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Lesson Topic: Clouds Description of Classroom: This is a second grade classroom. Background: This lesson takes place on the first day of our cloud unit. The students will be provided
with an introduction to clouds and read the story Little Cloud by: Eric Carle

Content Objective(s):
SWBAT make observations and give descriptions using drawings and words. SWBAT write a complete sentence about a cloud.

Language Objective(s): I can make a cloud illustration and interpret it using my imagination. I can draft a sentence about my cloud illustration. Nevada Standards:
N.2.A.1 Students know how to make observations and give descriptions using words, numbers, and drawings. P.2.A.3 Students know that matter can be categorized by observable properties, such as color, size, shape, and weight. E.2.B.1 Students know objects in the sky display patterns in how they look, where they are located, and how they move. (1)5.2 A. draft sentences, both independently and collaboratively with peers, about a single topi C. write complete sentences

Key Vocabulary:
Cloud small liquid water drops Fog fine clouds found near the ground Cumulus puffy flat bottomed clouds

Best Practices: (put an X next to those that you address in your lesson)
Preparation Adaptation of content Links to background Links to past learning Strategies incorporated Scaffolding Modeling Guided practice Independent practice Verbal scaffolds Procedural scaffolds Grouping Options Whole Class Small groups Partners Independent

Integration of Process Listening Speaking Reading Writing

Application Hands-on Authentic (Meaningful) Linked to objectives Promotes engagement

Assessment Individual Group Written Oral

Teaching Strategies:
Modeling The teacher will model the word cloud in sign language Questioning The teachers and students will question each other.

Warm-Up Activity: TW review the definition of the word cloud. Lesson Sequence:
1. TW read the story Little Cloud by: Eric Carle. 2. TW stop at various points in the story and pause to question students about the different objects little cloud becomes. 3. TW conduct a picture walk of the various things that Little Cloud became. 4. TW ask What might Little Cloud be next if the story continued? 5. TW model using imagination to create a cloud with cotton balls. 6. SW use their imagination to create an object that little cloud might become next, out of cotton balls and glue. 7. SW draft a complete sentence about what Little Cloud has become in their cotton ball cloud picture. Accommodations:All required student accommodations will be met.

Materials and Resources:

Little Cloud by: Eric Carle Cotton balls Blue construction paper Glue sticks crayons

Review / Assessment: Informal: Formal:

Participation/Completion of cloud drawing Writing- Composing a complete sentence with a capital letter at the start and ending with correct punctuation.