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Gate Cote Yarns Cable Yoke Coat in Duchess yam, pattern available in Autumn, Book 2 i classiceliteyarns.com/VKF8.htmi Sign up for our weekly Web -Lettor ‘ Toreceive a tree pattern each week. Fatinformation on where to buy Grate Te yarns, Visit our website. oY vi Oh, Kee pire cee) Pt Pree macs ee rial ss Goons MCR Chi ae ae Button Up..,Clever cores eee NICKY EPSTEIN POTTER RONTLAT IN CIFCles Dea e aan important fashion accessories Cae Aka an outfit,” says Nicky Epstein, author of the just-released s, This one, in NYE aN PA Lae Aner you knit the ha-wneet, the Knited fabric wil pucker, as shown in te photo. 2) Fold the wheel in hal atthe center turning ridge so that the wrong sides ae facing. Sew the cast-on and bound-off edges together as shown, leaving the side od 3) Shown at right are finisbod hal-wheels in alternate colorways, (Note that we used a flat yarn for clarity.) fi I> Once the main stockinete striped piece oft 5) Sew the shor, unsewn edges of the halt-wheels around th pleted, fd itn halt lengthwise and seam the edges scar, working trough all thicknesses, as shown, together usieg invsible mattress stitch