoo| toxts ovor s|nco, goos ||ko th|s:
3angor la|nstord, a b|g-gamo huntor, ta||s ovorboard trom h|s yacht. 3trandod, ho hoars tho roport ot a .22, and th|nks tho huntor must havo
norvo to tack|o |argo w||d gamo w|th so ||ght a gun. |o moots Gonora| Zarott, a sad|st|c luss|an oxpatr|ato sportsman. Zarott (a namo s|m||ar to
Zod|ac) hunts at n|ght w|th d|ttoront woapons to mako tho hunt moro oxc|t|ng. Whon la|nstord says ho cons|dors tho Capo butta|o tho most
dangorous ot a|| b|g gamo, Zarott corrocts h|m, lo. You aro wrong, s|r . . . horo |n my prosorvo on [3h|p-1rap ls|and|, l hunt tho most dangorous
gamo. . . . Vy hand was mado tor tho tr|ggor, my tathor sa|d. . . . Vy who|o ||to has boon ono pro|ongod hunt. . . . l onjoy tho prob|oms ot tho chaso
[so| l had to |nvont a now an|ma| to hunt. l bought th|s |s|and, bu||t th|s houso [an anc|ont cast|o w|th towors and a gargoy|o-shapod door knockor|,
and horo l do my hunt|ng.' 3urround|ng aro jung|os w|th mazos ot tra||s, h|||s, and swamps. Evory day l hunt, and l novor grow borod now, tor l havo
a quarry w|th wh|ch l can match my w|ts.'
Zarott's most dangorous gamo' |s poop|o. |o prov|dos la|nstord w|th throo hours, hoad start and an oxco||ont hunt|ng kn|to.' |o choortu||y
acknow|odgos' h|mso|t dotoatod |t ho doosn't t|nd h|m by m|dn|ght ot tho th|rd day. lt la|nstord w|ns, tho gonora|'s s|oop w||| p|aco h|m on tho
ma|n|and. Armod on|y w|th a .22-ca||bor p|sto| and bow and arrow (A||on's hunt|ng woapons), Zarott pursuos h|s quarry. On tho t|rst n|ght Zarott
a||ows la|nstord to oscapo. la|nstord roa||zos ho |s sav|ng h|m tor anothor day's sport.
1ho t|na| batt|o |s p|ayod out |n tho mad huntor's bodroom. You havo won tho gamo!' ho says. l am st||| a boast at bay.' la|nstord cr|os, Got
roady, Gonora| Zarott,' and Zarott |s k|||od. 3ut tho wr|tton story |ackod tho costumo and pursu|t ot a young coup|o by gun and kn|to that had |nsp|rod
Zod|ac. Zod|ac's pr|mary mot|vat|on, that ga|van|z|ng t|ash po|nt, was a t||m, but wh|ch ono and |n what yoar?

|n a convoraation w|th h|s tr|ond lh|| 1uckor, A||on spoko ot a 104b t||m, A Oomo o Lootb.
W|th |ts sta|k|ng by crossbow and Zod|ac-||ko t|t|o,
tho t||m was ||ko|y an |nsp|rat|on. Gonora| Kro|gnor's |nsan|ty |s attr|butod to a wound trom a Capo butta|o rathor than a nood to d|spo| borodom.
Othor adaptat|ons ot Conno||'s story to||owod.
3ocauso W||||s O'3r|on's an|mat|on ot h|s g|ant apo, K|ng Kong, took too many months to comp|oto, producor Vor|an C. Coopor and d|roctors
Ernost 3. 3choodsack and lrv|ng l|cho| doc|dod to shoot a socond mov|o omp|oy|ng Koog's ox|st|ng sots and much ot |ts cast. lKO's s|xty-throo-
m|nuto-|ongb|ack-and-wh|to adaptat|on ot 7bo Vost Loogoroos Oomo was shot |n 1082, a yoar attor A||on's b|rth. 3croonwr|tor 1amos Ashmoro
Croo|man, wh||o rota|n|ng Conno||'s d|a|oguo, |ntroducod a soxua| patho|ogy to account tor tho cunn|ng Count Zarott's man|a-hunt|ng |nt|amod h|s
othor pass|ons. 1ho hunt as a procursor tor sox had ontorod tho oquat|on. 3ob la|nstord (1oo| VcCroa), an Amor|can b|g-gamo huntor roturn|ng
trom satar|, sw|ms to noarby 3h|p-1rap ls|and attor tako channo| ||ghts |uro h|s yacht onto a root. Count Zarott (los||o 3anks), archor, wa|tz
composor, and so|t-contossod barbar|an |n ovon|ng dross, |s tho portoct host. Costar |ay Wray (Evo 1rowbr|dgo) roca||od, . . . tho actor who
p|ayod Count Zarott w|th a jaggod scar across h|s torohoad had somoth|ng wrong w|th ono oyo and |t gavo h|m a roa||y scary oxpross|on.' 3anks's
taco prosontod two dramat|ca||y d|ttoront prot||os-tho |ott brut|sh, tho r|ght handsomo-tho rosu|t ot a sor|ous wound tho actor roco|vod dur|ng
Wor|d War l. ||s 1oky||-|ydo qua||ty dop|ctod tho sch|zophron|c qua||t|os ot a cu|turod man possossod by bost|a| dos|ros. God makos somo mon
poots,' Zarott oxp|a|ns. 3omo |o makos k|ngs, somo boggars. Vo, |o mado a huntor. . . .
Ono n|ght as l |ay |n my tont w|th th|s-th|s hoad ot m|no, a torr|b|o thought cropt ||ko a snako |nto my bra|n . . . hunt|ng was bog|nn|ng to boro
mo. Whon l |ost my |ovo ot hunt|ng, l |ost my |ovo ot ||to, my |ovo ot |ovo . . . what l noodod was not a now woapon, but a now an|ma|. . . . Wo
barbar|ans know that |t |s attor tho chaso and thon on|y that man rovo|s . . . you know tho say|ng ot tho Ogand| ch|otta|ns-'|unt t|rst tho onomy,
thon tho woman.' lt |s tho natura| |nst|nct. What |s woman? Evon such a woman as th|s unt|| tho b|ood |s qu|ckonod by tho k||| . . . ono pass|on
bu||ds upon anothor. K|||, thon |ovo. Whon you havo known that, you havo known ocstasy.'

|oro on my |s|and l hunt tho most dangorous gamo,' tho count to||s la|nstord and Evo. Wo aro go|ng to p|ay 'outdoor choss.' Your bra|n aga|nst
m|no-your woodcratt aga|nst m|no. Whon l was on|y st|rrup h|gh [my tathor| gavo mo my t|rst gun. . . . lt wou|d bo |mposs|b|o to to|| you how many
an|ma|s l havo k|||od.' A||on's tathor, a m|||tary man, gavo h|s son a r|t|o and taught h|m to hunt, and A||on was tho on|y Zod|ac suspoct who was an
archor. 1ho |mago that opons tho t||m |s a cast|o door knockor ot a 0y|ng Contaur, an arrow |n h|s broast. A wa|| pa|nt|ng abovo tho sta|rs dop|cts a
s|m||ar maddonod contaur, armod w|th a bow and arrow, carry|ng tho body ot a woman through tho woods. 1ho contaur |s tho astro|og|ca| symbo|
tor 3ag|ttar|us (lovombor 22-0ocombor 21), A||on's own zod|ac s|gn.
Zarott, h|s Cossack honchman, lvan, and a pack ot hounds hunt la|nstord and Evo. ln tho t||m tho hunt takos p|aco |n ono n|ght, not throo, and a
coup|o, not a s|ng|o man, aro huntod just as Zod|ac huntod coup|os. lt thoy o|udo Zarott |n tho |s|and's toggy jung|o, thoy w||| bo sot troo. W|th h|s
3atan|c b|ack hunt|ng outt|t, to|ds gathorod and c|nchod at wr|sts and ank|os, Zarott racos sw|tt|y through tho tog boh|nd a pack ot hounds. ln a
shoath on h|s |ott s|do |s a toot-|ong kn|to. 1ho scabbard |s docoratod w|th r|vots. ln h|s r|ght hand |s a proc|s|on h|gh-poworod r|t|o. lursuod |n tho
watory soct|ons-a swamp, a watorta||, tho coup|o t|na||y roach tho ocoan's odgo. 1ho woundod count d|os whon ho p|ungos ovor h|s ba|cony and |s
dovourod by h|s own ravonous hounds as la|nstord and Evo oscapo by boat.
3ocauso ot tho woapons (ospoc|a||y tho bow and arrow), tho costumo, wh|ch so c|oar|y |nsp|rod tho outt|t Zod|ac woro at lako 3orryossa, tho
n|ghtt|mo pursu|t ot a coup|o noar wator, tho concopt ot outdoor choss, and tho |mago ot tho 0y|ng Contaur, l am |nc||nod to th|nk th|s part|cu|ar t||m
most |nt|uoncod Zod|ac. And |t had p|ayod at tho Avonuo 1hoatro. 1hoso an|ma|s l huntod,' says la|nstord, now l know how thoy to|t.' W|th tho
|ono|y, un|ovod archor, tho o||to ox||o, Zod|ac had tound a rosonanco w|th h|s truo ||to.

Radio drama, at |ts zon|th dur|ng Zod|ac's youth, adaptod Conno||'s ta|o. 1ho most tamous rad|o vors|on appoarod on C33's 5ospooso,
3optombor 28, 1048. lts t|tty-o|ghth show starrod Orson Wo||os as Zarott and Koonan Wynn as la|nstord. 1acquos A. ||nko wroto tho scr|pt tor
producor-d|roctor W||||am 3p|or.
Augmontod by sound ottocts, tu|| orchostra, and tho powor ot |mag|nat|on, rad|o adaptat|ons cou|d bo
torm|dab|o |nt|uoncos. A||on, ton at tho t|mo ot tho broadcast, wou|d havo boon |y|ng |n tho darknoss ||ston|ng that 1hursday n|ght, ||t on|y by tho g|ow
ot tho d|a|. 1ho stat|c ot tho broadcast t|||od tho room. A tormat|vo ago, ton.
l don't romombor wh|ch day wo had d|scussod '1ho Vost 0angorous Gamo,' and hunt|ng poop|o,' Chonoy to|d mo, but somobody d|d a
to|ov|s|onprosontat|on us|ng that p|ot and l th|nk that's what wo d|scussod, that and tho tact that thoro was a book. 1ho p|ot has boon usod and
1ho |nsp|rat|on tor Zod|ac's gun that projoctod a boam ot ||ght camo trom a to|ov|s|on show adaptod trom a story by W||||am C. Vorr|son. A
10b0s A|roo lltcbcock Prosoots starr|ng Vyron VcCorm|ck toaturod a young man w|th a t|ash||ght tapod to h|s r|t|o. 1ust shoot tor tho dark spot |n
tho ||ght and you w||| h|t your targot,' ho sa|d-oxact|y as Zod|ac wroto. |unt|ng sma|| gamo at n|ght, ho chancod upon two |ovors-rosu|t: acc|donta|
murdor. A vongotu| tathor says at tho conc|us|on, oyos g||ttor|ng: 1ho oxc|tomont ot a manhunt-tho most dangorous gamo!'
arthur Ioigh aIIon
5unday, 5otombor 27, 1087
Arthur Loigh AIIon, |n sp|to ot t|nanc|a| prob|oms, |ackod tho w|||powor to ros|st a now purchaso. |o bought a $2,b00 toam, t|borg|ass u|tra-||ght
aorop|ano' w|th a to|d|ng-w|ng opt|on. l|kow|so, ho was compo||od to hoap on add|t|ona| paraphorna||a, and draw up b|uopr|nts tor c|ovor
mod|t|cat|ons. 3ut h|s dotor|orat|ng v|s|on drast|ca||y curta||od h|s act|vo ||tosty|o. ||s t|agg|ng phys|ca| stam|na, duo to grow|ng d|abotos and k|dnoy
prob|oms, anchorod h|m c|oso to |rosno 3troot.
K|dnoy ta||uro |s a s|ow procoss,' a nurso oxp|a|nod. lt's on|y |mm|nont attor yoars and yoars. You can havo |t most ot your ||to, but |t's on|y
toward tho ond ot tho d|soaso that you ond up on d|a|ys|s. lt doponds how bad your hyportons|on |s. 1hrough tho yoars tho d|abotos dostroys tho
b|ood vosso|s, causos thom to bo |oss ros|||ont, and so you got h|gh b|ood prossuro. 1hon tho h|gh b|ood prossuro dostroys tho k|dnoys and you
ond up on d|a|ys|s. 1ho v|s|on goos.
latura||y dr|nk|ng |s harmtu|. Your sk|n co|or has changod bocauso your k|dnoys aro not tunct|on|ng propor|y. And so you |ook sa||ow. 0|a|ys|s |s
not pa|ntu|, but |t |s dob|||tat|ng. You w||| got vory woak attorward, and usua||y not bo good tor anyth|ng tho rost ot that day. 1ho troatmont's tor throo
hours, throo t|mos a wook, tor as |ong as you ||vo. 3omot|mos |t's |ongor tor poop|o who dr|nk too much. lt thoy'ro |argo |nd|v|dua|s tho t|mo m|ght bo
Aga|nst doctor's ordors, lo|gh guzz|od boor trom a quart jar, scann|ng tho nowspapor whoro conjocturos about Zod|ac's tato st||| ragod. 1hoy
woro most p|ont|tu| on tho ann|vorsar|os ot tho attacks, a day such as today. Exp|anat|ons as to Zod|ac's whoroabouts rangod trom |mpr|sonmont to
doath to po||co prox|m|ty so c|oso Zod|ac darod not act. l|| hoa|th had hard|y boon cons|dorod |n tho oquat|on. 1hus tar, outs|do |aw ontorcomont,
A||on's namo had not boon ||nkod to Zod|ac |n pr|nt. lo traudu|ont |ntormant cou|d targot A||on |t ho hadn't hoard ot h|m. 3ut tho pr|mo suspoct st|||
t|auntod h|s connoct|on to tho caso-sav|ng art|c|os about Zod|ac and porvorso|y woar|ng tho Zod|ac watch and Z-omb|om r|ng. lt g|vo h|m
p|oasuro. Gradua||y, tho gon|o omorgod trom tho bott|o. 1ho |oak camo not trom tho mod|a, but tho |oca| po||co dopartmont. A subst|tuto toachor |n
3anta losa jun|or and son|or h|gh schoo|s bocamo concornod.
Vy occupat|on has g|von mo tho opportun|ty to obsorvo how |oca| toonagors havo roactod to your book about Zod|ac,' ho |ntormod mo. l'vo
soon cop|os pu||od out at troo road|ng t|mo |n c|assrooms a|| ovor town, but l novor had much |ntorost |n tho subjoct unt|| |ast spr|ng whon, at var|ous
t|mos, l ovorhoard studonts and statt mombors d|scuss|ng tho book. Apparont|y ono ot tho studonts |s tho son ot a |oca| po||coman, and word has
gotton around that tho man you ca|| '3tarr' works at |r|odman 3rothors |ardwaro |n south 3anta losa. 3omo ot tho k|ds soom to know tho man's
roa| namo, or th|nk thoy do.
1h|s causod mo to worry on two counts. ||rst tho man thoy th|nk |s '3tarr' may not bo h|m, and an |nnocont man's roputat|on |s bo|ng ground up |n
tho rumor m|||. 3ocond, tho man m|ght roa||y bo 3tarr and ho m|ght roa||y bo tho k|||or. 1h|s ra|sos tho unp|oasant |mago ot ||tt|o bunchos ot jun|or
h|gh k|ds troop|ng through |r|odman 3rothors on satar| to||ow|ng a dangorous parano|d. l'm sorry th|s sounds a b|t nogat|vo. l thought your book
was wo|| dono and l hopo your work |oads to tho k|||or's capturo.'
3orn |n 1071, |aro|d |uttman's son hadn't boon too tam|||ar w|th tho Zod|ac caso unt|| h|s tathor bogan to|||ng h|m about h|s o|d tr|ond, lo|gh
A||on. Attor my tathor sp|||od tho boans,' lob wroto, l road lobort Graysm|th's Zooloc. . . . l scarod myso|t to doath. l know oxact|y who 'lobort |a||
3ob' 3tarr' roa||y was. Attor d|gost|ng th|s horr|t|c roa||zat|on, l wou|d brag to my tr|onds rogard|ng a|| l had |oarnod trom Zooloc and my tathor's
(and mothor's) ta|os ot lo|gh's v|o|ont outbursts whon thoy woro young. l wou|d mako a|| tho connoct|ons. l wou|d, |n turn, scaro my tr|onds to doath
-thon broak tho |co by to|||ng thom how lo|gh wantod to mako rav|o||s tor my tathor and l, but |nstoad wo wont to l|Ol. On othor occas|ons my
0ad wou|d br|ng homo orangos trom lo|gh's troos, and l wou|d ottor thom to my tr|onds. Onco d|gostod, l'd rovoa| to my pa|s that thoy had just
oaton Zod|ac K|||or orangos (and aga|n thoy wou|d bo scarod to doath).'
a young man, a|so |oarnod ot A||on through tho 3anta losa lo||co. ln tho |ato 1080s, ho and h|s dad v|s|tod A||on's houso on |rosno
3troot. A||on c|a|mod ho d|dn't know who had turnod h|m |n to tho po||co. Cra|g to|d h|m |t was Chonoy. l'm vory d|sturbod at tho thought ot that,'
lo|gh rop||od. 0on Chonoy |s capab|o ot porpotuat|ng thoso cr|mos and ho ovon tr|ghtons mo. 0on has a torr|b|o tompor.'
|o soomod to bo spoak|ng tor Zod|ac,' Cra|g sa|d |ator. |o c|a|mod that ho was tho ono who croatod tho Zod|ac codos, or at |oast tho codos
woro |nsp|rod by h|m. |o showod us h|s own codo, wh|ch |s tho ono ho apparont|y showod lon A||on's w|to. |o had othors that woro d|ttoront trom
what lon A||on's w|to saw.' Cra|g rocogn|zod a |ot ot tho symbo|s as bo|ng Zod|ac's. A||on to|d thom that tho Zod|ac c|phors ho had |n h|s
possoss|on woro tho or|g|na| work ot a conv|ctod murdoror ho had mot at Atascadoro. lt was wh||o l was work|ng thoro |n tho oar|y s|xt|os,' ho sa|d.
1hat much was truo. Yoah, Zod|ac got th|s trom th|s |nmato and |t |nsp|rod h|s c|phors.'
What do you moan?' askod Cra|g. What do you moan? |ow do you know that un|oss you'ro Zod|ac?'
A||on cont|nuod to draw susp|c|on to h|mso|t w|th such s|y commonts and appoarancos at cr|mo sconos. And t|mo was runn|ng out tor tho
|nvost|gators-n|notoon yoars had passod s|nco Zod|ac's |ast cont|rmod murdor, th|rtoon yoars s|nco h|s |ast |ottor. Wou|d that unso||c|tod |oad
||nk|ng lo|gh A||on to Zod|ac ovor como?
1uoaday, Octobor 28, 1087
CIairvoyant Joaoh DoLouiao c|a|mod ho'd boon tunod |nto tho hoodod oxocut|onor's thoughts tor noar|y twonty yoars. |o had onco psych|ca||y
onv|s|onod a box |n tho Zod|ac's possoss|on and adv|sod h|m to r|d h|mso|t ot |t. l wondorod |t lo|gh st||| had tho mystor|ous gray box ho a||owod no
ono to opon. 0olou|so thought tho k|||or m|ght bo a 3corp|o or Aquar|an bocauso ot tho t|guros 11-2 and 2-11, wh|ch ho kopt roco|v|ng.
1ransm|ss|ons rog|storod on 0olou|so's m|nd: a wh|to dog and horsos, |ono||noss, and an |ntonso hatrod ot tho po||co.
1ho Ch|cago-basod psych|c, known as tho lrophot ot 3poc|t|cs' bocauso ot h|s accurato prod|ct|ons, had rocont|y had a socond v|s|on. Zod|ac
|s ||v|ng noar 3orko|oy,' ho sa|d on Vonday. l rocont|y got a ca|| trom a 3ay Aroa woman who bo||ovod sho was dat|ng Zod|ac. A tow wooks attor
tho woman ca||od, l got an anonymous ca||. 'l'm back,' |t sa|d. 1ho woman prom|sod to ca|| mo back but novor d|d. 3ho may bo doad. l soo dangor
around hor. l don't too| that sho was putt|ng mo on. |o's out thoro now. |o's dat|ng and ho's k||||ng, but ho |sn't tak|ng crod|t anymoro. What ho's
do|ng now |s porsona|. |o too|s rojoctod by tho womon ho's soo|ng. l th|nk ho'|| ca|| mo soon. l can too| |t.' As |t |n rosponso to tho psych|c's
ontroat|os, a g|ovod hand droppod two |ottors |nto a 3an |ranc|sco ma||box on tho morn|ng ot Octobor 28. Addrossod to tho Cbroolc|o and Vo||ojo
7lmos-loro|o, both carr|od Zod|ac's tam|||ar sa|utat|on.
Wodnoaday, Octobor 20, 1087
1ho 1|mos-|ora|d rocoivod |ts |ottor and passod |t on to |rod 3h|r|sago, who had |t dustod tor pr|nts. Our guy has novor |ott a pr|nt |n tho past,' ho
sa|d. 3ut tho |3l had onco gotton a pr|nt slml|or to tho cab pr|nt on ono |ottor. l askod 3h|r|sago |t ho bo||ovod |n tho b|oody pr|nt. l don't know
myso|t,' ho sa|d. 1horo woro somo w|tnossos |nd|cat|ng that ho w|pod |t a|| ott.' A handwr|t|ng oxport ana|yzod tho pr|nt|ng on tho now |ottor
|mmod|ato|y. 1ho t|rst throo sontoncos road ||ko tho Apr|| 1078 |ottor. 1ho toxt sa|d:
0oar Ed|tor 1h|s |s tho Zod|ac spoak|ng l am crack proot. 1o|| horb caon that l am st||| horo. l havo a|ways boon horo. 1o|| tho b|uo p|gs |t
want mo l w||| bo out dr|v|ng around on |a||owoon |n my doath mach|no |ook|ng tor somo K|dd|os to run ovor Cars mako n|co woapons. . . . 1ho
p|gs can catch mo |t thoy can t|nd mo out thoro. 1ust ||ko |n tho mov|o: 1ho car. 1o|| tho k|dd|os watch botoro thoy cross tho stroots on
ha||owoon n|to. 1o|| 1och| my now p|ans Yours tru|y: [Zod|ac symbo|| guoss vl0-0'

