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Annexure I


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Name of the Applicant : . (In Capital Letters only) Enrolment No. .. .. Course ... Institute Date of Birth Fathers Name : .. :. Age : Male : Female

Passport size photograph

Residential Address:.. ... Tel : . Mob: .


Present Address: ... Tel : .....Mob: .

9. 10.

Name of local Guardian and Contact No. .. ....... Whether you know the Swimming Yes No DECLARATION

I here by declare that: 1. I know / do not know swimming and I will use the Swimming Pool at my own risk. 2. 3. I have read the instructions and hereby undertake to abide by them. I am using the Swimming Pool in Amity Campus Sector 125, Noida at my own risk. I hereby Indemnify the Amity University and the Swimming Pool Management for any injury or fatal Accident to myself. I am not suffering from any Chronic or Contagious disease or any medical disability / condition which prevents me from Swimming All the particulars mentioned in the application form are correct to the best of my knowledge, if found wrong, my membership may be cancelled. Signature of Parent / Guardian Name: Relationship: Place: Date: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------OFFICE USE Application for availing facility of Swimming Pool in respect of (Name of the swimmer) as per details above has been accepted and Swimming Pool Registration No. AUSW/Institute/3 digit number / 10 (year) has been allotted. (Signature of Students) Name:

4. 5.

Date: Authorized Signatory

Director, ASPESS

Annexure II

I..Registration No. do hereby sign that I fully understand that Amity University and Swimming Pool Management will not be responsible or liable for any injury, disability and accident or death that may be caused to me while using the Swimming Pool or within the area of Amity Swimming Pool Complex. I am using the Swimming Pool at my own risk and peril and this Indemnity Bond covers the period of one year from the opening the Swimming Pool of Amity University, Sector 125 Noida.

Signed this..day of ..20.. at Noida.

Signature... Registration No. Course.... Institution:. Resident Address:..... .. .. Tel:.


Signature of Parents /Guardian: Name: Relationship. Place ............ Date ................

Annexure III


1. Entry is restricted to members only, who have registered with the HoI / Faculty I/C, Swimming Pool and are in possession of valid I-Card of the AUUP and Swimming Pool Membership Card. Each swimmer will enter his/her name and Membership No. and other particulars in the Register maintained at the swimming pool Reception Counter before entering the Pool and sign again on completion of swimming. The membership for use of Swimming Pool to any Swimmer can be terminated at any time without assigning any reason. The swimmers shall swim in proper costume. Swimming Cap is compulsory for girls and boys with long hair. All instructions imparted by the In-charge/Coach/Life Guard shall be strictly followed. Pool Manager is authorized to refuse any person from swimming for misbehaviour and infringement of rules. Swimmers will use the pool at their own risk and peril. The Management will not be responsible for any injury / loss of life. Diving in the Pool is strictly forbidden. The Management will not be responsible for any injuries sustained by members in and around the Swimming Pool. No compensation or claim shall be entertained in case of any mishap or loss of life during the swimming. a) Non Swimmers/Beginners shall not cross the barrier put up for restricting them from going into the deeper portion of the swimming pool. b) In case any Non Swimmer violates the above restrictions, he/she will do so at his/her own risk. c) Wearing of Red Cap is compulsory for all beginners/non swimmers. 10. 11. 12. 13. Any one suffering from skin disease/cough and cold is not allowed to swim. Students are requested not to spit in/pollute the pool in any way. Visitors are not allowed to enter the pool deck in any way. All users of swimming facilities shall take a shower bath before entering the pool and after swimming. Contd2/-


3. 4. 5.


7. 8.


:2: 14. The Management will not be responsible for loss of any valuables left with the attendant or in the lockers of the Swimming Pool. The Management is not responsible for any losses (mobiles, valuables etc). Please avoid bringing valuables to the Pool. No Footwear is allowed on the deck of the Swimming Pool upto 3 Metre from pool edge. Photography in the Swimming Pool is STRICTLY prohibited. Ornaments of any kind such as chains, rings, glass bangles etc. are not permitted to be worn while swimming. No eatables shall be brought in the swimming pool premises. Smoking in and around the Pool is strictly prohibited. Proper decorum is to be mentioned in and outside the Pool and no activity or behavior, which causes disturbance to other swimmer will be allowed and may lead to termination of membership. No guests are permitted. Signature of Student Course..:.. Institute: Contact No. Date:..


16. 17.

18. 19. 20.