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How to make school fun Good morning to the chairperson, honourable judges, respected time keeper and the


Ladies and gentlemen, It is indeed an honour to be given the chance to stand here in front of you, the audience. My task today, is to show you how to make school fun. According to a teacher of mine, a school is a place where students learn a lot of subjects in a day whereas fun means pleasantly entertaining or providing enjoyment. In other words, my topic today will show you the ways to make our presence at school an enjoyable and exciting one. First, boring classroom lessons should be replaced with other teaching strategies like experiential learning or discovery learning that is equipped with multimedia experience. Subjects that require observation like science should be given ample time for real observation. Students should not be spoon fed with its theoretical aspect while its fun part, the real experience of observing facts in motion is missing. I mean, where have all the fun go? Certainly planting and watching a tree grow is a lot more engaging than reading facts about it in a book. Second, make school building and its compound a fun place for students and teachers. Provide activity rooms, students centre and cafeteria instead of just a canteen. Build an environment that makes all feel welcome and comfortable. Students would certainly love to come if their school looks like a resort or a theme park and not just dull blocks of building and paint. Imagine spending recess between classes in a students centre furnished with sofas, indoor games and computer booths. Its a better experience than staying at home! Third, reduce the number of students in a class. The ideal number of students should be around 15-20. This has long been the practice in prestigious school overseas and schools in developed countries. Students get better attention from teachers and whatever learning theories in practice should be carried out successfully. Fourth, teachers should be encouraged to be creative and produce engaging lessons. Of course it is easy for teachers to produce lessons full of facts and information, but to make students realized why they are doing is another matter. Teachers, who are the beacon of hope for students must give thought provoking lessons that generate students desire to learn. A lesson that touches heart would provoke students inner selves and instil in them the craving for success. Fifth, abolish examination and replace it new set of assessment which put more priorities on attitude and co-curricular activities. After all, we are only human who are made not just with flesh and blood, but a biological creature

with feelings and faith. It is a known fact that many who are not successful in government examination become successful in life later on, simply because they do what they love to do. Such examples are like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and a few others. And sitting for an examination is not one of it! So, my understanding here is, less examination equal more fun! Ladies and gentlemen. Sixth, reduce the number of subjects a student needs to take up. This will reduce the weight of their bags. Dear parents and education officers, have you ever tried carrying your sons or daughters bag all the way from your car to the classroom? I can tell you that it is very heavy, even my schoolbag weighs like a ton of bricks. I remembered an article in the newspaper stated that heavy school bag would strain students back bone and affect their health. Going to school is not much fun when you have to carry a heavy bag all the way from home or up three flights of stairs. In conclusion, school should be a fun place for students where they can learn efficiently and be themselves. And not surrounded by block of buildings and old paint. Thank you for listening.