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Lead-Free Repairing System INSTRUCTIONMANUAL

ThankyouforpurchasingmodelInt2738LeadfreeRepairingSystem. Pleasereadmanualbeforeusingtheunit. Keepmanualinanaccessibleplaceforfuturereference.

Manufacturer: AOYUETONGYIINTERNATIONALLIMITED JishuiIndustrialZone,Nantou,ZhongshanCity, GuangdongProvince,P.R.China http://www.aoyue.com


Sold Separately

Package Inclusion .... 3 Spare Parts List ...... 3 Specifications ... 4 Features ..... 5 Safety Precaution ..... 5 Assembly and Preparation .. 6 Operation Guidelines Panel Guide . 7 Hot Air Gun ...... Soldering Iron ... Smoke Absorber . .... 8 9 9

Maintenance .... 10 Replacement Tips .... 11 Air Nozzles ...... 12


A. ReplacingtheHotAirGunheatingelement 1. Removethescrewswhichsecurethehandleandslidethecordtube. 2. Openthehandle.Disconnectthegroundwireandremovethepipe. 3. Removetheheatingelementbydisconnectingtheterminal. 4. Insert a new heating element and reconnect the terminal. Handle the heatingelementwithcare.Neverrubitswire.Reconnectthegroundwire afterreplacingtheelement. 5. Assemblethehandleinthereverseorderofdisassembly. B. ReplacingtheSolderingIrontip 1. AlwaysturnthepowerOFFwhenremovingorinsertingatip. 2. Whenthetipishot,holditwiththeheatresistantpadandpullitout. 3. Insertthenewtipfullyintothehandle.Ifthetipisnotfullyinserted,the displaywillshowasensorerrorwhenpoweristurnedon. CarefortheSolderingIrontip Always keep the solderplated section of the tip/nozzle coated with a small amountofsolder.Ifthetipofthenozzleiscoatedwithoxide,thetip/nozzles heatconductivity will be lowered. Coating the tip with a small amount of freshsolderensuresmaximumheatconductivity. D.Checkingthesolderingironconnectioncordfordamages 1. Removethesolderingtipandthenipple. 2. Pushthesocketoutfrominsidethehandleassembly. 3.Measuretheresistancevaluesbetweentheconnectorandtheleadwiresat thesocketasfollows: Pin1Red(+) Pin3 Blue(ground) Pin5 Black() Ifanyvalueexceeds0W oris ,replacethe handleassembly.

HotAirGunand HotAirGunHolder

AirNozzles (1124,1130,1197,1010, 1313,1919) 2738MainStation SolderingIronwith SmokeAbsorber

LF2BTip 2630BSolderingIronHolder withSolderWireStand


30150J HeatResistantPad

939Vacuum SuctionPen PowerCord 30181XFilterPads 6pcs.


10094 30106S S009 20962 P002 30127S B011

Hotairgunheatingelement Plastichandleofhotairgun Hotairguncompletehandle Hotairgunmetalpipe Diaphragmpump SolderingIronplastichandle SolderingIroncompletehandle




MAIN STATION Power Input : Station Dimensions: Weight: SOLDERING IRON Power Consumption: Temperature Range: Heating Element: Output Voltage: HOT AIR GUN Power Consumption: Temperature Range: Heating Element Pump/Motor Type: Air Capacity: SMOKE ABSORBER Vacuum Pressure: 600mm Hg 500W 100C 480C Metal Heating Core Diaphragm Pump 23 l /min (max) 70W 250C 480C Ceramic Heater 24V available in 110V / 220V 188(w) x 126(h) x 250(d) mm 5.6Kg

Set the airflow level. You can adjust to your desired airflow by using the

1. CheckiftheSolderingIronisattachedproperlytothe5pinreceptacleand thevacuumtubeissecurelyconnected. 2. Besurethatallfunctionbuttonsarenotpressed. 3. TurnonthePowerSwitch. 4. Pressthefunctionswitchtoturnonthesolderingiron SOLDERIRON function. 5. Whenasignalbeepisheard,presstheResetbutton. 6. Solder iron is set to automatically increase temperature to 350C upon turningon.Unitwilldisplay350Cfor3secondsthenautomaticallyswitch todisplayrealtemperatureofthesolderiron. 7. Setthetemperature.Adjusttoyourdesiredtemperature,usingthe button. 8. Startusingwhenrealtemperaturereachesthesettemperature. Note: Automate soldering time This is an optional setting. You can set soldering time to 30 minutes then it automatically turns off. To activate this function: 1. Press the temperature adjust button of the solder iron in a simultaneousmannertogetherwiththeResetbutton. 2. Thedisplaywillshowindicatingthatthe30minuteautomate timeisturnedon. 3. After30minutesthebuzzerbeepsandthetemperaturedecreasestoroom temperature. When heatingelement power has been shutoff, thedisplay willshow 4. Tostartsolderingagain,presstheResetbuttononce.