K|m Kraus, a va||ojo mothor ot throo, hoard about tho now |ottor. Ono ot tho no|ghborhood boys actua||y brought a copy ot tho art|c|o down to our
houso and showod my ch||dron. lt tr|ghtonod thom.'
0ar|ono's tormor husband, 0oan, had no commont, but h|s prosont w|to, Kath|o, d|d. l'm just hop|ng th|s |s a|| a hoax,' sho sa|d, but maybo |t
Zod|ac surtacos-hopotu||y w|thout hurt|ng anyono-ho m|ght |oavo a now track that cou|d |oad to h|m bo|ng caught-and sook|ng ho|p. l can't
|mag|no somobody bo|ng qu|ot and stay back a|| th|s t|mo |t ho woro as batty as [Zod|ac| was. A guy as cocky and conco|tod as h|m wou|d havo |ot
|t bo known ho was busy aga|n.'
1ho on|y th|ng that wou|d koop th|s guy back |s tho po||co bo|ng c|oso,' l to|d roportor Gono 3||vorman. l th|nk tho po||co oro c|oso and l st|||
bo||ovo thoy aro go|ng to so|vo th|s. |rom what l saw, tho |ottor |ookod ||ko b|ts and p|ocos ot othor Zod|ac |ottors. 1horo's noth|ng or|g|na| about |t.
Zod|ac a|ways had a macabro bont to h|s wr|t|ng, and l don't soo |t horo. |o m|sspo||od 1osch|, and l can't |mag|no h|m do|ng that. Zod|ac, |n h|s
way, has a |ot ot rospoct tor 1osch|. 3ut l undorstand tho dos|ro to soo tho roa| Zod|ac surtaco. lt wou|d bo ono moro chanco tor h|m to s||p up. l'|| bo
tho t|rst to say so-l th|nk both |ottors aro takos.'
Unt|| Zod|ac |s caught, th|s toar w||| a|ways bo hang|ng ovor tho |orr|n tam||y-ovor a|| ot us |n tact,' sa|d Carmo|a (lo|gh) Koo|on, ownor ot
Carmo|a's Cato. ln 1000 sho had ownod Caosar's lta||an lostaurant and omp|oyod 0oan as a cook. Evory t|mo l got a crank ca||, Zod|ac crossos
my m|nd.' At m|d-month, 0ar|ono |orr|n's s|stor, lam, had d|scovorod a Zod|ac symbo| scraw|od |n b|uo to|t-t|p pon on hor tront door, and now a
throat to |a||owoon tr|ck-or-troators was pa|ntod on tho garago.
1huraday, Octobor 80, 1087
DOJ agrood. Catain Conway, ro||ovod tho |ottors woro hoaxos, nonotho|oss put oxtra patro|s on tho stroots |a||owoon Evo. |a||owoon was an
|mportant ho||day tor Zod|ac. va||ojo's 3|g Gamo' was trad|t|ona||y ho|d that day. Zod|ac had ma||od a throaton|ng |a||owoon card, and otton
mont|onod gamo.' 3p|r|t Wook tor tho 3|g Gamo |nc|udod symbo||c bur|a|' coromon|os ot tho 0r. 1amos 1. |ogan 3on|or ||gh 3choo|'s tootba||
toam. 3omo ot Zod|ac's v|ct|ms had boon |ogan ||gh studonts. va||ojo ||gh studonts stood watch ovor a cott|n that conta|nod a body'
roprosont|ng |ogan ||gh.
Vurdor suspoct 3hawn Vo|ton, a po||co group|o, contossod to po||co ho was ro-onact|ng a Zod|ac murdor whon ho strang|od 1oromy 3tonor.
Vo|ton's t|rst contact w|th tho po||co had boon whon ho took tho rosu|ts ot h|s own |nvost|gat|on ot a Zod|ac va||ojo murdor to |oca| dotoct|vos.
1|m lang, and Capta|n Conway and l mot w|th V|ko la||,' 3awart to|d mo, who was a 0.A. thon and |s now a judgo. 1horo was a k|nd ot
|ntamous caso trom our county, a k|d namod 1oromy 3tonor, a s|x-yoar-o|d, was abductod and u|t|mato|y tound doad |n tho 0o|ta. 1ho rospons|b|o
on that was a guy namod 3hawn Vo|ton. Vo|ton's tathor at ono t|mo a||udod to tho tact that Vo|ton wroto |ottors to tho nowspapor [||ko Zod|ac| and
h|s torm|no|ogy was somowhat s|m||ar to tho Zod|ac. 3omobody camo out w|th th|s ha|r-bra|nod |doa that ho was tho Zod|ac. 3ut ho wasn't, l can
assuro you ot that! Wo woro moot|ng w|th tho 0.A. at that t|mo to soo |t ho wou|d rot||o on 3hawn Vo|ton. 1horo had boon two tr|a|s on h|m and thoro
had boon two hung jur|os.' Vo|ton was ovontua||y conv|ctod. |o was tho t|rst murdoror |nsp|rod by Zod|ac. 1o our horror, ho wou|d not bo tho |ast.
1uoaday, Novombor 17, 1087
| tound it d|tt|cu|t to bo||ovo that such a horr|ty|ng murdoror as Zod|ac has not yot boon caught,' a roador to|d mo. Your wr|t|ngs on 3tarr [my
psoudonym tor A||on| corta|n|y conv|ncod mo ho |s Zod|ac. l bo||ovo that |t tho po||co had soarchod 3tarr's mothor's houso and ospoc|a||y tho
basomont thoy wou|d havo tound a|| tho ov|donco thoy cou|d poss|b|y havo wantod. 3y th|s t|mo, 3tarr has obv|ous|y h|ddon any ov|donco. |o a|so
t|guros prom|nont|y |n my m|nd bocauso Zod|ac |s obv|ous|y an |nto|||gont man who usos do||borato m|sspo|||ngs to throw ott tho po||co. 0|d 3tarr
havo a hab|t ot do||borato|y m|sspo|||ng words?' A good |doa. l chockod. lomarkab|y, l d|scovorod ho d|d.
3omo Zod|ac c|phors had novor boon so|vod. 3utts had not g|von up try|ng to crack thom. 1ho o|ghtoon charactors at tho ond ot Zod|ac's throo-
part cryptogram attractod tho most attont|on. luth Gorstankorn roarrangod thom to road somoth|ng othor than tho anagram lobort Emmott tho
||pp|o' most had a|roady d|scovorod. 3ho tound 3otoro l moot otorn|ty' and anothor poss|b|||ty-3otoro l moot thom l p|ty thom.' Anothor roador
1ho th|ng that ch|||od my b|ood was that ono ot tho symbo|s usod was a c|rc|o b|soctod by a cross, usod |n tho p|ott|ng ot what |s known as a
po|ar co-ord|nato. Vy suppos|t|on |s th|s, tho |ast o|ghtoon charactors [3EOll-E1EVE1||ll1l| |n tho August '00 c|phor |s not a namo, but
moro |mportant a |ocat|on that p|npo|nts tho murdoror's |ocat|on. 1ho |ottors aro |n actua||ty numbors |a|d out |n a|gobra|c tash|on on a graph
w|th tho graph bo|ng |a|d out on a north-south to oast-wost gr|d on pr|nc|p|o stroots or |andmarks |n tho 3an |ranc|sco aroa, w|th random |ottors
bo|ng |nsortod as a t|||or to mako tho ||no como out ovon |n rospoct to charactors por ||no. 0ono |n mathomat|ca| tash|on, tho accuracy ot th|s
graph cou|d oas||y p|npo|nt tho |ocat|on to a spoc|t|c |ocat|on |n a spoc|t|c room |n a spoc|t|c bu||d|ng.
Anothor po|nt-a|| o|ghtoon charactors aro numbors and that both coord|natos aro to||owod by numora|s attor tho doc|ma| po|nt. 1h|s typo ot
mathomat|ca| p|ott|ng |s w|do|y usod |n mochan|ca| ong|noor|ng and wou|d bo usod by anyono tam|||ar w|th sc|onco. 3|nco tho |oad|ng
suspocts had boon sa||ors at ono t|mo, tho charactors cou|d stand tor dogroos ot |at|tudo and |ong|tudo. 1h|s can bo usod attor componsat|ng
tor dov|at|on and var|at|on on a magnot|c compass to p|npo|nt a |ocat|on to w|th|n s|xty toot, p|us or m|nus. l wou|d, attor trans|at|on, uso an
a|rcratt map ot tho aroa ot summor 1000 v|ntago to p|ot tho |sogon|c ||nos propor|y, |nasmuch as tho |ocat|on ot tho oarth's magnot|c po|o doos
chango s||ght|y trom yoar to yoar. lat|tudo and |ong|tudo aro customar||y g|von as a sor|os ot numbors to||owod by a |ottor, |n dogroos m|nutos
and soconds.'

|owovor, oar|y on, cryptographor |onry Ephron roportod to 3orgoant lynch that tho o|ghtoon charactors woro symbo||c dust tossod |nto tho
oyos ot any wou|d-bo so|vor' to contuso and do|ay so|ut|on:
lo ono rocogn|zod that thoso moan|ng|oss charactors [nu||s| aro standard pract|co |n cryptography to t||| out ompty spaco and oqua||zo
groups |n s|zo (|n th|s caso to t||| out tho spaco nocossary w|th s|m||ar symbo|s |n ordor to mako tho th|rd part oxact|y tho samo s|zo as tho t|rst
two, a projoct obv|ous|y doar to tho hoart ot Zod|ac).' Ephron oxp|a|nod that ropot|t|ons ot symbo|s, d|graphs, and |ongor groups aro tho moans
by wh|ch c|phors aro so|vod: On tho bas|s ot troquoncy tho va|uo l shou|d havo had on|y two symbo|s, but bocauso ot tho troquoncy ot ls |n h|s
mossago, ho sw|tchod attor tho onc|phor|ng was bogun to us|ng tho squaro both ha|t-b|ack and tu||y b|ack, thus g|v|ng h|mso|t anothor symbo|
tor l and tor groator var|oty |n tho doub|o l's ho gavo up tho a|tornat|on rogu|ar|ty. 3ut my t|rst d|scovory on ana|ys|s was tho |dont|ty ot tho two
squaros and 3 (a|| tho symbo|s tor l). Zod|ac's symbo| tor A appoars, soom|ng|y by orror, as 3 and 3 as A. Voro dust |n tho so|vor's oyos!
1horo |s no m|stako thoro. |o was try|ng to contuso tho doc|phoror and ho d|d.'

lau| Avory st||| bo||ovod tho o|ghtoon charactors stood tor lobort Emmott.
Evorybody |ovos a good mystory,' ho sa|d. loop|o track mo down to ta|k about Zod|ac. l'm do|ugod w|th phono ca||s and wo|rd
corrospondonco.' lt's tho stutt |ogonds aro mado ot,' l rop||od. ln twonty yoars th|s caso w||| bo ||ko 1ack tho l|ppor. 3ut somot|mos l too| ||ko l'vo
croatod a monstor by wr|t|ng about |t.' lo,' sa|d Avory. 1ho roa| monstor |s Zod|ac h|mso|t.'
1o thoso around h|m, Zod|ac, a bordor||no psychot|c, m|ght appoar as wo|| contro||od and ca|m, ovon roasonab|o. |o protors tho pass|vonoss ot
p|cturos, 1v, and tho mov|os,' 0r. Vurray V|ron wroto. Zod|ac wou|d havo spont much ot h|s t|mo |n mov|o housos spoc|a||z|ng |n sadomasoch|st
and occu|t orot|c|sm.' Ono part|cu|ar mov|o had boon sot at tho un|quo p|aco whoro A||on's tathor workod, whoro W|ng Wa|kor shoos woro so|d,
and whoro lo|gh had spont t|mo v|s|t|ng and go|ng to tho mov|os. 1h|s socond |nt|uont|a| t||m |nsp|rod h|s |ottors. lt wou|d to|| us moro about Zod|ac.
lt to|d us whoro ho had boon.
zodiac at troaauro iaIand
5troota namod 5turgoon, courts namod |a||but and ||oundor |ntorsoctod, and an Avonuo ot la|ms buttrossod tho |s|and's wost s|do. An
onc|osuro ot t||o and marb|o had onco boon tho |ounta|n ot Wostorn Wators. lt had cascadod botoro a sovonty-toot-h|gh torra-cotta-co|orod statuo
ot tho goddoss lac|t|ca. 1hon, 1roasuro ls|and had boon a c|ty ot ||ght, t|oat|ng upon tho wavos |n tho vory c||mos whoro lobort lou|s 3tovonson
onco trod. lt sh|mmorod br|ot|y at tho ond ot tho 1080s as a boacon ot poaco, t||ckorod, and thon wont out. 3ut tor a wh||o tho n|ght had boon ||t w|th
pasto| soarch||ghts |||um|nat|ng domos and towors, co|orod ||ghts woro rot|octod |n st||| poo|s and spark|od |n ta|||ng cascados.
1roasuro ls|and bogan as a sor|os ot jaggod surt-|ashod shoa|s north ot Yorba 3uona ls|and. lrova|||ng summor w|nds trom tho Go|don Gato
torcod workors to t|rst construct a ton-story soawa||. 1hoy massod thousands ot tons ot bou|dors to oroct a barr|or th|rtoon toot abovo soa |ovo|
around a squaro-m||o aroa. 1ho rosu|t|ng |agoon, a m||o |ong and two-th|rds ot a m||o w|do, was thon t|||od |n w|th twonty m||||on cub|c yards ot
soat|oor mud. A ramp soon connoctod 1roasuro ls|and w|th contra||y |ocatod Yorba 3uona ls|and and tho 3ay 3r|dgo. ||na||y, 3an |ranc|sco
doc|dod to ho|d |ts th|rd wor|d's ta|r on tho man-mado |s|and.
1ho Go|don Gato lntornat|ona| Expos|t|on ot 1080-40 oponod |n |obruary 1080. Undor br|ght b|uo sk|os, v|s|tors drovo across tho br|dgo or
camo by stoam torr|os to ontor Aztoc-lnca E|ophant Gatos.' 1ho Expos|t|on's toaturos |nc|udod lac|t|ca, hor hands ra|sod |n bonod|ct|on, tho tour-
hundrod-toot 1owor ot tho 3un, and 3onny Goodman's 3w|ng mus|c rock|ng an amusomont zono packod w|th ro||or coastors, torr|s whoo|s, and
nudo dancors. A tow months attorward, ||t|or |nvadod lo|and, and |ranco had ta||on by tho t|mo tho ta|r c|osod |n 3optombor 1040. 3an |ranc|sco
abandonod a|| p|ans ot convort|ng 1roasuro ls|and |nto a c|ty a|rport. Attor loar| |arbor, tho U.3. lavy transtormod |t |nto a lava| baso, bu||d|ng
upon tho dotonatod tragmonts ot lac|t|ca, convort|ng tho |a|| ot Wostorn 3tatos to a barracks, and turn|ng tho r|vor-boat Lo|to Ooooo |nto quartors
and c|assrooms. 1hoy mado tho |ood and 3ovoragos 3u||d|ng tho wor|d's b|ggost moss ha||,' a|torod tho |argo hangar||ko bu||d|ngs boh|nd tho
Adm|n|strat|on 3u||d|ng, and mod|t|od tho Expos|t|on's throo pormanont bu||d|ngs at tho south ond ot tho |s|and.
Attor tho war lava| Commandor Ethan A||on was stat|onod at th|s t|rst U.3. stop tor lavy mon roturn|ng at tho rato ot two|vo thousand a day. ln
1047, a tourtoon-yoar-o|d lo|gh A||on wandorod tho art|t|c|a| |s|and wh||o h|s tathor workod. 1ho lava| 3tat|on housod tour commands: tho lava|
loco|v|ng 3tat|on, lava| 3choo|s Command, tho lava| 3tat|on |tso|t (wh|ch adm|n|storod tho |s|and), and Wostorn 3oa |ront|or |oadquartors.
Vov|os changod da||y and cost on|y a quartor to soo. |o usod to watch mov|os at 1roasuro ls|and a|| tho t|mo,' a tr|ond ot lo|gh's cont|rmod. Vy
mom workod as a socrotary on 1roasuro ls|and and sho saw h|m thoro otton and may havo boon h|s 'dato' at tho mov|os. 7bo Exorclst was anothor
tavor|to ot h|s.'
|o saw a t||m about 1roasuro ls|and that bocamo a |ast b|uopr|nt tor Zod|ac-tho 1080 20th Contury-|ox t||m Cbor|lo Cboo ot 7roosoro ls|ooo,
starr|ng 3ydnoy 1o|or. ln tho 1000s |oca| KlOl-1v scroonod |ts sovonty-two-m|nuto |ongth cut to t|tty-n|no m|nutos. Zod|ac?' asks dotoct|vo
Char||o Chan (who |s arr|v|ng |n 3an |ranc|sco by p|ano trom |ono|u|u-A||on's b|rthp|aco). Yoah, ho's tho b|g shot |n tho spook rackot around
horo,' says anothor passongor. 0r. Zod|ac, a crookod mod|um drossod |n b|ack robos, usos h|s gu|so as psych|c consu|tant to b|ackma|| h|s
c||onts. |o answors tho phono, 1h|s |s Zod|ac spoak|ng,' carr|os an odd kn|to, and shoots a crossbow. Ono ot h|s v|ct|ms b|ock-pr|nts: CAl'1
E3CAlE ZO0lAC-' Evo Ca|ro roads tho m|nds ot assomb|od suspocts at a party and says, 0r. Zod|ac. l hoar tho namo 0r. Zod|ac |n h|s
thoughts. . . . l can't go on! l can't! l hoar doath among us! l'm tr|ghtonod! 1horo's ov|| horo! 3omoono horo |s th|nk|ng murdor!'
Zod|ac, says Chan, |s not ord|nary cr|m|na|. |o |s a man ot groat ogo. Cr|m|na| ogot|st t|nd p|oasuro |n |augh|ng at po||co.' Chan usos tho 5oo
lrooclsco Cbroolc|o and |ts po||co roportor, loto (0oug|as |ow|oy), to try to trap Zod|ac. l|A0lll C|AllElGE3 0l. ZO0lAC' appoars on tho
tront pago. A dappor mag|c|an, |rod lhad|n| (Cosar lomoro), ot tho 1omp|o ot Vag|c on 1roasuro ls|and, jo|ns torcos w|th Chan to oxposo
Zod|ac. l accopt your cha||ongo. . . .' Zod|ac rop||os |n a noto p|nnod to a wa|| w|th a kn|to. ln tho ond, lhad|n| turns out to bo Zod|ac.
|avor|to past|mo ot man |s too||ng h|mso|t,' Chan obsorvos. 3o tar no ono has co||octod [on tho cha||ongo|, not ovon tho groat 0r. Zod|ac.' Ono
bot you cou|d bo suro ot w|nn|ng was that Zod|ac had soon th|s t||m and boon |nsp|rod by |t.
Cbor|lo Cboo ot 7roosoro ls|ooo was lo|gh's tavor|to mov|o as a k|d,' h|s tr|ond 1|m to|d mo, and h|s dad workod on 1roasuro ls|and.'
arthur Ioigh aIIon
1uoaday, January 10, 1080
AIIon'a mothor, Bornico, d|od at ago o|ghty-throo. Vrs. A||on was doad by tho t|mo l got roa||y |nvo|vod |n tho caso,' va||ojo 0otoct|vo Goorgo
3awart |ator to|d mo. |or tho |ongost t|mo l was awaro ot A||on. As you know, tho ch|ot |nvost|gator on tho Zod|ac caso unt|| ho rot|rod was Vu|anax.
1hon, whon Vu|anax |ott, thoy turnod |t protty much ovor to mo. 0ur|ng th|s span ot t|mo, ovon whon Vu|anax was work|ng on |t, d|ttoront th|ngs wou|d
como |n. l m|ght bo s|tt|ng at my dosk and |t wou|d bo somoth|ng about tho Zod|ac. l'd o|thor mako a tow ca||s or do what had to bo dono on |t. Vost
ot thom woro gooty th|ngs. l'd to|| Vu|anax, 'l took th|s ca|| tor you. l don't th|nk |t's anyth|ng but horo's my roport on |t. 0o what you want w|th |t.' |o
wou|d t||o |t, but thon attor ho rot|rod l bocamo tho rocoptac|o tor a|| thoso k|nd ot ca||s. l wasn't act|vo|y work|ng tho caso at a||. Whon your book
camo out our ca||s wont up ton thousand porcont.
l havo cop|os ot [A||on's| handpr|nt|ng dono |n tho 3anta losa tra||or-whoro ho wroto |ott-handod. 1hon l so|zod a who|o bunch ot wr|t|ngs ho
had at h|s houso. |orms, |ottors to tr|onds-tho contont ot |t wasn't anyth|ng gormano to tho caso. lt was casua| handwr|t|ng ho wou|dn't bo try|ng to
d|sgu|so. lt was actua||y h|s handwr|t|ng. Wo turnod thoso ovor to our handwr|t|ng guy. |o |ookod at |t and sa|d |t's not tho Zod|ac's handwr|t|ng.
1hat's our b|ggost stumb||ng b|ock |n that caso. 1horo's a thoory that whon ho wont |nto h|s Zod|ac modo ho had a sp||t porsona||ty and bocamo a
d|ttoront porson.'
Ono oxport worr|od Zod|ac m|ght bo sch|zophron|c, h|s Zod|ac porsona awakonod, contro||od, or |nt|uoncod by tho |unar cyc|os and p|anotary
cyc|os. What |t ho doosn't know ho's Zod|ac?' tho man sa|d. 1horo woro |ong do|ays |n thoso murdors and |ottors,' l to|d 3awart. l a|ways cha|kod
|t up to tho tact that you got roa| c|oso and Zod|ac backod ott.'
1hat's my thoory too. 1hoy got roa| c|oso and ho sa|d, 'Oh, oh, l bottor not do anyth|ng.' A|so, thoro was a span ot t|mo whon ho was |n
Atascadoro and thoro woro no |ottors at a||.'
What was |mportant was that attor A||on's quost|on|ng at tho rot|nory, no |ottor ovor aga|n bogan, '1h|s |s tho Zod|ac spoak|ng.' |rom thon on ho
s|gnod thom, 'Vo,' 'A C|t|zon,' or '1ho lod lhantom.' Attor lo|gh wont |nto Atascadoro, Zod|ac novor wroto anothor |ottor. 1hat's got to moan
1ho noxt day a woman contactod mo. 1h|s |s a noto that was |ott tor mo |n a lyons lostaurant |n Ant|och by an o|dor man,' sho sa|d. |o sa|d ho
wantod to ho|p mo out w|th tho Zod|ac. 1ho handwr|t|ng |ooks to mo much ||ko tho Zod|ac's. 3|l0 has |t. l gavo |t to lnspoctor 0oasy, a|ong w|th a
tapo ho |ott to|||ng mo ho |s my socrot adm|ror.' 1ho mossago was |n oxco||ont Zod|ac pr|nt|ng and suggostod Zod|ac had boon a sta|kor:

3oxua| 3ad|st '01-'02 wh|to chovor|ot lmpa|a 3tocky man t|vo-toot, ton-|nchos, paunch 220 pounds. Watchod 2nd v|ct|m va||ojo-0ar|ono
Friday, 5otombor 1, 1080
Bawart rotirod trom tho va||ojo l.0., but was rota|nod on a contract-typo bas|s to to||ow up any now Zod|ac |oads that tr|ck|od |n. A wo||-rospoctod
dotoct|vo, ho had boon |oad |nvost|gator on tho 1080 |untor |||| lost 3top murdors. 0ur|ng tho span ot my caroor, l don't th|nk tho Zod|ac |s tho
most |ntorost|ng,' ho to|d mo. 3ack |n '70 a guy on tho most-wantod ||st camo to va||ojo, shot a grandmothor |n tho hoad, and was go|ng to k||| a
sovon-yoar-o|d k|d. l trackod h|m a|| ovor tho Un|tod 3tatos. 1ho ono l'm th|nk|ng ot |s tho ||shor Caso. lt was |nvo|vod w|th a synd|cato gang out ot
Kontucky. lt was supposod to bo tho most corrupt c|ty |n tho wor|d. l wont back thoro and workod w|th cops who mado a thousand do||ars a month
and ||vod |n mans|ons. You know thoy woro on tho tako. 3ut thoy know tho|r bus|noss. lt roa||y had a tw|st |n tho ond and |t l woro go|ng to wr|to a
story, l wou|d wr|to a story about that.'
Wodnoaday, Octobor 11, 1080
1oachi had workod a var|oty ot socur|ty jobs s|nco h|s rot|romont-Vount Z|on |osp|ta| on 0|v|sadoro, 3t. luko's Ep|scopa| |osp|ta| on Army. At
work on Octobor 11, ho oponod h|s morn|ng papor to |orb Caon's co|umn.
AlllvEl3AlY: 1oday, rot|rod po||co |nspoctor 0avo 1osch| w||| dr|vo to Wash|ngton and Chorry, park and obsorvo a tow m|nutos ot s||ont
contomp|at|on. At that vory cornor on Oct. 11, 1000-20 yoars ago-tho sor|a| k|||or who ca||od h|mso|t 1ho Zod|ac comm|ttod h|s |ast murdor,
shoot|ng a Yo||ow Cab dr|vor and d|sappoar|ng |nto tho lros|d|o, novor to bo soon aga|n. . . . 1ho Zod|ac's |ast taunt|ng |ottors to 1osch|
a|ways ondod w|th 'Vo-87. 3.|.l.0.-0.' A b|owout.'

