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Definition and Social Function of Spoof Spoof is a text which tells factual story, happened in the past time with unpredictable and funny ending. Its social function is to entertain and share the story. Generic Structure of Spoof 1. Orientation 2. Events 3. Twist Language Feature of Spoof 1. Focusing on people, animals or certain things 2. Using action verb; ate, ran, etc 3. Using adverb of time and place 4. Told in chronological order Example :

Saved by Stilts
The king wanted to test Abu Nawas smartness. So he invited Abu Nawas to the palace. You want me, your Majesty? greeted Abu Nawas. Yes, you have fooled me three times and thats too much. I want you to leave the country. Otherwise you will have to go to jail said the king. If that is what you want, I will do what you said said Abu Nawas sadly. Then Remember, from tomorrow you may not step on the ground of this country anymore the king said seriously. Then Abu nawas left the king palace sadly. The following morning the king ordered his two guards to go to Abu Nawas house. The guards were very surprised found Abu Nawas still in his house. He had not left the country yet. Instead leaving the country, Abu Nawas was swimming in small pool in front of his house. Hey Abu Nawas, why havent you left this country yet? The king ordered you not to step on the ground of this country anymore, didnt he? said the guards. Sure he did answered Abu Nawas calmly. But look at me! Do I step on the ground of this country? No, I do not step on the ground. I am swimming on the water continued Abu Nawas. The guards were not able to argue with Abu Nawas so they left Abu Nawas house and went back to the palace. The guards reported what they had seen to the king. The king was curious on Abu Nawas excuse not to leave the country. Therefore the king ordered his guard to call Abu Nawas to come to the palace. Abu Nawas came to the palace on stilts. The king wondered and said Abu, I will surely punish you because you havent done what I have said. You have not left this country. The King continued And now, look at you. You walk on stilts like a child. Are you crazy? The king pretended to be furious. I remember exactly what you said, Your Majesty Abu Nawas answered calmly. This morning I took a bath in the small pool in my house so that I had not to step on the ground. And since yesterday, I have been walking on this stilts. So you see, Your Majesty, I do not step on the ground of this country. The king was not able to say anything.
(Adapted from S. Hariantos Abu Nawas and King Aaron)

Uploaded by Oka Susila, visit http://susila-besmart.blogspot.com/ Generic Structure Analysis Orientation: Introducing Abu Nawas and the King on the counteracts about leaving and staying in the country Event 1: Abu Nawas was swimming on the pool Event 2: Abu Nawas was walking on the stilts Twister: Abu Nawas explained that swimming in the pool and walking on the stilts meant not stepping on the ground of the country

Nasreddins Coat; a spoof text

One day Nasreddin had been invited to the dinner party. He went to the party by wearing old clothes. When he arrived in the party, nobody looked at him and nobody gave him a seat. He got no food in the party so he went home and change his clothes Next he put on his best clothes. He wore his newest coat and went to the party again. The host at once got up and came to meet him. The host offered him the best table and gave him a good seat and served him the best food Nasreddin sat and put off his coat. He put his coat and said; Eat the food, Coat! the hosts and guests were very surprised and asked Nareddin; What are doing? Nasreddin replied calmly; When I came here with my old clothes, nobody looked at me. Then I went home and put on my best clothes. I came back in my newest coat and you all give me this best food and drink. So, you give food to my coat instead of me. Getting Nasreddin's answer, they just shook the head. Generic Structure Analysis Orientation: one day, Nasreddin was invited to a dinner party Event 1: He was in the party with his old cloth Event 2: He was in the party with his best newest coat Twist: Among the hosts and guests, he aske his coat to eat the served food

Loving Money Too Much; Example of Spoof

There was a man who liked money very much. He worked all of his life and wanted to save all of his money for his own future. He was a real miser when it came to his money. He loved money more than just about anything. Even, just before he died, he said to his wife; "Now listen, when I die, I want you to take all my money and place it in the casket with me. I wanna take my money to the afterlife." So he asked his wife to promise him with all her heart that when he died, she would put all the money in the casket with him. Well, one day, he really died. Then he was stretched out in the casket. The wife was sitting there in black clothes next to her closest friend. When they finished the ceremony, just before the undertakers got ready to close the casket, the wife said "Wait just a minute!" She had a box in her hands. She came over with the box and placed it in the casket. After that the undertakers locked the casket down and rolled it away. Not long after that, her friend said, "I hope you were not crazy enough to put all that money in the casket." The wife turned to her friend and replied; "Yes, because I have promised." Then she continued; "I can't lie. I promised him that I was going to put that money in that casket with him." Feeling shocked, her friend said; "You mean that you have put every cent of his money in the casket with

Uploaded by Oka Susila, visit http://susila-besmart.blogspot.com/ him?" Then the wife answered; "Surely I did. I got it all together, put all the money into my account and I just wrote him a check."

Notice on Generic structure of spoof sample Spoof text is very similar to recount text. Both spoof and recount tell about the past event with chronological order. Its purpose is to amuse reader with funny story. The story mostly is ended with an unpredictable event. The above spoof sample has generic structure as follow: Orientation: It is the introduction of the story. By giving the orientation, reader will recognize, for the first time, who involves in the story.The above story talks about a wife and his husband who loves money too much even up to his death. Events: Several events are explored in chronological way which able to arrange the story read nicely.Promising with her money miser husband, Putting the box inside casket, locking and rolling the casket are the events which build the complete story. Twist: This is the unpredictable event/thing/way which amuse the reader. Readers even did not predict before that it would be. When reading the above story, for the first, readers likely think that the wife would put all the money instead of just a check

The Zoo Job Story

One day a clown was visiting the zoo and attempted to earn some money by making a street performance. He acted and mimed perfectly some animal acts. As soon as he started to drive a crowd, a zoo keeper grabbed him and dragged him into his office. The zoo keeper explained to the clown that the zoo's most popular gorilla had died suddenly and the keeper was fear that attendance at the zoo would fall off. So he offered the clown a job to dress up as the gorilla until the zoo could get another one. The clown accepted this great opportunity. So the next morning the clown put on the gorilla suit and entered the cage before the crowd came. He felt that it was a great job. He could sleep all he wanted, played and made fun of people and he drove bigger crowds than he ever did as a clown. He pretended the gorilla successfully. However, eventually the crowds were tired of him for just swinging on tires. He began to notice that the people were paying more attention to the lion in the next cage. Not wanting to lose the attention of his audience, he decided to make a spectacular performance. He climbed to the top of his cage, crawled across a partition, and dangled from the top to the lion's cage. Of course, this made the lion furious, but the crowd people loved it. At the end of the day the zoo keeper came and gave him a raise for being such a good attraction. Well, this went on for some time, he kept taunting the lion, the audience crowd grew a larger, and his salary kept going up. Then one terrible day happened. When he was dangling over the furious lion, he slipped and fell into the lion cage. The clown was really in big terrible situation. He was terrified. Sooner the lion gathered itself and prepared to pounce. The clown was so scared. He could do nothing and he began to run round and round the cage with the lion close and closer behind. Finally, the lion could catch him. The clown started screaming and yelling, "Help me, help me!", but the lion was quick and pounces. The clown soon found himself flat on his back looking up at the angry lion and suddenly he heard a voice from the lions mouth;"Shut up you idiot! Do you want to get us both fired?".