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The Address-M r. Lawson

record that by that vote I do not subscribe to the policy contained in the words I have just quoted. ., Amendment" (Mr. Lacombe) negatived. Mr. SPEAKER: The question is on the main motion. Those in favour of the main motion will please say, "aye." Some hon. MEMBERS: Aye. Mr. SPEAKER: Those opposed will please say "nay." Some hon. MEMBERS: Nay. Mr. SPEAKER: carried. I declare the motion reading. The government will introduce on Monday the war appropriation bill. I would ask the house to rul:low us to proceed through ita different stages, with that bill, as rapidly as may be possible. What further legislation may be brought down on Monday I am not in a position to say at the moment, but I will make an announcement to the house first thing on Monday afternoon. Motion agreed to and the house adjourned at 10.25 p.m.
therefore immediately take of a formal proclamation de of a state of war betwe1 German Reich.

Monday, September 11, 1939

The house met at three o'clock. EUROPEAN WAR

Mr. WOODSWORTH: There were some of us opposed to the main motion. Mr. CABSELMAN: Only one member rose. Main motion (Mr. Hamilton) agreed to. An bon. MEMBER: On division. Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister) moved :
That the address be engrossed and transmitted to His Excellency the Governor General by such members of the house as are of the honourable the Privy Council.

Motion agreed to. SUPPLY Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister): The next order of business is to se.t up t.he committe<es of supply Bind ways and means. I move:
That this house will on Monday next resolve itself into a committee to consider of a supply to be granted to His Majesty.

Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister): I desire to lay upon the table of the house emergency orders in council which have been recently passed: No. 2512, respecting trading with the enemy and treatment of enemy property. No. 2580, respeeting the appointment of Mr. Oswald Mayrand as a member of the censorship coordination committee. No. 2581, respecting the franking of correspondence for the e<ensorship coordination committee. No. 2584, in respect to members of the public. service who join the defence forces. No. 2586, further trading with the enemy regulations. No. 2590, respecting aircraft registration.

On Saturday afternoon 1 to the Canadian High Co don requesting him to ho: ness to make a submissiOJ The address in reply tD throne was adopted by the on Saturday evening just J:: ment of the house 8Jt 10.2l been adopt-ed by the Sena The cabinet met imrr adjournment of the house made to council recomme advice of the King's Privy a petition should be submi the King -with a view tc by him of the issue of a with to be published in t to the following effect:
Declaring that a state of l Reich exists and has existe from the tenth day of Sept.

Motion agreed to. WAYS AND MEANS Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister) moved:
That this house will on Monday next resolve itself into a committee to consider of the ways and means for raising the supply to be granted to His Majesty.


Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister): I should like to take advantage of the earliest moment possible to give to the house a statement of what has taken place since we adjourned on Saturday evening last. On the orders of the day on Saturday I made the following statement:
I should like to make clear to the house the procedure which the government have in mind as to giving effect to the decision of parliament regarding Canadian participation in the war. The adoption of the address in reply to the speech from the throne will be considered as approving not only the speech from the throne but approving the government's policy which I set out yesterday of immediate participation in the war. If the address in reply to the speech from the throne is approved the government will

The committee of the curred in the recommenda: the approval of His Excel General. The Canadian High immediately instructed by to His Majesty the peti Privy Council for Canada would approve the issuing in his name embodying forth in the order in cou: that a formal submission follow. At 11.15 a.m. on Sept yesterday, the Secretary of Affairs was informed by sioner that His Majesty hac to the submission. A sp Canada Gazette was publi containing the proclamatio

Mr. MACKENZIE KING moved the adjournment of the house. Mr. STEW ART: Will the right bon. gentleman intimate the business for Monday? Mr. MACKENZIE KING: There is notice on the order paper at the moment of a bill respecting the patriotic fund. The bill passed first reading to-day and now stands for second
[Mr. Lawson.]

Right Hon. W. L. MA (Prime Minister) : On Satu to adjournment, I promise would take the earliest or an announcement with reg legislation to be brought ernment. The measures t. will be asked to give cc follows: A bill to amend the Corr: Act will be introduced h Labour (Mr. Rogers). N; duction of this bill appears now before the house.