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SAP T Code List ISU

E1DY : Create/Rep. Dynamic Schedule Records (READYSC1) E25M : Extend Budget Billing Plan (RETRIGG01) E25T : Select BillOrder/Uninvoiced BillDocs (RETRIGG02) E2DY : Change/Display Dyn. Schedule Records (READYSC2) E309 : Define Air Pressure Areas () E3DY : Delete Dynamic Schedule Records (READYDEL) E40A : Display Sched. Recs (SAPMEA40) E40B : Change Sched. Recs (SAPMEA40) E41A : Display Portion (SAPLE15A) E41B : Create Portion (SAPLE15A) E41C : Change Portion (SAPLE15A) E41D : List of Sched. Master Recs (REATERM6_ALV) E41E : Delete Portion (REUTE420_ALV) E41F : Display MR Units (SAPLE15A) E41G : Change MR Unit (SAPLE15A) E41H : Create Meter Reading Unit (SAPLE15A) E41I : Delete MR Unit (REUTE422_ALV) E41J : Maint. Portion (SAPLE15A) E41L : List of MRUs Alloc. to Main MRU (REATERM7_ALV) E42A : Display Parameter Recs (SAPLE15B) E42B : Create Parameter Recs (SAPLE15B) E42C : Change Parameter Recs (SAPLE15B) E42D : List of Parameter Recs (REATERM9_ALV) E42F : Delete Parameter Rec (REUTE419_ALV) E43A : Generate Sched. Recs for Rec Types (REATERM1) E43B : Generate SRs of all MRUs of Portion (REATERM3) E43C : List of Sched. Recs (REATERM5_ALV) E43D : List of all MRUs of a Portion (REATER10_ALV) E43E : Activate Meter Reading Units (REATER12) E4DY : Delete Dynamic Schedule Records (REATERM8_ALV) E61CD : Delete Correspondence Data (REABPCORRDEL) E61D : Delete Budget Billing Plan (REEABPDEL) E61K : Maintain Defaults for BB Procedure () E61L : Charges Plan Active for Div. Cat. 06 () E61M : Adjust BB Plans Automatically (REAABSL1) E61PSD : Stop Payment Scheme (SAPLEA61PS) EA00 : Test Billing of a Contract (SAPLEA02) EA04 : Maintain Specifs for PayMeth.Determ. ()

EA05 : Display and Release Outsortings (REAEXCEP) EA10 : Document Invoicing (REAINV01) EA10_AGGRBILL : Create Aggregated Bill (REAINV10_AGGRBILL) EA10_COLL : Create collective bill (REAINV07) EA11 : Budget Billing Invoicing (REAINV03) EA12 : Request Budget Billing Amounts (REAINV04) EA12IC : Req.Budg.Bill.Amts for IC (Deregul.) (REAINV04_IC) EA13 : Print/Billing Document Reversal (REACAN04) EA14 : Print/Billing Document Reversal (REACAN03) EA15 : Reversal of Invoicing Documents (REACAN02) EA16 : Create Manual Backbilling (SAPLEA16) EA17 : Change Manual Backbilling (SAPLEA16) EA18 : Display Manual Backbilling (SAPLEA16) EA19 : Create Bill (Individual Creation) (REAINV05) EA20 : Reverse Billing Document (REACAN06) EA21 : Adjustment Reversal Billing Docs (REASPCAN) EA22 : Display Billing Document (SAPLEA23) EA22_TOOL : Billing Tool (SAPLEA23_BILLINGTOOL) EA24 : Delete Adj. Reversal frm Bill.Order (REASCBEL) EA25 : Create Partial Bill (Individual) (REAINV06) EA26 : Mass Processing: Create Bill (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EA27 : Mass Processing: Create Partial Bill (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EA28 : Mass Process.: Request BB Amounts (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EA29 : Mass Processing: Bill Printout (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EA29_AGGRBILL : Print Aggregated Bill (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EA30 : Create Rate (SAPLE20K) EA31 : Change Rate (SAPLE20K) EA32 : Display Rate (SAPLE20K) EA33 : Mass Processing: Bill Reversal (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EA34 : Mass Processing: Full Reversal (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EA35 : Create Schema (SAPLE20L) EA36 : Change Schema (SAPLE20L) EA37 : Display Schema (SAPLE20L) EA38 : Mass Activity: Billing (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EA39 : Mass Activity: Billing Simulation (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EA40 : Display Print Document (SAPLE22A) EA43 : Generate SRs of a Record Type (SAPMEA43) EA44 : Delete Sched. Recs (SAPMEA43) EA44M : Mass Deletion of Schedule Records (REATERM2_ALV) EA45 : Create Consumption and Partial Bill (REAINV08) EA46 : Create Consumption and Partial Bill (REAINV09) EA47 : Crt. Discount/Surcharge (SAPLEA47) EA48 : Chg.Discount/Surcharge (SAPLEA47)

EA49 : Displ.Discount/Surcharge (SAPLEA47) EA50 : Create Operand (SAPLE20F) EA51 : Change Operand (SAPLE20F) EA52 : Display Operand (SAPLE20F) EA53 : Create Rate Cat. (SAPLE20A) EA54 : Chg. Rate Cat. (SAPLE20A) EA55 : Display Rate Cat. (SAPLE20A) EA56 : Maint. Rate Type () EA57 : Create Budget Billing Change Doc. (REAINV11) EA58 : Mass Activity: Coll. Bill Printout (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EA59 : Print Collective Bill (Old) (REAPRIN1) EA60 : Print Invoicing Document (REAPRIN0) EA61 : Create BB Plan (SAPLEA61) EA61EX : Budget Billing Change (REA61EX) EA61IC : Create Budget Billing Plan for IC (SAPLEA61) EA61PS : Create Payment Scheme (SAPLEA61PS) EA62 : Change BB Plan (SAPLEA61) EA62IC : Change Budget Billing Plan for IC (SAPLEA61) EA62PS : Change Payment Scheme (SAPLEA61PS) EA63 : Display BB Plan (SAPLEA61) EA63IC : Display Budget Billing Plan for IC (SAPLEA61) EA63PS : Display Payment Scheme (SAPLEA61PS) EA64 : Print collective bill (REAPRIN2) EA65 : Portion Change (REEABPPC) EA65PS : Create Payment Scheme Requests (REPS_LINE_CRT) EA66PS : Mass Run: Create PS Requests (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EA67 : Settings for BB Plan () EA68 : Maint. Specifs in Posting Area R007 () EA70 : Create Billing Cal. Value (SAPLEA71B) EA71 : Change Billing Cal. Value (SAPLEA71B) EA72 : Display Billing Cal. Value (SAPLEA71B) EA73 : Create Gas Procedure (SAPLEE23) EA74 : Change Gas Proced. (SAPLEE23) EA75 : Display Gas Procedure (SAPLEE23) EA76 : Create Cal. Value Proced. (SAPLEA76) EA77 : Change Calorific Value Procedure (SAPLEA76) EA78 : Display Cal. Value Proced. (SAPLEA76) EA79 : Create Vol. Corr. Fact. Proc. (SAPLEA79) EA80 : Change Vol. Corr. Fact.Proc. (SAPLEA79) EA81 : Display Vol. Corr. Fact. Proc. (SAPLEA79) EA85 : Maintain Burning Hour Calendar () EA86 : Copy Burng Hr Calendar for One Year (REABURNH) EA87 : Rate Determination (SAPLERTFND_SERVICE)

EA88 : Maintain Variant (SAPLEAV4) EA89 : Create Price (SAPLEA89C) EA90 : Change Price (SAPLEA89C) EA91 : Display Price (SAPLEA89C) EA92 : Maintain Price Adjustment Clause (SAPLEA90) EA97 : Evaluation 1: Variants R/2 <-> ERP (REAOEA20) EA98 : Evaluation 2: Variants R/2 <-> ERP (REAVAR23) EA99 : Eval. of Variants (REAVAR01) EABBP : Archive Budget Billing Plans (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EABI : Billing/Invoicing log display (EMAP_LOGBI) EABICO : Bill Correction (REABILLCORR) EABIH : Archive Billing Document Headers (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EABIL : Archive Billing Document Line Items (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EABR : IS-U Billing (MENUEABR) EACCBAL : Acct Balnce Display for Deregulation (ISU_ACCBAL_START) EACCMAIN : Manual Acct Maintenance for Supplier (SAPLEE_DEREG_INV_ACCMAIN) EACOLLREV : Select Reversed Documents (SR) (REACOLLREV) EADYN : Define Dynamic Period Control (SAPMSVMA) EAFACTS : Archive Installation Facts (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EAIN : Billing/Invoicing log display (EMAP_LOGIN) EALOGBI_1 : Detail display: MiniApp EMAP_LOGBI (EMAP_LOGBI_1) EALOGIN_1 : Detail display MiniApp EMAP_LOGIN (EMAP_LOGIN_1) EALZ : Logical Register Numbers (REA_INST_BIVIEW) EAMABI : Mass Billing (REAABR00MABI_INST) EAMACB : Consumption History from Inv. Line (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EAMACF : Consumption History from Inst. Facts (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EAMACH : Mass Overall Check (REAABR00MACH) EAMASI : Mass Billing Simulation (REAABR00MASI_INST) EAMS00 : Mass Billing of Simulation Indexes (REA_SIMINDICES_BILL) EAMS01 : Mass Act.: Billing of Sim. Indexes (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EAMS10 : Create Simulation Indexes (REA_SIMINDICES_CREATE) EAMS11 : Monitoring of Mass Simulation (REA_SIMINDICES_MONITOR) EAMS12 : Statisics for Simulation Indices (REA_SIMINDICES_COUNT) EAMS13 : Delete Simulation Indexes (REA_SIMINDICES_DELETE) EAMS20 : Define Simulation Periods () EAMS21 : UIS Version: Create for Mass Simul. (REA_UIS_VERSION_FOR_MASS_SIM) EAMS22 : Statistics for Billing-Rel. Proc. (REA_MASS_SIM_EITR_COUNT) EAN1 : Create GTIN Mapping (SAPMV13D) EAN2 : Change GTIN Mapping (SAPMV13D) EAN3 : Display GTIN Mapping (SAPMV13D) EAN4 : Create GTIN Mapping with Template (SAPMV13D) EANC1 : Cond.: Field Cat. GTIN Mapping () EANC2 : CondTab: Create (GTIN Mapping) (SAPMV12A)

