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A Publication of the Armenian Nursing And Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

, Emerson, NJ
Summer 2007 | July/Aug/Sept

Annual Meeting of ANRC

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Hye Doun

Board Of Trustees
ANDREW TORIGIAN President of the Home and Chairman of the Board of Trustees VATCHE BAGHDIKIAN Vice President DAVID ROWAN Treasurer BERGE TALANIAN Assistant Treasurer KHOREN NALBADIAN Recording Secretary ANNETTE TAMALIANALMOND Corresponding Secretary H. CRAIG FROONJIAN, DMD Ombudsman LYNN BEYLERIAN KNARIG KHATCHADURIANMEYER, Ph. D. Board Members MATTHEW RUSSO, LNHA Administrator JAN MRANI, M.D. Medical Director

The Presidents Message

Andrew Torigian

Hye Doun Editorial Board

Andrew Torigian Chief Editor Louisa Janbazian Editor Matthew Russo Advisor Howard Torossian Photographs and Ads Printed by PRINTSOLUTIONS Englewood, NJ 201.567.9622

Dave has been a board member since 2000, which makes this his third term on the board. He is a Real Estate Executive with Margin Realty in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. He and his wife Stephanie live in nearby Fort Lee, NJ. Dave is the current Treasurer of the ANRC and also serves as its Maintenance and Grounds Chairperson. Dave is best known for his many years of managing and directing the Fathers Day picnic for the ANRC. Annette is also beginning her third term as a board member to the ANRC. Annette is currently the Chairperson of the ANRCs Personnel Committee. A resident of Cliffside Park, Annette has been a President of the Union City Environmental Commission, has worked in law, and has also dedicated her time to Special Education in Ridgefield. She currently works for the Building Department in Cliffside Park, NJ. We welcome these very capable individuals returning to the ANRC Board. We appreciate their continuing contribution toward the success of the ANRC. Let me take this opportunity to thank the ANRC Board of Directors for reelecting me as President and Chairman of the Board of ANRC. I would also like to congratulate our re-elected and new officers of the ANRC. Together, we will continue our commitment to the goal of keeping the ANRC rated number one by the New Jersey Department of Health and Social Services for overall nursing care in Bergen County, NJ. In recognition of the great work being done by our ANRC Administrator, Matt Russo, the ANRC Board of Directors has provided him with a new three-year contract of employment. This is the first time the Board has deemed fit to provide an Administrator of the ANRC a contract of this length. We congratulate Matt and look forward to continued excellence in his service to our residents. Finally, we would like to spread the word that the ANRC is now hiring RNs, LPNs and CNAs. We are in the process of expanding our services and ensuring sufficient staffing for our new building, when it becomes a reality in the near future. q
The Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center sits on three spacious acres nestled in wooded, suburban Emerson, Bergen County, NJ. Our Address is: Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 70 Main Street, Emerson NJ 07630 Phone: 201.261.6662 Fax: 201.261.5509 You are invited to call and make an appointment to discuss the individual needs of your loved one. Directions: By Bus: Port Authority: Bus #165 to Emerson By Car: Exit #165 on Garden State Parkway. Right turn onto Oradell Ave. Left turn onto Kinderkamack Rd. Turn right onto Main St. Follow contours of road. Home on left. From GWB: Take Route 4 to Kinderkamack Rd. Right turn onto Main St. Follow contours of road. Home on left.

to re-elected the ArmeC ongratulationsand our Rowan. board members ofAnnette Tanian Nursing Rehabilitation Center (ANRC), malian Almond and Dave

