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Year 7 French Speaking Mark Scheme (Suggested max length 1 - 2 mins)

DEGREE OF COMMUNICATION/DELIVERY Marks 0-1 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 Comments Nothing of merit; fails to communicate or occasional words are recognisable within sentences but no complete messages are communicated. Yes/ No answers. Some sentences communicate basic information e.g. simple facts. All or most sentences communicate basic information with only occasional additional details. Response tends to be quite hesitant. Quite a lot of relevant information is communicated. Goes beyond a basic response to most questions and gives more detailed information relating to descriptions (e.g. hair length and colour.) with only occasional hesitation. A lot of relevant information is communicated and there is demonstration of transfer of language between topic areas. E.g. Use of personality with pets. The speech flows naturally without undue hesitation.

QUALITY OF LANGUAGE Range/Complexity There is very little recognisable vocabulary and no sentences that communicate. Some simple phrases communicate basic information but they are limited in range. Most sentences communicate though they tend to be short & simple and are rarely linked. All sentences communicate and there are attempts at linking sentences together using simple conjunctions (et / mais) There is some variety in the use of vocabulary and sentence structure and most answers contain longer sentences using simple conjunctions. Demonstrates use of intensifiers (e.g. trs / assez) There is a wider range of vocabulary and sentence structures. There are some attempts at subordinating conjunctions (qui) and the 3rd person is used. There is some evidence of word order rules (e.g. colour) A wide range of vocabulary and sentence structures is used to communicate descriptions. Subordinating conjunctions and descriptions in the 3rd person are used. There is an attempt to use 1st person plural and/or 3rd person plural. Marks Accuracy 0 There is little, if any understanding of the most basic structures. 1 There is a limited understanding of basic structures and most sentences contain major errors (incorrect verb use & form, use of English) 2 Most sentences contain errors, many of a major nature. Pronunciation is approximate/ frequently inaccurate. 3 There are some major errors and frequent minor ones. Pronunciation is generally recognisable. 4 There are a number of minor errors and a few major ones but most sentences are generally accurate although there are several incorrect examples of word order and adjective endings may be mispronounced. Inaccuracies are mainly of a minor nature. Verb forms are usually correct and there is evidence of correct pronunciation of adjective endings. There is correct use of definite & indefinite articles. There are hardly any major and a few minor errors, even in more complex structures. Word order is accurate, there is clear evidence of accurate pronunciation of adjective endings & articles and verbs forms (especially plurals) are mostly correct.