EANC3 : CondTab: Change (GTIN Mapping) (SAPMV12A) EANC4 : CondTab: Display (GTIN Mapping) (SAPMV12A) EANC5 : Access sequences: GTIN Mapping () EANC6 : Condition types: GTIN Mapping () EANC7 : Procedure: GTIN Mapping () EANC8 : Determine Procedure GTIN Mapping () EANC9 : Customizing GTIN Variant Types () EANCONSISTENCYCHECK : Change Materials Regarding EAN Attr. (EANP_CONSISTENCY_REPORT) EANGLN : Maintain: Global Location Number () EANPROCESS : IO Processes to be Mapped for EAN () EANSIMULATE : Simulate GTIN Mapping (EANP_SIMULATE_GTIN) EANUG : EAN.UCC (UoM Grouping criteria) () EANVENDOR : Maintain Vendor EANs () EAOUT : Display Outsourcing for Bill/Inv. (REAEXCEP) EAOUTL : Cross-Contract Billing (SAPMSVMA) EAOUT_1 : Detail display MiniApp EMAP_OUTBIIN (EMAP_OUTBIIN_1) EAPDH : Archive Print Document Headers (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EAPDL : Archive Print Document Line Items (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EARDISP01 : Display Archive: Print Doc. Header (REPDAR_READ_ARCHIVE_HEAD) EARDISP02 : Display Archive: Print Document Itms (REPDAR_READ_ARCHIVE_LINES) EARDISP03 : Display Archive: Billing Document (REAARCH_READ_ARCHIVE_HEAD) EARDISP04 : Display Archive: Budget Billng Plans (REAR_READ_ARCHIVE_BBP) EARDISP05 : Display Archive: Billing Doc. Lines (REAARCH_READ_ARCHIVE_LINES) EARDISP06 : Display Archive: MR Results (RELARCH_READ_ARCHIVE_EABL) EARDISP07 : Display Archive: Inspection List (RE_INSP_ARCH_READ) EARDISP08 : Display Archive: EDM Profile Values (REEDM_READ_ARCHIVE_PROFVALS) EARELINVOICE : Release Billing in Background (RERELEASEINVOICE) EARETPER : Define retention period () EAROUND : Accts for Rounding Amnt Gross Price () EAR_CHECKER : Verify legal rep. cust. consistency (REARCUSTOMIZING_CHECK) EASIBI : Create Individual Bill (REAABR00SIBI) EASICH : Individual Overall Check (REAABR00SICH) EASIM : Simulation Scenarios (SAPLEASIM_WORKBENCH) EASIM01 : Simulation f. Backbill. and PE Bill. (SAPLEA_SIMULATION_DIALOG) EASISI : Create Individ. Simulation (REAABR00SISI) EASY : Tool:Search For/Call-Up Transactions (REACALL) EASYDMS_CUS : Customizing Easy Document Management () EATAXROUND_JP : Amount Rounding for Jap. Tax Calcul. () EATR : Mass Activity: Create Bill/Part.Bill (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EAXX : IS-U Billing (MENUEAXX) EA_DOWNLOAD : Download Billing Master Data (REA_RTRANS_DOWNLOAD_MUSTER) EA_TRANSPORT : Complete Transport of Master Data

(REA_BILL_MASTER_DATA_TRANSPORT) EA_UPLOAD : Upload Billing Master Data (REA_RTRANS_UPLOAD) EBAA : Connection object overview (RECVCO00) EBO1 : Create boleto for bills (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EBPP : EBPP Demo (SAPMFKS1) EBPP_APAR_SUPPORT : Support Transaction for Bill. Direct (SAPLEBPP_APAR_SUPPORT) EBPP_AR_CONTACTS : EBPP: Remarks Created (EBPP_AR_CONTACTS) EBPP_AR_MATCH : EBPP: Assignmt of User to Accounts () EBPP_AR_T042ICC : Account Determination Payment Cards () EBPP_AR_T042ZEBPP : EBPP: Maintain EBPP Payment Methods () EBPP_CREATE_USER : Create a new user (ISR_CREATE_USER) EBPP_CUST_CHNG : Change Notification Data (SAPLEBPP_ADDRESS_MAINT) EBPP_CUST_DISP : Display Notification Data (SAPLEBPP_ADDRESS_MAINT) EBPP_LOG_CUST : Customizing for Log Categories () EBPP_LOG_DISP : Display of Log Categories (REBPPEVENTLOG_DISPLAY) EBPP_LOG_ORGA : Reorganize Log Entries (REBPPEVENTLOG_REORGANIZE) EBPP_RI : Biller Direct Bill Receipt (REBPP_REC_INV) EBPP_RIC : Biller Direct Bill Receipt: Settings (EBPP_REC_INV_CUST) EBPP_RICONN : Biller Direct Bill Receipt: Links (REBPP_REC_INV_CONN) EBR_CATCFOP : CFOP Category Determination -ISU () EBR_COMPROVRET : Yearly discounted IRPJ by customer (REBRCOMPROVRET) EBR_DAICMS : ICMS Report (DAICMS) (REBRDAICMS) EBR_LIVICMS : Update EBRLIVICMS table for Brazil () EBR_MATCATCFOP : Mat Categ Determination CFOP ISU () EBR_TE011BR : Quantity dependent tax determination () EBR_VALRETIR : Monthly discounted IRPJ Customers (REBRVALRETIR) EBW_DQ_CS : Marketing: Consumpt. -> Delta Queue (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EBW_DQ_SS : Sales Statistics -> BW Delta Queue (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EC01 : Org.Object Copier: Company Code (RSECOP01) EC02 : Org.Object Copier: Plant (RSECOP01) EC03 : Org.Object Copier: Controlling Area (RSECOP01) EC04 : Org.Object Copier: Sales Organizatn (RSECOP01) EC05 : Org.Object Copier: Distribution Chnl (RSECOP01) EC06 : Org.Object Copier: Division (RSECOP01) EC07 : Org.Object Copier: Shipping Point (RSECOP01) EC08 : Org.Object Copier: Shipping Point (RSECOP01) EC09 : Org.Object Copier: Warehouse Number (RSECOP01) EC10 : Org.Object Copier: Personnel Area (RSECOP01) EC11 : Org.Object Copier: Personnel Subarea (RSECOP01) EC12 : Org.Object Copier: Employee Subgroup (RSECOP01) EC13 : Org.Object Copier: Purchasing Org. (RSECOP01) EC14 : Org.Object Copier: Storage Location (RSECOP01) EC15 : Org.Object Copier: Material Type (RSECOP01)

EC16 : Org.Object Copier: Controlling Area (RSECOP01) EC20 : IS-U Front Office (SAPLEWF0) EC25 : IS-U navigator (SAPLECN1) EC30 : Maintain rate data (SAPLEC30) EC31 : Display Rate Data (SAPLEC30) EC50 : Create Move-In Doc. (SAPLEC50) EC50E : Create Move-In Document (EMOVEINOUT) EC51 : Change Move-In Document (SAPLEC50) EC51E : Change Move-In Document (EMOVEINOUT) EC52 : Display Move-In Doc. (SAPLEC50) EC52E : Display Move-In Document (EMOVEINOUT) EC53 : Reverse Move-In Documnt (SAPLEC50) EC53E : Reverse Move-In Document (EMOVEINOUT) EC55 : Create Move-Out Doc. (SAPLEC55) EC55C : Tabstrip- ISU Move-Out (RAVC0ALA) EC55E : Move-Out (EMOVEINOUT) EC56 : Chg. Move-Out Doc. (SAPLEC55) EC56E : Change Move-Out (EMOVEINOUT) EC57 : Display Move-Out Doc. (SAPLEC55) EC57E : Display Move-Out (EMOVEINOUT) EC58 : Reverse Move-Out Doc. (SAPLEC55) EC58E : Reverse Move-Out (EMOVEINOUT) EC60 : Initial Processing: Move-In/Out (SAPLEC60) EC6F : Initial Processing: Move-In/Out (SAPLEC60) EC70 : Accel.Entry: Move-In / Out / In/Out (SAPLEC70) EC85 : Create Disc. Doc. (SAPLEC85) EC86 : Change Disc. Doc. (SAPLEC85) EC87 : Display Disc. Doc. (SAPLEC85) ECBWPP : Prepare Extrapolation Indexes (ISU_BW_MKT_SIMTRIG_CREATE) ECENV_BP : Data environ. for business partner (SAPLECENV) ECENV_CO : Data environ. for connection object (SAPLECENV) ECENV_DV : Data environment for device (SAPLECENV) ECHE : Assignment of Visible Components () ECICACC : Konfiguration Autocall & Config () ECKE_BCE68001685 : (SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY) ECLP1 : Create Loyalty Account (SAPLELACC) ECLP2 : Change Loyalty Account (SAPLELACC) ECLP3 : Display Loyalty Account (SAPLELACC) ECMCUST : Customizing for ECM () ECMO : Overview of ECOs (SAPLECM_UI_ABAP) ECMR : Overview of ECRs (SAPLECM_UI_ABAP) ECNC : IS-U Navigator: Customizing (SAPLECN_CUSTOMIZING) ECOBJFILL : E&C Portal: Batch Proc ECP_OBJFILL (ECP_OBJFILL)

