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Professionals Party of India

Awareness Release 5 th
Dec 2008

We, the People of India deserve better governance. We are capable of better
governance. Therefore, Act for Change. Act Now.

About PPI:
Professionals Party of India (PPI) is a dignified constitutional platform for India’s
middle class to rightfully participate in our political process fearlessly. PPI comprises
professionals from every walk of life and is an excellent medium for everyone to give
voice to their concerns and participate in result oriented political change.

PPI is a movement, born out of years of painstaking research to identify pragmatic

and actionable, India centric solutions, customized to India’s unique demographic,
social, cultural and economic conditions.

Professionals Party of India is a formally registered political party with the Election
Commission of India in August 2008, under the Representation Of the People Act.

PPI was conceived because the only strategic solution was that a new political party
be formed - a Party that will tickle the consciousness of Indians - inevitably targeting
first, the ‘arrived’ urban middle class of 250-350million, to motivate them to get
involved in the democratic political process and ensure that professional patriotic
Indians get elected to our Parliament and solve systemic problems top down.

The multi dimensional research revealed the seven dimensions that most impact the
Indian quality of life. Solutions in each of these dimensions are contained in the
Party Manifesto (please see website www.ppi.net.in). It is evident that if the
Manifesto is implemented, India shall cease to be a third world country in 5 years’

Need for PPI:

Many believe that the single biggest cause of India’s abject poverty and consequent
physical and economic squalor is the steady and progressive degeneration in the
quality of India’s political managers. Also, a majority of India’s problems have
now become SYSTEMIC.

On the other hand, India born, India educated Indians run many global corporations
which operate in hundreds of countries worldwide, with a turnover of thousands of

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Professionals Party of India, 2-C Kirtinagar No. 1, Vadgaon Budruk, Pune 411 04.
) +919822012682, Fax: 020 27011976. * ppipune@gmail.com, Web: www.ppi.net.in
Professionals Party of India
crores of rupees, employing millions of people of every nationality. Why, some of the
richest people in the world are India born and India educated Indians!

Now if this is the formidable professional competence of qualified,

professional Indians, why is it that India – their native land - has remained a
poor, squalid, backward, corrupt and crime ridden third world country with a
depressing quality of life?

How is PPI different:

PPI will succeed because PPI’s strategy is completely different in three critical

 PPI is not a personality driven endeavor. It is driven by progressive minded

professionals and is devoid of sycophancy & icons.
 PPI initially targets that section of Indian Middle Class who are conscious to
the need for change and far more empowered to do so too. PPI is therefore very
 PPI is determined to bring Systemic Change top down, not bottom up. (eg:
when a company goes sick, not the workers, but the management needs to be changed.)

PPI today has active chapters in Bangalore, Chennai, Nerul besides Pune. People
who are willing to set up PPI City Chapters (PCC) are invited to write to us. We will
initiate them. PPI has a pan India vision & will also be contesting 2009 Lok Sabha
Elections. PPI approach has been well received & backed by liberal minded Indian
professionals from across the globe. PPI has chosen to work alongside like-minded
groups in the country’s capital.

PPI Questions?

Why, after six decades of self governance, 300 million Indians are below the poverty
line, electricity and water are acutely short, 35 million cases and perhaps thousands
of innocents are languishing in courts and jails, there is widespread illiteracy, we are
counted among the most corrupt nations, hardened criminals sit in Parliament, there
are no roads, policing is barbaric, women’s health is pathetic, animals are treated
inhumanely, water and air are polluted like a cesspool, there is real threat of foreign
insurgents who are believed to have usurped large parts of several states already,
there is very little inter-faith tolerance in a ‘secular’ nation, there is poor quality of life
for most Indians and we are descending into a violent and primitive society?

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Professionals Party of India, 2-C Kirtinagar No. 1, Vadgaon Budruk, Pune 411 04.
) +919822012682, Fax: 020 27011976. * ppipune@gmail.com, Web: www.ppi.net.in
Professionals Party of India
Or again, why does it take 13 years to bring to book the perpetrators of the 1993
Mumbai blasts? Why does it take 4 years to hang the mastermind of the attack on
Parliament? Why does India have more deaths due to terrorist attacks than Iraq
which is a nation at war? Why does the US not have any terror attacks after 9/11 or
UK after London bombings? And why does India have repeated ones in 2008 alone?

And horrifically now, why did the audacious Mumbai 26/11 happen? Yet another
case of Systemic Failure.

PPI Answers:

That is because governance in India has been hijacked mostly by the wily and the
unenlightened, often through unconstitutional means. Complete evaporation of the
political value system and the universal degeneration that surrounds you, is the
inevitable outcome.

And qualified professional Indians have merely stood and helplessly watched
in horror. They have had no way of reaching positions of governance. Many
have fled.

