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Benay Enterprises, Inc.

Client News SPRING 2012

Welcome Spring! Yet another year has gone by rapidly and as always, we at Benay Enterprises,
Inc. take today to prepare for the future. After all, another new year is just around the corner! In our efforts to plan for the fast-approaching future, Benay has continued to grow our business with several new clients and employees. We also have a new location for our offices. As you can tell, it has been very eventful year at Benay! We anticipate more growth in the upcoming years. The newest members of our staff are Latesha Burton, Bookkeeper, Arielle Ares, Executive Assistant, Divas Thapa, Bookkeeper, and Pooja Dav, Parttime Bookkeeper. As with all employees at Benay, they make it their goal to take care of our clients back office needs. This way our clients can focus their attention on their business development. The Benay Team (Dawn Reshen-Doty, President; Merrilee Warholak, Director of Client Relations; Susan Poitras, Office Manager; Teresa Turchiano, Head Bookkeeper; Latesha Burton, Bookkeeper; Arielle Ares, Executive Assistant; Divas Thapa, Bookkeeper; Pooja Dav, Parttime Bookkeeper)
Benay Enterprises has moved offices to a new suite; please note the change: 155 Main Street, Suite 211, Danbury, CT 06810 Please remember - if you have news that you would like us to share, please send the information to arielle@benayei.com so we can include it in our next newsletter.

Akashic Books
www.akashicbooks.com Akashic Books is a Brooklyn-based independent company dedicated to publishing urban literary fiction and political nonfiction by authors who are either ignored by the mainstream, or who have no interest in working within the ever-consolidating ranks of the major corporate publishers.

has made as much of a splash as the original, only this time it is kid-friendly. This censored alternative allows children and parents to joke with each other about one of the most stressful parts of a parent's life: getting their child to just fall asleep already! The book has similar rhymes and drawings as the original, but has extra visual appeal for the kids. Congrats to Akashic on your continued successes! One of Akashics more recent releases is Gathering of Waters by Bernice L. McFadden. This novel is a historical reminder that all races have or will endure the dark cloud of oppression simply because of ethnicity. The novel has received great reviews from Publishers Weekly, NPR and the New York Times Sunday Book Review. Another Akashic recent release is The Mercury Fountain, written by Eliza Factor. It explores what happens when a life driven by ideology confronts implacable truths of science and human nature. The Mercury

Akashics Go the F**k to Sleep, written by Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Corts, has been a widespread success since its release in June of 2011. This #1 New York Times bestselling classic also has an audio version, which features narration by the master of the F-word himself, Samuel L. Jackson. The books sequel, Seriously, Just Go to Sleep,

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Fountain was also praised by the New York Times Sunday Book Review.

Eskandar The Disinformation Company

www.disinfo.com The Disinformation Company is a dynamic, independent media company based in New York City. They are active in book publishing, film production and home video distribution, with well over 150 books and films in their catalog. Disinformation is known for working with filmmakers and authors to promote important political, social or cultural issues that are ignored by the mainstream media.

Clothier, Body




www.eskandar.com From wool blend maxis to cable knit cashmeres and printed silk pieces, Eskandar is the essence of relaxed modernity with its fusion of functional clean lines and indulgently luxe textures. After only being available at Neiman Marcus and Saks, Eskandar opened the first US flagship store in New York in 2005. Eskandar offers high end clothing, bath products, furniture, accessories, and embroidered linens.

The Disinformation Company keeps us informed with all things underground and therefore considered unorthodox. Disinformation recently released two enlightening, yet entertaining documentaries. Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls showcases and documents the story of Jools and Lynda Topp, the twin-sister country-yodeling duo who also both happen to be openly lesbian. The team incorporates their political views in their act as well as comedy. These two are all-around entertainers. Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls has won over 20 Best Documentary awards and has been screened at over 80 international film festivals worldwide. When Strangers Click investigates the reality of online dating sites. This documentary features the online dating experience of several individuals. Each person is completely different, yet they all have something in common: their lives changed forever once they clicked. The New York Times dubs the film as Absorbing...a nuanced and enlightened view of romantic coupling...Reserving judgment, the film beautifully explores the poignant nature of [one couple's] ambivalence toward solitude.