ECON1 : Maintain Concession Eligibility (SAPLECONCELIG) ECON2 : Display Concession Eligibility (SAPLECONCELIG) ECOP : Main Program for Entity Copier (RSECOP01) ECP_CT04 : Change Characteristics () ECP_CT05 : Create Characteristics () ECP_FUNCT_TYPE : Maintain iView function types () ECRD1 : Create Redemption (SAPLEREDEM) ECRD2 : Change Redemption (SAPLEREDEM) ECRD3 : Display Redemption (SAPLEREDEM) ECRD4 : Mass Printout of Redemption Vouchers (REAPRINRDMMASS) ECRMREPL : Error Handling Replication CRM/IS-U (SAPLEREPL_ERRORHANDLING) ECRMREPLM : Error Handling Replication CRM/IS-U (SAPLEREPL_ERRORHANDLING) ECRM_OBJ_TEMPL : Master Data Templates for CRM TO () ECRM_PROD_TEMPL : MD Templates for CRM Products () ECVBP02 : Customer Data Overview (RECVBP02) ECVCO00 : Connection object overview (RECVCO00) ECVE : Export Resources from Web Repository (RECVBP_RESEXP) ECVM : Generate Language Version Cust. Info (RECVBP_MKLANG) EC_TUTORIAL_SAPGUI : eCATT Tutorial: SAPGUI Command (EC_TUTORIAL_SAPGUI) EC_TUTORIAL_TCD : eCATT Tutorial: TCD Command (EC_TUTORIAL_TCD) EC_TUTORIAL_TESTDATA : eCATT: Demo for Test Data Management (EC_TUTORIAL_TESTDATA) EDATEXAGGR : Export Aggregated Messages (REE_DATEX_AGGREGATE_IDOCS) EDATEXAGGRMON : Monitor Aggregated Messages (REE_DATEX_MON_AGGREGATE_IDOCS) EDATEXDELETE : Delete Data Exchange Task (REE_DATEX_TASKS_DELETE) EDATEXEVENTDUE : Monitoring of Due Date of Task (REE_DATEX_TASKS_DUE_EVENT) EDATEXEXECUTE : Execute Data Exchange Tasks (REE_DATEX_TASKS_EXECUTE) EDATEXGEN : Generate Data Exchange Tasks (REE_DATEX_TASKS_GENERATE) EDATEXMON01 : Monitoring of Data Exchange Tasks (REE_DATEX_MONITORING) EDATEXREVGEN : Generation Reversal of D.Exch. Tasks (REE_DATEX_TASKS_REV_GENERATE) EDATEXSEND : Send Data for Due Tasks (REE_DATEX_TASKS_DATA_SEND) EDEREG_ANALYSE : Analyses for POD/Service Provider (REDEREGANAFUNC) EDEREG_PODGROUP_GEN : Generate Point of Delivery Groups (REIDEUIPODGROUPGENERATE) EDIT : Juergens Editor (SAJTED13) EDM1 : Monitor Profile Import (SAPLEEDM_IMPORT_LOG) EE25 : Budget Billing Amounts (MENUEE25) EE52 : IS-U: Change Notification (REQMEL10) EE53 : IS-U: Display Notification (REQMEL10) EE72 : IS-U: Change Work Order (REAUFK20) EE73 : IS-U: Display Work Order (REAUFK20)

EE73_WM_NOTIF_1 : Detail Display for MiniApp WM_NOTIF (REQMEL20_WM_NOTIF_1) EE73_WM_ORDER_1 : Detail display for MiniApp WM_ORDER (REAUFK20_WM_ORDER_1) EEAK : Employment equity Canada (RPLEEAK0) EEDM00 : EDM Frame (SAPLEEDM_DLG_FRAME) EEDM01 : Maintain Profile () EEDM02 : Display Profile () EEDM04 : Maintain Profile Allocation () EEDM05 : Display Profile Allocation () EEDM06 : Create Profile Header () EEDM07 : Change Profile Header () EEDM08 : Display Profile Header () EEDM09 : Create Point of Delivery () EEDM10 : Change Point of Delivery () EEDM11 : Display Point of Delivery () EEDM12 : Operand Profile Role Allocation () EEDMCALCWB : EDM Calculation Workbench (SAPLEEDM_CALCWORKBENCH) EEDMCOPY01 : Copy a file with profile values (REEDMPROFILECOPY) EEDMCOPY02 : Copy File with Internal Data (REEDMPROFILECOPYINTERVAL) EEDMEXP01 : Download profile values via PoD (REEDMPROFILEDOWNLOAD01) EEDMEXP02 : Download Profile Values by Prof. No. (REEDMPROFILEDOWNLOAD02) EEDMFACTORCALC : Calculate Dynamic Modif. Factor (REEDM_FACTOR_PROFILE_CALCULATE) EEDMFICALC01 : Start Formula Instance Calculation (REEDMFICALCULATE) EEDMFICALC02 : Monitor Formula Instance Calculation (REEDMFICALC_CONTROL) EEDMFICALC03 : Compress Temporary Trigger (REEDMFICALC_COMPRESS_TRIGGER) EEDMFICALC04 : Analyze/Delete Calculation Run Info. (REEDMFICALC_DEL_RUN_CONTR_DATA) EEDMFORMGRPSHOW : Define, Display Formula Groups () EEDMFORMGRPUPDATE : Define, Change Formula Groups () EEDMIDESERVPROV01 : Create Service Provider () EEDMIDESERVPROV02 : Change Service Provider () EEDMIDESERVPROV03 : Display Service Provider () EEDMIDE_GRID01 : Create Grid (SAPLEEDMIDE_GRID_MAINT) EEDMIDE_GRID02 : Change Grid (SAPLEEDMIDE_GRID_MAINT) EEDMIDE_GRID03 : Display Grid (SAPLEEDMIDE_GRID_MAINT) EEDMIMP01 : Upload Profile Values via PoD (REEDMPROFILEIMP) EEDMIMP02 : Upload Profile Values by Profile No. (REEDMPROFILEIMP01) EEDMPODCONSGEN : Generation of Consumption History (REEDMSETTLPODCONSGEN) EEDMRTPCODE : Generate Codes for RTP Components (REEDMRTPCODESGEN) EEDMSENDPRO01 : Send Profiles (REEDMSENDPROFILE01) EEDMSENDPRO02 : List of Sent Profiles (REEDMSENDPROFILE02) EEDMSETTLANALYSE : Display Settled PoDs for Document (REEDMSETTLANALYSEDOC) EEDMSETTLANALYSEPOD : Documents for PoD Display (REEDMSETTLANALYSEPOD)

EEDMSETTLCHANGE : Change Settlement Document () EEDMSETTLCREATE : Create Settlement Document () EEDMSETTLDISP : Display Settlement Document () EEDMSETTLPARA_WZ : Wizard: Check and Create Parameters () EEDMSETTLST : Start/Stop Settlement Run () EEDMSETTLUNIT01 : Create Settlement Unit (SAPLEEDM_SETTLUNIT) EEDMSETTLUNIT02 : Change Settlement Unit (SAPLEEDM_SETTLUNIT) EEDMSETTLUNIT03 : Display Settlement Unit (SAPLEEDM_SETTLUNIT) EEDMSETTLVAR01 : Create Selection Variant (SAPLEEDM_SETTL_VARIANT) EEDMSETTLVAR02 : Change Selection Variant (SAPLEEDM_SETTL_VARIANT) EEDMSETTLVAR03 : Display Selection Variant (SAPLEEDM_SETTL_VARIANT) EEDM_CMP01 : Create RTP Component (SAPLEEDM_RTP_COMPONENT_DEFN) EEDM_CMP02 : Change RTP Component (SAPLEEDM_RTP_COMPONENT_DEFN) EEDM_CMP03 : Display RTP Component (SAPLEEDM_RTP_COMPONENT_DEFN) EEDM_FRM01 : Create RTP Formula (SAPLEEDM_FORMULA_DEFN) EEDM_FRM02 : Change RTP Formula (SAPLEEDM_FORMULA_DEFN) EEDM_FRM03 : Display RTP Formula (SAPLEEDM_FORMULA_DEFN) EEDM_RTP01 : Create RTP Interface (SAPLEEDM_RTP_INTERFACE_DEFN) EEDM_RTP02 : Change RTP Interface (SAPLEEDM_RTP_INTERFACE_DEFN) EEDM_RTP03 : Display RTP Interface (SAPLEEDM_RTP_INTERFACE_DEFN) EEDM_SETTLPROFILE : Profile Template for Settlmnt Params () EEDM_SETTLUNIT_GEN : Generation of Settlement Units (REEDMUISETTLUNITGENERATE) EEFO_CREDIT_CREATE : Front Office: Create Credit Memo (SAPLEEFO_REV_MGMT) EEFO_INSTMNTPLN_CREA : Front Office: Create Installmt Plan (SAPLEEFO_INSTMNTPLN) EEFO_PAYMENT : Pay Bills (SAPLEEFO_PAYMENT) EEIS1 : Output Unbilled Contracts (ISU_BBP_ACC_IS_TA) EEIS2 : Ouput Contr.Accts w/o BB Amounts (ISU_BBP_PORT_IS_TA) EEIS3 : Output Portion w/o BB Amount (ISU_NOT_BILLED_TA) EERCH_DEL : Only Relevant for DE (RERCH_DOC_EXTR_DEL) EERCH_EXP : Billing Document Extraction Export (RERCH_DOC_EXTR_EXP) EERCH_IMP : Only relevant for Germany (RERCH_DOC_EXTR_IMP) EERD_DATA_DEL : Delete Print Document Extracts (RERD_DOC_DATA_DEL) EERD_DEL : Only Relevant for DE (RERD_DOC_EXTR_DEL) EERD_EXP : Print Document Extracts Export (RERD_DOC_EXTR_EXP) EERD_EXTR : Extracts: Export Print Documents (RERD_DOC_EXTR_EXTR) EERD_IMP : Only relevant for Germany (RERD_DOC_EXTR_IMP) EEWB : Easy Enhancement Workbench (OXT_NAVIGATOR) EEWC : System Data Maintenance () EEWM_CU_ANALYSIS : Analyze Operations in Task Lists (RE_CU_ANALYSIS) EEWM_ILCH : Change Inspection List (RE_INSP_LIST_DISPLAY) EEWM_ILCR : Create/Extend Inspection List (RE_INSP_LIST_CREATE) EEWM_ILDI : Display Inspection List (RE_INSP_LIST_DISPLAY) EEWM_INOC : Create Insp. Orders/Notifications (RE_INSP_ORDERNOTIF_CREATE)

