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May 2012

President Gene Walker 5531 Lardon Rd NE Salem, OR 97305-3248 (503) 428-6641 (503) 371-4363 Vice President Gary Kelley 20000 NE Jaquith Rd Newberg, OR 97132-6694 (503) 537-0802 (503) 860-6442 Treasurer Tom Ruttan 3761 SW Olson Ct Lake Oswego, OR 97034 (503) 638-1746 Secretary Shannon Kelley 20000 NE Jaquith Rd Newberg, OR 97132-6694 (503) 537-0802 (503) 784-0760

Welcome Kevin Erickson

Id like to welcome another new member, Kevin Erickson. Kevin lives in Commerce City, Colorado and has begun the process of restoring his 1947 Chief. Welcome to the club Kevin. Were here to help with your project any way we can and look forward to seeing you and your restored Chief at one of our future events.

A "Meet and Greet Your AMCA Board" was held at the Sunshine Chapter Meet. For one hour, members were able to engage attending Board members with questions and comments. The exchange of ideas and suggestions was positive. This program will continue at all National Meets when Board members are present. I intend to attend as many National Meets and Road Runs as possible this year, as I did last year. There was another swap meet in Eustis sponsored by the Vintage Motorcycle Association. This meet was not an officially sanctioned AMCA National Meet. I attended both meets. The VMA was supportive of the AMCA in its literature, and promoted the ideals of the Club. Unfortunately, the VMA meet coincided with the Sunshine Chapter meet this year. Although there was some confusion about this meet, many AMCA members and others attended both meets. Hopefully, after the upcoming meeting of the Sunshine Chapter this month, both groups can get together and agree on a single site for a National Meet next year. Your AMCA Board will continue its support for AMCA Chapters that sponsor National Meets. The Board considered several matters at its meeting in Daytona Beach. One matter was the reporting of the Club's financial statements for 2011. Treasurer Jim Graulty revealed a new format which provides more line-by-line detail of revenue and expenditures. Those statements have been forwarded to you previously by Jim, and I think you will agree they are more detailed than any previous financial statements issued by the Board. Future statements will continue the same format. Please direct any questions you may have to Jim by e-mail (and thanks, Jim, for all the effort).

AMCA Presidents Newsletter

By Richard Spagnoli, AMCA President Many of us who live in the Northern States look forward to the AMCA Sunshine Chapter National Meet as a chance to the enjoy the warmth of the sun after months of cold, snowy, dreary weather. I left home with my wife in the snow and drove south to Daytona Beach, only to find out a few days later that the weather back home was sunny and warm with record-setting temperatures in the 70s. Theres just no anticipating the unpredictability of the weather. That was certainly true for the Sunshine Chapter National Meet. Every Chapter sponsoring a National Meet prays for good weather, but unfortunately, rain fell on the meets new location in New Smyrna Beach. In spite of the rain, the meet was, by all accounts, a success, even though some vendors had a problem with water accumulation on their sites, along with other, normal first-year problems. If this site is the venue for the meet next year, some of these problems will surely be addressed by the Sunshine Chapter.

