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Monthly Plan Teacher (Write full name) Mara Elena Caldern Segura School: Francisco Villa Month March

Unit __4/A__

Grade (Do a planner per grade) _3rd___

Social Practice (Use it, as it appears in the Syllabus): Listen to and express immediate practical needs Specific Competency (Use it, as it appears in the Syllabus): Identify and understand expressions to get what one wants or needs from others Achievement ( Its outcomes cannot be modified, replaced or deleted): Uses non-verbal language to identify needs or requests expressed by others. Writes expressions and short sentences. Reads expressions aloud. Recognizes words that express needs or desires. Done! Environment: (Familiar and community, educational and academic, or literary and ludic) Familiar and community Product (Use the Syllabus' products. Distribute its stages, week by week, until accomplish them): Best wishes cards Decide on the number of classmates that will receive a card. Write sentences expressing best wishes, based on a model. Check that the writing of the sentences is complete and does not present letter omissions, replacements or alterations. Write the final version of the sentences on a card, illustrate it and write the name of the classmate that will receive it. Read aloud the message of the card to practice pronunciation. Deliver the card to the classmate or classmates to whom it is addressed. Done! Class Types of Contents. Didactic sequence. Purpose of the class. Doing Knowing Being Students will present their Solar System (3rd A)and the Dinosaum,r Worldkj (3rd B). In pairs, students will answer questions about their works.

Assessment Tool: rubric I will show and named some flashcards about specific situations, such as a fire, traffic, medical emergency and an assault, this is a picture of the traffic in the city and paste them on the board. Then I will show them flashcards of different professions, and ask: Who helps in a fire? Some students will pass to the front and paste it on the correct flashcard. Students will repeat the complete sentence i.e. Who helps in a fire? the firefighter. I will provide students an individual memory game, about professions (the pair consists in a question i.e. Who helps during traffic? And the draw of a transit police), they will color and cut the memory game and play with their classmates Assessment tool: check list Students will play Simon says, Ill say: Simon says: be

a firefighter! Students will mimic what a firefighter does, and so on with the rest of the professions. EXAM

Assessment tool: check list/To record exam's scores? I will present students an emergency situation that involves the previous professions with different flashcards (hospital, ambulance, doctor, patient, firefighter, etc.,), students some students will pass to the front to write the correct professions. In this session the situation will be focus on the police, the operator and the victim. I will write on the board: What happened here? Do you need help? Yes please, my house is on fire! I will call 911 Good afternoon, whats your emergency? We need the firefighters, a house is on fire Okay. Whats your address? Is Do you need anything else? We need an ambulance too Okay sir, the ambulance and the firefighter will arrive soon. After listening and reading the dialogue, students will role play it. Assessment tool: check list This session will continue with previous emergency situation, but in this will add the firefighter, the paramedic, the traffic police and the doctor. INSERT DIALOGUE Ill point out a student and tell him/her that Im in an emergency situation (acting if Im speaking on the phone) and I need one of the professional flashcards: Hello, there is a fire on the street, that student has to find the flashcard with the correct profession and bring it to me. Assessment tool: check list Students will work on their workbooks. From page 48 to page 51. One of the principal reasons of using this session for answering exercises from their workbooks is because children want to work with them, as well as I think that this is a good way to assess students. Assessment tool:ACTIVITY BOOK Ill show students different types of greetings cards, and some flashcards with the following information: Take care of your leg! Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas! Happy Easters! Enjoy your day! Good Luck! Thank you for your help! Students will pass to the front and will paste the flashcards on the greeting card. Then, Ill turn the flashcards face off and they will play memory game. Ill tell students to write their names in strips of paper, ask them to fold the paper to hide the name and put them in a bag. Each student will take a name out of the

bag, and they will keep it in secret, but Ill take control of it. They are going to send a best wishes card to the student whose name is on the piece of paper. They will decide what kind of cards are going to send. When they finished, will compare the cards. Assessment tool: check list Students will play Shark with the previous vocabulary. Students will match messages with the type of card i.e. Congratulations! Birthday Hope you are feeling better! Get well Ill show students different rhymes, from different types of greetings, first they will write what they think is the correct word then; they will listen to and check for the correct answers. Students will continue working on their Best Wishes Cards, Ill write on the board the following message: This card is for a very good friend: ___________! Students will copy and complete the message from the board onto their cards (check to make sure they copied the message correctly, including the name of the recipient). They will pass to the front, read the message, and give the cards to the person it was written for. Assessment tool: check list Ill present a song; students will listen to the song and will repeat it line by line. They will identify what kind of greeting is the song about. Ill explain students that it is appropriate to write a thank you card after someone has helped you, after you have receive a present. Students will send a thank you card to the classmate who sent them their card. Ill write the following model on the board: Dear _________, Thank you so much for your best wishes card. I wish you the very same. Love ________. Have students copy the model and tell them to design their thank you card. Students will exchange their cards. Assessment tool: check list Group's day out to Marinela Factory

10 Group's day out to a Farm 11 Holyday 12 Assessment Instruments:

(If you didn't accomplish the Unit's aims, continue the following month. Add a brief explanation in notes).

The first session is the last class of the previous lesson plan from unit 3B/You make me happy, Teacher! Congrats! =)

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