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Clalit Mushlam customers enjoy the best and most beneficial medical coverage

With Clalit Mushlam, you enjoy a benefit and coverage package that ensures perfect guidance throughout your pregnancy. Coverage for about 30 items without a waiting period, including: 18 genetic tests at deductibles of only NIS 80 per test, 3 consultations with a specialist per year and another consultation for pregnant women at a cost of NIS 100 per consultation, level 2 ultrasound scan at NIS 114, nuchal scan at only NIS 220, medication and vitamins at discount prices, pregnancy and birth workshops at low deductibles, etc. With Clalit Mushlam, surgery may be performed at private hospitals and members may choose a surgeon at low deductibles. Clalit Mushlam also participates in the cost of complementary accessories which are included in the health basket with refunds of 50% up to USD 3,000. With Clalit Mushlam, you may consult with Israels top senior specialists. The service may be obtained in one of two ways or both: Consulting with a specialist belonging to the Doctors Network of over 1,300 doctors at NIS 100 only, or consulting with a specialist recognized by Clalit Mushlam and receiving a refund of 80% of the actual expense up to NIS 575. Child development therapy is intended for ages 3 to 18. Between 30 and 45 treatments per calendar year are included, based on the childs age and type of treatment. A wide range of treatments are provided, such as therapeutic horseback riding, therapeutic swimming, art therapy, emotional therapy, etc. The treatments are provided at institutes which Clalit cooperates with at deductibles starting from NIS 30. Clalit Mushlam customers benefit from a wide variety of alternative medical treatments at substantial discounts of up to 60% at the Clalit Alternative Medicine network. The network includes about 46 clinics nationwide providing a range of treatments, like: shiatsu, reflexology, naturopathy, the Alexander technique, holistic massage, Bach flower remedies, acupuncture, chiropractics, etc. Clalit Mushlam customers receive substantial discounts when purchasing prescription and OTC drugs at Clalit pharmacies, e.g.: Acamol, Fenistil, Etopan, Concerta, etc. With Clalit Mushlam, a nationwide network of orthopedic institutes which meet the highest standards in the industry is available for the purchase of orthopedic accessories at low deductibles, based on the list of accessories prescribed in the regulations. A service which includes blood and urine tests by a certified nurse at the customers home or office, at a deductible of only NIS 25. The service is intended for children from age 5 upwards and adults and is offered in parts of the country.

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