From the summaries of industry captains, professionals, cine & television stars past
& present, top drawer army brass, survivors, volunteers, press reporters and
everybody in the thick of smoke, pain, death & smell of blood, what emerges from
panel discussions, interviews & opinions are THREE stark, raw & bitterly honest
ground realities that look smack into our eyeballs and scream:

1. that fresh wave Political Will is immediately required to handle India’s woes
2. that well-meaning, patriotic, honest, competent & blue blooded
Professionals occupy ALL positions of governance is urgently the need
for Indians
3. that a professionally drilled, Intelligence & Crisis/Disaster Management
setup, that SNAPS into action, India cannot do without

It may sound like an ‘we told you so’ rhetoric since we are all very wise after the
incident is over. However, make no mistake, this is precisely what the Professionals
Party of India has been crying hoarse for the past 14 months since its inception. At
all its forums, across the country.

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Professionals Party of India, 2-C Kirtinagar No. 1, Vadgaon Budruk, Pune 411 04.
) +919822012682, Fax: 020 27011976. * ppipune@gmail.com, Web: www.ppi.net.in
Professionals Party of India
Some people in responsible positions in media, few more believed in us. Wrote &
spoke of us to colleagues & friends too. Others from similar & other walks of life
scoffed, ignored, ridiculed & barbed us as something that is being touted for personal
gratification & glorification, of an insane few who dared to think. And have set out to

3 areas of immediate focus for PPI :

i. Propagation of the movement & ideology thru city chapters,

conventions, internet, wireless telephony, media, advertisements, college
fairs etc..
ii. Identifying MP candidates from across 4 metros, 24 State Capitals, 20
A-Class & 12 B-Class cities where Urban Indian Middle Class
Professionals (UIMCP) largely reside & work.
iii. Funding. Funds are required merely for propagation. Today, PPI is funded
by donations & contributions by well-wishers & core group members. Much
more is needed to speed up the process of CHANGE. Exemptions are
available under relevant sections of the I.T. Act.

The Road Ahead?

PPI plans to go about meeting its goals of good governance in a 3-pronged


A. Support groups and take up drives to get people in urban centres to register
as voters in the Lok Sabha list. The middle class apathy to even registering
as voters must be done away with.
B. Take up/ support large scale drives to ensure that people come out to vote
on the D-day. PPI believes that ‘if we vote we get the government we
deserve & if we don’t vote we still get the government we deserve.’
C. Having arrived at the booth PPI will provide competent candidates who are
credible, who people can identify with and hence vote for. (till today the choices
have been limited to the criminal, history sheeter, or the slimy ‘seasoned’ politician
who have got the country into the current mess)

Candidate Selection- The other way around!

Traditionally, what has been done is that political parties have announced their
candidates and have come shamelessly & unwantedly, year after year, into our face
pleading for votes which the thinking urban middle class has denied to oblige them

Get in Touch
Professionals Party of India, 2-C Kirtinagar No. 1, Vadgaon Budruk, Pune 411 04.
) +919822012682, Fax: 020 27011976. * ppipune@gmail.com, Web: www.ppi.net.in
Professionals Party of India
with. Reason? More often than not, the candidature selection process itself was
dubious, reasons unconvincing, with the candidates themselves often uneducated &
unprofessional and always an unenlightened lot. And hence we are in the mess we

PPI being a fresh wave of breath, will go precisely the other way around!

PPI calls upon citizens of urban centres to themselves let us know who they
would want to see sitting in Parliament as their chosen one! Candidates
themselves too can write in to us. PPI’s professionally run Candidate Identification &
Evaluation Cell (CIEC) will process the opinions and garner all round support to the
selected candidates & make all effort for their victory.

PPI proclaims that citizens of India need not dread getting involved because of “dirty
politics”. Because it is the current crop of politicians who are dirty and not politics!
Mahatma Gandhi was also a politician, but he was clean.

The doors to bring in the winds of change must be prised opened now. And it is only
we, the People of India, who can grab that handle & yank it open. If only we can get
out of our stupor of ignoring to look beyond our nose tip. Only we can. Only, if we

Join the movement. Come along. Professionals deserve to be at decision

implementing positions at the centre. Lets empower ourselves to put credible
people there. We alone will decide what is good for us. We alone will decide the
quality of life we will lead for our selfish selves. We alone can leave a better India for
our children. And their children. WE CAN ACT FOR BETTER GOVERNANCE. We
alone CAN. WE MUST… NOW !

Register yourself as Voters. Vote when the time comes. Support PPI.

Girish Deshpande
Media Coordinator, PPI

Be the change you want to see in the world – MK Gandhi

Those who think that politics is the last resort for scoundrels are invariably ruled by the scoundrels
- Plato

Get in Touch
Professionals Party of India, 2-C Kirtinagar No. 1, Vadgaon Budruk, Pune 411 04.
) +919822012682, Fax: 020 27011976. * ppipune@gmail.com, Web: www.ppi.net.in
Professionals Party of India
A truly ethical life can only be lived by someone who participates in politics- Aristotle

The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow
extinction from apathy, indifference, and under nourishment. - Robert M. Hutchins

Get in Touch
Professionals Party of India, 2-C Kirtinagar No. 1, Vadgaon Budruk, Pune 411 04.
) +919822012682, Fax: 020 27011976. * ppipune@gmail.com, Web: www.ppi.net.in

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