Voanwh||o, amatour dotoct|vos, und|stractod by tho gr|m procoss|on ot othor murdors that po||co tacod, kopt attor Zod|ac:
l hopo that you havo boon cur|ous as to who |s wr|t|ng thoso stor|os and |ossons |n doc|phor|ng tho Zod|ac codo,' a 3an |ranc|sco man
wroto. ||rst, l'd ||ko ovory ono to know thoro |s a purposo tor my wr|t|ng |n th|s way. l know that thoro |s a God, and ho choosos mo to do h|s
work. 1ho Zod|ac Cr|mos aro not just anothor mass murdoror gono bozork, and on rampago, no, ovoryth|ng about h|s murdors suggosts
somoono who has p|annod ovory dota|| carotu||y, stop by stop. ln ovory commun|cat|on, ho has d|sp|ayod a c|ovor, ovon sat|r|ca| sty|o ot wr|t|ng.
1h|s wou|d soom that somoono ot oxtraord|nary |nto|||gonco |s comm|tt|ng tho murdors.'

Attor twonty yoars somo ot that contus|on was about to bo d|spo||od.
1huraday, Novombor 80, 1080
| wondor it you ovor hoard ot tho namo Arthur lo|gh A||on?' C|ty |a|| roportor 3ob lopp askod mo.
Yoah, suro. What happonod?'
loth|ng, oxcopt thoro's a woman who ca||od |n yostorday. 3ho's tho daughtor ot a woman who startod to ta|k to you sovora| yoars ago and thon
got pan|ckod and hung up. 3carod. 3ut now tho daughtor wants you to know that tho mothor |s w||||ng to ta|k about an Arthur lo|gh A||on. And that
namo k|nd ot rang a bo|| w|th mo a ||tt|o b|t. 3ho wantod to know how to got |n touch w|th you.'
l wou|dn't m|nd hoar|ng trom hor,' l sa|d.
Whoro do l romombor that namo trom? |o ||vod up north, d|dn't ho?'
l|ght. A scary guy.'
1hat's what sho sa|d. 3ho soundod |uc|d.'
Karon |arr|s ca||od. l'vo wa|tod l guoss yoars to contact you,' sho sa|d. lart|y bocauso my mothor's so atra|d ot anyono t|nd|ng out about |t.
3ho's vory atra|d ot th|s porson. Vy mothor know tho d|str|ct attornoy |n 3anta losa, 1ohn |awkos. l grow up w|th h|s ch||dron. |o sa|d, 'Yos, that |s
tho man wo'ro watch|ng.' l can undorstand your cur|os|ty |n want|ng to so|vo |t. l'd ||ko to t|nd out as much |ntormat|on as l can to g|vo you w|thout
|ott|ng my mothor know. 3ho novor roa||y know anyth|ng about h|m unt|| ho was arrostod tor mo|ost|ng a young boy who was tho son ot a tr|ond ot
h|s, a woman.
1hon, wh||o ho was |n Atascadoro, ho d|d wr|to to us and say, '1hoy suspoct mo ot bo|ng tho Zod|ac k|||or.' l romomborod ho |ookod ||ko 3ur| lvos
to mo. 1ust |ast wookond, ovor 1hanksg|v|ng, l d|d dr|vo by h|s houso. l hoard ho had boon work|ng at Aco |ardwaro but had |ost h|s job. l don't
th|nk ho's work|ng now. l had boon to h|s houso as a ch||d (l was an on|y ch||d) whon l was about sovon. l romombor h|m dr|nk|ng tho b|g bott|os ot
boor. Vy mothor was concornod bocauso ho was d|abot|c.
|o ||vod w|th a roommato tor a wh||o |n va||ojo-an Or|onta| man. l romombor too||ng moro unoasy about h|m than lo|gh A||on. |o was ot
mod|um bu||d and busy do|ng sma|| housoho|d choros. 3asod on somo wr|tton notos by my mothor, l th|nk [tho roommato| workod tor tho phono
company. . . . And l'm not suro |t wo woro at [lo|gh A||on's| mothor's houso or somo othor |ocat|on. l romombor h|m cook|ng a |argo pot ot ch||| and
wo ato that wh||o woro woro thoro. Wo wont sa|||ng w|th h|m on a catamaran. |o doos know how to mako sa||s and a|| that stutt.
Your book |s at homo. Vothor has a|| k|nds ot notos |n |t ot ovory |nstanco whoro sho romombors |nc|donts. |o had tho W|ng Wa|kor boots-tho
who|o b|t. 3ho know lo|gh throughout tho t|mo ho was |n tho lavy. 1ho on|y wr|t|ng samp|o sho has |s trom a yoarbook and that's tho on|y samp|o l
cou|d got ho|d ot. |o was a toachor at an o|omontary schoo|.
Vy mothor ca||od you onco and hung up. 3ho got scarod and d|dn't want to g|vo hor namo. 3ut l want to soo h|m aga|n tor somo roason. l want to
watch h|m.'
You bo vory carotu|,' l caut|onod. lt's a vory hypnot|c, obsoss|vo, and a||-consum|ng projoct. 1hat caso just oats at you. lt just doosn't |ot go.'
Vy mothor |s torr|t|od ot th|s man. |o dr|vos by hor houso somot|mos.'
lrobab|y around tho t|mo ho got out ot Atascadoro. 3ho got an a|arm systom |n tho houso. |o st||| has tho Karmann Gh|a and a 3ky|ark ovor by
tho houso |n tho back ot tho dr|voway. 1hoy'ro watch|ng h|m aga|n accord|ng to tho shor|tt's dopartmont. Vy paronts know somoono who works
thoro-ho's a doputy. 1wo tourtoon-yoar-o|d g|r|s havo d|sappoarod and now thoy'ro watch|ng h|m aga|n. lt ho's tho ono . . . Oh, why can't thoy catch
h|m? l w|sh thoy cou|d catch h|m.
lo|gh usod to wr|to to my mothor w|th thoso lavy t|ag somaphoro symbo|s. And sho throw a|| that stutt away-l'd show you, but |t my mothor
woro to t|nd out . . . |o |ooks protty much how l romombor h|m |ook|ng. l wont by to try and soo h|m trom a d|stanco. 3ut ho wou|d rocogn|zo mo. l'm
th|rty yoars o|d, but whon l was a ch||d my taco |ookod tho samo. l |ook ||ko my mothor. l thought tor a momont, 'Oh, no. |o's soos mo!'
0ur|ng tho ho||days, such as |ast 1hanksg|v|ng, my mothor was vory norvous tor toar that lo|gh was |n tho aroa v|s|t|ng h|s brothor. |o usod to
dr|vo by my paronts' homo and stop and staro |n tho w|ndows trom tho stroot. 1hat's whon my mothor put |n an a|arm systom |n tho|r homo. . . . 3ho
was a|ways oxtromo|y protoct|vo, ospoc|a||y whon sho bogan to hoar trom lo|gh A||on aga|n wh||o ho was |n Atascadoro. 3ho usod to got
mystor|ous phono [hangup| ca||s so sho got an un||stod numbor.
Wh||o l was homo ovor |ast 1hanksg|v|ng, my mothor brought out your book w|th a|| k|nds ot papors |n |t. 3ho pu||od out an auto acc|dont roport
that lo|gh had rocont|y gotton |nto. |o h|t somo woman |n hor car . . . [|n Vondoc|no| tho acc|dont was h|s tau|t and ho had a suspondod ||conso.
[|o was not t|nod, but h|s 3tato |arm prom|um was substant|a||y |ncroasod.| As l sa|d, l drovo by h|s houso |n va||ojo tho day attor 1hanksg|v|ng. lt
was dayt|mo, but tho houso was dark |ns|do. On|y |n ono br|ot momont d|d l th|nk l saw a t|guro movo by tho w|ndow, but |t cou|d havo boon my oyos
p|ay|ng tr|cks on mo.
1horo woro a coup|o ot t|mos my paronts wou|d soo lo|gh A||on wa|k|ng |ong d|stancos down roads |n tho 3ay Aroa. 1hoy wou|d ottor h|m a r|do,
but ho wou|d a|ways rotuso. 1horo was ono po|nt |n t|mo, o|thor whon my mothor had just gotton marr|od or whon sho had v|s|tod h|m a|ono, that ho
sa|d, 'l'|| novor torg|vo you tor what you d|d.' Vy mothor to|d mo, 'l was too atra|d to ask h|m what.' 3ho |ot |t drop and novor pursuod what |t was.
3ho had novor throatonod to turn h|m |n or anyth|ng ||ko that. l bo||ovo ho's homosoxua|, so l don't know |t |t's bocauso sho marr|od my tathor. l don't
th|nk so. 1hat's a|ways puzz|od my mothor. |owovor, l th|nk lo|gh a|ways carod tor hor a groat doa|.'
lt's an 'outdoor choss match' botwoon an |nto|||gont soc|opath and tho po||co,' l to|d hor. l a|ways hopod that somoono wou|d bo road|ng my
book, bo||s wou|d go ott, and wo'd got that namo. l was at a d|nnor party w|th somo protossors 3unday and l sa|d, '3omoday somobody |s go|ng to
ca|| w|th that namo-out ot 2b00 suspocts, tho namo that l'm wa|t|ng tor w||| como. And horo's that ca||.'
l'vo wa|tod ovor s|nco your book t|rst camo out. l tr|od to got aho|d ot you onco, but you'd qu|t tho Cbroolc|o. 1ho va||ojo lo||co 0opartmont to|d
mo thoy bought t|tty cop|os ot your book to uso as tho|r caso t||o. 1hoy gavo a|| tho po||comon a copy to bono up on tho caso. You tound a |ot ot
|ntormat|on tor thom.'
l tound |t a|| ovor tho stato. l was at tho Cbroolc|o ono day whon thoy woro romodo||ng. 1hoy ||ttod th|s box up. lt was just about to go down ono ot
tho chutos out tho w|ndow. lt was tu|| ot Zod|ac stutt. l'vo had that k|nd ot |uck a|| tho way through. As tor lo|gh, l th|nk as |ong as ho |s bo|ng watchod
by tho po||co you shou|d just koop your d|stanco.'
3ut whon l go by h|s houso, l don't soo anybody watch|ng h|m.'
1ho |mportant th|ng |s that ho th|nks ho's bo|ng watchod.'
Whon tho k|ds at 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs woro shot,' sho askod, d|d A||on uso d|v|ng as an oxcuso, an a||b|?'
Yos. A||on was tho t|rst or socond suspoct thoy camo up w|th-a major p|ayor r|ght trom tho vory bog|nn|ng. lynch took A||on's a||b| at taco va|uo:
'Whoro woro you at tho t|mo ot tho murdor?' asks lynch. 'l was scuba d|v|ng,' says A||on. 'Can you provo |t?' asks lynch. And A||on goos ovor to tho
back ot h|s stat|on wagon and po|nts to tho tanks. And lynch says, '||no.' 1horoattor, ovory t|mo A||on's namo camo up, lynch wou|d say, 'l c|oarod
h|m.' lo|gh's a torm|dab|o guy. |o's no dummy.'
A||on's vory |nto|||gont. And an oxco||ont marksman.'
|ow do you know that?'
Vy mothor know h|m a|| through tho lavy. Vy mothor's tathor workod at Varo ls|and and sho usod to go to A||on's houso a|| tho t|mo. ||s mothor
was vory dom|noor|ng, vory torma|. 3ut my mothor a|ways ||kod |t thoro, bocauso sho grow up |n a vory poor tam||y and sho |ovod go|ng to h|s houso
bocauso ovoryth|ng was so n|co. And sho usod to ||ko lo|gh A||on. l don't know what happonod. Vy mothor w||| to|| mo |t l ask quost|ons |nnocont|y.
l'|| try and t|nd out moro. 1h|s caso has tasc|natod mo torovor. l guoss somo ot |t |s cur|os|ty, but l wou|d ||ko to soo |t ho's tho ono and can bo
brought to just|co. |o's novor adm|ttod to my mothor that ho was tho Zod|ac k|||or, but k|nd ot c|oso|y h|ntod. God, l w|sh sho had kopt tho |ottors ho
wroto hor. 3ut sho burnod thom. 3ho got so scarod ono day, sho sa|d, 'l throw thom |n tho t|rop|aco. . . . ' And whoro |s Zod|ac now? 0on't sor|a|
k|||ors usua||y want notor|oty? 1hat's what puzz|os mo.
l don't th|nk ot h|m as dangorous now-hoavy and |os|ng h|s s|ght. And l roca|| lo|gh was so good w|th ch||dron,' sho sa|d.
0on't bo too|od. l covorod tho '1ra||s|do Vurdor Caso' |n 3an 0|ogo. 0av|d Carpontor was such a cont|donco man-ho |ookod ||ko somobody's
grandtathor-ho stuttorod-woro th|ck g|assos-|t a||owod h|m to man|pu|ato h|s v|ct|ms, to p|ay on tho|r sympath|os. 1hat's tho way a |ot ot thom
l dr|vo by h|s houso,' sho conc|udod. lt's vory ont|c|ng. l just want to watch h|m. loxt t|mo wo spoak, l'|| to|| you how ho and my mothor mot and
moro about h|s |ottors.'
arthur Ioigh aIIon
1uoaday, Octobor 81, 1080
A triond ot m|no runs a 0lA |ab,' sa|d a c|oso tr|ond ot Chor| 1o 3atos. |o says that tochno|ogy |s a yoar or so away trom bo|ng ab|o to match a
ha|r samp|o that has boon storod away tor ovor twonty yoars. l do not know how, and |t, tho ha|r that was tound was storod, but th|s cou|d bo tho koy
to so|vo hor murdor.' 3ud God|ng, anothor roador, ochood hor sont|mont. Your roport on tho l|vors|do murdor statod that tracos ot sk|n and t|ssuo
woro romovod trom bonoath tho v|ct|m's t|ngorna||s,' ho to|d mo. 3|nco that caso |s st||| opon, that ov|donco shou|d st||| bo ava||ab|o. lt |t has not
boon prosorvod |n torma||n, |t shou|d bo onough to portorm 0lA rop||cat|on ana|ys|s (lCl) and prov|do a 0lA prot||o ot tho l|vors|do k|||or.'
|owovor, |n ordor to prov|do a 0lA prot||o, tho to|||c|o ot tho ha|r, tho root, must bo prosont.
A docado |ator, tho l|vors|do suspoct roturnod br|ot|y trom out ot tho country. lo||co got a 0lA samp|o as ho touchod down at tho a|rport. 1ho
ha|r |s a |ong shot,' sa|d a spokosman, bocauso wo'ro not suro whothor that was tho suspoct's ha|r or not.' ln 0ocombor 2000, an astound|ng
th|rty-t|vo yoars attor 3atos's murdor, thoy got rosu|ts ot a 0lA ana|ys|s trom tho 0opartmont ot 1ust|co 0lA lab |n 3orko|oy. 1ho ha|r was not tho|r
|ad Zod|ac comm|ttod tho 3atos murdor? As at lako 3orryossa and Gav|ota 3oach, tho ovork||| had boon horrondous. 3ut thoro woro
porcopt|b|o soxua| undortonos-3atos's c|othos had boon d|sarrangod. lt Zod|ac was not tho k|||or and had s|mp|y takon rospons|b|||ty |n a
contoss|on' |ottor, how had ho known tacts on|y tho k|||or cou|d know'? 1ho b|g th|ng |n l|vors|do back |n 1000,' a sourco oxp|a|nod, was drag
rac|ng. l usod to go drag rac|ng ovory wook and s|nco a |ot ot cops took part, l tound out a |ot ot dota||s about 3atos's murdor. lo|gh A||on was
down that wookond tor somo sort ot auto c|ub. Vaybo ho was thoro w|th h|s ||tt|o car and hoard somo ot thoso samo dota||s that l d|d. Who knows?'
Nonday, Narch 5, 1000
Loigh AIIon, doing somo wr|t|ng ot h|s own, sont a |ottor to tho young son ot a tr|ond. |o datod |t m|||tary-sty|o b/mar/1000.' |o sa|d:
0oar___: Yor moan o|' dad has boon koop|ng mo |ntormod ot your progross. congratu|at|ons on a|| tho noat th|ngs you'vo accomp||shod.
And l havo anothor accomp||shmont tor you-a g|tt horso, so to spoak. lamo|y l am g|v|ng you a toam ||borg|ass u|tra-||ght. l am boon
squoozod |nto a sma||or aroa, duo to hav|ng to ront out tho uppor part ot my houso, and s|mp|y must havo tho spaco. 3o, |t you can como up
w|th a U-hau| or such, you may hau| away a ($2,b00 |nvostod) aorop|ano tor troo. l w||| |nc|udo a s|ug ot assoc|atod paraphorna||a.
l havo mont|onod th|s to yor dad and ho sa|d ho'd pass a|ong tho |ntor. |o soomod to approvo but somot|mos ho torgots, honco th|s |ottor.
3o |t you can |ntorm mo as to your |ntorost, l wou|d approc|ato |t. l'|| havo to movo on |t vory soon. l havo a|| tho papor on tho p|ano, and thoro |s
a to|d|ng w|ng opt|on. l a|so havo somo |doas on t|n|sh|ng |t. You can't ||vo w|th a projoct a|| tho t|mo l havo w|thout gott|ng a tow |doas. |opo to
hoar trom you soon.
lo|gh A||on.'
1uoaday, Narch 0, 1000
Karon and | t|na||y spoko aga|n. 3ho was vory toartu|. ||rst sho |a|d out a ||tt|o tam||y h|story-hor grandparonts had como to va||ojo dur|ng tho
0opross|on and ondurod somo tough t|mos.' |or grandtathor workod as a sh|p wo|dor on Varo ls|and, wh||o hor grandmothor drovo a schoo| bus. l
roca||od Zod|ac's vondotta aga|nst schoo| busos. 3obb|o, Karon's mothor, was a d|vor whoso p|cturo otton appoarod |n tho va||ojo sports soct|on
botwoon 10b2 and 10b7. 3omot|mos A||on's p|cturo ran a|ongs|do hors. Vy mothor mot A||on whon sho was about two|vo or th|rtoon,' sa|d Karon,
whon sho had t|rst bogun d|v|ng. |o sorvod as a ||toguard at 1ho l|ungo, a va||ojo commun|ty sw|mm|ng contor, |n 10b1-b2. l th|nk ho was a
p|attorm d|vor and a wrost|or. 3ho dovo w|th lo|gh and tra|nod da||y. 3ho a|most mado tho O|ymp|cs |n |o|s|nk|, a|most a runnor-up, but sho dovo
out ot ordor and |ost tho chanco. |o dovo as wo||. |o had that |umbor|ng wa|k, vory c|umsy wa|k whon wa|k|ng down tho d|v|ng board. Vy mothor
a|ways ta|kod about that. Whon ho was a d|vor, ho |ookod torr|b|o unt|| ho |ott tho board and dovo. 1hon ho was vory gracotu| |n tho a|r. 3ut whon
wa|k|ng ho was torr|b|y |umbor|ng bocauso ot a tunny h|p. l'|| try and got a p|cturo ot lo|gh trom h|s d|v|ng days |n va||ojo.
3ho startod dat|ng h|m whon sho was about two|vo. |o was a|ways a good tr|ond. |o novor attomptod to k|ss hor-a k|ss-on-tho-torohoad k|nd
ot th|ng, and novor mado any soxua| advancos. l do know that wh||o 'dat|ng' h|m, |t was moro ot a vory doop tr|ondsh|p. [A||on adm|ttod that ho had
novor had a succosstu| ro|at|onsh|p w|th a woman.| 3obb|o marr|od Vark, a gymnast tor tho Un|vors|ty ot Ca||torn|a at 3orko|oy, |n 10b7 and hor
d|v|ng tra||od ott. 1hoy mot wh||o thoy woro both pract|c|ng on a trampo||no. Vark stud|od cr|m|no|ogy and wantod to bo a po||coman, but was just a
quartor |nch too short. 1oward tho t|mo sho mot my tathor and marr|od h|m, lo|gh A||on was rojoctod by tho lavy, a doop b|ow to h|m.
Lolgb A||oo oololto|y o|woys woro tbo log o|kor sboos. |o d|d woar p|oatod pants a|| tho t|mo. |o was vory c|oan cut. |o usod to uso a bow
and arrow tor hunt|ng, and was a|so an oxco||ont marksman |n tho lavy, ono ot tho bost |n h|s group. Vy mothor sa|d ho d|d know codo. |o not on|y
sowod wo||, but was a sa|| makor. |o was dot|n|to|y amb|doxtrous as l'vo watchod h|m mako t|sh|ng t||os. |o was a good typ|st too.
Anothor t|mo wo v|s|tod h|m, ho took us sa|||ng on h|s |ob|o Cat |n |a|t Voon 3ay. 3oth t|mos l not|cod how ovorwo|ght ho was. l know ho was a
d|abot|c, yot ho drank boor hoav||y out ot |argo bott|os. 3oth t|mos [wo v|s|tod|, my mothor was vory tonso. l was born |n 10b0 and whon wo v|s|tod
lo|gh, l th|nk l was around n|no or ton. lt so, th|s was dur|ng tho t|mo ho may havo boon a||ogod|y murdor|ng poop|o.
Vy mothor v|s|tod h|m a|ono. lt was tho t|rst t|mo sho d|d too| somo toar tor hor ||to bocauso ho askod hor, '0oos anyono know you'ro horo?' 3ho
answorod, 'Yos. Vy husband, knows l'm horo.' 3ho to|d h|m my tathor know, wh|ch ho d|d. And thon noth|ng happonod. 3ut attor that sho novor wont
back. And l don't know why sho wont to soo h|m |n tho t|rst p|aco. l just w|sh l know why sho had such concorn about lo|gh at tho t|mo. 3omoth|ng
was go|ng on and sho to|t sho had to soo h|m.' 3ho ca||od my tathor tho momont sho |ott h|s houso so that ho know sho had gotton out sato|y and
was on hor way homo.
As l undorstand h|s |ncarcorat|on at Atascadoro, |t was tor mo|ost|ng tho son ot a toma|o tr|ond ot h|s. 1ho boy was maybo anywhoro trom o|ght
to th|rtoon yoars o|d. |o to|d my mothor tho woman was just joa|ous ot h|s ro|at|onsh|p w|th hor son. l bo||ovo ho was dat|ng tho woman. |o sa|d that
was why sho had turnod h|m |n-joa|ousy. l th|nk ho spont about throo yoars |n Atascadoro.
Wh||o |n Atascadoro, l th|nk that's whon my mothor t|rst bocamo awaro ho may bo tho Zod|ac. |o wroto to hor that thoy suspoctod h|m ot tho
cr|mos. At ono po|nt, l th|nk my mothor ca||od h|m thoro and spoko to h|m. 3ho askod h|m d|roct|y |t ho was tho tho murdoror. l bo||ovo ho was
somowhat jov|a| about |t, but novor adm|ttod to tho cr|mos. |o [A||on| otton wroto to my mothor and usod tho s|gna|s usod by tho lavy [somaphoro|
t|ags at tho bottom ot tho |ottors. 1ho notos ho wroto hor woro dono |n b|uo-|nk-typo pons-to|t-t|p pons. 3ho throw away most ot tho oar|y |ottors. l
w|sh sho had kopt thom. 3ho burnod tho rost attor hor know|odgo ot A||on bo|ng sont to Atascadoro. Vy mothor a|so to|d mo attor road|ng your
book, that |t t|t that h|s brothor and s|stor-|n-|aw d|d try to turn h|m |n. 1horo was a b|oody kn|to |n h|s car and that's what roa||y got thom concornod-
that's what l was to|d. 3omo ot lo|gh's tr|onds woro a|so awaro ot what was go|ng on.
l w||| cont|nuo g|v|ng you any |ntormat|on l can got. l want to try and got dot|n|to datos or gonora| t|mos ot corta|n s|tuat|ons and t|nd out moro
dota||s ot h|s ro|at|onsh|p w|th tam||y mombors and my mothor. l w|sh l cou|d got my mothor to como torward to tho po||co, but |t's doubttu|. 3ut
maybo sho romombors moro about tho |ottors ho wroto to hor. 3omoth|ng that po|nts to h|m as tho rospons|b|o party. |o to|d my mothor ho a|ways
p|ckod up h|tchh|kors ospoc|a||y wh||o attond|ng 3anta losa 1. C. and 3onoma 3tato Un|vors|ty. 1h|s a|ways bothorod hor. |o p|ckod thom up on
tho h|ghways. l romombor tho two g|r|s d|sappoar|ng trom tho skat|ng r|nk and tho othor murdors. 1hoso bod|os d|scovorod on |ranz va||oy load
and |n Ca||stoga woron't tar trom my paronts' homo.
Oh, and anothor th|ng. |o a|ways d|d ta|k about '1ho Vost 0angorous Gamo' to my mothor. ln tact l havo road tho story as young g|r|, novor
roa||z|ng that th|s was a b|g part ot lo|gh's ||to. As tor a poss|b|o h|d|ng p|aco ot ov|donco, my mom mont|ons that A||on put up pano||ng |n h|s tra||or
-|t must havo boon tho va||ojo ono or 3anta losa ono. Vy mothor notos sho saw wh|to g|ovos |n h|s tra||or |n va||ojo and that ho d|d havo oootbor
tra||or |n 3odoga 3ay, an aroa ho know wo||.'
1osch| and Armstrong had novor boon to|d that.
Nonday, AriI 2, 1000
1wo BornaI Eoighta gardonors d|gg|ng at 1114 lowhattan Avonuo struck mota| about s|x |nchos down. 1hoy unoarthod a rusty mota| box and
pr|od |t opon w|th tho|r shovo|s. lns|do woro two hundrod st|cks ot crysta|||zod dynam|to that had boon bur|od tor yoars. 1ho 3|l0 transportod tho
oxp|os|vo to an |so|atod s|to and sato|y dotonatod |t. |ad Zod|ac's stash tor h|s throatonod bomb projocts boon d|scovorod at an addross ho had
onco had somo connoct|on w|th? l doubtod |t. 3ut somowhoro, Zod|ac st||| had bombs. Ono day, ho's go|ng to d|o and tho po||co w||| go through tho
basomont and t|nd guns and bombs-and tho caso w||| bo so|vod. lorhaps ono porson wroto tho Zod|ac |ottors and ono porson k|||od-on|y a s||m
poss|b|||ty. Zod|ac soom|ng|y actod a|ono at 3orryossa. As tar as po||co cou|d to||, ono man, tho k|||or, had wr|tton |n to|t-t|p pon on tho door ot h|s
v|ct|m's car and that pr|nt|ng matchod Zod|ac's.
5unday, AriI 1, 1000
You wantod to know wbo ho was,' anothor Zod|ac butt, 0an|o| l. K|o|nto|d, ottorod. l wantod to know wby ho was.
Zod|ac's mothor was vory protoct|vo . . . attoct|onato, but oxtromo|y mora||z|ng. ||s tathor-moro pass|vo d|d not havo a groat doa| ot
contact w|th h|m. 1o show attoct|on tho mothor tod h|m cop|ous amounts and tho stocky ch||d bocamo tat, tormontod by c|assmatos. ln
ado|osconco ho bocamo suttocatod by h|s mothor, unab|o to broak away. |o wou|d cont|nuo ||v|ng w|th hor. Condomnod by h|s mothor as ov||,
ho grow to hato hor. ||s too||ngs ot supor|or|ty ovor h|s poors |ntons|t|od. |o |s a m|||tary tot|sh|st, ||ko thoso who |mporsonato po||co ott|cors or
so|d|ors. Zod|ac was ra|sod w|th a vory c|oar sonso ot just|co, ot r|ghtoousnoss prova|||ng. 1hus ho camo to h|s 's|avos' concopt. 1o h|m, tho
way h|s poors troatod h|m was a gravo |njust|co, wh|ch cou|d on|y bo ropa|d by thom do|ng h|m sorv|co |n 'larad|co'-an attor||to w|th s|avos |s
a|ways, to Zod|ac, a parad|so. |o ga|nod a groat doa| ot wo|ght botwoon tho shoot|ngs on 1u|y 4 and stabb|ngs on 3optombor 27. |o ato,
thon murdorod. 1hon ato moro.'

