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1)At term amniotic fluid volume is a. 800ml b. 500 ml c. 400 ml d. 600 ml answer : a . 800 ml 2)what is the principal carbohydrate present in Amniotic fluid ? a. Glucose b. Fructose c. Mannose d. Galactose answer : a . glucose 20 mg %. dutta sixth edition page 38(if u contradict please comment with necessary reference link) 3)Oligohydramnios is related which of the following condition ? a. Renal Agenesis b. esophageal atresia c. anencephaly d. down's syndrome answer : a . renal agenesis . 4)Early amniocentesis is done in which period of pregnancy a. 12-14 wks b. 14-16 wks c. 16-18 wks d. 9-11 wks answer : b . it is done to diagnose any genetic abnormalities .page 642 dutta sixth edition. 5)Immune rejection of fetus prevented by a. HCG b. HPL c. oestrogen d. progesterone

answer : a . HCG . 6)what happens to GFR in a case of Pre-eclampsia ? a. GFR Decreases b. GFR increases c. remains same d. none of the above answer : a . it decreases . page 223 dutta sixth edition . ( from the bottom fourth line ) 7)Fetal adrenals secrete predominantly which hormone a. Cortisol b. DHEA c. aldosterone d. noe epinephrine answer : i have no idea , but if u know please post the answer with necessary reference in comments. 8)Shortest diameter of pelvic Cavity a. Interspinous b. transverse c. antero-posterior d. oblique answer : a . 10.5 cms . 9)Large Chorioangioma associated with a. polyhydroamnios b. oligohydramnios c. both d. none answer: a . 10)Commonest presentation of Choriocarcinoma a. vaginal bleeding b. abdominal pain c. breathlessness d. perforation of the uterus answer : a . vaginal bleeding . 80 % of the cases .

11)Frog eye appearance is seen in a. Anencephaly b. acardia c. down's syndrome d. patau's syndrome answer : a . for reference check out this link . 12)what of the following is seen in Partial mole a. Triploidy b. haploidy c. polyploidy d. diploidy answer : a . dutta sixth edition page 200 . 13)Cervical changes in pregnancy are all except ? a. increased collagen b. increased Hyaluronic acid c. Increased glands d. increased vascularity answer : b . see this information from a site We investigated the variations in the distribution of glycosaminoglycans (GAG) in the cervical, isthmic and corporeal stroma of the pregnant and non-pregnant human uterus. The GAG were measured in non-pregnant (n = 9) and pregnant (n = 14) cervices, in non-pregnant (n = 8) and pregnant (n = 6) uterine isthmus, and in non-pregnant (n = 12) and pregnant (n = 5) uterine corpus. Heparan sulfate is abundant in the isthmic and corporeal stroma. This has to be related to a larger content in blood vessels and muscular cells at this level than in the cervix. The distribution of hyaluronic acid and dermatan sulfate is the same in the cervix as in the corpus, but the amount of these GAGs is lower in the former, which could be due to a lower connective tissue content. Two of the main features of cervical maturation, increased hydration, and decreased dermatan sulfate concentration, were found also in the pregnant corporeal stroma. These results suggest that connective tissue maturation is not only a cervical phenomenon and could play a role in active and/or passive mechanical properties of the myometrium during late pregnancy and labor. 14)10U of Oxytcin bolus give in the immediate post partum period will cause which complication a. Hypotension

b. hypertension c. seizures d. bleeding answer : a . hypotension .page 499 dutta sixth edition . 15)Oxytocin levels not reduced by answer : Suckling . i don't remember the options . 16)Latzko operation is done for ? a. VVF b. VUF c. both d. none answer: a . VVF only . 17)Drug absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy a. enalpril b. NSAID s c. calcium channel blockers d. beta blockers answer : a . 18)Not a tocolytic a. Misopristol b. magnesium sulfate c. beta blockers d. indomethacin answer : a . misoprostol . 19)which of the following is not a steroid synthesis inhibitor a. Mifepristone b. ketoconazole c. statins d. all the above answer : a . 20)IUD Failure rate

a. 1 to 3 b. 5 to 7 c. less than 1 d. 3 to 5 answer : a. 0.5 - 2 actually and so the closest answer . page 524 dutta sixth edition 21)Ovarian tumour spreads primarily to which lymph nodes a. Para aortic node b. superficial inguinal lymph nodes c. deep inguinal lymph nodes d. node of cloquet answer : a . 22)Folic acid supplementation is required in pregnancy in which of the following cases a.Anti convulsant therapy b. Sickle cell anemia c. Multiple gestation d. All of the above answer : all the above 23)30 yr old female with endometrial hyperplasia treatment of choice a. medroxyprogesterone b. oestrogens c. danazol d. gnrh analogues answer : a . 24)what is the recurrence rate of HELLP syndrome recurrence rate a. 10 % b. 16 % c. 20 % d. 24 % answer : d . 3 to 10 % . page 224 dutta sixth edition . somebody told me it was changed in the later editions if so kindly post in the comments with the book and edition number . this is for bhavana who requested for all the options . Posted by doctor at 2:26 AM

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