EEWM_SHIFTLOG : shift management (EEWM_SL_MENU) EEWZ1 : Maintain Application Group Data () EEWZ2 : Use for Extension Fields () EEWZ3 : Additional Extension Definition () EEXTSYNPROF : Maint. View for Ext. Synth. Prof. ID () EE_CRM_CLASS_GENER : Generate class for set type (EE_CRM_CLASS_GENER) EFAK : IS-U Invoicing (MENUEFAK) EFAKTOR : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_FAKTOR (SAPMSNUM) EFCC : Print Workbench Mass Processing (EFG_FORM_MASS) EFCM : Print Workbench Form Class Processg (EFG_FORMCLASS_MASS) EFCS : Print Workbench: Form Class (SAPLEFGC) EFGM : Print Workbench Mass Processing (EFG_FORM_MASS) EFGN : Print Workbench: Mass Activation (EFG_FORM_ACTIVATION) EFRM : Print Workbench: Application Form (SAPLEFGF) EFTP : Print Workbench Mass Processing (EFG_FORM_MASS) EFTR : Print Workbench: Generate Trans.List (EFG_CREATE_TRANSLATION_LIST) EFTRADM : Adminstration of Print WB Translatn (SAPLEFTR) EFTRADMLANGUS : Print Workbench Mass Processing (EFG_FORM_MASS) EFTRLANGVEC : Language Transport Form Objects (SAPREFG_CREATE_LANGVEC_REQUEST) EFTRSL : Print Wbench Trans. for Translation (SAPLEFTR) EFTT : Print Workbench: Transl. Worklist (EFG_MAINTAIN_WORKLIST) EFUD : Print Workbench: Application Form (SAPLEFGF) EG01 : Create Device Category (SAPLE10J) EG02 : Change Device Category (SAPLE10J) EG03 : Display Device Category (SAPLE10J) EG04 : Create Register Group (SAPLE10A) EG05 : Change Register Group (SAPLE10A) EG06 : Display Register Group (SAPLE10A) EG07 : Create Input/Output Group (SAPLE10F) EG08 : Change Input/Output Group (SAPLE10F) EG09 : Display Input/Output Group (SAPLE10F) EG14 : Create Command (SAPLE10D) EG15 : Change Command (SAPLE10D) EG16 : Display Command (SAPLE10D) EG17 : Create Command Group (SAPLE10D) EG18 : Change Command Group (SAPLE10D) EG19 : Display Command Group (SAPLE10D) EG27 : Create Device Group (SAPLEG27) EG28 : Change Device Group (SAPLEG27) EG29 : Display Device Group (SAPLEG27) EG30 : Full Replacement (SAPLE30D) EG31 : Full Installation (SAPLE30D)

EG32 : Full Removal (SAPLE30D) EG33 : Technical Installation (SAPLE30D) EG34 : Billing-Related Installation (SAPLE30D) EG35 : Billing-Related Removal (SAPLE30D) EG36 : Technical Removal (SAPLE30D) EG41 : Change device info record (SAPLEG42) EG42 : Device modification (SAPLEG42) EG43 : Display device info record (SAPLEG42) EG44 : Create device info record (SAPLEG42) EG50 : Inst./Removal/Repl.: Reversal (SAPLEG35) EG51 : Installation Reversal (SAPLEG35) EG52 : Reverse Technical Replacement (SAPLEG35) EG53 : Reverse Technical Removal (SAPLEG35) EG60 : Maintain Logical Register (SAPLEG60) EG61 : Display Logical Register (SAPLEG60) EG70 : Maintain Rate Data (SAPLEG70) EG71 : Display Rate Data (SAPLEG70) EG72 : Maintain Device Allocation (SAPLEG72) EG73 : Display Device Allocation (SAPLEG72) EG75 : Create Register Relationships (SAPLEG75) EG76 : Change Register Relationships (SAPLEG75) EG77 : Display Register Relationships (SAPLEG75) EG7A : Maint. Basic Cat. Desc. and SortSeq. (SAPLE108) EG7B : Maintain Inspection Points () EG80 : Create Sample Lot (SAPLE10U) EG81 : Change Sample Lot (SAPLE10U) EG82 : Display Sample Lot (SAPLE10U) EG83 : Compile Sample Lot (SAPMEG83) EG84 : Determine Lot Devices (SAPLE10M) EG85 : Draw Sample Devices from Lot (SAPMEG85) EG88 : Create Periodic Replacement List (SAPLE10T) EG89 : Display Periodic Replacement List (KAPRLST1) EG8A : Compile Sample Lot: Report (REGLOS04) EG8B : Sampling procedure B/NL (SAPLE10LOT_B_NL) EG8C : Combine Sample Lots (SAPMEG8C) EG8D : Draw Sample Devices from Lot (SAPMEG8D) EG90 : Create repl. orders/notifications (REGWDR01) EG97 : Perform Certification (SAPLE10CERT) EGCONTRACT : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_GCONTR (SAPMSNUM) EGMN : IS-U Device Management (MENUEGMN) EGPB : Assign Breakpoint to User () EGR : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_DGEN (SAPMSNUM) EGW1 : Create Winding Group (SAPLE10C)

EGW2 : Change Winding Group (SAPLE10C) EGW3 : Display Winding Group (SAPLE10C) EHIL : IS-U Tools (MENUEHIL) EHQL : EH&S-QM: Display Logs (EHQMP_DB_LOAD_LOG) EHQMC1 : EH&S-QM: Maintain Types of Chars. () EHQMNUMCODE : EHS: Maintain Number Range for Codes () EHQMNUMGRP : EHS: Maintain No.Range for Code Grps () EHQMNUMSLST : EHS:Maintain No.Range for Phrase Set () EHSAMBTAET : Medical Services (SAPLEHS00AMBTAET_NEU00) EHSAMED : Occupational Health (MENUEHSAMED) EHSASSIGN : Assignment Protocol to Person (SAPLEHS00_PCP03) EHSASSLTA : Assignment LTA Rating from Work Area (EHS_IHORG_EG_ADJUSTMENT) EHSASSPERS : Person list for protocol assignment (SAPLEHS00_PCP03) EHSBC02 : Edit Brief Consultation (SAPLEHS00_BC03) EHSBP11 : Create physician (BUSSTART) EHSBP12 : Change physician (BUSSTART) EHSBP13 : Display physician (BUSSTART) EHSBP31 : Create Health Center (BUSSTART) EHSBP32 : Change Health Center (BUSSTART) EHSBP33 : Display Health Center (BUSSTART) EHSBP41 : Create Laboratory (BUSSTART) EHSBP42 : Change Laboratory (BUSSTART) EHSBP43 : Display Laboratory (BUSSTART) EHSBP51 : Create External Company (BUSSTART) EHSBP52 : Change External Company (BUSSTART) EHSBP53 : Display External Company (BUSSTART) EHSB_D_RC_01 : Internal: Start Compliance Check (REHSB_RC_START) EHSB_D_RC_02 : Number Range for Application Log ID () EHSCALPROX : Enter Substitutes for Calender (REHSH_CAL_PROX) EHSCBER : Customizing Consultations () EHSCDCT : Customize Diagnosis Types () EHSCMAS : Customizing Measures () EHSDATIMP : Import Medical Data (REHSMDATAUPL_IMPORT_DATA) EHSDIAGSL : EH&S: Diagnosis Key (SAPLHREHS00_DIAGSL) EHSEVAL00 : Occupational Health Report Tree () EHSEXIST0 : Existing objects (RHEXIST0) EHSH_C_NR_EXA_CO : Number Ranges Examination ID () EHSH_C_NR_NEWPER : Number Ranges Internal Personnel No. (SAPMSNUM) EHSH_C_NR_RECN : Number Ranges Occup. Health Rec. No. (SAPMSNUM) EHSH_C_NR_VAC_ID : Number Ranges Vaccination ID () EHSH_D_PCP : Planning Cockpit (SAPLEHS00_PCP03) EHSK_D_ACTION_STATUS : Information for IHS Measures (EHSKR_EPM_ACTION_STATUS) EHSK_D_ASSPERSPROT : Info.for Health Surveillance Protocl (EHSKR_EPM_ASSPERSPROT)

EHSK_D_GEN_SERVERS : Informationen for Generation Servers (EHSKR_EPM_GEN_SERVERS) EHSK_D_IAL : Information: Incident/Accident Log (EHSKR_EPM_IAL) EHSK_D_REP_GEN_QUEUE : Information for Generation Queue (EHSKR_EPM_REP_GEN_QUEUE) EHSK_D_REP_REQUESTS : Information for Report Request (EHSKR_EPM_REP_REQUESTS) EHSK_D_RISK_ASSESS : Information for Risk Assessment (EHSKR_EPM_RISK_ASSESSMENT) EHSK_D_SHIP_ORDERS : Information: Report Shipping Order (EHSKR_EPM_SHIP_ORDERS) EHSMQUEST : Completing Questionnaires (EHS_CALL_MAINTAINQ) EHSMQUEST01 : Number Range Maint. Questionnaire (SAPMSNUM) EHSPERSHC1 : Assign Persons to Health Center (EHS_MAINTAIN_PERMEDCENT1) EHSPP01 : Exposure Groups () EHSPRANZ : Display Med. D. Import Logs (REHSMDATAUPL_SHOW_PROT) EHSPRLOE : Delete Med. D. Import Logs (REHSMDATAUPL_DEL_PROT) EHSQCATOH : Question catalog (EHS_QUESTCATALOG) EHSQEVAL01 : Evaluate Completed Questionnaires (EHS_QUEST_EVAL01) EHSQUESTOH : General questionnaire (EHS_QUESTIONNAIRE) EHSSCAN : Scan Questionnaire (REHSSCANTRANS) EHSSERV : Medical Service Results / Sign-Off (SAPLEHS00AMBTAET_NEU00) EHSSERV01 : Open Medical Service (SAPLEHS00_PCP03) EHSSERV11 : Number Range Maint. Medical Service (SAPMSNUM) EHSSERV30 : Display Appointment List (EHS_GET_SCHED_LIST) EHSSERV50 : Logical Database Selection Screen (EHS_CHECKLIST_LOGDB_SEL) EHSSTRU00 : Existing objects (RHSTRU00) EHSSUGGP : Proposal list person<->prot. (SAPLEHS00PROTSELECT00) EHSTERM01 : Scheduling medical service (SAPLEHS00_PCP03) EHSVA02 : Edit Vaccinations (SAPLEHS00_VA03) EHSVU01 : Edit Health Surveillance Protocol (EHS_MAINTAIN_PROT) EHSVU11 : Edit Examination (EHS_MAINTAIN_EXAM) EHSVU21 : Edit Physical Tests (EHS_MAINTAIN_PHYTEST) EHSVU31 : Edit lab. tests (EHS_MAINTAIN_LABTEST) EHVD : HTML Customer Overview: Select Data (SAPLENVD1) EI00 : (MENUEI00) EI01 : UIS: Activate Update (SAPMMC0C) EI03 : UIS: Change Communication Structure (RMCUCOMM) EI10 : UIS: Execute Evaluation (SAPMMCS2) EI11 : UIS: Create Evaluation (SAPMMCS2) EI12 : UIS: Change Evaluation (SAPMMCS2) EI13 : UIS: Display Evaluation (SAPMMCS2) EI14 : UIS: Settings for Standard Analysis (SAPMMCSC) EI18 : UIS: Create Field Catalog (SAPMMCS3) EI19 : UIS: Change Field Catalog (SAPMMCS3) EI1B : UIS: Maintain Requirements ()

