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An Exercise in Aggressive, Non-Partisan Political Activism April 24, 2012 Volume 2, Number 2

IT WAS CITIZEN ACTIVISTS WHO REALLY TURNED THE TIDE ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION Hip hip, hooray, Break open the champagne, America has just been saved, the The Tide has Turned on Illegal Immigration, so we were informed several days ago by mainstream media source The Wall Street Journal. Naturally the WSJ quoted numerous behind the scene sources, faceless bureaucrats and bean counters, university professors, statisticianseven what they had the audacity to refer to as the non-partisan Pew Hispanic Center (!!!)credited all sorts of natural phenomena like business slow-downs, housing bubbles, etc. all in an effort to spin the facts, hide the truth and to protect all those special interests that brought this catastrophe down upon us. Thank God WSJ didnt name any politicians. However, dont hold your breath. Soon enough we will be inundated with all sorts of these nasty creatures, from allegedly stand up guys like John McCain to confirmed bend-overs like Sheriff Babeu, all eager to talk tough and take their bows, and credit from those to whom credit is really due: hard working citizen activist groups like Glen Spencers American Patrol, Col. Al Rodriquezs You Dont Speak for Me, F.A.I.R., and the various factions of the Minutemen who humped over harsh terrain under a brutal Arizona sun and otherwise put their lives the line, simply to name a few. And lets not forget a Quaker woman named Kathy McKee who had the audacity, way back in 2003 to dream that a single

person could actually make a difference. Of course the rich and the powerful and the mainstream media like WSJ dont want We the People to know just how powerful we really are, namely; that here in America an individual has the power to actually write a citizen initiative, get it on the ballot, get it voted in, all in the face of powerful right wing economic interests looking for cheap labor to exploit and left wing zealots seeking radical politics and the division of America on the basis of ethnicity and create the Nation of Aztlan, both the republican and democrat parties, each having a vested interest in the continuation and expansion of Open Border Policy. The mainstream media has worked hard to keep the origins of Prop. 200 from public view for many years now, even though a portion of this amendment to Arizonas constitution requiring voters to show id, has finally been upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal. Roll up your sleeves and read about Kathy McKee and Protect Arizona Now, aka Proposition 200, passed by 57% of Arizona Voters in 2004. See what a motivated American can do! Regarding Open Border Policy and powerful economic interests The WSJ wrote:
U.S. economic expansion fueled heavy immigration in the 1990s as Mexicans found jobs in construction, service and other sectors. For instance, Mexicans were instrumental in turning Arizona into a fast-growing state and its capital Phoenix into the country's fifth-largest city. "It is logical that the supply of Mexican labor helped fuel Arizona's growth," said Dennis Hoffman, professor of economics at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

Yeah, Mexican citizens found jobs in construction, service and other sectors, because Arizona employers, all looking for a fast buck and some poor slob to work twice as hard twice as long for half a much pushed some American worker, in many cases Hispanic, out of a decent paying job to create a poor paying job,

aka a job Americans dont want to do. Thats right: who can expect a self respecting framer, roofer, dry Waller, plumber, electrician, mason, tile setter, etc., used to making $15.00 an hour, to work for minimum wage? I promise you this: in the fullness of time the world will know that Illegal Immigration didnt just happen. Open Border Policy, or the intentional inviting, enticing, aiding and abetting of impoverished Mexican citizens to violate the law and cross the border, for economic and political gain, was the result of a concert of effort between powerful American political and economic interests. In Arizona, for many years Open Border Policy flourished as an ongoing criminal enterprise. You heard me: an ongoing criminal enterprise, which in the fullness of time will come to be known as the biggest crime in American history. In the fullness of time I promise you this: the history will be written, the facts will be brought to public view, some of the bad guys will go down, and those who fought the battleon the ground, in the streets, before the courts, at a time when the police, Arizona courts and powerful, mainstream forces worked against them and the rest of America sleptwill receive the credit they so richly deserve.