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Mr/Miss/Mrs_____________________________Agent/Property Manager of premises situated at 27 Lyndale Avenue, Kingston 20 in the Parish of St. Andrew hereby rent to Mr/Mrs/Miss______________________________Apt.#_____situated at 27 Lyndale Avenue, Kingston 20, at a clear monthly rental of __________________________($ advance on the______day of each month. The tenant and the Landlord/agent/manager initially agree that the tenancy shall continue on a monthly basis commencing from the beginning of this tenancy subject at all times to the covenants and conditions :1. During the tenancy, to pay the rent reserved on the day and in the manner aforesaid. Rent is )per month (inclusive of water) payable in

paid in advance and on the date on which the tenant takes possession of premises. 2. To maintain and keep the premises in same condition in which the same were at the

commencement of the said tenancy. 3. Not to damage fixtures and fittings inclusive of all electrical and plumbing fixtures and fittings

and all other effects, or permit the same to be damaged by invitees or by others. 4. 5. Not to make nor permit to be made alteration in or addition to the apartment. To observe strictly the purpose for which the apartment is rented, that is for

residential purposes for the tenant and his/her immediate family and not to sublet SAME. 6. Not to carry-on any COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES or allow any member of his/her family or visitors to carry-on any commercial activities on the said premises. 7. To maintain a good standard of discipline and social standing, to keep where ever possible

radios and sound devices at a moderate volume so as to disturb anyone, for example neighbours etc. 8. Whenever it may become necessary, one months notice shall be given on either side to

terminate the tenancy. 9. Any breach of this agreement or any breach of the law shall entitle the Landlord/agent/manager to initiate legal proceedings and retake possession of the premises.

10. Security Deposit equal to the initial months rent is required and must be paid in full on the signing of the rent contract. 11. Security Deposit is not regarded as money to be consumed as rent but refundable after the tenant vacates the apartment and inspection indicates no damage to apartment, fixtures and fittings. 12. The tenant is obliged to pay up-to-date all outstanding public Utility Bills (electricity, water, etc) on vacating the premises. 13. Tenants are required to change their addresses that their mails sent to their new address that they will be living after vacating the premises. 14. Tenants are required to keep their immediate surroundings clean to eliminate the infestation of Pests.

15. Tenants are required to keep the gate closed, in the morning of the work week the first person to open the gate leave it open and the last person to go through the, close the gate to eliminate intruders.

Dated the_______day of_____________________________ Signed by_________________________________________Landlord/Agent/Manager Signed by_________________________________________Tenant Witness__________________________________________