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Curriculum Vitae Timofei Bogatchev _____________________________________________________________ Permanent Address: 5301 Westbard Circle Apt.

110 Bethesda, MD

Phone (cell): (240)-643-5712 E-mail: tbogatchev@gmail.com

PSU Address: 408 E. Fairmount State College, PA

Summary: A highly motivated and responsible student at the Pennsylvania State University
seeking a summer internship in the related fields of computer science and/or computer engineering.

National Institutes of Health, summers of 2008 and 2009 My first experience in the field of computer science was at the NIH Center of Information and Technology. After being accepted into their internship program both my Junior and Senior year in high school, I worked under Dr. Steven Fellini (sfellini@nih.gov) in the Helix Systems group. My tasks consisted of, but were not limited to: Assisting with installation and repair of hardware in the Helix cluster Writing batch files designed to launch complex jobs (Perl) Updating and managing several databases in SQL Monitoring and updating several pages on the Helix website

More information regarding Helix Systems can be found at http://helix.nih.gov/ University of Maryland School of Medicine, summer 2010 Following my freshman year at the Pennsylvania State University, I worked at the Institute for Genome Sciences at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine, and reported to Dr. Samuel V. Angiuoli ( sangiuoli@som.umaryland.edu). I gained valuable experience in the use of virtual machines and programming, such as: Writing scripts that checked for errors and dependencies on newly released pipelines. These scripts ran synchronously with incoming software commitments, but could be triggered remotely. (Perl, Javascript) Communicating with several servers and machines using Virtual Box Storing and updating all scripts and files over SourceForge

Creating and managing secure online surveys that utilized text-to-speech for patients that were deaf or illiterate.

Johnson&Johnson, summer 2011 This summer I worked at the Spring House campus of Johnson and Johnson. My projects involved image processing of mass spectra, and creation of graphical user interfaces. With the help of my supervisor, Dr. Vladimir Veselov (vveselo2@its.jnj.com), I familiarized myself with MATLAB and Visual Basic. Some of my responsibilities included: Developing several user-friendly programs that created and validated Matrixassisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) calibration models. Creating GUIs for existing MATLAB programs Quantifying and sorting massive amounts of data using Visual Basic scripts

Results of the group I worked for were presented at the Annual J&J CAS Symposium Poster Presentation.
Veselov V.V., Bogatchev T., Vas, G., Tang J., and Alquier L. [2011] Mass Spectral Image Analysis Annual J&J CAS Symposium 2011, Bridgewater, NJ Poster Presentation.

I have a found fascination with computers and their functionality, and have studied both the hardware and software sides of computer development. I first began programming in high school, and have enjoyed learning more about the field every day. As a junior Computer Engineering major at the Pennsylvania State University, I constantly strive to better my skills, and harness new field experience. Before graduating, I plan to minor in artificial intelligence, and learn more about the complex logic of machines.

Through research, education, and experience at internships, I have grasped many aspects of computer science, as well as the functionality of a professional workplace. I am able to program in Java, C++, Perl, and MATLAB. I am familiar with modern operating systems, (such as Windows, Linux, Android, and MAC OS X), and the mechanics of a sizable network cluster. Additionally, I have learned to work as part of a team, and manage my time around a regular 40-hour week.

Activities and Societies:

I am the acting recruitment chair of the Omicron chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. My responsibilities include creating and managing portfolios for over 100 potential new members, organizing philanthropic and open-house events for as many as 500 guests, and properly registering any admitted members according to national standards.

Other skills:
I am fluent in English, Russian, and Spanish

Relevant Courses Taken in College:

Physics 211 - Mechanics and 3 Dimensional Motion CMPCS 121 - Introductory C++ Math 250 - Differential Equations CMPSC 122 - Intermediate C++ Math 220 - Linear Algebra Phys 212 - Electricity and Magnetism CMPEN 270 Digital Design Phys 214 Quantum Physics & Wave Motion STAT 318 - Probability CMPSC 221 Object Oriented Programming with Web-Based Applications EE 210 Circuits and Devices Math 231 Multivariable Calculus Being taken this semester: CMPEN 331 - Organization and Design CMPSC 360 Discrete Mathematics STAT 418 Complex Probability

AP Scholar Award - August 22, 2009

2010- : Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania 2005-2009 Walt Whitman High School, Bethesda, Maryland

I will be available to work starting the end of May 2012, until the beginning of August 2012.