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Fusion Transportation Intelligence (FTI) Features and Integration with OTM

Presented By: Manoj Turlapati In Collaboration With: Jitender Malhotra

Deloitte Consulting LLP


Getting to Know Fusion Transportation Intelligence(FTI) Business Issues in the Current Economy Fusion Transportation Intelligence as a solution Features in Fusion Transportation Intelligence Increased Analytical Capabilities Prebuilt Shipped Solutions Real World Scenario Integration With OTM A Few Glances at Fusion Transportation Intelligence Common Errors and Troubleshooting


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Introduction Information is the most crucial weapons in todays competitive world. Data flowing from transactional systems amounts to huge volumes after years in business. This data if organized into an arrangement can be used to create an intelligence system which could prove useful in making important business decisions. Fusion Transportation Intelligence (FTI) is one such system that provides important information useful in the following scenarios: Monitor Overall Business
Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses Adhoc Querying

Forecasting Capabilities
Target Setting for future Forecasting future predictions based on historical data Tune business processes


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Problems Vital Questions before Organizations in Current Scenario

Every Corporation is looking for more insight to Logistics . Statistics reveal that most organizations spend a substantial amount of their spending in transportation.
Key Problems Looming Large : Decrease Total Cost of Operations Reduce IT burden Find a Complete Pre-Built Analytical Solution that cater to their business requirements Empowering of business users and analysts to come up with their own set of reports and dashboards Completely Embedded with their Transactional Logistics Solution Seamless integration with OTM Provides same levels of security and authorization as present in OTM Single Sign on for both the systems Include Prebuilt Industry wide KPIs Dynamic Query capabilities to complex and unseen business scenarios Adaptability to ever changing business Different views for different users
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FTI Solution to Corporate Business Needs

The Fusion Transportation Intelligence is a web based solution to cater to the business needs at levels in the organization. Transactional data residing in Online System (OTM) flows into the FTI during the time when the transactional system is off peak loads ,to avoid impacting the performance of the online system. Each Level in the organization can be benefitted upon usage of FTI by using the various features available within the solution. Organizations need to define and monitor various Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) or Metrics to analyze their business health
Multidimensional facets of Solution:

Managing business metrics Monitoring and analyzing business activities on a periodic basis Reporting an effective mechanism to provide answers to difficult business problems Translation of corporate strategy into relevant measurable business goals Alerts generated by the system triggered by business events

User Friendliness in FTI:

Ability for each user to define their own reports and create their dashboards; that provides vital information according to their profiles and very subjective needs. Storage of these reports in personal placeholders and if needed be shared with others by granting access privleges with the help of administrator.


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Specifics of Fusion Transportation Intelligence(FTI)

Listed below are salient features which truly makes it one of the best Transportation Intelligence Solutions in the world

Industry Specific Dashboards Over 60 Prebuilt KPIs post OTM 6.0 Increased Adhoc Querying Capability Interactive Alerts User Defined Customizable Dashboard (My Dashboard) KPI Target Setting Stoplights for Performance Indicators Splash Screen-FTI Dashboard Can be used instead of OTM wheel Dashboard Preference-User Defined Dashboard Preference Actionable BI- Historical Analysis available at Decision Points Process Management- ETL Jobs from OTM UI Data Management- Data Load Status in FTI in Dashboard Analysis At Week Level Lower Level Of Granularity Refnums Modeling in FTI Ranking of Refnums 3 Refnums per Object flow into FTI
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Target Definitions
Definition of Targets- Targets are defined as levels at which the organizations wish to operate on various parameters crucial to them. Targets compare themselves to actual figures or aggregate of numbers in order to derive at logical conclusions about business and its health. Categorization Of Targets

Forecast A KPI can be defined by the help of Complex statistical formulae to depict the values that would be instrumental in measuring the actuals against the forecasted values Industry Benchmark-Industry benchmark are classified as the values set for the KPI that are used across the industry to measure an essential business parameter. Target- Targets that are defined keeping in mind the very specific nature of clients business are categorized as Targets.

Target Derivations

Fixed- A fixed value for a KPI is defined that is expected to remain the same for a considerable length of time Moving Average-The values is calculated on the basis of taking an average of the previous months to arrive at the value of the current month. User Entered -User Entered values are provided to insert overrides . These values are custom defined by the client and could be used to insert targets for special cases or exceptions.