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Oregon Trail Chapter May 2012 Another important matter the Board has been addressing concerns compliance of the Club and its Chapters with all tax laws. Raymond Dhue was the Club's Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer prior to his untimely passing in January 2011. He was responsible for all aspects of the Club's financial affairs, including the filing of required tax returns and advising the Chapters of their financial reporting requirements to the Club Treasurer. Raymond always performed his duties with great dedication and the best interests of the Club and Membership in mind. After the appointment by the Board of current Treasurer, Jim Graulty, a comprehensive review of Raymond's extensive financial records was conducted. During the course of this review by Jim and I, and well before any member inquiries about the Club's financial status or compliance with IRS rules and regulations, it was discovered that the Club and several Chapters may not be in full compliance. Jim and I, after consultation with the Board and with our general counsel, John Wendel, decided to seek opinions from experienced tax counsel and a CPA firm knowledgeable in advising nonprofits in relation to IRS rules and regulations. After consultation and much discussion with these professionals, it would appear that the Club and some of its Chapters will need to address how they conduct operations, including treatment of revenue items, net income, if any, generated by Club and Chapter activities, and possibly the nature of their tax-exempt status. Jim and the Board are in the process of reviewing the recommendations of the professionals, and we will be consulting with them in the near future to determine the best method to assure that the Club and the Chapters are in full compliance with all tax laws and regulations. The changes that may be recommended could alter significantly the way Chapters, particularly those that sponsor National Meets, report revenue. The changes could result in the payment of taxes. Please be assured that Jim and the Board are doing everything necessary to assure full compliance, notwithstanding the practices in place previously. Once the recommendations are accepted and finalized by the Board, the Membership and all Chapters will be advised fully. Please have patience while this review process takes its course. This is not the time to point fingers and criticize those who made decisions in the past. The Board is looking forward in a positive way to address this situation, and we want to devote all our energy to assure full compliance. Another area addressed by the Board was a concern raised by a member that the Club was not in compliance with IRS rules and regulations because the AMCA did not permit members to vote for the Board. This concern was addressed by a review of the Club's 501 (c)(7) application process with the IRS. The AMCA was incorporated in Florida as a non-profit. Florida requires the filing of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Those Bylaws included a provision that there would be no membership voting. Those Articles and Bylaws were attached to the Club's application with the IRS. The IRS issued an approval letter granting the Club 501 (c)(7) status, thereby accepting the Club's Articles and Bylaws. Out of a sense of caution, the Club obtained an opinion from outside tax counsel, who confirmed the Club was in compliance with IRS Rules and Regulations. The matter of governance in the AMCA was discussed by the Board. The Board did not make any changes to the current method of electing members of the Board. The Board also took no action on the two proposals submitted for consideration by a Chapter and a member. However, the Board concluded that the whole issue of governance of the Club deserves review in a thorough and thoughtful manner without rushing to conclusions and decisions that may not be practical or fair. In the coming months, the Board will conduct a survey of Membership on the subject of Club governance. Once the survey results are compiled and analyzed, the Board will make a decision on how best to address the governance issue. Again, this process will take patience, but it will be thorough and guided by the principle that whatever decision is made on governance, it will be fair to all members and in the best interests of the Club. In the meantime, the Board will continue to accept applications for Board positions for elections scheduled at the Board meeting on October 5, 2012, at the Chesapeake Chapter National Meet. Applications are due by June 1, 2012, and should be sent to Board Secretary Kelli Webb-Stauffer at

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Oregon Trail Chapter May 2012

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Oregon Trail Chapter May 2012 No action was taken on the Club's advertising policy, but the Board retains the right to review all advertising submitted for publication to insure accuracy, full disclosure and compliance with Club Philosophy, Policy and Procedures. Bill Wood made an operations report to the Board. It included membership trends, new advertising rate card information, an update on the Virtual Library and a demonstration of the new judging software. Membership appears to continue to fluctuate depending on the time of year a membership expires. Bill will monitor the trends to determine the direction of the membership numbers. Based on Bill's report on the Virtual Library, this project is at a critical juncture. He and Matt Olsen have been conferring on this project and it appears that finding people to do the manual work of copying and uploading the materials continues to be crucial to the success of this project. In the absence of volunteers, the Board may have to consider paying for this service. The Board continues to believe the Virtual Library is a project the Club should support, even if it will mean money will have to be budgeted for it. The demonstration of the new judging software confirmed that the revision of the old software was the right thing to do. It is very user-friendly and, if necessary, the software can be used to access judging information on the field to reference any bike previously judged by the AMCA and also the identity of the owners. Instead of having just one person knowledgeable about the software, as was the practice in the past, several people involved in the judging system will have knowledge about the program, so there will not be any disruption if one person quits the program. There will be adequate security in the program. Thanks, Bill, for a great job on this project. Chief Judge Carl Olsen and Assistant Chief Judge Don Dzurick reported on the judging program. They summarized the judging for last year and their plans for the coming year. They reported continued strong interest in judging, but cautioned that the program needs to attract new judges who are familiar with some of the newer brands coming into the system. Carl and Don suggested encouraging members who are having a bike judged at a meet volunteer to become apprentice judges, with the hope that they will continue in the program and become AMCA judges. Judging seminars will continue at all National Meets. The list of current AMCA judges will continue to be updated, and an e-mail list will be used for ongoing communication with the judges. Carl also requested, and the Board approved, allowing himself and Don to make judging decisions with Judging Committee approval, and then submit them to the Board for later approval. These decisions will not involve judging policy, but practical judging issues that arise on the judging field. The Board was pleased with the results of the Judging Survey that was reported in the Spring Issue of the magazine. The survey revealed the overwhelming majority of members participating in the program were more than satisfied with the judging process at National Meets. Thanks to the Assistant Chief Judge, who supervised the judging program in 2011 upon which the survey was based. Merchandise manager Susan Brutus made a report. She has reduced the inventory to a manageable level and is recommending that we continue the current practice of selling Club merchandise online and through National Meets by sending product to the Chapters and giving them a 10% commission on all sales. This practice appears to be working, but will only be utilized if a Chapter wants to participate. The Board invited three members to speak at the meeting. Brian Groff, Dave Panella and Pete Sink addressed the Board briefly on membership and governance issues, civility in dealing with Club issues among members, and the judging program, both past and future. We thought this session was productive, and we will consider continuing this practice in the future. The Board added a requirement to the Honorary Nomination Process. Because of the AMCA and Community conduct requirement in the nominating process, the Board will now ask for comment from Chapter Presidents about each nominee before the Board votes on the nomination. Since the Board believes an Honorary Membership is very special in the Club, we are hopeful this process will help the Board in the decision making process. The Board may also ask the Nominee to attend a Board meeting. Finally, I hope that as we all go forward in discussing issues which are important to the membership and the future of the Club, that civility prevails.

