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The PCTS-900A is a robust, reliable & self-contained advanced educational system which is used to teach the fundamental theory and hands-on practical on studies area such as: PC assembly & setup PC configuration & installation PC hardware identification PC hardware architecture, operation & function PC software installation & setup PC diagnostic testing (hardware & software) Faults simulation PC Maintenance PC fault-finding & troubleshooting The system allows the setup & configuration of all its system components which make up a complete set of multimedia PC of up to date technology. The system is inclusive with extensive teaching & learning materials to enable users to get their courses started without much haste.


Supports Faults Simulation Includes Diagnostic Test

Reliable, robust and self-contained educational system

Suitable for users to learn hands on PC assembly, setup, software installation, maintenance & troubleshooting Flexible hardware setup & configuration of a multimedia PC Hardware & Software Diagnostic capability Built-in distinctive mimic block diagram consisting of functional modules. Every blocks & modules are clearly illustrated. System block diagram includes power supply, PS2 interface, USB interface, serial & parallel interface, CPU data/address/control bus, HDD & Floppy, VGA display interface, DVD optical interface, networking (LAN) interface & etc. Built-in on board Test Points to enable system & components signal measurement Fault Simulator Module to allow simulation of various common faults on a PC system Includes Diagnostic Tool to evaluate PC internal operation: View POST Codes, DMA monitoring, Interrupt(IRQ) monitoring, detecting DMA/IRQ conflicts, view power supply status, parallel/serial port tests & etc. Virus attack simulation via provided software to simulate software breakdowns Introduction of diagnostic, repair approach & procedure to repair a faulty PC system Teaches computer maintenance & servicing POST Code detection supports

PC Hardware Specifications:
Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz CPU (or better) Mother Board (with latest Intel / VIA Chipset) RAM: 1GB DDR Firmware: AMI/AWARD/Phoenix BIOS in Flash ROM 1 x PCI-E 2 x PCI Slot 4 x USB Port 1 x Serial Port 1 x Parallel Port 1 x Video Display Card 128MB GeForce PCI-e AC-97 Sound System 1 x Internal Fax Modem (56Kbps) 1 x 80GB Hard Disk Drive (SATA) 1 x Floppy Disk Drive, 1.44MB 1 x DVD-RW Combo Drive (Latest Speed) 1 x 17 LCD Color Monitor (0.28; 1024/768) 1 x Win Keyboard (USB) 1 x Scroll Mouse(USB) c/w Pad Faults Insertion/Simulation Unit Power On Self Test Monitoring Module (x1) Multimedia Speaker ( 1 Pair ) DC supply rating: 12V, 5V, 3.3V, 0V(GND) Operating input supply: 220 ~ 240VAC/50Hz

System Bundle:
Microsoft XP Home Edition License (x1) Diagnostic & Repair Utility Software (x1) Serial Port Testing Module (x1) Parallel Port Testing Module (x1) Multimeter (x1) ESD Wrist Cord (x1) Basic Tool Kit (x1)

Course Literature & Documentation:

Reference Manual/Textbook (with Video CD) x1 Instructors Guide/Manual x1 Student Workbook x1 Operational Manual x1

Note: Design is subjected to upgrading changes without notice