EI1F : UIS: Maintain Formulas (SAPMMCS1) EI20 : UIS: Display Field Catalog (SAPMMCS3) EI21 : UIS: Create Info Structure (SAPMMCS3) EI22 : UIS: Change Info Structure (SAPMMCS3) EI23 : UIS: Display Info Structure (SAPMMCS3) EI24 : UIS: Create Update (SAPMMCS1) EI25 : UIS: Change Update (SAPMMCS1) EI26 : UIS: Display Update (SAPMMCS1) EI27 : UIS: Create Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7) EI28 : UIS: Change Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7) EI29 : UIS: Display Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7) EI30 : UIS: Simulate Document Update (REASTA00) EI31 : UIS: Statistics Update (REASTA01) EI32 : UIS: Setup of Statistical Data (REASTA02) EI35 : Set up stock statistics (REUSTAUF) EI44 : UIS: Rate Statistics Selection (RMCU0100) EI45 : UIS: Rate Statistics Selection (RMCU0200) EI72 : CO-PA: Statistical Update (REKCOPA1) EI80 : Check Document transfer COPA/BW/UIS (REASTA_TRIGG01) EIDECOM1 : Communication on Basis of Serv.Prov. () EIDECOM2 : Communication on Basis of Serv. Type () EIDESERV1 : Define Service Types () EIDESERV2 : Define Process Control () EIDESERV3 : Define Own Billable Services () EIDESERV4 : Define Third Party Billable Services () EIDESERV5 : Define Non-Billable Services () EIDESP1 : Allocate Operational Area () EIDESP2 : Allocate Rate Categories () EIDESP3 : Allocate Certification Status () EINF : IS-U Information System (MENUEINF) EIS1 : UIS: Current Settings () EJOBSCHEDULER : Job Scheduler (SAPLEMIG_JOB) EK01 : Acct Determ.: IS-U Receiv. Accounts () EK02 : Acct Determ.: IS-U Rev. Accts () EK03 : IS-U Argentinian Tax Determination () EK04 : Activ.Code Distrib.Type in Argentina () EK05 : Activ.Code Distrib.Type in Argentina () EK06 : Defaults for Acct Display BB Amounts () EK07 : Defaults for Acct Disp BB Amnts CIC () EK08 : IS-U Account Display: Specifications () EK09 : Define Specifications for Loans () EK11 : Specifs: Source Item Charges in IP () EK12 : Down Payment Specifications ()

EK13 : Down Paym./Rec. Clearing Information () EK14 : C FI Maintain Table TFK022A/B () EK15 : Dunning Charge Specif.in Invoicing () EK16 : Document Type: GI and VAT Perception () EK17 : Specif. for Migration of Payments () EK20 : Activate 2-Level Tax Determ. Code () EK21 : Maintain 2-Step Tax Determ. Ident. () EK22 : Payment Migration: Specifications () EK23 : Down Payment Request Payment Proc. () EK25 : Create Loan (SAPLE323) EK26 : Change Loan (SAPLFKN1) EK27 : Display Loan (SAPLFKN1) EK70 : Cust. Item Ind. -> Payment Block () EK71 : Cstmzng: Aggr. Posting of Inbnd Bill () EK72 : Transactions for Aggregated Posting () EK73 : Aggr. Bill: Trans. -> Offsetting Tr. () EK74 : Dereg. Maintain Factory Calendar () EK75 : Conversion Int./Ext. Transaction () EK76 : Specs for Aggr. Posting and Payment () EK78 : FI-CA: Interest on Cash Sec. Deposit (SAPLFKI1) EK79 : Default values for cash deposit int. () EK81 : Account Determ.: IS-T Receiv. Accnts () EK82 : Account Determ.: IS-T Revenue Accnts () EK92 : Create Payment Plan (SAPLE325) EK93 : Change Payment Plan (SAPLE325) EK93C : Combined Change of Payment Plans (SAPLE325C) EK93M : Adjust Payment Plans Automatically (REAABSL2) EK94 : Display Payment Plan (SAPLE325) EK94C : Combined Display of Payment Plans (SAPLE325C) EK95 : Manual History for Payment Schedule (SAPLE325) EK96 : Adjust Balance-Forward Amount (SAPME325) EK96_DEFAULT : Default Adjustm. of Difference Amnt () EKND : IS-U Customer Service (MENUEKND) EKS1 : PURCHIS: Statistics Update: Item Lvl () EKSR : Remove BBP from Collective Bill (SAPLE31D) EK_EXT_BR : (SAPMSNUM) EK_M100 : Defaults for Payment Medium ID () EK_NF_BR : (SAPMSNUM) EK_R017 : Doc. Type for Stat. Fee in Argentina () EK_R100 : Def. Info. for Payment Medium ID () EK_R200 : Def. Info. for Security Dep. Transf. () EK_R201 : Def. Info for Sec.Dep.Trans. Revers. () EK_R202 : Bollo Specifications (Italian Tax) ()

EK_R230 : Dunning Grouping for Collections () EK_SURS : Charge Request for Mass Activity (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EL01 : Execute Order Creation (SAPLEL01) EL06 : Execute Mass Order Creation (RELAUFT0) EL09 : Execute Order Creation (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EL16 : Execute Order Output (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EL18 : Execute Estimation (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) EL20 : Fast Entry (SAPLEL01) EL22 : Fast Entry With Correction (SAPLEL01) EL27 : Correction of Implausible Results (SAPLEL01) EL27_MRUNIT : Correct Implausible MRs for MR Unit (REL_MA_CORR_IMPLRES) EL28 : Single Entry (SAPLEL01) EL29 : Correction of Plausible Results (SAPLEL01) EL30 : Estimate Meter Reading Results (RELEABL9) EL31 : Manual Monitoring (RELEABL7) EL32 : Automatic Monitoring (RELMADUE) EL35 : Meter Reading Order Output (RELEABL1) EL37 : Reverse Meter Reading Order Creation (RELEABL6) EL37_WO_MRUNIT : Reverse MRRs w/o Order Creation (RELEABL6_1) EL40 : Maintain Street Route (SAPLEL40) EL41 : Display Street Route (SAPLEL40) EL42 : Display Meter Reading Units (REL_DEV_NOT_IN_MSR) EL43 : Device Overview (REL_DEV_FOR_MRU) EL44 : MAU Planning Meter Reading Orders (REL_METERREADER_DISPOSITION) EL50 : Create Meter Reading Group (SAPLEL10) EL51 : Change Meter Reading Group (SAPLEL10) EL52 : Display Meter Reading Group (SAPLEL10) EL56 : Change Periodic Consumption (SAPLEL55) EL57 : Display period consumption (SAPLEL55) EL59 : Mass Change Meter Reading Units (RELEINH1) EL59P : Define Parameter Group (RELEINHP) EL60 : Activation EB for Individ. Install. (RELSETEB) EL61 : Activation EB for Amount of Install. (RELSETEBMASS) EL62 : Deactivation of EB for Ind. Install. (RELDELEB) EL70 : List of Implausible MR Results (RELCORRLIST) ELDM : Monitoring of IDocs Processed (RELDOCPROC) ELEU : Upload of Meter Reading Results (RSEIDOC2) ELMU : Upload (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) ELOC : Manage Container Location (SAPLEEWA_MD_LOC) ELSIG00 : Signature Strategy () ELSIG01 : Authorization Grp Digital Signatures () ELSIG02 : Digital Signature () ELSIG03 : Signature Method for Signat. Object ()

ELSIG03N : Signature Method for Signat. Object () EL_MA_MRIDOC : Process IDocs with errors (REL_MA_MRIDOC) EM10 : Goods Movement via Serial Numbers (SAPLEM10) EMAIL : SAPconnect Easy EMail (SAPMSX02) EMASN : IDoc Monitor for Inb. Ship. Notific. (REMMEDIASN) EMFOR : Monitor for Forecast/JIT Del.Sched. (RESDEDIMON) EMIGALL : IS-U Migration (REMIG100) EMIGCMP : IS-U Migration Company Maintenance (SAPMEMIG_FIRMA) EMIGCNV : IS-U Mig: Maintain Conversion Obj. (SAPMEMIG_CONVOBJ) EMIGCOM : Compare with migration Customizing (REMIG_COMPARE_OBJECTS) EMIGFLD : IS-U Migration: Maintain Fields (SAPMEMIG_FIELD) EMIGFVA : Fixed Value Maintenance (SAPMEMIG_VALUES) EMIGIMP : IS-U Migration: Data Import (SAPMEMIG_IMPORT) EMIGJOB : IS-U Migration: Job Scheduler (SAPMEMIG_SCHEDULE) EMIGKSV : IS-U Migration: Maintain KSM (SAPMEMIG_KSV) EMIGMASSRUN : Mass Import Monitor: IS Migration (SAPLEMIG_MASS_RUN_DIALOG) EMIGMASSRUNGROUP : Group Import IS Migration (SAPLEMIG_MASS_RUN_DIALOG) EMIGOBJ : Maintain migration object (SAPMEMIG_OBJECT) EMIGPROJECT : IS-U Migration: Maintain Project (SAPMEMIG_PROJEKT) EMIGSTAT : Display Stats Record: IS-U Migration (REMIG007) EMIGSTR : Maintenance of autom. data structure (SAPMEMIG_STRUCTURE) EMIGUSR : IS-U migration user maintenance (SAPMEMIG_USER) EMJIT : IDoc Monitor for JIT Calls (RESDEDIMONJIT) EMMA : Log Analysis and Case Creation (REMMALOGANALYSIS) EMMAC1 : Create Case (SAPLEMMA_CASE_TRANSACTION) EMMAC2 : Change Case (SAPLEMMA_CASE_TRANSACTION) EMMAC3 : Display Case (SAPLEMMA_CASE_TRANSACTION) EMMACAP : Run Automatic Processes for Cases (REMMA_CLIST_AUTPROC_EXEC) EMMACC : Cust. Tab. Add. Data in Transaction (RAVC0ALA) EMMACCAT1 : Create Case Category (SAPMEMMA_CASE_CATEGORY) EMMACCAT1M : Create Case Category from Message (SAPMEMMA_CASE_CATEGORY) EMMACCAT2 : Change Case Category (SAPMEMMA_CASE_CATEGORY) EMMACCAT3 : Display Case Category (SAPMEMMA_CASE_CATEGORY) EMMACCAT4 : Delete Case Category (SAPMEMMA_CASE_CATEGORY) EMMACCAT5 : Transport Case Category (SAPMEMMA_CASE_CATEGORY) EMMACL : Clarification List (REMMACASELIST) EMMACLGEN : Generate Case List Program (REMMACL_SELSCRN_GENERATE) EMMACLS : Case List with Shortcut Keys (REMMACASELIST_SHL) EMMAIDOCLOG : IDoc log via EMMA (REMMALOADIDOCLOG) EMMAJOBLOG : Job log via EMMA (REMMALOADJOBLOG) EMMALOG : Display Application Log (REMMAREADAPPLLOG) EMMA_NR_CASE : Number Range Maintenance: EMMA_CASE (SAPMSNUM) EMMA_NR_JOB : Number Range Maintenance: EMMA_RUNID (SAPMSNUM)

