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his is what i made: 1) open bios.wph with Phoenix BIOS Editor v2.1.0.

0 2) copy file with slic table (eg ACPI5.ROM) in Phoenix BIOS Editor\TEMP that contains dissassembled/extracted bios.wph 3) open rom.scr with notepad and add a line eg. "ACPI ACPI5.ROM" 4) open BIOSCOD1.ROM with a text/hex editor 5) search for "RSDT" string 6) overwrite string next to "RSDT" with ACRSYSACRPRDCT and save 7) to enable save button (now is gray) change something random in Phoenix BIOS Editor and restore its original value 8) save bios and check log for errors i hope is clearer to understand than google' chinese to english translation since i'm italian so i could make some mistakes at 6) be careful!!!!. Thats NOT RIGHT and worked accidental, cause next to RSDT there are 4 table length bytes!! You just have to edit OEM table ID matching with corresponding OEM (SLIC). FIRST POSITION TO EDIT IS AT OFFSET A NOT BEFORE!!!! E. g. if you use asus slic oem table id is _ASUS_Notebook COMPARE A MODDED BIOS WITH ORIGINAL TO AVOID MISTAKES!!! Check http://forums.mydigitallife.info/sho...postcount=2247 for additional informations. Yen

These are the steps what I made... 1.open bios.wph with Phoenix BIOS Editor v2.1.0.0 2.now copy the file slice table(eg ACPI5.ROM) in phoenix BIOS Editor\TEMP that contains dissassembled\extracted bios.wph 3.open rom.scr with notepad and add a line eg. "ACPI ACPI5.ROM" 4.open BIOSCOD1.ROM with a text/hex editor 5.search for "RSDT" string 6.overwrite string next to "RSDT" with ACRSYSACRPRDCT and save it. 7.to enable save button (now is gray) change something random in Phoenix BIOS Editor 8.save bios and check log for errors. In my opinion all models with phoenix bios must work. You can found out is yours laptop compatible with "fn"+"b" key pressing. 1.Take out battery

2.pull out ac power cord 3. press fn and B key togewer 4.holding keys pressed put in ac power cord. 5.holding keys pressed (fn+B) press power button. After that yours computer boots in special recovery mode - there is no video - only disk drives + protsessor cooling works. 6.if you dont wont reflash yours laptop bios, then power off, ac cord out, ac cord in.

OK everybody... anybody using the patched F53 Bios for the HP DV9000/6000 (I believe) .. you may have noticed that there is a new one out F.58A. Well I am glad to say that it is successfully patched. With the guidance of kevd_hackins post and the initial doctor j one, I was able to patched the newest one F.58A.. I also added in a nice little mac apple instead of the HP INVENT at the begging of your BIOS. This will allow ANY wireless cards!! I just got my broadcom card today, flashed my bios, saw my nice little apple at boot up and bam i was in OS X with browsin the internet on my new broadcom card. Goodbye 104 Unsupported error message.. lol... anyways.. the linked BIOS contains version F.58A and has a apple logo (if you would like the original HP invent, PM and i can make arrangements). 1. Download the F.58A bios update from HP and go ahead and install. 2. Stop after install and do NOT flash 3. Exit out and go to C:\SwSetup\SP36774. (this sp number will be different for different BIOS) 4. Edit the phlash.ini (either under swinflash(32bit system) or Winphlash64 (64bit system) 4a. Under the [UI].. set hideall=0 and add in Advanced=1. 5. Right click the flash.exe and run as administrator and this will allow you to specify the BIOS (swinflash.exe=32bit and winphlash64.exe=64bit) 6. Choose the patched bios that you downloaded.( .WPH file) (Vista users might have to disable UAC) 7. Flash and let your laptop shutdown 8. After the laptop has shutdown completely, wait a little bit and then hit the power button 9. Boot into OS X and if your card is OS X friendly, you might have to add it in through Network under system prefs. Enjoy If you have a DV series laptop and you are having problems with the dreaded 104

unsupported error message. Post here with your bios version, Ven ID, Dev ID, and subsys ID of your original wifi card and I might be able to help you out. **EDIT** - I have patched the original F.58A bios to bypass the whitelist and left the original HP Invent by request. Enjoy! (Labeled HP 30CCF58A) **EDIT** - The BIOS F.29 for the DV6000t system(intel) is patched and can be located here - http://forum.insanel...howtopic=124283 **EDIT** - F.59A is now out. I have done the same patch to it as I did the F.58A. I haven't had a chance to test it out on my system yet. But I don't think it should cause any problems, nothing changed in regards to stopping the whitelist check. Attached Files Attached File 30CCF58.rar 677.04K 1020 downloads Attached File HP_30CCF58A.rar 686.94K 1345 downloads Attached File 30CCF59_patched_.rar 685.98K 1634 downloads