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Oregon Trail Chapter May 2012 We have seen what can happen when civility takes a back seat. Please remember, as Carl Olsen has stated recently and as many have stated in the past, it's all about the OLD BIKES! And the friendship and camaraderie that brings us all together is because of these OLD BIKES. Yes, there will always be disagreements among members. Some of the disagreements can get heated. But I firmly believe there is no place in this Club for incivility among Club members. Hope to see many of you at National Meets and Road Runs, or just down the road, having fun riding our old motorcycles. Thanks for listening. Richard - 724-861-4681 Memorial Bricks: We have seven reserved bricks near our big OTC brick. Roughly every time 20 bricks have been sold, the engraver comes and does the batch. Nominations will be taken from the members. Memorial nominations should include nominee background information, their participation in club activities, length of membership, a photo and at least two member testimonials describing the nominee's service to the club. 2012 Gold Rush Run: Road Run Itinerary: Shannon is doing Thursday night snacks/cocktails. Rosie and Jim will setup Friday and Saturday lunch locations and fuel stops. Norlene is doing dinner Friday and lunch Saturday on the road. Gene volunteered to do awards presentation. Still need volunteers for run packets and RV site coordinator. Bruce mentioned there is a glove shop in Salem circa 1936. A raffle prize could be either a custom glove fitting or off-the-shelf gloves. Work gloves run around $20. Bruce will purchase/donate a single pair of gloves. Bruce will look into pricing/availability for taking additional gloves to the event. Gene, TomR and TomK will look into sponsored prizes for additional raffle items. Meeting adjourned at 3:14

April Meeting Minutes

Gene called the meeting to order at 2:06. Attendees: Gene Walker, Tom Ruttan, Bruce Reichelt, Jim and Rosie Singhose, Gary and Shannon Kelley, Pat and Carol Smith, Terry and Norlene Wolbert Treasurers Report: TomR presented the March report. Correspondence: Received a new member application (Kevin Erickson) and 5 renewals. Rick Najera called Gene to say our bid for our 2013 national road run was declined, but we are guaranteed to have one in 2014. Evergreen has been approved for 2013. National offer for us to sell antique motorcycle history books to support the chapter and Antique Motorcycle Foundation. Starts in 1884 and goes up 73. All marques. Clubs can buy cases or get 1 case on consignment for shipping of $40. Gary and Shannon have received permission to set up an AMCA/OTC Hospitality Booth at the OVM show on Sunday May 20th. Business: TomR went to OVM business meeting last Saturday. They are looking for ideas for rides. Tom mentioned having them meet us part way on the Saturday of our Road Run. June 15-16 Swap Meet at Dixon, CA. Gene is willing to haul small things for sale.

May Business Meeting Agenda

The May Business Meeting is being held at the Powerland Texaco Saturday, May 12, 2012. Topics well discuss: Review of April meeting minutes Treasurers Report 2012 Road Run Committee Report 2013 Road Run location discussion New Business Our Business Meetings are where we discuss issues important to Chapter operation. Your thoughts are needed to make decisions for the future. We hope to see you there.

