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Respondent, I am Mr. Pavan G. Walecha, The student of Department of Business Administration and Management SGB Amravati University, is conducting research under the title GOLD: An Investment Option-A Study for fulfillment of MBA Degree Course. I hope to get your valuable cooperation in this project.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely Pavan G. Walecha

Name:-. Qualification:-.. Age:-. Profession:a) Businessmen f) Private Employee Income Class: a)1lacks-2Lacks 1) Where do you Invest? a) Equity d) Gold b) Bonds/Debentures e) Fixed Deposits c) Life Insurance f) Mutual Fund b) 2Lacks-3Lacks c) 3Lacks & Above b) Professional e) Others c) Govt .Employees

2) You invest in the securities with the view of saving or earning return on them? a) Saving b)Returns

3) What is the degree of your expectations? Degree of Expectations 1 to 5 1 a) Savings b) Return 4) In which Sort of Securities do you like to invest? a) Highly Risky b) Moderate Risky c) Low Risky 2 3 4 5

5) Do you think GOLD is a good investment option? a) Yes b) No c) Cant Say

6) Do you invest in Gold? a) Yes 7) How do you invest in Gold? a) Frequently d) Once in an year b) Occasionally (festivals) e) Twice in the year c) Marriages f) other b) No

8) In which forms do you invest in Gold? a) Bars b) Coins c) Exchange Traded Funds (ETPs) e) Ornaments d) Shares of Mining Companies f) Bank Accounts/Certificates 9) While purchasing a physical gold do you check the purity norms and rating of Gold? a) Yes b) No 10) Which purity symbol do you believe in? a) Hallmark d) Local Brands b) BIS c) Fineness (Carats)

e) Other.


11) Rate your Investment Options from 1 to 5

Where 1 is the WORST & 5 is the BEST

Share Market Gold Real Estate Debentures/ Bonds Mutual Funds Bank Deposits /F.Ds Life Insurance

Return Safety Volatility Liquidity Convenience Q 12) will you recommend others for investing in Gold a) Yes b) No


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