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Harley Davidson has always been well-known for its heavyweight (750 cc and up) class of motorcycles, and owns over 60% of the U.S. market today, in addition to a level of brand loyalty that seems to be unwavering. Recently, the Female HOGS has become an emerging category among motorcycles owners and enthusiasts. In the last decade, female owners of 850 cc class and above motorcycles has risen from 5.3% to 10.8%. The Sportster, or Skirtster as it has been nicknamed, has become exceedingly popular among women for several reasons. This not-so-meager bike has an engine size up to 1200 ccs and expels a growl that bellows from the exhaust pipes that immediately lets you know its a Harley. Although the Sportster seems to be a hefty bike, its easier to handle than bikes in the Fat Boy class, and its weight and balance is perfect for a womans frame. The goal of Harley Davidsons new campaign is to increase the sales of the Sportster (all models 883cc-12 cc) among women by 3,000 units within one year. Also, the Harley Davidson brand needs to be marketed specifically to women to grow the female biker niche. By introducing Harley Davidson to women who wouldnt normally be interested in riding motorcycles, we have an opportunity to reach a different group of women. We will begin by marketing the Sportster directly to the female market. Through research, the knowledge gained will provide information about the target markets culture, as well as the Harley cultre, and how to connect the two to create an effective media plan.

Brand Analysis
Harley Davidson was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903 by Bill Harley and Arthur Davidson. These primitive motorcycles essentially were motor-assisted bicycles that required pedaling uphill. These days, the company is well-known for its heavyweight motorcycles (over 750 cc), its distinctive design, large variety and growl of the exhaust pipes, which separates Harley from the rest of its competition.

Competitive Analysis
Figure 1 compares Harley Davidson with its 6 competitors (plus other).

BMWs total sales in 2009 were $1,452,720,000, with a 1% market share. Honda sold 10.1 million motorcycle units in 2009 and is the second leader in total motorcycle sales at $1,047,112,000, with a 25% market share. Harley owners are extremely brand loyal and do not believe that Kawasakis sales in 2009 were $12,659,400,000, with an 11% Harley had any competition to worry about. In 2009, Harley total market share. Davidsons sales were $4,287,100,000 and its market share was Suzukis sales in 2009 were $2,929,993,000, with a 14% 28%. market share. Yamahas total sales were $6,945,000,000, 71% of the companys total motorcycle sales, with a 17% market share. Fig. 1, Competitive Analysis of 6 Leading Brands of Motorcycles

U.S. Heavyweight Motorcycle Registration Data (000)

Total Market New Registrations Harley Davidson New Registrations Harley Davidson Registrations (%) 2007 516.1 251.4 2008 479.8 218.2 2009 304 162

48.7% 45.5% 53.3%

HD customers are very brand loyal. HD owns 60% of the market. HD has the largest variety of motorcycles. HDs Sportster is a good size and weight for women. HD focuses on style and build rather than price. It is well-established in the mind of the consumer with the image of freedom & strength.


Top 50 CDIs
1. San Diego, CA 2. Phoenix, AZ 3. Pittsburgh, PA 4. Orlando, FL 5. Portland, ME 6. Birmingham, AL 7. Tampa, FL 8. Wilkes Barre, PA 9. Sacramento, CA 10. Greenville, SC 11. Nashville, TN 12. Harrisburg, PA 13. Norfolk, VA 14. Greensboro, NC 15. Charlotte, NC 16. San Antonio, TX 17. Raleigh, NC 18. Los Angeles, CA 19. Buffalo, NY 20. Seattle, WA 21. Atlanta, GA 22. Detroit, MI 23. Balimore, MD 24. Indiannapolis, IN 25. Cleveland, OH 157 156 148 145 140 139 137 136 134 130 123 123 122 119 118 117 116 111 111 109 106 104 104 102 102 26. Providence, RI 27. West Palm Beach, FL 28. St. Louis, MO 29. Hartford, CT 30. Denver, CO 31. Kansas City, MO 32. Boston, MA 33. New Orleans, LA 34. Washington D.C. 35. Cincinnati, OH 36. San Francisco, CA 37. Salt Lake City, UT 38. Houston, TX 39. Dallas, TX 40. Columbus, OH 41. Memphis, TN 42. Oklahoma City, OK 43. Louisville, KY 44. Philadelphis, PA 45. Milwaukee, WI 46. Minneapolis, MN 47. Green Rapids, MI 48. Miami, FL 49. Chicago, IL 50. New York City, NY 102 98 98 97 95 95 94 94 92 90 88 88 83 83 83 80 79 78 71 71 68 62 58 42 36

