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Youre about to discover how easily you can enlarge the power dimensions of your plants roots and guarantee yourself bigger harvests with custom-designed microbially active supplements ... These powerful supplements create ideal root zone environments better able to intake nutrients resist stress and diseases and your roots stay stronger because beneficial microbes break down old root material, providing nutrition while enabling roots to repair themselves and create new tissue.

Plus, microbes help oxygen to penetrate more into your roots capture nitrogen and help pump more phosphorus into your plants. The question has now becomewhat is the best way to install beneficial microbes into your hydroponics root zone? To answer this question, Advanced Nutrients scientists conducted a multi-phase research project on a unique suite of beneficial microbes contained in VooDoo Juice.

VooDoo Juice enhanced

control plant

Root mass of tomato plants, same seed, same age,same number, harvested after 42 days of growth. Plants on left received VooDoo Juice.

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Most hydroponics companies save money Your roots have more branching, root density and root on costs by hiring a third-party company mass to bulk produce/bulk combine microbes Increases in your root size up to 117% without testing them for specific plant Faster, more efficient intake of nutrients; saving you appropriateness or microbial compatibility. time and money Not only that, but their process includes a generic view of microbes. For example, Your plants give faster growth, larger flowers when someone talks about the microbe Your roots are more resistant to heat, stress, drought, bacillus subtilis, that strain name is really nutrient burn and other common problems just the tip of the iceberg its exactly like saying General Motors to describe a car, Not All Beneficial Root Microbes and you have no idea if its a Pontiac or a Formulas Are Created Equal Chevy.

And if its a Chevy, it could be either a Malibu or Corvette. So if youre lucky, you got the Corvette but youre still left guessing if your Corvette has the 430 hp motor or if its a ZR1 Corvette with the 620 horsepower The answer is that there are two very distinct processes motor! Thats how much difference there is manufacturers use when they want to offer microbes between individual types of bacillus subtilis microbes. Obviously we absolutely make products ... sure VooDoo Juice microbes are always the ZR1 Corvette with 620 horsepower motor, not the Chevy Malibu! You know beneficial microbes will help your plants, but it can be confusing when you go to the store and see so many of these formulas made by different manufacturers. The obvious question is which one will give you the best bang for your buck?

Heres How Its Done...


Advanced Nutrients hires the sharpest microbiologists in the world. One of them is especially impressive: she has three Ph.D. degrees! We have a team of scientists testing and breeding hundreds of sub-varieties of bacillus subtilis and other beneficial microbes in a continual research program. In fact over the last two years VooDoo Juices root-producing abilities have been increased by 117% Specific beneficial microbes work better with certain plants than others. Thats why we put so much time and money into our breeding program. Were driven to find the needle in the haystack of microbes that work absolutely the best for the plants you grow Our scientists demand that we buy them
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Make the direct connection between larger, more powerful roots and bigger, more valuable buds.


Faster-developing roots on your seedlings, transplants and clones


They discovered, when used as directed, VooDoo Juice provides:



rates and we have to ensure total uniformity and maximum colony forming units (CFUs). After breeding, the microbes are taken to the evaporation tower and dried, and then all eight strains in VooDoo Juice are carefully recombined

To ensure VooDoo Juice has very long shelf life and superior viability, VooDoos microbes are put into hibernation with an antagonist compound that keeps the microbes dormant until you mix VooDoo Juice into a nutrient reservoir and the antagonist is diluted As soon as the antagonist is diluted, VooDoos microbes immediately exit dormancy, replicate quickly, and burst into action for you by wrapping themselves around and penetrating into roots, creating flower-boosting hormones, and increasing root size and function

The bottom line is: VooDoo Juice feeds your roots so you get safer, healthier plants, and more aboveground growth of larger, mega-potent flowers. Its a basic but important step you can easily take today to upgrade the health and productivity of your garden immediately.

VooDoo Juice contains designer microbes created by leading microbiologists. These superstrain microbes fatten, strengthen and supercharge your roots , and the result is more valuable harvests.



VooDoo Juice Benefits

all the expensive, precision equipment needed to identify each microbial strains special characteristics and compatibility with each other that make them SuperStrains. Thats why our microbes are also extremely fast-replicating so they quickly colonize root zones for rapid results (Yes, we test for fast versus slow replicating microbes)


VooDoo Juice is not outsourced. Were the only hydroponics nutrient company in the world manufacturing all our microbial products ourselves with a full-time Ph.D. microbiologist personally supervising all aspects of production at all times. (The same is true for our Piranha and Tarantula root zone products) Each microbe strain is individually bred (not in a bunch of vats or tubs) in a purpose-built 10,000 liter breeding reactor. This is a very critical, time consuming step, but its necessary because different strains of beneficial microbes breed at different



Bigger roots that more than double in mass are the foundation for faster growth and bigger yields.

QUESTION: Will VooDoo Juice make my roots too big? ANSWER: Your roots will get much bigger, but only in the most efficient way for your root zone so you get larger harvests. QUESTION: If I use VooDoo Juice, why would I use your Tarantula beneficial microbes and your Piranha beneficial fungi formulas too? ANSWER: Each of these three products contains unique beneficial microbes that contribute to the healthiest root zone so your plants grow better via different pathways. The individual microbe formulas in these three products combine in a synergistic fashion with your roots and each other to provide even more root enhancement and protection. QUESTION: Does your previous version of VooDoo Juice work with your new version? ANSWER: Yes, our previous VooDoo Juice works well in all types of gardens and systems, and is compatible with our stronger new & improved version of Voodoo Juice. Always store our beneficial microbes formulas in a cool, dark place to extend shelf life. QUESTION: Is VooDoo Juice compatible with an all-organic fertilizer program? ANSWER: Yes, VooDoo Juice, Tarantula and Piranha are organic supplements that work perfectly in all-organic gardening (and all other types of gardening).

MIXING DIRECTIONS: Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 1 through 2 of your flowering phase, and during weeks 1 through 2 of vegetative growth. GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand Master Growers

I live in the desert near Tucson. I grow outdoors and two big problems are heat and dry, sandy soil. After using VooDoo, the plants were wilting a lot less and their color was much better. When I removed them at the end of the season, their roots were better than any plant Ive ever grown. Im sold.

Jorge, from Pima County, Arizona

Company Founders NO-RISK, 100% Money Back GUARANTEE

VooDoo Juice was specifically built for growers just like you, who have very specific demands and expectations from your hydroponics needs. When you use VooDoo Juice it must perform flawlessly for you. Youll find it will mix easily and quickly into your reservoir and deliver the goods youre looking for. Whats more..., VooDoo Juice will work every time for you using any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. VooDoo Juice has been developed for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponic, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it! And when you use VooDoo Juice youll never have to risk even one penny because its 100% guaranteed, as always if for any reason youre not absolutely delighted well refund all your money back its that simple. As always, dedicated to your gardening success.

Fast Facts
PRODUCT TYPE: Beneficial Bacteria Root Booster GARDEN TYPES: VooDoo Juice has been specially designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. VooDoo Juice has been developed for use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. WHEN TO USE: Early Veg Phase, Early Flowering, Cloning, Transplanting, Growing from Seedlings



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