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Detail of the Representative person (he is also the one who responsible to answer this questionnaire) No Item to ask

1 2 3 4 Products Product Name Your company Name (Brand) Working Band Frequency Band Technology

Configuration 5 Configuration is Daisy Chain, Star or Point-to-point

6 BTS Hotel system is Analog or Digital 7 In case have no enough Fiber optic core, what multiplexing that can be suported Master Unit (MU) 8 Number of carriers can be handled 9 Has POI? 10 Number of RF Input 11 Connector of RF Input 12 Number of Fiber Output 13 Power Max of RF Input (from BTS) 14 Has Coupler? Is it Internal or External 15 Has the BTS hotel system support MCPA? How many watts? 16 Has AGC (to attenuate fiber input)? 17 Number of RU that can be handled 18 Support RF Diversity? 19 Distance of Master Unit - Slave Unit (if any) 20 Distance of Master Unit - Remote Unit 21 22 23 24 Required Fiber Optic connection (MU-RU) Wavelength of Fiber optic output Required Power input? Voltage and power consumption watts) Rack type of MU can fit to 19in/23in rack? And how many Us?

25 Dimension (W x D x H in mm) 26 Required cores per RU with diversity? And without Diversity? Remote Unit (RU) 27 Number of Fiber Input 28 Number of RF Output to Antenna 29 Power output Top of the rack (TOR)

30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43

If support Daisy Chain, what is the max distance from RU to RU? Typical Distance of Remote Unit - Antenna Connector of RF Output Suggested Antenna (outdoor type) Brand and type? Suggested Antenna Ports and Gain? Required Power input? Voltage and watts) Dimension (W x D x H) Is the RU waterproof? What is the IP grade? NMS (Network Maintenance System) Have NMS to control all Master Unit? Name of the apps? Web-based or Desktop application Using HTTP? Or SMNP? Have LMT application to control MU locally (using TCP IP/Serial) Have LMT application to control RU locally (using TCP IP/Serial) What can be done by NMS application?

44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51

Warranty How long is the warranty? What are the items that is covered by warranty? Experience Have any experience in Indonesia? Name the customer. Is it Indoor or outdoor? How many MU and RU you have installed? Have experience in the overseas? Name the country and customer. Is there any white paper or case study? Please provide Road Map How long the spare parts of this product will be supported by your factory?

52 In case there is contract with Mitratel, could you sign off the agreement to support spareparts and technology for agreed years? 53 What is the next generation of this product? 54 When the next Generation will be launched for commercial? 55 Can your product is specialized made for Mitratel? In terms of Band filter/suppression and Power output. Willingnes to do project with Mitratel 48 Are you willing to do Trial with Mitratel without any commitment for max. 6 months? 50 What if your product can not meet our expectation? What you should do? 54 Is your product certified by Dirjen Pos and Telecom (DJPT)? 55 If not, then when you plan to register for certification? (Mitratel will not order any equipments without DJPT certificate) Customer Support 56 Is your company Sole Distributor or Office Representative? 57 If Office Reps, when do you want to appoint local distributor/reseller? Name the month and year. 58 Name the address of your local office. 59 Please provide 1 Resident Expert, contact name and number (must be local people) Pricing 60 How much is your solution for 2 bands (DCS-WCDMA), 3 sectors and 3 antennas (cross polar-diversity), Fiber optic and poles are excluded. 61 Do you support Financing scheme? Back to back payment? 62 If not what is the payment terms? (Mitratel does not offer any Prepayment/Down Payment) Production Lead Time 63 In case we order 10 sites, how long is the lead time? 64 Is that possible if Mitratel wants to put Mitratel Logo on your MU and RU at your cost? Project Team Capability 65 In case we need to do dimensioning, Link Budget and coverage prediction of it, could you provide 1 expert? Name and Contact No. 66 How many installation does your company have? 67 Could you ramp up Installation team to meet target of Mitratel? And how long time you need to ramp up? 68 How many days to install for minimum configuration (Dual Band, 3 sectors, 3 antennas)

Name of Rep Contact No. Contact Email Addr. Example of Answer


Detail GSM DCS WCDMA LTE WiFi Daisy Cain Point to Point Star 800 MHz - 2,700 MHz x x x x x x Analog CWDM or DWDM 16 Carriers Yes 6 input SMA 6 output 23 dBm Yes, Internal in POI Yes, 200 watts Yes 8 RU Yes 100 meter 20,000 meter 100 meter 3,000 meter SingleMode/Multimode 850nm, 1310nm or 1550nm DC 48-60 VDC, 2,000 watts, AC 220 V 19in, 2 Us

Shortest Longest Shortest Longest


mm x mm x mm With Div = 2 cores, Without Div = 1 core

GSM-1 carrier GSM-2 carriers DCS-1 carrier DCS-2 carriers WCDMA-1 carrier WCDMA-2 carrier


6 input 6 output 43 dBm 43 dBm 40 dBm 40 dBm 37 dBm 37 dBm 3,000 meters 2 meter DIN/N-Type xxx, xxx-DCS-15 2 ports, 15 dBi AC 220 VDC, 1,000 watts IP6 minimum Yes, xxx Web-based SMNP Yes, Serial Yes, TCP/IP x x x x x 1 year All spare parts Yes, PT. xxx Outdoor 2 MUs and 10 RUs

Fault Alarm Switch over carrier AGC Setting Power setting Channel configuration

5 years

Yes Triple Band Jun-12 Yes, possible

Yes Report back to factory and rectify problems Master Unit Certificate No Remote Unit Certificate No

Office Representtaive Jun-12 Jalan xxx, xxx -Jakarta Utara Joko, 0812xxxxxx

USD xxx Yes, 70% back-to-back 90 days 8 weeks Yes Possible

Yes, Adrian, 0812xxxxxx Current, 4 teams Yes, need 2 weeks to ramp up 3 days

Mr/Mrs. +62-8

Product-1 Product-2