HD is more well-known for their larger motorcycles, not appropriate for women. The female motorcyclist image negatively affects the motorcycle industry. HD motorcycles have fairly high prices. Poor marketing techniques that do not attract new customers.

Harley Sportster is the most popular entry-level bike for women buyers. Women owners of bikes in the 850 cc class have grown from 5.3% to 10.8%. Females show more inclination toward riding motorcycles. HD promotes a lifestyle full of adventure, social groups and clubs.

The motorcycle market is highly competitive. Honda is a very close competitor to HD. Economic recession has caused peple to spend less money on pleasure items. Increased environmental regulations.


Demographics (Of those who own motorcycles)
9,872,800 women represent the members of this target audience. These women are primarily married, with a full-time job, a college education, and have a household income of $50,000+. 68% are employed full-time. 20.4% live in the Pacific region, 18.6% live in the Southeast region, and 17.8% live in the West Central region. Live in County Size A 35- to 44-years-old 87.9% are Caucasian, 5.1% are African American, and 9.4% are Hispanic. 32.7% are working women.

Target Audience & Media Mix
The primary target audience is women aged between 35-44 years old. The goal is to increase the sales of the Sportster among women by 3,000 units within one year. Second, we must build on the Harley Davidson franshise by marketing the brand directly to women.

Media Budget
The campaign budget is $23 million to be used for spot marketing only. $5 million is allocated for promotions and events.

Advertising will be concentrated in the top 20 DMAs. These 20 cities all have a CDI above average with an index ranging from 109 to 157.

Lifestyles and Interests

Raising children Heavy users of T.V., radio, and magazines. Want relaxing weekends after long work weeks. Interested in caring for her family.

Reach/Frequency & GRPs

Achieve 70% reach over the life of the entire campaign. The effective reach will be 3. The goal of the events will be to get approximately 2,000 of the target audience to participate. GRPs will range from 200 to 2500.

Non-traditional /Promotional
Product placement, viral videos, giveaways, and endorsements and sponsorships at events will be used to advertise in the top 20 DMAs.

Scheduling & Timing

Scheduling: Flighting Phase 1: March Phase 2: June Phase 3: August Phase 4: October Phase 5: January During the campaign, advertising will be relatively light in March, which is when the campaign begins. Advertising will be heavier in phases 2, 3, and 4, and will be light in phase 5 through the end.


