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JSPMs Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering

Tathawde, Pune 33

Department of Information Technology 2011-12 (Sem-II)

End Term Marking Scheme Class: S.E Subject: PA & I Time: 9.00 am to 10.30 am Instructions:
1) Solve questions Q.1 or Q.2, Q.3 or Q.4, and Q.5 or Q.6. 2) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary. 3) Assume suitable data if necessary. Q.1 a) Difference between segment level protection and pade level protection. Ans: At least six difference is accepted(each difference carries 6 Mark) And example carries 2 Marks) b) Which are the different registers used for paging? Explain. Ans: What is paging? 2 marks Register involve in paging? 2 marks Working of each register? 2 marks Example 2 Marks. OR Q.2 a)80386 is currently executing program from code segment having PL as 2.If it needs to access the code from PL0, is it possible? If yes which are the methods used for the same? If no justify your answer. [8] Ans: Structure carries 2marks Method used 2 marks Justification of answer 4 marks b)Write short note on IDT? Ans: what is IDT 2 marks Structure of IDT 4 marks Explanations 2 marks. Q.3 a)Which are the different types of exception in 80386? Ans: What is exception 2 marks [8] [8] [8]

Date: 08 /02/11 Max Marks: 50


Types of exception 2 marks Explaination 4 marks b) Write ALP to generate square wave of 2khz using timer 0 of 8051 with crystel frequency as 12MHz. [10] Ans: Procedure for square wave generater 4 marks Source codes for square wave generater 6 marks

OR Q.4 a)Give features of PIC 16F8XX . Ans: Any 6 to 8 feature are expected with explaination each carries 1 and marks. b) Explain any 2 operating modes of serial communication of 8051. ans: oprating modes of 8051 2 marks modes used in serial communication with example carries 6 marks Q.5 a) What is difference between RETI and RET. Ans: Four difference expected each carries 1 and marks . b) Write instruction for selecting bank 1 of 8051microcontroller. Ans: various instructions used for selecting bank 1 carries 4 marks Structure carries 4 marks. Example 2 marks [10] [6] [10] [8]

OR Q.6 a) what is significance of segment register, global descriptor table and descriptor table register in conversion of linear address to physical address of protected mode 80386.Explain in detail with format of each. [12] Ans: segment register explanation 2 marks Global descriptor table explanation 2 marks Descriptor table register explanation 2 marks b) Explain the concept of virtual memory.What is its maximum size and how? [6] Ans: What are virtual memory explanations 3 marks Maximum size with explanations 3 marks