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Carmelisa Porretto


) For the entire unit be sure to include: - UNIT INTRODUCTION I will begin my unit plan by asking questions to my students about What a traveling brochure is? What does one look like? I will select students to answer the questions. I will then show an example of a recent traveling brochure from New York City. - LEARNING OBJECTIVES - Students will learn the geographic and history of New York - Students will learn to use to their creative skills on how to put together a brochure such as using color coordination, use their drawing ability, - STANDARDS
Standard 3-use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding
of the geography of the interdependent world in which we livelocal, national, and globalincluding the distribution of people, places, and environments over the Earths surface.

Standard 1 - Visual Arts

Key idea: Students will make works of art that explore different kinds of subject matter, topics, themes, and metaphors. Students will understand and use sensory elements, organizational principles, and expressive images to communicate their own ideas in works of art. Students will use a variety of art materials, processes, mediums, and techniques, and use appropriate technologies for creating and exhibiting visual art works.

- ASSESSMENT I will use a KWl chart to see what they know about the features of New York city. What they want to know and what they have learned after making the brochure. - PRESENTATION I will have my students hand make a brochure and then video tape onto a website like youtube. I want them to video tape themselves on making the brochure and discussing what they are doing. Lastly I want them to make a digital collage and send it to me so I can form gallery . You may also want to include: - how you will publish and/or archive the student work. I will use a program like scribed to put up the students. -

B) For each session that the students are engaged in your unit be sure to include: - ACTIVITIES -students will begin to do research on the geographic feature and history of new York city. The will have assignment weekly on finding something they are interested of writing and handing it in. - TEACHER INPUT/DIRECTIONS / SUPPORT (to students) - Teacher will be showing weekly examples of types of brochures. Teacher will be grading their research and sharing some students work. - TIME FRAME Each sessions should be about an hour. - RESOURCES What resources will the students use? - internet -paper, crayons, markers , tape, glue -micorsoft word - traveling Brochures, maps - What resources will the teacher use? internet , maps, projector to show the types of brochures and explaining it to the students. - WORK FLOW How will the students be grouped, seated? Will this change during the session? Teacher will make a group of three. - LEARNING OBJECTIVES What will the students LEARN from each particular session? (these should bear a strong relationship to what you state they will learn for the entire unit) What standards will these things align with? Students will learn research their work and write about. They will learn the different types of brochures and use it as a guide to make one. They will also learn how to read maps and incorporate it into their - PRODUCT What will the students PRODUCE each session? (will they produce something unique for this session? Make progress on their learning product? Be prepared to work on their product? etc.) For each session they will incorporate a historical or geographic feature in their brochure. Each session they will work a cover, inside of the brochure, and then the back of the brochure. The last class they will also make a digital collage of similar copy to

hand in. The handmade brochure will be presented. The digital collages will be posted for my own sake so I wont have all these handmade brochures and all the classmates can - ASSESSMENT How will the teacher assess the learning / or verify that the students are on track with the project/product/unit goals? Teacher will assess on a mini presentation discussing the brochure what they learned in the brochure along with knowing how to put one together. - LOGISTICS: how will materials and/or projects in progress be distributed? How will they be collected? Stored while in progress? ETC. Paper , crayons, markers will be distributed in classrooms. Weekly assignments will be collec ted and put into a folder for students to look back on what they learn to imcorporate in the brochure. - SOCIAL LEARNING/STUDENT INTERACTION Collaboration, sharing, giving feedback, etc. will any or all of this be part of the session described? They will be a ubric made for their writing in the brochure, creativity , and their presentation.