Target Audience & Media Mix
Phase I The campaign will begin with spot cable and outdoor advertising, promoting the Sportster, and the 70th Daytona Bike Week March 5-11. Advertising will be used in CBSs CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Foxs Family Guy, and USAs House, and product placement will be used in CSI and House. Outdoor advertising will be used in Tampa and West Palm Beach, specifically for Bike Week, and throughout the rest of the top 20 DMAs introducing the Sportster. Phase II Advertising will cease for April and May, and pick up in June where spot cable advertising will continue during CSI, Family Guy, and House. Harley Davidson will focus on the Country Music Awards, June 9-12, one of the target audiences favorite awards programs and music. Newspapers will have a half-page black and white advertisements for local dealerships highlighting the Sportster, and in New England areas, the Laconia Motorcycle Week in New Hampshire will be advertised. Laconia Motorcycle Week will be doing a raffle for a giveaway of a new 2011 Sportster, and the newspaper advertisements will provide information on how to enter. Phase III Advertising will cease in July and pick up in August, which brings about the warm months which are great for riding, and the 71st Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, August 8-14. Radio advertisements will be used in the morning and evening introducing the Sportster to the radio audience on Country, Rock, and Adult Alternative stations. As theyre in the car on their way to and from work, theyll see outdoor advertising for the Sportster as well. Outdoor advertising will be billboard advertisements that informed the target audience about giveaways and the sponsorships at the Sturgis event. Law & Order: SVU and Two and a Half Men will be added to the previous list of cable T.V. shows, and primetime news stations will begin advertising local dealership and the prices and styles of the Sportster Direct mail postcards will be sent to those in the target market sharing information about local dealerships and the Sturgis event. Phase IV Advertising will cease in September. The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in which Harley Davidson and the Female HOGS would participate in. HD will have a team from each DMA run in the races around the country to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, wearing black and pink leathers, and pink bandanas. They will also lead the race on Sportsters with banners. Country, Rock, and Adult Alternative stations will continue local Harley dealership advertisements, recommending the Sportster. Outdoor billboard advertisements would also change to Christmas-inspired messages.


Phase V November and December will not have any advertising, and it will pick back up in January. Only outdoor advertising will promote the Sportster and local dealerships. All top DMAs will have a final campaign giveaway, and the information will be on the billboard.

Media Budget
Traditional spot media buys are used to reach those DMAs that already ahve a high CDI. Non-traditional buys will be used in select areas where motorcycle events takes place. All DMAs have CDIs 109-157. The $23 million budget is allocated as stated in Media Mix.

Reach, Frequecy & GRPs

Flighting traditional media will be used to keep Harley Davidson on the target audiences minds. Product placement is used on CSI and House to show that motorcyclists can be doctors and crime scene investigators too, not just ragged older men. Media weight will go toward outdoor advertising and local dealerships.

For traditional media coverage, the top 20 DMAs are as follows: 1. San Diego, CA 2. Phoenix, AZ 3. Pittsburgh, PA 4. Orlando, FL 5. Portland, ME 6. Birmingham, AL 7. Tampa, FL 8. Wilkes Barre, NH 9. Sacramento, CA 10. Greenville, SC 11. Nashville, TN 12. Harrisburg, PA 13. Norfolk, VA 14. Greensboro, NC 15. Charlotte, NC 16. San Antonio, TX 17. Raleigh, NC 18. Los Angeles, CA 19. Buffalo, NY 20. Seattle, WA

Scheduling & Timing

The campaign begins in March as Daytona Bike Week begins, and is flighting in June, August, October, and January. Reach and frequency will be at 90.5/27.8, respectively, because of heavy outdoor advertising. As the year progresses, reach will remain around 70 and frequency will remain around 3. When Januarys outdoor advertising rolls out, reach and frequency will skyrocket again to end the campaign.


Non-traditional /Promotional
Product Placement ($1,000,000) The Sportster model will be in House and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation showing sophisticated people ride Harleys, too. Viral Videos ($200,000) Videos will be posted using and They will be videos showing women who are beautiful because of the people they spend time with and how they spend their time, not just because of the way they look. The Sportster will be the focus of the videos. Giveaways ($1,000,000) Each DMA with a Harley Dealership will be running a raffle for a giveaway of a new 2011 Sportster. The giveaways will be advertised on outdoor billboards and within the Harley dealerships. Sponsorships ($2,800,000) Each motorcycle event will have endorsements and sponsorships by motorcycle celebrities. Participants will have the opportunity to have dinner with the celebrity and will receive free motorcycle gear and gift certificates.

Media Flight Plan Flowchart MRI Demos Radio Internet totals TV/Cable/Satellite totals Print totals Brand Size/type totals