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Oregon Trail Chapter May 2012

Upcoming Events
Check out these upcoming antique and vintage motorcycle events. Date
April 29

Classic & Vintage Show & Swap Tsawwassen, BC

An aircraft manufacturer in Verghera, north of Milan from 1923 until WWII, the company was re-born as Meccanica Verghera Agusta in 1946 to build motorcycles under the direction of Count Domenico Agusta, the founders son. MV Agusta formally entered motorcycle racing in 1948, luring Arturo Magni and Ing. Piero Remor from Gilera to spearhead the development of 125cc single-cylinder and 500cc four cylinder DOHC racers. Cecil Sandford gave MV Agusta its first World Championship in the 125cc class in 1952. It was the arrival of John Surtees to the team in 1956 and the withdrawal of Gilera, Moto Guzzi and Mondial from World Championship racing that initiated a run of 17 successive 500cc World Championships from 1958-74, with Surtees, Gary Hocking, Mike Hailwood, Giacomo Agostini and Phil Read riding. Along the way, MV Agusta produced a range of superior street motorcycles from 125cc up, including the iconic 750S and its last air-cooled motorcycle, the 1977 850S. Production of MV Agusta motorcycles resumed in 1999 under new owners Cagiva, with the 750cc F4 and Brutale models, featuring all-new, liquid-cooled, fourcylinder engines with radial four-valve cylinder heads. After a year under Harley-Davidson ownership, MV Agusta is once again an independent company owned by the Castiglioni family, and has recently launched new threecylinder 675cc models in Brutale (naked) and F3 (sportbike) forms. Owners of all makes and styles of classic and vintage motorcycles are invited to participate in the Show N Shine, and awards will be presented in several classes, including Best in Show and Peoples Choice. Said Copan, The show n shine provides a unique opportunity for local restorers to show off their skills. This year promises to be the best display yet. South Delta Recreation Centre is on 56th Street in Tsawwassen, British Columbia near the junction with Highway 17, 20 minutes north of the US border and 30 minutes south of Vancouver BC. Swap meet doors open at 10:00 am. Admission $10, under 12 free. For more information, call Todd Copan at (604) 299-0020, visit or email

May 5 May 6 - 8 May 12 May 19 May 19 - 20 May 27 June 7 - 9 June 9

Quail Lodge Motorcycle Gather Carmel, CA Los Angeles Chapter Road Run Buellton, CA OTC Business Meeting, Brooks OR Hanford Motorcycle Show & Swap Kings Fairground, Hanford, CA OVM Motorcycle Swap & Show Corvallis, OR Ishi Chapter Show & Swap Meet Chico, CA Missouri River Road Run Great Falls, MT OTC Business Meeting, Brooks OR

June 15 - 16 Fort Sutter Show & Swap Meet Dixon, CA.

Vintage Swap Meet & Show N Shine

The annual Classic and Vintage Swap Meet has become a calendar fixture for motorcycle enthusiasts from all over North America and beyond. Event organizer Todd Copan expects to easily pass his previous record of 150 vendors, who last year filled the vending areas with vintage European, American and Japanese motorcycle parts. This years show theme is MV Agusta and headlining the display will be a magnificent example of the extremely rare 1977 850SS model. In motorcycling there are few names which when spoken draw awe, one those is MV Agusta. The name brings to mind the ultimate in Italian design and styling. Between 1952 and 1974, MV Agusta motorcycles won more than 3,000 international races and collected 37 manufacturers World Championships, while MV riders amassed 38 individual World Championships. Its a record thats never been equaled.

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Oregon Trail Chapter May 2012

OTC Forum Classifieds

By Our Members 1951 FL, 3 speed and reverse with 1941 sidecar. Very nice outfit, runs great, fresh rebuilt Linkert, interior of sidecar in nice shape, spare tire on the sidecar. Email for more information and pictures or call 541-944-7641. 2 Scouts for sale. 45-inch in a 741 frame. Needs finishing with wiring and misc stuff to get it running. Painted a beautiful, $1500.00, 2-tone blue. 52-inch in a 741 frame. Has vertical twin front forks and wheel, TT warrior rear wheel and Jr. Scout tanks. Contact Ben Beberness, 1948 HD FL 74ci - Older restoration with less than 50 miles. Total engine rebuild by Cliff Lamb. Transmission rebuilt by Walker's Cycle. OEM frame, forks, handlebars, fuel and oil tanks. New parts include engine belt drive, complete wiring harness, not installed. Reproduction parts are fenders, wheels, tires, lights, trim and exhaust. $16,500 For info, call Gene @ 503.428.6641

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OTC Forum Classifieds are available to all AMCA members registered on the OTC Forum. Advertisements posted on the forum are listed here when space is available. Please remove your ads from the forum as soon as possible following the sale. Deadline for articles, advertisements or other submissions to the Trail Gazette is the 20th of the month. Send submissions to

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