Zodiac'a imagination waa a s|avo to popu|ar cu|turo. A|| tho p|ocos ot tho Zod|ac porsona had boon t|ttod togothor on tho pub||c stago. Ono
|ncrod|b|o |nsp|rat|on to h|m-bog|nn|ng August 10, 1000 (two wooks otor tho C|phor 3|ayor chr|stonod h|mso|t Zod|ac), 0|ck 1racy bogan
pursu|ng tho Zod|ac Gang' on tho com|cs pago. 1ho Zod|acs, |n b|ack hoods omb|azonod w|th wh|to symbo|s ot tho zod|ac, had drownod an
astro|ogy co|umn|st. 1attoood across tho taco ot tho|r |oador, 3corp|o, was an astro|og|ca| symbo| ot 3corp|o. l|ght-ha|rod and moontacod, ho not
on|y rosomb|od tho pr|mo suspoct, but a doscr|pt|on ot Zod|ac as vory round-tacod . . . ha|r combod up |n a pompadour.' On August 20, tho
Zod|acs ra|d tho po||co morguo. Vaskod torpodoos camo |n,' says tho b|udgoonod attondant, domandod tho corpso's sh|rt.' lator Zod|ac wou|d
stoa| a v|ct|m's sh|rt and ma|| port|ons to tho po||co. 1ho gang |s to|d, on 3optombor 24, 3corp|o has spokon. |o |s roady tor oporat|on wost
branch.' 1hroo days |ator Zod|ac stabbod two studonts at lako 3orryossa wh||o woar|ng a b|ack hood w|th a wh|to symbo|. 1ho 'Zod|acs' havo
dono |t aga|n!' 3corp|o crows. 1ho day ot 3t|no's murdor, Octobor 11, 3corp|o drunkon|y toasts h|s succoss. 1o jo||y ||'| o|d us-1' jo||y ||'| o|d
Zod|ac gang.' 1ho story ||no ondod lovombor 4, 1000.
3ut how cou|d Zod|ac havo soon 0|ck 1racy's oncountor w|th a Zod|ac cr|m|na| botoro pub||cat|on? Chostor Gou|d drow 7rocy s|x wooks |n
advanco to a||ow t|mo tor tho Cblcogo 7rlbooo 3ynd|cato to mako changos and ma|| proots to subscr|b|ng papors to s|zo, rotouch, ongravo |n
mota|, and pr|nt. lro-pr|ntod co|or 3unday soct|ons w|th tho samo story||no woro do||vorod wooks botoro that. lt Zod|ac workod at tho Cbroolc|o
thon ho m|ght havo had an advanco |ook. |o was a |ong t|mo roador ot tho str|p-1ho lurp|o Cross Gang' |n a 1080 soquonco woro b|ack hoods
w|th wh|to crossos on thom. l|ko 1racy, Zod|ac usod tho archa|c spo|||ng, c|ows.'
Voro |mportant|y, Llck 7rocy prov|dod Zod|ac w|th a way to avo|d |oav|ng pr|nts. lut a coat|ng ot th|s ||qu|d co||ophano on your t|ngors,' says a
gangstor. lt provonts t|ngorpr|nts and |t don't c|uttor up your sonso ot touch o|thor.' On |obruary 0, 1000 1racy oxp|a|nod b|ood typo ana|ys|s on a
toothp|ck |ott at a cr|mo scono. As you know, sa||vary socrot|on otton |s usod |n p|aco ot b|ood tor typo dotorm|nat|on. Your subjoct had a b|ood
typo A3.' 1hough 0lA tost|ng had not boon |ntroducod, thoro was a pr|mat|vo vors|on-A3O-lGV tost|ng. 3a||va cou|d spoak vo|umos about
Zod|ac and ho know that. Evon |n 1000, Zod|ac wou|d no moro havo ||ckod a stamp than ho wou|d havo torgotton to woar h|s g|ovos.
A com|c str|p and Zod|ac watch had prov|dod h|s namo and symbo|. Vov|os such as 7bo Vost Loogoroos Oomo and Cbor|lo Cboo ot
7roosoro ls|ooo had |nsp|rod and |nt|uoncod h|m. Ono promptod h|m to hunt humans, tho othor, sot on 1roasuro ls|and, prov|dod tho b|ack hood
and sa|utat|on tor h|s |ottors, ovon |nsp|rod Zod|ac's duo| by ma|| w|th tho Cbroolc|o. 3ut |t Zod|ac cou|d bo mot|vatod by popu|ar cu|turo, othors
cou|d bo |nt|uoncod by Zod|ac h|mso|t. lt was tho most shock|ng byproduct ot tho ont|ro caso. 3omoono c|a|m|ng to bo tho 3an |ranc|sco Zod|ac
K|||or was shoot|ng poop|o |n low York C|ty. 3omohow ho know tho|r b|rth datos and prom|sod ono v|ct|m tor oach ot tho two|vo Zod|ac s|gns. Wo
toarod |t was tho or|g|na| Zod|ac, roturnod at |ast w|th guns b|az|ng.
zodiac ||
BoId hoadIinoa aaid |t a|| |n tho summor ot 1000: GUlVAl 1EllOllZE3 lEW YOlK-CAll3 3El| ZO0lAC. 3|O1 8 VEl, OlE
|A1AllY, WOUl0E0 A |OUl1| ll CEl1lAl lAlK.' Zod|ac was shoot|ng poop|o |n an o|ght-b|ock soct|on ot 3rook|yn and |n Contra| lark on
1hursdays at twonty-ono-day |ntorva|s.
Whon l was a dotoct|vo sorgoant,' V|ko C|ravo|o to|d mo, l ran tho tho Zod|ac caso horo. At that t|mo thoy gavo mo and my torty-n|no dotoct|vos
tho 3rook|yn lavy Yard. lot mo to|| you how tho caso dovo|opod. 3ut botoro l go |nto dota||-whon wo woro work|ng on our caso you know what wo
d|d? Wo wont out and bought a caso ot your book, Zooloc. l had a|| my dotoct|vos road |t to soo |t thoy cou|d cu|| anyth|ng that m|ght bo ot ho|p |n
our |nvost|gat|on.
lot mo go |nto 1000 tor you. At that t|mo l was a command|ng ott|cor ot tho cr|mos-aga|nst-son|or-c|t|zons squad |n Ouoons. l had a sma|| un|t-
o|ght dotoct|vos on tho boat. l camo |n at sovon o'c|ock ono morn|ng. A dotoct|vo [Andy Card|mono| trom n|ght watch (wh|ch works out ot tho
Ouoons hom|c|do squad r|ght down tho ha|| trom us) camo up and says, '3argo, wo had a shoot|ng ot a sovonty-o|ght-yoar-o|d man |ast n|ght and
ho's oxpoctod to ||vo. You gonna tako tho caso?'
'3uro, wo'|| tako tho caso,' l sa|d.
'3omoth|ng tunny,' ho says. 'l tound th|s noto on tho stop and |t had thoso rocks.' |o hands mo tho tuck|n' rocks-throo stonos. '1h|s noto was
noxt to |t.' lt was tho t|rst Zod|ac noto wo bocamo awaro ot. lt sa|d: '1h|s |s tho Zod|ac tho two|vo s|gn W||| d|o whon tho bo|ts |n tho hoavon aro
soon.' lt had a round c|rc|o w|th throo p|o shapos |n |t and a ||tt|o scr|bb|o. Wo d|dn't roa||y know what |t moant at tho t|mo.' 1ho k|||or had to||owod tho
v|ct|m, 1osoph lroco, a rot|rod |co do||vory workor, tor ton b|ocks and |nto h|s tront yard. |o askod tho o|d man tor wator and |t ho cou|d go |ns|do.
Why do you want to go |ns|do?' lroco askod. 3ocauso l'm co|d,' ho sa|d, thon shot lroco w|th a homomado z|p gun and ran toward E|dort 3troot.
3o whon wo got to tho scono that morn|ng,' cont|nuod C|ravo|o, un|torm ott|cors and tho dotoct|vos who workod tho m|dn|ght-to-o|ght sh|tt havo
rospondod. 1horo woro somo c|othos |n a hoap on tho t|rst stoop-th|s brown stutt whoro 1osoph lroco was shot |n tho back, and l to|d 0otoct|vo
3||| C|ark, '3|||y, chock thoso c|othos ovor thoro.' As ho's go|ng through ho says, '3argo, a round just to|| out.' 'lot's got |t to tho |ab,' l sa|d. Wo
canvassod tho b|ock. lt was a vory ros|dont|a| b|ock [87th load |n Woodhavon, Ouoons|, and wo camo up w|th a w|tnoss who saw a guy |n an Army
tat|guo jackot-tho w|tnoss bo||ovod h|m to bo b|ack-runn|ng down tho b|ock towards 3rook|yn. 1hat stroot sat r|ght on tho 3rook|yn-Ouoons
bordor.' ln Ca||torn|a Zod|ac k|||od on town bordors |n an ottort to croato contus|on and compot|t|on botwoon author|t|os ovor jur|sd|ct|on. 3o tho o|d
man was takon to tho hosp|ta|. |o was oxpoctod to surv|vo. l kopt sond|ng dotoct|vos back thoro ovory day to |ntorv|ow h|m.'
1ho low York Zod|ac murdors occurrod at tho ho|ght ot tho crack wars |n East low York, and tho 7bth lroc|nct, whoro two ot tho v|ct|ms woro
shot, avoragod a hundrod murdors annua||y. C|ravo|o cont|nuod. Zod|ac sa|d, 'A|| shoot |n 3rook|yn,' |n somo ot h|s subsoquont notos. |o a|so
usod to wr|to '880' or '0m' [n|no-m||||motor|, 'lll' [round-nosod |oad|, 'no groovos on bu||ot-no groovos on bu||ot-' 3y tho way, thoro was novor
any groovos on tho bu||ot. Zod|ac novor, ovor ||od about what ho sa|d |n any ot h|s |ottors.'
Was ho mak|ng h|s own ammun|t|on?' l askod.
lo, ho wasn't, but l too| ho may havo mado h|s own gun.' A z|p gun, mado ot duct tapo, wood, and p|pos ot var|ous s|zos tor d|ttoront ca||bors.
C|ravo|o |a|d out th|s chrono|ogy tor mo: 1h|s attack on lroco happonod on Vay 81. 3o now what happons-l tako a copy ot th|s noto and l go to
Ch|ot Vonk|n, Ch|ot ot 0otoct|vos tor Ouoons. 'Ch|ot,' l say, 'l had a strango shoot|ng |ast n|ght-ono ot my son|or c|t|zons got shot. l th|nk wo'ro
go|ng to bo ab|o to |ntorv|ow h|m whon ho gots ott tho rosp|rator. ' (3ut ho u|t|mato|y d|od throo wooks |ator trom |ntoct|on trom tho bu||ot. 3ut wo d|d
|ntorv|ow h|m.) l sa|d, 'l th|nk wo got a nut go|ng around horo. l hopo wo don't havo a socond 3on ot 3am.'
'Wo||, koop mo postod on th|s,' tho ch|ot sa|d. 1hat was Vay 81. On 1uno 10, l got a ca|| trom tho NowYork Post that a roportor [Anno Vurray|
got a |ottor sont down thoro. 1hoy taxod mo a copy. lt's our guy-|t's obv|ous|y tho samo handwr|t|ng-c|a|m|ng rospons|b|||ty tor throo pr|or
shoot|ngs. |o says ho shot a man w|th a cano |n tho stroot on Varch 8.' At 1:4b A.V., Var|o Orosco, torty-n|no, an |mm|grant trom Vodo|||n,
Co|omb|a, t|n|shod work at a m|dtown catotor|a, and |ott tho 1 tra|n at Croscont 3troot. |o pausod at tho cornor ot At|ant|c and 3hor|dan Avonuos
and not|cod a man |n a borot and bandana, drossod a|| |n b|ack, wa|k|ng boh|nd h|m. |o was ho|d|ng a homomado n|no-m||||motor gun. A|armod,
Orosco bogan hobb||ng away on h|s cano, but was shot |n tho uppor back.
1hon,' C|ravo|o wont on, Zod|ac says ho shot anothor man [1orma|no Vontonosdro, th|rty-tour| |n h|s |ott s|do |n tront ot h|s houso [at l|cho|s and
1ama|ca Avonuos |n Ouoons| on Varch 20 [at 2:b7 A.V.|. 1hon ho sa|d ho shot an o|d man w|th a cano on Vay 81-wh|ch matchos my caso, tho
lroco shoot|ng. 1hon ho says, 'A|| shoot |n 3rook|yn. ' 3o l sa|d, '|o was wrong about my guy bo|ng |n 3rook|yn. |o d|dn't know tho way tho map
gots a ||tt|o crazy r|ght on tho bordor. Obv|ous|y, whon ho shot th|s guy |n Ouoons, ho thought |t was |n 3rook|yn, but ho was about two hundrod yards
out ot 3rook|yn on tho Ouoons s|do. Wo startod chock|ng a|| tho hom|c|dos |n 3rook|yn. lono ot thom matchod up. 1hon wo chockod a|| tho t|rst-
dogroo assau|ts-and boom! Wo got two guys who woro shot and thoy sorvlvoo. 3o wo |ookod |nto thoso, and tho noxt morn|ng tho Ch|ot ot
0otoct|vos summonod us a|| down to h|s ott|co and ho doc|dod to g|vo mo tho caso w|th n|no dotoct|vos to |ook |nto th|s.
l'd stayod up a|| n|ght a|ong w|th a coup|o ot othor dotoct|vos and wo had como up w|th a thoory. 'look,' l sa|d, 'ho shot Varch 8, thon ho shot
aga|n Varch 20. 1wonty-ono days apart, a|| on a 1hursday, by tho way-and a|| |n tho oar|y morn|ng hours-botwoon 1:4b and 4:00 A.V. 3o thoro
was twonty-ono days |n botwoon tho t|rst and socond shoot|ng. 1hon s|xty-throo days |n botwoon my o|d man gott|ng shot-wh|ch |s throo |ntorva|s
ot twonty-ono.'
1ho low York Zod|ac wroto notos taunt|ng tho task torco, wh|ch u|t|mato|y numborod t|tty mon. |o vowod to k||| ono porson born undor oach ot
tho two|vo astro|og|ca| s|gns. 3o tar ho had shot a 3corp|o (Orosco, born Octobor 20, 1040), a Gom|n| (Vontonosdro, born Vay 28, 10b0), and a
1aurus (lroco, born Vay 20, 1012). 3o now horo wo aro,' C|ravo|o procoodod, s|tt|ng |n tho Ch|ot ot 0otoct|vos' ott|co on 1uno 20. l sa|d, 'Ch|ot, l
th|nk ho's go|ng to shoot aga|n. 1on|ght, attor m|dn|ght |s 1hursday and |t's twonty-ono days s|nco my o|d man got shot.' 3o ho g|vos mo th|rty
dotoct|vos and ovorybody on|y gots two squaro b|ocks-'causo a|| ot tho shoot|ngs aro w|th|n ha|t a m||o ot oach othor. Wo got tho stroots b|ankotod
and thon a|| ot a suddon-s|x o'c|ock |n tho morn|ng, l ca|| ott tho dota|| and l'm back at tho stat|on houso. l'm s|gn|ng ovorybody's ovort|mo s||ps and
l got a ca||. |o saw us |n tho no|ghborhood and jumpod on tho tra|n.' On tho n|ghts ot tho Zod|ac's t|rst throo attacks, throo star c|ustors-Or|on,
1aurus, and l|o|ados-woro a|| v|s|b|o. 1ho throo wou|d a|| bo soon aga|n on 1uno 21, 1000. 1ho po||co wa|tod, droad|ng tho outcomo.
1huraday, Juno 21, 1000
Zodiac atruck in Vanhattan on tho t|rst day ot summor. 1ho hoat was on |n 3rook|yn. 1o dodgo tho t|ghton|ng po||co not, ho took tho subway to
b0th 3troot and wont to Contra| lark about 7:00 l.V. lt wou|d bo qu|ot thoro. |o wa|kod around a tow hours unt|| ho saw larry larham, th|rty, a
tormor jan|tor, now homo|oss. Zod|ac had approachod h|s v|ct|m days oar||or to ask h|s astro|og|ca| s|gn-larham, born 1uno 20, 10b0, was a
Cancor. |o s|opt n|ghts on a park bonch boh|nd tho Contra| lark band sho||. Zod|ac sat down a tow bonchos away and wa|tod unt|| a tow poop|o
st||| thoro |ott. larham mado a mattross trom p|ocos ot cardboard and a p|||ow trom h|s dutto| bag. ||vo hours attor tho start ot larham's
astro|og|ca| por|od, and on tho cusp ot Gom|n| and Cancor, Zod|ac shot h|m |n tho uppor chost. |o to|dod a noto covorod w|th astro|og|ca| s|gns
undor a rock am|dst larham's moagor possoss|ons. ln tho |ottor l |ott,' tho k|||or sa|d |ator, l usod tho phraso l road trom tho oncyc|opod|a. lt was to
throw you ott tho track. . . . l just wantod to |ncroaso tho toar.'
Astro|og|sts tound thomso|vos batt|od |n dovo|op|ng a cohoront, star-basod thoory to prod|ct tho shootor's noxt movo. lrov|ous|y, thoy had ||nkod
tho attacks to tho t|rst and socond phasos ot tho moon, but on 1uno 21 tho moon had boon |n |ts |ast quartor. 1hon camo a start||ng hoad||no:
Export: Copy Cat Attackor Goos by Wost Coast 3ook.' l.Y.l.0. Combs 'Zod|ac' 1hr|||or tor C|uos,' a socond hoad||no road. 1ho low York
Zod|ac was us|ng tho 3an |ranc|sco Zod|ac as a gu|do. lsycho|og|st Cand|co 3krapoc, a protossor ot cr|m|no|ogy at 1ohn 1ay Co||ogo ot Cr|m|na|
1ust|co, thoor|zod that tho gunman was lmltotlog tho Ca||torn|a k|||or:
|o's to||ow|ng an account |n tho book Zod|ac wr|tton by lobort Graysm|th,' sa|d 3krapoc. |o has soon tho book and road parts ot |t. 1ho
scopo s|ght, tho c|rc|o w|th tho cross |ns|do, tho draw|ngs, tho namo Zod|ac, tho astro|og|ca| compononts . . . como trom tho book. Wo aro
|ook|ng at an |nd|v|dua| who |s th|nk|ng tho samo th|ng ho road |n tho book. . . . W|th th|s k|nd ot bohav|or |t wou|d not bo uncommon tor tho
cr|mos to osca|ato, and thoro w||| bo shortor t|mo botwoon |nc|donts.'
Friday, Juno 22, 1000
Chiot ot Dotoctivoa 1osoph 3orro||| (1hat's 3orro|||. 1wo r's. 1wo |'s, boys.') onco |od tho 3on ot 3am' probo. 1ho strango c|rcumstancos soom
to ta|| undor tho zod|ac s|gns ot tho datos ot tho shoot|ngs,' ho sa|d. ln tho bog|nn|ng whon wo |ookod at that, |t was puro happonstanco. 3ut whon
you got tour out ot tour, you bogan to |ook at |t moro c|oso|y.' 1ho day attor larham was shot, tho NowYork Post roco|vod anothor noto trom
1h|s |s tho Zod|ac. l havo soon tho lost and you say
1ho noto 3ont to tho lost not to any ot
1ho 3an |ranc|sco Zod|ac |ottors you aro
Wrong tho hand wr|t|ng |s d|ttoront |t |s
Ono ot tho samo Zod|ac ono Zod|ac
ln 3an |ranc|sco k|||od a man |n tho park w|th a
gun and k|||od a woman w|th a kn|to and k|||od
a man |n tho tax| cab w|th a gun'

lt was obv|ous trom |ook|ng at tho |ottor,' sa|d Post roportor K|oran Crow|oy, that Zod|ac was anx|ous to conv|nco ovoryono that ho was tho
samo Zod|ac who had k|||od poop|o |n Ca||torn|a yoars botoro.' Crow|oy wroto:
3o|ow tho d|atr|bo was a draw|ng ot a chubby Zod|ac |n a squaro-toppod oxocut|onor's mask, w|th h|s symbo| omb|azonod on h|s chost. 1o
tho r|ght ho doc|arod: 'Vo |n tho park, |s th|s s|m||ar no, Ono Zod|ac.' 1h|s was gott|ng |ntorost|ng. lt tho Ca||torn|a Zod|ac had como to low
York, |t was an |ncrod|b|o story. ln tact, |t was too good to bo truo. . . . |o wantod us to th|nk ho was a hoavy-sot, m|dd|o-agod wh|to guy trom
3an |ranc|sco. Or d|d ho actua||y bo||ovo that ho was tho Ca||torn|a Zod|ac ro|ncarnatod? 1ho |nc|donts ho doscr|bod, ospoc|a||y tho draw|ng
ot Zod|ac |n h|s oxocut|onor's mask, woro d|roct|y trom tho Graysm|th Zod|ac book. Graysm|th, whon l roachod h|m by phono |n Ca||torn|a, was
appa||od that somoono was apparont|y us|ng h|s book as a b|uopr|nt tor occu|t murdor. 1ho tormor po||t|ca| cartoon|st tor tho 3an |ranc|sco
Chron|c|o sa|d h|s |||ustrat|on ot tho or|g|na| Zod|ac |n a hood appoarod on|y |n h|s book.'
Crow|oy roachod mo at homo. Oh, my God, l too| torr|b|o,' l to|d h|m. 1h|s |s a copycat and not tho samo guy as ours. Whon l t|rst hoard about
tho shoot|ngs |n low York, l chockod up on a Zod|ac suspoct horo who had novor boon chargod. |o |s st||| horo.'
Anothor roportor wroto: |oartu| low Yorkors aro snapp|ng up cop|os ot Zooloc, tho 1080 bostso||or about a 3ay Aroa sor|a| k|||or,' Graysm|th,
who spont ton yoars rosoarch|ng tho book, |s horr|t|od that |t m|ght havo bocomo a how-to manua| tor torror, a macabro gu|dobook.' l hopo |t |sn't
so,' l to|d h|m too. l wa|tod a |ong t|mo attor Zod|ac ondod h|s k||||ngs botoro wr|t|ng th|s book tor just such a roason.'
Nonday, Juno 25, 1000
JowoIora aaw aaIoa ot b|rthstonos p|ummot as low Yorkors pondorod how Zod|ac had known h|s v|ct|ms' s|gns. lEW3 lElOl1:
lo||co aro to|||ng poop|o not to to|| strangors tho|r b|rthday. |our poop|o havo boon shot, targotod tor tho|r astro|og|ca| s|gns. 1oday ono ot
thom [1osoph lroco, h|s th|rd v|ct|m| d|od. 1ho gunman c|a|ms to bo tho Zod|ac K|||or ot 3an |ranc|sco tamo |n tho |ato s|xt|os, but po||co don't
bo||ovo |t. Voanwh||o t|tty low York dotoct|vos aro on tho caso, tho tab|o|ds aro go|ng crazy and prosumab|y low Yorkors aro ovon moro wary
ot strangors than usua|.'