Creating a wearable and versatile wardrobe designed to stand the test of time is the philosophy behind the apparel at Eskandar. Eskandar also features a number of different housewares in their home collection. Like their clothing line, Eskandar includes items influenced by different cultures around the world. With African glasses, French shelving units and various vintage pieces, any home can feel timeless. Along with its locations in London, Paris, New York, Milan and soon to be Los Angeles, Eskandar fashions are avaiable at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman in the US and online.

For Beginners
www.forbeginnersbooks.com For Beginners is the graphic nonfiction series that deconstructs complex ideas and makes them accessible to the everyday reader. Every book in the series serves one purpose: to present the works of great thinkers and subjects alike in a

Benay Enterprises, Inc., T 203.744.6010 F 203.794.0008, www.benay.com

Spring 2012 Client News- Page 3 straightforward, accessible manner. With subjects ranging from philosophy, to politics, to art and beyond, the For Beginners series covers a range of topics in a humorous comic book-style. Every book takes a comprehensible approach that respects the intelligence of its audience condensing important ideas so readers can know more and read less. large public and political events that have shaped our lives. Granta does not have a political or literary manifesto, but it does have a belief in the power and urgency of the story, both in fiction and non-fiction, and the storys supreme ability to describe, illuminate and make real.

For Beginners released two titles in 2011: Jung For Beginners and Dante For Beginners. Jung For Beginners by Jon Platania, Ph.D., puts the life and work of one of psychology's greatest minds on the couch for a turn, offering a clear explanation of Carl Jung and his teachings. Dante For Beginners as beautifully written as it is drawn, by long time illustrator of For Beginners titles, Joe Lee, takes the reader on a trip starting in hell and ending in heaven. Womens History For Beginners was released in February 2012, just in time for Womens History Month in March. Author Bonnie J. Morris, Ph.D., was interviewed for C-Span Book TV for her book, Revenge of the Womens Studies Professor (Indiana Univ. Press). Dr. Morris teaches womens studies at both George Washington University and Georgetown University and is a scholarly advisor to the National Women's History Museum being built in D.C. U.S. Constitution For Beginners was released on April 17th. Upcoming 2012 For Beginners titles include, Marxs Das Kapital For Beginners, Jane Austen For Beginners, Unions For Beginners and Mcluhan For Beginners. As you can tell, For Beginners has a hefty schedule this year!

Grantas Spring 2012 edition, Granta 119: Britain is described as a celebration of Broken Britain. The forthcoming issue of Granta Magazine, release date May 10th, is a festive collection of the nations past and present, its people, its land, its hardships and the connections that bind them together. The issue features poems, stories, memoirs and images displaying the fragile human interactions within the context of historical and modern Britain, which at times can be cruel.

Homer Hickam
www.homerhickam.com Homer Hickam is well known for his debut novel, Rocket Boys, which was based on his life and was adapted into the movie, October Sky. His other Coalwood novels celebrate and lament the life of the denizens of coal mining towns.

www.granta.com Since 1979, the year of its rebirth, Granta has published many of the worlds finest writers tackling some of the worlds most important subjects, from intimate human experiences to the

Homer Hickams most recent novel, Crater (A Helium-3 Novel), is set in the 22nd Century in a tough mining colony on the moon for Helium-3 to produce energy for a desperate, war-torn Earth. It follows sixteenyear old Crater Trueblood, a teen sent on a deadly mission. Trueblood loves his job as a Helium-3 miner but when he finds courage he didn't know he had and saves a fellow miner, his life changes forever. Impressed by his heroism, the owner of the mine orders Crater to undertake a dangerous mission. With the help of Maria, the mine owner's

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frustrating but gorgeous granddaughter, and his gilliea sentient and sometimes insubordinate clump of slime mold cells Crater must fight both human and subhuman enemies. Hell battle his way across a thousand miles of deadly but magnificent lunar terrain before vaulting into the far reaches of space, there to recover an astonishing object that could mean the difference between life and death for every inhabitant on the moon.