2 HYE DOUN | Summer 2007

From the Administrators Desk

Strength in Numbers
Matthew L. Russo, LNHA Administrator ello everyone and thank you the income from the past six years combined in terms for taking the time to read this of net income from operations. This was cemented summer 2007 edition of the Hye by our annual audit and announced at our Annual Doun. At the time of this writing, Meeting on June 3rd. A rise in the homes investment I have many thoughts regarding portfolio helped our cause as well. We are poised to the Armenian Nursing and Reha- make our dreams become a reality. bilitation Center (ANRC). Most Another positive aspect leaning in our favor is stanotably is the future of the home. ble leadership. The Board recently announced there Our prospects for a new building will be no new changes in regards to their structure. have never been brighter. The financial and clinical Furthermore, the board and I agreed to an automatiaspects of the home are the best they have been in cally renewing three-year contract on July 1st that the ANRCs 70 year history! will keep me here for quite Many thanks are due to a some time. My commitment supportive team of board My commitment to the home, and to the home, and the Armemembers, F.A.H. members, the Armenian community, in making nian community, in making employees, and physicians. the ANRC the Emerald of nursing the ANRC the Emerald of Without the combined effort homes in the years that lie ahead nursing homes in the years of the aforementioned, this that lie ahead will not be takwill not be taken for granted. is not possible. en for granted. Lastly, this cannot be possible without Recently, I had the chance to meet informally with the local leaders of solid nursing leadership, staff nurses, and all support Emerson to discuss our new building project. All staff as well. Please refer to our Call to Honors secsigns are positive for our growth and expansion. Our tion recognizing some of our nurses and other staff town appears committed to making the necessary ad- members for their time and devotion to the ANRC. justments to local codes in order for construction to Our strength in numbers both financially and years begin. This is not a simple task. Planning boards, of experience is robust! zoning boards, council members, and local residents In conclusion, we are now entering our survey all must agree that our new building will assimilate window when the NJ Department of Health and well into the area. In other words, they want to make Senior Services can enter at any time to conduct sure that we are not building a skyscraper. Many al- their annual survey. This is not a time to rest on our terations need to be made so our new Hye Doun accomplishments, but to continue to strengthen what conforms to the local architecture. This does not hap- has been built. q pen overnight but local opinion is encouraging. Talks have been ongoing for a number of years and the The Annual Meeting of the Armenian Nursing projection for action is developing at a rapid pace. A and Rehabilitation Center (ANRC) took place timetable for a 2008 groundbreaking ceremony is not on June 3, 2007. Members were brought upout of the question! to-date by President Andy Torigian on the treThere are a few things that folks in the building mendous progress made at the ANRC. Reports community look for. First and foremost is financial stability. My father, who passed away a few years were given by the officers and the administrator ago, taught me a lesson early in life. You get things of the Home, Matthew Russo. Re-elected to the from income, he said. The higher your income is, board were David Rowan and Annette Tamalian the more youre entitled to, he concluded. This past Almond. The question and answer period by April 1st, the home finished off its best fiscal year by the members was very enlightening. tripling the previous one-year record and exceeding

HYE DOUN | Summer 2007 3

Health Care

Common Physical Changes in the Geriatric Person

Maggy N. Petrosian, RN, CDP s we grow older, many physical changes take place that make functioning independently more and more difficult. The bodys central nervous system slows down. This can create problems in detecting heat, pain, and cold and attribute to slower reflexes. Thought processes may be slow and memory may become poor. All the senses (hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell) may not be as sharp as they once were. Muscle tone may be poor due to lack of exercise. A disturbed sense of balance might make a resident unsteady on his feet or cause a change in their walking pattern. The bones tend to become brittle and break easily. Quick changes in position can cause the blood pressure to drop and, as a result, the patient will feel dizzy or faint. Posture may become more stooped. Circulation becomes less efficient and bodily processes slow down. The skin loses elasticity and some fat. The list below contains many of the bodys major systems and how they affect other parts of our bodies:

Decreased reaction and response time Decreased taste perception Decreased sense of smell Decreased visual perception (night vision, depth and color perceptions, drying of cornea) Decreased elasticity of ear drum (alteration in hearing, delayed auditory impulse) Integumentary System Decreased fat cells Decreased elasticity of skin Urinary System Decreased kidney function (urinary output) Decreased bladder tone (incontinence) Gastrointestinal System Alteration in metabolic rate Alteration in bowel habits Mental Health Increased incidence of depression (loneliness, decrease in socialization) Changes in sleeping patterns Social changes may be caused by physical problems, life crises, or the pressure of society. These may include: Retirement Change in income To foster health and well-being of our residents, we provide opportunities for them to participate in a variety of activities that will be mentally stimulating and meaningful. Purposeful activity should be designed to involve the patient with other people. This will encourage geriatric patients to live their lives to the fullest. The feeling of being needed will stimulate feelings of self-accomplishment and satisfaction for the patient. By persuading the patient to participate and interact with the staff can possibly decrease loneliness in the geriatric patient. Such rehabilitative measures help to eliminate the physical dependency and mental depression commonly seen in the geriatric patient. Our staff continues to care for our residents with understanding and knowledge through our ongoing education and by attending various seminars. q

Skeletal System Softening of the bones (osteoporosis) Decreased flexibility of joints (arthritis) Changes in vertebrae and feet (difficult ambulation) Muscular System Decrease in muscle mass and muscle tone Decreased in elasticity of tendons and ligaments Cardiovascular System Decreased cardiac output Decreased elasticity of blood vessels (poor circulation; edema) Respiratory system Decrease lung capacity Increased risk of upper respiratory disease Endocrine System Increased incidence of metabolic disease (diabetes) Decreased hormonal functioning (menopause) Decreased ability to heal Nervous System Decreased touch sensation (hot, cold, pain) Decreased equilibrium, or motor coordination
4 HYE DOUN | Summer 2007

Call to Honors
The Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center proudly recognizes the following staff members for their years of dedication to the home.

