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Accounting Information Systems Final Questions Utility Problems like on practice quiz The control concern that there

will be a high risk of data conversion errors relates to information systems function Automated systems and manual procedure that process information is called what Applications What are the responsibilities of the CIO, database administrator , technical service manager Database administrator: Person responsible for coordinating, controlling, and managing the database. What are the two primary steps in preparation of the control matrix Know the purpose of the control goals: Effectiveness, Efficiency, security

Immedistely endorsing incoming checks satisfies the control goal of? What is the purpose of input control goals Controls to ensure that only accurate, vaild, authorized data are entered into the system. Specify the critical path in a PERT diagram Critical path is the path requiring the greatest amount of time to complete a project. Know the various checks

Cheryl Liao is an accountant at Folding Squid Technologies. While making an adjusting entry to the general ledger, she received the following error message when she tried to save her entry, " The amounts debited and credited are not equal. Please correct and try again ." This message was the result of a
Answer: Zero balance check

Cheryl Liao is an accountant at Folding Squid Technologies. While making an adjusting entry to the general ledger, she received the following error message, "The account number referenced in your journal entry does not exist. Do you want to create a new account?" This message was the result of a Answer: Vaildity check This determines if characters are of the proper type. Answer: Field check This determines if all required data items have been entered. Answer: Completeness check This tests a numerical amount to ensure that it does not exceed a predetermined value nor fall below another predetermined value. Answer: Range check
What is the digital signature? A piece of data signed on a document by a computer. A digital signature cannot be forged and is useful in tracing authorization. Information encrypted with the creators private key. What is the most important aspect of a Feasibility study? Feasibility study: An investigation to determine whether the development of a new application or system is practical. One of the first steps in the system evaluation and selection process. Calculate PV What do data warehousing applications focus on What do buy-side systems do What is the best form of a database Know the steps in the development life cycle

What is the correct sequence of the phases in the systems development life cycle Answer: system analysis, conceptual design, physical design, implementation and conversion, and operations and maintenance
Givin NPVs of various projects pick the best

What is a composite attribute What is a composite key, a primary key Primary Key: The attribute, or combination of attributes, that uniquely identifies a row in a database table. The primary key is used to distinguish, order, and reference records in a database. What are neural networks, decision support systems and expert systems Neural Networks: Computing systems that imitate the brains learning process by using a network of interconnected processors that perform multiple operations simultaneously and interact dynamically. Neural networks recognize and understand voice, face, and word patterns much more successfully than do regular computers and humans. Decision support system: An interactive computer system designed to help with the decision-making process by providing access to a database or decision making model. What are the four elements of a relational database Relational Database: Relational data model represents the conceptual and external level schemas as if data are stored in tables. Tables - place to store data Queries - retrieve data Forms - on-screen presentations of data collected by queries Reports - printed lists and data summaries collected by queries

What is on a REA model REA Data Model: A data model used to design AIS database. It constraints information about three fundamental objects: resources, events, and agents. Resources represent identifiable objects that have economic value to the organization. Events represent an organizations business activities. Agents represent the people or organizations about which data are collected. What are the 3 key driivers of complerity in manufacturing

Identify the SQL statement that would extract an employee number and date for every instance that had a certain billing rate CREATE: Use to generate the structure of the relation. INSERT: Use to enter current data into the structure DELETE: Use to remove data from a relation. Requires specification of the table name and inclusion of a WHERE condition, which is used to identify the unique data for deletion. UPDATE: Use to change one or more attribute values SELECT/WHERE: Use to query the database What is throughput time Throughput: The total amount of useful work performed by a computer system during a given period of time. A measure of production efficiency representing the number of good units produced in a given period of time. What is a pull manufacturing, push manufacturoring What does XBRL stand for XBRL (eXtensible Busines Reporting Language) is a variant of XML specifically designed for use in communicating the content of financial data. It does this by creating tags for each data item that look much like the tags used by HTML> XBRL saves time, reduces the chances for data entry errors, and encodes information about what a particular data item means so that other computer programs can understand what to do with it.

Concerning XBRL, which of the following statements is not true? Answer XBRL's adoption will require accountants and systems professionals tag d XBRL's adoption will require accountants and systems professionals tag The benefits of XBRL include

Answer: Both are benefits of XBRL.

What is a XBRL based on XML

What is a taxonomy Taxonomy is a set of XBRL files that defines elements and the relationships among them. What is an instance document

Which of the following statements is not true about an XBRL instance document? An instance document includes instruction code as to how the document should be physically arranged and displayed. A specific example of a properly coded XBRL document. The coding comes from a taxonomy. Contains data from financial statements Marked up or tagged with data describing the data Each piece of data in XBRL is an element

Does cloud computing eliminate the need for a backup of applications and data Cloud computing refers to the practice of storing application files and backup data on satellites 'in the clouds'. A. True B. False Cloud computing eliminates the need for backup of applications and data. A. True B. False Which of these should a company consider before implementing cloud computing technology? A. Employee satisfaction B. Potential cost reduction C. Information sensitivity D. All of the above Cloud computing eliminates the need for companies to own their own software and servers. A. True B. False

Who is XBRL being developed by What is the intent of the Sarbanes oxley act

Congress passed this federal law for the purpose of preventing financial statement fraud, to make financial reports more transparent and to strengthen the internal control of public companies. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) applies to all public companies The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires independent auditors to understand a client's system of internal controls. The passage of the Sarbanes Oxley Act : All of these
What does cloud computing replace

What is Cloud Computing replacing? A. Corporate data centers B. Expensive personal computer hardware C. Expensive software upgrades D. All of the above
Cloud computing eliminates the need for backup of applications and data. A. True B. False Know the major disadvantages of cloud computing Expensive to acquire and maintain hardware Not very scalable Difficult to replicate Redundancy is difficult to implement Vulnerable to hardware outages In many cases, processor is under-utilized Know the companies that are leaders in cloud computing Which is not a major cloud computing platform? A. Google 101 B. IBM Deep blue C. Microsoft Azure D. Amazon EC2

What is platform as a service, software as a service Platform as a service: Deploy customer-created applications to a cloud Software as a service: Use providers applications over a network

What does cloud in cloud computing represent "Cloud" in cloud computing represents what? Internet Is an internet connection necessary for cloud computing Yes What is the number one concern about cloud computing? Security concerns What is a GANTT chart A GANTT chart is a bar graph used for project planning and control. Project activities are shown on the left and units of time across the top. The time period each activity is expected to take is represented with a horizontal bar on the graph.