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A. FEES ( The Language Centre reserves the right to change fees as required.)
1. English Program Application 2. University Undergraduate Application 3. Tuition for a 10-week English course a. Tuition Deposit for each term b. Tuition Balance (per week) 4 One-time Housing Placement 5. Homestay Occupancy (71 day period) 6. Homestay daily rate 7. Homestay Damage Deposit
$ 150 (Payable by the Application Deadline. Non-refundable) $ 90 (Payable by the Application Deadline. Non-refundable) $ 3,100 (Tuition Deposit plus Tuition Balance) $ 400 (Non-refundable after the Final Payment Deadline) $ 270 (Payable by the Final Payment Deadline) $ 275 (Payable by the Final Payment Deadline. Non-refundable.) $1,800 (Payable by the Final Payment Deadline) $ 24 (Payable for each day beyond 71 days in a single term). $ 400 (Payable by the Final Payment Deadline. Refundable if conditions allow).

1. APPLICATION DEADLINE: By this date you must send in the complete Application Package and appropriate fees. Required items: English Program Application Form, English Program Application Fee, Tuition Deposits for all terms of English requested, Application Form and
Application Fee for undergraduate admission (Pathway applicants only), transcripts for academic admission (Pathway applicants only).

2. FINAL PAYMENT DEADLINE: Contact the Language Centre to confirm your plans by this date.
This is the date by which you must either CONFIRM your registration and pay fees; or, DEFER to the next term; or, CANCEL your registration. To confirm registration (a) pay the Tuition Balance for your first term of study ($2,700), the Housing Placement Fee ($275), the Homestay Occupancy Fee ($1,800), and the Homestay Security Deposit ($400); and, (b) provide a copy of your visa for entry to Canada and your arrival information. Students who must DEFER to a later term can have their Housing Placement Fee ($275) transferred to a later term one time at no additional cost.

If you do not communicate with us about your plans by the Final Payment Deadline we will automatically cancel your space in both the English program and homestay. The Tuition Deposit and the Homestay Placement Fee will be forfeited unless proof is provided within 30 days that you have been denied documents necessary for entry to Canada. If you wish to study in a later term it will be necessary to make a new application.

C. CONDITIONAL ADMISSION to U of S undergraduate study through the Language Centre

1. If you meet the academic requirements you may be admitted to the university if you present evidence of English proficiency
(IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL iBT 80: minimum scores of Reading-19, Writing-18, Speaking-18, Listening-19).

2. If you meet the academic requirements but do not meet the language requirement for admission to undergraduate degree programs you may be granted
Conditional Admission to Arts & Science or Agriculture & Bioresources after you register for full time English study in the U of S Language Centre. If you withdraw from the the Language Centre English program before you pass U Prep 2, your acceptance to the university will be cancelled.

3. Applicants will normally receive two Letters of Acceptance (one for the English program and another for a degree program).

1. Send a complete application containing all the required fees, forms and documents for both the undergraduate and English programs to the Language Centre Registrar. The Language Centre will register you for ESL and then will send your academic application to International Admissions. 2. APPLICATION PAYMENT REQUIRED: Pay $ 640 to apply for both English and undergraduate study. - English Program Application Application Fee $ 150 - Tuition Deposit for the first term of English study $ 400 - U of S undergraduate application fee $ 90 (Pathway applicants only) 3. To apply only for undergraduate program: See the requirements at http://explore.usask.ca/admission/

1. During your first term you are asked to live with a homstay family. If you want to make your own housing arrangements or live in a University Residence you must complete and submit the Homestay Exemption Form. 2. You must complete the Personal Profile section of the Program Application package. 3. You have until the Final Payment Deadline to pay the non-refundable Housing Placement fee of $275. This fee can be transferred once to a later term if you need to defer your attendance but it is non-refundable unless your application for a visa is denied. 4. BENEFITS OF HOMESTAY - Homestays provide airport pickup, all meals and are less expensive than other options. - A homestay provides a safe environment that helps you to succeed in your English studies. - Life in a homestay gives students support and assistance as they begin their adjustment to Canadian culture. - Living with Canadians increases opportunities for students to discuss and develop understanding of many aspects of Canadian life. - Homestay life provides the privacy of a single bedroom within a friendly family setting. - Living with a family gives students daily practice in English in the comfortable surroundings of a Canadian home.


1. In cases of Conditional Admission to a university degree program students will receive two separate letters: one from the Language Centre and another from the University's International Admissions Office. 2. It is the student's responsibility to make all arrangements to obtain a Study Permit early enough to allow for travel to Canada for the starting date of the course. 3. The Letters of Acceptance issued by the International Admissions Office and the Language Centre should be used as proof of acceptance when applying for the Study Permit. The university is not able to provide any other help to students in obtaining a Study Permit.

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