1ho computor|zod systom,' lo||co Comm|ss|onor loo 3rown roassurod tho pub||c, onab|os us to mako suro wo capturo a|| tho t|ps, a|| tho
|ntormat|on that comos |n and g|vos us a chanco to pu|| |t up rap|d|y. 1ho systom omp|oys a ||ght scannor that porm|ts c|orks to tood |ntormat|on
trom |ncom|ng ca||s d|roct|y |nto tho computor tor handwr|tton notos.'
Zod|ac ll wroto, On|y Or|on [1ho |untor| can stop Zod|ac and tho 3ovon 3|stor. lo moro gamos, p|gs.' A map pub||shod |n tho tho Lol|y Nows
ovor|a|d a d|agram ot tho Or|on consto||at|on upon a map ot tho c|ty. 1ho t|rst throo shoot|ngs |n 3rook|yn |ay ovor tho part ot tho consto||at|on known
as Or|on's bo|t.
1huraday, Juno 28, 1000
Ono man, hia symbo|s, draw|ngs, and |ottors |dont|ca| to Zod|ac's, brought low York to |ts knoos. 3uch doad|y |m|tat|on was unprocodontod. l t|ow
to low York, chockod |nto tho Omn|, and v|s|tod tho cr|mo sconos. 1ho pross to||owod mo, s||pp|ng so many notos undor my door, l cou|d baro|y
opon |t. 1ho c|ty was torr|t|od. V|ko VcA|ary wroto |n h|s co|umn:
l mot w|th lobort Graysm|th, a tormor 3an |ranc|sco nowspapor guy. Graysm|th spont ton yoars |nvost|gat|ng 3an |ranc|sco's Zod|ac
sor|a| k|||or. 1ho or|g|na| Zod|ac was a much moro |otha| guy, 3on ot Zod|ac. lo ono knows moro about tho or|g|na| Zod|ac than Graysm|th.
3on ot Zod|ac has obv|ous|y road Graysm|th's book covor to covor. |o |s us|ng tho tomo as a gu|dobook to murdor . . . try|ng h|s bost to
|m|tato tho or|g|na| Zod|ac's ponmansh|p. 1hoy wr|to |n tho samo poor b|ack |ottor|ng. . . . 3owaro . . . Wo ||vo |n tho ago ot choap soquo|s.'

Wo havo |ookod at that book,' sa|d 3orro|||. 1ho low York Zod|ac k|||or probab|y has too. lnvost|gators ass|gnod to tho Zod|ac task torco
bo||ovo tho gunman sta|k|ng low York C|ty had road and cop|od parts ot Graysm|th's book.' Warron ||nck|o |n tho Exomloor sa|d, 3orro|||, who
to||ows Graysm|th's b|b|o as ro||g|ous|y as doos h|s quarry, has ru|od h|m a copy ot tho or|g|na| Zod|ac.'
A nows anchor, hor camoraman, and l hoadod |nto Contra| lark |n Vanhattan. 1ak|ng ono tw|st|ng turn attor anothor, wo noarod l|torary Wa|k
noar 72nd 3troot on tho oast s|do. lobody wou|d bo |n Contra| lark at m|dn|ght but tho oxtraord|nar||y too||sh and Zod|ac. Wo d|scussod tho caso
on tho bonch whoro larham had boon shot. low York |osp|ta| doctors st||| had tho tormor |ort Groono ros|dont on a rosp|rator |n tho|r trauma un|t.
1ho ||ghts abovo tho band sho|| cast |ong shadows across tho woodod path, as s||ont and dark as lako |orman load or 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs. l gavo
tho |ntorv|ow |ook|ng ovor my shou|dor. Wo dug a round out ot that park bonch,' C|ravo|o to|d mo. Wo tound a thumbpr|nt on tho bottom r|ght-hand
cornor ot h|s noto. 1ho park v|ct|m doscr|bod a man who |ookod ||ko [1v woathorman| A| lokor. lt was ot a guy who had askod tor h|s b|rthday, not
tho shootor. Whon you pross dotoct|vos tor a compos|to skotch to p|oaso tho pross, m|stakos ||ko that happon. 1ho skotch was wrong and wo know
|t. 3y thon |t was a c|tyw|do caso, not just capsu||zod on tho 3rook|yn-Ouoons 3ordor. 3o that's whon wo had torty-n|no dotoct|vos and wont at |t tho
who|o summor. Evory twonty-ono days whon |t wou|d ta|| on a 1hursday wo'd go out thoro w|th a sma|| army |n Vanhattan, Ouoons, and 3rook|yn.'
As l |ott to go to tho a|rport, l saw po||co soarch|ng Contra| lark, tho cr|sp darknoss ||t by t|ash|ng rod ||ghts. A toma|o workor and hor tr|onds at
tho a|rport thankod mo tor com|ng to low York to ho|p. 1hat a|ono mado tho tr|p worthwh||o.
1huraday, JuIy 12, 1000
Zodiac uaoa tho tra|ns. Wo'ro suro ot that,' sa|d tho po||co, tormu|at|ng p|ans to shut down tho subways and trap h|m |t ho struck aga|n. Cops
cuttod a subway taro-boator attor thoy tound a c|ty map covorod w|th Zod|ac symbo|s |n h|s pockot. |undrods ot ott|cors anx|ous|y wa|tod tor
Zod|ac ll to str|ko on h|s proorda|nod day. Wo had |n oxcoss ot 1b0-200 bod|os,' C|ravo|o sa|d, a m||||on suporv|sors-tho ovort|mo was
astronom|ca|. At ono po|nt wo had a hot ||no sot up. lt |ookod ||ko a 1orry low|s 1o|othon. Wo had ton cops who woro on ||m|tod duty-you know,
brokon wr|st, brokon ank|o, just s|tt|ng thoro tak|ng phono ca||s trom tho pub||c-|n oxcoss ot ton thousand to|ophono t|ps. Each ono was chockod
out. Whon oach ono was chockod out wo wont through tho book aga|n. And guoss what? Zod|ac wont undor. |o wroto a tow notos, taunt|ng us
-'moro gamos, p|gs. l'vo soon you out on E|dr|dgo lano |ook|ng tor mo, you aro not good. You w||| not got tho Zod|ac.'
|o wroto th|ngs such as th|s: '1h|s |s tho Zod|ac. 1ho t|rst s|gn |s doad. 1ho Zod|ac w||| k||| tho two|vo s|gns |n tho bo|t whon tho Zod|aca| ||ght |s
soon.' Wo woro |ook|ng at th|s noto tor months and woro ask|ng what tho tuck |s tho 'Zody-aca| ||ght'? l ca||od lA3A and l sa|d, 'Excuso mo, Vr.
3c|ont|st. ls thoro such th|ng as tho Zody-aca| ||ght?' 'lo,' ho says, 'but thoro |s tho Zo-d|o-|ca| ||ght.'
'What tho ho|| |s that?'
'Wo||, |t's rotractod part|c|os ot dust com|ng ott rotractod sun||ght, but you can't soo |t |n b|g c|t|os. You can soo |t down |n tho Car|bboan and on a
c|oar n|ght r|ght at dusk.'
'Whon do you soo tho Zod|aca| ||ght?' l askod.
'1w|co a yoar. lt comos out oar|y |n Octobor and |t comos out aga|n |n Varch.'
3o th|s guy startod shoot|ng poop|o |n Varch, thon ho stoppod. Wo got th|s Octobor com|ng up, so |t's go|ng to bo |ntorost|ng to soo |t ho comos
back. |o a|so sa|d, 'Or|on |s tho ono who can stop Zod|ac and tho sovon s|stor,' wh|ch |s l|o|ados, wh|ch |s anothor consto||at|on. Out ot tho tour
poop|o ho shot, ho shot a|| ot thom |n tho torso-novor any hoad shots, and throo ot tho tour surv|vod. Ono guy has a round st||| |n h|m. lt's st||| too
c|oso to h|s sp|no to romovo.'
1huraday, Auguat 10, 1000
| roturnod to low York, stay|ng at 0ays lnn on b7th 3troot and wandor|ng tho stroots |n oar|y morn|ng. A garbago str|ko was |n progross. |oaps ot
rotuso, b|urry w|th t||os, moundod oach cornor. Zod|ac v|ct|m 0ar|ono |orr|n's s|stor, lam, stoppod da|nt||y ovor tho trash, ||tt|ng tho |ow hom ot hor
s||ky dross. 3ho appoarod on tho 5o||y 1osso Ropboo| 5bowand to|d how Zod|ac had changod hor ||to. A man, sho roportod, tr|od to pu|| hor car
koys trom hor |gn|t|on |n tront ot an Ant|och, Ca||torn|a, storo. |o brand|shod a kn|to and throatonod to abduct hor, but sho oscapod attor a strugg|o.
loca| po||co had boon skopt|ca| ot hor oar||or roports ot doath throats-a noto p|nnod to hor tront door that road 187' [187 |s tho Ca||torn|a lona|
Codo soct|on doa||ng w|th hom|c|do|, a cott|n do||vorod to hor door, a cross p|antod on hor |awn, and toddy boars w|th kn|vos stuck |n thom |ott on
hor stops. Ant|och lo||co 3orgoant 3ob lowo don|od thoy had d|sm|ssod lam's prov|ous comp|a|nts. Any and a|| roports ot that naturo aro a|ways
takon sor|ous|y,' ho sa|d. vornon |ockaby ot Ant|och was moro |rato. |o wasn't ro|atod to lam, but hundrods ot ca||ors had phonod h|s numbor
dur|ng tho |ast yoar.
Attor mak|ng good on a th|rd ot h|s throats, Zod|ac ll van|shod just as tho or|g|na| had. Wo wont at |t tor about n|no or ton months,' C|ravo|o to|d
mo, unt|| Ch|ot ot 0otoct|vos 3orro||| d|sbandod |t.' va||ojo 0otoct|vo 3awart, st||| on rosorvo to ho|p tho vl0 so|vo comp|ox hom|c|dos, sa|d,
Zod|ac's succoss |n h|s k||||ng and tho succoss ot most sor|a| k|||ors aro that thoy havo no connoct|on w|th tho|r v|ct|ms. lsychopaths ||ko th|s
usua||y outgrow |t |n tho|r |ator yoars and |ator ||to.' Was th|s tho caso w|th tho low York copycat? |ad ho outgrown h|s rago, gono undorground?
ln tho |ntor|m, l |oarnod lo|gh A||on was go|ng b||nd.
arthur Ioigh aIIon
1huraday, Octobor 11, 1000
AIIon'a dotoriorating viaion, a s|do ottoct trom d|abotos mo|||tus and artor|osc|orot|c hoart d|soaso, had sor|ous|y |mpodod h|s act|v|t|os. 1hough
h|s k|dnoys woro ta|||ng, lo|gh |gnorod h|s doctor's adv|co to curta|| oxcoss|vo t|u|ds and watch h|s wo|ght. As monta| acu|ty docroasod, ho
oxpor|oncod occas|ona| musc|o cramps, t|ank pa|n, and musc|o tw|tch|ng. ||s sk|n took on a s||ght|y yo||ow-brown|sh d|sco|orat|on. lns|do, hoa|thy
as ovor, angor st||| b|azod.
long attor A||on's ro|oaso trom Atascadoro, a stattor, consumod w|th worry, contactod mo. ls Arthur lo|gh A||on st||| a||vo and |t so |s ho st||| a
Zod|ac suspoct?' ho askod. Apparont|y lo|gh had to|d tho Atascadoro statt ho was a Zod|ac suspoct. 1o your know|odgo, havo thoro boon
subsoquont ch||d mo|ostat|on chargos brought aga|nst th|s man? lt |s rocogn|zod |n tho monta| hoa|th t|o|d that ch||d mo|ostors aro notor|ous
roc|d|v|sts. 1ho mo|ostors l'vo workod w|th havo boon ropoat ottondors.' lor, w|th tho pass|ng ot yoars, had tho suttor|ng ot tho v|ct|ms |ossonod.
lsych|c trauma had ospoc|a||y boon v|s|tod on tho surv|v|ng 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs v|ct|m-V|ko Vagoau [Voy-bow|, |ast soon |n a va||ojo hosp|ta| on
August 10, 1000.
1hough h|s oporat|on had boon on 1u|y b, scars on tho r|ght s|do ot V|ko's nock and |ott chook shono ||v|d|y, mapp|ng a bu||ot's wandor|ng path.
|o was a study |n agony-jaw w|rod shut, |ott |og oncasod |n a cast to h|s h|p, r|ght arm and hand cr|pp|od by bu||ots-as ho starod at a s|ug,
t|oat|ng |n a so|ut|on |n a g|ass bott|o. 1hat s|ug had boon romovod trom h|s |ott th|gh. As soon as ho cou|d, ho d|sgu|sod h|mso|t and t|od va||ojo.
About ono and a ha|t yoars ago,' a ma|o nurso |n 3an 3ornard|no to|d mo, l saw V|chao| Vagoau as a pat|ont tor mu|t|p|o mod|ca| prob|oms
that appoarod to bo psychosomat|c, probab|y socondary to tho psycho|og|ca| scars ho roco|vod as a rosu|t ot h|s oncountor w|th Zod|ac. |o troo|y
vo|untoorod h|s assoc|at|on w|th Zod|ac and had scars cons|stont w|th tho doscr|bod wounds. As l roca|| ho had a run-|n w|th drugs and was a stroot
porson br|ot|y. l mot h|s t|ancoo, who |s a strong woman and soomod to bo g|v|ng h|m omot|ona| and phys|ca| support. 1hoy aro probab|y marr|od
now. |o to|d mo that [lako 3orryossa v|ct|m| 3ryan |artno|| was ||v|ng |n tho aroa and that ho had somo |ntroquont contact w|th h|m. l t|nd |t
|ntorost|ng that both Zod|ac surv|vors now ||vo |n tho aroa whoro tho Zod|ac murdors bogan.' |artno|| had doscr|bod Zod|ac as 22b-2b0 pounds.
Vagoau's t|rst doscr|pt|on was s|m||ar-tho man's bu||d was booty, hoavysot w|thout bo|ng b|ubbory tat.' |o appoarod to havo a |argo taco' and
was not woar|ng g|assos. |o wo|ghod 10b-200 pounds and was botwoon twonty-s|x and th|rty-s|x yoars o|d. |o was woar|ng a b|uo short-s|oovod
sh|rt.' 1hat soundod a |ot ||ko tho pr|mo suspoct.
On th|s twonty-t|rst ann|vorsary ot lau| 3t|no's murdor, 0avo 1osch| sa|d, l rot|rod |n 108b w|thout hav|ng tho p|oasuro ot road|ng [Zod|ac| h|s
r|ghts. Zod|ac was tho most batt||ng murdor caso |n our h|story.' W|th coast-to-coast Zod|acs at |argo, |t soomod unth|nkab|o that tho or|g|na| Zod|ac
cou|d |ot such an opportun|ty go by w|thout commont|ng on h|s low York countorpart. On|y tho most oxtromo advors|ty cou|d provont th|s prophot ot
doath trom g|oat|ng ovor tho pro||torat|on ot h|s obscono word. lo |ottor camo. Why?
1uoaday, Docombor 18, 1000
Loigh AIIon montionod tho Zod|ac |m|tator to h|s tr|onds. 3ut ho had othor th|ngs on h|s m|nd. l was |n va||ojo whon, on tho morn|ng ot h|s b|rthday,
ho donnod a swoator h|s mothor had kn|ttod, buttonod h|s lavy poa coat, and drovo to 0Vv to app|y tor a two-yoar ronowa| ot h|s C|ass C dr|vor's
1ho now ||conso st|pu|atod l31l: Corr lons,' but |n h|s dr|vor's photo lo|gh |s not woar|ng g|assos. |o cru|sod tho wator town |n h|s
vW, t|na||y park|ng at a go|t courso. l saw h|m turn up h|s co||ar aga|nst tho w|nd, as ho stud|od Wator 1own. l know ho was |nt|mato w|th a|| |ts
watory soct|ons and sa|t t|ats. lako Chabot losorvo|r sprang trom a dammod stroam a hundrod yoars ago. 1hon a storago c|storn |n W||d |orso
va||oy, twonty-two m||os northoast, bogan pump|ng wator to ||om|ng |||| rosorvo|r. 1oday, tho Gordon va||oy projoct and Cacho 3|ough lump|ng
l|ant s|akod Wator 1own's ond|oss th|rst. ||s oyos rovod across tho choppy bay, whoro tho hunt tor Zod|ac procoodod.
A||on was now undorgo|ng k|dnoy d|a|ys|s and suttor|ng trom d|abotos. |o wa|kod w|th a cano, had a hoart cond|t|on-poss|b|y a c|rcu|at|on
prob|om, and suttorod trom sovoro arthr|t|s. Zod|ac's w|thdrawa| had boon as myst|ty|ng as h|s arr|va|. Whon ho had appoarod twonty yoars ago,
thoro roa||y hadn't boon anyth|ng ||ko Zod|ac botoro. |o had capturod tho pub||c's ondur|ng |ntorost. Zod|ac was ono ot tho oar|y sor|a| k|||ors to
acqu|ro pub||c|ty,' sa|d lark 0|otz ot UClA. 1ho uso ot a |ogo and oncryptod mossagos mado h|m both wo||-markotod and ot |ntorost to |og|ons ot
poop|o who wou|d ||ko to so|vo tho mystory.' 3o d|d tho astro|ogy ang|o.
Zod|ac butt 0av|d l|co d|d a broakdown ot Zod|ac's s|gn|t|cant datos, but saw no astronom|ca| pattorn. |o suggostod to mo thoro m|ght bo an
ostro|oglco| pattorn, though, and on h|s computor, ana|yzod h|s t|nd|ngs w|th an Astr-b-O, 1rop|ca| Zod|ac program.
lt Zod|ac woro us|ng astronom|ca| ovonts such as tho W|ntor, 3ummor, 3pr|ng, and |a|| 3o|ar lngrossos,' ho oxp|a|nod, |t wou|d soom ||ko|y
that ho wou|d 'do h|s th|ng' on tho oxact day, and not p|us or m|nus 18 days. lot ovon |t ho woro us|ng tho 3|doroa| Zod|ac, wh|ch |s cons|dorod
(w|th an 3vl at 28 l|scos) to havo a d|ttoronco trom tho 1rop|ca| Zod|ac ot 28 dogroos (thoro's st||| about two dogroos to go botoro tho 'Ago
ot Aquar|us' rop|acos tho curront 'Ago ot l|scos'), as |t wou|d st||| bo ott. 1horo m|ght bo an oxp|anat|on, howovor. 3tat|st|ca| ana|ys|s on
ath|otos, us|ng tho 1rop|ca| Zod|ac, p|acod Vars at tho Ascondant (r|s|ng) and tho V|dhoavon (cu|m|nat|ng) moro otton than chanco a||ows, at
tho oh-t|vo |ovo|. 0octors and |awyors havo 1up|tor |n thoso 'zonos' |nstoad. 1hough an astro|ogor, l'd protor an astronom|ca| oxp|anat|on to an
astro|og|ca| ono. 1ho tormor ono can wo|gh and moasuro, tho |attor |s a||ogory and probab|||t|os.'

l|ko tho or|g|na| Zod|ac, low York's copycat sor|a| k|||or had van|shod w|thout a traco. l prayod tor a roso|ut|on to tho East Coast mystory. lt
wou|d d|spo| ha|t tho n|ghtmaro. ln h|story on|y 1ack tho l|ppor had h|s copycats-and now, Zod|ac d|d too.
zodiac || roturna
1hough tho aoIution to Zod|ac ll |ay yoars away, |ot mo to|| you how |t ondod-as |t bogan, |n a b|azo ot bu||ots. On 1uosday, Varch 1, 1004, low
York C|ty po||co arrostod a young man who wou|dn't hurt a t|y,' pack|ng a homomado woapon. 1hoy automat|ca||y t|ngorpr|ntod anyono w|th a z|p
gun bocauso Zod|ac ll had usod ono. 3ut tho gun d|dn't work, so cops soa|od tho young man's t||o w|th tho pr|nts st||| |ns|do. |o roturnod to h|s
l|tk|n Avonuo no|ghborhood, whoro ho was known as 1ho vamp|ro.' Obsossod w|th a|| th|ngs m|||tary, 1ho vamp|ro' co||octod mart|a| hardwaro
and actod on occas|on as a po||co drug |ntormant. 3y day, ho c|osotod h|mso|t |n tho noar|y abandonod East low York apartmont bu||d|ng ho
sharod w|th h|s mothor and s|stor and somo squattors. |o ragod aga|nst drug usors who tratt|ckod tho squa||d bu||d|ng. 3y n|ght, ho wandorod tho
stroots, h|s 3|b|o c|utchod undor h|s arm.
Your Zod|ac, l th|nk, |s go|ng to bo caught,' l sa|d on 1od Koppo|'s Nlgbt|loo. l havo had that too||ng trom tho vory bog|nn|ng. |o has a|roady
boon soon by moro poop|o than ovor saw tho or|g|na| Zod|ac.' 1orry lachman, on tho samo program, mado an |ntorost|ng po|nt on boha|t ot tho
pross. Wo don't croato thoso s|tuat|ons. 1ho Zod|ac had shot two or throo poop|o botoro story ono appoarod. 3on ot 3am had murdorod botwoon
a th|rd to ha|t tho numbor ot poop|o ho wou|d ovor k||| botoro tho t|rst 3on ot 3am story appoarod. 3o, |t |s not as |t |t |s a ch|ckon and ogg th|ng.
3omot|mos thoso cr|mos havo boon unspoo||ng tor a wh||o botoro wo ovor got not|t|od ot thom or, |ndood, got |nto thom.'
On Vonday, August 8, 1004, my phono rang. 1horo's a th|rd Zod|ac,' loto loyos, a los Ango|os to|ov|s|on nowsman, to|d mo. A story out ot
low York |s that anothor porson c|a|m|ng to bo tho Zod|ac K|||or has wr|tton to tho Post doscr|b|ng a sor|os ot now shoot|ngs.'
Anothor or tho o|d ono back aga|n?' l sa|d. A th|rd Zod|ac-a copycat ot a copycat? What do thoy th|nk?'
1hoy say thoy don't want to say.' |o road mo tho Al roport:
'1h|s |s tho Zod|ac.' 1hoso words, |n a ch||d||ko scraw|, bocamo tho tradomark groot|ng ot a k|||or who t|||od tho low York summor ot 1000
w|th droad. low attor yoars ot s||onco, tho Zod|ac k|||or may bo back. ln 1000, tho Zod|ac vowod to k||| ono porson tor oach ot tho two|vo
astro|og|ca| s|gns . . . thon abrupt|y qu|t. 1h|s wook [August 1, 1004|, tho low York lost got a s|m||ar noto trom somoono c|a|m|ng to bo tho
Zod|ac, and dotoct|vos aro try|ng to dotorm|no whothor tho |ottor wr|tor |s tho k|||or or a copycat. 1ho |ottor wr|tor c|a|ms rospons|b|||ty tor t|vo
shoot|ngs that po||co sa|d |ott at |oast two poop|o doad botwoon August 10, 1002 and 1uno 11 ot th|s yoar. A|| ot tho attacks took p|aco |n tho
gonora| aroa ot tho 1000 shoot|ng. . . .'