Upcoming Events
August 8/2 Father Stepanos and St. Nersess Seminary students visit 10:45 a.m. 8/15 Father Stepanos Blessing of the Grapes 10:45 a.m. 8/16 Top your own potato! Dining Room 12 noon 8/29 Line Dancers Activities Living Room 2:15 p.m. September 9/3 Labor Day Party Activities Living Room 2 p.m. 9/4 Labor Day B-B-Q Dining Room 12 noon 9/9 to 9/15 - National Healthcare Housekeeping Week 9/13 Jewish New Year 9/21 Armenian Independence Day Celebration ALL DAY LONG!!!! 0/11 Neiman Marcus Fashion Show presented by FAH 9/23 Autumn Begins 9:51 a.m. 9/27 Resident Outing 11 a.m. 9/27 Top your own pasta Dining Room 12 noon October 10/1 to 10/7 - National Healthcare Food Service Week Catholicos Karekin II Visit Date and time T.B.D. 10/8 Columbus Day 10/16 - National Boss Day 10/19 Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Activities Living Room 2 p.m. 10/31 Halloween Party Activities Living Room 2 p.m. November 11/4 Armenian Presbyterian Church of Paramus (140 Forest Ave. Paramus, NJ) presents a Thanksgiving Concert to benefit the programs and services of the ANRC 4:00 pm Call 201.265.8585 for complimentary tickets
HYE DOUN | Summer 2007 5

25+ years of service Norma Santos ~ C.N.A. ~ 27 years Julia Hamza ~R.N. ~ 25 years 20+ years of service Valerie Rittger ~ Dietary Aide ~ 24 years Jennifer Lowe ~ C.N.A. ~ 23 years Carla Carter ~ C.N.A. ~ 22 years Maureen Clark ~ C.N.A. ~ 22 years Joyce Chung ~ C.N.A. ~ 21 years Armelle Heriveaux ~ C.N.A. ~ 21 years 15+ years of service Lisa King ~ R.N. ~ 15 years Shakeh Bautista ~ R.N. ~ D.O.N ~ 15 years Maggy Petrosian ~ R.N. ~ P.C.C. ~ 15 years Mary Gregorio ~ L.P.N. ~ 15 years Barbara Bertolini ~ L.P.N. ~ 15 years Marife Yu ~ R.N. ~ MDS Coordinator ~ 15 years Sergey Babayan ~ Cook ~ 15 years 10+ years of service Wai Lee ~ C.N.A. ~ 14 years Gerrome LeSane ~ Cook ~ 13 years Rose May Beauvais ~ C.N.A. ~ 13 years George Fuentes ~ Dietary Aide ~ 13 years Suman Mary Thomas ~ R.N. ~ 11 years Rose Najarian ~ R.N. ~ 10 years 5+ years of service Nazik Oganesian ~ C.N.A. ~ 9 years Marlene Fonvil ~ C.N.A. ~ 9 years Susamma Matthew ~ R.N. ~ 8 years Vilma Manalese ~ C.N.A. ~ 8 years Maria Colina ~ R.N. ~ 7 years Paulette Green ~ C.N.A. ~ 7 years Sharlene Cobin ~ C.N.A. ~ 7 years Mari Camcikyan ~ R.N. ~ 7 years Hajnal Ratz ~ Cook ~ 7 years Barbara Tory ~ C.N.A. ~ 7 years Edna Castillo ~ Dietary Aide ~ 5 years (All staff are listed in chronological order in the date they began employment)

Social Work

Social Work With Older Adults : What Can We Do

by Carol Somerville, L.C.S.W.
ocial workers can be called upon as the first available responder in addresing the psychosocial needs of older adults and their caregivers. Social workers utilize their skills to attain goals that are established with the client and their family. Social workers perform the following functions: Identification and outreach Assessment of needs: functional, biopsychosocial, strengths comprehensive intake and resource / financial assessments Planning for an intervention, treatment, care, rehabilitation, support and/or crisis intervention Service implementation and coordination including monitoring service delivery and client support Advocacy for ones well being and functioning, liaison and mediation Reassessment/Evaluation which is monitoring and analysis Discharge planning, transfer and termination.

