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C/O Mr.

Shehzad Karim ,
Hariawala Distt. Gujrat Pakistan. Phone: 053-3526101, 03009712678

Syeda Hafsa Himayat

To improve my abilities and skills by working in a competitive environment that is conducive to learn, hard work and analytical and creative thinking. I want to apply all my professional knowledge for completion of challenging tasks leading to progress of my organization.

BS honors in Computer Science 2008-2012 FSc (General Science) / ICS 2006-2008 Matric (Bio/Chem/Phy) 2004-2006 In progress from University of Gujrat (UOG) (uptil A Grade ) Govt. Marghzar Colony College, Gujrat Mounty Public High School, Gujrat (Marks 73%) (Marks 81%)

BS honors in Computer Science, University of Gujrat Modules included:

Structured Programming Digital Logic and Design Data Structures and Analysis of Algorithms Software Engineering (Including Object Oriented Theory) Networks and Communication Systems Information Systems and Database Technology Systems Architecture HCI and Computer Graphics. Operating Systems Mobile Computing

Web Systems and Technologies Visual Programming Client-Server Programming (Socket Programming)

Knowledge of Microsoft Office. (also Open Office)
Experience working with UML Case Tools Rational Rose, Smart Draw, Star UML. Worked on SQL Server. Have worked with Microsoft Visual Studio and some other compilers (TC, BC, MASM). Have learnt working with Linux, Ubuntu. Knowledge of ModelSim. (VHDL Simulator)

Can work with Multimedia tools like tools for editing images, videos, audios etc.
Can understand and learn new tools and technologies easily.

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES Assembly Language C/c++ Visual C# Visual C++ (OpenGL) SQL HTML JavaScript PHP VHDL (Verilog Hardware Description Language) GROUP PROJECT
Stock and inventory System of UOG in progress.

Other term Projects Library Management System(OOP) Statistical Calculater(JavaScript, PHP) Chenab Hospital Management System (Database using SQL server) Servis Industry (SRS) Online Cafeteria Ordering System (SRS + Design Document) BCD Adder (VHDL)

Hard Work, follow the principle try, try, until you succeed. Effective work in team and have team leading capabilities. Very much responsible at work. Have Analytical and Logical Thinking. Have Brilliant Programming Skills. Have the ability to learn new tools and technologies easily.

Attending 15 days course on ISO 9000 - 2001 at Mech Engg Dept. UET, Lahore. One weeks training on Camerons UI &UII BOP by Cameron Omans QA Manager. Attend six month course on Piping, pipe work & ducts installation at SPIT, Gujrat. Can speak read and write English ,Urdu and Punjabi, a little introduction to Arabic.

Fathers Name Date of Birth Domicile N.I.C. No Marital status Syed Himayat Ullah 01 01 1991 Gujrat /Punjab 34201-4141397-9 Unmarried