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RS-232/422/485 - IP Converter
RS-232/422/485 serial line - IP converter on TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocol based Ethernet. Built-in virtual serial port support. RS-485 question-answer communication support.

Basic features
1x serial port RS-232/422/485 serial port accessible over Ethernet The remote port can be controlled with the Virtual serial port driver (ezVSP) Intuitive and simple configuration software for Windows 10 Mbit/s Ethernet interface - RJ 45 10BASE-T. Power: 9 24VDC The device can be configured in 2 ways: Local RS232 (serial terminal) configuration Simple windows software using UDP Broadcast Serial interface parameters: 2400..115.200 Bd, 7/8/9 bit communication Wide RS-485 question-answer communication support in the UDP/IP mode. Programming libraries for MS Visual Basic, MS Visual C++, Delphi, JAVA... LED indication of the operation and communication

Typpical applications
A typical application is remote access to a technology controlled over RS-232 or RS-485. Another possible application is prolonging the RS-232 line over Ethernet.

Application examples
Card readers, RFID Bar code readers PBX accounting systems Power supply remote control Home Automation Elevator and Building control Display systems Fire and Security alarms Electronic key systems Vending machines Data recorders PLC Networks, SCADA Industrial machines CNC machines Chemical and gas units Remote equipment management

System topology

TCP/IP Server [Client -> Server] iCombox waits as a TCP server until any side (PC or server) opens a TCP connection. When the connection is established, the internal buffered data is sent and then the device allows communication as a standard "terminal server". TCP/IP Client/Server [Server <- Client] The iComBox received serial port data into its internal buffer and tries to send them to the server. It will try to open a connection to the preset IP address and port. If the attempt was unsuccessful, it waits for a second in the TCP Server mode and then tries to open the connection again. UDP/IP The data is transferred in UDP packets, with no delivery notification. The box uses a sophisticated "Paketizer", which allows various condition of what can and what cannot be send from the serial line to Ethernet.

Embedded Integration
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EZLink-200 uses open standards and we can aswer any question regarding the device. Customer applications can be implemented in the device, just contact us and tell us what you Contact: need.