Older adults tend to have multifaceted needs that put them at greater risk and social workers can understand and deal with a clients ambivalence, fears, and resistance. One-on-one interaction can help older adults through feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression. This can include direct counseling or dealing with special health care needs. Social workers can also be available to help the older adult with decisions on assisted living arrangements or work with families to plan a loved ones long term care. Working with the older adult can mean involvement with the active healthy resident as well as the frail, sick, and confused resident. The number of aging persons in the United States is increasing. Older folks are living longer while maintaining good health. As a result of this they face increased diversified challenges and needs as they age. Geriatric social workers are at the forefront developing and providing service to aging persons. At the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, we are on site for you so you never feel alone, uneducated, or unprepared. If you ever need any assistance, please do not hesitate to call our offices. q

On July 18th, the residents celebrated the birthdays of the month. Van Martin Entertainment provided a festive atmosphere and the residents enjoyed the days activities.

Van Martin sings songs of yesteryear to residents.

L to R: Birthday girls Rose Ghelibolian and Munira Shahine had their cake and ate it too! Not pictured: Armen Ajamian.

8 HYE DOUN | Summer 2007

Activities Greetings from the desk of the Activities Department!

Sandy Cortelyou, Director of Activities, ANRC

t is truly hard to believe that it has been one year since I began at the Armenian Home. I must say that it has been a fabulous year. The residents, family members, and friends were quick to make me feel right at home. I have made so many new friends and have begun to learn a new language this past year; its Armenian! I dont want to brag but, my teachers, the residents are telling me that I am learning the language quite well! This is my first opportunity to work in a multi-cultural environment. I enjoy hearing so many different languages being spoken. When I dont understand the language of some of our non-English speaking residents, a smile or an embracing gesture lets me know they are happy. Partici-

pating in the cultural, religious and culinary experiences is always a rewarding experience. Learning to understand Armenian ancestry and heritage has been an experience I have come to love. Everyone offers to do what he or she can to assist the Activities Department and I am most appreciative. Since last July, I have become a Certified Activities Director. I was able to complete a year course in three months under the supervision of and the support of Matthew Russo. The residents also assisted me with completing much of the required course work. I will continue to take courses and attend in services as I strive always to improve the quality of life for the residents at the Armenian Home. Id like to thank everyone for making my first year at the Armenian Home so fabulous with many more wonderful years to come. q

Unique Dance Company Performs At ANRC

Rosann Pellegrino, ANRC Payroll/Benefits Coordinator

n the afternoon of Sunday, June 24, the residents were treated to music and dance tinged with American history, or perhaps one could say they saw American history tinged with music and dance. No matter, either viewpoint is valid when one sees the Tricorne Dance Company, based in Glen Rock. The six dancers arrived dressed in 18th century clothing, tight-fitting jackets and long petticoats for the women and knickers, vests, and triangular-shaped (tricorne) hats for the men. Before any actual dance performance, Dance Mistress Denise Piccino explained the importance of this dancing (now referred to as English country dancing) in the American colonies. Every man, woman, and child had to be schooled in social dancing in order to be accepted socially and meet a potential marriage partner. Dance instructors traveled from town to town; poor people paid for group lessons and wealthy people paid a higher price for private lessons. In addition to Denise Piccino, the current core members of the Tricorne Dance Company are Rodger Yaden and An-

drea Ommendsen, also of Hawthorne; Rosann Pellegrino of Rochelle Park, who is also the current payroll/benefits coordinator at ANRC; Ariel Woll and Tim Larsen of Glen Rock; Heather and Laura Fiske of Bogota; Stacey Cleenput of Hackensack, and Jesse Broome from Long Island. The men and women demonstrated the custom of quickly performing honors before each dance. The men remove their hats and bow, moving their most well-developed calf forward, whereas women stand straight and bend their legs outward in a slight pliet ballet move. Dances are performed either in a line of men and women facing each other, or in a circle with women to the gentlemens right. Mainstay special performances take place every year at the Conference House in Staten Island, the Colonial Day celebration in Old Tappan, and the Washington Tea held by the Bergen County Historical Society at New Bridge Landing in River Edge, NJ. New Members are always sought with or without training. The group will be returning in November with another program for the ANRC residents. q
HYE DOUN | Summer 2007 9


