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Riding Horse in Hand, 15.2hh & Under - The Agricultural Exhibition Cup

1st - Boom Boom Pow/Sonia Ringer

2nd - Island Fling/Malakye Outerbridge

3rd - Bailey's Bay/Sierra Wolffe

4th - Atlantic Dancer/Michael Rodrigues

5th - Ready or Not/Hannah Mallon

6th - Dare 2 Dream/Justus Anderson

Riding Horse in Hand, over 15.2hh - The Island Girl Trophy

1st - Soft Spoken/Melinda DeCosta

2nd - Landtango/Ashley Gibbs

3rd - Gold River/Azaria Smith

4th - Laredo/Carla Stempel

5th - Emerson/Philip Correia

6th - Wanderpreis/Alison Dyer-Fagundo

Riding Horse, 15.2 & Under - The Donald Lindo Cup

1st - Boom Boom Pow/Sonia Ringer

2nd - Cowboy Magic/Melody Smith 3rd - Island Fling/Samantha Armano 4th - Hey Dude/Khaleb Tota 5th - Atlantic Dancer/Michael Rodrigues 6th - Maximus/Hannah Simmons

Western Parade - The Jason Jones Memorial Trophy 1st - random Raider/Daniel Greenslade 2nd - Inwoods's Legacy/Philip Correia 3rd - Cherokee Yankee Dancer/Peter Rego 4th - Reno/Emma Madeiros 5th - Big John/Esther Douglas

Adult Equitation - The Lesley Wylie Trophy 1st - Claire Howard/Just A Rose 2nd- Gina Maughan/Intuition 3rd - Sonia Ringer/Boom Boom Pow 4th - Alison Dyer-Fagundo/Wanderpreis

5th - Michael Rodrigues/Sun Kissed 6th - Melinda DeCosta/Soft Spoken

Riding Horse Over 15.2hh - The Clay Merrell Trophy 1st - Sun Kissed/Vicki Steele 2nd - Soft Spoken/Catrina Sims 3rd - New Moon/Melinda DeCosta 4th - Landtango/Ashley Gibbs 5th - Gold River/Azaria Smith 6th - Wanderpreis/Alison Dyer-Fagundo

Utility Horse - Outright Award 1st - Big John/Esther Douglas 2nd - Itza Miracle/Keira Whited 3rd - Cash For Gold/Jonelle Smith 4th - Dare 2 Dream/Justus Anderson 5th - Just For Kicks/Sasha Kane 6th - Island Fling/Malakye Outerbridge

Western Pleasure, Horses or Ponies - The Angela Darrell Trophy in memory of Jason Jones

1st - Ready Or Not/Michael Rodrigues

2nd - Cash For Gold/Jonelle Smith

3rd - Cowboy Magic/Jenny West

4th - You'll Be Amazed/Lucas Bridges

5th - Tuft Bit O Candy/Mike Watson

6th - The Guardian/Casey Truran

Best Riding Horse in Show - The SPCA Cup

Champion: Boom Boom Pow owned by Mary Frances Gaglio - Reserve: Soft Spoken owned by Michael DeCosta

Horse Jumping 0.95m (3'0") - The Laura May Trophy

1st - Just For Kicks/Sasha Kane

2nd - Hey Dude/Khaleb Tota

3rd - 24 Carrot/Riely Correia

4th - Ready Or Not/Justus Anderson

5th - Kir Royale/Jaime Masters 6th - My Hazel/Dana Adderley

Horse Jumping 1.10m (3'6") - The Hinson Hall Trophy 1st - Emerson/Philip Correia 2nd - Scooby Doo/Michael Rodrigues 3rd - Hey Dude/Khaleb Tota 4th - Just A Rose/Claire Howard 5th - Bailey's Bay/Tyler Lopes 6th - Southern Eclipse/Michael Rodrigues

Horse Jumping 1.15m (3'9") - The Esso Tray 1st - Emerson/Philip Correia 2nd - Southern Eclipse/Michael Rodrigues 3rd - Hey Dude/Khaleb Tota 4th - Esquire/Philip Correia 5th - Just A Rose/Claire Howard 6th - Scooby Doo/Michael Rodrigues