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VloraNewBeach Residence

Your Gate to Investing in Albania

Vlora New Beach

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VloraNewBeach Residence

Why Albania?
25% growth in property prices in Tirana and
Vlora city in last 5 years
22% growth in Tourism
20% growth in number of passengers flying
in Tirana International Airport
Direct daily flights of British Airways,
Lufthansa, Austrian, Alitalia
700 mill Euro invested in infrastructure
projects recently
NATO member since 2009
EU member on 2014
422 mil Euro from EU funds
10% Profit tax
10% Income tax
No Property Tax


VloraNewBeach Residence

Albania is coming along to be the latest
hotspot of the property world

A small Balkan country of a population of 3.6 million.
An area of 28,748 Square Kilometers
It borders Montenegro to the north, Kosovo the northeast, Macedonia
east, and Greece to the south and opposite the heel of Italy.
It has 362 km of beautiful coastline: Adriatic Sea to the west and
Ionian Sea to the south-west.
Albania is a relatively undiscovered jewel off the beaten track, offering
a wealth of stunning scenery, history and culture.
A warm Mediterranean climate encourages a slow pace of life and
holiday makers will find it easy to slip into the meandering life style.
If the clear blue waters do not entice you on to the beaches, other
activities abound. From leisurely trips to many historical sites, to
exploration across the national parks, there is something for everyone.
For real adventure: diving, white-water rafting, climbing, and
paragliding are activities on offer.
Albania has an impressive GDP growth of 6 % pa, inflation steady at
2.5% and property sector increasing circa 20% pa

VloraNewBeach Residence

VloraAlbanias Gate to the West

The city of Vlore stretches
along Uji te Ftohte (the area
known as Cold Waters) to the
region of Zvernec.
The level on which rises the
City of Vlore is from 6 until 76
six meters from sea level and
represents a continental base
level. Nearby the clock tower,
in the centre of Vlore, there are
the Independence Monument,
the Museum of History and the
Museum of Ethnography.
Another one, the Museum of
National Independence- the
first museum in Albania, is
nearby the port.

The distance from the countrys
capital, Tirana, is 135 Kilometers,
while it is only 72 km. from Italy
and 77 miles from Greece.
Vloras position guarantees a large
circulation of local and foreign
tourists, who favor the city because
of its magnificent beauty.
In the city of Vlore, there are
located three functioning
museums. The Museum of
National Independence, The
Museum of Historic Relics and the
Ethnographic Museum are placed
in three buildings in different
places in the city.

The bay of Vlore is
distinguished for its many
natural resources, for its pure
biodiversity, and ecological
corridor. Its is one of the areas
with the largest tourism
potentials in the area, connected
directly with entrances to the
sea, with lots of clean nature,
climate, water, archeology,
history, culture and people and
businesses. Every summer Vlore
experiences an onslaught of
tourists. There are plenty of
restaurants, hotels, funfairs,
shops, cash dispensers and
beautiful sunny weather.

VloraNewBeach Residence

Vlora New Beach

Offering front line apartments with 20% discounts.
The residence is only 30 meters away from the beach.
Fantastic views of the Vlora Bay.
We are offering apartments with full sea view for 670 Euros/m2.
Normally price in the area starts at 900 Euros/m2.


VloraNewBeach Residence

About Vlora New Beach Residence
Key Features:

20% Discount for this Frontline Complex
in the city of Vlora for the first 15
First come first buy basis
Just 30 meters from the public beach of
Vlora city.
It consists of 3 blocks of apartments.
Vlora New Beach Residence located next to
the public beach, is going to have service
areas for bar, restaurants etc.

VloraNewBeach Residence

Wonderful City, Wonderful Investment

Front line apartments from 670
Great Views of Vlora and Sazan Island
All amenities on your doorstep
Located in the most favorite area in
Distance from Port 5 minutes walk
Distance from City center- 10 minutes
Distance from International Airport-
130 Km
Distance from Capital City Tirana- 140
Price per 1 m2- from 670 Euro
Studio from 29,480 Euro
1 Bed apartments from 39,530 Euro
2 Bed apartments from 59,290 Euro

VloraNewBeach Residence

Payment Schedule *
On signing of the reservation Reservation / agency fee of 2000 EUR
On signing of contract 80% to be paid to developer
On signing of contract 700 EUR to be paid for legal services
On delivery of the keys 15% to be paid to the developer
On receiving of title deeds 5% to be paid to the developer

* These payment schedules were correct at the time of writing. They may vary depending on how close to completion the purchase is made.

VloraNewBeach Residence

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