An Act of Charity Begets Another

By Vatche Baghdikian, Vice President ANRC

he dedicated and hard working members of Friends of the Armenian Home (FAH) under the chairmanship of Bertha Vaniskhian, over the past years worked tirelessly to provide new electric beds and furniture to all the rooms at the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (ANRC). With Sandy Hekemians sizeable donation, the FAH ladies were able to raise the much needed funds from the community for this purpose. The new beds and the modern furniture made the rooms brighter and brought a lot of happiness to our residents. Last year, my wife Elbiz (FAH Treasurer) and I were in New York at a reception at the Diocese, organized by Fund for Armenia Relief (FAR). It was a reunion of the young professionals who were part of the FAR 2005 summer trip to Armenia and Karabagh, one of whom was our son, Karni. Arto Vorperian, Projects Director of FAR had just returned from a trip to Armenia. After the reception, in conversation Mr. Vorperian mentioned that FAR was working on a project in Armenia, modernizing and giving comfort to the residents of an old age home that was in disrepair. I asked if they could use some mechanical beds that were in good condition. Mr. Vorperian was delighted at this offer. After passing the idea to ANRC Board of Trustees, the donation of the beds to an Old Age Home in Armenia was unanimously approved. Matthew Russo, the dynamic Administrator of the home coordinated all the efforts of dismantling the beds and the furniture, and with the help of Howard Torossian and his employees, every single piece of furniture was loaded into four containers and were shipped to Armenia. Today, our Dadigs and Mamigs in Emerson, NJ and in Vanatzor, Armenia are enjoying the fruits of the dedication of this double gift from FAH, ANRC Board and the hard working staff of FAR. In the 2006 FAR Annual report, ANRC was listed in the top donor category as Benefactor. It all proves that if your heart is in it, many helpless human beings can be comforted. Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me. (Matthew 25:40). q
10 HYE DOUN | Summer 2007

One of the rooms of the Nursing Home in Vanatzor, Armenia furnished with the furniture donated by ANRC.

Picture taken in one of the newly decorated rooms of ANRC. The furniture was provided by a donation made by the FAH Ladies group. Due to this kind gesture, the homes occupancy has improved greatly and many residents are deciding to stay at the home for longer time frames. Seated: Avedis Koushakjian. L to R: FAH Ladies Bertha Vanishkian, Linda Amerkanian, and Elbiz Baghdikian. Standing at the rear: Administrator Matthew L. Russo.

FAH Activities FAH Ladies Plan for the Neiman Marcus Fall Fashion Show and Luncheon
FAH ladies met at the home of Ica Kouyoumdjian for their meeting to plan for the Neiman Marcus Fall Fashion Show & Luncheon on Wednesday, September 19, 2007. Diane Droste will Chair this event along with her Co-Chair Ann Takvorian. For reservations call Alice Philibosian (day) @ 201/569-2323 or (eve) 201/2420777 or Marilyn Bedigian @ 201/6642320. Proceeds and donations will go to assist the residents of our Hye Doun.

On July 6, 2007, the Sassy Ladies Group from St. Andrews Roman Catholic Church in Westwood, NJ came to sing patriotic american music during the July 4th Holidays. The residents thoroughly enjoyed the holiday fanfare!

On May 15th, singer Alan Bowles came to visit our residents and treated them to songs of yesteryear.

On July 10th, Father Stepanos and his youth group from St. Nerses Seminary in upstate NY came to offer a prayer service, sing hymns, and dine for lunch with our residents. Father Stepanos and the group will be here again on August 2 for prayer service and lunch with the residents and on August 15 for the blessing of the grapes.
HYE DOUN | Summer 2007 11

L to R: ANRC Administrator Matthew L. Russo, Shelley Grodner Seidenstein, Executive Producer, President and Chairman of ANRC Board Andrew Torigian, Hafiz Farid, Director, and Richard Woods, Co-Producer.

n Tuesday, May 20th, award winning Director Hafiz Farid, Executive Producer Shelley Grodner Seidenstein, and CoProducer Richard Woods met with Armenian Genocide survivors Hagop Bahtiarian and Annie Boghosian to document their struggles during the Armenian Genocide. They have completed a powerful documentary titled Darfur, Too Dark Too Far which was viewed at the New York Film Festival, in Manhattan on Thursday, July 26, 2007. The film was also viewed at the Luna Stage at Montclair State University on July 31st. The film reveals the present horrific atrocities occurring in Darfur, which have finally been labeled as a genocide. The film also touched on genocides of times past and includes our Armenian survivors. Look for upcoming details to the film in the next edition of Hye Doun.

Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

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