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Personal StatementEngineering is not only a course that appeals to me personally but genetically as well.

Engineering has been studied in my family for generations. My great grandfather was the first civil engineer in the state of Madhya Pradesh. My grandfather did not pursue an engineering path, instead he studied physics and became a physicist. It is not the same course, although physics is a chief aspect required to master the contents of engineering. My father did engineering in a different generation, where the world was experiencing a rapid introduction of devices such as computers and mobile phones.It was the start of a new era, the era of technology. It cannot be expected what the world will see next, with scientists discovering new ways to improve our knowledge of technology. It is my belief that due to electronics, the world has developed into what it is today. And through this course, I have an opportunity to not only be a part of it, but heavily contribute to it. Since my entry into high school, I have had a stern interest for physics. Out of all the three major sciences, physics is the one science that develops skills provided to combat electronics. Through this course, I can gain knowledge in fields such as circuit design and programming. I have had limited experience in most of the fields of electronic engineering and strive to learn more in order to broaden my understanding. Hence, I can build a career which will allow me to contribute to the worlds rapid increase in technology. I believe by taking Higher level physics as an IB subject, I provide myself a head start on the basics of electronics. I am truly intrigued by what all I have learned thus far and I have full confidence in my ability to excel and learn more at university. Along with HL Physics, I have also applied my interest in higher level Mathematics, which I believe is the toughest subject in IB. Through these two subject I have developed skills which allow me to understand how the world of technology works, and through pursuing electronic engineering, I believe I can contribute to the era of technology. University is a huge step forward from school, and it allows young teenagers to begin their adult lives. By going to university, I believe I can do just that. Studying abroad will provide an outside experience and build my independence. By living alone, I can develop responsibility and confidence. Through out my school career, I have been involved in the school Cricket team. I began playing at a young age, as my father was a passionate cricketer himself. I joined the school team at the age of 11 and soon became the vice captain in the 7th Grade. I continued as vice captain till early high school, when the coach noticed my leadership skills and I started to captain was well. My school cricket soon led to me playing for the Singapore National Team. I have played for Singapore U-15s, Singapore U-16s, Singapore U-17s and Singapore U-19s. In 2007, the Singapore U-15 team went on to win an Asian Trophy called ACC Elite Cup. It was a momentus occasion as it was my first ever tour with a major team. Through team-work and determination we fought a number of teams to come out on top and win. I learned to work with my teammates collaborately and responsibly. Also, due to my knowledge of physics, I have an advantage over others as I know how to mechanics of the cricket ball works. I maximised my performance through this knowledge.

Overall, the faculty of engineering appeals to me not only as a career, but as a passion. this interest in engineering has made me realise that my grades in subjects such as phys math and eco have to be top draw if i have to excel as a professional. This realization has made me work harder in the three, four months which i plan to further intensify till my final IB exams and improve my grades. New paradigms are being created through technology and I wish to be a part of it. Facebook with four hundred million users, Google fastest search engine ever, Apple with its new strategy of appstores becoming the largest valued company in the world have inspired me to contribute to the worlds revolution. My degree in engineering and communications will only be a start, a means to the end, where the goal or the success factor remains undefined as nothing is impossible.