EMMA_OLD : Monitor mass activity (RESUPERMONITORING) EMORD : IDoc Monitor for SD Orders (RESDEDIORD) EMSG : Maintenance of Message Groups () EMTC : (RSNNEMTC) EMU1 : Convert Loans to EURO (RFVDEMU1) EMU2 : Reset Conversion to EURO (RFVDEMU2) EN00 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ERDK (SAPMSNUM) EN01 : Subscreens for Simple Notification () EN03 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EHAU (SAPMSNUM) EN04 : Number Range Maint.: ISU_EVBS (SAPMSNUM) EN05 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EDCN (SAPMSNUM) EN06 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EANL (SAPMSNUM) EN07 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ETRF (SAPMSNUM) EN08 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EWAOBJ (SAPMSNUM) EN09 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDOC (SAPMSNUM) EN10 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EWAORD (SAPMSNUM) EN11 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EZWG (SAPMSNUM) EN12 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EKOG (SAPMSNUM) EN13 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EEAG (SAPMSNUM) EN15 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EABL (SAPMSNUM) EN17 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EVER (SAPMSNUM) EN18 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_CREFNO (SAPMSNUM) EN19 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDEPRO (SAPMSNUM) EN20 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDETRA (SAPMSNUM) EN22 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EDSC (SAPMSNUM) EN23 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EPREI (SAPMSNUM) EN25 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EABP (SAPMSNUM) EN27 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_DEVGRP (SAPMSNUM) EN40 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDCDOC (SAPMSNUM) EN41 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDCDCI (SAPMSNUM) EN43 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EKON (SAPMSNUM) EN50 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EEIN (SAPMSNUM) EN55 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EAUS (SAPMSNUM) EN70 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_PRDOC (SAPMSNUM) EN80 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_TE271 (SAPMSNUM) EN99 : General Foreign Trade Processing (SAPMV99E) ENBI : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_BIRUN (SAPMSNUM) ENCLEAN : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ECLEAN (SAPMSNUM) ENCO : Printing / Communication (SAPMV99E) ENDELIVER : Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_DELI (SAPMSNUM) ENEDMCR : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_CR (SAPMSNUM) ENEDMFI : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_FI (SAPMSNUM) ENEDMIB : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_IB (SAPMSNUM)

ENEDMPRO : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDMP (SAPMSNUM) ENEDMPROT : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDMPT (SAPMSNUM) ENEDMSC : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_SC (SAPMSNUM) ENEDMSD : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_SD (SAPMSNUM) ENEDMUS1 : Number Range Maintenance ISU_EDM_U1 (SAPMSNUM) ENEDMVN : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_VN (SAPMSNUM) ENER : No. Range Maint.: ISU_ERCH (SAPMSNUM) ENFO : Foreign Trade/Customs: Init. Screen (SAPMV99E) ENGK : Legal control (SAPMV52E) ENGR : Periodic Declarations (SAPLV50G) ENIDESWD : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDESWD () ENIN : Number range maint. ISU_INDEXN (SAPMSNUM) ENKOMCOTM : Test () ENLO : Documentary Payments (SAPMV86E) ENLP : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_LOGLPR (SAPMSNUM) ENNR : No. Range Maint.: ISU_LOGINR (SAPMSNUM) ENPA : FT: Enjoy: Period-end Closings (SAPLV50G) ENPR : Preference Handling (SAPMV95E) ENPS : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EABP () ENRD : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ERDMP (SAPMSNUM) ENROB : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EWAROB (SAPMSNUM) ENROUTE : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EROUTE (SAPMSNUM) ENSAMPLE : Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_SMPL (SAPMSNUM) ENSL : Cockpit: Sanctioned Party List (SAPLVFSM) ENSV : Foreign Trade Data Maintenance (SAPMV96E) ENVD : CIC: Data Environment Maintenance (SAPLENVD1) ENVOUCHER : Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_PGR (SAPMSNUM) ENWDPL : Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_WDPT (SAPMSNUM) ENWDPPROC : Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_WDPP (SAPMSNUM) ENWEIGH : Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_WPNR (SAPMSNUM) ENWEIGHFAV : Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_WFAV (SAPMSNUM) ENWEIGHOFL : Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_WONR (SAPMSNUM) ENWK : No. Range Maint.: ISU_EWIK (SAPMSNUM) ENZD : Customs Objects: Documentation/Info. (SAPMV98E) ENZW : No. Range Maint.: ISU_LOGIZW (SAPMSNUM) EOLA : Master Data Tab (RAVC0ALA) EP01 : Customizing: Transaction Statistics (SAPLE70C) EP02 : Customizing: Stock Statistics (SAPLE70C) EPA1 : Create Print Action Record (SAPLEEPA) EPA2 : Change Print Action Record (SAPLEEPA) EPA3 : Display Print Action Record (SAPLEEPA) EPAR : List Print Action Records (SAPRISU_PRINTACTION_SELECTION) EPDHIER : Display Hierarchy of MDT Category (ISU_MDT_HIERARCHY_DISPLAY)

EPDTYPE : IS-U MD Generator: MDT Categories () EPERS : IS-U Report Var. Maint. for MiniApps (ISU_PERS_SELOPTION) EPLOT : Repayment on Account (SAPLEE_DEREG_INV_EPLOT) EPMC : Customizing: Plant Manager (EPM_CUST_DIRECT) EPM_REPORT_START : Start Report With Variant (EPM_REPORT_START) EPODSRVC1 : Create point of delivery services (SAPLEPODSERVICE) EPODSRVC2 : Change point of delivery services (SAPLEPODSERVICE) EPODSRVC3 : Display point of delivery services (SAPLEPODSERVICE) EPPM : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_PREPAY (SAPMSNUM) EPRACT : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_PRACT (SAPMSNUM) EPREPAY : Amnt Managmnt of Prepayment Meter (SAPLEPREPAY) EPREPAYFREE : Release locked PPM entries (SAPLEPREPAY) EPREPAY_RELEASE : Release locked PPM entries (SAPLEPREPAY) EPRODCUST : IS-U MD Template: Customizing (SAPLEPRODCUST) EQ01 : Field Selection: Contract (IMG) () EQ02 : Field Sel: Connection Object (IMG) () EQ03 : Field Selection: Premise (IMG) () EQ04 : Field Selection: Installation (IMG) () EQ05 : Field Sel: Device Location (IMG) () EQ06 : Field Sel: Initial Screen Move-Out () EQ07 : Field Sel: Move-In Contract1 (IMG) () EQ08 : Field Sel: Move-In Contract 2 (IMG) () EQ09 : Field Sel: Owner Allocation (IMG) () EQ10 : Field Selection for Property (IMG) () EQ11 : Field Selection for WDO Header () EQ12 : Field Selection for WDO Item () EQ20 : Field Sel. for Accel. Weighing Entry () EQ30 : Search Help for Parameter Recs (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ31 : Search Help for Portions (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ32 : Search Help for MR Units (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ33 : Search Help for Contracts (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ34 : Search Help for Conn. Objects (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ35 : Search Help for Premises (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ36 : Search Help for Installations (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ37 : Search Help for Device Locs (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ38 : Search Help for Register Grps (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ39 : Search Help for I/O Groups (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ40 : Search Help for Command Groups (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ42 : Search Help for Winding Groups (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ43 : Search Help for Device Categs (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ44 : Search Help for Devices (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ45 : Search Help for Lots (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ46 : Search Help for Rates (IMG) (RESMAC00)

EQ47 : Search Help for Schemas (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ48 : Search Help for Rate Categs (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ49 : Search Help for Discs/Surchgs (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ50 : Search Help for Franchise Cont.(IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ51 : Search Help for Print Docs (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ52 : Search Help for BB Plans (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ53 : Search Help for Billing Docs (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ54 : Search Help for Move-In Docs (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ55 : Search Help for Move-Out Docs (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ56 : Search Help for Disconn. Docs (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ57 : Search Help for Cleaning Obj. (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ58 : Search Help for Surfaces (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ59 : Search Help for Routes (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ60 : Search Help for Cont. Location (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ61 : Srch Help for BP for Cont.Loc. (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ62 : Srch Help for Guarantor Cntrct (IMG) (RESMAC00) EQ80 : Check Sub-Transactions for Rates (REATVORG) EQ81 : Display Migration Handbook (IMG) (REMIG000) EQ82 : Billing Master Data Transport (IMG) (REA_BILL_MASTER_DATA_TRANSPORT) EQ83 : Check Rates (IMG) (REA_BILL_CUSTOM_DATA_CHECK) EQ84 : Check Activities (IMG) (RFKK_TRANSACTION_CONS_CHECK) EQ85 : Check Statistics Groups (IMG) (REA_STGRP_CHECK) EQ90 : Task Customizing for IS-U (IMG) (RESTASK0) ER30 : Maintain Poli. Reg. Struc. Hierarchy (SAPLER30) ER31 : Maintain Political Regional Struct. (SAPLER31) ER32 : Display Political Regional Structure (SAPLER31) ER3D : Display Poli. Reg. Struct. Hierarchy (SAPLER30) ERCH_EXTR : Extracts: Export Billing Docuemnts (RERCH_DOC_EXTR_EXTR) EREC01 : Transfer to FI- single cont. mode (RECTHP01) EREC02 : Transfer to FI invoicing 3rd party (RECTHP02) EREC03 : Aggregated Posting to Contract Acc. (RECTHI01) EREG : IS-U Regional Structure (MENUEREG) ERN1 : No. Range Maint.: ISU_TE227 (SAPMSNUM) EROD : Transfer Master Data to Route Plan. (RERODOWN) ERONEW : Maintain Service Frequency (SAPLEEWA_MD_RO) EROUTE : Route (SAPLEEWA_MD_ROUTE) ES20 : Create Contract (SAPLES20) ES20C : Tab Strip for IS-U Contract (RAVC0ALA) ES21 : Chg. Contract (SAPLES20) ES22 : Display Contract (SAPLES20) ES27 : Multiple Contract Maint. (SAPLES27) ES28 : Multiple Contract Display (SAPLES27) ES30 : Create Installation (SAPLES30)