** Automatefunctionisautomaticallydeactivatedwhentemperatureis readjustedorwhenresetbuttonispressed.
III.SMOKEABSORBER 1. 2. 3. 4. Waituntilthesolderingironreachesthesettemperatureandstabilizes. SetVacuumControltosmokeabsorber. SMOKEABSORBER Pressthefunctionswitch. Fumesabsorbedwillpassthroughafilterandbeblownoutthruthehotair gun.Sothesmokethatisblownoutfromthehotairgunduringsoldering isalreadyfiltered. IMPORTANT: Filters should be cleaned and replaced regularly so that it would not clog up the air path and will effectively clean the toxic fumes produced during soldering process.

I.HOTAIRGUN 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Besurethatallfunctionbuttonsarenotpressed. TurnonthePowerSwitch. SetVacuumControltoSMDrework. Pressthefunctionswitchtoturnonhotairreworking HOTAIRGUN function. Set the airflow level. You can adjust to your desired airflow by using the buttons.Airflowrangeisfrom1599. Set the temperature. Adjust to your desired working temperature, using the button. Whenairflowandtemperaturehasbeenset,waituntiltherealtemperature reachesthesettemperaturebeforeusingtheHotAirGun. AfterusingtheHotAirGun,donotimmediatelyturnoffthepowerswitch, insteadturnoffthehotairgunfunctionswitchtoactivatetheautocooloff functionoftheunit.Thisisforsafetyandpropermaintenanceoftheunit.


Leadfree,smokefree,3in1multifunctionalrepairingsystem.Combinesthe functionofaHotAirGun,aSolderingIronandaSmokeAbsorber. Microprocessor controlled ESD safe unit. All digital display of hot air temperature, soldering iron temperature and air pressure with touch type panelcontrols. Unique 15minute standby auto sleep mode. Returns to previous setting whenthehandleisheldupagain. Programmableautoreworkingtimefrom 20to9999seconds. Designedwithanautocooloffprocess.Uponturningtheunitoff,itstartsto blow cold air until it reaches a safe temperature of 85 degrees, this is to ensuresafetyandtoprolongusagelifeoftheheatingelement. Compoundtipdesignedforefficiency.Replacementoftipswitheasyslipin/ outmethod. Creative builtin smoke extractor that absorbs the fumes created at the source.Eliminatesthespacehinderingsmokeabsorbingunitsyetallowinga healthyenvironment. Compatible withvarioustype ofair nozzles. Please see page #12 for listof availableairnozzles. Compatiblewithdifferentkindoftips.Pleaseseep#11forlistofreplacement tips.

IMPORTANT: Remember to set airflow level first before setting the temperature so that it would not damage the heating element, causing it to be burnt out prematurely. IMPORTANT: Airflow level should be set accordingly, working with low airflow and high temperature often causes heating element to get easily burnt. Note: Auto-cool off function after turning off the hot air gun function switch, unit starts to blow cool air to decease temperature of the hot air gun, hot air gun function will automatically be turned off when the hot air gun temperature reached a safe level of 90C. (Auto-cool off will not function when main power switch is turned off) Note: Auto-sleep mode unit is also programmed to have an autosleep mode, this is activated when hot air gun is turned on but is placed on the hot air gun holder and not put to use for fifteen minutes, temperature automatically decreases and eventually turns to sleep mode. When the handle is held again the unit will go back to its previous setting.


Checkevery component afteropening the package whether everythingisin

goodworkingcondition.Ifthereareanydamagessuspected,dontusethe itemandcontactyourdealer.

When moving the unit to another location, be sure to turn off the power

iron or any parts of the system. Use carefully and lightly so as not to damageanyparts.

Be sure the unit is grounded. Always connect power to a grounded receptacle.

A. SolderingIron 1. Installsolderwiretothesolderironholder.(Figure1)


1 2 3


9 11

12 4 14 Figure 1. Soldering Iron stand with solder wire holder 13

2. Attachthesolderingironcordassemblytothe5pinoutputatthe lowercenterareaofthemainunit. 3. Place soldering iron to the soldering iron stand as shown in Figure1. B.SmokeAbsorber Attachthesmokeabsorbingtubetothevacuumcap.Makesurethat thecordconnectionsarefreefromanytangles. C.HotAirGun TheHotAirgunholderwasinstalledonthestationupsidedownfor packaging purpose. To set up the Hot Air Gun holder, loosen the screwthatholdsitontheleftsideofthestation.Afterlooseningboth screws,turntheholderridesideup,thentightenthescrewsback. Place the hot air gun in the sensor controlled holder to prepare for usage.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

6 7 8 Airflowgauge Hotairguntemperatureadjustmentbutton Hotairgunairflowadjustmentbutton Solderingirontemperatureadjustmentbutton Hotairgunconnectingoutlet VacuumCap Solderingironreceptacle Mainpowerswitch Digitaldisplayofhotairguntemperature(actualandset)

actualtemperature temperaturebeingset coolingdown sleep(standby)andoffmode

10 11 12 13 14 15

Hotairgunfunctionswitch Digitaldisplayofairflow
actualairflow airflowbeingset

Resetbuttonforallsettings Solderingirontemperature(actualandset) Solderingironfunctionswitch Vacuumcontrol

SmokeAbsorber whenusingsmokeabsorbingfunctionofsolderiron SMDrework whenusingthehotairgun