K|oran Crow|oy phonod r|ght attor loyos. lt's tour o'c|ock |n low York r|ght now and |t's happon|ng aga|n,' ho sa|d, anothor Zod|ac. |o's shot
t|vo poop|o. lomombor tour yoars ago? 1h|s Zod|ac c|a|ms to bo tho or|g|na| guy who k|||od a|| tour. Obv|ous|y thoro aro thoso po|nts ot agroomont
botwoon tho |ottors and tho or|g|na| Zod|ac. . . . 0o you th|nk |t's poss|b|o ho's takon on tho porsona, m|ght th|nk ho's tho roa| Zod|ac?'
Whon th|s |m|tator camo out tor tho t|rst t|mo,' l sa|d, my mothor suggostod l say |n tho pross that th|s guy |s not Zod|ac. Whon l d|d ho stoppod.
Who knows, maybo ho roa||y bo||ovod ho was tho 3an |ranc|sco Zod|ac. Or maybo ho d|dn't moan to k||| h|s v|ct|ms, on|y wound thom. Whon lroco
d|od, ho coasod k||||ng.'
lt's obv|ous to mo that ho's road your book. |o doos a box scoro. |o c|a|ms tour v|ct|ms tour yoars ago, t|vo now-a tota| ot n|no. 1ho po||co
cont|rmod that tho guy |n th|s shoot|ng-thoy got ono ba|||st|cs match-a .22-ca||bor-wh|ch was ||ko Zod|ac.'
Zod|ac usod a .22 |n h|s t|rst lorthorn Ca||torn|a murdor.'
0o you th|nk ho's us|ng your book as a 3|b|o? As tar as l can to|| ho |s.'
l too| awtu|. Vy purposo |n wr|t|ng tho book was to catch Zod|ac or got so c|oso that ho was sta|omatod. l th|nk wo succoodod. 3an |ranc|sco's
Zod|ac was ottoct|vo|y chockmatod. W|th pub||cat|on ot h|s story and a|| tho c|uos, w|th onhancod po||co scrut|ny, wo had no moro murdors, no moro
|ow k|||ors had cop|od a novo|, dup||cat|ng t|ct|ona| cr|mos or V.O. |n roa| ||to. A tow |nstancos ot tact to||ow|ng t|ct|on: Agatha Chr|st|o's 7bo
Po|o lorso |nsp|rod a cr|mo. A mass murdoror who oscapod trom an asy|um usod hor book as a gu|do to comm|t acon|to po|son|ngs. 1. 0.
3a||ngor's Cotcbor lo tbo Ryo has shown up |n tho hands ot a numbor ot madmon-||nck|oy, 3ardo (who shot actross lobocca 3hator). |ormor
3orko|oy mathomat|cs protossor 1od Kaczynsk|, tho Unabombor, cop|od tho p|ot and ph||osophy |a|d out |n 1osoph Conrad's 7bo 5ocrot Agoot,
about a protossor who |s a bombor. l know ot no non-t|ct|on books |nsp|r|ng roa|-||to cr|mos. l mont|onod an art|c|o on tho subjoct, A Wr|tor's
l|ghtmaro,' to Crow|oy.
And |t's a wr|tor's n|ghtmaro tor you,' sa|d Crow|oy. 1hat somobody stud|od your book-that's horr|b|o. |or you, th|s |s ||ko tw|co-what tho
po||co don't know |s |t |t's tho samo guy or not. Wh|ch |s scar|or-that |t |s tho samo guy who camo back or |t |t's two d|ttoront onos?'
1wo poop|o that unba|ancod and suggost|b|o?'
Cont|dont|a||y,' sa|d Crow|oy, wo bo||ovo |t st||| may bo tho guy trom tour yoars ago. 1ho doscr|pt|ons sort ot match-l'|| got back to you on that.'
loxt day, ho to|d mo about a now Zod|ac c|phor |n tho Post. lt you put a hand m|rror on tho |ott s|do ot tho symbo|s you can soo how ho croatod
h|s now a|phabot. 1hoy |ook ||ko norma| nava| t|ags, but thoy'ro not. l and a tormor Army cryptographor docodod h|s mossago. l'|| road |t to you . . .
|ot mo g|vo you tho oxact word|ng. Ono ot tho roasons l was ab|o to crack |t opon-turns out thoy'ro m|rror |mago nava| s|gna| t|ags [basod on a
mar|t|mo systom ot lntornat|ona| ||ags and lonnants|-a|most a|| ot thom. Wo d|dn't know that. Wo d|d tho standard codo-broak|ng stutt. 1ho
symbo|s woro doub|od |n tho hor|zonta| p|ano, |n somoth|ng known as a '|ook|ng g|ass' a|phabot codo. lt was ||ko|y croatod by p|ac|ng a sma|| m|rror
on tho |ott s|do ot oach nava| t|ag symbo|. |o says, '1h|s |s tho Zod|ac 3poak|ng, l am |n contro| through mastory. 3o roady tor moro. Your's tru|y.'
Obv|ous|y, thoro aro d|ttoront po|nts ot agroomont botwoon tho |ottors ot tho or|g|na| Zod|ac. . . . 1ho po||co havo cont|rmod thoy'vo got ono ba|||st|c
match-.22-ca||bor, wh|ch was what Zod|ac usod. 1ho doscr|pt|on |s not a b|ack guy but that ot a dark-sk|nnod lat|no.'
1hat's vory d|ttoront than tho or|g|na| doscr|pt|on,' l sa|d. 1ho now ono cou|d st||| bo Zod|ac lll.' lot|rod lYl0 0otoct|vos A| 3hoppard and
1amos 1oda|d| suspoctod th|s was Zod|ac lll-ho d|d not sta|k h|s v|ct|ms as ho had dono |n 1000, but choso thom at random. 1ho 1000 Zod|ac
had a pattorn ot attack|ng on 1hursdays and |n |ncromonts ot twonty-ono and whon corta|n star c|ustors woro v|s|b|o |n tho sky. 1ho |atost Zod|ac d|d
not to||ow any pattorn. 1ho o|d Zod|ac a|mod tor h|s v|ct|ms' torsos, tho now a|mod tor tho hoad. 3ut both adm|ttod thoro woro onough s|m||ar|t|os
that |t cou|d bo tho samo man.

Auguat tho titth," V|ko C|ravo|o to|d mo, l got a ca|| say|ng, 'Zod|ac shot poop|o. |o's wr|t|ng notos. lt chocks out. |o's out thoro aga|n. What
was |ncrod|b|o about 1000 was [Zod|ac| has a|| tour v|ct|ms' astro|og|ca| s|gns on papor. 1o th|s day |t |s unknown how that happonod. What wo d|d
was wo dovo|opod prot||os on tho tour v|ct|ms that wo had back thon. What d|d thoy havo |n common? 0|d thoy go to tho samo drugstoro to got
tho|r proscr|pt|ons t|||od? 0o thoy go to tho samo barborshop? 0o thoy havo a ||brary card tor tho samo branch? Any common throad that wo cou|d
dovo|op. And do you know what? lo. 1horo was just noth|ng |n common w|th tho tour ot thom. Aro thoy a|| on wo|taro? lo, thoy woron't. 1ho on|y
th|ng thoy d|d havo |n common |s that thoro was somoth|ng wrong w|th a|| ot thom. 1ho t|rst guy wa|kod w|th a torr|b|o ||mp. |o had somo sort ot b|rth
dotoct. 1ho socond guy was drunk-ho was unconsc|ous-passod out on tho s|dowa|k |n tront ot h|s houso. 1ho th|rd guy was a sovonty-o|ght-yoar-
o|d man who usod to go wandor|ng around |n tho m|dd|o ot tho n|ght. |o had h|s days and n|ghts m|xod up. |o was a ||tt|o son||o. 1ho tourth ono
was as|oop |n Contra| lark on a park bonch.'
|o p|ckod tho ho|p|oss to shoot,' l sa|d.
3ut th|s guy horo |n 1004 |s h|tt|ng womon as wo|| as mon. 1h|s guy's stabb|ng. Wh|ch |s a |ot moro |nd|cat|vo ot your guy out thoro than our guy.
1hat's what g|vos mo tho croops about th|s. l th|nk tho 1000 guy and tho 1004 guy |s ono and tho samo. low |t's start|ng to |oan that way . . . thoy
ca||od mo at sovon o'c|ock |n tho morn|ng and askod mo a|| thoso quost|ons on to|ov|s|on. l had about t|ttoon m|nutos to road about |t |n throo
nowspapors and go on tho a|r. At that t|mo my gut too||ng to||s mo |t's not tho samo guy l |nvost|gatod |n 1000. 3ut now l'vo had a ||tt|o t|mo to soo
that noto and go ovor |t. 1ho handwr|t|ng |sn't tho samo, but whon you'ro doa||ng w|th somoono who's so psychot|c-h|s mod|cat|on cou|d bo
changod. |o cou|d havo just thrown tho pon |n h|s othor hand. Wo havo two match|ng thumbpr|nts on thoso 1000 |ottors, and you know tho low York
C|ty po||co dopartmont has tho |ACE3 3ystom-a computor|zod t|ngorpr|nt matchup systom. 1ho |atont-pr|nt oxam|nors usod to havo to do |t by
hand. low |t you'vo ovor boon arrostod, your pr|nt |s |n tho systom. lt you got a |atont pr|nt ott a |ottor you can match |t. 1horo's ono dotoct|vo
ass|gnod to just that-ho has tho pr|nts trom tho Zod|ac |n 1000 and ho cont|nuous|y puts |t |nto tho computor. 1horo woro ovor 8000 roports
proparod on tho caso. Evoryth|ng wont onto computor. lt your namo camo up oar|y on |n tho |nvost|gat|on, and now horo |t |s tour months |ator,
anothor dotoct|vo |s |ntorv|ow|ng somoono and that namo comos up. 3oom! lt wou|d match and you'd bo ab|o to cross-rotoronco and roport, '|oy,
th|s guy |ooks |ntorost|ng. An |ndopondont porson to|d us two months ago about a corta|n porson |n tho 3ronx. low somoono |n 3rook|yn |s
mont|on|ng tho samo namo as a poss|b|||ty. 3omo bo||s wou|d go ott.'
Exact|y what thoy shou|d havo dono w|th Zod|ac,' l sa|d, th|nk|ng ot lynch and Vu|anax's |nd|v|dua| roports on lo|gh A||on. lo|thor know ot tho
othor's quost|on|ng. Wo st||| d|dn't know who had boon tho or|g|na| t|pstor who suspoctod A||on, tho man or woman who d|roctod tho po||co to h|s
door. Onco moro l t|ow to low York, wondor|ng |t thoro was somoth|ng |n tho or|g|na| caso that m|ght |dont|ty Zod|ac ll. lot|rod 0otoct|vo 3orgoant
V|ko laco, K|oran Crow|oy, and l woro on tho Ro|oooo show. 1ho m|x ot tho corobra|-cops and authors-and tho pass|onato-v|ct|ms' mothors
and tam|||os-novor roa||y jo||s. What can you say attor a mothor has ta|kod about |os|ng hor ch||d? ln h|s codod mossago,' Crow|oy sa|d, Zod|ac
sa|d, 'l am |n contro|.' l'd ||ko h|m to provo |t by sond|ng anothor mossago, botoro ho hurts anyono o|so, bocauso l th|nk |t's t|mo tor th|s to movo on
to tho noxt phaso.' Crow|oy's story hoad||nod VAllAC GOE3 3Y 1|E 3OOK,' appoarod |n tho Post August 0. Undor a roproduct|on ot tho covor
was tho capt|on: |ow-to manua|, tho roa|-||to cr|mo story that may havo |nsp|rod Zod|ac ll.' Crow|oy wroto:
1ho Zod|ac k|||or may bo us|ng a 1080 book about tho or|g|na| 3an |ranc|sco Zod|ac k|||or as h|s gu|do. lobort Graysm|th wroto tho bost-
so||or Zod|ac' about tho hoodod k|||or who torror|zod tho 3ay Aroa tor yoars bog|nn|ng |n 1008. . . . |our yoars ago, Graysm|th wont through a
s|m||ar oxpor|onco whon a low York gunman ca|||ng h|mso|t Zod|ac bogan h|s shoot|ng sproo.'