ES30CONTAIN : Tabstrip: Reference Values (RAVC0ALA) ES30HEAT : Tabstrip: Reference Values (RAVC0ALA) ES30LIGHT : Tabstrip: Reference Values (RAVC0ALA) ES30REFVAL : Tabstrip: Reference Values (RAVC0ALA) ES31 : Change Installation (SAPLES30) ES32 : Display Installation (SAPLES30) ES43 : Create Franchise Contract (SAPLES43) ES44 : Change Franchise Contract (SAPLES43) ES45 : Display Franchise Contract (SAPLES43) ES50 : Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EPROP (SAPMSNUM) ES51 : Create Ownership (SAPLES50) ES52 : Change Ownership (SAPLES50) ES53 : Display Ownership (SAPLES50) ES54 : Reverse Property (SAPLES50) ES55 : Create Connect. Object (SAPLES55) ES56 : Change Connect. Object (SAPLES55) ES57 : Display Connect. Object (SAPLES55) ES60 : Create Premise (SAPLES60) ES61 : Change Premise (SAPLES60) ES62 : Display Premise (SAPLES60) ES64 : Change Connection Object (SAPLES64) ES65 : Create Device Loc. (SAPLES65) ES66 : Change Device Loc. (SAPLES65) ES67 : Display Device Loc. (SAPLES65) ESALES_SVOFFERS : Maintain Settings for File Table () ESARA01 : IS-U Archiving: Print Docmt Header () ESARA02 : IS-U Archiving: Print Document Items () ESARA03 : IS-U Archiving: Billing Document () ESARA04 : IS-U Archiving: Budget Billing Plans () ESARA05 : IS-U Archiving: Billing Doc. Lines () ESARA06 : IS-U Archiving: MR Results () ESARA07 : IS-U Archiving: Inspection List () ESARA08 : IS-U Archiving: EDM Profile Values () ESARA09 : IS-U Archiving: Prepayment Documents () ESARA10 : IS-U Archiving: Usage Factors () ESARA11 : IS-U: Archiving: Settlement Docs () ESARA12 : IS-U Archiving: Routes () ESARA13 : IS-U Archiving: Waste Disposal Order () ESARA14 : IS-U Archiving: Installation Facts () ESARA15 : IS-U Archiving: Switch Documents () ESARA16 : IS-U Archiving: Contracts () ESARA17 : IS-U Archiving: Parked Documents () ESARA18 : IS-U Archiving: Disconnection Docs. ()

ESARA19 : IS-U Archiving: Move-In Documents () ESARA20 : IS-U Archiving: Move-Out Documents () ESARA21 : IS-U Archiving: Data Exchange Task () ESARJ01 : Activate AS for print doc. header () ESARJ02 : Activate AS for print doc. line itms () ESARJ03 : Archive IS bill.doc.header is active () ESARJ04 : Activate AS for budget billing plan () ESARJ05 : Arch.Info.Struct.:Bill.Doc.Lines Act () ESARJ06 : ArchInfrastr. ME Results Active () ESARJ07 : ArchInfStructure InspectList Active () ESARJ08 : ArchInfStruc: EDM Prof.Values Active () ESARJ09 : ArchInfStructure: Prepayment Active () ESARJ10 : Arch.Inf.Struct.: Act. Waste Order () ESARJ11 : Arch.Inf.Structure: Activate Routes () ESARJ12 : Arch.Inf.Str.: Archive Install.Facts () ESARJ13 : Arch.Inf.Structure: Settlement Doc. () ESARJ14 : Arch.Info.Structure: Usage Factors () ESARJ15 : Activ. ArchInfoStruc. f. Switch Docs () ESD1 : IS-U Business Master Data (MENUESD1) ESD2 : IS-U Technical Master Data (MENUESD2) ESDF : Maint. of Add. Field Descriptions () ESDP : Maintain Tolerance Profile () ESFUTIL : ESF Utility (RS_ESF_ADMIN) ESIMD : IS-U Archiving: Reorg. Sim. Docs (REA_SIM_DEL) ESI_ADD_MAP : ESI Add mapping (ESI_ADD_MAPPING) ESI_BO_TEST_TOOL : ESI Testtool for Business objects (ESI_BO_TEST_TOOL) ESI_MAPPING : ESI Mapping () ESI_MAPPING_DB : ESI Mapping () ESPLOG : Display IDoc STOACT Log (ESP_DISPLAY_LOG_IDOCSTOACT) ESPLOGD : Delete IDoc STOACT Log (ESP_DELETE_LOG_STOACT) ESWTMON01 : Monitoring of Switch Documents (REE_IDE_SWITCH_MONITORING) ETHI : Aggr. Posting Serv. Prov. CA (SAPLEE_DEREG_INV_ETHI) ETHIM : Mass Act. Aggr. Posting for ServProv (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) ETHIM_REV : Mass Activity Rev. Aggr. Posting SP (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) ETHIM_TAX : Aggregated Posting for SP with Tax (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) ETHI_DIS : Evaluation of DFKKTHI Entries (REDEREG_DISPLAY_THI) ETHI_SUM_DIS : Evaluation of DFKKTHI_SUM Entries (REDEREG_DISPLAY_THI_SUM) ETHI_TAXREV : Reversal of Aggr. Posting with Tax (RETAXREV00) ETHPM : Aggr. Posting of Outgoing Payment (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) ETP_DELETE_TASKS : Deleting tasks (ETP_DELETE_TASKS) ETRANSF : Mass Activity Aggregated Posting (SAPLFKKAKTIV2) ETRM : IS-U Scheduling (MENUETRM) EUNLD : Delete Unneeded Billing Doc. Lines (REA_DELETE_UNIMP)

EUPTSP : GP Content Transport (EUP_TSP_VIEW_MAINTENANCE) EVAL : BRE Statistics PARALLEL Mass Billing (REAEVALLOG) EVE0 : Application Overview (EVE_SETTINGS_CUSTOMIZING) EVKK : IS-U Contract Accounts R/P (MENUEVKK) EW00 : Conversions for the Euro (MENUEW00) EW01 : EMU Conversion: Package Overview () EW04 : EMU Conversion: Field-Rel. Control () EW06 : EMU Conv.: Form Routines per Package () EW07 : EMU Conv.: Form Routines per Table () EW08 : EMU Conv.: Acct Determination in FI () EW09 : EMU Conv.: Document Type/Posting Key () EW10 : EMU: Load Organization Objects (EWURA001) EW11 : EMU: Load CO-PA Objects (EWURA001) EW13 : EMU: Load Conversion Info for LIS (EWURA001) EW14 : EMU: Load Conversion Info for EIS (EWURA001) EW16 : Records No. of Largest Tables (EWURA001) EW17 : Determine Required Database Memory (EWURA001) EW18 : EMU: Load Depreciation Areas (EWURA001) EW28 : EMU: Load CO Objects (EWURA001) EW29 : EMU: Load Tables for FI-SL (EWURA001) EW30 : FI Previous Open Item Reconciliation (EWURA001) EW35 : FI Previous Clearing Procedures (EWURA001) EW36 : FI Documents/Trans.Figures Analysis (EWURA001) EW38 : EMU Conversion: MM Stock Value List (RM07MBST) EW38_HIERARCHY : Chge List Proc. for Ord.Hierarchies (REAUFK20_HIERARCHY) EW39 : FI Open Item Selection (EWURA001) EW39_HIERARCHY : Disp. List Proc. for Ord. Hierarchs. (REAUFK20_HIERARCHY) EW3Z : Currency Select.f.Changeover Package (SAPMEW4Z) EW40_HIERARCHY : Multi-level List Proc.for Ord.Hier. (RIAUFK10) EW45 : FI D/C G/L Accts Analysis bef.Conv. (EWURA001) EW46 : MM Edit Contract Release Order Docu (EWURA001) EW47 : Create Standard Package (EWUMACOP) EW48 : MM Display Archived Purchasing Docs (EWUMEKAA) EW49 : MM MM > FI Balance Comparison (EWURA001) EW4Z : Currency Select.f.Changeover Package (SAPMEW4Z) EW50 : MM Post Adjustment Documents (EWURA001) EW51 : FI S/L-G/L Reconciliation Analysis (EWURA001) EW53 : FI Check Customizing (EWURA001) EW55 : FI Adjust D/C G/L Accounts (EWURA001) EW57 : EMU Conv: Start Postprocess.Programs (EWUSTRNA) EW58 : EMU Conv.: Conversion Programs Start (EWUSTRUM) EW59 : EMU Conv.: Start Preprocess.Programs (EWUSTRVO) EW61 : EMU Conv.: CO Credit w.Settl.Tables (EWURA001)

