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Battlefield 2142

The game: is set in the cold harsh winters of a new ice age, where the 2 factions EU and PAC fight over the remaining land. You are a new recruit to the EU fourth division Golden Dragons in Europe, all around you there is snow, just cold wet snow. Through the buildings of London you can see the PAC forces advancing, time to see what war really is like. Good luck recruits. Object of the game The object of the game: is to (in the pcs case) complete the scenario, and for the game master to help the pcs to victory, or to kill them. The game master will need to take time to make a campaign that is fun and challenging. He or she will also need to make maps, plot enemy locations, and control and roll for npcs. Maps needed include enemy run-ins and a small scale map with all useful info plotted, and marked. Random Information Mainly city battles maps should focus on the main part of the city or where ever the scenario that day is taking place. This includes alley ways, building

interiors, and destroyed or intact vehicles. Remember a scenario might last more than one session. So dont get annoyed if it does. Also resist the urge to let extra people join because it might make the game far too long and too hard to manage for the game master. A game will probably have around five or six players including the game master. Anything larger will probably too much. Things you need to own to play 1. Dice, d6s will do 2. Tape measure 3. Character sheets 4. Rulebook 5. Counters 6. Character tokens 7. D12s 8. Blast templates 9. A good hour of your time to play in 10.Maps 11.Game master 12.Npc sheets

13.Scatter dice 14.Story line(written out) The turn The turn consists of pcs moving, then the npcs moving, then one pc attacks, and then an npc attacks. This continues until all units have moved and attacked, or have done another action. The turn also includes the game master telling the pcs what they have seen or done. One the small scale map the pcs can only move, or call in tactical options. They can also call in back-up which are other squads controlled by the game master. Tactical Options Tactical options are things that are called in by a radio man you may only call in 2 per scenario. To call in a tactical option one of the players must have a radio and they must take the cost of the tactical option and subtract their skill roll from that and on 1d10+6 roll higher than that number. 1. Airstrike costs 25 and has a 2d10 range and does 4d10+6 damage to anything in range.

2. EMP costs 20 and has a 2d10 range and disables all enemy electronics in range. 3. Bombardment costs 25 and has a 4d10 range and does 3d10+10 damage to any unit in range. 4. Air support costs 15 and has a 2d10 range and does 3d10 damage to any unit in that range. 5. Field drop costs 10 and reloads ammo, and other equipment. 6. Medic drop costs 10 and adds plus 1d10 to a medics skill roll for 3 turns. 7. Upgrade drop costs 10 but you need to be a rank 5 or higher to use. Game master The game master is needed to tell the story and help the pcs win the campaign. He or she needs to have written out the scenario for that day and be ready for the pcs to change those write ups. The game master must be good at narrating what, and is happening, and be able to help the pcs with their actions. The GM must also be able to control npcs and say who gets their turn when. Kind of like a story teller they need to know what exactly is going on and be able to tell the pcs this. If the GM doesnt know an answer either they will look it up, or make it up. They will make all rolls for the npcs or any tactical option.

Over watch If you play a sniper this is a special rule for you. Your character may go on over watch once every turn as long as they dont move or attack. Over watch allows a sniper to attack while an enemy is moving out of cover. If an enemy moves in to the field of view the sniper has which is 90 degrees to each side from where hes facing, make your attack and hopefully kill him. You get plus 6 to your attack. Special moves If a grenade came smashing into the ground beside you what would you do? This section is all about ducking, taking cover, moving out of the way, and throwing yourself away from harms way. To find if you can use these movements check if you are the right rank. Rank one 1. Duck and cover allows you to roll 1d10 against your skill and if you beat it this action works. This goes for all these actions and as you go up every five ranks you get an additional 1d6. 2.