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What is a Brew-pub &Microbrewery

A brewpub combines the efforts of a microbrewery or craft brewery with the concept of a traditional English pub or "public house." Brewmasters work within the confines of a pub-style restaurant in order to provide customers with unique beers on tap. Restaurant owners provide traditional beer or regional favorites to accompany the beer samplings. It can be challenging to distinguish a true brewpub from a local microbrewery, but many times the name of the establishment will provide clues. A typical brewpub might call itself "John Barleycorn's" or "Hopper's Pub," or else it will advertise itself directly as "Maggie's Olde Towne Brew Pub." Local microbreweries may also offer pub grub or a limited food menu, or they may simply lease space to a separate restaurant operation. Microbreweries are small producers of beer that serve local or regional markets, Brewpubs are a natural progression of microbreweries. Selling only their own brewed beer, the first to open in USA was in an Opera house in Yakima, Washington in 1982. The most famous brewpub and microbrewery is Redhook Ale and was opened in an old trolley barn by a former Starbucks executive and a winemaker.

Microbreweries & Brewpubs in India

Since 2005 the initiative towards setting up Indias first microbrewery/Brewpub was seen in different states, thought the first state to come out with any policy was Kerla but eventually the first microbrewery came up in Pune, in 2007 named Martin Judds Microbrewery, and the first Brewpub named Howzzat in Gurgaon. At present there are almost 6 brewpubs operational in India, and new projects are always on discussion in new cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai and Goa etc. However Haryana & Maharashtra being the first two states to develop a functional excise and licensing rules for Microbreweries/Brewpubs, other states are also catching up fast, however the excise since governed individually by different states the policy could however change from city to city.

AMBION undertake end to end project consultancy starting from project report and place selection, we provide you with the best possible equipment, take care of those pesky business problems like regulatory issues and organize you a brewer or brew master along with providing necessary training and delivery of raw materials such as malt and hops. Ambicon provides on-the-ground consulting for setting up Micro brewery or brewpub. They have expertise in evaluating, optimizing and developing solutions. Ambicon consultants have an average of more than 30+ years experience in executive positions, at end-user and vendor corporations. We specify the necessary infrastructure, provide you the layout plans and assist you with your preparations with your professionals. Ambicon plans your equipment layout, you benefit from our experience. Under our supervision our suppliers manufacture your plant, our presence make sure that you get the best possible equipment. We ship you the plant. We also do the installation works with our technicians. Ambicon trains you the experts of your choice to operate the brewing plants under the highest quality standards. On request we also organize you a brewer or brew master for a limited period of time Ambicon organizes you the delivery of the necessary raw materials such as malt and hops. The malt is usually packed in 50kg-bags, the hops is vacuum packed.

Elements that determine the cost of the brewery

Batch Size Yearly Capacity Finishes Automation

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Basic Brewing Process .

The brewing process according to the German Purity Law ( Deutsches Reinheitsgebot ) from year 1516: ( Deviations from the German purity law are of course possible and will be applied according to local requirements ) 1. Water + Malt + Hops + Heating energy = Wort In the Brew-House vessels pure brewing water and light / dark malt are mixed together to give the mash. In several temperature steps this mash is heated-up and finally lautered (filtered). The result is sugarcontaining wort, a sweet juice which is cooked together with hops to give the necessary bitternes and aroma. This first part takes approx. 78 hours. 2. Wort + Yeast + Cooling energy = Beer In the fermenting tanks brewers yeast (top-or bottom-fermenting depending on kind of beer ) is added to the cooled wort. Sugar is converted into both alcohol and CO2 ( carbonic acid ). After the ripening process at low temperatures and high pressure the typical taste of beer is developed. Within approx. 2-3 weeks from the begin of brewing the beer is ready to be served.

Who is able to brew ?

It is easy for everybody to learn brewing - reliability, cleanliness & ability to operate a PC is a precondition. You or your personal does not need to be a brewmaster right from the beginning ! With the help of our training and our brewery management software we are creating excellent brewers. With today's modern technology it is easy for you to produce and reproduce successfully premium beers. Only for bigger brewery capacities ( higher than 1000 litres/brew ) we recommend to employ a professional brew master.

Flow Chart

Kinds of beer
However it is not possible to create 100% copies of existing beers ( because of certain deviations like water, raw materials, filtering, pasteurization etc. ). A pub brewery invites to create and produce its own unique taste, adapted to the customer's wishes. Later you may develop you own beers. Storability of unfiltered beers at 6C - several months. For filtered beer somewhat less. Low alcohol beers are not really recommendable for a micro brewery - the usual alcohol content of 4-5% is an additional safety for good storability. Stronger beers can be easily produced. Alcohol-free beer cannot be produced in a small scale in a feasible way - as per today's technical possibilities.

With the help of our recipes you may brew almost any kind of beer you wish.

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Other Projects
IRON & STEEL MAKING :Romelt Technology of Steel Making, from MISA Russia Blast Furnace for a Jamshedpur based plant. (completed 2006)Steel Complex at Cameroon Turnkey Project. (In Progress) RAILWAYS FEASIBILITY REPORT for 1200 km Railway for DR Congo Africa SPARKLING BREWERY, NIGERIA :The task was to rescue / reactivation of defunct brewery. The capacity was 400000 HL/Annum. Project was to supervise the reactivation process & planned engineering & other activities under the guide lines of Mr. Dilipsinh Jadhav. The project was as per the schedule time. BENDEL BREWERY LTD, NIGERIA :Responsible for production hike of 120%.Undertaken sizable expansion to further increase the capacity to 400000 HL/Annum. Earlier the capacity was 300000 HL.Modified all brewing formulations, process controls, specifications & quality control procedures, thus effecting the overall beer quality. This helped us to capture market by 30 %. EDUCATION SCHOOL & RURAL MEDICAL COLLEGES: First to start 3-Yrs Rural Medical College in CG and coordination with GOI who have recommended all State Government to start the course. Presently coordinating with Govt of MP Introduced 3 years Rural Medical Colleges concept in year 2001 in Chhattisgarh by the Act of the Government, and regular follow up with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare GOI, which is coming up MBBS Rural in near future. LEANDER SPORT: Promoting Leander Paces Tennis Academy ITeS: Set up a debt management corporation that liquidates debt through its call center network internationally.We attract collection agency overflow placements from USA as well as debt purchasers, investors and investment groups.

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