EW62 : EMU Conv.: CO Settlmnt Tables Recon. (EWURA001) EW63 : EMU Conv.: CO Commt Totals Structure (EWURA001) EW64 : EMU Conv.: CO Dwn Pmnt Totals Struc. (EWURA001) EW65 : EMU: CO-AA Comparison for Investmnts (EWURA001) EW67 : EMU: AA Summary Records Selection (EWURA001) EW68 : EMU: AA Balance Adjustment (EWURA001) EW69 : AA Transaction Figure Reconciliation (EWURA001) EW72 : FI Subsequent Open Item Selection (EWURA001) EW73 : Investment Programs Adjustment (EWURA001) EW74 : FI Subseq.Open Item Reconciliation (EWURA001) EW75 : FI Subsequent SL/GL Reconciliation (EWURA001) EW76 : FI Docs/Trans.Figures Reconciliation (EWURA001) EW77 : FI Docs/Transaction Figures Adjustmt (EWURA001) EW80 : MM Totals Comparison MBEW (EWURA001) EW82 : MM Stock Value List (EWURA001) EW84 : List MM Differences (EWURA001) EW93 : EMU: Load Conversion Info for FI-SL (EWURA001) EW94 : EMU: Tables RESTART FLAG (SAPMEWTF) EW95 : EMU Conversion: Tables and Programs () EW96 : EMU Conv.: Check Conversion Table () EW98 : EMU Conv.: Check Conversion Program () EW99 : Overview of all Packages () EWA0 : EMU Conv: RE Load CO Objects (EWUCOOLI) EWA1 : FI-AA: Analysis of assets w/errors (RAT08401) EWA2 : FI-AA: Asset before&after comparison (RAEWAS0B) EWA3 : Reconcil. of critical FI-AA documts (RAEWUC0P) EWA6 : Lock AA Transaction Types () EWA7 : AA Totals Record Reconciliation (EWURA001) EWA8 : AA Balances Reconciliation (EWURA001) EWA9 : AA Asset Status Reconciliation (EWURA001) EWABEHABF : Allocate Cont.Cat. to Waste Fraction () EWABEHGRP : Container Groups for Group Type () EWABEHVEH : Allocate Cont.Cat. to Vehicle Type () EWABILL : Valuate Waste Billing Category (SAPLEEWA_BILLING) EWABULKY : Create Bulk Waste Order (SAPLEEWA_BULKY) EWAC : Action Manager: Customizing (SAPLEWA2) EWACAL : Maintain Calendar (SAPLEEWA_CALENDER) EWACAPAB : Daily Capacity (SAPLEEWA_CAPAB) EWACLEAN : Property (SAPLEEWA_CLEAN) EWACO01 : CO Data for Vehicle () EWACO02 : Co Data for Resources () EWACO03 : CO Data for Waste Disposal Facility () EWACO04 : CO Data f. Waste Disposal Order Item ()

EWACO05 : CO Data for Waste () EWACO07 : Assign CO PA Char. to Confirm. Field () EWACO08 : CO Data for Rent () EWACONTS : Container Transport (SAPLEEWA_DEV_SERVICE) EWAEL01 : Delivery Locks (SAPLEEWA_EL_DELIVERYBAN) EWAEL02 : Visual Control (SAPLEEWA_EL_SAMPLE) EWAEL03 : Reserve Sample (SAPLEEWA_EL_SAMPLE) EWAEL04 : Waste Disp. Installation Management (SAPLEEWA_EL_WDPLANT) EWAEL05 : Transaction Group (SAPLEEWA_EL_WDPPROGR) EWAEL06 : Transactions Within Facility (SAPLEEWA_EL_WDPPROC) EWAEL07 : Operations Log (SAPLEEWA_EL_PLANTJOURNAL) EWAELOCEO_INIT : Structure Container Loc. Allocations (ISU_WA_INITIAL_LOAD_EWAELOCEO) EWAFAKTOR : Waste Billing Factor (SAPLEEWA_FACTORS) EWAGG : Guarantor Contract (SAPLEEWA_GUARANTORS_MD) EWAGGABR : Allocate Bill.Data to Guarantor Cat. () EWAORDALL : Create Waste Disposal Order (REWAORDER) EWAORDDEL : Delete Waste Disposal Order (REWA_DEL_ORDER) EWAORDER : Change/Display Waste Disposal Order (SAPLEEWA_ORDER) EWAORDERDOWN : Output Waste Disposal Order (REWAORDER_DOWNLOAD) EWAORDRESL : Confirmation (REWAORDER_RESULT) EWAPLAN : Planning (REWAORDER_PLAN) EWAROB : Cleaning Object (SAPLEEWA_ROB) EWAROBTYP : Maintain Cleaning Object Category (EEWA_ROB_CUSTOMIZE) EWAS : IS-U Waste Management (MENUEWAS) EWASD : Service Types for Service Product () EWAWA01 : Accelerated Weighing Entry (SAPLEEWA_WA_WEIGHINGPROCFAST) EWAWA02 : Weighing Transaction (SAPLEEWA_WA_WEIGHINGPROCESS) EWAWA03 : General Cargo Entry (SAPLEEWA_WA_PCKGOODSREG) EWAWA04 : Offline Weighing (SAPLEEWA_WA_WEIGHINGPROCOFFLIN) EWAWAT001 : Hardware Profile (SAPLEEWA_WA_HWPROFILE) EWAWAT002 : Profile Control (SAPLEEWA_WA_HWPROFCNTRL) EWAWAT003 : Profile Group (SAPLEEWA_WA_PROFILEGROUP) EWAWAUSER : Allocation of User to Weighing () EWAWDOC : Waste Disposal Order Cockpit (SAPLEEWA_WDOCOCKPIT) EWA_AAT_CHECK : Consistency Check for Billing (REWA_AAT_CHECK) EWA_SALES_CONTRACT : Create/Change Contract (SAPLISU_SALES_APPLICATION) EWA_SALES_ORDER : Create Order for Waste Disp. Service (SAPLISU_SALES_APPLICATION) EWA_SALES_QUOTATION : Create Quotn. for Waste Disp.Service (SAPLISU_SALES_APPLICATION) EWBC : Customizing: Front Office Processes (SAPLEWB8) EWBE : Customizing: Editor Step (SAPLEWB11) EWB_WEBGUI : FOPs for Web GUI (SAPLEWB_WEBGUI)


EWF7 : Delete Table EWUFI_SOP (EWURA001) EWF8 : Compare Index w.Transaction Figures (EWURA001) EWF9 : Compare Index w.Transaction Figures (EWURA001) EWFC : IS-U Front Office Configuration (SAPLEWFC) EWFC0 : Action Box Configuration (SAPLEWFC) EWFC1 : Action Config. for HTML Operation (SAPLEWFC) EWFG : Add Up Totals Records (RGEURBAL) EWFM : Find Open Dunning Runs () EWFS : Check for Balances in Local Currency (EWURA001) EWFZ : Find Open Payment Runs () EWG5 : Consolidation Staging Ledger (EWURA001) EWHV : Generic IAC for Cluster Objects (SAPLEWHV) EWIC : LCC: Provider (CACS_LCC_PROVIDER) EWK0 : Customer Development: Find Fields (EWUCU02A) EWK1 : Cust.Development: Curr.in Report Txt (EWUCU02B) EWK2 : Cust.Development: Curr.on Screen (EWUCU02C) EWK3 : Customer Development: Assign Rule (EWUCU001) EWK4 : Customer Development: Save Selection (EWUCU003) EWM1 : MM Fill Fields in EBAN (EWURA001) EWM3 : Match MM Sales Values (EWUMMRTL_40) EWM4 : MM Purchase Order History Adjustment (EWURA001) EWM6 : Reconcile GR/IR Clearing Account (EWUMMPOB) EWMA : IS-U Work Management (MENUEWMA) EWNWATN : (EWURA001) EWNWATV : (EWURA001) EWS1 : EMU Conv.: Check Analysis Program () EWS2 : Evaluate Archived Data (EWUARCH2) EWS3 : List of Critical Archives (EWUARCHI) EWSH : EMU Procedure Monitor (SAPMEWWU) EWT0 : Change Plan Year for Chngover Pckge (EWUPLANJ) EWT1 : Set Ability to be Restarted (EWUSETRS) EWT2 : Activate a Changeover Package (EWUAKTIV) EWT3 : Start Forecast (EWUPROST) EWTF : Table Selection for RESTART/NO VIEW (SAPMEWTF) EWUD : EMU mass conversion in cust. master (SAPREWU6) EWUL : Currency conversion vendors (SAPREWU5) EWUM : Conversion Sequence/Server Assignmnt () EWUO : Transaction data for EMU conversion (SDEWUORD) EWUS : Maintain Largest Tables (SAPMSIZE) EWUT : EMU: TA currency changeover FX/MM/DE (RFTBEUR00) EWWA : Currency Select.f.Changeover Package (SAPMEWKE) EWWB : Determining Ratios & Exchange Rates (SAPLEWKE) EWX1 : FI Analyze: Open Items (EWURA001)

EWX2 : FI Analyze: Open Items (EWURA001) EWX7 : FI Post: Post Documents Subsequently (EWURA001) EWZ5 : Lock Users (EWULKUSR) EWZ6 : Unlock System (EWULKUSR) EWZA : Confirm System Settings (EWUSETPH) EXEORGCHEARM : Parameter transaction for TG01000008 () EXPD : Expediting (REXPDSEL) EXPD_STNUM : Number Range Status Information () EXPG : Agent Determination (SAPMSVMA) EXPO_ANA : Analysis of a FOX Folder (EXPO_ANALYZE_FLOB_DB) EXPO_READ : Read & Visualize FOX Storage (EXPO_READ_OBJECT) EXPO_TEST : Text explosion FOX with PLM objects (EXPO_EXPLODE_OBJECT) EXP_APPR : (RPR_APPROVE_TRAVEL_DATA) EXP_CUST : Express Planning Customizing (FPB_EXP_CUSTOM) EXP_CUST_KFPRICE : Prices of Statistical Key Figs () EXP_INSTANCE_CREATE : Create Instance (SAPLFPB_EXP_UTILS) EXP_INSTANCE_DISPLAY : Create Instance (SAPLFPB_EXP_UTILS) EXP_INSTANCE_EDIT : Create Instance (SAPLFPB_EXP_UTILS) EXTID_DN : External Identification Type DN (SAPL0SEC) EXTID_ID : External Identification Type ID (SAPL0SEC) E_DEREG_SYST : Deregulation: System Settings () E_JBP_CUST : Customizing JBP (SAPMSVMA) E_JBP_SYST : SAP System Settings for JBP (SAPMSVMA)

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