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A $100 Billion Dollar Economy for Zimbabwe: It All Starts in the Mind Source: http://www.kmfs.

org/content/100-billion-dollar-economy-zimbabwe-it-all-s tarts-mind By Simon Bere The theme for the 2011 edition of the CEO Roundtable is Towards a one hundred bi llion dollar economy. As at the end of 2010, Zimbabwes GDP is currently estimated at USD6.0 billion dollars. Zambias economy is estimated at USD14 billion dollars by GDP, while Botswana is about USD12 billion by the same measure. South Africas GDP is estimated at USD276 billion. This means that the CEO Roundtable is throwing Zimbabweans a challenge to create an economy that is about twenty five times the current size, just a third of th e South African Economy and about seven times the size of both Zambian and Botswanas economies. Is this challenge realistic? If at all it is possible, what does it take to for Zimbabwe to create that size of an economy? Given our current situation, imagining a USD 100 billion dollar economy for Zimb abwe may sound like trying to turn to a rat into an elephant. Consider this: Fi rstly:The majority of us human beings use the results of our past as a measure o f what we can do in the future. Second, we use present circumstances as justifi cation for why we can not create different results in the future. For example, w e tell ourselves that we cannot create a one hundred billion dollar economy beca use we do not have enough investment inflows, the investor confidence is low, we do not have enough energy and we have skills shortage. This is called arguing for our limitations. We believe that this reasons are legitimate but the truth s uch reasons are never the limiting factor in what humans can do. In fact, our pr esent economic situation is merely a product of our past thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The present situation is reflecting what we did, what we did not do , and how we did what we did. What it simply means is that the same way we creat ed our current economy, we can create any economy of any size using our thoughts feelings and behaviours and by making new decisions. All results including econ omic results are created by the following equation: Vision X Opportunities X (Potential-Barriers) X Strategies X Applied Action => R esults This equation implies that all economies are a product of human imagination. Thi s means what determines that size of the economy that we can create is the visio n of that economy. In other words, we cannot create a USD100 billion dollar econ omy by having a vision of a USD6 billion economy. The second factor in the equation is opportunities. In a global village we live in, opportunities with which to create a USD100 billion economy are infinite! Th ere are opportunities everywhere, so opportunities themselves are never a limit ing factor. It has been demonstrated that human beings at most utilize not mor e than twenty percent of our human potential, and Zimbabwes has vast natural reso urces to give it the potential to grow into an economy even way beyond the USD 100 billion dollar size. Barriers and challenges exist everywhere but human be ings have shown great capacity to overcome major barriers that could stop econom ies from growing. Even big economies such as United States and China grow in an environment in which barriers existed. All economies are products of the human brain. Human brains have unlimited capac ity to generate strategies to turns visions into reality. However, it is impossi ble to craft strategies for a vision which does not exist. A vision stimulates t

he human brain to generate strategies for achieving that specific vision. One ca nnot expect to create a USD100 billion dollar economy using strategies for crea ting a USD6 billion dollar economy. The last factor in the equation is applied action. This is vital part of the pro cess that separates a vision from a day dream. Without execution, even a bold vi sion and brilliant strategies are a waste of time. Zimbabweans have for a long time been regarded as brilliant people at plan but very poor on execution. The CEOs Roundtable theme Towards A USD 100 billion dollar economy is an excitin g rally to call on Zimbabwean leaders to cast the vision that will trigger a thi nking process to precipitate the strategies necessary for growth. What is requi red from the Zimbabwean business community is courage to create a clear and bold shared vision of this 100 billion economy, AND immediately follow this with som e strategies for creating this economy and committed execution while taking adva ntages of any opportunities, tapping into our potential and working to overcome any obstacles that may appear along the way. The CEOs roundtable is an ideal master mind group for leading in this bold and re warding challenge. Simon Bere Simon is an Independent Thinker and advisor. megashiftsolution@gmail.com