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Al-Madinah International University

The Rector

In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, Who teacheth by the pen, Teacheth man that which he knew not, and praise and peace be upon the noblest of Messengers, the best teacher that the universe has ever known, Mohammed the son of Abdullah, and upon all his family and companions.

In establishing this university, we had to draw for ourselves a different path than other universities have. We were determined, with the assistance of Allah, to establish a scientific edifice to be a bridge that could be used by knowledge seekers and knowledge generations to reach the different sciences. We chose to establish this edifice based on modern technology, as it is the most important tool in the present era that the learner needs to have the keys to the future in an era where all aspects of life are controlled by technology. There is no office or house without the tools of modern technology.

Based on the motive of the responsibility towards our new generations and the rights that they have upon us, we have to open the horizons of knowledge and provide new and useful knowledge for them to achieve their ambitions. We must help them to create the horizons of a bright future in order to make them generations that will be a foundation for the identity of the Islamic Ummah and help them have in which all of their hopes will. It is unacceptable that our generations stay separated from the new tools and methods of education that are based on modern technology which has its universal standards and various tools nowadays.

Yes, this edifice was established for the STUDENT, as the universitys arena is cyber space no geographic or time barriers can separate between knowledge and knowledge seekers. The learner can tour the universitys halls and gets all his needs using his hands only. There are various programs and wellprepared materials using tools and means that resemble the education environment with the flavor of technology. Online classes and e-services give a new concept to the study life and the educational cycle that the learner experiences using useful and new tools to gain the required knowledge to be able to practice the language of the technology era easily and smoothly.

It is our pleasure to provide the learner with this great effort which was organized by a team of academicians, technology experts, and administrators who have different specializations and have the skills and abilities needed to achieve the difficult equation of combining between academic quality, with its requirements, administrative quality, and its characteristics, and technological quality, and its latest developments. In addition, academic courses are approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education.

This provides an opportunity for all people of ambition and desire to aspire to a better future and a bigger chance. We welcome them to their university to be interactive members helping us to draw the outlines of the new generation of modern universities that the world is racing to reach.

We hope that we will be among the pioneers in this field (E-learning) with the participation of students who share the great ambition that we are seeking to achieve, asking Allah Almighty to crown these efforts with support and success.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi The Rector Al-Madinah International University; Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Vision and Mission Our Vision:

A leading international university that promotes a wide range of knowledge in its various aspects to serve humanity and to promote its advancement.

Our Mission:

Disseminating knowledge using the best means and learning methods; knowledge development and intellectual exchange consistent with international level of excellence; to create conducive educational and research environment for knowledge seekers all over the world that serves society and preserves ethical values. Objectives and Values University Objectives:

To disseminate scholarship and knowledge in all the various fields of life, and ease the means of receiving knowledge using the latest and best technological means. To preserve values and ideals by way of higher education and academic research. To create a comprehensive and integrated academic environment in the field of education and research. To contribute to the advancement of higher education with its various branches and specialisations and offer programmes, opportunities to study and innovative services that are comprehensive and of the highest quality. To produce graduates with a high level of knowledge, technological capabilities, and competitive skills that will be contributors to society. To enter into partnerships and agreements with related parties to achieve collaboration and integration in all fields.

University Values:

Sincerity and professionalism. Commitment and Integrity. Originality and Innovation. Quality and Excellence. Mutual Respect and Healthy Competition. Leadership and Sound Planning. Confidence and Shouldering the Responsibility. Self-Initiative and Teamwork. Lifelong Learning. Open Communication with societies and serving them.

Programs Offered Undergraduate Postgraduate Centre of Languages

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