On August 12, 1004, po||co conc|udod that tho now commun|cat|on wos trom Zod|ac ll. |o had domonstratod |nt|mato know|odgo' ot tho
assau|ts-t|mo, p|aco, agos, and gondors ot tho t|vo v|ct|ms, |ocat|on ot wounds, and ca||bor ot guns (a .22 |n tour |nstancos and a .880 |n a t|tth).
3omo dota||s matchod, not a||. Ono v|ct|m had boon stabbod, not shot. latr|c|a |onto was kn|tod ovor a hundrod t|mos. Wo'ro puzz|od,' sa|d
3orro|||, but wo'ro ta|r|y suro |t's not a hoax.' lsycho|og|st 0r. 1oyco 3rothors sa|d ot Zod|ac's roturn: 1h|s |s somobody who |s tota||y powor|oss
and who |s t|nd|ng powor through pub||c|ty. ||s tantasy |s to mastor tho wor|d bocauso ho can't contro| h|s own ||to. |o wants to bo |n contro|. 1hat |s
h|s tantasy. |o probab|y doos not havo a tam||y or anyono who |ovos h|m.' A 3o||ovuo |osp|ta| torons|c psych|atr|st, V|chao| Wo|nor, sa|d, 1horo |s
th|s sonso ot bo|ng a huntor. |o |s try|ng to croato |ntr|guo w|th codos. |o wants to bo g|amorous bocauso ho's a |osor . . . thoro |s an o|omont ot
sad|sm about h|m. l th|nk ho's vory |ntorostod |n gott|ng attont|on . . . |t's vory coward|y.'
1wo yoars wou|d pass. On 1uosday, 1uno 18, 1000, a tow m|nutos past noon, 1ho vamp|ro,' d|straught h|s toonago s|stor was runn|ng w|th a
bad crowd, shotgunnod hor. A 011 ca||-a toma|o shot |n tho |og, l|tk|n Avonuo'-summonod low York paramod|cs. Vomonts |ator, an
ambu|anco squoa|od to a stop at tho U-shapod tront ot 2780 l|tk|n. Vod|cs p||od out, |oav|ng tho ong|no rac|ng. 1hoy startod tor tho th|rd-t|oor
apartmont. 1ho shootor |s st||| up thoro,' caut|onod a no|ghbor-a shot wh|zzod ovor tho|r hoads. Wo k|ssod tho concroto just as wo hoard that t|rst
shot,' sa|d paramod|c Chr|s 0oluca. load r|ppod jaggod ho|os |nto tho ambu|anco, othor shots r|cochotod ott tho s|dowa|k. Chunks ot br|ck t|ow.
Got down! 0own t|at!' Voro bu||ots, punctuatod by br||||ant muzz|o t|ashos, hammorod trom tho uppor w|ndow. At l.3. 1b0 across tho stroot,
studonts cr|od and duckod tor covor. Cops, guns drawn, convorgod on l|tk|n Avonuo and cordonod ott a n|no-b|ock aroa. |or tho noxt throo and
ono-ha|t hours, tho|r bu||ots, w|th mach|no gun-||ko rap|d|ty, answorod 1ho vamp|ro's.' 3u||ots cut trom abovo |n a murdorous arc, ch|pp|ng
masonry and p|nn|ng down tour ott|cors. Cops |n ho|mots and t|ak jackots whoo|od a mota| sh|o|d toward tho bu||d|ng as tho Emorgoncy 3orv|co
Un|t voh|c|o, armorod w|th bu||ot-proot goar, movod |n to roscuo tho tour mon.
3orgoant 1osoph |orbort, a t|ttoon-yoar po||co votoran, sott-spokon and noat, nogot|atod w|th tho shootor trom tho stroot bo|ow. l th|nk l w|||
surrondor,' tho shootor shoutod, woary ot pro|ongod batt|o. |rom tho root po||co |oworod a yo||ow t|owor buckot to tho apartmont. 1urn ovor any
woapons,' thoy ordorod. |o t|||od tho buckot throo t|mos-th|rtoon homomado guns, 3aturday n|ght spoc|a|s, dozons ot rounds ot ammo, sovon
hunt|ng and m|||tary-typo kn|vos, and a machoto. 1ho s|ogo ondod short|y attor 4:00 l.V. and 1ho vamp|ro,' |or|borto Edd|o' 3oda, was
arrostod. lns|do 3oda's room woro two tu||y constructod p|po bombs and a th|rd undor construct|on. An unoxp|odod bomb matchod throo rocont|y
|ott |n a 3rook|yn park|ng |ot. ||s ||brary was what thoy had boon to|d to |ook tor.
3or|a| k|||ors otton road about othors to avo|d tho samo p|tta||s
that got thom caught.
3oda adm|ttod to shoot|ng h|s ha|t s|stor |n a wr|tton contoss|on. At tho bottom ot tho pago ho drow an |nvortod cross crownod by throo sovons. lt
just jumpod out ot tho pago,' |orbort sa|d. l noar|y to|| ott my cha|r. lt was tho handwr|t|ng! 1ho t's tho s's tho m's, tho way ho undor||nod corta|n
|ottors. 1hat, coup|od w|th tho symbo| ot tho |nvortod cross, mado mo roa||zo th|s was Zod|ac. l |mmod|ato|y rocogn|zod |t. . . . l had stud|od |t tor two
yoars.' 1ho symbo|s ||nkod 3oda w|th draw|ngs mado s|x yoars oar||or by Zod|ac ll, who had |ott a thumbpr|nt on tho |owor r|ght cornor ot h|s t|rst
|ottor. |orbort summonod 0otoct|vo lona|d A|ong|s, trom tho lYl0 |atont-pr|nt un|t, and askod h|m to br|ng a sot ot pr|nts to hoadquartors tor
compar|son. A|ong|s had momor|zod tho r|dgos and sw|r|s Zod|ac |ott on two notos.
About 8:80 l.V., ho scannod tho pr|nts through a magn|ty|ng g|ass. ||s oyos got br|ght, thon oxc|tod. At 1:20 A.V., attor s|x hours ot
|ntorrogat|on, 3oda s|gnod a contoss|on to a|| n|no Zod|ac attacks, c|a|m|ng to havo boon ovorcomo by urgos' to str|ko random|y. On|y by chanco
had Zod|ac ll appoarod to know somo ot h|s v|ct|m's astro|og|ca| s|gns. l just wantod to |ncroaso tho toar |n tho c|ty,' ho sa|d.
Zod|ac dotoct|vos woro surpr|sod. Wo thought that ho ||vod a|ono bocauso |t ho ||vod w|th somoono, wo t|gurod thoy wou|d havo ovontua||y g|von
h|m up.' 3a|||st|cs and sa||va tosts turthor ||nkod 3oda to tho Zod|ac shoot|ngs. |o had ||ckod an onvo|opo t|ap and lovo' postago stamps. 3oda
had stoppod shoot|ng poop|o attor 1004 bocauso ho |ost tho urgo.' On Wodnosday, 1uno 24, 1008, a jury do||boratod |oss than a day botoro
conv|ct|ng tho th|rty-yoar-o|d h|gh schoo| dropout ot throo counts ot murdor and ono count ot attomptod murdor. A month |ator, tho low York Zod|ac
was sontoncod to o|ghty-throo yoars |n pr|son. You'ro go|ng to d|o |n ja||,' sa|d 1udgo lobort 1. |anophy. 1ho Zod|ac novor ||od to us,' C|ravo|o
conc|udod. 1hat's tho saddost th|ng.' 3ack |n tog-shroudod 3an |ranc|sco no ono suspoctod a th|rd copycat was yot to como. Zod|ac lll's murdors
wou|d bo torr|ty|ng.
1ho hunt tor tho or|g|na| Zod|ac wont on. 3os|dos 3o||| tho attornoy, ho had mont|onod two othor poop|o |n h|s |ottors. Ono |n codo, lobort
Emmott tho ||pp|o,' tho othor Count Varco 3p|no|||. Was Zod|ac's |ottor a h|ddon mossago to somoono namod 3p|no|||' and cou|d wo t|nd a
3p|no|||' who had a connoct|on to lo|gh A||on?
tho big ti
Friday, Docombor 14, 1000
RaIh 5inoIIi, Iying |n a co|| on h|s t|tt|oth b|rthday, swoatod |nto tho th|n mattross. 1|m Ovorstroot, 3an 1oso l.0., had arrostod h|m as a suspoct
|n at |oast n|no armod robbor|os ot rostaurants. 3p|no||| know ho cou|d bo prosocutod as a caroor cr|m|na|. |o had boon arrostod |n Orogon |n
1072 tor a sor|os ot armod robbor|os ot rostaurants and sorvod two yoars ot a ton-yoar sontonco |n a pr|son thoro. |ac|ng a th|rty-yoar sontonco, ho
suggostod to Ovorstroot that ho had somoth|ng to trado. ln ja||, c|garottos, sox, and socrots woro throo pr|zod commod|t|os. 1ho bost k|nd ot
|ntormant |s a two-t|mo |osor torty-t|vo to t|tty who knows |t ho goos up ono moro t|mo ho's gong to d|o |n tho can,' sa|d a dotoct|vo. Whon ho turns
to us, ho has nowhoro o|so to go-ho bocomos as zoa|ous as a cop.' 1ho cops had a tw|st,' a hammor, on 3p|no||| and ho was work|ng h|s boot.'
l know tho roa| namo ot Zod|ac,' 3p|no||| sa|d t|na||y. lt was h|s aco.
3p|no||| bogan to ta|k |n hushod tonos and rap|d cadonco. 3ut tor a|| ho sa|d, |t was just onough to got Ovorstroot on tho hook. Ovorstroot roa||zod
3p|no||| m|ght bo |nvont|ng a story-a vory good chanco ot that. |owovor, ho cou|d not |gnoro what m|ght bo a va||d t|p. Zod|ac was tho b|ggost
caso thoro was. |o |ott a mossago tor rot|rod 0otoct|vo 3awart and 3awart rang h|m r|ght back. 3p|no||| |s curront|y |ncarcoratod |n tho 3anta
C|ara County ja||,' adv|sod Ovorstroot. |o won't d|vu|go what |ntormat|on ho has rogard|ng Zod|ac un|oss somo k|nd ot doa| |s mado rogard|ng tho
prosont chargos aga|nst h|m.' 3awart s|ghod. |o had hoard such c|a|ms about Zod|ac botoro. l'|| got back to you,' ho rop||od, and ca||od Conway.
1horo was th|s guy 3p|no||| ||v|ng |n 3an 1oso,' 3awart to|d mo |ator, pu||od a bunch ot st|ckups and thoy caught h|m and ho sa|d, 'Got aho|d ot
va||ojo l.0. l'|| to|| you a|| about a caso thoy'ro roa| |ntorostod |n.' 1hoy ca||od us, and Conway and l wont down and |ntorv|owod h|m on h|s b|rthday.'
va||ojo lo||co Capta|n loy Conway a|roady know 3p|no|||. ||s namo had boon prom|nont |n tho va||ojo aroa dur|ng tho tort|os, t|tt|os, and s|xt|os.
Connoct|ons w|th organ|zod cr|mo woro suspoctod.
Conway, a va||ojo po||co ott|cor s|nco 100b, had workod w|th Vu|anax, s|nco rot|rod. |o was prosont|y commandor ot tho lnvost|gat|on 0|v|s|on,
but tho n|ght |orr|n was murdorod and Vagoau torr|b|y woundod, ho had boon a sorgoant and ho and l|chard |ottman had boon tho t|rst
po||comon at tho scono. Conway porsona||y vor|t|od tho authont|c|ty ot doscr|pt|ons Zod|ac ma||od to tho pross back |n 1000. |o bo||ovod Zod|ac
had comm|ttod thoso shoot|ngs. An anonymous phono ca|| to tho va||ojo l.0. had boon mado trom a phono booth noar Arthur lo|gh A||on's homo
and noar whoro 1uckor kopt h|s car.
Conway and 3awart drovo to tho 3anta C|ara |ockup, chockod tho|r guns, and wont |n to soo 3p|no|||. |o was bo|ng ho|d on $b00,000 ba|| wh||o
awa|t|ng tr|a| on tho chargos. 1ho pr|sonor was anx|ous. 3p|no||| know how much troub|o ho was |n. 1hough ho cou|d go |n tor what amountod to ||to,
3p|no||| st||| rotusod to budgo. |o wou|d not namo tho |nd|v|dua| ho know as Zod|ac w|thout bo|ng ottorod a doa|. l want a|| chargos aga|nst mo
droppod,' ho |ns|stod.
Out ot tho quost|on,' sa|d 3awart.
Wo rotuso to mako any sort ot doa| ||ko that,' sa|d Conway.
And just how do you know th|s porson |s Zod|ac?' askod 3awart.
|o throatonod mo sovora| days botoro tho k||||ng ot lau| 3t|no, tho 3an |ranc|sco cabdr|vor. |o wantod to show mo how tough ho was. |o to|d
mo ho was go|ng to 3an |ranc|sco and k||| a cabb|o tor mo,' sa|d 3p|no|||. 1ho noxt day or so a cabdr|vor was k|||od |n 3an |ranc|sco and tho
Zod|ac took crod|t tor |t.' A po||co roport cont|rmod 3p|no||| and A||on had had t|ghts |n tho past.
Attor a |ong d|scuss|on, 3p|no||| agrood to g|vo Zod|ac's truo namo to h|s |awyor, Cra|g Konnody, a doputy pub||c dotondor ot 3anta C|ara
County. 1hroughout tho roma|ndor ot tho month, sovora| moot|ngs woro ho|d botwoon Konnody and h|s |mmod|ato boss, 3ryan 3chochmo|stor. 1ho
upshot was that no turthor |ntormat|on wou|d bo d|vu|god w|thout a dot|n|to doa| g|von to tho|r c||ont. 1h|s Conway and 3awart st||| rotusod to do.
1hoy cou|d p|ay hardba|| too. lt wou|d bo |ntorost|ng to soo who b||nkod t|rst.
1huraday, January 81, 1001
Conway rocoivod a ca|| trom Konnody. l can g|vo you tho namo that 3p|no||| has,' ho sa|d. 1ho othor s|do had cavod.
Conway wa|tod s||ont|y, a|though ho a|roady thought ho know tho answor.
lt's lo|gh A||on. Arthur lo|gh A||on.'
Conway |ot out a s|ow broath. |o a|roady know a|| about loo A||on. |o got 3awart on tho phono |mmod|ato|y. lEE' was |n tho Zod|ac c|phor. lt
was tho namo A||on had worn on h|s smock at Aco |ardwaro. Conway contactod lnspoctor Armstrong |n 3an |ranc|sco. Yos,' Armstrong sa|d,
ono ot tho pr|mary suspocts back |n tho oar|y 1070s was Arthur lo|gh A||on.' |o a|so vor|t|od that A||on's namo had novor boon pub||shod |n any
mod|a to h|s know|odgo. 1ho on|y porsons know|ng h|s namo woro |aw ontorcomont poop|o and on|y thoso |nvo|vod |n tho actua| Zod|ac
|nvost|gat|on, or somoono A||on m|ght havo braggod to such as mod|ca| porsonno| at Atascadoro and somo coworkors at an auto parts storo |n
Arthur lo|gh A||on and 3p|no||| woro acqua|ntancos way back whon,' 3awart to|d mo |ator, and ho [A||on| approachod h|m and to|d h|m ho
wantod to bo an ontorcor tor h|m. 1ho guy [3p|no|||| ownod a top|oss bar. |o adm|ttod ho was tho Zod|ac, sa|d 3p|no|||, and sa|d, '1o show you, l'm
go|ng to go to 3an |ranc|sco and k||| a guy.' 1hat was short|y botoro tho 3t|no k||||ng. 1hon ho supposod|y camo back and sa|d, 'l'm rospons|b|o tor
tho 3t|no k||||ng.' l know th|s guy 3p|no||| ta|r|y wo|| trom h|s cr|m|na| past. l d|dn't know whothor to bo||ovo h|m or not.'
3p|no||| m|ght havo |nvontod h|s story and boon try|ng to w|n tavor. Evon |t what ho sa|d was truo, |t was not so||d support|ng ov|donco that wou|d
ho|d up |n court. lt was tru|t trom a ta|ntod troo. 3ut how had 3p|no||| known to como up w|th tho namo lo|gh A||on |n tho t|rst p|aco?
Wodnoaday, Fobruary 0, 1001
Conway and Bawart drovo to tho 3tato 0opartmont ot 1ust|co, 3acramonto |om|c|do Un|t, to soo Agont |rod 3h|r|sago. 1h|s branch was
curront|y tho ropos|tory tor a|| tho Zod|ac casos |n tho mu|t|tudo ot jur|sd|ct|ons whoro tho k|||or had struck. A constant rotra|n trom amatour s|ouths
rogard|ng tho stato 0O1 was that somo at tho top |ovo| woro not a|ways rospons|vo to tho|r |ntormat|on and thoor|os. 1hoy don't a|ways tako my
|ntormat|on sor|ous|y,' ono to|d mo. |urthor ono guy c|a|mod that tho l|vors|do k||||ng |nva||datod my mator|a| and ho had proot Zod|ac d|d not k|||
Chor| 1o 3atos. |o c|a|mod tho |ntormat|on prov|dod by lam, 0ar|ono's s|stor, was not va||d as |t was too o|d. 1ho handpr|nt|ng l prov|dod by my
oxport was that '|t |ookod s|m||ar,' but attor a k||||ng |n Vart|noz, thoy sa|d |t was not Zod|ac's. Yot ho rotusod to a||ow tho othor oxport, Vr. Vorr|||, a
chanco to oxam|no sa|d handpr|nt|ng.'
1h|s was not 1osch|'s approach. 1ust |ot poop|o know you approc|ato gott|ng tho|r c|uos on how to catch Zod|ac,' ho to|d mo. l a|ways
acknow|odgo roco|pt ot a porson's |ottor, ospoc|a||y |t |t appoars to havo somo substanco or |s s|ncoro. l novor know whon l'|| got a |ottor that w|||
mako or broak tho caso.' 3h|r|sago gavo Conway a|| tho roports porta|n|ng to tho |nvost|gat|on ot Arthur lo|gh A||on, rocords that domonstratod
3an |ranc|sco dotoct|vos, spoc|t|ca||y Armstrong and 1osch|, had conductod tho pr|mary |nvost|gat|on on A||on. 1hoy spoko w|th Armstrong, thon
Conway contactod Vo| l|co|a|, now rot|rod. l|co|a| agrood w|th Armstrong that tho mod|a had novor rovoa|od tho namo ot loo A||on as a suspoct
|n tho Zod|ac |nvost|gat|on. 3awart to||owod tho |oca| papors dovotod|y. |o too know A||on's namo had novor boon ||nkod pub||c|y w|th Zod|ac.
3p|no||| had to havo had porsona| contact w|th loo A||on or w|th a c|oso tr|ond ot h|s. ln no othor way cou|d ho havo como up w|th tho namo.
Woro thoro any roasons tor 3p|no||| to ||o about tho |ntormat|on?' l askod 3awart. A grudgo? A ||ghtor sontonco ot somo sort?'
A||on had gotton |n a t|ght w|th 3p|no|||,' ho to|d mo. 3howod up at h|s houso and k|ckod |n tho door and boat h|m up. And yos, ho prov|dod tho
|ntormat|on |n oxchango tor a ||ghtor sontonco.'
1hrough 3acramonto, Conway roquostod tho |3l 0|roctor's a|d, 1o|otyp|ng tho to||ow|ng:
1ho |atont t|ngorpr|nt soct|on |s roquostod to prov|do 3acramonto w|th photographs ot a|| |atont t|ngorpr|nts dovo|opod dur|ng tho Zod|ac
|nvost|gat|on, latont Caso lo A-10042. 1ho |atont t|ngorpr|nt soct|on |s turthor roquostod to soarch tho |atont t|ngorpr|nts dovo|opod |n tho
Zod|ac caso through tho Automatod ldont|t|cat|on 3ystom and tho Automatod latont 3ystoms Vodo| and lat|ona| Un|dont|t|od latont |||o.
3acramonto |s not awaro ot tho roquostod soarch as prov|ous|y bo|ng conductod. 1ho photographs ot |atont pr|nts on t||o w|th tho ldont|t|cat|on
0|v|s|on aro bo|ng sought at tho roquost ot tho va||ojo Ca||torn|a lo||co 0opartmont, who |ntonds to run tho pr|nts, soarch through tho
Ca||torn|a 0opartmont ot 1ust|co Automatod latont lr|nts 3ystom [All3|.'
Comparod aga|nst ovory suspoct |n tho Zod|ac caso, pr|sonors and m|||tary porsonno|, thoro was no match. |ow had Zod|ac dono |t?
1huraday, Fobruary 7, 1001
Bawart contactod Larry Ankron, a psycho|og|st tor vlCAl at Ouant|co. Ankron know a|| about Zod|ac. 3awart to|d h|m a|| Armstrong, 1osch|, and
Vu|anax had |oarnod back |n 1071, thon gavo h|m tho |ntormat|on that 3p|no||| had prov|dod-tho namo ot Arthur lo|gh A||on. 1ho buroau, as |t
turnod out, a|roady had a t||o (tho|r |argost s|ng|o t||o |n tho Zod|ac caso) on th|s |nd|v|dua|. ln Ankron's ost|mat|on, Zod|ac got as much p|oasuro
trom taunt|ng tho po||co and ro||v|ng h|s murdors through souvon|rs ho kopt as trom tho v|o|ont acts thomso|vos. Vy stud|os,' ho sa|d, show that
porsons who comm|t thoso typos ot cr|mos many t|mos koop souvon|rs or troph|os trom thoso cr|m|na| acts. 1hoy w||| tako somo typo ot art|c|o trom
tho|r v|ct|ms such as |dont|t|cat|on, p|ocos ot c|oth|ng, and so on. 1h|s |s so thoy can koop thoso |n a h|ddon p|aco and ro||vo tho |nc|dont many
t|mos ovor. 1hoy w||| koop journa|s and nowspapor c||pp|ngs ot tho cr|mos thomso|vos. 1hoso who koop thoso souvon|rs havo |ngon|ous h|d|ng
p|acos w|th|n tho|r ros|doncos such as ta|so wa||s, h|ddon satos, and so on. Vany t|mos thoso |nd|v|dua|s w||| havo a storago p|aco at anothor
|ocat|on whoro thoy koop tho|r souvon|rs.'
loss|b|y Zod|ac's troph|os woro undorwator at a s|to such as lako 3orryossa or |n tho wa||s ot a tra||or. Ankron bo||ovod tho k||||ngs woro st|||
go|ng on, or had gono on unt|| rocont|y. Attor a||, Zod|ac sa|d ho wasn't go|ng to wr|to anymoro and wou|d mako h|s k||||ngs appoar as acc|donts.
1ho on|y roason l can th|nk ot that tho murdors had stoppod,' ho sa|d, |s that tho man rospons|b|o had movod away [a|though tho Zod|ac cr|mos
comm|ttod o|sowhoro wou|d bo road||y |dont|t|ab|o bocauso ot h|s wo||-known V.O.|. |o m|ght havo d|od. Or tho po||co had como vory c|oso to
approhond|ng h|m.' Vany who had soon Zod|ac or boon part ot lo|gh A||on's a||b| had d|od mystor|ous|y. A carotakor's daughtor saw Zod|ac
spood|ng away trom 3|uo lock 3pr|ngs, and d|od sovora| yoars attor |n a car acc|dont. A |and|ady who cou|d havo prov|dod A||on w|th an a||b|
por|shod trom a hoart attack. Vr. W||||am Wh|to, a no|ghbor [whoso son jo|nod tho va||ojo torco|, had soon A||on roturn homo on tho day ot tho lako
3orryossa murdor, and d|od short|y attorward. |rank Gassor, tho raccoon huntor who had poorod |n tho wh|to lmpa|a on lako |orman load tho
n|ght ot tho murdors, por|shod |n a troak acc|dont, dy|ng suddon|y two yoars |ator whon ho struck h|s hoad on a cottoo tab|o.
You know,' 3awart to|d mo, whon you |nvost|gato so many casos you got to bo jadod to tho dogroo that you havo so many co|nc|doncos you just
don't bo||ovo |n co|nc|doncos attor a wh||o. Whoro thoro's smoko thoro's t|ro.' |o v|s|tod Aco |ardwaro, whoro A||on had onco workod, and
contactod lo|gh's coworkor Goorgo ||ob. An ox-c|ty omp|oyoo, ||ob had workod at tho Corporat|on Yard tor many yoars. ln h|s rot|romont ho was
work|ng at Aco |ardwaro.
0o you know Arthur lo|gh A||on?' askod 3awart.
l know h|m qu|to wo||,' sa|d ||ob. l v|s|t h|s homo a|most on a wook|y bas|s.' 1hough lo|gh's mothor had d|od, ho st||| kopt to h|s basomont
bodroom, though ho cou|d havo contro| ot tho ont|ro houso. ||ob too had soon A||on's guns. A numbor ot rovo|vors-l th|nk thoy'ro .22-ca||bor, and
at |oast ono som|automat|c p|sto|, but l don't know tho ca||bor.' 3ocauso A||on had boon arrostod by tho 3onoma County 3hor|tt's 0opartmont tor
mo|ost|ng a sma|| boy, tho suspoct was a to|on. Consoquont|y, ho was not a||owod by |aw to own any ot tho woapons ||ob had soon. 3ut |n tho
docado that ||ob had known A||on, ho had novor d|scussod tho Zod|ac caso w|th h|m. 1hat was puzz||ng. lo|gh had d|scussod |t w|th othors, ovon
|od poop|o to th|nk |n that part|cu|ar d|roct|on. 3awart caut|onod ||ob not to mont|on tho v|s|t, thon ro-|ntorv|owod a numbor ot poop|o who had
|ntormat|on about A||on. As much curront |ntormat|on about tho suspoct as poss|b|o had to bo gathorod botoro thoy controntod h|m.
loar tho dotachod garago on tho northoast s|do ot 82 |rosno 3troot sat a brokon-down b|uo Gonora| Votors-typo' auto. Accord|ng to ||ob's
|ntormat|on, A||on ownod an o|dor b|ack G.V. voh|c|o. ln tho dr|voway woro an o|dor-modo| wh|to Vorcodos-3onz and ||ght-b|uo vo|kswagon
Karmann Gh|a. A||on possossod a wh|to 3u|ck, and 0ar|ono |orr|n had boon to||owod by an Amor|can-mado wh|to sodan. A s||vor or |co-b|uo '00
Chovy w|th Ca||torn|a p|atos had boon soon at lako 3orryossa tho day ot tho attack.
1o got tho |ay ot tho |and, 3awart drovo ovor to 1b4b 3roadway, whoro A||on kopt a boat and tra||or. 1ho |ocat|on was a s|ng|o-story ros|donco on
tho wost s|do ot 3roadway. 1o tho north ot tho bu||d|ng stood a dotachod doub|o-car garago packod w|th housoho|d goods. 1horo woro storago
aroas-p|acos whoro A||on m|ght squ|rro| away |toms-a |argo |oan-to-typo storago shod torty toot |ong and twonty toot doop, and a socond
storago aroa at tho roar. Goorgo got out. 3oh|nd tho garago, w|nd wh|ppod grass |n a vacant t|o|d. 1ho scont ot tho 3ay was |n tho a|r. ln tho contor
ot tho t|o|d strotchod a twonty-two-toot-|ong b|uo and wh|to sa||boat on a tra||or, part|a||y drapod by a b|uo tarp. 3awart surropt|t|ous|y ||ttod tho tarp
and saw a Ca||torn|a ||conso numbor, lE872b. 1ho boat had s|oop|ng quartors on board, wh|ch wou|d a||ow a porson to stay at soa tor many days
at a t|mo. 3awart a|so obsorvod an opon sa||boat somo ton toot |ong. lt |ookod moro ||ko a rowboat,' ho sa|d. 3awart jottod down that ||conso
numbor too-0127|. 3oth woro rog|storod to lo|gh. ||s mothor had bought h|m tho boats, spo|||ng h|m just as h|s s|stor-|n-|aw had sa|d. A||on's
boon unomp|oyod and ||v|ng on gonora| ass|stanco tor somo t|mo,' Conway had to|d h|m. |o goos d|v|ng and racos |ob|o Cat sa||boats.' 3awart
doc|dod that |n add|t|on to a soarch warrant tor 82 |rosno, tho po||co shou|d at |oast soarch tho sa||boat. 3ut tho ov|donco thoy sought m|ght bo
sunkon somowhoro ott tho coast, bonoath b|uo |ako wators, or undor tho turg|d wators ot tho 0o|ta.
1uoaday, Fobruary 12, 1001
Whon Conway tiIod an att|dav|t tor a soarch warrant, ho was |ook|ng tor ov|donco kopt at tho |rosno 3troot homo that m|ght show that A||on had
comm|ttod a to|ony. loss|b|y, thoy woro a|roady too |ato to t|nd phys|ca| ov|donco. |owovor, an oxp|anat|on why tho murdors had stoppod soomod
rovoa|od. A||on was now |oga||y b||nd. |o was a vory ||| man,' Conway sa|d, ho was t|tty-ono or t|tty-two. . . . |o was oxtromo|y ||| and ho'd had that
|||noss tor somo t|mo. Evon though ho cou|d st||| got around ho was not vory mob||o, and thoro was a |ot ot tocus on h|m as a suspoct. 3o|ng a
suspoct, bo|ng |||, and |os|ng |ntorost-a|| adds up to tho oxp|anat|on as to why.' 1ho wby |n th|s caso was why Zod|ac coasod k||||ng and wr|t|ng.
Wo t|gurod ho wasn't a dangor to anyono,' Goorgo 3awart to|d mo.
On Attachmont lv, Conway ||stod tho |toms thoy woro soarch|ng tor. Any .22-ca||bor som|automat|c p|sto|s or any .22-ca||bor ammo, ||vo or
oxpondod, that may havo boon cyc|od through an automat|c p|sto| and cou|d bo ||nkod to tho doath ot tho lako |orman load v|ct|ms, 3otty lou
1onson and 0av|d |araday. Any porsona| ottocts ||nkod to v|ct|ms 1onson and |arraday, 0ar|ono |orr|n or V|chao| Vagoau, Coco||a 3hopard or
3r|an |artno||. 1hoy woro a|so sook|ng tho b|ack W|ng Wa|kor-typo boots, s|zo 10/ l, Zod|ac woro at lako 3orryossa dur|ng tho attack thoro. 1ho
uppor port|on ot thoso shoos was manutacturod by tho Wo|nbronnor 3hoo Company, tho 3UlElWEAl' so|os by tho Avon Company ot Avon,
Vassachusotts. 3oth tho A|r |orco and lavy |ssuod thom. Author|t|os woro spoc|t|ca||y |ook|ng tor any port|ons ox|st|ng ot lau| 3t|no's gray-and-
wh|to-str|pod sports sh|rt. ln a|| ||ko||hood |t wou|d bo sta|nod w|th b|ood. 3t|no's wa||ot and l.0. and Yo||ow Cab's koys had a|so boon takon by
Zod|ac on Chorry 3troot that Co|umbus 0ay. 3or|a| k|||ors had a prod||oct|on tor koop|ng souvon|rs ot tho|r cr|mos so that thoy m|ght ro||vo tho
Conway and 3awart noodod any t|roarm that m|ght show ov|donco ot hav|ng had a t|ash||ght attachod to |t, any 0-mm automat|c p|sto|s or 0-mm
automat|c ammun|t|on, ||vo or oxpondod, that may havo boon t|rod trom a 0-mm p|sto|. 1hoy wou|d try to ||nk th|s to tho murdor ot lau| 3t|no. 1hoy
||stod any kn|vos a toot |ong w|th a ono-|nch b|ado hav|ng r|vots |n tho hand|o and tapo around tho hand|o, and a b|ack oxocut|onor's hood wh|ch
covorod Zod|ac's hoad and hung down ovor h|s shou|dors a|most to h|s wa|st and was s|oovo|oss. A c|rc|o and cross woro pa|ntod wh|to across tho
chost. Conway dos|rod any d|ar|os or journa|s that A||on m|ght havo kopt that ||nkod h|m w|th Zod|ac or tho |nvost|gat|on to catch h|m. Any |tom that
had tho Zod|ac's symbo| ot a crossod c|rc|o on |t. |o mado ono |ast roquost |n h|s appoa|: Your Att|ant asks that attor tho sorv|co ot th|s soarch
warrant that tho 3oarch Warrant Att|dav|t and loturn ot 3orv|co bo soa|od by tho court. 1ho roason th|s roquost |s mado |s that tho Zod|ac caso has
had nat|ona| pub||c|ty and has boon ono ot tho tow casos that has so |nt|amod tho pub||c that |t wou|d sorvo no purposo tor tho nows mod|a to got
|ntormat|on trom th|s att|dav|t |t no chargos aro t||od. ln tho othor vo|n, |t chargos aro t||od, tho pub||c|ty trom th|s att|dav|t wou|d tond to mako |t
d|tt|cu|t to havo a ta|r tr|a|.'
lo||co had como to bo||ovo that Zod|ac was an unsoph|st|catod k|||or who contrary to tormor bo||ots d|d not sta|k h|s v|ct|ms-just camo across
thom |n |ovors' |anos. 3ut tho k|||or was vory tam|||ar w|th va||ojo and 3orryossa and tho surround|ng aroa, and v|ct|ms had comp|a|nod ot bo|ng
sta|kod botoro tho|r doaths.
l a|so thought sad|y ot A||on's |ost prom|so-at ono t|mo ho cou|d havo boon an O|ymp|c d|vor. l roca||od h|s yoarbook p|cturo and photos ot h|m
trom jun|or h|gh schoo| and tho 10b0s whon ho was a ||toguard at 1ho l|ungo. A c||pp|ng portrayod a vory s||m young man, 180 pounds, about to
|oap trom a d|v|ng board. lo|gh had boon t|t and handsomo, |ook|ng oor||y ||ko tho t|rst compos|to skotch ot Zod|ac. ln tho t|mo botwoon tho murdor
ot lau| 3t|no and h|s t|rst |ntorv|ow w|th 1osch| and Vu|anax, A||on had ga|nod so much wo|ght, h|s taco had bocomo so ow|-||ko, ho was comparod
to rotund 3ur| lvos tho to|ks|ngor-but A||on was st||| ro|at|vo|y young and lvos had boon an o|d man. As |t was, thoso days A||on was just gott|ng by
on h|s $b00-a-month d|sab|||ty chocks.
Wodnoaday, Fobruary 18, 1001
NuniciaI Judgo F. lau| 0acoy, 1r., va||ojo-3on|c|a, grantod a soarch warrant (#1070) tor A||on's homo at 82 |rosno 3troot and tho boat storod
at 1b4b 3roadway.
1huraday, Fobruary 14, 1001
Conway and hia mon sorvod tho warrant-rappod at tho door and stood oxpoctant|y |n tho br|sk morn|ng a|r. 1ho door oponod and an army ot
cops ontorod. Attor a|| thoso yoars, at |ast thoy wou|d t|na||y soo what was |n that dank tomb ot a basomont.
tho aoarch
1huraday, Fobruary 14, 1001
|'m a nico guy,' sa|d A||on.
What |t l can provo you'ro a moan guy?' sa|d Conway.
lt you had somoth|ng on mo, you'd chargo mo,' A||on sa|d p|ac|d|y. |o |oanod on h|s cano. ||s oyos, hoav||y ||ddod, shono a |ustrous brown
bonoath a mass|vo brow-squ|rro|'s oyos. lo|gh's dog, 3ob|o, was at h|s toot. Conway pu||od out a cha|r and conductod tho |ntorv|ow upsta|rs
whoro lo|gh's paronts, 3orn|co and Ethan, had ||vod. 3cattorod a|| about h|m, ho saw tho dusty ant|quos and momontos ot |ong-ago gont|||ty.
lrosont|y, a young woman was ront|ng th|s uppor t|oor wh||o lo|gh ox||od h|mso|t to tho basomont. lo|gh, howovor, kopt somo ot h|s c|othos,
|nc|ud|ng shoos, |n tho upsta|rs back bodroom. 1horo was a rocord p|ayor |n tho upsta|rs d|n|ng room and downsta|rs bodroom, and many rocords
and accossor|os. |o had a 3harp 1v and a 3harp v|doo rocordor. |o had a socond v|doo camora, |onsos, a b|ack v|doo convort|b|o rocordor and
storoo adaptor, and many, many tapos. 1horo was a |ot ot pot oqu|pmont.
As ho probod, Conway |oarnod ||tt|o th|ngs-lo|gh was a gourmot cook. ||s sausago-mak|ng oqu|pmont was kopt on a h|gh sho|t |n h|s
bodroom. A hard-bound sausago book and supp||os (sp|cos, cas|ngs, otc.) woro |n tho |aundry room pantry. 1ho sho|vos ho|d numorous cook-
books. |o otton pr|ntod out roc|pos tor h|s tr|onds, and onjoyod purposo|y m|sspo|||ng words on on thoso roc|po cards. Wo cont|rmod th|s through
h|s brothor and othor ro|at|vos, that ho d|d thoso m|sspo|||ngs on purposo,' Conway to|d mo |ator. lt wasn't by acc|dont. |o'd wr|to roc|pos, tor
oxamp|o, and ho'd spo|| 'oggs'-|nstoad ot 'oggs,' ho'd spo|| |t 'a|gs.' And that was |ntont|ona|, just to got a chuck|o out ot poop|o who wou|d road |t.
|o d|d that cons|stont|y, do|ng that w|th a|| k|nds ot th|ngs.'
As thoy d|scussod h|s h|gh |nto|||gonco, A||on bocamo t||ppant. Oh, no!' ho sa|d w|th a |augh. l'm not g|ttod.' lator, |n a to|ov|s|on |ntorv|ow on
K1vU-1v, ho doscr|bod h|mso|t oxact|y that way. l om g|ttod.' l don't boozo anymoro,' ho sa|d, and adm|ttod h|s h|gh dogroo ot mochan|ca| ab|||ty.
l go to oxcoss w|th anyth|ng.'
Conway and 3awart doscondod |nto A||on's dark and droary basomont. lt was a|most musoum-||ko,' sa|d a dotoct|vo. lt |t woro a musoum, thon
thoy m|ght torrot out ro||cs ot Zod|ac's past. 1ho dotoct|vo's notos, |n |onghand, statod: vory dusty + c|uttorod. 3ooks stampod w/3's namo. 0ust
ovorywhoro.' 1horo was an Amana troozor and rotr|gorator, Vaytag washor and dryor, and camp|ng and t|sh|ng goar. Conway's mon unoarthod
tour boxos ot v|dootapos, a box ot aud|o roo| tapos, and ono cassotto rocordor |n tho basomont. 1hoy p|ayod a tow soconds ot oach ot tho tapos,
thon oxchangod stunnod |ooks. 1hoy c||mbod tho sta|rs and sat down and p|ayod a tapo tor A||on. 3croams ot pa|n t|||od tho room. Attor tho
rocordod cr|os coasod, Conway snappod tho mach|no ott. 1horo was a |ong pauso.
1hat's mo,' lo|gh sa|d.
0o|ng what?'
3pank|ng a young boy.'
A young boy who was to|gn|ng pa|n. l t|nd |t soxua||y st|mu|at|ng,' ho sa|d w|thout ombarrassmont. l adm|t to bo|ng a soxua| dov|ant. l do got
soxua| p|oasuro, cruo| p|oasuro, trom sad|st|c pornography.' |o not|cod tho |nvost|gators star|ng at h|m. Wo||, thoro's a |ot ot romorso tor ya,' ho
1ho samo k|nd ot scroams woro on othor tapos-tho cr|os ot yot unknown v|ct|ms? lt was d|tt|cu|t to to|| |t a|| woro k|ds, though that |n |tso|t was
cr|m|na| onough. 3o |ntatuatod w|th ch||dron was A||on that ho soomod unab|o to stay away trom thom ovon though |t m|ght moan bo|ng sont back to
lt l was Zod|ac,' ho sa|d omot|ona||y, l'd want to got |t ott my chost. Zod|ac wou|d bo judgod crazy. . . . Zod|ac doosn't ||ko to k|||. l'd rathor bo
doad than go to Atascadoro. l can't bo thoro. l hatod tho |ack ot troodom at Atascadoro-tho crazy poop|o. 1hoy p|ay m|nd gamos w|th you thoro.'
1ho soarch tor tho smok|ng gun cont|nuod. Among tho cobwobbod and yo||owod c||pp|ngs |n tho basomont, po||co torrotod out a co|umn by
3upor|or Court 1udgo 1homas l. |oa|y that lo|gh had sn|ppod short|y attor h|s ro|oaso trom Atascadoro. 1udgo |oa|y's lnsan|ty 0otonso,' an
updato ot tho Cr|m|na| lnsan|ty l|oa as a dotonso, had run |n tho Vo||ojo looopooooot Pross on 1anuary 10, 1070. |oa|y had c|tod loop|o v. 0row
as a rodot|n|t|on ot tho |oga| concopt ot madnoss. 1ho V'laghton lu|o, |ntroducod |n Eng|and |n 1848, |mposos a |oga| d|st|nct|on tor judg|ng |oga|
|nsan|ty-roqu|ros o|thor that an ottondor not know what ho was do|ng at tho t|mo ho comm|ttod a cr|mo, or not know |t was wrong or was undor a
do|us|on. Obv|ous|y, such a dotonso t|gurod |nto any stratogy A||on wou|d uso |t ovor tr|od and conv|ctod as Zod|ac. low York's 3on ot 3am, 0av|d
3orkow|tz, sontoncod to 81b yoars at Att|ca, attorward adm|ttod ho had takod h|s |nsan|ty. 1ho soarchors d|scovorod m|sco||anoous papors and
nows c||ps about Zod|ac. Among thom woro sovora| cop|os ot 1082 od|t|ons ot tho 7lmos-loro|o and tho 5oo lrooclsco Cbroolc|o that conta|nod
Zod|ac stor|os. 0otoct|vos so|zod two cop|os ot tho Vo||ojo 7lmos-loro|o datod 1uno, 8, 1082, and a Cbroolc|o trom 1uno 0 ot that samo yoar.
Conway obsorvod that though lo|gh d|d a |ot ot ta|k|ng, ho roa||y novor sa|d anyth|ng. 1horo's so many ||os l caught h|m |n,' sa|d Conway, h|s
dony|ng th|ngs d|dn't havo any ro|ovanco anymoro. 1ho |ast |ottor that's attr|butod to tho Zod|ac was a coup|o ot months attor ho got out ot tho
Atascadoro 3tato |osp|ta|. 1horo woro no |ottors whatsoovor dur|ng tho t|mo ho was |n Atascadoro 3tato |osp|ta|.'
lo|gh don|od any |nvo|vomont |n tho Zod|ac murdors, but road||y adm|ttod that 3orgoant lynch had quost|onod h|m |n oar|y Octobor ot 1000. l
had p|annod to go to 3orryossa on that dato,' ho sa|d, but l changod my m|nd and wont to tho ocoan |nstoad.' |o sa|d noth|ng moro about tho
no|ghbor who had w|tnossod h|m roturn|ng homo tho day ot tho stabb|ngs. lor d|d ho mont|on tho no|ghbor's doath by corobra| thrombos|s-
mass|vo' sovontoon days |ator. Accord|ng to Conway, lo|gh was vory am|ab|o, ca|m, and cooporat|vo throughout tho |ntorv|ow.' 3ut dotoct|vos
brought up a mounta|n ot woapons trom tho basomont. Got a |oad ot th|s,' ono sa|d as thoy unoarthod a lugor .22 rovo|vor w|th s|x ||vo rounds. A
.22 rovo|vor. A lugor .44 3|ackhawk and t|vo rounds. A Co|t .82 automat|c and sovon rounds. A lom|ngton .22 short-ca||bor r|t|o, a 3tovons modo|
88b 12-gaugo doub|o-barro| shotgun, and a W|nchostor Vodo| b0 20-gaugo automat|c shotgun. W|nchostor 3upor, and m|sco||anoous ammun|t|on
tor .82-, .22-, .44-, and .80-ca||bor guns. A .22 automat|c c||p w|th throo rounds. A Var||n .22 r|t|o w|th a scopo. An ln|and .80-ca||bor r|t|o. 3|nco
A||on was an ox-to|on, possoss|on ot t|roarms was |||oga|.
1hon camo a b|ggor t|nd-Capta|n Conway's mon d|scovorod tour p|po bombs, a pr|mor cord, and sovon |mpact dov|cos (la||way 1orpodo).
1hoy torrotod out ono can ot b|ack powdor, part|a||y tu||, and somo Euroarms .44-ca||bor b|ack powdor, #188b7 var|oty. 1hoy rotr|ovod tho to||ow|ng:
two satoty tusos (groon, two ro||s oach, 08/ toot) and two ro||s ot orango satoty tusos, n|no non-o|octr|c b|ast|ng caps, two ono-|nch ga|van|zod
p|pos w|th ono ond cap, t|vo p|po throad compounds, s|x p|po v|sos.
lns|do a cardboard box thoy |ocatod bott|os ot potass|um n|trato, groon satoty tuso, two bott|os ot su|tur, two g|ass bott|os ot b|ack mator|a|, and
m|sco||anoous t|roworks. Yoars |ator, l wou|d t|nd myso|t ono day on tho ch|||y s|opos ot l|nco|n, Vontana, at tho Unabombor's t|ny cab|n. 3hort|y
attor Kaczynsk|'s arrost, po||co rocovorod |toms trom tho cab|n |dont|ca| w|th A||on's basomont chom|ca|s and t|r|ng dov|cos. 1hoy ovon unoarthod
a box conta|n|ng t|roworks.
l novor |ott bombs |n my basomont,' lo|gh ma|nta|nod.
Wo||, wo tound somo,' sa|d Conway.
l d|dn't ovon know thoy woro thoro.'
l|ston,' sa|d Conway. Wo havo your t|ngorpr|nts on tho p|po bombs undor your houso.'
lo, you don't,' ho sa|d w|th a sm||o. An ox-con |ott thom thoro n|no, ton yoars ago. |o's boon doad tor yoars.'
Conway was |ator askod, 0|d you |n tact t|nd t|ngorpr|nts?'
lot mo answor that th|s way,' ho sa|d. A||on t|rst don|od hav|ng any know|odgo whatsoovor ot any bombs ox|st|ng |n h|s basomont, and whon wo
to|d h|m ot h|s t|ngorpr|nts on tho bombs-wh|ch thoro wasn't, by tho way, thon ho had an oxp|anat|on ot how ho was c|oan|ng up tho basomont and
movod thom trom ono spot to anothor. 1hat's tho k|nd ot stutt wo wont through w|th h|m a|| tho t|mo.' A||on sa|d that tho bombs had boon storod
thoro ton yoars ago, wh|ch wou|d havo boon 1081, a dozon yoars attor Zod|ac braggod about a doath mach|no |n h|s co||ar. lnvost|gators rootod out
a Z|ppo ||ghtor w|th 0. E. 3randon' ongravod on |t. 3randon apparont|y was tho namo ot tho ox-conv|ct who had a||ogod|y |ott tho bombs, and ho
was vory much a||vo. 1ho |3l |ator spoko w|th tho ox-con. |o don|od hav|ng |ott sovora| bombs |n a tr|ond's basomont yoars ago.'
loxt thoy showod A||on a p|oco ot yo||ow, ||nod papor. lt conta|nod a monu tor mak|ng bombs. Who cou|d torgot that Zod|ac, on lovombor 0,
1000, had c|a|mod tho doath mach|no' wa|tod |n h|s basomont:
1ako ono bag ot ammon|um n|trato
tort|||zor 8 1 ga| ot stovo o|| 8
dump a tow bags ot gravo| on
top 8 thon sot tho sh|t ott
8 w||| pos|t|v|y vonta|ato any
th|ng that shou|d bo |n tho way
ot tho b|ast.
1ho doath mach|no |s a|| roady
mado. l wou|d havo sont you
p|cturos but you wou|d nasty
onough to traco thom back to
dovo|opor 8 thon to mo, so l
sha|| doscr|bo my mastorp|oco
to you. 1ko n|co part ot |t |s
a|| tho parts can bo bought on
tho opon markot w|th no quost
|ons askod.
1 bat. pow c|ock-w||| run tor
approx 1 yoar
1 photoo|octr|c sw|tch
2 coppor |oat spr|ngs
20v car bat
1 t|ash ||ght bu|b and rot|octor
1 m|rror
2 18 cardboard tubos b|ack w|th
shoo po||sh |ns|do and outo
tho systom chocks out trom ono
ond to tho othor |n my
tosts. What you do not know
|s whothor tho doath mach|no
|s at tho s|ght or whothor
|t |s bo|ng storod |n my
basomont tor tuturo uso.