MacLean Law Firm, P.C.

Law Firm
www.maclean-law.com The MacLean Law Firm believes in making the law transparent, in building relationships, in providing peace of mind. They help trustees and executors fulfill their fiduciary duties; beneficiaries receive their inheritances; and the mildly well off to abundantly wealthy design, implement and maintain estate and asset protection plans that are values based and goals oriented.

Literary Agency East

Literary Agency
www.theliterarygroup.com The Literary Agency East is one of the premier literary agencies in the book publishing industry. The company represents more than 200 authors worldwide. Its formidable client list ranges from novelists, celebrities and public figures, to Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning authors.

The MacLean Law firm located on Park Avenue in New York is one of Benays newest clients. We welcome them to the Benay family!

One book Literary looks forward to this spring is Peace, Love and Cupcakes, the first of the Peace, Love and Cupcakes series. Whats so sweet about this series is that its written by nine-year-old Carrie Berk and her mom, Sheryl Berk. The book tells the story of a young girl, Kylie Carson, who is bullied and creates her own cupcake club at school as an outlet. The club raises funds for the schools new EcoCenter and soon Kylie is able to get her sweet revenge. The book also features some of the authors favorite cupcake recipes. Other Literary successes this past year include: Oh, Baby!: Pregnancy Tales and Advice from One Hot Mama to Another by Tia Mowry, "To Selana, with Love," by Chris Perez, Selena's husband, and SEAL Survival Guide, a book detailing how to get through dangerous situations by thinking like a member of the Navy SEALs, written by Cade Courtley, a television host and former member of such a unit.

The Overlook Press

www.overlookpress.com The Overlook Press is an independent generalinterest publisher, founded in 1971. The publishing list is eclectic, with areas of strength in fiction, history, biography, drama, design, and other visual media. The house was launched by Peter Mayer as a home for distinguished books new and older often overlooked by larger houses. Overlook today has more than 1,500 titles in print.

After Annie, by Michael Tucker, was released March 1st of this year. After Annie is described as: An irresistible tale about love and the theater, After Annie is an astonishing first novel. Herbie Aaron is one half of a celebrity marriage. He and Annie have been famous, nobodies, and mingled with the rich and crazy. Through it all, they've been passionate lovers and fast friends. But when Annie dies of cancer, Herbie is lost.

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Michael Tuckers work has been praised by various reviewers, including the New York Post, who called the book A funny, bittersweet read. Publishers Weekly described the book as Guileless narrative intertwined with generous descriptions. Other titles forthcoming are: The Balloonist by MacDonald Harris, Before Galileo by John Freely and many more!

Rucci Law Group, LLC

Law Firm
www.ruccilawgroup.com Rucci Law Group, LLC is a next generation law firm dedicated to the legal needs of our clients: entrepreneurs, closely held firms, nonprofits and their principals, whether located in Connecticut or around the world.

Rubicon Seven
Sustainable Development Firm
www.rubiconseven.com Rubicon Seven delivers unique land use development solutions that improve lives, improve the ecology and environment, and build a meaningful place that values both consumers and the community at large. Green development is as much about process as it is about product, in which the reward is a much higher quality of life. Rubicon Seven builds relationships and understanding through the process of regenerative development.

Rucci Law Groups legal team includes the right mix of legal skills, experience and transactional know-how. Senior legal counsel is supported by experienced staff and 21st Century technology that delivers service faster and more efficiently than the old paperdriven model. All of our clients documents are accessible through our secure, cloudbased document management system, which provides both convenience and peace of mind.

