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( Mayur Park Society , Kamothe , Navi Mumbai )

ar. kapil sachdeva

B.Arch. | MCA | PC ( Urban Planning ) | PC (Sustainibilty)
Mobile - +91-7874607661 | Mail - arch.kaps@gmail.com | Address - D-275 , Anand Vihar , Jagatpura , Jaipur

EXISTING STRUCTURE__________________________________

G+4 G+4


1. G+4 North Block TOTAL AREA : 306 Sq.M

ar. kapil sachdeva

2. G+4 South Block TOTAL AREA : 305 Sq. M

3. G+7 Block TOTAL AREA : 1085 Sq. M

ar. kapil sachdeva


: :

1696 Sq. M 16960 Sq.Ft


TEMPORARY STEEL STRUCTURE This includes the fabrication and erection of MS Structure which contains an assemblage of Square Box Sections in the form of Columns , Rafters , and Purlins . The Structure is then covered by Powder Coated Galvanised Iron Corrugated Sheet. The structure design of the system is as follows :


ar. kapil sachdeva

TYPICAL SECTION Calculation of Steel The design Uses following ISMB Tata Steel Iron Sections : 1. ISMB- 80 x 80 x 3.2 Square Box Section 2. ISMB - 80 x 40 x 3.2 Rectangular Box Section 3. ISMB - 50 x 50 x 3.6 Square Sections As per the structural calculations , the amount of Steel used per 100 Sq. M of Area is as Follows : 1. ISMB - 80 x 80 x 3.2 : 354.81 Kg 2. ISMB - 80 x 40 x 3.2 : 501.63 Kg 3. ISMB - 50 x 50 x 3.6 : 937.24 Kg Hence Total Steel used per 100 Sq.M Cost of Structure The above cost includes : Basic Material Cost Labour Cost Fabrication Cost , Transportation Cost Erection Cost Coat of Base Primer to the Structure Coat of Black paint to the Structure Hence Cost of Steel Structure is Calculation of Roofing The design uses Powder Coated TATA STEELs corrugated iron sheet . Cost of Roofing The above cost includes Material Labour : Rs 55 per Sq. ft : : : : 1793 .68 Kg 100 Rs / kg

Rs 179368 per Sq. M Rs 179 per Sq. Ft

ar. kapil sachdeva

Transportation Erection and Fixing : : 234 per Sq.Ft 234 x 16960 Sq Ft

Total Cost of Structure per Sq. ft

OVERALL COST for the society

Rs 3968640

MEMBRANE WATER PROOFING This includes the putting up of TORCHSHEILD membrane on already existing roofing surface. This is a 3mm thick heavy duty membrane which is even used in swimming pools . So it can be very safe in our case.

Specifications are as follows :

ar. kapil sachdeva

It comes in Roll of 1m by 10 m , it is put up on a cleaned leveled surface . It is then blown by a fire torch which makes it stick to the flooring surface.

At the junctions it is overlapped for 100mm width . The company PROVIDEDS A WARRANTY OF 5 YEARS with it . The life of this coat is around 10 years . Costing of the Product The above cost includes : Material Cost Application Cost Hardware Equipments cost Labour Cost : Rs 54/ Sq.ft

5 YEARS GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE would be provided to the client

OVERALL COST for the Society

: :

54 x 16960 Sq

Rs 915840

ar. kapil sachdeva

TRIPLE LAYERED MICROFIBRE COATING This includes the application of heavy duty microfiber reinforced acrylic paste to provide a very flexible waterproofing . It has the ability to resist subsequent expansion and contraction due to heat and even cracks arising in the flooring. It is a successful product of Singapore , now came in India .

It can be done in any of the three available colours. Technical Specifications of the product is :

The company PROVIDES A GUARANTEE OF 5 YEARS to it . The life of this coat is 10 years around.

ar. kapil sachdeva

Costing of the Product : The above cost includes Material Cost Application Cost Hardware Equipments cost Labour Cost

Rs 58/ Sq.ft

5 YEARS GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE would be provided to the client.

OVERALL COST for the Society

: :

58 x 16960 Sq Ft

Rs 983680

IN SUMMATION_______________________________________
OVERALL COST of Steel Structure OVERALL COST of Membrane Water Proofing OVERALL COST of Triple Layer Microfibre Coating :
: :

Rs 3968640 Rs 915840 Rs 983680

We Would highly recommend option 2 , for getting Quick , easy , reliable and authentic solution to the existing problem of water leakage of the society.

----------------------------------------THE END---------------------------------------

ar. kapil sachdeva