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Key Performance Indicators ( Pre Packaged)

Shipping Statistics Financials Carrier Performance Cost Benefits

Total Shipments

Total Cost

Overall Carrier Score

Order Consolidation Savings

Total Cube

Cost Per Hour

Carrier Tender Performance

Order Profit

Total Weight

Cost Per Hundred Weight (CWT) Cost Per Lane

Percent On-time Pickup

Americas Order Profit

Total Distance

Percent On-time Delivery

Northern Europe Order Profit

Weight Utilization Factor

Cost Per Distance

Percent Times Claims Filed On Shipments Average # Of Hours Outside Pickup Time Average # Of Hours Outside Delivery Time Percent Accessorial Charges To Freight

Central Europe Order Profit

Cube Utilization Factor

Cost Per Pallet

Southern Europe Order Profit

Average Cube Per Shipment

Cost Per Shipment

Asia Pacific Order Profit

Average Weight Per Shipment


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Case Study for FTI providing help in Business

OTM is being implemented on a Manufacturing Organization site where the finished goods have a small shelf life and are expected to reach the customers in 3 days in order to avoid decreased number of waste goods. The general feeling about this parameter in organization is good and satisfactory .Thus the organization with the help of FTI analyzes past historical data % on time delivery(KPI) that to measure the level at which they are performing right now. This acceptable level is defined as a target can be used by the organization to define a contract with new Service Providers whose services will organization wishes to seek in the near future. Also, after a certain period of time to evaluate how are the new service providers performing can be obtained from FTI.There are inbuilt features in FTI like a Carrier Scorecard which provides the users a comparative view of all service providers with respect to each other ;based on the factors which are important for the clients business. If the new service providers are not able to meet the defined service levels then with the help of FTI ;a sound base is provided to client to showcase the relevant data and renegotiate the rates in contract based on performance and delivery levels.

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OTM Integration The following properties need to defined in the glog.properties to enable FTI integration with OTM. 1. Change aa_webserver property to point to OBIEE server For example: aa_webserver=otm-fti.oracle.com:8081 2. Change ALLOW_ADVANCED_ANALYTICS property to true. ALLOW_ADVANCED_ANALYTICS=true

Additionally,OTM_WEB_SERVER property needs to be defined in Report_Common_Properties.csv to get to Transactional OTM from FTI. OTM_WEB_SERVER=http://otm60test_abc.com

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Statistics Dashboard View-Showcasing Prebuilt KPIs and Stoplights

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Sample View - Last 53 Weekly View Analysis of Data

The following screen shot displays the Total Shipments on a weekly basis from the current week till the last 53 weeks. Just a once glance at this chart would be enough for the user to find out the time frames during which the number of shipments tends to increase or decrease and plan accordingly for these anomalies in future to minimize spending.

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Sample Detailed View of Transactions

The following screenshot displays the breakup for Total Volume figure available at the Summary Level screen. This screen shot gives a mode wise breakdown for all the shipments that contributed in aggregation to the final Total Volume .FTI also retains the same units of Measures as defined in OTM.

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KPI -Key Performance Indicators ROD - Replicated Online Database ETL - Extraction Transformation Loading OBIEE - Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Metadata -Repository of OBIEE Actionable BI -A (marketing) term for making KPIs more relevant to operational users. The KPIs should support operational users in making the right decisions. This can be done by showing relevant KPIs in the context of each decision point Metrics -Metrics measure the performance in key areas of the business and compare the current results to planned values. The metrics in the scorecards can be thought of as Information Sweet Spots that are necessary to analyze the business

Dashboard -A dashboard is a collection of performance metrics designed to reflect the strategic goals of a unit or

level in an organization. In OTM Analytics, dashboards contain multiple tabs to organize metrics. The metrics are shown as a combination of charts, graphs, tables, cross-tabs and status indicators. CG Consumer Goods LSP- Logistics Service Provider

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Trouble Shooting and Common Errors

Common errors [nQSError: 43059] Init block 'GET_WEBSERVER': Dynamic refresh of repository scope variables has failed. Report_Common_Properties.csv is not populated with the value of OTM_WEB_SERVER. [nQSError: 43059] Init block 'GET_WEBSERVER': Dynamic refresh of repository scope variables has failed.

Could not connect to the BI instance. BI Server service is not running. [nQSError: 17001] Oracle Error code: 12154, message: ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve service name at OCI call OCILogon.

[nQSError: 17014] Could not connect to Oracle database .The BI Presentation server service is not running.

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