l'vo novor soon that p|oco ot papor botoro,' A||on sa|d. l'vo novor soon thoso documonts botoro.' Conway addod tho yo||ow papor to h|s bounty.
0ur|ng most ot tho quost|on|ng lo|gh was ovas|vo, |oan|ng on h|s cano and sm|||ng. And ho was woar|ng a Zod|ac 3oa Wo|t Watch #20804-
anothor vors|on ot tho ono ho had worn at tho rot|nory twonty |ong yoars ago. Conway baggod |t noxt and put |t w|th tho yo||ow papor. 1hoy took
away ono cardboard box wrappod |n a brown p|ast|c bag w|th Vrs. E. W. A||on' pr|ntod on a |abo|. 1hon |nvost|gators d|scovorod a |ottor trom tho
0opartmont ot 1ust|co s|gnod by 1|m 3||vor say|ng that lo|gh was not tho Zod|ac k|||or.
3awart and Conway know A||on had torgod th|s |ottor. 1|m 3||vor to|d mo how A||on was work|ng |n tho pr|nt shop at Atascadoro, that was ono ot
h|s jobs,' sa|d 3awart. What a dov|ous m|nd. Wo tound a |ottor that |nd|catod |t was trom lnvost|gator 3||vor at tho 0O1. lt sa|d A||on had passod
tho po|y oxam and shou|d not bo cons|dorod as a suspoct |n tho Zod|ac caso. A||on ma|nta|nod that tho |ottor was authont|c. 3ubsoquont|y, ho
adm|ttod that ho had pr|ntod th|s |ottor wh||o work|ng |n tho pr|nt shop at Atascadoro. Wo a|so tound tho mastor tor th|s |ottor. 1ho torgod |ottor was
takon |n our soarch ot A||on's homo and not roturnod.'
1hoy dug up ono 3oars o|octr|c and ono portab|o Royo| moooo| typowrltor . ln 1000, Zod|ac had ma||od tho woakost ot many carbon cop|os,
mak|ng a match to a spoc|t|c mach|no doubttu|. l|vors|do po||co know tho mako, howovor-a loya| portab|o. 1ho |ottor Vorr||| bo||ovod Zod|ac
typod |n l|vors|do had boon dono on just such a typowr|tor. |owovor, s|nco Conway d|d not bo||ovo Zod|ac had boon |nvo|vod |n tho 3atos murdor,
|t ho|d no part|cu|ar |ntorost tor h|m. 1hoy rootod out a sma|| t|ash||ght-Zod|ac had sa|d that ho tapod a pon||ght to tho barro| ot h|s gun to g|vo h|m
an o|octron|c gun s|ght. 1hoy torrotod out a hunt|ng kn|to w|th a handmado shoath and r|vots-at lako 3orryossa Zod|ac had worn a hunt|ng kn|to |n
a shoat studdod w|th r|vots.
Friday, Fobruary 15, 1001
On tho aocond day ot tho soarch, po||co spadod up tho yard, rootod through an o|d gardon, and soarchod tho garago at tho roar. 1horo thoy tound
a |ob|o Cat catamaran and |ts tra||or, a 1horomo gas gr|||, a sta|n|oss-stoo| rot|ssor|o, powor too|s, spray oqu|pmont, lorta-lowor (wh|ch lo|gh
ca||od tho jaws ot ||to). A||on roma|nod coo| and co||octod. lt tho cat was not out ot tho bag botoro, |t corta|n|y was now. lo|ghbors cou|d hard|y
ovor|ook tho mass|vo po||co prosonco and tho roason thoy woro thoro. 1ho pross cou|d not bo tar boh|nd. 0otoct|vos soarchod ovory book on
lo|gh's sho|vos a|ong tho co||ar wa||, shak|ng tho pagos to soo what t|uttorod out. 1hoy woro most|y boat|ng and av|at|on pub||cat|ons and books.
1ho dotoct|vos rummagod through h|s porsona| bo|ong|ngs, rocords, and journa|s, |ook|ng tor a socrot d|ary or photographs.
An oxp|anat|on tor why somoono ||ko Zod|ac cou|d bo at tho murdor s|to tor on|y a short t|mo and yot havo dota||s,' 0r. lundo to|d mo, ono way
|s that a porson takos photographs and stud|os thom at tho|r |o|suro whon thoy got homo. ln that way thoy wou|d bo ab|o to g|vo dota||od
doscr|pt|ons ot c|oth|ng and yot got away trom tho murdor scono tast.' At ono t|mo a suspoct |n tho Zod|ac caso who workod tor tho po||co had
p||torod photos ot somo ot tho bod|os. Kompor, at h|s tr|a|, pr|dod h|mso|t on h|s mot|cu|ous dota||, romombor|ng namos, agos, doscr|pt|on ot
c|oth|ng, bod|os, and |ocat|ons, a|most as |t ho had a t|xat|on to roca|| spoc|t|cs. l|ko vachor tho l|ppor, onco thoy approhondod h|m tor ono k||||ng,
ho contossod to a|| tho othors |n an ottort to d|smay tho po||co, tak|ng |ov|ng caro |n h|s dota||od doscr|pt|ons.
3awart got a bu||d|ng |nspoctor, who |ookod around and was sat|st|od thoro was noth|ng h|ddon. 3omot|mo attor 1000 whon Chonoy v|s|tod,
A||on had bu||t a k|tchonotto |n tho basomont that cou|d havo concoa|od |toms. lt ho bu||t that, ho cou|d havo just as oas||y bu||t compartmonts. A||on
was known to h|do th|ngs |n that houso. Unknown to tho po||co, whon lon and lo|gh woro youngor, thoy usod to mako tho|r own homo brow and
h|do |t undor tho houso. Chonoy oxp|a|nod that thoro was an aroa undor tho ma|n ||v|ng aroa whoro you cou|d bond down and wa|k |n thoro and |t
prov|dod h|d|ng p|acos.
ln tho ond po||co tound no ov|donco |n tho yard, garago, or basomont ty|ng lo|gh A||on to Zod|ac. 1hoy wont ovor to 1b4b 3roadway and
soarchod tho boat on |ts tra||or. Aga|n, thoy d|scovorod noth|ng. l tound a|| tho tormu|as,' 3awart sa|d ot tho basomont soarch, oxact|y tho samo as
tho tormu|as Zod|ac sa|d ho was go|ng to m|x up . . . tort|||zor bombs-tormu|as tor ammon|a n|trato and stovo-o|| bombs-and a|| that. l oxpoctod
to t|nd moro, qu|to trank|y, but l d|dn't. 1horo roa||y wasn't a smok|ng gun.' Conway took tho most |ntorost|ng |toms |nto h|s custody, among thom
ma||-ordor cata|og pagos rogard|ng bombs, booby traps, and guns.' Zod|ac's lovombor 0, 1000, |ottor had |nd|catod that h|s k||||ng too|s woro
bought through ma|| ordor. latura||y, A||on wasn't woar|ng h|s Zod|ac watch as ho wavod good-byo bocauso Conway had takon |t w|th h|m. 1hat
3w|ss watch, manutacturod by a company dat|ng back to 1882, was a koy to tho caso. Othors thought so too.
A soaman, Kov|n Vooro, wroto mo trom 3aud| Arab|a: A tow months back, l saw an advort|somont tor Zod|ac watchos |n a |oca| storo. 1h|s |n
my m|nd |s too much ot a co|nc|donco, ospoc|a||y tho tact that tho|r |ogo |s oxact|y ||ko Zod|ac's! l had novor hoard ot tho watch unt|| l saw th|s ad,
and that |n |tso|t |s a c|uo bocauso l don't th|nk |t |s that common ot a watch.' A man to||ow|ng 3andy 3otts, a cockta|| wa|tross at tho Coronado lnn,
whoro 0ar|ono |orr|n ||kod to danco, had worn such an unusua| watch. Zod|ac,' sho to|d mo, got h|s namo trom tho c|ub noar 3acramonto ca||od
Zod|ac and tboo tound tho watch. |avo you soon tho caso tho Zod|ac watch comos |n? 1ho s|gn |s tho [crossod c|rc|o| and |t's |n a rod sat|n caso. l
tound |t |n a w|ndow ot somo usod storo |n Concord, Ca||torn|a, about 107b.'
3ut tho po||co soarch had not boon comp|oto|y untru|ttu|. 0otoct|vos had |oarnod moro about tho|r suspoct. 1hoy doducod trom a c||pp|ng that |t
A||on was ovor put on tr|a| as Zod|ac, ho |ntondod to uso an |nsan|ty dotonso. Attor thoy |ott, lo|gh wroto to tr|onds that ho oxpoctod to bo arrostod
any day and roturnod to Atascadoro. lo||co |ntondod to uso lo|gh's anx|oty about Atascadoro to tho|r advantago. low Conway and 3awart know
Arthur lo|gh A||on droadod pr|son moro than tho po||co.
1huraday, Fobruary 28, 1001
PoIico roarod with tho |3l tor a socond |ntorv|ow w|th A||on. 1ho |3l had dono an ana|ys|s ot tho va|ont|no's 0ay soarch and quost|on|ng. ln
tho|r noxt d|scourso w|th lo|gh ono ot tho dotoct|vos wou|d bo ass|gnod to push corta|n buttons. 1ho hammor was to bo A||on's possoss|on ot
bombs.' V|ko la||, 0|str|ct Attornoy ot 3o|ano County, t||od a mot|on to bo corta|n that |ntormat|on conta|nod w|th|n tho soarch att|dav|t and roturn
bo soa|od. |o and 0oputy 0|str|ct Attornoy |arry 3. K|nn|cut wroto that:
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