Regenerative development is a very simple idea. It is about improving the quality of all life and all systems, now and forever. ~J. Tedrowe Bonner, Principal
It is the definitive goal at Rubicon Seven to reflect, respect and renew the ecological and sociological communities. By doing so, the reconnection of each community allows infinite development and continual success. Benay welcomed Rubicon Seven as a new client in 2011.

Soho Press
www.sohopress.com Located in the heart of downtown Manhattan and founded in 1986 by Laura and Alan Hruska and Juris Jurjevics, Soho Press is an independent publisher of literary fiction and international crime.

Lookout for these upcoming Soho Press releases this year: Getaway by Lisa Brackmann, The Manhattan Directory of Private Nursery Schools by Victoria Goldman, Zombie by J. Ross Angelella, Nine Months by Paula Bomer, Thats Not a

Benay Enterprises, Inc., T 203.744.6010 F 203.794.0008, www.benay.com

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Feeling by Dan Josefson and Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See by Juliann Garey.

Steerforth Press
www.steerforth.com Founded in 1993 and located in New Hampshire, Steerforths only tests of a books worth is whether it has been written well, is intended to engage the full attention of the reader, and has something new or important to say.

novel that animates the past this vibrantly should make volumes of mere history blush. - The Washington Post Book World Originally released in June of 1998, A Time to Be Born by Dawn Powell is still going strong, just recently handpicked by The New York Times Big City Book Club Selection. This backlist title is set in preWorld War II New York City. The epicenter of the story contains a rich and selfish newspaper publisher and his wife, Amanda Keeler, who is based on Clare Boothe Luce, a socialite during the this time.

An upcoming title to lookout for is Miss Fuller by April Bernard. This novel explains the classic tale of a woman, Miss Fuller, who strives to make her voice heard in order to make the world a better place. The story takes place in the 19th century, making Miss Fuller ahead of her time. Praise from various reviewers continues to roll in, but this post from Publishers Weekly gives the novel detailed praise: Fact meets fiction in this intriguing historical novel expounding on the life and times of Margaret Fuller, a freethinking feminist writer and friend of Emerson and Thoreau, among others, on the Concord scene. In poet Bernards rendering, readers have an additional lens in Anne, a fictionalized sister of Thoreaus, who, in her youth, attends one of Fullers Boston salons for ladies and then, later in life, becomes privy to a lost letter written from the ship that would have returned Fuller from Europe to the States had it not sunk off Fire Island, killing Fuller, her Italian husband, and their young son. . . . Though Fullers untimely death was marked by sadness, it is the widespread relief evocatively etched in these pages that startles: no one knew what to make of this outspoken woman of dubious virtue, and a mother at that, leaving even the most progressive minds of the time to wonder if her tragic end wasnt something of a blessing after all. Peter Behrens Law of Dreams continues to rack up interviews and accolades: A

Tin House Books

www.tinhouse.com Tin House Books salutes the artistic edge, but remains rooted in the tenets of the classic storytelling tradition.

Theres super exciting stuff happening at Tin House! What Happened to Sophie Wilder (release date June 12) by Chris Beha will be reviewed in O, The Oprah Magazine, July issue, and according to Publishers Weekly, "Beha's debut novel (after the memoir The Whole Five Feet) is a thoughtful journey about the place of intellectual curiosity in relation to faith, friendship, and love." Welcome to Paradise by Mahi Binebine was reviewed by Vanity Fair: "Seven Africans waiting to be smuggled into Spain by a shiftless trafficker reveal their motives for fleeing in Mahi Binebine's brave, suspense novel..." And Hot Art's author Joshua Knelman has been invited to speak at Chicago Ideas Week! Tin Houses upcoming titles are, Welcome to Paradise by Mahi Binebine, translated by Lulu Norman (April release), The Listeners by Leni Zumas (release date May 15), Parsifal by Jim Krusoe (release date July 10), and Misfit by Adam Braver (release date August 14).

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